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Soulmates (AU) Part 2

Pairing: Harry and Y/N

Word Count: 2677

Prompt (AU) : Harry took his anger out in sex-and you weren’t supposed to do that. He would go to the bar and find others just as terrible and lonely as him, drink, and then sink his sorrows into anything with breast and a hole were to put it. Niall always rolled his eyes the next morning and say to Harry “you’re a proper dick, yeh know that right?”, to which Harry would lift his middle finger up and respond with, “if soulmates are real she would love me anyhow.”

“Harry when you meet her your life will change,” Anne says, handing him a cup of tea.

Harry rolls his eyes, “I don’t care to meet her. It’s all bullshit,” Harry grumbles.

Part One

There were very few things that bugged Y/N in life. Y/N hated when people didn’t use their turn signals when driving, or when people walked too slow in front of her, or when people rolled their eyes or stared at her, but she absolutely loathed when people wouldn’t respect her choice and try and force her to talk. It was clear, crystal clear, that she wasn’t much of a talker, and yes or no questions where the good route to go, but when people edged her on she got upset.

For example, Harry just couldn’t wrap his mind around how his other half would not utter a single word to him. Y/N had written down on a whiteboard that she was ‘mute’ and would really prefer if Harry stayed away from the label. She explained that even though he was her soulmate (and she would love to be open with him) talking just didn’t seem like something she was ready for.

She watched as Harry rolled his eyes, crossing his arms, and frowned. She could feel his annoyance (literally) and she wanted to stub her toe on the table just to tick him off, but she felt like it was rude and she didn’t want to put herself through the pain as well.

“So like what? I’m supposed to spend the rest of my life with someone who won’t talk to me?” Harry asked, his eyes on her as she walks down the hallway of her apartment complex.

Y/N shrugs, ‘learn asl,’ she signs.

“The fuck does that mean?” Harry spat.

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Sketch dump realistic style part 1! I needed to practice noses, lips and chins because I had no idea how do they work - I kind of know now


I post them on my twitter first

The Birds and the Bees- Meihem One-Shot (NSFW)

The question had come from nowhere.

Mei hadn’t been expecting it at all, not while she was laying in bed still panting and sweating, her body only just starting to cool from their third round of the night.

Junkrat had returned from a mission in Egypt, arriving on a ship that had landed earlier that evening after almost four weeks away. The junker had shoved his way past his colleagues, waved Roadhog off as his bodyguard headed for the cafeteria, made a beeline for Mei’s dorms, and had set upon her like a man possessed as soon as she’d barely opened the door. That had been hours ago, and the junker’s libido was finally starting to slow down, allowing Mei to at least catch her breath. She was an absolute mess, her hair damp and sticking out in all directions, her body flushed pink and glistening with perspiration, and the insides of her thighs were still wet and sticky. He had just rolled off her in a similar state of disarray, though disarray was hardly an unusual state for him in the first place. He was grinning as always, laying sprawled on his back next to the dazed woman atop her rumpled snowflake sheets.

There was finally room for something else in his brain, able to think of something other than sex. Well, the thoughts were still sex-related, but he wasn’t really sure where they had come from. He’d taken Mei to bed countless times since their first night together and he’d never really thought of it before. He’d been focused on…other things at the time. Still, the thought he had was intriguing. Really, it was a good question, he decided, so he turned to her and he asked it.

“Oi, Mei.”

“Mm?” She gave a little moan next to him, eyes closed and barely listening.

“Did ya ever want a baby?”

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Attempt at drawing taako im gonna be it right next time

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Do you have any voice tips to offer???


Okay, composure Emily…composure! 

1.) A common problem that people have when singing is that they think raising their head up when they can’t reach a note will help. Let me tell ya, it really won’t. In fact, it will cause vocal problems down the road and really strain your voice. Tipping your chin down and level to the floor not only works better but sounds better.

2.) Stop using Glottal Attacks. It’s what happens when the edges of your vocal cords strike against each other in over closure. A good way to stop using them is to put soft “h’s” in front of words that begin with vowels. For example: everyone –> hh-everyone, I –> hh-I and always –> hh-always.

3.) VERY IMPORTANT TIP THAT PLAGUED ME FOR MOST OF MY CHILDHOOD: DO NOT I repeat DO NOT BREATHE WITH YOUR SHOULDERS! It used to make me shake while I sang and despite what you think, no it will not give you more air. Instead of breathing like that (vertically) you need to breathe from your chest area (I mean like around your ribs, diaphragm, etc.)  

