how do people colour so pretty!

a couple of people have been asking how i make my colourful gifs, and i have posted a tutorial before (here), but a couple more people requested that i show them how i made this gif specifically from this gifset, so i thought i’d do that !! the process is still very much the same, but hey, why not make a more updated version.

so i’m going to be showing you how to go from this

to this:

you will need:
a basic understanding of how to make gifs and how to create a base colouring
photoshop (i use cc)

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Come back... Be here

Dylan O’Brien x Reader

Originally posted by admireforever


A/N: I have been wanting to write this for an insane amount of time and yestereday the words just slipped, like it was truthfully meant to be written. I’m hoping you will like this just as much as I enjoyed writing it. Please give me some response, okay? I don’t kill me if you cry. I did too.

A huge thank you to my piggie @dylan-trash-tbh for reading this and telling me to post it. Love ya.

Warnings: angst, fluff, mentions of sex, alcohol, cursing. that’s all. plus, it has been on Taylor Swift’s song “Come back… Be here”, so if you want to listen while reading… It would be nice. 

Word Count: 4760

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To those anxiety-riddled future SDiT owners...

To all of you out there looking for a prospective service dog. This is something I wish I had thought about before getting my own SDiT, and please keep in mind it doesn’t apply to everyone. Again I stress: this is not the case for everyone! It does apply to me personally, so I thought maybe it would help someone else. So here we go:

Consider your dog’s colour. This is a super controversial sentence but bear with me. This is under a certain set of circumstances, and it’s really not something you consider would ever be a problem. But it is. Okay, problem is too big a word. I like complication better. Moving on.

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The broken arm - Peter Parker

gif not mine

Fandom: Spider-man: Homecoming

Characters: Peter Parker/Reader

Warnings: mention of the broken arm

Summary: Peter somehow broke his arm and he called the reader to help him create some story for Aunt May.

Author’s Note: First Marvel imagine! Thanks @junebugjupiter I’m so happy and grateful that I have you! 

Please, leave some feedback! Enjoy the story!

“You what?!” Y/N asked in a high voice. Peter sighed and repeated himself.

“I broke my arm… Don’t lau…” But loud laughter echoed on the other line. Peter heard how his friend choked with laughter, before hearing a strange click. “Maybe they fell and died of laughter,” he thought. He rolled his eyes. Peter adored his friends, but Y/N was special; they always teased Peter and laughed at his stupid mistakes. He knew that Y/N didn’t mean anything by it. They just liked stupid and funny mistakes. They even laughed at their mistakes, too. But sometimes Peter wanted to web his friend’s mouth and hit them, like right now.

Peter stopped thinking about how he would kill his friend if he had the opportunity when he heard Y/N’s voice.

“Oh, sorry, sorry, I’ve dropped my phone. So, you broke your arm. What do you want from me? A kiss on the cheek or on the broken arm?” they asked in a sly voice.

Peter dramatically sighed and said, “You know how Aunt May will react, so I need some cover story. Like, I was helping an old lady but something went wrong…”

“…And you meet the wall or the floor while you were in Spider-Man’s suit? I got it, pretty boy. I think I can help you. I can’t wait to tell this story to my grandchildren! Oh good God, it’s so stupid but so cool! Where are you? I’ll meet you in 30 minutes.”

Peter recited the hospital’s address and finished the call. He knew that Y/N would tell only his friends who knew about his night life. And he knew that his friends would tease him for 3 months. Definitely.

Parker observed his room once again. Dull grey colour covered walls, simple furniture and hard bed where Peter was lying; nothing special. It was an old hospital where people from the neighbourhood could go to heal their wounds for free.

Peter heard several knocks before seeing a pretty face with Y/H/C hair poke around the corner. A bright smile lit up the dark room.

“Hey, wounded insect. How are you?”

Peter smiled and gave a thumbs-up with his unwounded arm. Y/N smiled again and took a seat near the bed. His friend took their colourful backpack where Peter knew they kept everything for surving high school and big city life.

“So, what do we have here?” asked the friend after greeting Peter. He stretched out on the bed.

“My broken arm and your cheesy jokes.”

“Nuh-uh, Peter. Only your broken arm and my amazing imagination! So, let’s start. You were helping the old lady, like you said, and what happened?” Y/N looked at Peter with Y/E/C holding a black pen and notebook.

