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Instrument Asks

Violin - Are you a perfectionist?
Viola - What makes you different?
Cello - Favourite place to be?
Double Bass - How do you like to relax?
Acoustic Guitar - What instruments do you play?
Electric Guitar - Do you experience synesthesia?
Electric Bass - What do you want to study?
Electric Cello - Favourite composer?
Electric Violin - Have you ever been in a musical/play?
Harp - Favourite piece you’ve played?
Ukulele - Are you a good performer?
Sitar - Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
Balalaika - Do you enjoy playing sports?
Mandolin - Who inspires you?

Piccolo - Describe your personality
Flute - Have you ever gone overseas?
Oboe - Favourite kind of weather?
Cor Anglais - Introvert, ambivert, or extrovert?
Clarinet - How much time do you spend online?
Bass Clarinet - Favourite item of clothing?
Bassoon - Do you enjoy online shopping?
Contrabassoon - Are you brave?
Bass Flute - Can you dance?
Soprano Saxophone - How many times have you broken a bone?
Alto Saxophone - Have you ever pulled an all nighter?
Tenor Saxophone - Favourite film?
Baritone Saxophone - Describe your dream bedroom

French Horn - Where are you from?
Mellophone - Favourite musical?
Trumpet - What makes you happy?
Slide Trumpet - Do you like being outdoors?
Cornet - Favourite genre of music?
Flugelhorn - How do you feel about your past?
Bugle - Would you ever join the army?
Trombone - Describe your dream meal
Valve Trombone - Do you suffer from imposter syndrome?
Bass Trombone - Are you reliable?
Tenor Horn - What do you aspire to be?
Baritone Horn - Do you have perfect pitch?
Euphonium - Favourite food?
Sousaphone - Who is your hero?
Tuba - How/Why did you join Tumblr?

Melodica - Do people consider you annoying?
Harmonica - What makes you laugh?
Accordion - Favourite Tumblr blog?
Air Horn - Are you good with kids?
Ocarina - Do you know how to do CPR?
Whistle - Favourite smell?
Slide Whistle - What TV shows have you binge-watched?
Didgeridoo - Tell a funny story!
Recorder - How well did you do in school?

Xylophone - Do you like classical music?
Marimba - What’s your ringtone?
Glockenspiel - Are you talkative?
Bongos - Can you jumpstart a car?
Wood Block - Describe your dream house
Snare Drum - Favourite colour?
Bass Drum - Would you want to be able to read minds?
Timpani - Do you enjoy meeting new people?
Gong - Are you a loud or soft person?
Triangle - Could you imagine being the President/Prime Minister?
Steel Drum - Favourite season?

anonymous asked:

You do threaten me though. Your existence threatens my world because you exist in a grey area. You dye your hair unnatural colours and stretch out your earlobes to show that you do not conform, but all I feel when I see pictures of you is fear. Because you pretend to be tiny and cute but who you truly are...well, it doesn't exist, so you are not supposed to be who you are, and I am terrified by that. Do you think you are so important that people must pluralize your pronoun?

Okay, I hear you. So I don’t think you have any reason to be afraid of me– you can’t really control how you feel, but you can control how you think, so I’m going to try to reason with you point by point and let you know why I don’t think you should be afraid of me. All that I ask is that you read this with an open mind.

- I don’t dye my hair or stretch my ears as some sort of exercise of non-conformity– I just like the way it looks. It isn’t even really an act of non-conformity because the society, that I live in permits that type of self-expression– it’s allowed. I’m not breaking the law or anything.

- I really don’t know what to make of you suggesting that who I am doesn’t exist, or that I am something that I am not supposed to be. I don’t particularly believe in any sort of creator so I don’t know who exactly would be the authority on what I’m “supposed to be,” but I really don’t think that you’re the authority on who I should or shouldn’t be, because we’ve never met. Also, you claim that what I am doesn’t exist, but I really think you should tell that to all of the terrifying, like-minded people in my inbox that are asking me if it’s okay to express themselves the way that they want to. They’re afraid to act on their feelings, or in other words: they’re afraid to be themselves. I personally don’t think that there’s anything scary about them.

- Self-importance is kind of tough for any individual to avoid, because we can only really experience life in our own shoes. We have to prioritize ourselves to some extent or else we won’t take care of ourselves– which is exactly what I’m trying to do. So yeah, I guess I do think I’m kind of important… at least important enough to try and give myself as good of a life as I can, but I don’t really think that’s abnormal. I like to be referred to a specific way, because that’s what’s most comfortable for me. You wouldn’t want someone to call you the wrong name; I don’t want someone to refer to me using the wrong pronouns (Quick sidenote: when referring to a shadowy figure whose identity is concealed by a cloak and a mask you would describe their actions by saying something like “they reached for the doorknob,” because their gender is indeterminate; therefore, singular they/them pronouns exist).

