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Dear White People.....

Y’all, really have been trying me lately, so with inspiration from the movie and Netflix show and all shit that has been happening lately, here is a list of things to not do or say to POCs


Dear white people

-I am not a petting zoo. When my hair is curly, don’t randomly come up to me and start touching my hair without asking me. It’s rude and disgusting.

Dear white people

-If I see you with cornrolls, don’t tell that it’s a “style and that anyome can wear”. NO! Having braids isn’t just a style to us, it is our culture and there is a reason for why we get out hair braided.

Dear white people

-Don’t you ever fucking say “well its culture appropiation if you straighten your hair” because now you sound dumb. Here’s a fun fact, POCs can have naturally straight hair too.

Dear white people

-If you support Miley Cyrus on her “transitioning” back to her old self, don’t talk to me, don’t follow, unfollow, I don’t care. I will NEVER support a person who culture appropiated and then talks about is it was just a phase and that she doesn’t do that kind of stuff. It pissed me the fuck of that she could just sit here and “rap”. To us, rap isn’t just entertainment but it is an outlet for us to  give out messages on all of the this we go. She really just disrespectedall that we have done, made it into a shit show to get ratings, and tossed it away like it’s nothing.

Dear white people

-Stop telling me “you talk proper for being black.” EVERYONE TALKS A DIFFERENT WAY SO SHUT THE FUCK UP!

Dear white people


Frankly, I don’t even know if Mexico considers it as a holiday, but we should not be sitting here, “celebrating” anothers country’s victory, from a battle they had to fight,

How would you feel if other countries went out and “celebrated” Memorial Day by partying, getting drunk, wearing Trump shirts, talking with country accent, while listening to Taylor Swift.

Yeah, now y’all quiet.

Dear white people


Dear white people


Dear white people

-I’m allergic to watermelon and kool-aid is disgusting.

Dear white people

-My braids do not indicate that I smoke weed. I actually have asthma, so even if I did want to, I’d die.

Dear white people

-”I’m not trying to be racist, but….” THEN DON’T FUCKING SAY IT!!!!! SIMPLE AS THAT!!!!!!!!

Dear white people

-Once you get done asking me “is there anything I can help you find” and I answer with “no thank you”, leave me the fuck alone and go help Debbie in the panty department! I don’t want to see your face while I am in the juniors department, I don’t see you while I’m at the makeup counter, I don’t want to see while I’m at the shoe section. I’m not stealing shit so leave me that fuck alone!

Dear white people (makeup companies)

-I’m pretty sure that there are other names for darker foundations than just food

-Nude colors do not just stop at the pale pinks.

-Please make fondations with yellow undertones, because I am so tired of looking like Trump, when the foundation has an orange/red undertone.

-How hard it to find a POC, to do swatches on them!?!? Like come on! I want to know how it will look like on my skin tone, before buy it!

-I’m going to need y’all to go back to school and you know what Rich, Deep, and Dark look like.

Dear white people

-My race is NOT a fetish, stop it with the ra.ce pl.ay shit!

Dear white people



-My race is NOT UP FOR DISCUSION! I am black, native american and caribbean. Don’t tell me what I am because of my skin tone. That goes for all other races and ethnicity.

So is what I have dealt with, within the last month and all my life. I hope you guys take something out of this.

Also to POCs, if there is anything you want to add, feel free to.

And It’s Like No Time Has Passed

without trying very hard at all you can see bob’s current Look™ in this

(ao3) (general warning for 4x13 spoilers just in case)


Bellamy looks up like he’s been caught, pushing up his glasses and smiling guiltily. For all the times Clarke drew him over the past six years– on every spare piece of scrap paper she could find, every blank stretch of wall in the lab– she never imagined him like this: hair shaggy and long, the sharpness of his jaw shadowed with stubble, wearing glasses.

Smiling, easy and relaxed.

It feels wrong that most of her memories of him are shadowed by tension, broad shoulders pulled tight, jaw muscle jumping, gaze hard and canny. A soldier in wartime. Her heart aches that she gets to see him like this, gets to see him at all.

“What are you trying to say, Princess?”

His voice makes her breath catch.

Six years of talking to an empty radio channel, hoping against hope that she’d hear his voice coming through, but never really expecting it to. And now he’s here, and he’s answering back, and it’s just– it’s a lot to take in.

“Leave it to Bellamy Blake to find his way straight to the armory,” she says with feigned exasperation, and he ducks his head, smiling. “Most of your crew is enjoying the feast we prepared for you guys, but not you.”

“You think I’m gonna waste my first chance in six years to really get away from Murphy?”

Clarke laughs and comes to stand next to him, watching as he meticulously cleans each piece of the gun before him, fingers deft and sure. It’s pretty hot, if Clarke is honest with herself.

And she’s learned to be very honest with herself the past few years.

They’re barely touching, his arm skimming hers every time he moves, but it sets her heart racing fast as ever.

Get it together, Griffin. You’re not seventeen anymore.