Cup your hands around your ribs til the point where your fingers are touching. Slowly, and without moving your shoulders, breath from your abdomen. Imagine you are like a balloon being inflated. When you exhale your stomach should go IN and when your inhale your stomach should go OUT despite what cartoons depict. 

This reply is getting really long so I’ll finish it up with how you START up. Warm ups!

4.) Warm Ups. Doing warm ups before you sing is healthy for your voice and makes it easy to sing higher or lower without strain. 

This first one is called Lip Trills but I like to call it the Jean Kirschstein exercise. You know how a horse flubs it’s lips? Like BRRRRR! That’s how this works. We all do it when we’re bored but here is an example of it:

Yes, you look like a catfish, but it helps so it doesn’t matter. While you do this you hum different pitches. I do 1-2-3-4-5-4-3-2-1 which is basically like sliding up to the third and back. This may sound complicated so I’ll record a clip of it on vocaroo.

The next one is 1-5-1-9-1. We can sing this using various vowels but I use Ee-Ah-Ee-Ah-Ee.

LAST TIP! YOU NEED YOUR MOUTH TO LOOK LIKE A FISH…somewhat. When you sing things with vowels like “ee” or “ie” you tend to make your mouth wide like your smiling. DO NOT DO THAT. Instead, do this. 

Imagine that painting the Scream? Isn’t that what it’s called? Anyways, the painting of the guy that’s screaming. He holds his hands near his mouth in shock. For the time being until you can break that habit of smiling on those ie and ee words try doing this and see if it helps. 

If you have anymore questions feel free to ask! This is pretty much what I’ve learned from 10 years of singing lessons. 

Once again, I apologize that this post is really long. Thank you for asking! I love talking about singing in general! 

Dear people with d/Deaf or HoH Friends:


There is no way for your friends to understand what you are saying if you cover your damn mouth!! How do you think lip reading works?? If you are at a table eating with someone d/Deaf or HoH, you do not need to cover your mouth if you talk with food in it!! We don’t care! We just want to understand what you are saying.


The d/Deaf and HoH community

Bath Bombs

Originally posted by 8991hnd

‘I just feel horrible.’ You answered him as you leaned your head against the sofa letting out a huge sigh. It had been a tiring day at work and all you wanted to do was stay in and make yourself comfortable. You swore you could hear the guilt bubbling inside your boyfriend over the phone as he let out a small ‘Uhh’.

‘It’s fine. I’m fine.’ You chuckled at him.

'I’m sorry. I promise I’ll go to your house after I’m done.’

'It’s fine. I don’t think it could get any-’

Hyuk Woo quickly shushed you as you laughed at his paranoid self. 'Don’t jinx yourself baby.’ He scolded as you just nodded your head even if you knew he couldn’t see you. You smiled at how adorable your boyfriend was, slowly massaging your sore feet from all the hours in heels. 'I’ll buy ice cream when I come back home and you can tell me all about your day okay?’ He cooed promising you of a better end to your day than what you’ve been through.

'I’m going to need lots of comfort food.’ You told him as he just laughed.

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Okay I don't exactly know how to intro into this, I'm just a dying artist... HOW DO LIPS WORK? HOW? Thank you very much for your time, I am so frustrated they ruin my faces teach me your ways oh wise wise soul

i’m by no means an expert but i hope some of this helps!

Taste// Wen Junhui

Originally posted by minghaon

Pairing: Junhui x reader

Genre: Smut

Summary: anonymous asked:some people don’t like it but can you write an angsty jun smut 😳


it’s not angsty because i’m bad at angst rip but i hope you enjoy!

xoxo Sara

“(Y/N),” Junhui grunted into your ear, gripping your sides roughly as he pressed his lips to your neck.

“Do you feel how worked up you’ve gotten me?” He murmured, pressing his length against your bum, causing you to groan softly.

“Only you can do this to me, baby.”

It had been mere hours ago that you were with your boyfriend and his friends, sitting on the couch, watching movies, having a good time with each other. You hadn’t expected it to turn out like this.

It was just harmless teasing, you thought, when you sat on your boyfriends lap. You pressed kisses to his jawline discreetly, rubbing circles agains his chest and nibbling on his skin.

“Why’d you do it?” Junhui groaned, running his hands over your backside, gripping the soft flesh through the fabric of your leggings.

“Do what..?” You asked softly, playing innocent as he continued to grope your bum.