Look, the main thing to focus on is that I really don’t mean you any harm– I truly don’t! I hope that you can go on to live a happy life. I just couldn’t leave this, because historically, nothing good ever comes from this kind of fear.

Misc. sentence starters.

Modify pronouns and wording as necessary! Some may be slightly unsafe for work / sexual in nature.

“Why did you come here when you knew I’d only send you away?”
“I thought I made it clear I didn’t want to see you.”
“I look at you, and all I can think about is how much better you deserve.”
“Why haven’t you left me yet?”
“The things I would do for you terrify me.”
“Nobody likes a tyrant. Show the people you can be reasoned with.”
“Your people will only tolerate so much.”
“If you want to ruin your life, be my guest, but leave me out of it.”
“Can’t you touch anything without breaking it?”
“Please don’t leave me. Please.”
“I’m sorry. I’ll do anything.”
“My life was grey before I met you. Now it’s so colourful I can barely stand it.”
“I don’t know what I’d do without you.”
“I’d do anything for you. I’d kill, lie, cheat and steal for you. You wouldn’t even need to ask.”
“For the purposes of tonight, you and I will be taking on certain roles. You are not to break character under any circumstances lest you blow our cover, is that understood?”
“I am not here to make friends. I am here to offer you something you cannot refuse.”
“You don’t have to play coy with me - what do you really want?”
“You really fucked me over, you know. You really messed me up.”
“You piss me off so much sometimes I can barely stand it.”
“Why are you like this? Why do you have to ruin everything?”
“You really would do anything for me, wouldn’t you?”
“I like the way you beg, boy.”
“Do you drop to your knees for everyone that shows you attention, or am I a special case?”
“Shh, it’s okay. I know how much you need this. I know how much you want to be wanted.”
“I can think of better uses for that mouth of yours than back-talking me.”
“Just let go. It’s alright, I’ve got you.”
“Don’t talk. Just open your mouth.”
“Tell me what you want from me.”

hey everyone just ur favourite queer poc who knows more shit than u and is here to learn you a few stuff

  • lance isn’t half white,, he’s cuban, he’s from cuba, he isn’t german or irish or any kind of white. he’s a brown kid and his last name isn’t mcclain you whitewashing fucks. also hey, not all latinx cultures are the same, or even similar to each other. your racism is obvious and tiring
  • hunk isn’t in witness protection, he isn’t adopted, he isn’t some long lost brown kid in the middle of louisiana. he’s samoan (not hawaiian or melanesian), his last name isn’t garrett, and if you aren’t samoan don’t draw tattoos you don’t know shit about. also, hello, he’s fat. he’s FAT. 
  • shiro is east asian, not half white, and he has monolids. that isn’t eyeliner. it was funny the first couple months but time to stop. it’s not makeup, you whitewashing fu c ks. it’s a non-white feature you don’t know how to process. stop drawing him double-lidded
  • keith has asian features.he might be japanese, he might be korean, he might be mongolian. we don’t know. IF YOU HEADCANON HIM AS KOREAN, DON’T USE THE LAST NAME KOGANE? like not all types of asian are the same fam. also,, “gyeong” isn’t a real korean surname. do some fucking research
  • allura is black. “but she’s an alien she can’t be-” she is. she’s black. her blackness is blatant and a part of her, it affects how the audience views her and she is black representation. she’s black as fuck you guys. the racist shit you do still counts. 
  • zarkon and the galran empire are symbolic of white imperialism,, being wary of them out of a sense of personal tragedy and safety isn’t racist, it’s the typical behaviour oppressed folk have toward their oppressors. if you don’t sympathize with allura in season 2 like,,, im sorry who are you
  • this is a show with five out of seven people of colour in the main cast. these are NOT your characters, white people. don’t try to impress your own experience upon them. don’t try to claim them. you have centuries of representation in the form of media and we have so little. these five belong to us. 
  • if your first instinct when you read this is to come into my inbox and bitch because you want lance to be half irish or what the fuck ever, or you don’t see the harm in bastardizing a sacred part of samoan culture for your hunk art, or you’re “not used to drawing monolids so you’d just rather not”, you’re racist and i don’t care what you have to say to me
~ FYI for New Simblrs ~