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here on the studyblr community especially, i see many lovely people with lovely posts and other lovely people who stress over whether their work is ‘aesthetic’ enough or not. please keep the following tips in mind when trying to balance aesthetic and functionality. 


you absolutely positively do not need a certain brand of stationery to have studyblr aesthetic and please do keep in mind the actual purpose of your studyblr: to motivate yourself, to serve as something to look back at to see how much you’ve accomplished. having a studyblr isn’t all about having perfect notes and nice pens so please please please don’t stress over that.

rewriting notes

i plan on making a more specific post on note taking later on but these tips are specific for addressing this issue. i know a lot of people who rewrite notes to make them look pretty and some of them say that it helps them remember things better. please do keep in mind that the main purpose of your notes is to function as something to study off of later and to help you record and remember important information, not to look aesthetic all the time. i personally refrain from rewriting notes because it’s time consuming and really doesn’t help me that much. to help remember the material better, i highlight the key parts of my notes a few days before a test (can’t highlight immediately after anyways because of ink smudging problems ughhhh). it also helps to look over your notes and for more lengthy units, to make ‘review sheets’ based on the basic summary and main ideas.


i love nice pens just as much as the next stationery obsessed person (maybe a little more), but please don’t feel pressured to buy a bunch of stuff just because you’re starting a studyblr. your hard work will motivate you and others just as well with the $1 pens as with the $10 pens, i promise. if you really want to buy stationery because you earnestly love it then go ahead and buy it instead of feeling self conscious and awkward like ‘i like it a lot but other people might point me out for having nice stationery if i buy it’. if you really want to buy nice stationery but don’t have enough money (nothing to be ashamed of at all) try looking for cheaper alternatives. you can still be practical and on a budget and have nice, functional stationery. please remember that as long as it does it’s job, it’s gonna work, so try to work with you have. maybe you’ll end up liking the style or grip of the brandless pen more than the one of the brand name pen. 


alright, let’s get to reality guys. people try to make their work look cute and successfully achieve that part but when they go back to actually read the material or go over their notes, start squinting over the words with adorable little bunnies around them or get distracted by the beautiful loopy swirls instead of paying attention to the actual information. please remember that functionality comes first! some ways you can make your work look nice but not too overwhelming would be to add small doodles relating to the concept on the side (helpful with remembering and cute!), maybe add a few colors (personally i feel adding too much color is super duper distracting so i stick to simple, similar color schemes but if you have a helpful color coding system then go ahead and rock your work in the rainbow~), and sticky notes are great for adding additional information or making tiny little note here and there and sort of ‘isolating’ those parts on a separate square if that makes sense.


okay, i have seen this around tumblr way too many times. often, people think that their handwriting isn’t nice enough and feel that they have to re-do everything over and over again until it’s perfect. please do keep in mind that your handwriting is beautiful just the way it is and that it’s a unique little part of you that expresses who you are. seriously, if you hung up your handwriting along with a billion others, anyone would be able to recognize that it’s yours because its so special and individual. it doesn’t help to practically disown your handwriting and constantly put yourself down because of it. instead, embrace it and use it proudly. however if you feel that there are some areas where it causes problems you want to improve, such as the fact that your teacher can’t read it, try to make your letters more clear, space them out more, and make them bigger or smaller so that they’re easier to read. 

additional note

these are the four main issues i’ve seen around, and i just really felt like they needed to be addressed and given tips for. also i really need to add this one part for people who have nice things and font-like handwriting: there’s no need to be ashamed or to feel guilty for having those nice things and that kind of handwriting. if you have the resources then do what you want to do. this is for people out there who obsess over these things too much and get upset if they don’t fit an ideal standard of ‘studyblr aesthetic’.

good luck. you can do this!! ~hana from kageyama-studies

On Yuri’s disliking of JJ

Or why the events order in the show is tricky.

It occurred to me recently that the reason Yuri dislikes JJ so much is not because of his personality or teasing.
It is, however, what we are lead to think when we watch the episodes in order.

The first time Yuri and JJ are shown interacting is at the end of Yuri’s SP at Rostelecum Cup, with the infamous “Ladies First” of JJ. Yuri mentions that he’s “even more annoying than those two [Viktor and Yuuri]”, and considering this sentence follows JJ’s teasing, it makes it look like Yuri hates JJ because of this teasing, and overall, his personality.

But it’s not the case.

Yuri hates JJ because he’s a sore loser.

Now let’s focus on Yuri. He’s young and talented. He’s talented enough to manage to nail a quadruple salchow at what I will assume was age 13-14, and respecting his part of Viktor’s deal, he manages to win the GPF junior without any quads. 

He’s used to win.

It’s even clearer if you look back at episode 2:

Even Yuuri is surprised by how confident Yuri is :

Yuri is confident because he’s used to win.

