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seungcheol smut

Genre : smut

Word count: 1024

Lonely nights , they are the worst right? Well you have had them for a long ass time now. Your boyfriend seungcheol was on deployment, you missed him a lot but you couldn’t do nothing expect from waiting for him to come back home. The worst part was that you didn’t even know when he was coming back , he decided that it was a good idea to not tell you and let all be a “surprise” :“ it would be even better if I come without you knowing when, y/n don’t worry “ well right now you didn’t agree with him ; the only thing you wanted was to cuddle with him and also him to fuck you , it has been a while since you two had fucked , and you needed him . All this just made the days without him annoying as hell . He called you on FaceTime and kept in touch with you as much as he could , it was never the same as him being with you though . One day when he called you you must cried , you couldn’t be without him.Days passed , weeks, months. Till one Tuesday night , you were on the couch in a Seungcheol’s T-shirt and your panties watching your favourite korean drama , eating chocolate. You were so concentrated in the drama that you didn’t hear the door open , and you also didn’t hear the footsteps getting closer to you. Till you felt a pair of hands hugging you from behind, you almost had an heart attack and turned around as fast as you could , scared that someone had entered in your apartment, when you met seungcheol eyes you hugged him back as hard as you could. “y/n you are gonna kill me if you hug me like that ““Shut up , I missed you so much” “ I know princess I missed you a lot too” he then looked at your tanned skin and brown eyes biting his lip. “Do you want to show me how much you had missed me ?” Hearing his words and seeing the look on his face you immediately understood what he was talking about, and you were all for it.“I wanna show you daddy” you said with the cute voice of yours .He immediately took you to your shared bedroom while the two of you were kissing each other passionately. “ on all fours, now “he said as you entered the room, you immediately did as he said , since you didn’t want him to punish you, he got close to you , removed your panties and squeezed you butt making you moan ;he then removed your T-shirt making your boobs giggle , starting to tease your nipples making them hard and erected ;you were getting wetter and wetter but he wasn’t giving you what you wanted the must and he knew that , but he wanted you to beg for it.“Daddy please “ “Please what baby girl?”“I want you inside me “ you almost whisper “ you’ll have to beg more for that “ While saying that he was getting undressed . He got closer to you and started stroking his hardening cock near you face , letting the tip of his dick touch your lips ,

“do you wanna suck daddy’s cock baby girl?” You opened your mouth liking the precum on the top and then took him inside your mouth while looking straight in his eyes , you know how it made him feel when you looked at him while doing a blowjob; he pushed himself deep in your throat making you gag around his dick. You we’re getting so wet you could feel you wetness spread on your inner thighs, He alway made this effect on you. you then started sucking , loving the faces he was making, it almost made you proud that you were making this effect on him.He opened his mouth in a O shape.“If you don’t stop I’m gonna cum in your mouth princess, and as much as I would love to , I want to fuck you sense less “. You then removed his dick from your mouth with a pop licking your lips .He came behind you and started rubbing his dick on your slip , he was doing this on purpose and you knew it. “ please daddy fuck me I need you , please I want your dick to fill me good , I’m beginning you please you are the only one that can me feel this goo-“ before you could finish your sentence he was pounding hard in you making you whine “ yes that’s right baby girl I wanna hear you , you better let everyone hear who you fucking belong to”

“Yes daddy fill me good pleas- o my god”. He started going faster and faster felling the room with lewd wet sounds , his grunts and your whines .“Daddy I’m so close oh fuck, please go faster”

“ look at you a mess under me begging for my dick to fill you deep and hard , you are such a hoe for me, say it , say that you are my slut ”

“Yes I am Daddy ,I’m your slut” When he started to feel your walls tighten around his length he went faster trying to hit as much he could your spot making you scream his name and also he moved his hand on your clit , moving his hand as fast as he could; you came all over him followed by him some seconds after . Both of you out of breath look at each other

“I love you “

“I love you more princess “

He then removed himself from you and collapse on the other side of the bed , opening his arm so that you could hug him and so you did . Your head on his chest hearing his heart beat . You looked at his smile on his face and you smiled back , you were happy , he was finally back to you , your seungcheol.

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I really hope hope you like it :)

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Stan left the doctors and rushed to Kyle’s side as fast as he could manage. He braced his friend with firm hands on his shoulders. He tried to force him to look at him, trying to ground him back in reality or some shit. Honestly, Stan didn’t have a clue what to do or how to handle what he had seen.