I see a lot of these asks with other Simmers and in the distant past have had a few too. New to the Simblr world and want to start a Simming blog that is popular etc. Now I’m not a hugely popular Simblr, I have around 3600 followers I think. They’re far bigger out there, but the main advice is this;


Whatever you absolutely adore be it Vulcans/Star Trek (like me), Berry Sims like @berrysweetboutique, super hyper colourful aliens like @divadoom, chill Maxis Match like @servobride, loving everything with alpha and Maxis Match like @maimouth or maybe you’re more into Vampires or horror stories or reality TV like @quiddity-jones. Maybe your passion is storytelling, which can be done MANY different ways using the game we all love. Choose what you adore and you can’t go wrong, that will show in your imagery etc.


Can’t say this enough. New to Simblr? Notice how other people tag their posts. It gives your followers a choice to follow some posts and avoid others. Also tags can be used for people being able to find a story or legacy etc super easily on your Tumblr. Lastly, don’t tag anything as a custom content (s4CC) post if it’s not. That’s just begging for people to be pissed off with you.

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In bed with... Yuta


Okay, so I know I’ve been prolonging this for a while but it was because of my short hiatus and then I read it and had to edit it because it was utter crap tbh it still is I just hope you like it and yeah :-) I’m blessing your eyes js  ^_^

In bed with… series:

Originally posted by nctuhohahyes

i know i use this gif for literally every fucking reaction but i am obsessed with it bc of his thighs. when we get more thigh action, i promise to stop lmao actually not really :-)

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gdi flo i used all the good gifs in my making out with yuta post dbaibd check it out for some cool gifs of yuta ok

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title: One-Ply Promises

rating: t

pairing: Natsu Dragneel/Lucy Heartfilia

summary: Of all of the stupid shit Lucy has done while drunk, entering a contract with a demon probably takes the cake. The icing on said cake, however, is the fact that neither of the two know what the terms of the contract are. Until they figure it out, Lucy is stuck living with a demon who doesn’t really understand the concept of keeping a low profile.

chapter one: Always Read the Terms and Conditions

ffn link

He has fucking horns.

“Hi.” The horned man is sitting on her desk and moving his legs back and forth as if he’s on a swing and not very cheap, breakable material. “I’m looking for someone.”

Lucy points towards the door. She is beyond hungover right now, and frankly, cosplayers hanging out in her room at - she checks her phone - nine in the fucking morning doesn’t begin to make her list of the top ten weirdest things to have gone down in res. It doesn’t even make her top fifty, really.

“You know who Lucy Heartfilia is?” Horned-man asks.

Should she call the cops? Probably. Is she going to? Probably not. Lucy bobs her head (bad move, bad move, gravity doubles down for a solid ten seconds what the fuck, physics-) and waves at her face listlessly. Horned-man brightens. The blonde feels her stomach roil in response. Ugh. It’s way too early to be that chipper for anyone.

“Hi! I’m E.N.D., but you can call me Natsu! I’m a demon. You made a contract with me last night.” He hops down and fishes around in his pocket as he walks towards her bed, retrieving a neatly folded square of toilet paper which he holds out to her. She squints. She can make out her signature but the rest looks a lot like her lecture notes when she’s doing them half asleep. Definitely her writing and definitely illegible.

“I was directed to this room after you signed it and then you showed up later, but you know how drunk people are; you could have been anyone just looking for an empty room to crash! So I had to wait to confirm,” he explains. “Now, do you remember what the terms of the contract are? Because I can’t read what you’ve written.”

Lucy can’t even remember the word for the colour of her walls at the moment, but she can’t vocalize that quip thanks to the desert that has made its home in her mouth. She settles for a thumbs down. Horned-man (Naruto? She swears it’s Naruto) laughs nervously. “We, uh, might have a problem.”

Besides the fact that I’ve somehow made a contract with a demon? Wait, what? Demon? Whoa, back up. Demon. Like, actual demon ohmygod what-

“I can’t get back to Hell until I fulfill the terms of this contract.”

Oh, hell.

“I’m gonna be stuck here with you,” he says. “So, uh. Hi?”

Lucy opens her mouth and her stomach decides that right then is the perfect time to empty itself all over Naruto-demon-dude’s white pants. Because what better way to greet her new roommate than with nacho-and-martini flavoured upchuck?

anonymous asked:

Hey, I was wondering if you wouldn't mind talking abt how you do your colouring atm?

Hi anon ^^

To be honest, I’ve been working with the same technique for years. Basically, I sketch, block the colors, work on a first series of details, do some color adjustments, add shadows, add highlights, add more details, rework the skin texture and…voilà roughly!

