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Snowbarry fluff prompts:

1. Flashfrost are the ultimate snowball fight team

2. Barry gets Caitlin to watch Frozen with him

3. Barry is always really warm after running and needs Caitlin’s colder body temperature to cool him down (AKA cuddle time)

4. Barry and Caitlin accidentally switch powers

5. Central City ships Killer Frost with The Flash

6. Barry needs a date to his ex’s wedding and takes Caitlin

7. Barry temporarily loses his powers and then immediately gets drunk

8. Snowbarry gets married for tax benefits

9. Caitlin thinks her and Barry are dating, much to Barry’s confusion, but then he decides to just go with it

10. Barry and Caitlin temporarily lose their memories

11. An alternate Earth version of Snowbarry make their way to Earth 1. Mistaken identity ensues

12. Barry and Caitlin find out that sex helps them mend the rift between them

13. Caitlin wants to have a kid and looks for a sperm donor. Barry happily volunteers

14. An alternate version of Caitlin hits on Barry, and E1 Caitlin watches, amused

15. Barry and Caitlin are secretly dating

16. A future version of Barry turns up and he’s in need of advice from present!caitlin on how to make up with future!caitlin 

I really hope someone takes one of my prompts! Or if you want I could write something from one of them to get the ball rolling! If you do take one of my prompts, tag me and I’ll promote it
I Don't Want To Be Your Friend (i wanna kiss your neck) - LayALioness
She finds Bellamy back on that floral couch. They’d moved it into the screened room for the winter, and then back out again once the days grew long and warm. It was becoming another tradition, apparently. And so was this; him smoking on the sofa, her head on his shoulder, voices low in the early morning while everyone else was asleep and the world felt like it belonged to them, just for the moment. “Someone had fun,” he teases, flicking at a spot on her neck. Clarke reaches up to feel the tender skin; Glass must have given her a hickey while they were getting carried away. She flushes, but he’s looking back at the sunrise. “I always have fun,” she reminds him, and he groans. “Yeah, I remember.” “This is my favorite part, though,” Clarke says, curling up a little more against him so he’ll put his arm around her for warmth. She’s still kind of drunk, so she’s not sure if she’s making sense, but she trusts that he’ll get it. Bellamy always seems to understand what she means. “Just--us. It’s my favorite.” Bellamy stubs out his cigarette and leans back against her. “Mine too.”
By Organization for Transformative Works

Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The 100 (TV)
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings
Relationships: Bellamy Blake/Clarke Griffin, Bellamy Blake & Octavia Blake, Octavia Blake & Clarke Griffin
Characters: Raven Reyes, Jasper Jordan, Wells Jaha, Lexa (The 100), Monty Green, Nathan Miller
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, High School, Friends to Lovers

There are some fics you stumble across randomly that just blow your mind. Guys. Whatever you are doing, stop and read this. I have read my fair share of Bellarke AUs, but this is the best one I’ve ever read. I don’t have words for how good it is. Seriously. My mind is just blown.

BCNightSquad Is Back, Bitches!

On a dark, moonless night many turns ago, a group of secret agents joined keyboards to battle the forces of apathy, shipwars, and negativity.

The Motive

Bellarke.  Positivity.  Smut.  Fluff.  Kissing.  Love.  Romance.  Happy Endings.

Once a week, our Agents drop a batch of bellarke minifics to the inboxes of active members of The 100 fandom. Whether you make fanfic, gifs, fanart, meta, vids, or are just an awesome shipper, you may find us on your doorstep!  An inbox message doesn’t have to be dramatic–we believe it can be something full of delight and joy. Some fics are smutty, some fics are fluffy, and some are in-between. Prompts and requests are welcome, and are written on a preference-only basis.

Last season we had four agents, but this year we are proud to welcome Agent #5 to our ranks. Agent 5 has already done three longer one-shots during our hiatus fic party, so check out her tag.

The Blog

Approximately 2 days after fics go out, we post them to our blog for everyone to read, each story only 500 characters.  

“What do I do if I get a fic?”