Leslie… he had almost forgotten about her. About that whole event. With how much went on in their hometown, it had just sort of gotten lost. But Kyle remembered. And apparently that memory haunted him. Stan had had no idea. He never would have guessed how much pain it had been causing his childhood partner.

Kyle. It’s okay. It’s over. We’re done. All that happened a long time ago. We’re past it now. It’s okay… I… had no idea. She meant that much to you? Even now? Years later? Even though we know she wasn’t real?”

Anti-whitewashing post tag appreciation!

So a few months ago, I made an anti-whitewashing post (which i just reblogged if you haven’t seen it!) It’s got almost 3K notes, which is AMAZING. In honor of that, I went through and wrote down a bunch of the tags people added, so that you guys could see just how people feel about whitewashing.. ENJOY (this includes non-pop blogs as well!!) Also, if you don’t like swearing, I would steer clear because not every post is exactly clean.

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Secret Love Chapter 2
Justin Bieber

I got to the house before Kay and the minute I walked in I hear commotion coming from her sisters bedroom. Dropping my keys on the entrance table I made my way to the kitchen to set the table.

“Aria are you joining us for dinner?” I yell.

She pokes her head from her room giving me a glare, “No, I’m gonna stay in the loft above the bakery for a while.”

“Why did I just get a glare from you?” I ask grabbing some utensils.

“You promised to never make her cry Justin. Yet today no matter how hard she tried to hide it, her tears just kept on falling.” She says softly.

Taking cups from the cupboard she places them on the table and looked me in the eye.

“Justin, you’re like my older brother and I love you, but you must know how hard this is on my sister. Jay, she has to pretend that she doesn’t love you in front of people. I’m not blaming you because you both agreed to let this happen for 7 months, but I don’t think she knew agreeing to this was actually going to hurt her.” She rants.

“Aria, I love your sister, you know that. I signed the contract A. I can’t just walk away from it.” I explain.

“But Justin, how does this work!? How do you just come out to the world with Kay on your arm and tell them you’ve been dating for three years if they think you’re with Hailey!? I just don’t get how this won’t hurt the both of you in the long run.” She says, putting her wallet in her purse.

“I haven’t admitted anything to the media. The contract just says that I have to be around Hailey a lot, but when asked if we’re dating we deny anything. We make it look like a relationship and stir up drama, but it’s not real.” I say.

“Just be careful Justin. You’re playing with fire. You know how she gets when shit gets tough. Feelings scare her.” She says.

The door opens and I hear her angelic voice, “Babe! Aria! I’m home.”

“Here Angel!” I say.

Seeing her walk into the doorway of the kitchen I smile. Three years and she still manages to take my breath away.

“Hey sis.” Aria greets, kissing her on the cheek.

“Hi A. Are you sleeping here today or are you and Ryan going to be at the loft?” She asks her 18 year old sister walking towards me and kissing me on the lips.

“I’ll be at the loft.” Aria grins up at her.

Kay takes out the food from the bag, “Are you eating with Justin and I?”

Grinning at me, Aria shakes her head, “No sis. I’m getting dinner with Ryan before we go to the loft.”

Kaycee looks up from setting the table and looks at her sister with a knowing look as the doorbell rang.

“That’s him.” Aria grins.

They look at each other and in synch they both say, “Don’t do anything I wouldn’t do!”

I laugh at how cute they are. Aria a spitting image of her sister but with blue eyes and lighter skin. My Angel blessed with beautiful features of tan skin, black hair and brown eyes.

Aria slams the door behind her yelling a quick “bye guys!”

I look at Kaycee as she grabs some chopsticks from the drawers.

“She’s growing up so fast babe.” I say placing some water in both our cups taking a drink from it.

“I know. Sometimes I forget she’s 18 and don’t need me anymore.” She proclaims sitting.

“She’ll always need you Kay. You basically raised her.” I say grabbing her hand. “Your dad did an amazing job at raising you both.”

“Sometimes I feel bad because Mom raised me for five years and Aria only got to be with her for two years before she passed away.” She says.

“Hey, it’s okay. She understands.” I say caressing her hand with my thumb.

“She would’ve loved you.” She whispers with a sad tone and staring at our intertwined hands.