In order to show you my coloring process, I did what people have been asking me to do for a long long time, I took screen shots of my work as I was working (see gif below). As you can see, there are a lot of comes and goes, “yes…but no…but yes…but shit…that was better before”. Sometimes I’m not satisfied so I change a whole part of the drawing, like for instance the color of the sheets (from white to blue) or Bucky’s right hand (the first one was awful). I also use the “Liquify” and the “free transform” tools to fix things I’m not satisfied with (here: the eyes that were not centered properly). However, don’t get me wrong, I know where I’m going when it comes to colors, compositions, textures, etc…What I change are just minor adjustments. I also work on the hair at the end because for me, it’s the cherry at the top of the Sunday. When I can leave it as the last step, I do it. You see, for instance here, I used as a reference a picture of Sebastian Stan with short hair. I just drew the basic shape of the hair in black and drew the long hair and all the details when the art was almost done. (I started to draw long strands at the beginning, but finally no, I stepped back)

When it comes to the palette itself, sometimes I keep a palette close to the reference picture because I find it interesting or beautiful, sometimes I create my own palette and go wild when it comes to colors but at a moment or a another, I do some color adjustments. Choosing my palette comes rather naturally, it’s a question of habits too but I never strick to a restricted palette. I love it when it’s flamboyant and shinny. :)

Tools of the trade: Photoshop CS6. I use the Photoshop Default set and also the Mar-Ka brush set. Here is a gif that includes all the steps of a color artwork I did for this tut:

Voilà! I hope that now my way of coloring an artwork is less obscure. Thanks a lot anon ♥

dear //the signs//,

dear //aries//: why do you move so fast? you’re so caught up in yourself you’re missing what’s around you, slow down and look around. one day you’re going to be old and on your death bed unable to breathe, not because your lungs are failing, but because you regret taking everything for granted. stop thinking about yourself and being so impatient. things don’t grow under stress, they die. 

dear //taurus//: you cant buy your own happiness. sure, it makes you feel better but it doesn’t fill the emptiness in your chest. stop expecting everything to happen for you, being lazy isn’t going to get you anywhere and sure isn’t going to help the situation. fixing the problem isn’t losing the fight, it’s putting everything else beside and showing you have a heart of gold you didn’t need your money to buy. 

dear //gemini//: using people’s weaknesses against them and using your underhand tactics isn’t winning. you’re so superficial you come off shallow, you need to let people in, just like how they let you in. but doing what you’re doing isn’t going to get you there. you cant expect everything and give nothing in return. telling someone your favourite colour isn’t going to kill you, let them in even in the smallest ways. if you don’t you’re gonna end up alone, and no one is going to care. not everyone is going to hurt you.

dear //cancer//: feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to make it better. not everything is intended to hurt you and making it a big deal is going to cause unnecessary problems. you can be oversensitive but that doesn’t mean your feelings are invalid, it’s just that person didn’t mean to insult you, it was only a joke so instead of pouting, laugh along and maybe everything will stop being so hurtful and you can see the world isn’t revolving around you, you can hopefully see how beautiful it all is.

dear //leo//: not everything about you has to be a grand gesture or so goddamn pretentious. we already know how much you’re worth and so many people already want a piece of you. you’re giving it to them so much, you’re changing yourself to be the most known person in the room. you’re better as your true self. if you show too much, people are gonna see the gold in you and try to steal it. being the talk of everyone comes with just as many insults as it does compliments. you don’t need to do all that shit to be noticed.

dear //virgo//: being fussy over what you want and then being cold once it’s been given to you isn’t okay. people try hard to please you and its so hard for them. they’re just trying, why cant you see that? why does everything have to be so perfect for you? people don’t try forever, and i know you’re inflexible from changing your opinion, but you cant keep this going. being so cold. people are going to leave and not even your bed is going to be warm anymore.

dear //libra//: changing your mind at the last minute all the time is going to get you left out of plans and events. you’re unreliable and indecisive. the weight on your back from the foundations you built are going to crack if you cant keep your mind on one thing and you keep going along with different ideas. i know you just wanna follow all the paths your mind makes, but if you do that, your towers are going crumble and you’re going to be sitting on the rocks alone rather than in skyscrapers with your friends. you can’t keep rebuilding forever, make up your mind.

dear //scorpio//: why couldn’t you see they loved you and only you? why did you have to trick them into something they already were doing? they weren’t going anywhere, they didn’t want to. keeping them locked up like a possession is only going to make them want to be further away. you have to start trusting them. they only ever wanted you to do that, why couldn’t you? the saying “if you love them let them go” doesn’t always mean break it off with them, it can mean don’t watch their every move and let them have some freedom. trust. them. before you lose them completely.