“She… Oh God, it’s terrible… ” Peter rubbed his face and sighed. “She was a bandit! Not a bandit bandit, but she was tied up with bandits. She is the grandmother of this gang leader who wants to reveal my identity. And she put on this act where she was in trouble and I helped her. And guess what? Her dear grandson knocked me down! I was so absorbed in helping this lady, that I didn’t notice the car. Even my spidey senses didn’t work!”

Peter expected another burst of laughter, but Y/N was writing the whole story with a straight face. Peter didn’t hear anything that sounded like laughter and he was pretty confused. The boy silently admired Y/N’s features and once again asked himself why such beautiful person talked with him?

Y/N drew a fat point and looked up at Peter with bright eyes. A wide smile appeared on their face.

“I think you should cut the gangster story and leave the story about the lady and the car. You pulled the lady out from in front of the car, but you weren’t so fast and you broke your arm. Do you like this?”

Peter nodded, thankful. “I wish I was creative like you, Y/N. You simply pulled that story from the original story! I’m sorry I bothered you…”

Y/N chuckled and put a hand on his shoulder. Peter looked straight their bright eyes. “Don’t worry, Spidey. I’m glad I helped you.” His friend stood up, stretched, and contentedly grunted. Peter smiled. “So get up. I will walk you to your house. You never know! Maybe a gangster’s grandfather was asked for help and his grandson will break your other arm!” Peter and his friend laughed together.

The boy got up and drearily began, “You know, I’ve got the heavy backpack and the broken arm…” But he was interrupted by his friend.

“No, Peter, I won’t carry your backpack. You have another healthy arm!”

“Oh, my heart! That’s rude, my friend!”

“Bla-blah-blah, insect, I don’t understand your whisper…” The couple left the room.

Another loud laughter in the hallway and the dull grey room became quiet and empty.

a-living-person  asked:

1p America headcannons?

(Please read the description below)

♥  Type: Obsessive

♥  For the most part, Alfred doesn’t seem like an overly-jealous and possessive boyfriend. Maybe it’s because everyone knows how nosy and immature he is, so you would think it’s normal for him to start poking his nose at your business. But little do you know that he is actually using that against you.

♥  Doesn’t it ever make you wonder sometimes how Alfred always seems to come at the right time? When you needed him, he was always there for you. And there were even times when you didn’t tell him, but he already seems to know what was happening. Could it just be his habit of prying into other people’s business, or something else…?

♥  Trust him when he says it, because he really doesn’t like it when you are hurt or sad. Especially when you’re that way, because of him. Although he couldn’t (or could) care less if everyone else is dead because of him, you are the only exception to this. You have no idea how much it kills him inside to see you so… Terrified of him.

♥  If he doesn’t like seeing you hurt, then I’m pretty sure he would avoid it at all costs. He knows fully well how brokenhearted you would be if you find out that your friend is dead. So if he can avoid it, he’d rather go the long way if it means avoiding that path.

After all… There are still other ways to eliminate a rival.

♥  Normally, he retains his normal loud and obnoxious personality. The only people who will ever see his true colours are his rivals. So, it is safe to say that if you’re the S/O, you are safe.


(Tell me. Do you want to see Yandere!Alfred pissed? Because I sure don’t)



    ♥  America (1) by もるじ

    ♥  America (2) by  ただの麦茶

(If you can’t find the artwork, then it must be because the artist made it private or it has been deleted.)

Bae Jinyoung Soumate AU

A very sweet anon requested this one, it may be a little shorter than usual though? Enjoy~