“And I would’ve loved her, but she’s always here baby. She’s never far away. Smile now beautiful.” I say kissing her knuckle.

“You’re right. I know your right. Let’s eat.” She says putting a piece of sushi on my plate.

I watch her put soy sauce in a bowl and add some wasabi in it. I’m still not over how much I love her. I look at her everyday and I realize how lucky I am to have her by my side. It sucks because I know I’m hurting her because of this deal I promised Hailey. Kay was okay with hiding our relationship for the first two years because she and I were still young and she was just starting out her career and her business. I never wanted my life to taint hers. I wanted her to have a normal life no matter what, but when we both agreed it was time, Hailey begged me and her to give it another 8 months before we came out. Kaycee has a heart like gold and no matter how many times I said no she kept on pushing that I should help my childhood friend. It took us a while to come to a decision, but I finally agreed. Two months into it and I can speak for the both of us that it sucks, but Hailey tied me down to a contract and Kay doesn’t want me to break it or it’ll cause more drama.

“Babe..hey. Justin are you there?” I hear


“You zoned out a little bit and I started eating already.” She says chuckling.

Eating dinner we talk about random things. Around her I can always be myself and she never looks at me differently. I don’t have to live up to anyones expectation of what I’m supposed to be. We basically have seen the good and bad of each other and at this point we know everything about each other. No one ever questioned why I chose her. I think once everyone saw how good we fit with each other, my family and friends just trusted that she made me better. She did. She does. Everyday I wake up and I’m glad I have her beside me.

“Do you remember the first time we met?” I ask, putting a tuna roll to my lips.

Covering her face with her hands she shakes her head and giggles, “Don’t even remind me. I looked like a mess in front of you and Za.” she says.

“You made a first impression though and after that babe you had me.” I say.

“You we’re 19 years old Jay. The time we met was during your rebellious phase. You were rude as fuck and I swear I never wanted to sock anyone in the throat like I did with you.” She says sighing.

I met Kaycee when I was 19 and she was 18 and new to California. I was traveling the world for my believe tour. One night I was home in California for a week when out of nowhere Za and I decided to go to a bakery. Kay happened to be working at the bakery part time. I came into Duff’s Cake Mix where she worked and my drunken ass kept throwing demands her way, but she was feistier than she looked. She refused to take my orders unless I cleaned up my act and sobered up. Za was sober and did nothing but record the whole encounter. She knew who I was, but she didn’t care because she slapped me on the face a couple times and took care of me until I was well enough to walk out. Ever since that day I have never forgotten about her. I woke up in the morning with red cheeks and a pounding headache.

I remember Za in my living room uploading a video on his computer.


“Yo, what is that? Shit my head hurts.” I say clutching my head.

“I told you not to down that huge ass bottle of vodka by yourself asshole. See where that shit gets you.” He says.

“Yeah yeah whatever. What are you doing anyway? Do you know why my cheeks are red?” I ask finally laying down on my couch.

“You honestly don’t remember man? We went to Duff’s at around 9 because they had something for you to pick up. You were being an asshole to the girl who was about to close and you kept saying shit like, “Just get me my things, I have important things to do,” and she didn’t fuck with that shit. I recorded the whole thing. She refused to serve you unless you sobered up. Man Biz, you looked sick as fuck last night.“ he explains.

"Seriously? Shit! I remember the girl’s face. Play the video!” I remember exclaiming.

The video plays and the girl who’s name tag says “Kay” pops up. She’s yelling at me telling me that I should drink responsibly as she sat on a chair next to me nursing me back to health, wiping my face and giving me aspirin. It lasted for ten minutes of her just getting me to take water to sober me up and the last bit asking Za to take me home.

“She was so done with your bullshit dude. You threw up on her too. I didn’t get to record that part.” he says.

“She was in my dream last night dude. I need to find her man. I need to say thank you.” I say closing my eyes.


I went to go see her at the bakery the next day with a thank you basket, but I only got a glimpse of her because she was running to a cab. I asked her boss when she was working again, but I was told she went home to New York City for a few weeks.

I waited and waited. I went to the bakery all the time and waited, but nothing ever happened, but I knew I had to find her.
Every time I was home in California during breaks on tour I’d look for her, but she never came back after that.

We met again though at Starbucks six months after. I was stunned and I knew it was fate.

“We were kids then. Three years later and here we are, still kids.” She jokes.