dear //sagittarius//: people can’t assume what you’re feeling. being unemotional is only going to make people leave. warmth is physical love and if you’re cold everyone isn’t going to give you the love you need, you need to give it back. it isn’t philosophical to be so unresponsive to emotions. you cant keep this up forever, your walls will break and no one is going to be around to pick up the pieces because you would’ve made them all leave. they just wanted to know how you were doing.

dear //capricorn//:  talking to you is like talking to a brick wall, you’re living in a black and white world with your lacking of imagination. people wanna live in colour, it isn’t the 1970′s anymore. bossing people around isn’t going to get them to listen. don’t be proud of making everyone listen to you. that’s how uprisings happen. listen to what people have to say, let them inspire the ideas i know you have in your mind somewhere. if you don’t change, your empire is going to fall and all your friends are going to be the one’s knocking down the door.

dear //aquarius//:  being so far away from everyone on earth isn’t going to get you any closer to the aliens that might not even be out there. you don’t need to hide your emotions to come off cool and distant, if anything they’re just making you seem unwilling to show affection or establish connections with anybody. i know you like to be alone, but sooner or later you’re just going to be lonely. and when you come back down from the atmosphere, no one’s going to be around for you to call home.

dear //pisces//: feeling sorry for yourself isn’t going to make everyone else around you do the same. you cant escape all your problems by hiding the truth or playing innocent. you need to face what you’ve done and stop acting like everyone else is in the wrong. people aren’t gonna feel sorry for you anymore if you’re so self-pitying, you already do that enough and people are going to grow tired.

**check your moon as well**

Marital Signifiers

So I had a dream where two people from very different cultures have to get married to prevent a war, and in it, one culture used rings to signify marriage while the other used (pierced) earrings.

This got me thinking about what traditions exist to visually show that someone is married. So a bit of research later, some examples are:

  • Wearing a ring (left or right hand, depending on culture) on the “ring” finger (third finger), sometimes getting a tattoo on the appropriate finger (especially if the person’s job makes wearing an actual ring dangerous and/or impractical)
  • (For men) having a beard, or wearing a prayer shawl
  • (For women) wearing a special necklace, or special bangles, or special hair style/covering, or a sindoor

So that’s pretty cool, but I think there are lots of other ways people could show that they’re married. (And maybe there are cultures that do–they just weren’t among the ones I found in my 30 minutes of googling). Maybe things like:

  • Pierced ears/nose/lip
  • Specific colour of nail polish and/or tattoo on hands/fingers
  • Hair length (either unwed individuals must keep hair short, or unwed individuals are not allowed to cut their hair until after marriage)
  • Special type of clothing (a sash, shawl, belt, or scarf)
  • Specific colour of clothing (for example, maybe only married people can wear blue)
  • Less visual, but what if only married people could use certain scents (like lavender) for their soaps and/or fragrances?

There are lots of possibilities! So why not use something other than “exchanging rings” in your fantasy story? Just make sure you think about what that means for the culture. (For example, puzzle rings [which are super cool–I love the ‘woven’ look] were originally developed to catch wives who cheated on their husbands, because they fall apart when taken off. Which shows that women weren’t trusted, and that they weren’t expected to be very clever [otherwise they could put the ring back together])

Permanent markings (like tattoos and piercings) are likely used in a culture where divorces are either not common, or not allowed. Might make for an interesting exploration to look at how such a culture might handle widows/widowers, or those rare instances of divorce. (Do they have a different way to show widowhood vs divorce? How easy/hard is it for a divorcee to make it look like their widowed instead?)

For specific colours/items only available to married individuals, think about how easy it is for the poorest people in the society to access. Do they have to use alternatives to achieve the same visual representation of their marriage? (For example, if a sparkling teal nail polish is what denotes a married person, but it’s expensive, do poor use a fruit/flower that stains their fingertips instead? Maybe the polish is accessible to everyone, but then the rich are going to want some way to denote their wealth as well [comparable to massive engagement rings], so maybe they use a flat teal and then add the sparkle by placing tiny slivers of diamonds on the wet polish?)

And then you must think about the difference in how men and women (and other genders, if it’s a multi-gendered society) present their symbol of marriage. Even with a symbol like a ring that both men and women use, the rings are often very different in appearance. Men’s rings tend to be thicker and simpler, while women’s rings tend to be thinner and more “elegant” (swoops, swirls, curls, multiple gems, etc.). So in a society that uses nail polish or piercings to show marriage, how might it be worn by different genders?

