how do i tag you ffs

How would you describe yourself using only images?

This is just me trying to work out myself, if you’d like to do this too, please tag me in it. I’m genuinely interested. I do not own any of these images. 

I’ve found that boards like this help me work myself out. It sort of showcased some of my different moods as well, primarily being Happy, cold/vacant and angry. It was really hard to do this for some reason, I could have used a 100 images because people are complex, and I’m no exception.

Sorry there’s so many images lol.

There’s a few followers/people I follow who I’d really love to do this but I’m not going to tag them and face the embarassment of rejection lol.

i have no idea how did this even happen but i want to say thank you to each and everyone of you 💫

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WOAHHHHHH HEYYYY omg wassup yall its been ages. Fucks sake being an adult took my life over.
Give me a few hours to catch up with the latest Drarry stuffs omg im dying to read a fic.

Shit how you all doing with the whole america thing? Ffs everything is a mess in the world. If any of my besties on here changed their urls message me your new ones.

What’s In a Name

So I had MAJOR feels after tonight Lucifer, and then I saw @iseeaskyfullofstars‘s tags on one of my posts saying they wanted to know how Lucifer learned Chloe’s middle name. And this little drabble emerged. 


“Lucifer, do you have a middle name?”

The egg sandwich in Lucifer’s hands never reached his mouth as he turned to look at the precocious child next to him. “Now why in the world would you want to know that?”

“Well, everyone has one! Mine’s Penelope, after my grandma.”

“Would you consider ‘devilishly handsome’ a middle name?”

Trixie just laughed. “No, silly.”

“Well then, I suppose it’s just Lucifer,” he said. “But tell me, child, does your mother have a middle name?”

“Of course she does!”

“Well, then…care to tell me, your old pal Lucifer?” he smiled.

“It’ll cost ya…”

Lucifer had to admit it: he admired her spunk. “Well, what’ll it be? I know you love your chocolate cake. Or money, you do love swindling me out of a few a Jefferson’s every now and again…”

“I want a new doll!”

“Upping the ante, I see? Good on you, love. Never settle. Fine, it’s yours. Now: what’s the name?”

Later that day, after Lucifer called her Detective CJ at the station, they both got an earful that night.

(Trixie still got her new doll).

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Can people shut the fuck up about hectors hair? I mean okay it’s funny when you do it just for the bants but do you really feel the need to post photos of him on Instagram AND tag him, insult and be a disgusting bitch about his hair?
Some people need to grow up. You all complain how you were bullied or how people must accept everyones appearance but yet again you judge hectors hairstyle and not only that but you also tag him in order to see it. Ffs. Grow up

Sighhh. I’m so overhelmed. How in the world did I reach five thousand followers? And how in the world do I try to stay humble while I’m also screaming on the inside? I honestly can’t thank you enough. Thank you for following me. Thank you for liking and reblogging my writing. Thank you for tagging me on stuff and including me in recs. Thank you for being awesome. Even if we’ve never spoken, I love and appreciate you.

Now comes the list of AMAZING blogs that I follow that keep my dashboard looking fabulous. I’m gonna put it under a keep reading since it’s kinda long. But I also want to say that I know a lot of us have the same mutuals. If you see this and for whatever reason I’m not following you yet and you think I should, please don’t hesitate to message me. Also…you can always just come say hi :).

So here we go…

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Ugh ffs how do you block certain tags? I’m sick to death of trying to go into my girl Clarke Griffin’s tag and look at gifs of her precious self but instead being greeted by a million and fucking one BC posts, half of which are unrelated. I stg it’s impossible to find Clarke-centric sets these days. She’s more than just a fucking ship. Tag your shit right.

My ‘esthetic’ 🤗 If I have such a thing. 😂 Thanks for the tag Cristina ♡! @rocktqueen - I would have included a pic of ♡Kakki♡, but how to pick only one? 😉
I only wish I could have included more pictures 😂😂 I had so many to choose from ~
RULES: make your esthetic (based off your personality and interests) with ONLY photos you’ve saved to your device! You cannot search and download any items until you are done.
Do this only if you wanna~ I tag: @impracticaldemon @xephemerall @ff-darkshininglight @sullivantwissarcana @summylise @obsessedwithnalu @wispedheart @liss4d @ravendaydream @erzas-unsharpened-sword @theoneandonlymelonlord @theflagshiparkos @kjthetalekeeper

11 Questions Game

Tagged by @hirokothewriter​ (who I just tagged earlier today in another game. Great minds think alike!)

1) How many works in progress to do you currently have?

Two novels–the first and second in an urban fantasy series.

One Ouran High School Host Club fanfiction on that started as something small and has turned into a 100,000+ word monster. 

An original webcomic, The Adventures of Badgergirl and Beaverboy.

