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In the wolf au, is Kirishima dating Denki, hanta, Mina, ect or is just kinda a wolf thing? Not that I mind either way I'm just super curious lol. Also it's so lovely, your work is so sweet.

Anon said: hello fran!! How are you? I hope you’re doing great!! sorry to bother you haha but I wanted to ask something!! So, in your wolf!kirishima comic it says that Denki’s pack and so is sero and mina, does that mean that they’re wolves shifters too?? And will we ever get to see them?? (also is there kamisero? Sorry my weak heart loves them yeet)

Ohohohohohohoho I’m glad you both asked about Kirishima’s pack cause boy do I have answers - okay first things first, Kirishima is only dating Bakugou and he’s the only wolf shifter in the pack (well, Mina is also a shifter, just not a wolf shifter)

In the AU pack dynamics are loosely based on how wolf packs work in the wild: in nature usually there’s an alpha couple (the “alpha male” and his mate) and the rest of the pack is made out of their pups! So by all means it’s just a family unit - once the pups are old enough to fend for themselves they leave the “pack” to form their own family - they’re social animals, so they need a pack to be happy and safe, and that reflects in the AU too. In this universe though it’s pretty normal for wolf shifters to date/marry non-shifters or shifters of other kinds, and when that happens the resulting kids might or might not have shifting abilities, which results in the process of forming a pack being a bit all over the place

In Kirishima’s case, he was born by two non-shifters who had shifter blood in them - as a wolf shifter his wolf side needed a pack to feel well (let’s say, other wolves to play with and learn from and so on) so as a kid he used to spend a lot of time with Fat and Amajiki (both wolf shifters!) who acted as a surrogate pack for the wolf in him - now he’s old enough to have his own pack tho! And while ideally that would mean he builds his own family with another wolf shifter, he ended up falling for Bakugou, who’s a non-shifter and a man, which means the family plan sorta went down the drain. His wolf still needs a pack to be happy tho, and that ended up meaning he latched onto Mina (a childhood friend) and Kaminari and Sero (Bakugou’s close friends) who by this point are as close to him as if they were actual family.

So in theory Kirishima’s wolf side sees the pack as himself and Bakugou as the alpha couple and Mina, Sero and Kaminari as the “pups” - practically though Kirishima’s human side has a perfect grasp on his wolf’s instincts, so all in all it ends up just being five pals loving each other like family, no power imbalance at all (…he does get clingy after his pack members spend time with people outside of the pack, but he doesn’t ever try to stop them from socializing outside of the group and cuddles and general close proximity are all he needs to make his wolf feel better!)

…as you can see, I spent more time on this AU than strictly necessary haha

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  • JACK: I was reading about the family unit, and the internet says that a child can have a father and a mother, a single parent, two mothers or two fathers.
  • DEAN: Was there a question in there?
  • JACK: Are you my dads?
  • DEAN: ...
  • CAS: ...
  • DEAN: I'm sure you don't think of me as your "dad".
  • JACK: No, I actually do.
  • DEAN: Oh, you-...? Sam's been the one looking out for you since day one.
  • JACK: Yes. But I see him more as an uncle.
  • DEAN: ...
  • CAS: ...
  • JACK: ...
  • DEAN: Then, yes, we're your dads. If it helps you make sense of it.
  • JACK: It does. Thank you.
  • CAS: ...
  • DEAN: Well, guess we have a kid.

when will some shippers learn to tag???? if all youre going to do is shit on other people’s ships, pls just keep it to yourself or just not tag that certain ship, censore it even if u really wanna talk about how much u hate it..dont ruin people’s fun, okay??? let us hype whatever ship we want and we’ll let you hype whatever you want


thank goodness for Lid, who isn’t as clueless

(i’d tag the friend partially responsible for this but she isn’t active on tumblr alfhkjakjfh)