But then, Onsen on Ice happens, and he looses. We see in ep 4 the RAGE he puts into getting better. In his mind, it’s just because he lacked experience. It was just a one-time loss because he didn’t have enough time to train, to refine the program, and because he didn’t have as much experience as Yuuri (he mentions his lack of experience later in the series). It’s obvious to him that if he just trains harder it’ll fix that little inconvenience, and that loss will just be a bad memory. 

Then Skate Canada happens. We see it in Yuri’s flashback during his FS at Rostelecum Cup. We see Yuri radiating.

At this moment, he just feels like he was right. Like he just needed that little more time to refine his programs and gain experience. He’s at the top, in first place, and he doesn’t see what could go wrong. He’s relieved and exulting, at the place he’s used to be. Things are finally right, he’s winning. The gold is just here.

But then JJ happens.

The way the flashback scene showed it is really good, because it expresses Yuri’s confusion perfectly. He didn’t see it coming. He was already seeing himself with the GPF’s gold around his neck, and can’t believe someone just beat him.

That is why Yuri dislikes JJ so much. Remember what JJ says to Yuri at this point : 

If the “Yuri-chan” can sounds condescending (but Kubo pointed out he wasn’t ill-intended), this sentence is a way to acknowledge Yuri’s talent. “Let’s climb the podium again” implies that he believes that Yuri -despite his young age- is talented and hard-working enough to get on the podium again. That it wasn’t just out of luck. [Note that he doesn’t precise he wants them to be in the same places, meaning that he’s just wishing for both of them to be on the podium, not especially for Yuri to be under him in any way.]

This acknowledgement of his skills should be something Yuri appreciates, since he hates being belittled. But he doesn’t take it that way. To him, it just looks like taunting.

Because JJ beat him, and because he’s a sore loser. And what do sore losers do toward the people who beat them ? They get angry and make them look like bad people.

So the teasing comes pretty uncalled-for, but as Kubo mentioned in an interview, JJ thought that Yuri “would relax”. As we see from his reaction to winning bronze in last year’s GPF and this year, JJ seems to have a pretty good sportsmanship, and probably expected Yuri to be the same. Excepted that it’s not the case and Yuri ends up taking the teasing and his personality as excuses to hate him.

But we see how his hate is actually fragile and based on no tangible basis. Especially in this Hotel scene in episode 10, when he runs into JJ and Isabella and ends up calling JJ “scum” for the way he wears his sunglasses. 

Sounds petty right ? It’s just because Yuri had literally nothing else to insult. Not only JJ didn’t say anything mean or teasing in this scene (he actually looked like he was trying to avoid things to escalate between Yuri and Isabella), but he even lowkey complimented Yuri by saying his fanbase -and indirectly, Yuri; just like Isabella’s comment on Yuri’s fangirls indirectly attacked Yuri- was famous.

Yuri didn’t find anything to reproach to JJ. But accepting he didn’t have anything to insult in JJ would also be accepting that he was hating him without any solid justification other than his own inability to accept his loss. Which he wasn’t ready for yet.

So he insulted the sunglasses. Anything is good to prove that he has tangible reasons to hate JJ.

Since the anime shows us their interaction at Rostelecum Cup before Skate Canada, it leads us to think Yuri dislike JJ because of his teasing, or even that JJ is teasing Yuri on purpose to annoy him. 

But putting the events in chronological order, with the added informations of the later episodes (for example episode 10, that showed us that JJ was actually pretty socially awkward and didn’t realize when his joking was uncalled for) and some interviews, it becomes clearer.

tl;dr : Yuri isn’t hating JJ because of his personality or his teasing. Those are excuses for Yuri to justify his disliking of JJ. Yuri dislikes JJ because he’s a sore loser and is used to win.

sentence prompts ➝  bloodlines
  • ❛ Takes a lot of tries before you hit perfection. ❜
  • ❛ You’re beautiful. ❜
  • ❛ Can you draw a skeleton riding a motorcycle with flames coming out of it?  ❜
  • ❛ They’re waiting for you.  ❜
  • ❛ You look confused ❜
  • ❛ I think I’m just overthinking things. ❜
  • ❛ Mmm. O positive, my favorite. ❜
  • ❛ You’re okay. For a human. ❜
  • ❛ Brilliant? You think I’m brilliant? ❜
  • ❛ The greatest changes in history have come when people were able to shake off what others told them to do. ❜
  • ❛ You look too pretty to be useful. ❜
  • ❛ Truer words were never spoken. ❜
  • ❛ Being charming is my hobby ❜
  • ❛ I’m the life of the party— even without drinking. I wasn’t meant to be alone. ❜
  • ❛ You are an exceptional, talented, and brilliant young woman. ❜
  • ❛ Do not ever let anyone make you feel like you’re less. Do not ever let anyone make you feel invisible. ❜
  • ❛ The world is my stage.  ❜
  • ❛ How could you have screwed this one up? ❜
  • ❛ I can pick a lock. How do you think I got into my parents’ liquor cabinet in middle school? ❜
  • ❛ I want her to be happy. It’s worth sacrificing myself. ❜
  • ❛ I used to think you were weak and just didn’t fight back … but now, honestly, I think you’re actually pretty tough. ❜
  • ❛ You’re a saint. A goddess, even. ❜
  • ❛ She’s all he sees when he closes his eyes. ❜
  • ❛ No matter how much he tries to forget her, no matter how much he drinks … she’s always there.  ❜
  • ❛ Even a psychopath recognized your worth enough to want to kill someone else first. ❜
  • ❛ At least I take action. You? You let the world go by without you. ❜
  • ❛ I’d been raised to be practical and keep my emotions in check. ❜
  • ❛ It was irresponsible! ❜
  • ❛ I like Latin. It’s fun ❜
  • ❛ I can’t believe you think we’re the strange ones. ❜
  • ❛ What is it with you and frozen desserts Why do you always want them? ❜
  • ❛ I always aim to help others in need. ❜
  • ❛ History is important because it teaches us about the past. And bylearning about the past, you come to understand the present, so that you may make educated decisions about the future. ❜
  • ❛ You’re a terrible liar, but I’m still touched you’d attempt it for my sake. ❜