2) Do you/would you write fan fiction?
I do! But Les Envoûtements du Roi will probably be the only one I do simply because of the length. 

3) Do you prefer real books or e-books?
Real books, but most of my books are e-books due to convenience.

4) When did you start writing?
…Floppy disks (the 3.5 inch ones, not the BIG floppy disks) were still a thing because I saved my backups of my typed work to a blue one. But I think they were phased out pretty fast after I got started.

5) Do you have someone you trust that you share your work with?

My local critique group. 

6) Where is your favourite place to write?

Outside on the deck of my house.

7) Favourite childhood book?
The Thief Lord - Cornelia Funke

8) Writing for fun or writing for publication?
Both. I want to be published and it’s so much fun.

9) Pen and paper or computer?
Computer. I’m too slow with pen and paper.

10) Have you ever taken any writing classes?
Workshops/conferences? Yes. Formal university courses? No. 

11) What inspires you to write?
I don’t know! I’ve just always had the need to write!

I’m tagging @theticklishpear, @eggletine, @ephirae, @thewarlordscontract and anyone else that wants to jump in!

6 movies I can watch anytime

I was tagged by the lovely and wonderful @heartfulloffandoms - You don’t know how happy I’m that you always think about me. I love ya a LOT, sweety ! Thank you ! 💕💕

  1. Saga Harry Potter
  2. The Hobbit
  3. Moana
  4. Star Wars
  5. The Lord of the Rings
  6. The Theory of Everything

I’m tagging : @itsneganslucille @lucille-is-awesome @smuttwd @negantwdrp & @fuck-yeah-lets-do-negan-ff

fic reader questions...

In an attempt to get to know fic readers a bit better, I was wondering if some of you might be willing to answer a few of these questions? I’m curious to see how other people’s reading habits and author support differs from how I approach it, to better understand fic dynamics and set more realistic expectations for feedback.

Questions below the cut…

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do not follow my footsteps

because i’ve been ignoring most of season two, except for the finale–clarke, baby, you are not going to survive just wandering on your own.

  • aka. that fic where clarke has to leave, so her friends decide to follow.

There’s not muchleft to destroy in the east, so she heads west. Pinpoints the sun and memorizesthe stars—she’ll walk until she finds what she’s looking for, or until she outruns the blood on her heels.

Well, that’s the plan at least. It’s a good one, she thinks, solid—counts for contingencies and all that. Well, most of them.

She lasts two days before anyone catches up with her.


Octavia grins, unrepentant. “’Seriously’,” she mocks, “still in snarky lone wolf mode I see.”

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Do Not Go Gentle

Rating: Mature

Relationship: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin

Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Buffy The Vampire Slayer Fusion, Slayer!Clarke, demon!Bellamy, Slow Burn, Eventual Smut, soul bonding, Character Death, dark themes, Enemies to Friends to Lovers

Summary: The form straightens and steps forward into the sharp shaft of light and Clarke sees a tall man, dark messy curls falling into his face, hands half curled into fists.

“Slayer?” He asks slowly, eyes intent on Clarke’s face.

“That’s right. As in Of Vampires. Alias: the Chosen One. Alias: The Light that Goes Bump in the Night, I can go on if I’m not ringing any bells, but I think you get the picture.”

“The Slayer,” the demon repeats, almost bitter, and shakes his head, a cruel smile twisting his mouth. He glances at the vampire next to him.

She’s watching him hungrily, body tensed and low, ready to launch herself at Clarke again.“Come on, Bell,” she half pleads, half growls. “Let me kill her.”


image set present for @verbam because she is writing a bellarke buffy AU and it is all of my dreams come true and you guys should totally go read it right now.

In This Moment

So everyone always talks about Chat Noir having midnight rendezvous with Marinette, and everyone always talks about Chat Blanc sadistically fighting Ladybug. Random thought: what if you have both?

A random little drabble based on a plot bunny that wouldn’t leave me alone.

Words: 1, 635

Ships: Marinoir, Ladynoir,

Tags: Angst, Romance, Hurt/Comfort, Time to Remind Everyone I Write Angst the Best

Also found on Ao3 and FF.

Marinette once confessed she would give Chat Noir a chance if not for her feelings for Adrien; she vaguely wondered how a relationship with her fellow superhero would go.

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Yet another translation (German Script) ~ You got to love german Haurchefant

Haurchefant (GER): Wie ich deine Rückkehr ersehnt habe. Jede Stunde wartete ich darauf, deine prachtvolle Gestalt unversehrt zu erblicken.

Haurchefant (EN): How I’ve longed for you to return. I was waiting every hour for a chance to see your marvellous figure unharmed. *

Haurchefant (GER): Du weißt, dass mein heißes Herdfeuer immer für dich brennen wird. Je kälter die Nacht, desto enger muss man zusammenrücken, nicht wahr?