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I've just been stalking your art tag and like how do you draw Natalie Dormer and Sophie Turner so well??? I can never get their features right. Especially if I'm trying to do a sansaery piece ffs. Teach me your ways

okay get ready for the lamest tutorial.. i’m no one to teach anyone to do anything, (also i’m a loser for this stuff) but if this kinda helps, here it is:
what i usually do (and that’s just the whole thing, actually) to get their features more or less right is to pick up a pic of the character you’d like to draw (in this case we use margaery, even tho i dont need a reference for her anymore cause im sick and i draw her 24/7)

then i look for her main features, like arched and thin eyebrows, slightly turned up nose, rounded cheeks and chin, and that damn smirk

i start with her face shape (rounded cheek and chin)

and i keep drawing the nose and eyebrows

and so on

until you get the whole thing. Basically i just try to make them look alike exaggerating their features a bit… and that’s it

Hello! I just did my first follow forever on my main blog for reaching 10k posts and so… here on my sideblog, I reached 1k posts which is 10 times less but it’s a cute milestone hehehe ♡ and we can mark this day with this pretty post (and these edits i’ll do once in a blue moon,, plus I did a ref’ to Hello, don’t mind it,,,, 👀)

Thank you for everyone that is following me and for reblogging, enjoying(??) the contents i create!♡ And I never said it before, but I love reading your tags/texts that you add to my posts (I read most, prolly all, of them hehehe) – Plus thank you for all the love that you’ve given me ;o;

As is it a sideblog, I do follow blogs that aren’t Nu'est/Wanna one centered and I can’t be sure if I follow them for here or there lol So I hope I don’t forget anyone or mis-@ someone 😣(and sorry if I tagged you in the other ff too..)

🍬🍭🍩🍰🍪 = mutuals (represented as sweets cause most of them are,,, so sweet?? how is that even possible)(and i’ll surely miss people because Tumblr sucks at sideblogs options… and because I may not know your main blog…) | bolded = people that marked my mind somehow (when I see your URL, I remember you for specific things that may be the fact that we had a talk (as insignifiant as it could be), that you make beautiful gifs/edits/gfx, that we tag each others in things, or whatever really ♡)

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  • someone: *tags pidge in a post where pidge does not appear*
  • me: I don't know who you are. I don't know what you want. If you are looking for ransom I can tell you I don't have money, but what I do have are a very particular set of skills. Skills I have acquired over a very long career. Skills that make me a nightmare for people like you. If you let my daughter go now that'll be the end of it. I will not look for you, I will not pursue you, but if you don't, I will look for you, I will find you and I will kill you.

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To your anti orochimaru post: I was just thinking how fucking weird it was that they just let the dude get away with everything. Like ffs this guy destroyed a village, killed a hokage and a kazekage, tortured and experimented of children and these dudes are just like: its ok hes cool now. What?!?! WHAT?!?!

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Mizuki–you remember him, the guy who tried to get Naruto to steal the Shadow Clone jutsu–is still in ninja prison as far as we know. (There was a filler where he broke out and became an evil furry and then was put back in jail.)

Crimes? Injuring a ninja (who fully recovered) and trying to steal a scroll (failed)

Crimes? how much time do you fucking have
Sentence? Has own lab, with dedicated team of extremely powerful ninjas, to continue extremely cruel and involuntary experiments on children–but it’s cool now! They’re his own clones so they’re, like, property, right? Disposable. I mean the important thing is, he’s beneficial to Konoha’s military interests. Long live the shinobi system!

Wow. Such Hokage. Very justice.