Okay so recently the trailer for Coco came out, and we saw this design:

It’s no secret that this isn’t a very good design. There are many elements here that are off: the fact that she is clearly designed to look like a skeleton, yet has fleshy lips and hyper realistic eyeballs; the fact that the eye sockets are so enormous and cavernous like two black holes ready to swallow up the rest of her face; how the eyeballs themselves are just floating in dead space and how glassy and bulbous they are; how she has big, long eyelashes coming out of the hollow sockets. Overall it looks like they couldn’t decide if they wanted her to look alive or dead and so they chose both, and it resulted in a poor design. Now I won’t say the rest of the film is bad or anything, it’s not even out yet, so I will be restricting this to only design stuff. We do’t even really know how the other skeletons in the movie look like. So, I won’t pass judgement on the rest of a film I and the rest of you have not even seen. This isn’t going to be about anger over the whole Book of Life issue, other people can write stuff about that if they’d like, but I won’t.

So the problem here is that they tried to hard, I think, to make her pretty or cute (as they always do with girl characters) and they did so by using their regular go to for cute characters, which is big eyes. And Disney and Pixar spend probably too much time and effort into making not only huge eyes, but hyper realistic ones. But skeletons don’t have eyes, so of course this would look weird. That is the main issue here. I will call your attention to another character who is supposed to be a pretty woman with big eyes who represents death, and that is La Muerte from the Book of Life.

So here we have a design that is meant to be a pretty woman who reminds us of skeletons without actually being a skeleton. She’s clearly not human but clearly not meant to look actually dead. They do this by giving her a human face with essentially sugar skull makeup and pale white skin. But this works with the style of the film. Another reason they did this was probably so that they could give her more intense expressions, as skeletons don’t have facial muscles. 

This is how character designers made La Muerte look good as a dead character. They probably decided “She’s a god and doesn’t have to play by the same rules as humans, and also it’s a cartoon, we can do what we want.” I personally think that the Book of Life was also pretty lazy about it’s woman character designing (an issue that infects much of the animation industry, so it’s not just them) and it, like Disney is very guilty of the big eye issue we’re seeing so much of in animation these days. But it’s less of an issue here partially because it’s a much more simple style, so the detail doesn’t go into every pore on her face or giving her really intense eyes, it goes into other stuff like clothes or patterns on the characters’ skin. But I digress.

Okay, so we’ve established why La Muerte looks fine, but how about another example, one that’s supposed to be a literal skeleton? There are some in this same film that work. Manolo for example.

He looks clearly like a skeleton, yet has expressions. We the viewers know that in real life skulls don’t work this way but we suspend our disbelief. He is not designed with any realism and it works for his design, making way for details in other places. He does not have lips or hyper realistic pupils. Manolo and the other skeletons in the Book of Life are designed well for their purpose, to be expressive and to look cute and still look dead without looking like a horrifying monstrosity. They don’t have eyeballs but instead have little glowing orbs in their eye sockets. These are minimal and simple, don’t distract the viewers, and most importantly look natural in the style of the movie.

If you want other examples that do not pertain to Dia de los Muertos, we have plenty. Ones who don’t even have eyes like the ones in Book of Life. Just look at early animation, there’s tons of skeletons who look fine. Or Grimm from the Grimm Adventurers of Billy and Mandy, no problem there. Or Jack Skellington from the Nightmare Before Christmas, probably one of the best examples. 

Jack is an apt comparison because not only was he designed to look cute, but Disney actually originally requested that the designers give him eyeballs because they thought he would be too scary without. The artists said no and it worked out fine; he does not look frightening, he looks natural and cute and the fact that he has no eyes is fine. He still blinks, but this is to keep him from looking too uncanny, as a face that has that much time on screen without blinking would be a bit unnerving. He is expressive and most importantly SIMPLE. He still is clearly a skeleton but has life in his design. 