•Frankly speaking, you’re not sure if you want to meet your soulmate,
• You’re key- When you meet your soulmate, you lose your ability to see colour,
•Which you’re pretty salty about because colour is important,
• So while yeah, soulmates sound cute and all,  it makes you a lil bit anxious,
• And you worry because you don’t want to accidentally start resenting your soulmate,
• But apparently it’s fate so you’re going to have to deal with it,
• You just don’t openly go searching for your soulmate like others do, you take the laid back approach,
• As a kid you didn’t quite understand, all you knew is that colours where important to you more than others,
• You know that one kid that Is The epitome of a human rainbow with their clothes,
• That was you, because your parents didn’t bother to argue against you,
• Knowing that one day you might not be able to see colours, you cherish every opportunity,
• Your garden and home is filled with bright flowers and pictures, and pastel furniture,
• The clothes you wore wouldn’t be called chaotic, but you weren’t afraid of matching questionable colours,
• Yeah you had a black emo phase, but doesn’t Everyone?
• So one day you would be a pastel queen and the next you are colour co-ordinated beacon of bright and unapologetic colour,
• But damn you pull it off because you are going to match outfit’s while you still can,
• Whenever there’s a rainbow around, you’re there,
• You know sunrises and sunsets are just as beautiful as the sky in the daytime and the navey and Black’s of the night sky,
• Colours are great, like honestly how do people pick a favourite one????
• So that’s why you go to the firework show every year on new year,
• Because one day fireworks won’t be so pretty so you gotta savor them while you can,
• It’s the smell of the sweet popcorn and the family like atmosphere and bright shades and the light hum of pop music that you love,
• To be short, you look forward to it every year,
• Your friends go to get drinks as you stand at the rails to the side, waiting for the fireworks to start, watching the patterns of light on the river below,
• “Hey I’m Jinyoung, I don’t suppose you’ve seen a gaggle of around 10 rowdy boys, have you? It’s my first time here and I’m a little lost,”
• The man standing next to you looks young, pretty features and small face,
• It’s honestly threatening, all you want to do is ask what his skincare routine is,
• But you don’t because you have self control.  . .
• “You mean the pile of boys attempting to do 3 person piggy backs over there?” You motion a few steps to the right where they are totally failing,
• But you applaud their optimism because they’re just not giving up,
• Although there’s a dude with 3 freckles on his cheeks that looks like it may collapse at any second despite his huge grin at the bottom of a piggy back,
• And a young, silver haired boy on top of a pile that looks like he’s going to slip off at any second and maybe break an arm or leg,
• “Unfortunately yeah, thank you,”
• You watch his dark silhouette go to his friends with a smile and turn back to the water,
• It looks darker than it was with the white light brighter, but you take it as a sign it’s closer to midnight,
• The whistle of the first firework makes you giddy as you turn your eyes to the sky,
• Ready for the aerial explosions of reds and greens painted onto the black canvas in pretty patterns,
• But what you see is light grey, almost white, streaks into the sky that explode into white circles, dancing down towards the ground after a few seconds,
• While your stomach drops, you’re transfixed because it’s strangely beautiful,
• You already know that you’ll never be able to see the emerald of the grass, or the Celeste blue of the sky again, but all of a sudden it doesn’t seem so bad,
• Your mind snaps back to the dude to talked to before, jinyoung, because if he isn’t your soulmate you’re left seeing black and white and you don’t even know who it is,
• You completely ignore the rest of the fireworks as your eyes skim over the crowd, slightly panicked,
• You catch onto the group of his friends and slid through the crowd,
• The colour is now gone, and the black white and grey of everything is slightly disorientating and makes you a little dizzy, everything blending together,
• You manage to wobble over to his group, and spot the boy transfixed on the fireworks overhead, the sound now making your head spin a little,
• “Please tell me they’re plain white to you as well,”
• Jinyoung spins around Until his eyes focus on you, and a little smile etches into his delicate features,
• “Yeah, so please tell me they look strangely better than usual to you as well,”
• You pull your eyes away from his pretty face towards the sky, pitch black with the white skittering across the canvas, the two opposites seem to match perfectly in a way white and black never did before,
• Cheesy as hell I know but what can ya do?
•  Jinyoung slides his arm around your waist as the two of you stand in your own quite, watching the sky,
• He pulls you to his side, his warmth and gentle hand calming you and making the dizziness of before dissipate,
• You lean your head on his shoulder and he kissed the top of your head, making butterflies appear with no warning,
• People talk about love feeling like an adventure and a roller coaster, or feeling like home,
• But you never knew it could feel like that all at once,
• You feel at home in his body warmth and scent and delicate words,
• But it’s an adventure when his hands brush over your skin or his lips press to yours or when a smile spreads across his face and you know you’ve caused it,
• You knew this day would come (but was in strong denial), but all of a sudden losing your colours for your soulmate doesn’t seem so bad,
• The two of you seriously have to learn together,
• You learn to love the beauty of the new grey rainbow, brightened by Jinyoung’s laugh,
• You learn that things are sometimes way more beautiful when there isn’t colour to distract you,
• You learn that there are way more than 50 shades of grey,
• (I’m sorry),
• The rainbow couple because together you don’t care if your clothes don’t necessarily match,
• I mean if you’re going to be fashion terrorists your going to be fashion terrorists together,
• And that is true love,
• Jinyoung is honestly a soft bean, so while you may not kiss or anything much in public, it’s cuddles and back hugs and a lot of the time the two of you are touching in some way or another,
• You both actually love black and white so your home is all black and white,
• Aesthetically pleasing as hell (but damn that place is hard to clean),
• So yeah, jinyoung is soft so between the two of you it’s a battlefield of compliments and support,
•Because there’s no better relationship than a supportive one y'all,
• While you thought losing your colours would be a huge blow, losing something as beautiful as colour makes you appreciate each other a lot more,
• You got something more beautiful in return,
• Yeah, you realise you didn’t really lose anything at all,

