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a tiny rant

Seriously, when will people stop complaining about Ciel being ‘’sexualized’’ in dramatic scenes??? 

I’m so tired of the same old: ‘stop sexualizing the asthma scene OMG’, ‘the child is in pain, why do people sexualize it?’, ‘Ciel is sick and the fangirls only see Sebaciel there :////’

Really??? Is it not obvious by now??? I mean, do you really believe that scenes like this

or this

were done innocently?? Do you really believe someone said: 

-But this looks a little bit sexual, doesn’t it?

And Yana went: 

-Oh, omg, I’m so sorry, I didn’t realize! This is so wrong of me, it was a mistake, I’m a pure innocent mangaka who has never ever drawn any 18+ content! I’m so sorry! It won’t happen again.

Hell no!

You all cannot see how obvious it all is?? She could’ve chosen THOUSANDS of other poses, gestures, details and what-not to draw those scenes but she didn’t!

She chose to portray those moments in that way because that’s how she actually wants them to look like and that’s great: there’s something dark going on but it also looks like something else. She manages to do that beautifully. 

Everything in this manga is done absolutely on purpose! And just in case, let me remind you again: nothing in Kuro is innocent or pure and yes, most of those dramatic and relevant moments have that evidently sexual connotation. So what? 

That’s how this work is! That’s how the author wants it to be! 

It’s not ‘’the people’’, it’s not ‘’the fangirls’’, it’s not ‘’the shippers’’. It’s Yana herself doing her own freaking work the way she pleases.

You can see the double meaning behind those images or not, that’s totally fine. But you can’t blame people for seeing some kind of adult content where there is actually some kind of adult content.

anonymous asked:

how do you feel about/what is fanart of your stuff/designs (like the toucan) for you. It feels like it rather bothers or annoys you ...

Nah I’m not bothered, just kinda overwhelmed? Lots of people submit things and post it and I actually prefer reblogging the source posts if I can, and people also tend to message me a few times that they’ve posted things, which isn’t bad!

I just get kinda overwhelmed by how much there is and I tend to just spend a given morning when the mood strikes going thru my tags and finding the art myself.

Like, I went from peacefully screaming into the void and just idly doodling to suddenly everyone wanting to talk to me and show me things all at once. It’s a lot to take in.