This woman in the trailer for Coco is uncanny looking. They go for a very sunken face shape, much closer to a real skull shape than Jack, Manolo or La Muerte have, yet they give her giant gaping eye sockets, and her eyes are just floating there. My main point, though, is this: Disney and Pixar’s go to design elements are failing them fantastically. Not every character design calls for giant bulbous eyes, sometimes that just looks plain bad. And recently they’ve been getting even worse, yet never seem to try to fix it. And believe it or not, I’m not writing this just to harp on Dinsey and Pixar, and I am not talking at all about what people have been saying about the plot being too similar to Book of Life and all that. Really I’m just sticking strictly with design stuff right now, and trying not to be biased about it. But that woman in the Coco trailer looks awful, and there are so many solutions to the problem that can be reached very easily, as I mentioned. And this may seem a bit trite and silly to be complaining so much and so in depth about a design that shows up in a trailer for like two seconds in a film that hasn’t even been released yet, but this is a major problem with Disney right now. They restrict their designs by reusing and rehashing and always using the same design elements until BOOM. We get this: 

All I’m saying is that it doesn’t look right, and it’s pretty lazy and I’m sick of the whole big eye thing. Every character doesn’t need that super intense eyeball thing they keep doing. By the way, I don’t think that people shouldn’t see the film or anything like that because of this, I think it deserves to be seen. But it’s already shaping up to be a bit mixed up. And also skeletons shouldn’t be this difficult to design. We’ve already figured out how to do that and make them still look cute, it’s not a foreign concept. This is a bad design. Do better next time. Rant over.

I promise I’ll move on after this, but it would be nice if bi women acknowledged this recurring and disturbing pattern in their community - using bisexual rape victims and domestic violence victims as a trump card against lesbians. Shutting up lesbians when we try to discuss a specific instance of bi women’s lesbophobia by throwing completely unrelated male violence statistics at us.

Do you think male violence against bi women is something lesbians are responsible for? If not, why do you think “but men stalk & rape bi women more often than lesbians, checkmate” is a pertinent or appropriate answer to “here are some ways bi women hurt lesbians”?
(This is not even touching the fact that some of those statistics are pretty questionable, like that oft-cited study about how lesbians are much more likely to be out at work than bi women, which bi women interpret as “bi women have it harder in the workplace, biphobia is worse than lesbophobia”. I talked about how simplistic that interpretation is here.)
That said, bi women do experience higher rates of domestic violence than lesbians. But I’ve also seen studies where het women have a higher rate of domestic violence than bi women - do you think it would be appropriate for a straight woman to use these statistics to shut up bi women whenever they try to talk about straight women’s homophobia? If not, why is it okay when you do it to us?

In this post, as a reaction to a bi woman telling her boyfriend “I’m so gay” and another one commenting with “I will proudly call myself the gayest gay to have ever gayed because I am attracted to men & women” among other homophobic things, I was talking about specific issues in the “wlw community”.
A bi woman replied with statistics about bi women being raped and stalked by men.
In this post I was talking, again, about bi women appropriating the word “gay” and making it inclusive of hetero attraction and how homophobic that is.
A bi woman replied with three different sets of statistics about male violence against bi women, and other issues like bi women living in poverty.
[Editing to add that this exact pattern happened again 3 days after I wrote this post: a bi woman said she liked pretending to be a lesbian when she wants to hang out with a gay man (?) or when she’s too lazy to explain what bisexuality is, I told her not to do that, she gave me a whole bunch of statistics about how men rape bi women a lot.]

What does this have to do with the initial discussion of bi women’s appropriation of lesbian terms? How is this anything but a cheap silencing tactic, and can we please acknowledge that this tactic is constantly used against lesbians by the bi community, and is also used by pretty much all privileged groups whenever a conversation makes them uncomfortable? Marginalised people say “You hurt us in X and Y ways”, privileged people end the discussion with, “Are you saying we’re never hurt in any way? Look at all those bad (unrelated) things that happen to us!”
How is posting an unrelated set of statistics when a lesbian is talking about a specific example of bi women’s lesbophobia, and tagging it with “look how good we have it, guys” and “#‘you bisexuals are so privileged’ explain this then”, any different than men shutting up feminists who try to discuss female oppression with statistics about male rates of suicide or workplace accidents and saying “If men have privilege then explain this”?
I’ve honestly seen bi women bring up these statistics about poverty and male violence as a weapon against lesbians more often than I’ve seen bi women bring them up because they genuinely cared and worried about the vulnerable members of their community. How is that any different from transwomen brandishing statistics about transwomen of colour living in poverty in order to shut up terfs? 
Anyway. I’m just tired of seeing the same statistics again and again. Yes, they’re awful. They’re also not lesbians’ fault. Stop using them to silence us or guilt-trip us. Try replying to the actual things we say instead.

tessa’s tips: world building

Ah, yes. World building. Some people love it, some people hate it, some people hire someone else to do it for them. But if you’re planning on writing a story in a fictional universe, you’re going to have to do it anyway. Here’s some questions to help you start. 🗺

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I’m still crying at the generosity of some people ever since I started to post my art on here. Seriously, like I don’t like to rely on my family for money, and my family in general, I mean I love them of course!! And… while they don’t mind my choice in pursuing art as a career, they do tend to make a lot of pretty hurtful and discouraging comments about it. So they kinda look down on what I do, and I’m sure a lot of people could understand as well! But just having the support from a lot of people makes me really happy! I probably sound like a broken record, but no amount of times I say “thank you” can effectively portray how much it means to have such a supportive following!

