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One thing that’s bothered me about RWBY hasn’t actually been the show and the writing? It’s been the fandom, and how they’ve reacted to Yang losing an arm ever since it happened. Ever since then, people having been yelling about her getting a robot arm, and that’s just… made me really uncomfortable?

It just seems like people see her the way Taiyang seems to see her - not quite complete and could be doing more for herself, somehow, but Yang said that having one arm was normal for her now, and that’s a completely okay and valid way to feel. She doesn’t need two arms. She has the option, sure, and it might make things a little more convenient for her physically, but… I’m just gonna go ahead and say “so what?”

She doesn’t. need. two arms. And Yang is no less of a person if she chooses not to use the one Ironwood made for her. She put it on last time we saw her, but it was pretty clear she did that for Ruby’s sake, because she doesn’t know where her sister is and she feels like she’s holding Taiyang back from searching for her, not because that was something that Yang wants for herself. 

Maybe that’ll change, but maybe it won’t, and that’s okay too. Our first thoughts shouldn’t be about how much ass-kicking Yang might do if she gets two arms again, they should be about how she feels about potentially using that new arm and whether it’s something that’s good for her mental health and ability to cope with what happened to her.

So can we please stop acting like Yang using a prosthetic is some really weird narrative requirement? Because it’s just a little bit fucking ableist.

EDIT: The show screwed it up too. :^)


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