how do people colour this show

“All these guys were talking bad about Luke Cage. But they didn’t stop for one minute to look at the good he had done. Cleaning up Crispus Attucks by himself? Looking out for people? Most of these guys wear spandex. Who would’ve thought a black man in a hoodie would be a hero.”

Reasons you should definitely read Radio Silence by Alice Oseman:

- Uses the words ‘bisexual’, ‘asexual’ and ‘demisexual’ and doesn’t use the ‘slutty bisexual’ stereotype.

- Of five main characters, four are lgbt+

- Of five main characters, three are people of colour.

- Talks about the fact that you don’t need to get good grades to be successful

- Shows other types of abuse and how parents can be abusive without harming their children

- Female and male protag do not end up together

- Female protag does not end up in a relationship at all

- Not a romance book whatsoever but discusses sexuality in a way that’s not preachy

- Shows that, even if you get good grades, you are not selfish or wrong to go follow your less academic passions

- It’s so freaking good and the author draws her characters ( @spacezeros ) and I just love it so darn much 

reducing dark artifacts and noise on edits with a fill layer on photoshop

see all those artifacts on her coat? the little uneven chunks of black pixels? let’s get rid of those.

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20 More Enbian/nblnb Questions

1. Who (if anyone) was your first non-binary crush?

2. Which acronym do you prefer for enbian; nblnb, xlx, nln nbwnb or other?

3. Did you realize that you’re non-binary and enbian at the same time or at different times?

4. Do you have a favorite book/movie/tv-show/entertainment that has enbians or non-binary people in it?

5. Do you have a preferred gender/genders? 

6. ^If so what are/is it/they?

7. How many enbys do you know IRL?

8. If colours were genders what colour/s would you gender be?

9. What is your favorite enby/enbian joke?

10. Are you a star enbian or a sun enbian?

11. Have you ever had/currently-have an enby partner? 

12. Are you attracted to multiple genders or just one?

13. Does your family know that you’re an enbian?

14. If you could say one thing to all enbians out there what would it be?

15. Where would you take a partner on an ideal date?

16. Do you use the term “Gay” to describe yourself?

17. Are you still questioning you gender and/or orientation? 

18. Do you find your attraction to other enbys easy, hard or in the middle to accept and explore? 

19. What’s your favourite non-gendered romance/relationship song?

20. Do you know any blogs (including your own) that post enbian content/ if so who are they?

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Hey Emma, i need some advice! i am in my last year of high school, and i am starting to lose bonds with my close friends, like its not that they are drifting away due to school work, they are showing their true identity. putting this into perspective, how do i know who my true friends are? should i bother with my friends anymore and focus on studies? i need advice where i realise that studies is more important than caring more about friends as i wont receive it in return! please help me! thanks!

Hey! I think this happens to everyone. People seem to have a habit of showing their true colours when it’s getting to the end of school. I’m not really sure what it is or why. I think seeing who sticks by you, helps you through any tough times, makes an effort with you are the people who are your true friends. I think you should be civil - I don’t think it is worth straight up ending a bunch of friendships. I’d still be nice to them, etc but I’d try keep the focus on your studies and the people who are really your close friends. It sucks when friends don’t return what you put in. It’s natural to think it might be something you’ve done, but don’t put that on yourself. It isn’t your fault at all. I’d try to put your studies over the people who aren’t putting in the effort. Your education is more important than people who might not be true friends xx

this baffles the shit outta me.

i truly don’t understand how all of the fansites and edit/gif makers on tumblr take pictures of idols, make gifs of them, and then whitewash the living hell out of them and distribute that shit as if it they haven’t just taken the time to edit lies into the face of their beloved oppas and unnies. 

how can you claim to love these people so much and then deliberately wipe out the colour of their skin and replace it with something that, because you are colourist and self-servient, is exactly what they aren’t?? isn’t love about loving all of them, including their skin colour, and in turn recognising what that will mean for them as a melanated person? acknowledging, starting dialogues about, and doing what you can, little or small, to make sure the possiblity of them knowing they’re loved for as much of the real them they’re allowed to show just that much bigger?

thinking about the struggles they go through as idols - near-constant scrutiny, control of what they eat, where they go, who they see, manipulated by lighting and makeup, contracts and managers, to be whatever they’re needed to be; barred from dating, sharing their true interests without meeting ridiculous backlash (exhibit a: taehyung and the ryan mcginley photography) - countless bullshit things, propped up by smaller, invisble piles of shitty things we’ll never get to see. 

and then to top it off, a handful of colourism not only from their own group members (this has happened in SNSD and Seventeen if I’m not mistaken, BTS too, Big Bang, VIXX, etc), but from the media, and photographers who do everything they can to make them whiter, as white as they can be, and then the fans. The people they work so hard for, give music to, jump through every ludicrous hoop no matter how big or small for…wipe out their skin colour as if it’s nothing more than staining, as if it’s not a part of their fucking genetics, and who they are.