If @bcnightsquad sends you an Bellarke fic, we really hope you enjoy it! If you like it, post it and tell us!! Though we be secret agents, we thrive on attention.  In the spirit of creating fandom positivity, your best bet is to tag it: #bellarke, #the 100 fanfiction, #BCNightSquad, #bellarke fanfiction, etc.  If you prefer not to post it, you can always reply directly to the ask, or hold onto it. :)

“Uh… I’m not into that.”

Although we try our best to research ahead of time, sometimes we send out a fic to the wrong person. Maybe we sent you smut when you only read gen, or maybe you just don’t like surprises. If ever we intruded on your space in a way that made you unhappy, know that we deeply apologize.  If you wish to be removed from our recipient list, our inbox is open. You can also message us with the tumblr PM thing.  Any such requests will be kept private.

“Neat! How do I get sent one?”

Although we started last year by finding people on the ship tags, you are ALWAYS welcome to message us asking to be included. It may take a couple weeks, but we’ll send you something!  Please include your preferred rating and any prompts.

So that’s the deal, friends.  Follow @bcnightsquad to see our weekly updates, reblog to share the love, and keep spreading the positivity!



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here’s some of my sakakura headcanons bc I have…a lot of them and some of them are cool I guess

  • he has freckles.  everywhere.  mostly on his cheeks though
  • oftentimes he and yukizome would work all night before a big event if munakata needed to be present for it so munakata could go to sleep for awhile (this rarely, if ever, worked)
  • munakata and yukizome constantly went over budget for these things and sakakura was the one who had to keep them from going too extravagant and landing themselves in debt for the rest of their lives
  • he had a lot of pent up aggression when he was a kid bc he didn’t know how to cope healthily with being gay so he straight up started a fight club when he was 11 years old 
  • he doesn’t like to put anything in his body that can alter his boxing performance negatively so he doesn’t drink or even use caffeine really.  he gets even stricter about it when he becomes head of the sixth branch
  • because he’s been on such a strict diet his whole life he’s a fucking awful cook and thinks pepper is a risky, exotic spice 
  • really everything he’s ever cooked has tasted like paper with maybe a hint of dirt
  • when he and munakata start dating they have no idea what to do to have fun because they are the most serious people on the planet and probably find a serious amount of enjoyment in a game of chess or a puzzle
  • his favorite animals are birds because at one point when he was at His Lowest he saw gay birds on campus and it was the first time he ever saw anyone or anything like him
  • he has no thermoregulation and is always fucking freezing and that’s why he wears that jacket EVERYWHERE, but munakata and yukizome don’t know that because he wants to be able to give them his jacket if they get too cold and doesn’t want them to refuse 
  • he doesn’t have very expensive taste at all so nobody realizes how Loaded he is (ex world class athlete, high ranking position in the FF, you get the picture) until he starts buying kyosuke “the world is straight up over but I gotta have my chandelier” munakata whatever the hell he wants
  • because they’ve both been 80 years old their entire lives he and munakata exclusively refer to sex as “making love” and they think doing it without any candles lit is an extremely kinky event

WOAHHHHHH HEYYYY omg wassup yall its been ages. Fucks sake being an adult took my life over.
Give me a few hours to catch up with the latest Drarry stuffs omg im dying to read a fic.

Shit how you all doing with the whole america thing? Ffs everything is a mess in the world. If any of my besties on here changed their urls message me your new ones.

sketchy-scribs-n-doods  asked:

Holy f u ck your Family Friendly Felix has me just liiiittttllee bit shook, I love it to pieces! I love InFelix, but your dark!pewds has drawn me in so quick with just a few sketches omg, I love the concept! Not to mentioned that your art style is precious, I love it! All of it! All of the love! Would you mind if other people drew and posted drawings of FF!Felix? I have a wicked itch to doodle him now <3

OMG OF COURSE!  I love it when people draw my characters. Tag me when you do it so I can see it!! I love to see the creativity shared.

You can totally draw mine (credit me of course) or make your own versions of these characters. I love to see all the different story ideas and how they come together.

AO3 vs

Okay, so I have issues with how each on sets out there stuff. Like, I don’t like how doesn’t really allow for spacing? So sometimes what comes out as longer chapters on are actually two shorter chapters on AO3. I dislike the larger font on AO3 and that you can’t read it as a ½ sized layout like, but then I dislike’s inability to justify text or as said above, the lack of line spaces that can be slapped in.