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I Don't Want To Be Your Friend (i wanna kiss your neck) - LayALioness
She finds Bellamy back on that floral couch. They’d moved it into the screened room for the winter, and then back out again once the days grew long and warm. It was becoming another tradition, apparently. And so was this; him smoking on the sofa, her head on his shoulder, voices low in the early morning while everyone else was asleep and the world felt like it belonged to them, just for the moment. “Someone had fun,” he teases, flicking at a spot on her neck. Clarke reaches up to feel the tender skin; Glass must have given her a hickey while they were getting carried away. She flushes, but he’s looking back at the sunrise. “I always have fun,” she reminds him, and he groans. “Yeah, I remember.” “This is my favorite part, though,” Clarke says, curling up a little more against him so he’ll put his arm around her for warmth. She’s still kind of drunk, so she’s not sure if she’s making sense, but she trusts that he’ll get it. Bellamy always seems to understand what she means. “Just--us. It’s my favorite.” Bellamy stubs out his cigarette and leans back against her. “Mine too.”
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The 100 (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake & Octavia Blake, Octavia Blake & Clarke Griffin
Characters: Raven Reyes, Jasper Jordan, Wells Jaha, Lexa (The 100), Monty Green, Nathan Miller
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, High School, Friends to Lovers

There are some fics you stumble across randomly that just blow your mind. Guys. Whatever you are doing, stop and read this. I have read my fair share of Bellarke AUs, but this is the best one I’ve ever read. I don’t have words for how good it is. Seriously. My mind is just blown.

I don’t think people always realize why or how some people like Severus Snape. Multiple times tonight I’ve been reminded just how much like Snape I can be. I’ve had to stop myself from saying things because “well others” or “can’t be that bitchy” and in the process get reminded that SNAPE helped me see that.

Snape went off on so many people, never once questioning his thought process and yet still likely holding back so much. Not because he questioned but just because …. then you have things saved for later or it’s not the right time. I’m Snape, with a bit of support and help. And that means so much to me because despite everything …. i didn’t join the KKK or some other bigoted group … I joined the military.

I still joined a group. I still joined a social organization that while presented for one thing was really more another, and while I still, to this day, love my military service and would do it again to this day …. i acknowledge its for what it was presented about (diplomatic relations, exploratory understanding of things, etc) and not the other aspect (inserting the American way onto others, war, violence, patriotic duty, etc).

Snape is similar. He joined a group thinking it was about a certain thing only to find out it wasn’t (admitedly for him it took attack on someone he knew personally, for me …. well it was less personal and more “it can’t really be that bad?” as I looked at multiple tumblr posts over the years). Snape just … never got help.

I honestly don’t think people identify with Snape or like him so much because he’s just as complicated as they are. Like, here is this man with this past of abuse and neglect and bullying that for some reason thought this bigotted, dark group was right for him only to turn and go “shit no” yet STILL never once get help for his stuff. He went it alone. All his mental helath problems nad physical health problems he was always ALONE. Even when friends with Lily, from everything we get of their interactions … he never let her know how bad. He was always, admittedly by choice more often than not, alone. But no one bothered to understand.

Dumbledore himself said that he sees what he wants to see, while not admitting he sees in Harry what HE wants to see. He sees the bits of Lily and James he can use, just as Snape sees all the same arrogance and disregard for rules James had (which is, despite Snape’s association of the traits, rather accurate for a lot of HArry’s behavior).

Tonight, I walked away from a potentially violent fight because of Snape. Because of Snape I was able, repeatedly, to remind myself I could make it through tonight. Because of Snape I held on. I’m not sure some people who go at Snape and his fans, realize just how much this man helps us just go “Okay, well, if I made it through today without strangling someone or getting in a fight, I can get to tomorrow”. Because if they did, maybe I could get on tumblr and look up SNape without immediately seeing hate.

Snape helps me. He reminds me I’ve seen my flaws, that I’m not always right, that I’m not perfect but i cant keep moving forward. He’s showed me that the past does matter, that no matter how much people want to discount your past does impact your present, especially if its traumatic. Even today, I have to step back from my irrational addict mindset and go “No, you aren’t insane, your memories and childhood are different and they don’t understand that. Doesn’t make you wrong, just on a different track they can’t seem to cross with”

So, for all you who want to shit on Snape daily and go after his fans (even telling us to kill ourselves or call us things like rapists and terrorists and bigots), I”m not any of the things you think. I’m merely a girl who has struggled with life so much and has seen a kindred spirit in Snape that is a wonderful example of how bad someone can get. A wonderful show of, no matter how far you fall you can still crawl back up because as long as YOU acknowledge your own past and work to change (like refusing to let someone use a racial slur) than you have improved.