Haurchefant (EN): You know that my hot herdth will always burn for you. The colder the night, the closer one has to move together, isn’t that true?

[* This sentence is a pain in the …
I’m sure you get the gist of it, however, I’m not satisfied with how it turned out though.
Well, he only wants to stress how much he has missed the ‘gorgeous’ body of the Warrior of Light and how glad he is that nothing has harmed us.
Although us leaving him must have hurt more than any fight we’ve experienced.]

Unfortunately, I only have one screenshot (first sentence) to accompany my translation which I’m going to post later on.
Back then, I wasn’t able to make decent screenshots and that’s why I have only one screenshot of this awesome scene.

I mean, he’s clearly hitting on you… He doesn’t even hide his attraction towards you.

Ah, I just love the fact that the german translators didn’t change his flirty personality.


I saw a post going around saying how everyone needs to not live watch, not tweet the cast/crew, not do anything in support of the show (smh ffs).. so i’m here to say LET’S GO THE OPPOSITE AND SHOW THEM LOVE!!!

1. To quote the post… “Do not watch the show live, do not engage with the cast and crew tweeting, and for the love of god, DO NOT USE THE OFFICIAL SHOW HASHTAG.” okay so what we gonna do is live watch the show, send the cast and crew loving and amazing tweets to show how amazing they are doing, and use the offical #The100 and tag whoever you are talking about!!) 

2. We want the ratings to stay strong because even though this season hasn’t been the best, we are finally starting to see episodes worthy of good ratings!!

3. Let’s get the WE ARE THE 100 trending everywhere and hopefully as long as we can!!!! tweet the shit out of everything, tweet all the love you have. (If anyone knows if we have a scheduled im, message me cause im not sure.) Either ways, just keep tweeting WE ARE THE 100 with reasons why you still love the show. 

4. After the ep (and if it deserves it) VOTE 10 STARS ON IMDB!!! the cast and crew are doing amazing jobs and they deserve the love and the recognition. it sucks that this stupid trend to get the show cancelled and leave hundreds of people unemployed something that is happening and people are proud of it, but we gotta stand up and SHOW THE LOVE!!!!

5. Enjoy the ep!! Make a tea, grab a blanket. Maybe leave a light on because it is looking like a crazy scary episode. DON’T LISTEN TO THE HATERS. YOU DO YOU, BABY CAKES


                         and when you found me

                                                god, i was never the same

                           ( or, a history of how two broken people fall in love )

Can't Hear You Calling Me

His voice dropped off a little at the end, and something about it sounded so final that for one long moment all Clarke wanted to do was tear the walkie talkie from Octavia’s hand, call it off, tell Bellamy that she took it all back, and she needed him to be safe and back with them. And then the moment was gone.

Partly inspired by this text post by lthranduilion, and partly by my own need for a really angsty Bellarke fic. This fic is speculation for the next few episodes. Betaed by the amazing lesbianlexa.

Warnings: Implied/Referenced Torture

Read on Ao3 or under the cut.

He was gone by the time she woke up the next morning. The sun was high in the sky, and Clarke’s little group of attendants were scattered and hard at work. Her mother and Marcus Kane were huddled together off to the side of the camp, but she paid them no attention. She was looking for one face in the crowd.

She wasn’t too easy to pick out, with her braids blending her into the crowd, but Clarke found her easily. For all the grounder that crept inside of her since she landed, there was still something binding Octavia to the Sky People. Not something. Someone. So, when she finally found the younger girl, Clarke wasn’t surprised to see her crouched over the radio with Raven, quietly listening to Jasper’s still repeating message. There was a walkie talkie clutched in her hand, and the moment Clarke saw the whiteness of her knuckles she knew he was already gone.

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Pride and Prejudice Meme

Hi dear followers,

Since I started this blog I never thought so many of you would be following me and to celebrate an amazing milestone here is an idea.

Im planning on start a Pride and Prejudice meme created by little me here lol. If you want to do it with me I’ll be so so happy. You can do how many posts you want or whatever you feel like (gifs, pic-scans, ff, anything, even a text post talking about why you love it so much). Tag it as #pandpmeme and I will reblog everything from this tag starting Monday, Fev 16th!

Here we go:

Week 1 :.: Favorite character
Week 2 :.: Favorite scene
Week 3 :.: Favorite quote(s)
Week 4 :.: Favorite secondary character
Week 5 :.: Favorite location
Week 6 :.: Favorite family
Week 7 :.: Favorite happy/romantic moment
Week 8 :.: Favorite angst moment
Week 9 :.: Favorite outfit
Week 10 :.: Favorite anything you want

Oh And all Pride and Prejudice versions are invited! Spread the word and our love for this amazing story!