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I love all the things you do, but I honestly cannot stress enough just how much I'm adoring TPATJ. The rhyming story is so beautiful and thought out and the art is just beautiful(as always). I love the way you capture movement so well it always amazes me. And I've always loved your AUs for Mesi and Arthur, they're such uniques characters and I just have a lot of feelings about this comic- OK IM DONE. Sorry I just had to get all that out now 🙌🏽

aw man, thank you so much, I’ll try hard to keep improving and get that story finished! I’m going to be away for three days from tomorrow but I’m hoping I can get back on top of TPatJ when I get back- next update should be like, 3-4 pages so hopefully that’ll make up for it. It means a lot that there are folks like you out there cheering me on!

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Rick/morty is incest and pedophilia, and frankly, fucking gross

Yes you’re correct it is incest and pedophilia! How observant of you! As for the latter, thank you for expressing your opinion and I’m sorry I don’t care enough about it to change anything that I’m currently doing as none of it is illegal or detrimental to the safety of myself or others. If you don’t like what I post, please, feel free to unfollow or block me, but I respect how you feel and don’t feel the need to attack your beliefs anonymously or not. Have a good day!

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Love, love, love your tattoos! How many do you have in total? Same with piercings?

I have enough tattoos to make some people uncomfortable, but not that many that I yet belong in a freak show! ;)
Thanks for the love

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First of all, I completely love your blog and it gave me enough ideas how to start a bujo so that u SO MUCH UR AWSOME, I wanted your opinion for something, for year when I'll be in 9th grade instead of having notebooks I wanna have a binder with sheets with holes separated by subjects, Is that a good idea? (sorry if my encglish is not perfect I'm from Mexico xdxd) Have a nice dat, evening, night. Keep doing what you do you're the best :3

You are so sweet, thank you so much!!!

I actually did exactly this the first two years of high school! (then I kinda stopped caring and wrote my notes into my sketchbook lol). I think it’s a great idea!!! Especially if you have one spiral notebook with the holes, write everything into it, and then put it into the binder at home or whatever – that means you don’t have to carry ten notebooks all the time as you have everything in one. You also save paper as you don’t end up with half-full notebooks at the end of the school year.

Good luck with this, hope it works for you, and have a nice day as well!! x ^^


Kravitz (taz) aesthetic

It’s hard to believe that I’ve found someone like you; someone who has saved me and changed me into a better person, a more lively one. This won’t be enough to thank you for everything you’ve given me, and there won’t be anything I can do in the future to make you see how perfect you are. And yes when I say perfect I mean perfect in every single way, including your flaws.
—  Poets Love Her

Happy birthday to the actual light of my life, Kim Wonshik. There aren’t enough words to describe how grateful I am that you exist, that you make music, that you’re a part of VIXX, that you’re such an angel and such an amazing human being. You cheer up my days when I’m feeling down, and I honestly wouldn’t know what to do without you here. Thank you for existing Kim Ravi ♥


and yet again I try to draw cool shit but cant decide what to go with in the end

also dont let yourself be fooled by the art bc here’s what I think abt it: this can be fucking hilarious

so heres a list of hcs aka a list of things I might have to draw sometimes later bc its ass oclock rn and I gotta travel tomorrow but this is rly good AU why is organization-type AUs so good

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Wow I can’t believe @therealjacksepticeye turns 14 million today. Congrats buddy!

In all seriousness though congrats! Whenever the channel hits a milestone you always say we should be congratulating each other instead of you, but we wouldn’t all be here if not for you, so I think some congratulations are in order. I feel like I can’t thank you enough for all you’ve done for me and the other 13,999,999+ of us just by being the wonderful ball of sunshine that you are, so my silly art will have to do.

Ok then. I was gonna wait until the channel actually hit 14 million to post this but its 4am here and I’m super tired (if you couldn’t tell by how sappy I’m getting) so I’m gonna post this now and go to sleep.

Dear Even… I can’t believe i’m doing this, ugh.

I want to tell you a thousand things, so many, I might not have enough words to express them all (and I still have a shit ton of homework to do) so I’ll just stick to the basics.  

Thank you, would be a good place to start. Thank you for existing. Thank you because you’ve taught me how to live more, how to feel more. The moment you came into my life was the moment I started living in color, little by little you became an inspiration and it left me with all these emotions, too high to know what to do with them… Fuck. I’m not supposed to be this fucking emotional writing this damn letter. 

