how do people do these and make them look pretty

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I just found out your watercolor gifs tutorial and ...OMG I'M SCREAMING!! I don't think I can't thank you enough, I always wanted to learn how to do that kind of gifs ❤❤ I'm definitely going to try and let you know how the gifs turn out :3 Thank you again, you're a great artist and a great person ❤

i’m so happy you found it helpful!!! ♥ i tried to find a good lineart gif tutorial a while ago but my searches came up with pretty much nothing… so i ended up experimenting with some methods i’ve used to make real life photos look like sketches :D i’m sure other people do them differently but this turned out to be the best method i could come up with!

naturally, the settings i used for the tutorial don’t work for all scenes but in my experience they’re a pretty good place to start from! also, if the scene has a very busy background i usually mask it before resizing and applying the lineart effect to make sure it looks as good as possible (and it also gives you the option to use the same frames in other projects without having to do it all over again)! in those cases the blurred layer leaves a fuzzy border around the image when you merge the layers, so you need to select the sharpened layer’s pixels before merging and mask the resulting layer with the selection. oh and i usually convert the layers for the first frame into smart objects before sharpening or blurring so i can easily adjust the settings to be optimal for the scene.

and yes please let me see the gifs you come up with!!! ♥♥♥ and thank you for all the compliments, you are too sweet ♥

here on the studyblr community especially, i see many lovely people with lovely posts and other lovely people who stress over whether their work is ‘aesthetic’ enough or not. please keep the following tips in mind when trying to balance aesthetic and functionality. 


you absolutely positively do not need a certain brand of stationery to have studyblr aesthetic and please do keep in mind the actual purpose of your studyblr: to motivate yourself, to serve as something to look back at to see how much you’ve accomplished. having a studyblr isn’t all about having perfect notes and nice pens so please please please don’t stress over that.

rewriting notes

i plan on making a more specific post on note taking later on but these tips are specific for addressing this issue. i know a lot of people who rewrite notes to make them look pretty and some of them say that it helps them remember things better. please do keep in mind that the main purpose of your notes is to function as something to study off of later and to help you record and remember important information, not to look aesthetic all the time. i personally refrain from rewriting notes because it’s time consuming and really doesn’t help me that much. to help remember the material better, i highlight the key parts of my notes a few days before a test (can’t highlight immediately after anyways because of ink smudging problems ahhhh). it also helps to look over your notes and for more lengthy units, to make ‘review sheets’ based on the basic summary and main ideas.


i love nice pens just as much as the next stationery obsessed person (maybe a little more), but please don’t feel pressured to buy a bunch of stuff just because you’re starting a studyblr. your hard work will motivate you and others just as well with the $1 pens as with the $10 pens, i promise. if you really want to buy stationery because you earnestly love it then go ahead and buy it instead of feeling self conscious and awkward like ‘i like it a lot but other people might point me out for having nice stationery if i buy it’. if you really want to buy nice stationery but don’t have enough money (nothing to be ashamed of at all) try looking for cheaper alternatives. you can still be practical and on a budget and have nice, functional stationery. please remember that as long as it does it’s job, it’s gonna work, so try to work with you have. maybe you’ll end up liking the style or grip of the brandless pen more than the one of the brand name pen. 


alright, let’s get to reality guys. people try to make their work look cute and successfully achieve that part but when they go back to actually read the material or go over their notes, start squinting over the words with adorable little bunnies around them or get distracted by the beautiful loopy swirls instead of paying attention to the actual information. please remember that functionality comes first! some ways you can make your work look nice but not too overwhelming would be to add small doodles relating to the concept on the side (helpful with remembering and cute!), maybe add a few colors (personally i feel adding too much color is super duper distracting so i stick to simple, similar color schemes but if you have a helpful color coding system then go ahead and rock your work in the rainbow~), and sticky notes are great for adding additional information or making tiny little note here and there and sort of ‘isolating’ those parts on a separate square if that makes sense.


okay, i have seen this around tumblr way too many times. often, people think that their handwriting isn’t nice enough and feel that they have to re-do everything over and over again until it’s perfect. please do keep in mind that your handwriting is beautiful just the way it is and that it’s a unique little part of you that expresses who you are. seriously, if you hung up your handwriting along with a billion others, anyone would be able to recognize that it’s yours because its so special and individual. it doesn’t help to practically disown your handwriting and constantly put yourself down because of it. instead, embrace it and use it proudly. however if you feel that there are some areas where it causes problems you want to improve, such as the fact that your teacher can’t read it, try to make your letters more clear, space them out more, and make them bigger or smaller so that they’re easier to read. 