Do You Believe in Miracles? Chapter 4

I’d like to first of all apologize for how long it’s taken to get this chapter published. Lots of irl crap happening to me in the last 7 months. I’d also like to give a big thanks to @ageisia​ for beta reading this and helping me get this fic out of hiatus.

Last of all, I’d like to thank tumblr for being so janky as to require some BS workaround just to get my work to appear in tag searches. So yeah, thanks tumblr you pile of utmost garbage.


Chapter 4: Long Live the Queen

“Chloé, do you have an explanation for where you were during the evacuation?” Miss Bustier demanded the moment the girl in question stepped back into the classroom. “And for the first–” she looked at her watch “–twenty minutes of class?”

“I told you before I stepped outside,” Chloé mumbled, ignoring the eyes on her as she made her way to her desk. “Restroom.”

“Well,” Miss Bustier planted her fists on her hips, “you should know that when the fire alarm goes off, evacuation takes priority over powdering your nose.”

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seven for all mankind: “we’re neighbours and we do everything together and spend all our time together and that’s normal, but someone pointed out how we’re essentially dating, but we aren’t, are we?” au

“Point fourteen: his instagram feed is basically just pictures of or with you.”

“You’re exaggerating.”

“I’m really not.”

There’s always this thing about Toukomaru that Touko is ultimately older than Komaru by 3? 4 years? I’m kinda laughing because they’d both be super gay for each other, and they both know it, but Fukawa would be like “no way, you’re too young” So imagine them saving Towa City and then getting back and joining Future Foundation properly and saving the world and years pass and there’s this super massive tension going on and Komaru would be like 

Komaru, age 17: Oops, my hand slipped, it’s on your waist now.
Fukawa, age 20: You’re unbelievably clumsy, how do you want to complete that mission if you can’t coordinate your movements at all.

Komaru, age 19: Look at this new uniform FF got me, I guess I have to change now so I don’t ruin it, look at me slowly taking off my tie.
Fukawa, age 22: Look at those loads of very interesting paperwork I’m gladly going to fill in. 

Fukawa, age 24: SHUT UP YOU’RE LIKE 12

anonymous asked:

Do you remember when TO started and we were all so bitter about Klamille and Haylijah? And now we don't care? I feel like Steroliners are still in that phase of hate. Eventually theyll get over themselves, get out of our tags and move the hell along. But in the meantime they're being hella disrespectful. Notice how we don't have conflict with Klamille shippers anymore? Like hello take a page out of their book ffs

Do you wanna know something? I care soooo little about H*lijah now. Don’t get me wrong I still despise them but I’ve accepted that they’re never going to make Kalijah happen after they copped out on it on the show and even if they did Plec would probably find a way to destroy it. 

As for Kl*mille the only reason it bothered me as such was because it was such a blatant Klaroline rip off/replacement and Camille was clearly just supposed to be a moral pet to perch on Klaus’ shoulder and assure him of what a good person he was but I never really saw it as a threat. It was almost as if the writers were dangling the ship in the CKers faces but never actually following through, the kiss was so anti-climatic and the ily was ridiculously half-hearted. It was just so one-sided and just, yawn…

Besides, I think most people were bitter because TO had such promise. Aside from the ships, we could have had an interesting show about the Original sibling, their origin, Marcel + Davina and all the drama in the Quarter. 

Instead, we got a show that revolves around Queen Baby Mama of the Wolves Hayley and her magical offspring.

I get why the SCers are upset, first off St*roline was never written properly, to begin with. It was so one-sided, rushed, Stefan never put her first and literally had to be talked into dating her. I personally felt Caroline was very diminished but that’s my personal opinion.

In all honesty, it must be horrid to finally have your ship to be canon and then to have one person just die like that. As a Stefan fan myself, his death majorly pissed me off, especially when trash bag Damon got to live happily every after and then FIND PEACE FFS.

As for the whole tag situation, the majority of SCers are tagging their stuff as anti it’s just the one person that I pointed ou that actually put their anti post in the Klaroline tag. The # system isn’t working so if I type the words ‘#anti damon’ then it will still appear in the pro Damon tags. My thing is the number of gifsets I’ve seen, dedicated solely to invalidate KC is mind blowing. 