Hello everyone!! I have just recently hit 100 followers, in fact I now have 115 followers! Yay chocolate and hugs for everyone!!  🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉 So I wanted to celebrate by doing something that didn’t require a lot of people participating so several people recommended I do a follow forever so that’s what I’m going to be doing!! Before that though I just want to say how thankful I am for all of your support encouragement! You guys are amazing!!!! It’s not in alphabetical order or anything because I’m extremely lazy. 

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let’s talk about our son Even Bech Næsheim. remember when Even asks Isak what type of music he listens to in episode 2? and then adds if you listen to music. he’s clearly eager to talk about and maybe bond over music. the guy has a nas poster and a guitar in his room and would later send Isak song lyrics to convey how he feels, so it’s pretty safe to assume he’s not just a casual listener. he needs music. yet he doesn’t automatically assume Isak to be the same?? what an amazing human. Even doesn’t generalise or make assumptions, and sometimes he corrects people who do as we can see him do with Emma, and this is why meeting him changes Isak’s whole life.

Isak very much sees the world in black and white, and he struggles to position his identity in it because he feels like neither colour truly fits. he doesn’t have a problem with gay feelings, what he does have a problem with is the label and the baggage that comes with it. then along comes Even, showing him that beyond black and white there exists a whole world of grey. in the pool scene Isak is born as his true self. but it’s not just the kiss that is important in this scene, it’s what Even says after briefly kissing Isak under water. tror du det er noen regler her, do you think there’s any rules here. this is what ultimately saves Isak. not Even’s affections but Even as a person. it’s Even who shows him that the rules he’s tried so hard to play by were all made up. it’s Even who shows him that you can get stoned to nas and lip sync to gabrielle, it doesn’t have to be one or the other. there are no rules. alt er love. everything is love, everything is allowed.

and honestly? to me personally this is what makes theirs one of the greatest love stories ever told. they don’t just fall in love with each other, they save each other, and it all happens so organically. even if you say life is but a continuum of random incidents followed by random results, i really do think that it had to be them, that out of all the possible loves that could have been, this is the one that had to happen. that in this exact moment in Isak’s life it couldn’t have been anyone else, not Jonas or Julian Dahl or some random guy from grindr. for him it had to be Even Bech Næsheim. 

Commission done for leastlikelyto, who requested a cute picture of Seed Derek and Seed Stiles grooming each other’s tails. I couldn’t NOT draw my favourites. Thank you for commissioning me! ♥

For one Seed Creature to touch another is a pretty big deal - usually Seed Creatures only like being touched by their owners, or by people they’ve established a lot of trust with. So to be groomed by another of their kind is sort of a big deal. (it probably had something to do with this post)

Stiles marvels at how soft and floofy Derek’s tail is, and how nice it is to comb. Meanwhile Derek really likes all the pretty colours in Stiles’ tail.

They’re both giant (tiny) goobers.

I don’t have that big of a following but I just wanna say to any black fans/fans of colour, I hope you’re doing ok. we had a chance to feel safe and it was ruined. the poor girl was told to her face that she would be supported and she wasn’t. I feel very hurt. I’m also hurting because I know how much this meant to so many people and it was taken from us. I always call myself a “diary” cuz I’m pretty good at listening to people’s thoughts so, if any of you see this, feel free to message me and vent.