Study Tip: Notes

Hopefully these tips will help you with note-taking, good luck and have fun with your work!

  • Create your notes in accordance to your desires. 

Don’t worry about what other people’s notes looks like, focus on what’s best for you and what you learn best from. If that’s using your notes from class/lectures, use them! If that’s simple black ink, mono-colour notes, that’s perfect! If it’s re-writing them and adding illustrations and colour, do it!

Find what’s best for you. Remember that these are your notes and that they should help you revise, so make them as easy as possible to understand and learn from.

  • You could;

Add colour/ colour-code- I’ve found that using two colours, one to highlight or underline the headings and primary points/most relevant information and an other to highlight or underline the subheadings and secondary points/ information that backs up primary points really helps me in my studies. In addition, using a colour scheme or colour coding can help neaten and organise the information, making it easier to remember and less confusing, reducing the chances of muddling up bits of information.

Use sticky notes/ stickers- this can make your notes look neat, detailed and organised. Plus they add character. You could use these to add additional information, questions to stretch your understanding or to highlight the relevant and most important points. They also look really cute, so there’s that too!

Add doodles/ illustrations/ diagrams- these can be really helpful, especially with science subjects. Maybe adding a diagram of the human heart, an illustration to help explain a process or doodles to help you remember a definition can aid your studying and help you to understand more easily and effectively, especially if you’re a visual learner.

Use one colour- multiple colours can be distracting and off putting to some people, making their notes look too confusing, messy and busy. By using one colour, it doesn’t distract you from the information you need to remember and can boost your understanding.

  • Don’t re-write your notes if you don’t want to. 

You don’t have to write out your notes again if you have perfectly good notes already made from classes and if you don’t revise by re-writing notes. To be honest, I hardly ever re-write my notes after I’ve made them in class, I may add additional information or questions to stretch and test my understanding, but I make my notes how I find them easy to revise from during my class. I personally don’t learn effectively from re-writing my notes over again, and any many people feel the same. Remember, if you don’t have to and don’t need to, then there’s no shame in not re-writing it!

That isn’t to say however, that you shouldn’t re-write your notes! Do it if it helps you learn, or even if you just want to make them look pretty! There are times where I do re-write my notes (albeit a small number of times) and I have loved how I have made them look better and easier to understand. 

  • The point is, make your notes how you want to make them. You see so many beautiful notes on tumblr which can go one of two ways-

Feeling inspired to re-create beautiful notes;


Feeling pressured to re-create beautiful notes.

If it makes you stressed or you don’t have enough time, don’t re-write them. If you want to or it helps you learn, do re-write them, it’s up to you and there are plenty of gorgeous examples of how to do so!

harryschancla  asked:

Hello. Tell me everything you got on virgos 👀👀 (don't hold anything back) THANK YOU I LOVE YOU MY CHANCLA.

Hello, my chancla. I’m so, so sorry I haven’t been able to get back to you until now, but Harry has been doing Things, so I know you’ll understand.

Okay. Hmm. Virgos.

Admittedly, Virgo is the sign I know the least about. I don’t know many Virgos, and the Virgos I do know, I don’t know very well. You’re the first Virgo I’ve been really close to! But let’s take a whack at it anyway.

The number one thing I can always tell a Virgo by is how exact they like things. They’re super particular. They’re perfectionists and they’re oftentimes made fun of for it. And that can range from anything - from how they eat their food to how they get ready in the morning to how they organize their sock drawers. It doesn’t have to look organized to everyone - just as long as it’s organized to them.

Virgos are generally lovers of knowledge. They like to be in the know when it comes to most everything in their lives, and if they aren’t experts at what they’re doing or involved in, it’s hard for them to hold much interest in the task at hand. This makes them pretty sensitive to their surroundings, which can cause them to embarrass really easily, especially if they’re called out for not knowing how to do something.

Along those lines, Virgos get really frustrated with people who don’t know what they’re doing. They have little patience for people they deem incompetent or naive (which is funny, because Virgos are notoriously naive…more on that later). They need to realize that not everyone is as focused on intelligence and general knowledge as they are, even though it can be frustrating.

The naivety situation is funny, because a lot of times, the characteristics of a Virgo work against themselves. They’re somewhat repressed - they tend to focus on one thing at a time, which means they could miss out on other things. Virgos generally hone in on one goal and one goal only, and until that goal is reached, their surroundings probably won’t be paid much attention to. It’s a push-and-pull situation, and the hardest part of life for a Virgo is finding that balance between reaching their goals, yet keeping everything else in their lives important enough to them so other responsibilities fall by the wayside.