“On a serious note, I think God did plan for us to meet Kay. I think after that bakery encounter he knew I’d found my other half.” I say after taking a sip from my glass finally staring at her beautiful eyes.

She smiles at me and I kiss the inside of her wrist, “We’re meant for each other because you were the reason I wanted to be better You didn’t give a shit that I was famous. You agreed to go on a date with me because you wanted to see who I really was as a person. I remember whenI first asked you out and you said, ‘That’s funny. No!’ You made me work. You made me earn your trust. You made me better. You let me build a home with you. That’s when I knew and I swore to myself that I was gonna work my ass off for you because I never wanted anything as much as I wanted you. I still want you Angel, everyday, now, tomorrow, forever, and till eternity.” I say.

She gets up and sits on my lap laying her head on my shoulder. “I love you.” she says kissing my hand. That minute I felt content. I felt complete. I place my free hand on my pocket to feel a small velvet box that has been sitting in my pocket for months. It’s not the right time yet, but now I’m absolutely sure that buying this was the right thing to do.

Here you go my loves

rookieblue25  asked:

Can you do a maksyl fanfic over how Maks felt after the freestyle

It’s not like how he imagined. 

He’s been dreading this for weeks now. Since the start, really, but more so since they reached week 6 and were officially closer to the end than the beginning. He figured he would be emotional- he has been all season, but these two nights would be the hardest. Because this is what they’ve been working towards all season. This is what he’s been working for for almost ten years of his life and he knows that if it doesn’t happen with Meryl, it was never meant to be.

The freestyle is probably his favorite number he’s choreographed- for the season, for the show, for himself. It’s been a long, long time since he’s had inspiration like this, and the results prove it. Their dances these last ten weeks have been some of his best work on the series. Maybe ever.

But this last one tops it all. 

Okay, so it’s not technically the last one. They still have whatever insane task for tomorrow, but the is the last one before America casts their votes. By the time they perform tomorrow, the winner will already have been selected and waiting to be announced. And besides, no routine created in less than a day can top what they’ve been working on since the start.

And they have. Since the first week of training they’ve kept a steady discussion of what road they wanted to go down, which pace to keep, and how, if they were lucky enough to get there, they would take it to the end. This is the final piece to their puzzle and the end of not their journey, but this first pivotal chapter.

So yeah, he’s emotional. Because this piece is literally everything he can give. It’s not about the scores, it’s not about the votes or the trophy, it’s not about the show; it’s a gift, from him to her, and an attempt to convey everything he’s felt since the moment they took their first steps together.

Dancing with her, like always, is pure magic. There’s no other way to describe it. All of a sudden, he can fly. When they move together the rest of the world disappears and it’s just them- not as individuals, but as two halves of a whole, creating something that nobody expected and the universe will never witness again. And the result is breathtaking. 

When they exit the stage, everything hits him. All of the emotions, all of the memories, every single thing he’s suppressed for the last three months, it all slams into him at once like a truck speeding down the highway and suddenly it’s hard to breathe. Because it’s so much and it’s all happening now and he can’t think straight. His mind is a jumbled mess.

Want you. Miss you. Love you. Need you. For you. Happy. Sad. Scared. Hopeful. Please be enough. Don’t leave. Perfection. Can’t do this. Deserve this. Need this. So tired. Want more time. Too far. Parents. Fans. Val. Charlie. Past. Future. Pressure. The smell of your hair. So close. Can’t be over. Cold nights. Hours of rehearsal. So much sweat and blood and words. Cameras and scores, too many spray tans. Please don’t leave. Everything happened so fast, but now I don’t know how I ever survived before. How am I supposed to go back? I don’t want to. I don’t know how. We need more time. What if it’s never the same? I can’t do this without you. It’s all about to be over.

He seriously wonders if he needs to go to a hospital, because he’s aware that Tony is nearby and saying something but he can’t make out any words. All he knows is that he’s dizzy and his heart is racing and a migraine is coming on and he may puke. 

He thinks they might be connected by some sort of invisible tether (or maybe someone from production just told her he can’t stop crying) because she shows up not seconds later and steps into his arms without a word. And as stupid as it sounds, he is instantly able to breathe again. 

There’s so much going on, a million unknowns, and questions that may never be answered. But for now, in this single moment, he has her.

And that’s enough.