Challenge: Gender-Nonconforming Women in Media

Hello! Here’s another thing to do!

I want folks to reblog and list gender-nonconforming woman characters from any media! 

Sort of a rec list, sort of a pseudo-study.

There are also guidelines:

  • she must be a hero/protagonist
  • caveat: can be an anti-hero/antagonist if other gnc women are in heroic roles, if her sexuality is not linked to her villainhood, and she is a 3d character
  • While it’s okay to list straight gnc women, avoid characters who have been EXPLICITLY stated by the creators to be straight because they believe it’s more progressive to have a straight gnc character than a bi or lesbian one.
  • She does not die or vanish from the narrative
  • She does not exist as a walking punchline – so no jokes about how gross it is that she’s attracted to another character or whatever, and absolutely no transmisogynistic jokes.
  • Her gender-nonconformity isn’t treated as a flaw she must overcome - it is not “internalized misogyny”, it is not immaturity or a lack of confidence, etc.
  • She isn’t a creep to other women, she isn’t overtly misogynistic to other women.
  • Her gender nonconformity must not be forced on her by other people or the setting (eg. “Girl forced to dress as boy to be a knight” stories, “girl who wants to be pretty trapped in the body of a monster” stories, and “my dad always wanted a boy so he treated me like one!” characters do not count)
  • And also… please use your judgement in how we’re gauging gender nonconformity here. Your standard conventionally attractive, petite, white, brunette YA protagonist isn’t necessarily gnc just because she punches people sometimes.

Bonus points if she is a woman of colour, trans, and/or disabled.

blyedeeks  asked:

hey! So I was reading your (very helpful) ask here: /post/145663051203/dude-i-just-want-to-say-thank-you-for-the and at some point you say that to brighten the gif at some point you need masks; I'm not new to photoshop but i always had trouble using masks and idk what you meant there? how do you use masks to brighten gifs? (if you don't mind me asking)

hey there!

Masks can be a bit confusing at first, you just need a bit of practice to get the hang of it! Once you do, they’re going to become your favourite tool, I promise!

Tutorial on how to use masks under the cut!

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sweetblackdragon7  asked:

Hey so I LOVE your writing c: my only suggestion is instead of saying hair color and eye color use (Y/H/C) and (Y/E/C). Try not to be too descriptive body wise and personality wise. Obviously there's some stuff you have to write like how in fall down the reader is withdrawn, but you get what I mean. Just trying to be helpful! Keep being awesome c:

I prefer not to do this. When I write it’s with a vision in my head and although I use Y/N, the only reason I do this is because OC’s are no where near as popular as reader characters. I trust that my readers have enough imagination to be able to overlook an eye or hair or skin colour to be able to insert themselves into the story if that’s what they really want to do.

I’ve been writing for two years so I’m not going to change this now. I also made a huge post about things like this earlier in the week where I explained how I’d pretty much deleted my wattpad over people commenting (constantly and in a very whiny way) that I shouldn’t be giving the characters physical descriptions, rather than appreciating the work for what it is. Free stories….

I am fully Greek. Born and raised. And I have snow white skin (with blue undertones, I’m paler than all Northern Europeans I’ve seen or met). Wait! There’s more than that. There’s many Greeks who are pale. True olive skin is RARE in Greece, and usually found only in islands where people might’ve been mixed with other races in the past few thousands of years or because they are out in the sunlight even more often. But having a greater tolerance for the sun and having brown hair and eyes DOES NOT make somebody POC. Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Maltese, Southern French, and Greek people (all Southern Europeans) consider themselves WHITE PEOPLE and they’re considered white in Europe. Only USA-centered social justice “warriors” would see them as people of colour, which is offensive to actual people of colour. 