“You know what you did, love,” he purred into your ear, pulling you from off the wall and turning your around. He kissed you deeply, sliding his tongue into your mouth, the wet muscles fighting for dominance as he shoved you down the hallway,

“Get on the bed,” he murmured into your mouth, pulling his shirt over his head, “Strip for me, jagi.”

You bit your lip as you slid your leggings and shirt off, blinking at him as his eyes scanned your body. He crawled over to you on the bed, pressing his lips against your neck before making his way down to the valley of your breasts, kneading the skin through your bra before kissing down your stomach to the outsides of your panties. He pressed his lips to your aching core through the thin fabric before pulling it off with his teeth, pressing his lips to your inner thighs.

“Ah, who made you this wet, Jagi?” he murmured, running his finger along your folds, teasing your hole with the tip.

“Mh, you did Junhui…” you moaned, arching your back off the bed as he pressed his lips to your clit, sliding a finger into you and curling it upwards.

You moaned loudly as he thrusted his finger into you, sucking softly on your clit in time with his fingers movements, making you reach for his hair. He slid yet another finger into your throbbing center, picking up his pace as he hummed against your clit, the vibrations making you see stars.

“Does that feel good, Jagi?” he looked at you softly, running his fingers along your walls as he continued to lick your clit.

“Fuck, yes Junhui, please…”

“Please what?” he asked softly ceasing all of his movements just as you fell the tight knot in your tummy.

“I’m gonna cum, Junhui,” you groaned softly.

“You want me to continue baby?” he murmured, wiggling his fingers softly, thrusting them in agonizingly slow.

“Yes, yes please,” You moaned loudly.

He nodded softly, continuing to to thrust his fingers into you as he laid his tongue flat against your clit, gently drawing circled against it, the simple movements causing you to release.

He continued to let you ride out your orgasm, pulling out his fingers and sucking off your juices, smirking softly as he did so.

“You taste so good, baby.”

Supercat Week: Day Five

Supercat Week: Day Five – Soulmate AU.


Carter Grant’s Great Plan,

or, a supercat soulmate au in which Carter tries and sort-of-not-really-but-does fail to meddle.

Okay, so Carter had seen his mother’s soulmark. He wasn’t supposed to have seen it, obviously – soulmarks were private, up until the point they were actually said. The fact that he had seen it, of course, was a secret that everyone knew. A lot of children had seen their parents’ soulmarks, and it was kind of a secret, unsaid tradition that your children knew your soulmark.

But Cat Grant was notorious for not showing her soulmark, even in private – she’d talked about it once, on her show, and it invited many views. These days, celebrities’ soulmarks were well-known, the paparazzi getting paid a lot of money for good mark-shots. Carter’s mark had been photographed before, to his misfortune, but his was in a very easily-seen place, the black ivy and dark grey aster that would eventually fill with colour tracing around the left of his face, over his eyebrow. It was another reason for his dad to ignore him.

Every mark meant something. His mark being flowers just made it easier to discern. His dad’s mark was a flower too – an orange lily. Hatred.

His mother’s mark was on her stomach, just above her belly-button. It seemed that flowers were a thing on both sides of his family, because hers was a strange mix of symbols, twirling in a spiral of azalea petals in such a beautiful, realistic way that if it hadn’t been tattooed to his mother’s skin, he would have thought it real. He’d been fascinated with it for a long time, but his mother never let him see it again. Sometimes, he tried to remember what the symbols were like – he’d draw them idly on his skin when he was bored.

Like now.

“So do you, uh, want some juice, or something?” Kara questioned him awkwardly. Carter looked at the girl. She was trying, he could tell, but she wasn’t used to looking after kids, and obviously nervous.

“No, I’m good.” He went back to writing on his arm, only to jerk as Kara knocked over something on her desk. He looked up, staring, expecting her to curse, or something, tidy up maybe – but she had her eyes locked on his arm, on the writing. He glanced at it. “Can you read it?”

“How…that’s my name, nearly.” She looked confused. Carter blinked.

“Your name?” He peered at the symbols – so it was a language after all. “So it says Kara Danvers?”

“No, it’s a really badly spelled version of my real name.” Kara reached over, taking his wrist gently and staring at the symbols like they were the Holy Grail. “I haven’t- I haven’t seen my name written down like this in…a long time.”

Carter frowned at her. “Aren’t you American?” She paused, then shook her head, letting go of his arm. “What are you then?”

“Something else. I was adopted, after the last of my people died. Well, after nearly all my people died. I was separated from them.”

