how do mermaid


He gotta give him that air you know


Meanwhile, Oikawa is sulking hiding behind a rock.

  • jin: ill tell you a joke, jimin
  • jimin: better not be a corny one hyung
  • jin: how do mermaids reproduce?
  • jimin: how?
  • jin: seamen
  • yoongi: try me bitch
  • [admin snow ❄✨]

What probably happens when most people over-think mermaids:

  • But how do they bang?

When I other-think mermaids:

  • If their upper bodies are like human skin, what keeps it from deteriorating in the water like David Blaine’s body did when he was in that tank for a week?
  • If mermaids build houses, would they have staircases or ramps?  What would the point be?  They could just float up to a new room through a hole in the ceiling.
  • Do mermaids have a third, transparent eyelid that helps them see in the water?
  • Are mermaids mammals or fish?  If they’re mammals, wouldn’t their tails have to be made out of a more whale-like or dolphin-looking substance?  Do they have to surface to breathe, or do they have gills?  Can mammals have scales?
  • How do mermaids reproduce?  Do they lay eggs and then have their partner fertilize them?  Do they live-birth tail first, like a dolphin?  Are they like great white sharks, where the eggs hatch inside the mother and the babies eat the unfertilized eggs and each other until they’re ready to be birthed?
  • What are baby mermaids called?  Babies, pups, calves, fries?
  • Do mermaids raise their young, or are they hatched/birthed and then on their own?
  • If mermaids can become human, are they annoyed at how different gravity on land feels without the buoyancy of water acting on it?
  • Fish apparently can’t control when they excrete or urinate (and do the latter pretty much continuously), though aquatic mammals can control it.  Can mermaids?  Would a mermaid turned human be incontinent?
  • If the mermaid turned human turns back into a mermaid when they get wet (Splash style), would they turn back on an especially humid day?  Would sweat do it?
  • Can barnacles grow on mermaids?
  • How would the Starbucks mermaid’s tails move when she swims?
  • If mermaids existed, would they gather together and protest over-fishing by blocking boats, or would they stay hidden and just sabotage nets?
  • Would mermaids go to that giant garbage island in the ocean and make jewelry out of our soda can plastic rings? 
  • Can mermaids cry?  If they cry underwater, would anyone be able to tell?

I just have a lot of thoughts about mermaids.


More toddler fairy Brant (this time i remembered to give him a  pointy ears)


Jack Sparrow

Tease, mermaid reader, flirt, mention of smut

Fandom: Pirates of the Caribbean

Request: “ Hmmm going for Pirates…
Could you possibly write a cute ‘reader x character’ fic with (Captain) Jack where the reader is a mermaid/man in training and is learning how to lure men from their ships to their doom…but is failing…Like instead of singing something melodic they’ll rap or beatbox or something, or they’ll “try” to pose seductively on a rock and have seaweed blow into their face, and they’ll circle his ship, leaping out of the water like a dolphin just saying “am i doing this right, do you give up yet?  am i winning?” to the point where the captain just sort of gives up and helps them learn how to do the mermaid/man thing right…
I hope that inspires something <3 “

Word count: 699

A/N: I changed the request quite boldly, because I didn’t quite understand the request, but I hope you like this version!

gif is not mine.

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 A/N : Requested by @1800jamsforjimin  [ Mermaid AU ], sorry I lost the request text but I hope this is what you wanted. Enjoy

Warning : Smut with too much plot xD who am I kidding ? 

Originally posted by hoseokijn

Soaking up the sun, you stared at the large cave that no one seemed to go near. It was a hot summer day so, naturally, your friends decided it was a great beach day and dragged you along from the comfort of your ac. Now, being here under the burning rays of sunlight, you looked around for the one place that seemed untouched by the heat.

“Want to go there?” You turned to your friend, who at this point started looking more like a tomato than an actual human being, and pointed at the entrance. She lazily exchanged glances between where your finger directed and you then gave you a mocking shrug.