I’ve never felt so profoundly, so intensely. I had buried those feelings. I couldn’t afford to feel. Feeling was dangerous and confusing and I just couldn’t. Didn’t want to. But that fucking day, at the kose meeting, changed my life forever. You’ve showed me that it’s possible to love, to feel pain, to cry, and still be fucking happy. What? 

I am free, because I saw you being free. I love, because I saw you love. I feel, because I saw you feel. You showed me that even though we might stumble along the way, no matter how difficult our lives might be, there’s always a way. There’s always light at the end. 

Dear Even, thank you. Even though you are disgustingly beautiful, I’d say it goes beyond that pretty face of yours. You’re beautiful because of your smile, your voice, your loyalty, your compassion, your desperateness (you just ran with that idea, didn’t you?) Your patience makes you extraordinary.  

No matter what happens, I’m glad I met you. Thank you for allowing us to be a thing. For giving us a chance. 

Happy Birthday, baby.

Love, Isak.

P.S. If you show this to anyone, I will fucking murder you, Even. I’m not being cute. Love you!


Jolyne: As a floridian, ofcourse I have to put lights up the palm tree

..Even though dad hated the idea of having decorations all over the house due to attracting attention, I think its better to look like an ordinary festive folk.

Jotaro: I’m more surprised on how fast you were able to put all those lights up around the house with your stand. 

Jolyne: You just gotta be festive enough to do it.

((Merry Christmas! Also thanks for 1000+ followers! I had this idea sitting in my wip folder for too long))

I know sometimes all you do is survive and that may not seem enough but I am thankful for that ,

sometimes all you tell yourself is to keep it together a little longer ,

The bags under your eyes tell me about the lonely nights you survived ,

How many times did you convince yourself that there’s a point to all this ,to all this living even though you can’t seem to find one now ?

Everyday you get ready and pick up your broken warrior heart and teach it to breathe even when it wants to give out

Every single moment you are pushing yourself and you may not see it but I want to tell you, you are doing a great job and remember the universe answers the stubborn.

You will find everything that you dream of if you keep pushing so teach your warrior broken heart to breathe again because
the universe answers the stubborn

—  Kriti.G

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I want to hug your icon. Can I hug the Icon?

come on down and try your luck

unless you were being literal, which is probably the safer option:

If you’re an professional/student/beginning/aspiring animator

I’m writing a mini-thesis on animation, not only the basics of actually animating (Illusion of Life) but also how animation brings people together from everywhere of all ages. How our interpersonal relationships can develop and how our morality can develop from themes from these creations (Avatar: the Last Airbender). How it creates communities and lets people share in mutual thought.

Basically, if you could do me a huge favor and reblog with the reasons why you love animation/anime/any animated media. If you feel comfortable enough for a mini-interview please message me. I swear I’m not a spam bot.

Please and thank you!!!


Masked Intruder

Summary: Dan is a robber who steals valuable objects nearly every night. When he goes into a flat decorated with plants and stuffed animals, he can’t seem to keep himself away. Dan’s not used to pretty boys stealing things of his own; especially when they steal his heart.
Word Count: 3590
Warnings: stealing, breaking/entering, cussing
A/N: I’d like to thank my roommate @sourmojo for giving me the idea to write this fic (based off of this song) and also @insanityplaysfics for being my lovely beta. That summary is the worst fucking summary I’ve ever written but I love this idea so much and I hope you do too! Please don’t ask me to write a sequel, i will write one if i end up feeling like it, but as of right now, it doesnt seem very likely.
Read it on AO3!


It was something that Dan was proud of, as fucked up as it was. He just couldn’t get enough of everything about it; the thrill, the little prizes he got out of it, hell even the news broadcasters. No matter how hard he tried to get away from his lifestyle, he always ended up going back. His own addiction, his very own little secret. Besides, it’s not like anybody was getting hurt in his escapades. Just himself and his own conscious, but that he could deal with.

So what if he broke into houses and stole objects he found compelling? They were just objects and humans should be able to get over the loss of something so materialistic. Rings, money, antiques. Stealing those didn’t harm anybody. In fact, they should be grateful for Dan. He helped people realise that family was far more important than items.

Dan didn’t necessarily know how he got to this point in his life, where he just went to other people’s houses to steal meaningless crap, but he couldn’t be more thankful. One day he was just a silly little teenager trying to be edgy by sneaking into places he wasn’t supposed to be in, and the next moment he was a twenty-five year old man breaking and entering all to steal that new movie he’s been wanting for weeks. Some would say that he was stupid for risking going to jail just for a movie, but Dan didn’t give a single fuck.

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Happy Gravity Falls Finale Anniversary!