Carter twisted in his seat, “Were you from a tribe or something?” Kara’s lip quirked.

“No, not a tribe. More like a supremely advanced civilisation in hiding. Here.” She grabbed a notepad from her desk, and a pen, then – with an ease Carter had never seen before – she wrote out the symbols that were tattooed on his mother’s skin.

And that was when it clicked.

“Oh my god, you’re her.” Carter stared. “But you’ve already met!” Kara looked at him with a frown.


Carter moved his hands back and forth, trying not to attract too much attention from anyone surrounding them while he had his revelation, while also trying to explain to Kara without explaining that his mother had her name.

“Carter, you’re acting weird.”

“Where- where I saw this,” he put his hand on the notepad, eyes wide. “It’s important what I saw this on.” Everything about this was weird and strange – Kara was like, not even thirty! His mother was fifty, or fifty-one – he wasn’t quite sure, as they didn’t celebrate her birthday – and twenty years? Really? Carter had never seen a soulmate gap so big before. Five years, ten, even but twenty?

“Where did you see my name before, Carter?” Her eyes were wide behind her glasses, before they suddenly became disturbed. “Do- do you have that name?” It took a second to translate, before Carter shook his head sharply. Kara slumped in her seat, looking relieved.

“Good. That- if you had my name I’d never forgive myself.”

Things aren’t making sense. Carter pursed his lips. “Kara, how do soulmate marks work? For your people?” Kara looked at him with fearful eyes. “I won’t tell, I promise.” The way she talked about it – her people had to have different soulmarks.

It was the only idea he could think of, sue him.

Kara looked nervous. She fiddled with her glasses, before clasping her hands together.

“My, uh…my people, our soulmarks are names, that don’t come until we’ve, uh, made something for ourselves – found our place in society.”

Carter looked at her, appalled. “But that could take forever.”

Kara looked strained, “On my- in my civilisation, we were given a place, and usually soon after, our marks came in. On Earth- in National City, I mean, uh, in National City it’s harder, obviously, but I’ll get there – I’ll get my mark.”

“And what will it be like? Will it be a name? A picture?”

Kara flushed, “In my people’s society, it was a name, but…if they weren’t from our civilisation, it was a name, like in our culture, and something from there’s, so…a picture and a name, probably, unless they’re dead.” She looked sad, at that, and in pain. Carter looked down, remembering what she said before. After nearly all my people died. She probably felt so lonely – and to have not used her language in years must have been terrible.

“How long did it take you to learn English?”

“A few days – I already had the basics down. It was more the cultural and social aspects that confused me,” Kara explained. Carter nodded, thinking more on that.

“Teach me how to write in your language?”

Kara blinked, “You- you want to learn?”

“Yeah. And apparently-” Carter grinned “-I’ve been writing your name wrong. What’s your name then, anyway, if it’s not Kara Danvers?”

Kara smiled.

“Kara Zor-El.”


“The end of Working Girl always makes me cry.”

Cat smiled, “Me too.” She was going to leave, happy in leaving her former-assistant to herself – only for her eyes to stray to the girl’s cheek, where her skin was shimmering and colouring. “Kara – what’s that?” She frowned, stepping forwards quickly, reaching up to take her chin softly, pushing her cheek sideways to watch as a golden bouquet of daffodil started drawing itself on her face in a long line, curving from her forehead to her chin.

“Kara, why is-” she stopped, watching in fascination as Catherine Grant wrote itself onto her skin in tiny, black italic, edging the petal of the centre daffodil – small enough that from a distance it would look like a shadow. Dear God above.

“Ms Grant?”

“I think you should call me Cat,” the CEO muttered, before feeling an amazing warmth in her stomach, tracing her soulmark like a fine-haired paintbrush. Swallowing, she let go of her chin, stepping back and smiling tightly. “Get settled into your office.”

And then she did the cowardly thing and ran off.


Visiting Winn and James half an hour later, Kara was grinning as they stared at her in shock.

“I got promoted!” Neither of them reacted the way she thought they would. “Well? Isn’t that good?”

“Kara, look at your face,” Winn said in a serious tone. Kara frowned, before hearing a whisper that surprised her.

Since when did Kara have a soulmark on her face?

“A what?” She murmured, before looking in the glass of James’ office-wall, eyes blowing wide as she saw the faint reflection of her face. “Rao…it came in.” And there was a name on it.