Overall, Virgos want to do things well. They fear failing more than anything. And that’s not just with work or school - that’s with everything. They take failed relationships and failed friendships to heart and it takes a long time for them to get over losing someone. It’s really easy for them to over-think things, which in turn could make them fail. Like I said - it’s a delicate balance, and Virgos will spend their whole lives searching for a solution to it.

I really think Ian has no fucking clue how to handle a fandom. He probably thinks we’re just a bunch of people that fangirl over a cute gay couple cuz they look pretty together. But fuck this fandom is so much more we love those characters like they were real, we care about them, we want them to be happy. We make fanart, write fanfics, create gifs of them. I feel like we do care more about them than he/ED does. We research things, we make theories, we do see when things are full of plot holes and make no sense. I think the fandom knows the characters million times better than he does. If he really thinks we’re gonna be happy and stick around only cos he says they’ll be a thing even 5 years ahead than he might be stupid coz it’s not only the goal that matters but also the route to it. And making fun of us, baiting us with “but they’ll be together long term” is such a low blow. Personally i don’t think I’ll stop shipping Robron coz I love the boys too much, I love Danny and Ryan too much and I’m only still here coz of them! I do understand tho that people say they can’t stay coz of the current things that happened, I really don’t blame them for leaving. My point is the robron fandom is not just ppl fangirling over to pretty boys it’s about caring about the characters and loving them. Ian shouldn’t pretend that he understand us when he clearly doesn’t and when he wants to tell his story so be it but he shouldn’t end all his sentences with “but robron will be a thing” coz this hurts like hell if he doesn’t mean it.

Rotation Chronicles #11 (The finale): Dermatology

What I like about dermatology: I like how derm is its own world but you still have to have a broad knowledge of systemic conditions, as many of them manifest with skin symptoms. 

What I didn’t like about dermatology: It’s really hard to be sure 100% what someone may have.

Fav things about my site:  The doctors were really nice and taught me a lot. Though there was not much medical dermatology, they tried their best to teach me common skin disorders. I also got to learn a bunch about proper skin care since this was a cosmetic dermatology office. (I have to step up my spf game yall). 

Not so awesome things about my site: This was a medispa dermatology office so most of what they did was cosmetic dermatology (botox, face lifts, lasers, cool sculpting, etc). Though I learned a lot, much of that info isn’t really helpful for primary care (aka where I want to work). It was also pretty far away from home. Most patients were really wealthy and privileged but most were very kind.

“Common” things I saw: Rhytides, rosacea, acne, actinic keratosis, basal cell carcinoma, squamous cell carcinoma

“Uncommon” things I saw: wegners granulomatosis, SLE, nummular psoriasis

Things I got to do: 1st assist with facelifts, blepharoplasties, brow lifts, biopsies, etc

Misconceptions: cosmetic derm does appear pretty superficial compared to other medical specialties, and in a way it definitely is. But some people who get cosmetic procedures have legit deformities or medical problems and just want to look “normal”. Even the patients who do this solely for vain reasons are really distressed by how they look and providing this service really makes them happy. I still am not a huge fan of this area, but I definitely acknowledge how society standards influence the growth of this industry.

Overall Thoughts: I really wish I had a medical dermatology rotation over this one. The way to get good at derm is to see tons and tons of rashes/lesions. I got to see some on this rotation but not enough for me to feel stronger in derm going into my first job. I’ll definitely want some more derm experience in the future.

And that’s a wrap! This was my last rotation. Next is board review, graduation, dreaded board day, and hopefully starting my new job soon :)


      “My lovely Queen Aphrodite, I must ask you a question. Why are the most beautiful people blind to their beauty? What robs them of their sight?” asked the curious Aphrodite devotee as she remembers , from time to time, she also believes she’s ugly. 

     Aphrodite pulled her into a warm hug, looked in her eyes and with a sad look on her face said, “Comparison and Judgement robs them of their sight.” The sweet deity picks up two completely different seashells and holds them in front of the devotee. “Look at these two seashells, they’re entirely different. This one is small and is  dark blue and black and this one is large and is white and light pink. These seashells will never be equal in looks, however they are both phenomenally beautiful. They can go their whole lives wishing to be more like the other while negating the beauty they already have because it isn’t the same.” 

      “Now because they’ve established that they’re not the same, they would be more judgmental to themselves. This large white seashell will beg to be smaller and of darker color while this little blue one will wish to be bigger and of lighter color. The sad thing is they will keep trying and trying to be more like the other and they will eventually hurt themselves pretty badly. Do you understand?” Aphrodite asked with a loving smile. 

     “Yes, i understand, but how do we help them see their own beauty?” The devotee asked with hope in her heart. 