“Wait, you’re serious?” She asked after checking your expression for any signs of joking, which she didn’t find. You nodded, much to her dismay. “I’ll pass, you can go get murdered on your own. Thank you.” She closed her eyes, laying back down. You, as the lost adventurous soul type, stood determined to go there even if it was alone.


That’s how you found yourself at the entrance of the large opening carved in the middle of the rocky mountain on the far side of the beach. Little light made it inside, and little light was needed to see how beautiful it was in there, diamond-like dots glistening on their own mixing with the relaxing continuous sound of water drops hitting the ground. It made you wonder why no one came in here.

As you moved inside, the water started becoming shallower and your feet met the harsh ground, the sand completely gone. The faint joyful screams of the overly excited kids were still in the background but strangely overpowered by the silence in the cave.

Just when you started thinking of all the creatures that could possibly be lurking around in the darkness further inside, the sound water splashing echoed loudly in the emptiness. Your blood froze in your veins, the words of your friend repeating in your mind.

Something brushed past your leg, only the cold vibrations from its movement reached you, making you jump. You weren’t about to wait and see what ‘it’ was. Spinning around, the waves you created bounced off his milky white body as he peered at you from a few meters away in the deeper side of the cave effortlessly floating.

Fear sprung up your body from his sudden appearance, as you thought you were alone. He smiled seeing the slight hesitation in your quivering glances as you looked around for something, something you didn’t even know. The way his eyes disappeared into a line when he smiled, showing you a gummy grin, gave him a feigned innocence array and strangely taking away the frightening feeling he first gave off.

“Sorry, I scared you.” He broke the tensed silence, his voice poured into your ears like music so much so that it felt almost sinful to even listen to him. His voice sounded just as alluring as the soft glow his body gave off, the leftover water drops decorating his body in a way you couldn’t compare to any beauty you’ve seen before. Realizing you were staring for too long, building up the grin and his ego at the same time you cleared your throat shifting your gaze somewhere else.

“I just didn’t know anyone was in here.” You took a step back, returning his smuggish smile with a more shy one. He returned each step you took with two more, closing in on you and in no time he was right in front of you.

“No one is supposed to be here.” He whispered, as if trying to muffle his voice from something or someone. From the close distance you could tell his eyes were mesmerizingly the same color as the water coming up to your chest, contrasting beautifully with the orangey tone of the wet strands covering them ever so slightly.

“I’ll leave then.” You wanted to spin around but it felt like something was stopping you, like the water had an extra resistance to your movements. You looked up from the stream and which flowed back to him, your eyebrows furrowing.

“You can’t, not yet.” His grin slowly turned into a smirk “You’ve sparked my curiosity, I can’t help but want more.”

“What.” Your voice cracked when he moved even closer, now only a breath away, you pushed back with all your force only able to move slightly. “What do you want?” You imposed a stern tone that only made him shrug.

“To make you feel alive.” The statement, spoken so casually, only made you even more confused so you just stared at him becoming even more enchanted by his consuming gaze.

“You’re not saying no.” He continued after you went silent for far too long for his liking.

“I’m not saying yes either.” You finally found your voice but once you spoke, you felt the water soften from its once stiff state. He stepped back, tilting his head and revealing more of the sharpness to his face, the incarnation of an ideal type you never thought you had before.

“Then it can’t be helped, I won’t make you do what you don’t want.” He turned around, facing away from the entrance, moving back to where he appeared. Your body moved on its own, spell-bounded by curiosity, by lust, by him.

“Wait,” You gripped his hand and the smirk was back on his face, unseen by you until he was facing you once more “What are you offering?” You asked just wanting to make sure. You understand what he meant, and you knew exactly what he wanted in the back of your mind.

“My everything” His eyes trailed from yours to your lips, glowing with moisture and inviting. You pushed forwards, before he could do so himself, giving him a taste since he seemed to be craving it just as much as you.

You weren’t sure if it was you, him, or the both of you. But the taste of concentrated salt slipped easily into your throat as your lips danced together, in a war of desire that was slowly growing. Strangely, you didn’t mind the salt settling onto the tip of your tongue when he allowed his to blissfully twirl around it, exploring your mouth as his touch explored the rest of you.