People who complain about Kylo Ren really get on my nerves.

“He’s so whiney”. “He’s so childish”.


People say that he isn’t frightening enough ever since his mask came off to reveal an ordinary boy because he doesn’t display the typical ‘bad guy’ stereotypes. He’s not old and haggard, with horrific scars all over his face and two different coloured eyes.

He’s just normal. And to me, that’s more frightening.

Yes, Kylo has anger issues and yes, he may be just an inexperienced kid. But that makes him unpredictable. This is a guy who is deeply conflicted and is at war with himself, so no one can know what he is thinking and what he will do next.

Unpredictability is the most frightening trait of all.

Not only this, but it really irks me how people don’t seem to appreciate or at least SEE that Kylo is a great character who has depth, mystery and shows that he is actually HUMAN. This is a villain who actually shows emotion, and wears it quiet obviously, something I think is quiet significant to his character and separates him from the typical antagonists we get today. Whether you looked into him deeply enough to see this though is the problem.

But, nobody can say to me that they DIDN’T see the deep conflict and inner torment inside Kylo with that scene on the bridge with his father, Han.

This is someone that’s hurting, and hurting badly.

We have been given a villain that is deeply complex, deeply interesting and like no other Star Wars character we have ever seen before.

And all people do is whine about him.

My advice is, before you start bashing a character and the actor who plays him or her (which is really low in my opinion) why don’t you actually PAY ATTENTION to that character.

The least you can do is show appreciation for a character that many, MANY people have worked hard to give you.

A Touch of Our Fingers (Woozi/Jihoon)

Originally posted by 12fools

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1831 words

Summary: The boys give Jihoon a hard time for not showing affection to you, so when you’re alone with him you suggest the Vulcan way of kissing to start him off.

Requested by: A shy cloud ^_^ ^_^ ^_^ hope you’ll like it!

It had been clear from the start that Jihoon didn’t fancy physical skinship. From a lack of morning kisses, to rarely ever initiating hugs, it had been evident - but being a person who generally wasn’t a huge sucker for romance, you were fine with it as well. There just, wasn’t a need for touches between the both of you, however baffling it may sound; as long as you were right beside him, and him you, you were both satisfied with the company. No frequent hand-holding, no dramatic cupping of cheeks while staring into each other’s eyes, nor will there be a time when the both of you would be sitting on each other’s laps. As compared to all the other outwardly romantic and cheesy couples, the relationship between you two had always seemed more platonic than romantic to people around you - filled with jokes, harmless pranks, and playful giggles throughout every date, however, the both of you still knew deep in your hearts that you were both meant for each other.

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lyoth737  asked:

So, you interpreted Ink's vials as colors associated with a certain emotion like Red = Rage as well? How would you interprete the other colors' emotions? ^^ (And do you think interpreting the colors similar to soul colors like Yellow = Justice would also work? They would be much more complex to show for sure... and there's an additional color (wasn't it pink?) that wasn't featured in the game...)

Like, I’m not Ink’s creator, but I like the idea of the colours each corresponding to a range of emotions. If ‘eight colours = eight emotions’ then it would be enough only for tiniest speck of the emotional variety people are capable of. And while Ink, clearly, doesn’t have the whole spectrum, it definitely seems like he has more than only eight.

And I didn’t take red to mean ‘rage’ specifically. I just figured that, since green is canonically shown as mellow and positive and creative, then red would work well for rougher and destructive emotions.

I don’t have any set ideas for other colours though, but I don’t wanna make a direct connection between UT traits and Ink’s emotions. The two are a pretty different concept, after all.

anonymous asked:

do you ever paint people of color?

Strangely, this question strikes a nerve for some reason, maybe it’s just because its really late at night or maybe I’m just having a bad day. So I apologize in advance if this comes off as a little rude, I don’t mean to be.

When it comes to my work, I draw from my head, completely from imagination mostly. I draw these subjects, these people that I imagine in my head and bring them to life along with the ideas, meanings and feelings that are associated with them. In this moment the last thing I am thinking about is the colour of their skin. 

The thing I want people to see and recognize at the very moment they see my work, and until that very last moment before they turn away, is emotion. I want my work to capture something as fleeting and indescribable in words like pain, love or loss. I want my work to resonate, to talk and to connect with people, and I try to achieve that by using various different art elements and techniques and merging them all together to create this overall idea and feeling (fingers crossed, I hope I am somewhat successful in achieving that). My work isn’t necessarily about who the subject matter is, their identity or the character, it’s about that emotion of the work as a whole, that introspective dialogue between work and viewer. Heck, sometimes even drawing animals can capture an expression I want to show better than with drawing people!