  1. Look at the picture above. All of them are Greek celebrities, politicians, or just well-known. Having many people with dark hair and eyes doesn’t make a whole country POC. Also, different colourings are NOT RARE AT ALL. Blonde hair is pretty common, and I’d say about 30% of Greek people have blonde hair and blue/green eyes. Hazel eyes are also rather common. 
  2. Greeks consider themselves white, the rest of Europe sees them as white, but that doesn’t mean they don’t deal with discrimination. Due to the financial crisis and stereotypes about southern Europeans, Greeks are considered as “lesser” Europeans. But they really do exaggerate. We’re not dying on the streets or starving, and asking people applying for university abroad “How are you gonna afford that, your country is so poor!” is incredibly offensive and rude. Being tanned, by the way, does not equate to being a Person of Color. Greeks are just easily tanned. Personally, I can’t tan, I just burn badly and then my skin peels off and it’s back to white. I’ve never had tanned skin.
  3. When people criticize the Disney film Hercules as having characters who don’t look Greek, remember that Herodotus mentions Thracians as redheads, and also, many redheads are seen in Ancient Greek artworks. Also, I personally know quite a few natural redheads and it might be rare but it’s not unheard of. Hercules and Megara could easily have been Greek. (Alexander the Great had blonde hair and blue eyes, and so did Achilles - not everybody in this country has dark hair and eyes)
  4. Cristin Milioti, star of How I Met Your Mother and the Wolf of Wall Street, is naturally tanned, but would you call her a person of colour? Or Eleni Menegaki, the TV presenter? Zeta Makrypoulia? The young singer Demy? Tatiana Stefanidou? Kostas Martakis? They all look pretty much like average Greeks (albeit, more fabulous since they’re famous). 
  5. Very very dark skinned Greeks are a minority. I’d say Elena Paparizou, the well-known Greek singer, is very tanned (and dark) but I don’t know many people in real life as dark as her. The average Greek has light olive skin that tans easily. But there’s exceptions - like me, or Eugenia Dimitropoulou, a very famous Greek actress. 
  6. I don’t know what the media is trying to make everybody think, but I know this: Greeks consider themselves white, and officially they are considered (like Italians and Spaniards) to be “Mediterranean Caucasian” which is what White Southern Europeans are called. If I have to listen to one more ignorant white American talk about how Greeks and Italians are POC because they look different than Northern Europeans, I’m gonna burst. That’s very offensive - plus, actual POC do live in our countries and have to deal with INSANE amounts of discrimination. 
  7. Parties like Golden Dawn and other extremist right-wing parties are rising to power and success in almost every European country (note: if you tell a neo-nazi like that that you consider them to be POC, who knows how they will react), and it seems like everybody is ignoring that. POCs are being murdered or chased after or hated on here, and nobody does anything about it. So stop living in your USA-centered bubble and open up your mind to the actual problems people here are dealing with. We talk about eradicating racism and yet stereotypes are constantly supported. Moreover, Greece is dealing with huge issues right now - their economy, for instance, or the raging sexism and homophobia that is plaguing the younger generations. It’s more than just being “cat-called” on the streets or scared to come out to your family - people are suffering. And nobody gets even the slightest chance to talk about these issues. 

Overall, I feel that this issue is very silly. But we should all work on our own issues rather than ignorantly meddle in other people’s. (And remember, US-centered views aren’t always correct. Racism and discrimination work differently in these countries and there is SO much xenophobia) I’m sorry if I said something wrong, but many people from Southern Europe have been trying to get their voices heard about this on tumblr and yet nobody is supporting them. 

anonymous asked:

"I barely have the Stamina for a sketch a day" I have never felt more proud of myself, ive been doing digital art for a year and I can get done like 10+ sketches a day if I am listening to good music omg OwO Also do you still do critiques ?? Because I did a messy human the other day and I am super proud but other people are telling me it's bad (people who don't do art) so idk i wanted to ask if you still do... ;-;

yOO you go dude! I’m envious

I’m afraid I don’t do critiques, but that sounds pretty nasty of them to say omg. Keep observing and practicing, you’ll get more confident with time. When people offer constructive criticism, take it, but when people just say ‘that’s bad’ I’d take that with a grain of salt. 