“People are going to notice, Kara – they’ll think you’re a cradle-robber,” James warned. Kara blinked. Cradle-robber. Alex had called her that once, when she said her mark would come in once she got a proper job. “And what about Supergirl?”

“Uh…” oh that was problematic. And then, just to add to that, she heard a scream. “I’ve got to go.” The glass wasn’t good enough for her to see the name just yet, but she was meeting Carter at the library in a few hours for lessons in Kryptonese – he could tell her.

“Kara-” Winn started.

“I’ll put some foundation on,” she muttered to him, before speed-walking away, covertly grabbing Cynthia’s pale foundation as she did. I’ll get her a new bottle.


Supergirl saved a woman from being murdered by her boyfriend, put together two IKEA units – word had apparently gotten around – entertained a gaggle of girl-scouts whose leader had gone to the bathroom, put out a house-fire and stopped a man from committing suicide. And then Kara Danvers went to St Edmund’s Hall and signed in as a visitor to their library and sat down in wait for Carter, wiping away the remnants of the foundation over her newly-acquired soulmark, the fire earlier causing it to melt a little. Hopefully it wasn’t caught on camera.

“Hey Kara,” greeted Carter as he approached.

“Hey buddy,” Kara smiled at him, smiling only wider as he saw the mark on her face.

“You finally got it! And it’s like mine!” He scrambled to sit down beside her, reaching up to push her hair out of the way, staring at it. “And I was right – you are her soulmate.” Kara’s heart beat faster.


Carter nodded, “Yep. I like the daffodils, by the way – so do you get the colours right in, then?” Kara froze.

“Coloured? It’s coloured? Oh no. I’ve met her already! She’s probably wondering why I didn’t respond.”

Carter frowned, “Wait, were you alone when it came in, do you think?”

“I don’t know – though Ms Grant was acting a little weird after she promoted me- oh, oh. She- she must have seen it come in! Oh my god, how am I going to explain that?”


It turned out, she didn’t have to.

“You are a lying liar who lies,” Cat glared as Kara entered her office. “Tell me right now why I shouldn’t print proof that Supergirl has a soulmark identical to Kara Danvers’?” She dropped the pile of photos on the floor. Kara, paralysed, stared at them. “How did you even get a soulmark? I watched it form on your face. It isn’t supposed to do that – people are born with their soulmarks.”

“Not- not my people,” Kara whispered into the deathly silence. “We gain them after we find our place in the world. You- you promoted me. I got it because I found the stable point of my life.”

“What do you want me to do, Kara? I need you to tell me what you are going to do – is Supergirl going to ‘come out’ to the world? Is she going to hide her soulmark so her normal identity stays a secret? Give me direction, Kara, or so help me-”

“I have your name on my soulmark,” Kara blurted out. Cat froze. “I- I read it last night. I hadn’t looked in the mirror till then, and I saw it and I’m sorry and Carter said he saw my name on someone once and I think he meant you but he never told me and I’m just so sorry and-”

“Kara, shut up,” Cat growled, stalking forwards and lifting her silken shirt to show a tight, white band, which she lifted as well, to show Kara’s name, emblazoned over dark pink petals that floated on her stomach in a spiral, as if the wind had lifted them up and painted the picture onto her skin. “I know you have my name, and I’ve been reading over the things Carter’s been bringing home and leaving out for me on purpose. I know this is your name, but not just because he wrote it down – I was there when it came in, and when my mark became coloured.” She tugged the wrap and shirt down, pursing her lips together. “People are going to think you hid your mark because otherwise me promoting you would seem like favouritism. If you want to keep working for CatCo after this, you’ll need to fill it in.”

“You mean, c-cover it?” Kara said, startled by Cat’s honesty.


A tense silence filled the air, before Cat spoke again, shaking her head.

“Carter knew the entire time. No wonder he kept asking to see you again, for me to give you a promotion, to get you out from under my thumb into your own department…”

“Uh, Ms Grant?”


“Cat…” Kara fiddled with her glasses. “Would it be inappropriate to ask you out at some point?”

“Very. But go ahead.”

Kara blinked. “Really?”

Cat rolled her eyes. “Let me give you an incentive, Keira.” Then, she stepped forwards, taking Kara’s face in her hands and leaning up on her tiptoes, pressing a kiss to her lips, before whispering lowly, “Ask me out at some point, Kara, and while I have this chance, tell Carter something for me?”

“What?” Kara whispered, staring into Cat’s very beautiful eyes. Cat gave a smirk worthy of her name.

“Tell him to stop meddling in my love-life – I can get my own soulmate.”