Nothing makes me, being the biggest fan of k-pop and korean music, happier than seeing darker skinned idols proudly, quietly, in ways big and small, anything in between and in any way, claiming their melanated skin. As a dark skinned black girl, setting off on the journey to accept my colouring has been one of the hardest things I have ever had to do, and I wasn’t sitting in the public struggling through it either - so when I see idols spewing blindly ignorant colourist comments, I can’t excuse the things they say, I don’t even try, but I can identify and understand the reasoning. It comes from the same place that so many Korean fans seem to harbour inside them - the fountain of self hatred and colourism, fed by magazines, photoshop, the media, the influences of white oppression and society. (In the cases of non-melanated individuals, it’s racism, deal with your shit.)

I get it, because that was me five years ago, and unless someone or something triggers the change of mindset within them, it’s not going to go away. It takes so much inner strength to undo years of what is essentially brainwashing. It takes courage to do it in the eye of hundreds of thousands of people, a sense of self to maintain it, and in respect to the idols who may never leave that way of thinking behind - I mourn them, because it’s an awful place to be. 

What I’m trying to say is this - I love the artists I love for them. I cherish any and all honesty on their behalf, their bare faces, chubby tummies, not-rock-hard-but-not-chocolate abs, thick thighs, thin thighs, acne and eye bags, ridiculous comments, mistakes and all. As one non-white human to another, I love them and their skin colours, and I will never do them the disservice of pretending they’re all something they are not. As a fan to an idol, I love them; as an aspiring artist to another, I admire and respect and downright adore the musicians I blog about. 

tl;dr - to the fans who whitewash idols - I don’t know you can claim to love someone so much and then take away pieces of who they are, shout down the offerings of honesty about their true selves, because it doesn’t suit what you think they should be.

That’s not love, in any way, that’s you just manipulating the idea you have in your heads of what they should be to please you.

tbh i find people making sideblogs just to be steven universe critical is skeevy because literally no other fandom goes out of their way to do “critiques” on a separate platform from their main/regular blog and how a changing art style/animation limitations is treated equivalent to actual issues like colourism, racist tropes and the show’s inability to challenge Steven’s world views….


So I had trouble figuring out how to work this ezvid software at first and by the time i realised it wasn’t recording I had already started the drawing, which I’m so angry about because you don’t get to see how i start, it literally started as a big red blob that looked like a baked bean it was hilarious. but it’s ok because now that I have the hang of this I’ll know for next time.

i did this cus some folk don’t believe i used ms paint to draw my birbs, so yeaa here you go, it’s really not that remarkable. It’s just how you use the brushes and how you layer little blocks of colour that make it look half decent when it comes together

i didn’t finish this one, it’s just to give you guys the general idea of how i do these things. Knowing that i was recording this to show people made me nervous and i made so many mistakes that i had to go back and correct, as you can see lol

i’ll make another one tomorrow at some point for sure tho

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i need your opinion okay so a lot of people hate dans potato sack sweater right but i really like when he wears it???? like how the collar is too big an it shows his collarbone and how the giant sleeves kind of drape over his hands??? what do you think??

yes yes yes I agree. It might not be the nicest colour but it frames his body really nicely (even if it’s a lil baggy) but I love the fact his collarbones are showing and the sleeve glove thing happens and thank u for letting me rant about how adorable he looks gOD

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Teach me how to draw senpai

I’m no senpai… I’ve just been around the block enough times to know the ropes and it all comes back to practice and the willpower to just keep going! 

Although I can’t teach you directly, If people are interested I could do a little art stream and show off some tips on how to draw /colour/ answer whatever questions people might wanna know, but yeah that that depends on if that’s something people would even wanna see or not! 

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hey fuckface ❤💖💗 also i wanted to ask how do u make wallpapers??? like what do u use and do u cut the things out n just give it a background or?????? please help i'm just a poor farmer thank u

Love ya!!