The opinions of people who don’t do art can still be useful, as they may be the main audience in which will see your work, but also they have little knowledge of the construction of a piece; composition, colour theory, stylization and exaggeration etc. so they can’t really give constructive criticism on how to improve, so it’s not very helpful most of the time otl

how….do i draw children ugh

quick yamanaka family doodle because i couldn’t wait orz

i love ino a lot so im pretty happy that she ended up with sai (albeit i do ship her with quite a number of people orz)

inojin is such a cutie pie ugh. do you think that he’d have sai’s abilities but instead of black&white they’re colorful idk what im saying

i wanna draw all the mamas and kiddies

anonymous asked:

we saw it today and it's on your faq that you dont like it when people color your drawings. why is that? can we color them privately (without posting/claiming irl, etc.) for practice coloring and the such? i myself want to learn how to color better, but i dont do that much ACTUAL art. i admire the way you paint, and i want to learn how. but i simply dont know if it looks right with my drawings so i want to do it correctly.

tbh i’m still iffy on that. the whole reason i don’t like people colouring my art is pretty personal. not like private but in the sense it’s like. personal stuff. y’know. so whether it’s posted or not it still just leaves an off feeling w me

back forever ago i used to give the go ahead on colouring my stuff (on the rules: nothing tagged with my WIP tag could be coloured, and also credit was mandatory) but it got really out of hand. people kept just posting the colours of my stuff w/o credit and things eventually for me just devolved into this feeling of. well. my art doesn’t feel like my art anymore, even the super personal ones. like everyone almost just seemed to assume my stuff was public domain?? even stuff of my OCs was getting coloured which was especially ech mostly bc most folks made them white when they’re a dark skinned character (and reference shouldn’t of been too hard to find most of them have publicly available and easy to find pictures either here on tumblr or in my dA gallery)

something that was super personal to me just started to feel more like a publicly available colouring book and i didn’t feel good creating anymore bc it lost deep value to me. 

and it was especially awful when people would colour my WIP drawings and caption it with like “i coloured it so now you don’t have to!” like. hey! fuck off! :)))

it all also involves people who trace art and do steal art being able to get away w/ more because i guess people just figure a trace falls into the category of “oh it’s just a colour they did and zac said that stuff is okay so this is alright” which fuckin sucks

all of it basically just went wrong when i did allow it, so i don’t anymore. i don’t want people using my art in anyway like edits, tracing, colouring my sketches, or using my stuff as reference. i don’t even like regular reposts. (and the reference has a whole nother reason behind why i don’t like it too i think it’s in my FAQ). the only exception for the colour or lining rule being that both parties agreed on a collab, and i tend to only do collabs with close friends. (the only ways i’m really okay w/ people using my art is like phone/desktop backgrounds, icons, or sidebar/header images on blogs or account pages but CREDIT HAS TO BE GIVEN in an easy to see place)

if you wanna practice colouring google does have a way to find lineart that is free to use. just look up whatever ur looking for even just the vague “lineart” option works, click “tools” and click “useage rights” and you can see they’ll have options for stuff that’s open for any kind of use, open for noncommercial, and even open for modification. you might not have to go that deep but that at least ensures that you’re finding stuff that the artist is okay with, especially if you do post publicly. if you have other artists you know who do stuff you like i’m sure you could ask if you can practice w/ their stuff and they may answer with yes or no

I lowkey promised myself I wouldn’t do any humanizations but you know what? Self indulgence is fun.

SO! Here is my first pass of some human/bio engineered Wheatley designs! (I say bioengineered because I have this Portal AU I made up for fun where aperture’s first focus was on robots and later they predominantly do bio engineering but that’s it’s own beast to talk about.)

I had to think a while about what kind of person I imagined Wheatley to be based on his voice and how he is as a core. I like how past people have done humanizations where he has glasses and his hair is the colour of wheat. So I did the same~ He’s fairly short (GLaDOS and Chell tower over him) and I gave him half moon glasses because I associate him with the moon symbolically.

Much like he does in Portal 2 he gets pretty beaten up at some point but I also think he’s a bit clumsy, reckless and accident prone, hense the bandages. It’s also possible that GLaDOS manages to damage one of his eyes during a confrontation.

I couldn’t really help myself from drawing a chassis version of him either. To mimic the way he is able to flail out in his original design I gave him a massive high collar. It evokes a kind of space age style as well as a regal air. Not pictured but the boots he’s wearing make him a little taller with thick platforms and heels. Actually, I’m thinking of making the train of his coat a lot longer because it would be elegant and kind of elude to the fact that he isn’t ‘fit’ for his role. (might lengthen his sleeves too.)

But yeah! It was a lot of fun to draw these and frankly, I might draw some more just to get some good refs of him done.