His hands supported you, strong arms lifting you up to spread and wrap your legs tightly around his waist. He spun the both of you around leaning back on the only smooth wall in the cave, like he knew the insides of the cave better than his house. You were too caught up in the slight tingly bites he left on your lips, the wincing euphoric pain shooting down to your core and your deep sighs shooting down to his, to care about it.

You broke the kiss bringing your arms around his neck advancing further up against the wall grazing his hard erection and making him gasp. He sighed trying to stop the threatening moan then looked at you with worried puppy eyes.

“You can still refuse.” He breathed out with a lustful voice, soothing any nervousness that crept to your mind.

“No, that’s not it.” You smiled letting your fingers tangle in his hair “What’s your name?”

“Jimin.” He said and you repeated after him, his name coming out as a breathy whisper. The hand that held your side traced down your every curve to finally move the fabric of your bikini, having already been discarded of his own underwear, if he was wearing any to begin with.

You were kissing him again, roughly tugging at his lower lip just as he positioned himself at your entrance. Jimin gave you a second to adjust as only the tip popped inside before thrusting fully into your walls. You screamed out in pain and pleasure, water not being the best lubricant out there, only making it hard for him to move smoothly inside you, no matter how wet you were.

He swallowed your yelp with apologetic kisses, tracing his soft red tongue over your lip, and starting to shallowly rock his body against yours restraining his own urging need to just take you fully.

You shuddered around him, demanding more friction which he was happy to grant. Jimin sped up his movements, pushing you up with every snap of his hips then bringing you down with his hands on your waist. Your begging moaning, encouraging him to slam as deep as he could go then rolling his hips roughly to draw even more of those euphoric sounds as they uncontrollably spilled into his mouth.

It was hard to set a steady and continuously rhythmic pace while the depth of the sea was enveloping you, but he didn’t seem to have much of a problem delivering hard jets inside of you. The wall keeping you from floating away with each of his movements. Jimin pulled you closer, letting your chin rest on his shoulder as he nuzzled your wet hair inhaling the full scent of the ocean, his home.

You loved how he would take his time between each thrust to just circle his member deep inside of you, enjoying both the feeling of your spasm clenching down on him and your sweet cries that he proudly triggered.  

He shifted his hips to hit you at a new angle as both your orgasms slowly started to build up. Jimin determinately thrusted his hips grinding against yours with harder and uninterrupted snaps, feeling himself closer to his release.  

Choking out a hoarse groan, he buried his length and sealed it inside of you slumping on your body, warm white liquid thickly jerked out filling you up until you felt a little cum dribble out to your submerged thighs.

Jimin started moving again, your walls tightly and almost painfully clamping down on him, alerting your own orgasm. He jetted into you with much more force until you came with a loud cry. You opened your eyes gaping at the sudden sprung of pleasure to see the traveling waves, the remains of your heated encounter fading into the calm side of the waters. Your orgasm making you push back against the wall, fingers drawing red lines on his chest.  He held your waist in his arms until your breathing evened out, staring at you with an unreadable expression.

Jimin leaned in for a long-lasting kiss passionately prolonging both of your climaxes, convulsions of your muscles still vibrating around his length.


“I didn’t tell you my name!” You exclaimed, turning to look at him, just before swimming away.

“You can, next time.” He stood still, inside where you originally found him with the same heart-fluttering smile.

“Will there be a next time?” You questioned with anticipation “How will I find you?”

“You just find water,” He laughed “I will find you.”

I actually spent way more time redrawing this than i expected to, but i’m pretty okay with how it turned out; that may not sound like much but it’s honestly a lot more than how i usually feel when i post most of my art XD

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What's Kuroo's role on your Peter pan au?

It’s still very much a work in progress but I’ve talked about Kuroo’s role a little here. Initially I’d thought he might be a captain of his own ship, but I think Nekoma would fill the plot space of the natives really well except without being so offensive holy shit

I still need to work out the details, though, so stay tuned for more info!

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How do harpy!Louis and mermaid!Harry make their babies?


THe power of love Everyone