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Simultaneously really sad shea was robbed but also so excited to Sasha to have a opportunity to showcase her amazing lip sync skills to the world

yeah but like she woulda been able to showcase her skills even if they didn’t so this bullshit ass battle thing. because that’s just how the finale works the top 3 do personalized lip syncs and tbh that would’ve showcased all of their talents much more than spinning a dumbass wheel

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Hi! I'm extremely new to drawing human anatomy and I'm stuck. I CAN'T get the whole nose to lips region to connect and actually look like a person. How do you work with the nose, lips, and cupid's bow. Especially profile view. Any tips?

Hey! I’m so bad at explaining in my own language, I’m even worse at it in english. Hope this help you. Start with basic forms a-l-w-a-y-s. The lineart is the last step and the best your sketch is, the better the lineart will be. So don’t afraid to sketch and draw with messy-dynamic lines until you like what you see. 

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number 11 of the ship thing for snowbaz

11. things you said when you were drunk

“aw c’mon Baz, just let me lick your cheek m’kay”

“it won’t hurt”

“I promise”

“your hair is just too pretty I need to kiss it”

“no don’t go away”

“Simon, it’s five am.”

“Mr. Tyrannus Basilton Grimm Pitch I don’t fucking care what time it is, I need to kiss your ear.”

“Simon, you’re drunk.”

“Just a little, I mean”

“You tried to flirt with the manager’s golden retriever.”

“he was giving me a look”

“a mysterious sinister look.”

“Crowley, Snow.”

“Bazzzzzz he had the most gorgeous gray eyes”

“he even tried to bite me”

“This is starting to sound oddly familiar.”

“Baz come over and dance!”

“like really, they keep playing the same song but it’s amazing”

“c’mon there’s a disco ball”

“a disco ball, Baz!”

“you can’t resist the power of the insidious disco ball”

“Go to bed, Snow.”

“but I’m not tired”

“just one second, give me five minutes”

“That doesn’t make any sense.”

“of course it doesn’t”

“it was supposed to”

“do you know what I mean?”

“Come on, Simon let’s go home.”

(the music’s too loud and I want you to myself)

“are you coming?”

“Of course, I have to drive.”

“is Penny coming?”

“You’ll see her tomorrow. She’s gone to bed.”

“but are you coming?”

“you are coming, right?”

“hold my hand Baz”

“we have to cross the street so hold my hand”

“the cars are mean this time of night.”

“It’s morning.”

“I do not fucking care, hold my hand.”

“are you sleeping with me?”

“I can’t sleep”

“why do you get all the pillow, you monster”

“Baz, I’m not tired”

“Baz are you there”

“I’m always here, love, go to bed.”

“but I can’t”

“the sun’s awake, you’re awake”

“But I’m not drunk. Trust me, you’re going to regret this later today.”

“regret what”

“hold my hand baz”

“you’re elbowing me in the ass”

“i’m taking all the sheets”

“you don’t deserve any sheets mister”

“you’ve lost all of your sheets”

“Go to sleep, Snow.”

“how is your lip so soft”

“stop breathing it’s distracting”

“do you actually work out”

“I actually don’t think this is pure silk fabric, do you”

“the people at the store lied”


“promise me we’ll never go back there again”


“Promise me Baz!”

“We’ll never go back to that clothing store ever again, Simon Snow, I promise.”



“Are you awake?”

“I thought so.”

his hair is buried in the blanket, curls everywhere, and very matted curls at that. his eyes are closed and his mouth is closed too, for once in the past three hours.

his arm is on top of my face, but I don’t dare take it off.

his legs are bumping into mine, but I can’t complain.

he smells like sweat, and alcohol, and morning breath but it’s impossible for me not to smile.

he’s such a mess. but I love it.

having a drunk Simon Snow might not be a gropefest, but it sure is damn hilarious.


A strong hand held yours tightly. There was a sharp contrast in the grips exchanged. The one that did the pulling had long, slender fingers. They weren’t bony or flimsy, but soft and delicate to the touch. The skin that rounded off those fingers was unblemished, but resembled the farthest colors of a weakening sun. The hand that followed behind shadowed in the size of the other. The fingers were stubby and evidence of hard work was on them. Bones slightly peaked through pearl-like skin and a dull shine from short fingernails caught the fluorescent light from above. The two hands did share a common bond though, they both exchanged the same warmth. They were connect through the hold they had on the other. The same breath flowed through them. They were intwine.