There are so many, MANY scenes from the finale that I would want to redraw (and might still do sometime), but time was short, and I wanted to mark the anniversary of the finale in some way.  So I settled on pretty much my favorite moment from the end-credits sequence.  I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS.  I love how symbolic it is of Stan and Ford’s mended relationship, I love Stan’s enthusiasm and playfulness, and his physicality, and I will always love it when Ford looks startled (but I also love that he’s relaxed enough to take off his trench-coat and gun-belt, and to allow his brother to surprise him).

Thank you, Alex Hirsch and the entire Gravity Falls team, for such a wonderful show that captured my heart.  And thank you for making this past year a better one than it would have been without Gravity Falls in my life.  

(My own 1-year anniversary of starting to watch the show comes up next week; maybe I can get something done for that too.)

(i just used a show screenshot for the background here, just to be clear)

Beautiful - Jughead Jones

xfightxthexfairiesx said:

Could you maybe do a jughead x reader where betty and veronica want the reader to tryout for cheerleading with them but shes to self concious too because she think shes not pretty or skinny enough to be one. Then maybe jughead tells her how he thinks she beautiful and society tries to make everyone think they have to look like a supermodel to be pretty. If there can be alot of fluff that would be great. And then she decides to try out and she makes the team. Thanks

Originally posted by thejugheadjones

This was so fun to write! I just wanted to say before you start reading that if you are struggling with your looks, gender, sexuality and that makes you feel bad, everyone is going through this too. Some have made it through it already and some are still struggling. If you need to talk to someone you can message me. You’re wonderful.

It started as a joke, something you would’ve never done unless it was in some hypothetical universe where you just weren’t you. Where you weren’t ugly or fat, instead where you were skinny and beautiful. There were unspoken rules that cheerleaders had to be the best of the best; beyond pretty and gorgeous. The whole idea of joining seemed impossible, but with Veronica and Betty breathing down your neck, it was hard to say ‘no’. So you didn’t, instead you just avoided the two girls all day. Somehow you managed this feat and made it through the day without joining the cheerleading squad. Granted, the tryouts weren’t until tomorrow so you would have yet another day of avoiding your friends.

When school ended, you went straight home and didn’t dare move from your room in the fear your friends would see you out and about. With boredom nipping at your heels, you found yourself thinking about your looks, then criticizing your figure in the mirror. Too big there, too jiggly here, you started to judge every limb and appendage. At first, you didn’t even notice the tears in your eyes, until one started to roll down your cheek. You quickly wiped it anyway, marking down another thing you hated about yourself: too sensitive. You weren’t as strong or as stunning as the celebrities on the internet and the TV screens, no, you were just below average you. Before anymore poisonous thoughts could enter your brain, you heard your phone go off. You walked over to your desk where it was and saw that it was your neighbor, Jughead Jones. You felt a sense of relief that it wasn’t Veronica or Betty.

Jughead : Hey can I come over? I don’t understand this geometry homework.

You : Sure, but I don’t know how much help I’ll be.

Jughead : Okay, be there in two.

You turned towards your window and saw Jughead leaving his room in the house across from yours. His family had lived in the house across from yours as long as you could remember. You had been friends since the first grade, when the Jones’ family moved in. You walked back over to the mirror and an horrid idea struck you. From this angle, Jughead could’ve had the perfect view to see you standing in front of the mirror, to see how upset you were. A pit grew in your stomach as you heard your front door open a shut, followed by the sound of Jughead running up your stairs.

You turned as your friend opened the door, barely making eye contact. You noticed his hands were empty and your heart fell. “Where’s your Geometry book?” You asked hopefully, trying to pretend that there was a chance he didn’t see you judging yourself in the mirror. You glanced up from his hands and saw his steady gaze. “Do you really think about my Geometry homework?” You swallowed at his words and your shoulders sagged. “There are these things,” he started, walking over to your window, “called curtains, that if you want to judge yourself in private you can just…” He reached up and gently pulled on one of your curtains, blocking the view of his bedroom window. “I wasn’t, I was just,” you stumbled over your words.