additional note

these are the four main issues i’ve seen around, and i just really felt like they needed to be addressed and given tips for. also i really need to add this one part for people who have nice things and font-like handwriting: there’s no need to be ashamed or to feel guilty for having those nice things and that kind of handwriting. i know i certainly felt that way sometimes, but really, if you have the resources then do what you want to do. this is for people out there who obsess over these things too much and get upset if they don’t fit an ideal standard of ‘studyblr aesthetic’.

good luck. you can do this!! ~hana from kageyama-studies

Lately, I have been looking at my old gifs and seeing where I started

They were pretty fast, small, and I watermarked them (I was markisepticeye at the time, hence the mise) I see how far I have come

They are bigger

and just better. They are by no means the best, they are not the smoothest, of course there are people who gif better than me but I am ok with that. I am just happy with how far I have come. :)

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Speaking as a deaf person… can someone explain why any of this is funny? For starters, I do not know what any of them are saying. I just know that when these 4 people on Vine do gibberish sign language, they look really, really, really stupid. 

I can understand how looking really stupid creates comedy. But it’s a time-honored tradition of the sign language deaf community to consider gibberish sign language pretty damned offensive. In making themselves look stupid, they are making deaf people look stupid too. 

Feel free to reblog and transcribe what they are saying, if you don’t mind, for me. 

“I want to revive some of my old muses for nostalgia purposes but seeing how most of them are pretty much unheard of/not popular or dead entirely and the last time I’ve tried I barely got any interactions, so it goes back down to being it pointless to do so and frankly it pisses me off. Even more so when you do your best to make everything look pretty in thought that’s the thing that draws people but doesn’t, doesn’t matter if you’re just a creative person. It wastes motivation.”

This picture perfectly describes me - earphones in ears and all - in pretty much every situation

War in fandom

War between fandoms

directioners vs kpoppers

“Why do you listen to kpop? You can’t even understand what they’re saying”

“All asians look the same. How can you tell them apart?”

Fav being problematic or saying/doing some dumb shit

“ Kim Taehyung (bangtan)  and Ricky (Teen Top) can’t sing.”

“Alien Kim Taehyungggg”

“Jungkook (bangtan) and Niel hog all the lines.”

“Jimin (bangtan) and Niel (teen top) are ugly.” 

People making fun of others’ insecurities 

Get out of your room and go greet our guests

Anything Really

BAM time for a quick Sylvari tutorial of how I draw Sylvari!! This is definitely not the Only Way to draw Sylvari, there are tons of other ways to draw and interpret them! This is just how I do it.

1. Sylvari Faces

I base most of my faces on the existing Sylvari face models but tweak them to my liking.

2. Face Construction

I think what a lot of people struggle with is the integration of plants into Sylvari.

3. Drawing Faces

When I draw Sylvari, I pretty much draw a standard face and smack plant bits on top. Here’s a quick step process I do:

  1. Draw face.
  2. Block out where you want the plant bits to go.
  3. Draw the plant bits. I make sure to have the plant bits become part of the skin of the Sylvari but also protrude from it, so they look like they’re part of the face but also very noticeably planty.
  4. Add any details you want. I usually shove on a little more planty bits.

What I find to make the Sylvari look most planty is by having the plant parts protrude from the Sylvari or overlap features (such as petals overlapping the eyes). Sylvari are based on humans, so I find it’s easier to stress the plant side of them by putting more noticeably inhuman characteristics on them.

4. Planty Locations

Another hard part I find is deciding where I want to put the plant details. As you can see here for my top three Sylvari, the details cluster around their eyes, which I find to be one of the most important parts of a design. There’s definitely other places you can put plant detail, but ultimately it’s a useful took to draw attention towards key locations.

When Jack and Bitty come out as a couple, Ransom and Holster run a zimbits fan blog. Not even like, saying anything about their personal lives, because they would never do that. Just reblogging pretty edits of pictures from when they make public appearances and tweeting back at people squealing about how cute they are together. 

And honestly, they do it partly because they think it’s hilarious, but they’re not lying. They really do think they’re adorable together, because who wouldn’t?

When they find out about it, they’re shocked when Jack laughs so hard he doubles over, and Bitty just looks at them like “oh please”, because Lardo told him months ago.