Jongin tugged at your short arm, leading you to a door that would soon be very familiar to the both of you. He stopped in front of it, letting your hand drop from his. A smile grew on his full lips as he concentrated on putting the key in its lock. He struggled, but soon enough, the door swung open. His smile flashed your way, and he took hold of your hand again. “Come on.” His eyes were as warm as ever.

The two of you entered through the door, hands still linked together. Your eyes were filled with darkness. Left alone a small window created shadows in a farther room. The door closed and a light soon came on, revealing a completely empty room. The walls were all the same color of matte white. The light bent the white, making the room feel like it was smaller than it actually was. The carpet was a graveyard filled with imprints of what lay there before. Pathways were pressed down on that dirty carpet, marking areas of travel evident. The small square carpet ended as tile took its place, leading into an even tinier kitchen, which was boxed off by counters. A long hallway led into unknown darkness. All of this was your new home.

Jongin stepped into the room, pulling you behind him. He swung around to look at you. “So, what do you think?” He offered with his mouth slightly open, eggar for your response. You continued to look around and grin crept onto your face. The place wasn’t much at all, but it was yours. There wasn’t much potential or assurance, but, it was perfect. You let your eyes fall back on his, feeling a laugh form into a smile.

“Jongin,” That smile grew bigger with each word, “I love it.” You expressed, letting the space between your two bodies be closed as you embraced him. Your arms wrapped around his sturdy body tightly and you buried your gleaming eyes into his chest. You felt his strong arms take you in, returning the affection. One of his hands knotted its fingers through your hair and his chin rested on top on your head. He let his other hand play at your side, guiding them over your clothed skin. Even through the layers, you felt their pressure and warmth. His chest rose slowly, but you heard his heart race. With your cheek pressed against him, you whispered, “Jongin-ah,” The words came out in a tiny manner, “I love you, thank you for this.” You raised your head to look at him. Smiles played on brown eyes and his full lips beamed. Taking a small breath, you reached up to place your lips on his, sharing that smile.

The kiss last only for a few seconds, but a thousand different thoughts were told through it. You were contempt with everything in that moment. Jongin pulled back, letting his arms fall to your sides. He looked down at you with half closed eyes as if he was in a dream. “I love you, too.” He responded, keeping his eyes on yours, letting the words sink in. You felt like you could look into those brown eyes for the longest time. There was never going to be another who would have the eyes he did.

A comfortable silence fell over the blank room. Calm breath was the only audible thing. A smile tugged at Jongin’s lips and he leaned back in for a quick kiss. “Come on, you still haven’t seen the best part.” He said this in a quick voice and before you knew it, he had picked you up like a small child. You squirmed in his hold, taken back by his sudden actions.

“Jongin!” You yelped playfully, “What are you doing?” Hitting his chest, trying to break his hold.

“Yah! Stop moving and let me carry you.” He proclaimed, trying to limit your movements. It didn’t work until he leaned down and stole a quick peck. When his words didn’t do the trick, his lips did. Funny how that works. You stopped struggling and placed an arm around his shoulder. “That’s better.” He said, laughing softly. He then made his way down the shadowed hallway until he stepped into another room.

Jongin didn’t turn on the lights, but let the darkness cower in the corner. He stopped and then let both of your bodies fall down onto the bare bed. Well, it was more of a mattress on the floor with a thin blanket curled up on it. You giggled as you laid back on the uncomfortable surface. The ceiling stared back at you. Jongin laid beside you, letting his hand find yours. You both laid like that, letting the moment sink in. “This is the best part?” You cooed into the silence. The room echoed your words. You turned your head to the side, seeing Jongin had his eyes closed.

“The room isn’t the best part.” He uttered, “Laying with you like this is.” He squeezed your hand and you rolled over to rest your head on his chest, breaking your hands apart. He accepted your intent and pulled you closer to him. The atmosphere filled with comfort, setting the stage for closed eyes. You let your breath match his, slowing with the oncoming rest. You could fall asleep right here in his embrace. It didn’t matter if you were wearing shoes or a heavy coat, it felt so right to be here with him. “Yah, don’t fall asleep on me.” He remarked with a laugh. You picked up your head and met him with half lidded eyes. He greeted them with a small grin. Reaching up, he pointed at his lips. A quiet sigh left yours and you crawled over to grant him his wish.