If anything, I draw upon my own roots of South-East Asian influences for the girls that I draw, with features that are often mixed, fantasy/surrealist anyway because it’s derived from my roots of Manga/Anime art as a kid.
If anything, I do paint people of colour, my own people, everyday really.

I would absolutely love to draw all types of people! I’m still learning how to do so in study sketches, from different parts of the world, of different skin colours – different people, full stop!

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Nalu. "Is that a kitten in your sweater?! Can i pet it?"

Would you believe,that i actually forgot i’d open requests last week????

Like jeez what’s wrong with me?? Maybe it’s the stress, maybe it’s school, heck if I know but hey! Here’s something else!

Thank you for the request kind anon( and sorry for the wait!) So please enjoy!

Man, bus experiences were weird. It was like stepping onto a bus flung you to another realm where the impossible and improbable were commonplace.

Lucy met her best friend on a bus, when the driver slammed the brakes without warning and Levy’s book went flying in her face. There was a guy who came on fully-clothed and left in just his pants and undershirt.

Then there was the yodelling guy, the coyote asleep on the seat next to her, the lady dressed as Santa Claus in the middle of summer.

She could go on and on about the weird stuff she’d seen on a daily basis but at least today it was something cute.

A soft ‘mrrw’ bubbled up from the guy next to her, pulling Lucy out of her novel to cast a side glance at him as he fiddled with his phone.

He was quite……pink. From his dyed hair to his near purple sweater to the headphones that leaked an unfamiliar rhythm and the twisting tendrils of a tattoo that wrapped his throat.

He was very, very pink but Lucy had to admit, it suited him.

Mr.Pink shuffled in his seat, tugging at his sweater and another ‘mrrw’ erupted from him. Specifically from the sweater.

Lucy’s eyes dropped low-not inappropriate low, but low enough- to spy an odd lump in the sweater, that moved.

It wriggled unnaturally and well, anyone would stare if they saw some guy’s clothes dancing on its own, wouldn’t they? So it was only fair that Lucy’s eyes stayed glued on that spot that wasn’t inappropriately low.

‘mrrw mrrw mrrw’ ‘mrrw mrrw mrrw’ ‘mrrw mrrw meow’

Mr. Pink sighed, more annoyed than anything else and dove his hand under the sweater, rummaging around a bit and with a little grunt, casually pulled out a kitten that was a odd bluey-gray. He tucked the little thing in the crook of his arm and absently scratched its ears, eyes drifting back to the phone with a smile.

“You just couldn’t keep quiet could you lil’ guy?” “Meow.”

Oh God. He has a cat.

Even better, he has a kitten. All the good cattiness compacted in a small and ridiculously cute package.

She had to pet it, now that she’d seen the little fluffball Lucy’s day would not be complete without touching it.

So of course she had to prod his shoulder. Maybe a little bit too hard but hey, his eyes shot off the phone in an instant, confusion very clear on his face as he reached to pull off the headphones.

Four piercings on his ear greeted her; two hoops, a simple bar and -surprise,surprise- a pink stud to top them all off.

“Yes?” He asked, brow quirked.

“You have a cat.” Lucy stated plainly. “Yup.”

“And it was in your sweater.” “Uh-huh…..?”

“Can, can I pet it?”

Rather boldly she outstretched her fingers towards his travel sized companion who sniffed them curiously, then meowing back at its owner as though approving her request.

Pinkie chuckled, scooping up his pet and gently plopping it in Lucy’s lap with a goofy smile. Lucy wished she could describe the sound she made.

“Happy likes to chew fingers,” He warned as she scratched the kitten’s chin. Happy immediately bit down on her finger. “Too late.”

“Happy? Is it because he’s always happy?” Pinkie shrugged’ “Nah. He’s kind of an ass, but he makes me happy so, yeah.”

“That’s mean!” She laughed. “He’s just a lil’ baby! Aren’t you?”  Said lil’ baby was held aloft, with various kissy faces and coos directed at him.

“He’s chewed through 3 different pairs of shoes with those razors in his mouth and almost got himself killed climbing out on the sill.”

“He’s adventurous.” “He’s crazy.”

Lucy smirked, lowering Happy back to her lap with a gleam in her eye and a smirk on her lips. “Might I daresay, a bit like his owner?”