BCNightSquad Is Back, Bitches!

On a dark, moonless night many turns ago, a group of secret agents joined keyboards to battle the forces of apathy, shipwars, and negativity.

The Motive

Bellarke.  Positivity.  Smut.  Fluff.  Kissing.  Love.  Romance.  Happy Endings.

Once a week, our Agents drop a batch of bellarke minifics to the inboxes of active members of The 100 fandom. Whether you make fanfic, gifs, fanart, meta, vids, or are just an awesome shipper, you may find us on your doorstep!  An inbox message doesn’t have to be dramatic–we believe it can be something full of delight and joy. Some fics are smutty, some fics are fluffy, and some are in-between. Prompts and requests are welcome, and are written on a preference-only basis.

Last season we had four agents, but this year we are proud to welcome Agent #5 to our ranks. Agent 5 has already done three longer one-shots during our hiatus fic party, so check out her tag.

The Blog

Approximately 2 days after fics go out, we post them to our blog for everyone to read, each story only 500 characters.  

“What do I do if I get a fic?”

If @bcnightsquad sends you an Bellarke fic, we really hope you enjoy it! If you like it, post it and tell us!! Though we be secret agents, we thrive on attention.  In the spirit of creating fandom positivity, your best bet is to tag it: #bellarke, #the 100 fanfiction, #BCNightSquad, #bellarke fanfiction, etc.  If you prefer not to post it, you can always reply directly to the ask, or hold onto it. :)

“Uh… I’m not into that.”

Although we try our best to research ahead of time, sometimes we send out a fic to the wrong person. Maybe we sent you smut when you only read gen, or maybe you just don’t like surprises. If ever we intruded on your space in a way that made you unhappy, know that we deeply apologize.  If you wish to be removed from our recipient list, our inbox is open. You can also message us with the tumblr PM thing.  Any such requests will be kept private.

“Neat! How do I get sent one?”

Although we started last year by finding people on the ship tags, you are ALWAYS welcome to message us asking to be included. It may take a couple weeks, but we’ll send you something!  Please include your preferred rating and any prompts.

So that’s the deal, friends.  Follow @bcnightsquad to see our weekly updates, reblog to share the love, and keep spreading the positivity!

A Long Way Down

A/N: I may have gotten ridiculously emotional at 4am last night thinking about Wish!Killian and his daughter. Then this happened. Completely unbeta’d and written on a serious lack of sleep, so forgive me for any errors.


The moon shone bright overhead as Killian snuck up to the base of the tall tower. In any other circumstances, the captain would have felt exposed by it, but the thick brush and vines that extended the length of tower provided the perfect cover. Anyways, he was certain that the coast was clear; he had spent the past few hours making damn sure of it, in fact.

A quick flash of light, followed by two long ones, two short ones, and another long one, repeated over and over. Just as he’d taught her.

Mindful of the sharp thorns that protruded in the usual areas from the web-like growth, Killian began scaling the stone wall of the tower. It was a climb he had made numerous times before, and he would have sworn he could have made it to the top window just as quickly even without the glowing sky to guide him. Still, he found himself nearly puffing with exertion as he hauled himself through the paneless window, rolling over the edge and collapsing in a graceless heap on the stone floor.

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December’s Writing Commissions

Hello, everyone!  I will be opening fanfiction commissions- for a few reasons, in part because money is tight and because this grants an opportunity to further exercise my writing and hopefully give readers something to enjoy.