                                      How to make a Galaxy Bottle: 

I don’t know about you, but I hang on to cool looking bottles for a while but have no idea what to do with them when they’re empty… 

I’ve seen some really cool posts out there about people making Galaxy Bottles, and I thought I’d give it a try! 

Here is what you need: 

- Bottles

- Fat cotton balls 

- Glitter glue or loose glitter 

- Gel food coloring (you can use regular but you will need A LOT to fill the bottle) 

- Water

What to do: 

It’s pretty easy! All you do is fill the bottles with your cotton balls

And then glob on some glitter glue or loose glitter, fill the bottle with water and add a half teaspoon of gel color. 

Then swish it all around and you have a cool looking galaxy in a bottle. Try out different bottle sizes and different color combinations! 


What do grandmothers do in dramaland?

1. Blaming People

Grandmothers in dramaland likes blaming people if a tragedy happens to their family. They always point their fingers to others first. Especially if the female lead is there, she would be grandmother’s most favorite target to blame. 

2. Breaking Relationships

Grandmothers in dramaland have too much spare time, they really pay attention to their grandchildren love life. They run around leaving scars, collecting their jar of hearts. And no matter how pretty the male or female lead is, grandmothers will oppose them. Coz kind-hearted good looking people always make grandmothers mad for no reason. 

3. Trusting A Wrong Person

Grandmothers always end up trusting the wrong person for many years, either it’s their right-hand men or their beloved evil daughters-in-law. Luckily, they always finds out the truth in the end though. 

4. Getting Obsessed With Power 

Grandmothers often become the badass chairwomen of super big companies. Just like Voldemort they want to keep the family blood in their companies pure. They try everything to make their grandsons become the CEO/president or whatever they call it. 

5. About To Faint

Stress, tired, headache, low blood pressure, high blood pressure, you name it. Grandmothers in dramaland always have the reason to about to faint. Aigoooh yah~  


But seriously




I knew he was going to die, I had it spoiled for me. But it was just so sudden. I thought he was going to live for another book. BUTTTT NOOOO

And so now its past my bedtime and I have to deal with this shit?



^^^^Legit question I know the cat can probably fend for himself pretty damn well but still.



How do I even go on? I know there are a couple more books left but this seems so final?

Of course he could always come back from the dead. People do it all the time in scifi fantasy. Hell, I just reblogged something yesterday about Daniel Jackson and his uncanny ability to never stay dead.

I bet if anyone in that universe could come back from the dead, its Dresden.

On a cool note my hometown of Aurora got another mention in this book! Yay…

But I’m still in shock and not quite sure how to proceed.

How bitter of a bitch do you have to be to relentlessly try and tear down peoples confidence and self love? I’d like to see one photo of someone smiling and being happy exist online without some miserable shitbag attacking their appearance in some way. Don’t like that person?  Exit off their picture and let them be. Use the 20 seconds that it would take making whatever asshole remark you were going to make and do something productive. Close your laptop and go tell your mom she looks pretty. Go ask a sibling if they want to play a video game with you. Call a friend and tell them that you miss them. Listen to an awesome song. Anything that can take your mind off of whatever is provoking you to hurt someone who did nothing to you. It’s so hard in today’s judgmental society to feel content with yourself - don’t take that away from someone who despite everything has found a way to remain positive.

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Hey Lady Kay, when you were single did you find yourself looking for potential dating options when you met people? Often I find myself wanting so badly to be in a relationship that I canvass dating possibilities wherever I go, which almost takes the mystery and magic out of it. How do I get myself out of this mindset so I can just enjoy where I am and what I'm doing, and wait for opportunities to present themselves? Thanks for your advice xxxx

Haha. I think this is a completely natural thing to do sometimes. I think that lots of people do this when they’re single–or at least have days or weeks when they do this. 

I don’t know if you can make yourself stop doing this occasionally. I think it’s a pretty natural human thing to do to look at other people and wonder if you might want to date them. We’re social (and sexual) creatures. It’s normal!! Don’t feel guilty about it. 

That said, you shouldn’t spend every waking moment looking at every person who walks past you and thinking “Well… what if…." 

I think we are all constantly evolving as people, and part of that evolution is learning to love yourself first. I think that once you do that you may not be constantly looking outside yourself for someone to fill that hole. 

Once you’ve found a way to be happy on your own is when you’re ready to go out and find a partner. So maybe focus on some self-care first and watch your attitude change.

No one is your "other half”. You are a complete person and should see yourself as such. When you love someone, you get to love them as another complete and perfect individual. 

I think that’s beautiful.