“I overheard the new girl trying to convince to join the Riverdale Vixens,” he said, faking school spirit by waving his hands with minimal effort. “I assume, you and your mirror were having a conversation about it.” You knew that there was no fooling Jughead, he could read you like a book. No lie could cover your bad self image and he wouldn’t buy it anyway. “I’m not pretty enough,” you whispered, feeling tears in the corners of your eyes. Jughead took a step towards you, leaning down to look into your face, “Say again?” You almost started to sob, “Jug, please don’t,” but your friend wasn’t having it. He placed his hands on your shoulders, slowly turning you to look into the mirror. “Now,” he murmured in your ear, “say it again.” You stared at your reflection, studying the features that you so hated. You were about to say it, but with Jughead looking at you with those eyes, you just couldn’t. You felt his hands travel from your shoulders, down your arms, and to your waist where they wrapped around your middle. You back rested against his chest and he rested his chin on top of your head. “You are so beautiful Y/N. Nothing can worth changing yourself for.” You turned in his arms to face him now and felt your cheeks grow hot at the closeness, “Jug…” He was just staring at you now, mesmerized by every detail.

“You’re so lovely, don’t let the world make you think you’re not,” his hand was on the side of your face, with his fingers in your hair. He was so utterly taken by your grace, he had been since grade school. It was killing him that you didn’t see yourself as he did and he was desperate to make you see it; but now wasn’t the time. He backed away a little, pulling his hand away from your face, “You should try out, you’ll blow them away Y/N.” You snapped out of your puppy-love induced daze and nodded. “T-thank you, Jug. I will.” He gave you a bright smile that met his green eyes. He opened his mouth once more, most likely to mention your shared moment, but he phone started to ring. He picked it out of his pocket and scowled at the screen. “I gotta go,” he said, walking towards the door, “but I’ll see you at the game, and you’ll be in a snazzy uniform.” You let out a laugh as he walked out of the room. When he was gone, you let out a sigh With a renewed sense of confidence, you texted Veronica and Betty.

You : I’ll be seeing you both at tryouts tomorrow, yes?

Veronica : Hell yes!

Betty : This is going to be so fun.

You paced around near the bleachers, pulling your jacket more securely around your shoulders and chest. Jughead had texted you a few hours before the game saying that he’d be near the right side of the bleachers. You stopped your pacing and looked out at the field, wondering if you needed to move. You almost screamed when someone put their hand on your shoulder. “Am I that scary?”

You turned and smiled at Jughead, who wore a playful expression. “How’d tryouts go, you never told me?” He asked with raised eyebrows. You bit your bottom lip, giving him a sly smile. “Did you not-” you cut him off by pulling the sides of your over sized jacket away from your body. He smiled when he saw the cheerleading uniform, “See what did I tell ya!”   

You blushed but before you could say anything you heard a whistle go off. “I believe that’s your que, River Vixen.” You gave him another smile and was about to walked away when you spun around. You faced Jughead, planting a hand on his face, pulling him in. Your lips met softly, but as soon as he put a hand to your waist, the kiss became frenzied. You pulled away breathless but smiling widely, “I’ll see you after the game, Jughead.” You murmured and Jughead just nodded dumbly. “See you later, beautiful.” He said and your felt a blush rise to your cheeks. You walked away then, leaving a smile on Jughead’s face.

The Thing About Safety Pins

Hello, cishet white people. I am a fellow cishet white person, and we gotta have a bit of a heart-to-heart. 

Some of you have decided to do that wear-a-safety-pin-to-show-solidarity thing. Thank you for making that decision. I shake your hand and give you a friendly clap on the back. Seriously. When the choices are “show solidarity” or “meh”? You made the right choice. You have shown that your heart is in the right place. Yay!

But here is the thing. It’s not enough for your heart to be in the right place. In the coming weeks, months, and years, it’s going to take deliberate action, not just good intentions. When your friend breaks their leg, you help them, right?  You call an ambulance, or you take them to the hospital, and you help pull them out of immediate danger so they don’t get even more hurt. And then, THEN, once they’re getting medical treatment, then you say, “Get well soon!” or decide to pray for their quick recovery.

If you watch your friend break their leg, and then stand there saying, “Oh no, this is terrible. Let me know if you need anything, okay?? I’m here for you!”… You see what I’m getting at? A good friend says, “Oh shit, oh fuck, you have health insurance, right? Does it cover ambulances or should we try to get you in my car??” 

Our country has broken its leg. 

Well, okay, let’s be honest – the country broke its leg a long time ago. Last week it also got hit by a high-speed orange train. 

And now we come back to the safety pins. You’ve put them on your lapels to designate yourself a safe space. Good start. But, fellow cishet white people, I’m hearing that some of you who have safety pins are standing by and watching while other people get bullied and harrassed. What’s that about, friendo?