Some key points:

  • Main fandoms include but are not limited to Hetalia, Harry Potter, and Yuri on Ice; if you consult the list in my blog description, there is a more full list of all fandoms I would be comfortable writing for
  • I can include pairs you may want, though for Hetalia the pair I feel I can provide the best quality for is RusAme, FRussia, FrUK and USUK
    • Pairings can go beyond this
  • I will write original works if you wish too
  • Maturity ratings can go as high as T
  • $1 for 100 words; we can absolutely discuss length if you have a preference
    • On my own I write quite a bit, so if you specifically want something shorter or longer feel free to let me know
  • I will write in OCs for just $1 extra per OC, just for adjusting to writing someone else’s character
    • Anything you want the OC to do in the fic, feel free to let me know
    • If you want an OC shipped with a canon character that can be arranged too
  • You can be as specific as you want with the prompt
  • If something is not to your liking after the final payment is made I will gladly go back and edit- no need to pay more either
  • Payments done through PayPal
    • I think we’ll do half as a down payment, the remaining half when finished (but if something doesn’t quite work let me know, it’s cool)
  • I think I will start with 5 open slots and see how this goes- depending on demand more might open up?

My writing can be found under my December Writes tag, RusAme Fanfiction, Hetalia Fanfiction, FRussia Fanfiction, and my FF and Ao3 pages, December Writing Dragon and StarlightOnInk respectively.

For any questions, feel free to instant message me here and email my at (with subject line Writing Commission or something similar) We can hash out prompt details and length so you get exactly what you want.

I thank you so much for taking your time to read this and hope I can provide something that will make readers happy. I really feel honored to be apart of so many great fandoms and groups on here and to be able to help my financial situation by doing what I love would be a dream.

Reblogs are appreciated!


WOAHHHHHH HEYYYY omg wassup yall its been ages. Fucks sake being an adult took my life over.
Give me a few hours to catch up with the latest Drarry stuffs omg im dying to read a fic.

Shit how you all doing with the whole america thing? Ffs everything is a mess in the world. If any of my besties on here changed their urls message me your new ones.

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Chapter 19: Interspecies Romance [ AO3 ] | [ ]

“You can’t not go,” Hermione reminded him, interrupting bouts of careful lipstick application in the sitting room mirror to frown bossily at him. “Your father’s going to out us if you don’t, remember?”

“Oh, he knows nothing,” Draco muttered, tossing the newspaper aside. “So he knows I’m a contract killer and you’re a maniacal boxing sociopath. So what?” he prompted, throwing his hands in the air. “So we have our lives and reputations ruined. It’s fine. There are worse things.”

“Like what?” Hermione scoffed, and Draco rose to his feet, taking a few steps to stand behind her.

“LIKE THIS DINNER,” he barked, and she promptly dropped her lipstick, turning to scowl at him.

I noticed how much hate there is in each Fandom so i decided to create something with a little Fandom Positivity aka good things about that Fandom. Let start with Shameless.

Dear Shameless Fandom, you are amazing because:

Almost all of you ship the same ship (Gallavich) thus ship wars are rather rare.

You can tag correctly, so I never find anti- post while being in not anti tag.

You don’t have too much fanarts but holy hell when you do something it’s bound to be amazing.

Fanfiction. Holy fuck Fandom, how did you do that? You have sooooo many ff, each of them amazing and different. If I’m being honest the best ff I’ve ever read were Gallavich ff.

Your love for each character, starting with baby Liam, through Mandy and Svetlana to our favorite bartender Kev - if you like character you are devoted as fuck.

I have to go back to ff: almost all ff include fluff or smut, because of nature of the show. How you all fit that in little crack fics is beyond me.

The ability to explain every single action of each character just to make some other person cry - that’s a big thing Fandom, and you nailed it.

YouTube videos. Have you seen your Gallavich videos? They are perfect. All of them. Could be more crack videos, but with rest crack vids seem unimportant.

Your hate to Sammi and Terry. I’ve never met anyone who would like or support those character. Keep your enemies lock up 6 feet deep, am I right?

Also mutual respect to every new guy that dates Fiona and every new girl that goes into Lips way. You may have your favorites but I didn’t see much hate towards poor love interests.

Hate towards Kash and Lip’s teacher. I support everyone who wants to kill a pedophile and that’s you Fandom.

Noone is quite sure how many Milkoviches there are and I think it’s a beautiful mess right there.

Carl Gallagher is a cute killing cinnamon roll who deserves the world. Also a hufflepuff.