The only problem I ever had with the CKers is that a bunch of them got pissed and spammed my inbox because of the same tagging problem and they thought I was posting in their tags when actually it was the same word identification issue.

I just feel like between TVD and TO we were all screwed over one way or the other. Once tumblr fixes the tags, if everyone just stays in their own lane and minds their business, the world will be a better place.

I was tagged by: @rockabelle

i can’t believe you’re making me do a naruto post  ( ̄◇ ̄;)

Rules: name your top 10 Naruto ships, then tag 10 others you’re curious about.

1. naruto and sasuke bc it’s been over ten years and i don’t think i will ever be over them *cries*

2. itachi and shisui bc it’s good

3. kakashi and obito but not as much anymore

4. itachi and gaara bc i have an 80K fic featuring them over on that i still have no idea how it ended up happening but one day i will totally finish it *clenches fist*

5. sasuke with team taka bc honestly how much fun shit would they get up to

6. you would think that with the bazillion characters that exist in naruto, i would actually have more ships…..

7. naruto with a good childhood

8. sometimes sakura and ino

9. kurama and more screentime

10. naruto and gaara bc let’s be honest, gaara would treat him so good also i love gaara and he deserves happiness

Just captain swan + belle fluff. (because I really want to see more cs!parents times with belle) and a hint of captain cobra swan. This is totally not @killianthesurvivor‘s fault <3

There’s no way he’s dead Emma thinks as she devours her book (not as killian does, obviously, but almost) He’s dead, son of a-

“Hello, love,” Killian calls when he unlocks the door of their home and kisses her forehead before heading upstairs.

“Hey, where are you going?” she asks when she finishes reading the page and bookmarks it. 

“I’m just returning some books Belle lent me last week!” he shouts from their room and Emma stands up when she hears his footsteps at the stairs.

“Maybe I can join you, I hid some of the brownies we made yesterday with Henry in the fridge.” Killian nods and he leaves the pile of books on the counter.

“Of course, love,” Killian put on his scarf (“We don’t want you to catch the flu,” “swan, I’m 300 years old,” “all the more reason to take care, old man”) while Emma retrieves a container from the fridge (the vegetable drawer is always her best spot to hide things from Henry) 

“Okay, let’s go,” she smiles as she passes him the books with a kiss and they head out of their house.

“Why did they think it was a good to kill the guy, though? He was the main character, the main character never dies,” she thinks out loud while they walk by the docks and she leans her forehead on his scarf when she feels the cool air against her face.

“Well-” Killian tries to avoid the urge of scratching behind his ear when she lifts her head to look at him.


“In the movie we saw with Henry-”

“Nah-ah, we don’t talk about that.” Emma glares at him and shakes her head “The movie ended the exact moment they ran away together, nothing happened after that.” When she finishes talking she hides her face on his neck again and he chuckles. 

“Whatever helps you sleep at night, Swan.” She frowns and looks down at the plate in her hands.

“You’re lucky my arms are full, mister,” she mumbles looking back at him.

“Not the only reason I consider myself a lucky man,” he quips and kisses her forehead as they keep walking.

“Can you stop being cheesy for a second? I’m trying to get mad at you,” she mutters when she feels herself blushing.

“I love you too, darling." 

"Shut up,” she says and Hook laughs because the blush has now spread all over her face.

Killian’s about to respond when they hear a loud sneeze.

“Is that Belle?”

“There’s only one way to find out”

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how to not be a ship fandom fuckwit:

tip #1: do NOT send hate to the writers bc they are not going to change their plots for you

tip #2: if your ship ain’t canon, spend some time feeding on gifs in your OWN tag rather than hating on another ship

tip #3: if you’re desperate to say something about your notp then use the damn anti-tag, no one wants to see you shitting on their ship 

tip #4: quit the anonymous hate towards shippers of your notp I mean ffs are you twelve

tip #5: be respectful to other people’s ships

tip #6: chill the fuck out, indulge in fanfiction and tribute videos rather than contributing to shipper wars

tip #7: understand that if you act like a fuckwit, you make the rest of your fandom look like fuckwits