I kinda know what it’s about. Privilege blinds us to a lot of what other people go through, and now your eyes are starting to open and you want to help but… you saw something going down and you froze. You didn’t have a mental script for how to help. Your brain went “!!!!!!!!” on five different levels and threw up 404 errors and while you were standing there trying to reboot quick enough to make a decision about oh my god what do I do… the person being harassed looked over, saw your safety pin, saw you standing there doing nothing to help, and felt like you personally had betrayed them.

I think you’ll agree that that’s the exact opposite of what you meant to do.

Fellow cishet white people, I gotta be honest with you: You have to ask yourselves why you’re wearing the pin. Because it’s a responsibility, and some of you just aren’t ready to be shouldering that, just like how we don’t ask someone with zero first-aid training to be on the front lines of an emergency because they’re more likely to hurt than to help. Or they, y’know, freeze up. 

But you want the safety pin, you want to help, you want to be part of the fight! Again, good! GOOD! Yes! Welcome! We want you to want that! But you’re gonna need some training first. So I have a few small suggestions for you:

FIRST: Put the safety pin on the inside of your jacket (or the inside of your purse, or in your wallet, or a photograph of it as your cellphone background), somewhere that you’ll see it and touch it often, but where it’s not visible to anyone else. It’s not a sign for anyone else now; you have nothing to be showing off about. It’s a sign for YOU.
In the Renaissance, rich folk would carry around these things called prayer nuts: tiny wooden spheres that opened in two halves like a walnut. Inside would be carvings of Biblical scenes of particular significance to the owners, and they’d use them to remind themselves of the sins they were trying to vanquish and the virtues they aspired to.
The pin is now your prayer nut. It’s a reminder to you that you have a duty of honor, a social obligation, to be part of the fight and to stand up for people who need help. It is a reminder that you have to try every day to be better. Whenever you see it or touch it, I want you to think, “Did I do enough? Can I be doing more?” It’s for YOU and your betterment, not a sign to anyone else. Not yet.

SECOND: You’re concerned, I bet. You feel a little weird about putting it on the inside of your jacket. You wanted something to show that you’re part of the movement. Maybe something to signal that you’re not a threat, that you’re not about to launch into horrible racist, misogynistic, Islamophobic rhetoric, and you thought the pin was a pretty good symbol of that. I’m stiiiiiill gonna ask you to keep the pin as a prayer nut for now. Instead, go out and get yourself some of those lapel buttons for causes you specifically support: the LGBT rainbow buttons, BLM buttons, anti-ICE buttons… Put those on your clothes. Your message of, “I’m on the good guys’ team” is still there, but you’re also not designating yourself as a Person Who Will Instantly Leap to Someone’s Defense. 

THIRD: Seriously, sit down with pen and paper and come up with some things you as an individual can do to help when you see someone being harassed. Come up with scripts and scenarios and rehearse them in your head. I’m not kidding. Half the reason that bystanders are bystanders are because they can’t fucking decide what to do, if anything! So make a decision BEFOREHAND, in a calm, secure, sober environment, and practice it a bit so your brain will be able to cope. You know how trainee pilots do flight simulations of all kinds of different scenarios so they’ll be ready if any of them happen? Same thing. Educate yourself! Read articles, listen to people from marginalized and threatened communities, use what you learn to revisit and modify your mental scripts.
Not all of us are social justice warriors. Some of us are social justice clerics, and that’s okay. If you’re not the type to get in someone’s face and scream at them, then there are other ways you can help. Figure out what they are. Some action is better than no action. And maybe after a while when you’ve gotten some practice, you’ll find yourself shouting someone down even though you never thought you would.
I’m not requiring you to be a certified superhero by tomorrow. I’m just asking you to figure out your plan of attack so you can be a little more effective. This is going to be a growing experience for you. (Just don’t expect your marginalized friends to give you cookies and pats on the head for your growth. I’m sure they appreciate you and your friendship and solidarity, but again, they’ve got enough on their plates right now, so chill out.)

FOURTH: Execute your mental scripts when you see someone being harassed. Do this until you achieve some kind of minimum level of proficiency and you can count on yourself to be an ACTIVE helper, as in: a helper who TAKES ACTION. 

FIFTH: Then and only then, move your safety pin to the outside of your jacket. To be able to say that you’re a safe space, you have to be able to defend people and keep them safe

Go forth, fellow cishet white people. Educate thyselves, and don’t let other people down by claiming more proficiency and confidence than you currently possess. Do your flight simulations. Actively practice! And then USE THEM, cause we’re going to need all the help we can get.

And hey, thanks for reading this far. If you have any questions, feel free to send me an ask. The newly-founded @rebelrouser tumblr is also aiming to be a good resource for people who are wondering how best to help!