Soulmate au, kings au, hogwarts AU… You have everything, Fandom.

You are small (not too small but far away from all big fandoms) but there is at least one new post on tumblr and one new fic on AO3 each day.

And at the end some little details you all agreed to like:
Mickey would be a mechanic if he had a job.
Svetlana is not amused by Gallavich love but ships them.
Mandy is always hitting on Ian and supports their relationship.
Fiona judges a little but only because she cares.
Carl may be bi.
Carl loves Mickey.
Svetlana is more into girls.
Svetlana, Mickey and Ian are great parents to Yev.
Mickey likes Liam the most of all Gallaghers.
They would connect their last names when they get married.
Mickey-bossy-bottom-Milkovich and Not-that-innocent-Ian Gallagher.
Fiona picks assholes as her bf.
Lip can be an asshole and teases the rest a lot.
Frank is always bad parents.
Terry deserves to die in hell.
Baby Liam is always a baby even if every other character grows up.


come over and start up a conversation with just me

So… I could swear I did queue this for earlier today yet I can’t see it nowhere??? Can anyone confirm I’m not crazy???

As I said before (maybe) I had one of the shittiest weeks ever but at least I managed to do something with this. Yay me.

ps. when I said this was an AU, I really meant AU. Also: this is still a mess but I still hope you like it.  here’s part 1 in case you missed it/can’t remember what’s about lol 

That’s all, ily.


She could feel them from all over the place; some heavy and lingering and some flittering, quick ones. Was there something on her face? On her clothes? Had she mismatched her outfit? Ámbar frowned before looking down at her white shirt and blue skirt, checking to see if everything was in order, but nothing was out of place. She wasn’t going crazy, she knew that. They were definitely, shamelessly, staring at her.

She huffed, glaring and rolling her eyes at everyone who was looking on her way to one of few the tables available; her mom had borrowed her car that morning without notice, leaving her to take public transportation to the faculty, which made her arguably late for her first class (she was ten minutes early for her teacher to arrive, but she was late to grab one the best seats in the room) and annoyed with the world.

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here’s some of my sakakura headcanons bc I have…a lot of them and some of them are cool I guess

  • he has freckles.  everywhere.  mostly on his cheeks though
  • oftentimes he and yukizome would work all night before a big event if munakata needed to be present for it so munakata could go to sleep for awhile (this rarely, if ever, worked)
  • munakata and yukizome constantly went over budget for these things and sakakura was the one who had to keep them from going too extravagant and landing themselves in debt for the rest of their lives
  • he had a lot of pent up aggression when he was a kid bc he didn’t know how to cope healthily with being gay so he straight up started a fight club when he was 11 years old 
  • he doesn’t like to put anything in his body that can alter his boxing performance negatively so he doesn’t drink or even use caffeine really.  he gets even stricter about it when he becomes head of the sixth branch
  • because he’s been on such a strict diet his whole life he’s a fucking awful cook and thinks pepper is a risky, exotic spice 
  • really everything he’s ever cooked has tasted like paper with maybe a hint of dirt
  • when he and munakata start dating they have no idea what to do to have fun because they are the most serious people on the planet and probably find a serious amount of enjoyment in a game of chess or a puzzle
  • his favorite animals are birds because at one point when he was at His Lowest he saw gay birds on campus and it was the first time he ever saw anyone or anything like him
  • he has no thermoregulation and is always fucking freezing and that’s why he wears that jacket EVERYWHERE, but munakata and yukizome don’t know that because he wants to be able to give them his jacket if they get too cold and doesn’t want them to refuse 
  • he doesn’t have very expensive taste at all so nobody realizes how Loaded he is (ex world class athlete, high ranking position in the FF, you get the picture) until he starts buying kyosuke “the world is straight up over but I gotta have my chandelier” munakata whatever the hell he wants
  • because they’ve both been 80 years old their entire lives he and munakata exclusively refer to sex as “making love” and they think doing it without any candles lit is an extremely kinky event