For wallpapers it depends on the image. If I want more of the background, I resize it so the image has a 600px width and paste it onto a 600px by 1068px document. If I want to show the people more, I crop it and then resize it to 600px by 1068px. If I want the image to have a solid colour background, I cut out the image and add a colour fill to the background. Otherwise I play around with gradient fills and erase the parts of the gradient I don’t want.

Hope that helps! Let me know if you need more help :)


-I’ve been tagged in something really adorable by @cibsly​ so thank you so much cutie for doing so :D It’s super exciting to hear someone wants to get to know me and i’d love to because you look super cool as well ^>^ <3 

So! here we go:

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Relationship: Single ಥ﹏ಥ

Favourite colour: Pastel Pink and any Blue colour :3

Lipstick or chapstick: Lipstickkkk, especially if its matte <3 

Last song I listened to: Shelter but Porter Robinson 

Last movie I watched: B) Naruto: The will of fire (Bc i’m a fucking nerd fite me)

Top three TV shows: Yuri on Ice, Voltron and Naruto \o/

Top 3 ships: (Aww man this is a hard one) SasuNaruSasu, How the fuck do I choose between Klance and Shance?! and *sweats* Kakanaru Victuuri… *cough* yep totally no other ship said there ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

Some of these people i’ve barely talked to and some not at all. but you all seem like awesome people and i’d love to know you all better!

@sir-scandalous (My actual drawing role model *bows to u* thank u for your beautiful art) @emuyh (another art senpai, i feel like this is gonna mainly be art senpai’s dammi @ me) @blue-gold-demigod-clouds (Always manages to make me giggle and your artwork is the cutest! <3 @v0idless (Aww man your animations, especially your undertale ones, make my heart a happier place ;o;) @uchihanochidori (I haven’t known you long but i’ve really enjoyed talking to you and hope I can continue to do so in the future! ^^) @bahare-uzuchiha (All this hunterxhunter posting has made me want to watch it sooo much!!!! You seem like an awesome person and i appreciate you so much for what you’re doing for the SNS atm! <3) @t-adash-i (I adore both you and your prompts/fanfic’s so much! Keep being awesome! :D) @electricgale (More art senpai? Yasss. The style you draw with is something I adore with all my heart ;o; Thank you for being you!) @crossroadscastiel (You first got me super into Supernatural, now I see so much hannibal stuff come up you’ve gotten me hyped to watch that now in my holiday weeks!)

There are too many people i don’t know/don’t know very well so it was super hard to pick ^>^ 

     “so mike pence came to the show last night.. which was interesting to say the least. the crowd booed him, clapped loudly when important points of the show reflected today’s society; especially the lyrics about immigrants which was tight as fuck. we addressed him at the end, telling him we were afraid of the future and what’s to come for us people of colour, gender, sexuality and how we are genuinely fearful. i for one, thought it went amazingly. YET NOW, trump tweeted that “pence was harassed last night at the theatre by the cast of hamilton” okay so… by ‘harassed’ do you mean a US citizen exercising their first amendment rights?? freedom of speech ain’t a thing anymore, ladies and gentlemen.”

I was tagged by @caswithoutwings. thank you!

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Favourite place: Wow idk, I haven’t been to many interesting places. Literally anywhere aside from I live would probably me cool to me. I feel like Ireland would be a beautiful place to visit

Favourite colour: Purple

Pets: I have the most adorable dog, Andy, he is fluffy and I love him to death.

Favourite TV Show: These kind of questions are the worst how do I choose??? I guess a show that I’ll always love is Doctor Who.

First fandom: Narnia

Books that I’m currently reading: Not reading anything currently but I recently read Rebellion by Kass Morgan.

Favourite book: Again, HOW DO I CHOOSE. Can I cheat and say the Harry Potter series? Well I’m going to :)

I tag @cindurellas @lydia-martin @thehowlingcommanbros @peggycarthr @jynersos @kaiparker @erso-s @bradleeyjamess @almightybarnes @bonesrnccoy

if you want to ofc!