The kisses grew each time your lips touched. They were gentle and misguided at first, but as breath was stolen, they became more direct and had hidden motive. Jongin’s loose hold on you grew into a tight grip, pressing your bodies together. His lips found the bottom of yours, tugging at it slightly, asking for permission to enter. You parted them, letting a small gasp of air out. He entered your mouth, unwavering to deepen the kiss. You let him take control, melting under his touch. The kiss went from breathless moans, to playful teases, then back to tightly closed eyes. He rolled over, taking full control of the situation. After your heart raced through your chest, did he finally pull away.

Jongin loomed above you at a close distance. His chest heavied up and down briskly, as did yours. He let the side of his hand run across your face, barely letting it touch. You reached up and held his hand against your cheek, closing your eyes. His touch was delicate as if it was caressing a fragile surface. He could go from rough kisses to gentle touches. What was he? His hand removed itself from your hold and you felt his body raise up. Your eyes opened slightly to see what he was doing. He kneeled on the floor, picking up your legs. He took off both of your shoes, placing them neatly at the edge of the bed. He then removed his coat, throwing it to the side. His eyes then met yours and he grinned, taking off his own shoes and placing them beside yours. Crawling back to you, he lifted up your body to retrieve your own coat. The moment stayed quiet and you let him do his work.

Your exposed frame laid under Jongin’s. He had stripped the mattress of its lonely blanket and placed it over the two of you. The room had lowered your body temperature to a freezing manner. The thin sheet did nothing but provide a cover. Looming over you, Jongin brushed your hair from your face and kissed each spot he uncovered. Your eyes closed, taking in each kiss with short breaths. Your trembling hands swept over his toned back, letting him know you appreciated his touch. His kisses roamed all over your face and then down to your neck. Your head lifted so that he wouldn’t have trouble finding the right spot. Those kisses lasted for what seemed like ages. You didn’t want them to stop. Those kisses were perfect and light. They match everything you were feeling in that moment, you didn’t care for more or less. Just as long as his touch lasted.

Jongin soon found his way back up to your lips, letting them rest on each other. The episode repeated itself and the heavy breath returned. Your heart race and your fingers pressed harder into his back, feeling his hot skin gather with sweat. Soft sighs left his lips as he pulled back for air, only to return his lips to yours moments later. He let you have your turns exploring the kiss, as he did his own. His hands caressed the soft spots around your neck, letting his thumb run over the places he marked as his own. They dwelled at your sides, tracing the curves in slow, strong strokes.

The night soon filled the room with a multitude of shadows. The bare walls stood as they were. The dirty carpet kept aging. The light bulb in the living room twinkled in and out. The rooms were blanketed with the same coldness as the night before. The apartment was as it always had been. But a new source of life filled it. Two pairs of shoes laid by the bed. Breathless lungs gasped for air and shy hands embraced cold skin. Warmth was emitted through connected bodies and something greater than love was exchanged. It was the first night in that bare apartment.


Cold morning air seeped through thin sheets to unclothed skin. It rested on your limbs like dew, covering you in cool air. There was unrest towards the coolness and you wanted to find a source of warmth. A hand rested at your side, unmoving, but holding you securely. You rolled over, letting your body move close to the one next to yours. A small sigh came from that body, as it accepted you in an embrace. Jongin wrapped his arms around you lazily, still in a dreamlike state. Smiling, you curled into him, letting your body warm to his.

“______-ah.” A barely audible word came from Jongin. You hummed at your name, telling him you were listening. “I should have brought some more blankets.” He was joking this early in the morning? You murmured a giggle, not wanting to be fully awake. Sleep almost washed over you again, but thoughts of the night before started to present themselves in your mind. It was the first night in your new home. It was spent in the arms of the one you loved, it couldn’t get much better. Your eyes fluttered open and you raised your head to look at him beside you. His heavy lids were closed and his mouth hung open slightly. A smile appeared on your lips and your heart started to respond. “Yah, go back to sleep, will you?” He teased even in his sleepy manner.

You couldn’t go back to sleep, you were awake now. Jongin continued to slumber as you watched on. He was something else. He jawline was marked with little spots, presence from your kisses last night. His hair lay in a black mess, tangled and matted in awkward places. His lips were swollen and the circles under his eyes grew from the restless night. Even so, he looked perfect. Leaning up to his face, you pressed your lips against his. A smile broke through the kiss, signaling he was awake. “What happened to sleeping?” He grumbled playfully, letting his sleepy hands find their place around you. He opened his heavy eyes to look back at yours. Even with sleep still on those eyes, they looked as gentle as ever. Those warm brown eyes.