If he was intrigued by her before her statement must’ve doubled such feelings. He swiveled in his seat to face her properly, his smirk mirroring hers.

“And how am I crazy?” “No-one completely sane carries a cat in their sweater.” Lucy stated simply. Happy meowed in what she thought was agreement.

“You expect me to leave a baby home by himself? What kind of parent do you think I am?” He clutched his chest in mock outrage.

“A weird one who dresses in full pink.” She teased. “I hate to break it to you, uh……” “Natsu.”

“Natsu.” She said with a smile, quite liking how the name rolled off her tongue. “I’m Lucy and I really hate to break it to you but most people don’t usually deck themselves out in a one colour outfit.”

Natsu ran his fingers through his hair, unintentionally showing her its pale red roots. He closed his eyes in thought. “You raise some valid points there my new bus friend who’s pretty weird herself.”

“I-” “But!” One eye flew open to focus on her, twinkling with mischief. “Don’t you think cat fatherhood and pink overload works for me?”

“Sadly, yes.” Lucy grinned.

This guy was definitely friend material.

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This is a genuine curious question( I just really hope I don't come across as rude or anything) but why are you so excited about the Balloon Squad? Would you still be excited if they were white? I'm not saying it's bad or anything, but it's like you took a 180 turn from being tired of men in tv series to loving this? Did I miss something or? Thank you <3

alright, now i can focus my eyes a bit better and i’m not on the verge of falling asleep. i also know that some people do wonder about this, genuinely, because i do say quite a lot i don’t care about boys/men/whatever etc (which is still true) but here’s the deal:

this season is about sana. and i lovelovelove sana. i love the fact we get to see the world from her eyes and meet the people close to her, see how they interact.

i love this mostly for the selfish purpose because sana is a #Fave but also because of the political reasons that we’re featuring a muslimah main, a woman of colour main and i have nothing but absolute trust that julie and iman are gonna give us the realistic view on it.

so the balloon squad. i’m excited because, well, usually men of colour in media following the route of toxic masculinity. thus far, i haven’t seen that in the balloon squad. they jump on elias for calling sana slavekvinne. the messages between elias and sana come off as complete sibling-esque, and to me, it feels like just when my brother is checking in on me, testing the waters like, did she become really mad at me for X reason etc.

so no, truth to be told, i wouldn’t be as interested in this if they were another white boy squad because i wouldn’t be interested for the political reasons. i wouldn’t have the same feeling of #Relate when seeing boys of colour interact with each other. i haven’t yet seen something that makes me feel uncomfortable around this squad, and especially not on the same level of discomfort i had seeing dickhelm and p-chris (throwback to anxiety attacks :))

this season isn’t really about the balloon squad either, it’s about sana, it’s about how she sees the world, and it’s definitely going to have impact on other youth.

that is not to say, however, i wouldn’t have minded seeing more girls on the show, women of colour, dark skinned women etc., but i’ll take what i get. this level of honest and realistic portrayal of our lives is rare in media. and i’m not even muslimah.

what i think people need to do is sit back down, relax, and just watch. if they don’t enjoy it, fine, but don’t take it out on us. i absolutely loved season 3 for a whole other reason, that being me having that feeling of #Relate to a white gay boy, because of my own family issues and because i’m lesbian. what i relate to, i will enjoy, as long as i don’t feel like it’s too poorly done or something.

i still stand by the fact that no matter how many marginalised groups you add in to a tv series or a movie, it can still suck, it can still feature toxic stereotypes and even have the opposite effect. but i have no doubt that skam is not going to be that web tv series.







anyway, new su has got me all stoked about the sad rock people again, and since everyone liked my other su crossover digibashes so much, i thought i’d do a full combiner 

i also took the chance to fix up my peribot, tweaking her colours and head to match her show colours better (the previous one used a reference image with moody lighting) and changing up how the deco was placed on her combiner plug (since those bits are made of an unpaintable plastic)

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I think a lot of people don't see harry 'associating' with pink as 'breaking gender norms' because to them it's like 'but it is ok for guys to like pink!' but the fact is that in our society, unfortunately, pink is a gendered colour, no mater how much we know it's just a colour and how much we know it's okay for guys to show a more feminine side, it's still associated with the female gender, and so a male doing anything with pink so publicly is challenging that. Even tho it shouldn't have to.

exactly many of us understand that yes pink is just a colour but when you take a step back from what you believe you can see that a lot of others don’t think the same i mean my dad’s always making comments when he sees a boy wearing a pink shirt like it’s revolutionary society’s weird but what’s new scooby-doo