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Relationship status: alone O.O;;
Favourite colour: all the earthy/natural shades of green
Lipstick or chapstick: chapstick
Last song I listened to: My Shot - Hamilton
Last movie I watched: Tokyo Godfathers (highly recommend this film!)
Top three TV shows: YGO (all of them), Yuuki Yuuna Is a Hero, Puella Magi Madoka Magica
Top three ships: changes too frequently, but recently I’ve been craving kattomato, moonblossom, and candyshipping ^^

ummm … how about @iyliss @xsynchxyz & @checkurselfb4umachuwreckurself

only if you want to though - no pressure to do this or to tag others ^^

Oh hey, I’m actually doing one of these for once :o

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Name: Gillian (Jillian)
Ancestry (brace yourself): Exotic white bread (German, Irish, French, Italian, and Russian)
Zodiac: Pisces
Where do you live: California
How are you feeling today: It’s hot and I’m miserable because of it
Favourite song right now: Stop Wondering by April Smith and the Great Picture Show
Play any instruments: nope
Are you craving anything: The lovely spaghetti dinner I’m gonna make myself tonight
Signature drink: Dr. Pepper is my life
Signature scent: fsfkksfhsffdf I have the worst sense of smell in the world, so I have no fucking clue
Favourite colour: Red, purple, and green
Sounds you love: Rain, calming music, ummm…
Sounds you hate: loud ass cars, people shouting, honestly, any super loud noises

If you are a mutual, and you would like to do this, I hereby tag you!


I’m sorry but I don’t think Poussey’s death is the same as for example Lexa’s. This death was not to get rid of a character or to support a straight character or whatever. What OITNB did was serve realness. Cause this sort of shit happens. It’s a wake up call for viewers who do not get the severity of the situations lgbtq+ folks, coloured folks, women and prisoners are in. This death did not happen in vain. It started something. AND I DO NOT MEAN ANOTHER RALLY FROM US. I mean a conversation amongst anyone who watches this show. Not just us ‘minorities’ who know we should be treated better anyway. They are just showing the gravity of present day issues. How easy it is to buy deathly weapons, symphathy for rapists, all that shit we want people to think about. Isn’t killing black people and lgbtq+ people one of those things we want people to think about, to talk about? The way OITNB handled the situation in the show, is the way you get people to think. So I’m sorry, but I do not agree with everyone boycotting the show. In fact, I am very curious how this plays out.


Please watch this episode or just take your time to look at this…this show follows foreigners that live in korea, and i am really grateful for this show even tho it is still not at the level it could be, like officially talking and discussing about racism and prejudice in korea. These are actual scene (and not even all of them) that have happened to this family but also another one. Mostly they get racial comments and find it hard to work and raise their kids, it is disgusting how some (some!) of the koreans treat people of other skin colour or religion. So please, do watch this show and spread awareness, obviously racism doesnt only happen in korea, but still, for a country like korea this show is something new and risky. I am looking forward to the next episode and hope that the MC will have enough courage to openly discuss the topic of racism related to dark skin colour and religion in tv.


  • UM, EVERYTHING? i was scared going in. like really, really scared, because so much of my love for this show is tied up in shipping supercat and how much i love cat, that, despite the fact that i love the rest of the show, i didn’t want that loss to colour my feelings for everything. i seriously cannot stand people in fandom who are only there for a ship and refuse to recognise that fact as they rage against everything else to do with the rest of the show. and i didn’t want to become the thing i hate, as is wont to happen. BUT EVERYTHING WAS SO GREAT.
    • alex/maggie is real and delightful and way, waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay more immediately enjoyable than i was expecting. like, there’s no way this isn’t happening, but we’re starting out nice and slow and no one loves a slow burn like ashleigh loves a slow burn.
      • ALEX DANVERS, WELCOME TO YOUR LIFE. YOU SO GAY IT HURT ME. honestly, i was so concerned this was going to be on the nose but aleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeex. at this point i’m still on the fence about whether or not they’re going to go with this being a delayed reveal or if it’s going to be an in-narrative revelation to alex as well, but either way works for me so bring it on?
      • beating people up to save your girlfriend’s partner’s ass? gaaaaaaaaaaay.
      • also, so much dolly at the gaylien bar, i feel so personally attacked by that.
    • supergirl/president wonder woman! kara, girl, your proclivities are showing!
    • supercorp UM HOLY SHIT???????? I THINK THIS IS WHERE I LIVE NOW??????? that second scene was a lot. they’re so cute with each other? help. help me please. i am a simple girl and i wasn’t ready.
  • maggie! you charming little shit.
  • everything about kara’s adventures in journalism! because snapper is absolutely not wrong when it comes to kara’s writing, and i am so glad they’ve kept the reason to hate him separate from the things he’s going to teach kara. i am so here for this being a means of exploring kara’s ethics becaaaaaaause…
  • i cannot believe what a gift this mon-el storyline is! he called her “your highness!” there was actual narrative acknowledgement of kara’s massive superiority complex! HOW DOES THIS SHOW MANAGE TO BE PERFECT?
  • did the hatfields mention the mccoys?