    “Well, selfies are a good start! They force you to look at yourself and realize that you actually look really beautiful! Then, keep going with bath bombs, perfume, flowers in your hair, honestly, anything that makes you feel beautiful and proud to be yourself ” The Goddess said with a burst of joy. “Also, don’t forget to compliment other people as well. They need to know how amazingly beautiful they are.” 


yenidenmi  asked:

Heyo, it's me again! Recently I've been learning how to dress better, but sometimes when I'm wearing something feminine and a lil revealing, I feel like I'm 'playing dress up' if that kinda makes sense? Like, 'pretending to be someone who's thin and thus looks good'?? Like I know that sounds bizarre but I sometimes put on something pretty, only to think 'I don't have the body to pull this off' and then put it back and feel shit? How can I combat these feelings when I start having them??

Honestly? I think the best thing to do is wear that outfit. Seriously. You will feel self-conscious at first, but when you start to see most people aren’t noticing your outfit and those who do like it, you’ll feel better. Believe me, we are our own worst critics! The things we think other people notice, they often don’t. Besides, people are always impressed when people dress up; you’re bound to be told you look beautiful!

-Mod Bella 

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Hi! I've been considering getting a betta fish but having done some research it seems like it's pretty exacting care (and also explains why my childhood fish didn't do so well). I don't wanna end up getting a little fish friend and having them die from me messing something up. I was wondering what you do for your fish and other aquatics since people recommend different things, from tank size to water changes. Thanks and i hope you have a good night!

Sure I can give you some general advice. I know tumblr can make it sound pretty intimidating, but betta care really isnt to hard. Most of it comes down to learning about how not to poison it with its own poop :V (to comically oversimplify science lol)

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Do you really think that jikook is romantically involved with each other? Like looking from a non-biased point?

I love jikook and it’s because of how they really seem like they could have feelings for each other. I don’t ship any other real life people. But I also know there is a huge possibility that they don’t have feelings for each other. I feel pretty 50/50 right now. Like I have no reason to think more one way or the other. They do a lot of stuff that makes me side eye them. But that doesn’t mean they’re interested in each other in that way. I just don’t know. I wouldn’t be shocked either way I guess even tho Jungkook be doin stuff that really makes it hard lol. What I do remind myself is that we’ll never know, so don’t get too invested in the idea I guess. And don’t take it too seriously cuz we’ll never really know

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Oh how would the paldins go about pursuing their crush? How would they act around them? What made them fall for them in the first place? (pls make the their crush chubby)

Originally posted by yatsugarekun

Lance: Expect horrible pick-up lines and cheesy one liners from this dork. “Hey (y/n), you must be a banana, because I find you a peeling.” Other than the awful pick-up lines, he tries to be slick and smooth, but usually stumbles over his words and gets a bit clumsy. “M-me, well - me and you, u-uh movie?” He loved their smile, it made his day so much better when it beamed on their chubby face and all he wanted to do was kiss them all over and continue to make them smile.

Keith: Leaves little notes and even flowers in random places for them. “Dear (y/n), your eyes sparkle like the stars.” -Keith. He’s really shy around you, but will pipe up when he gives you a flower. “I-I found this today and I thought of you.” His actions truly do speak louder than his words. He likes how confident they are in everything they do. He saw others pick on their weight, but that didn’t let them down and the confident glow you radiated just continued to draw him in.

Pidge: Will stutter something out in front of them and then will blush and promptly run away saying they need to tinker with something. “Y-your laugh is ad-dorable (y/n), I-I mean, I have to go work on the new upgrades!” Takes a lesson from Lance and uses some nerdy pick-up lines to try and woo them. “Hey (y/n), I’ve got my ion you.”. Likes how optimistic they are in every situation, even when people put them down and say they can’t do something, they prove them wrong.

Hunk: Makes various food dishes for them and writes little notes on them that hopefully lifts their spirits or makes them smile. He’ll make you a cake and he’ll write in frosting, “(y/n), you looked so pretty today, enjoy the cake!”. Invites them to cook with him and they try new recipes together. “All you have to do is add the sugar, yeah, like that!”. Enjoys how they have a healthy appetite and likes to try his new dishes when everyone else won’t. 

Shiro: Is usually calm and collected around them until they do something adorable that makes him lose his confidence which is most of the time and it’s when they smile at him. “(y/n), do you want to-to-uh, is that the alarm, time to suit up!”. Other times, he leaves their favorite candies for them with inspirational notes on them. “Remember that the day is what you make it, you can do it (y/n)!”. Their laugh, whenever they let it go, it’s so contagious they he can’t help but to laugh along with them. Now, he wants to be the reason for their laugh.

specklesoffire  asked:

Really gotta hand it to ya, you just made 2 (very nice looking) lockscreens for free just cause people really enjoyed them, and you post the little screens with everyone's messages about how they're enjoying them! It's pretty cool of you to do this stuff for your followers just cause they love it, very kind of you and I'm glad to see it :]

This actually made me smile like a goof! Haha, thanks!

And well, I really enjoy making these kind of stuff for you guys! It makes me really really happy!

People really seem to enjoy what I do, they seem really happy about it! And i want to keep that happiness on em, honestly