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  • Brain: We should check on how *person who hurt me* is doing
  • Me: No I really don't like that idea
  • Brain: ...
  • Me: ...
  • Brain: I did it anyway, they're really happy without you now, just so you know.
  • Me: Fuck you

a not-entirely-earthling stinky boy

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I agree that patrcik stump is talented but he is not attractive at all so I lol at all you're tags

this is a PSA to fanfic writers that a “gen” tag is supposed to mean a LACK of romance so tagging your romance fic gen because it also includes friendships makes exactly zero sense

please, for the love of all that is holy some of us just want to read genfic and don’t want shipfic and when you use the gen tag on ao3 for shipfic that gets really difficult and really, really frustrating

Shadowhunters S2E8 - Writers Room
  • Writer 1: sooo I hear Raphael is a pretty popular character
  • Writer 1: and people are demanding for him to be featured more often
  • Writer 1: also I heard things about asexual representation and a relationship with Simon
  • Writer 2: what we should do about it?
  • Writer 1: ...
  • Writer 1: I don't know man
  • Writer 1: just fuck him up
  • griffin in the beginning of taz, uncertain of how his non straight characters will he received by his family/audience: creates a vaguely lesbian duo, never makes anything explicit, makes their story a tragedy and kills them just to make sure it's palatable

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hey someone made a post on how lance is selfish and manipulative. everyone's telling op that they did a really good job and they're all like 😫👏 in the tags but i honestly don't see anything good about this. why should ppl congratulate op for trashing lance? we get it, he's flawed. just like Every other character is. i don't understand why she had to single out lance like that. it just doesn't sit well with me. what do you think?

short answer: this fandom doesnt know when to shut up

long answer: theres a double standard with lance in this fandom for some gd reason? god forbid you crit keith but then people will make ugly posts like that and be like ‘ah yes… i meta’d’. tbh the colorism lance hunk and allura all face is so different imo. lance gets hated on and gets posts made like that where he gets criticized just for breathing i swear, hunk gets ignored (along with the fatphobic rhetoric), and allura gets a nice combo of both depending on the day (who else remembers when allura got called racist/homophobic after s2 bc she wasnt the nicest to keith lmao)


LadyD 500 Followers Giveaway!

Thanks everyone who decided they wanted to follow my crazy blog. Because It warms my heart so, I decided to do a giveaway. Something I do that I enjoy is make chapter banners for my fanfiction. So why not make one for five of my followers!?

Rules etc.

  • The giveaway will end on April 15
  • I will figure out that number/name randomizer thingy, or whatever, to draw 5 winners
  • You don’t have to be a writer to win one
  • You do have to be a follower
  • You do have to be a real person with a blog who is part of the Bioware fandom (preferably ME and DA OCs pls), and not a giveaway blog (whatever that is) or a bot
  • I will do up to two people in the image, ie OC and OC, OC and LI something like that - we can discuss if it will be possible
  • Your OC does not have to fall into the strict options we get in CC

So here’s the thing, if you end up being one of the 5 winners, we will have a chat. You will tell me about your OC and what you want for your banner/picture. I make these in photoshop to look like Illustrations. You can send me face claims (If CC never worked for you, you who just don’t have a CC version of your OC) or screenshots of your OC. Does your OC have like massively curly hair? Do they have a special tattoo that’s unique to just them? We can work with that. Abner has a unique tattoo, a septum piercing, and dreaded hair - but she still gets banners ;)

Thats it! That’s the thing! Like and reblog as much as you want to (without being a prick) and good luck!

  • *Regina smiles as she walks into Emma's house*
  • Regina: Ready to go?
  • Emma *smiles sheepishly*: Can I just start by saying you look amazing?
  • Regina: What did you do Emma?
  • Emma: And you know how you secretly love The Rabbit Hole?
  • Regina *confused*: What happened to dinner at the Italian restaurant...
  • *Snow appears*
  • Snow: Regina! You're finally here. We can get going!
  • Regina: Going where?
  • Snow: We're getting drinks to cheer Emma up.
  • Regina: Oh...I...
  • Snow: It's going to be such fun! Just the three of us!
  • *Snow goes to wait outside*
  • Regina: What happened to our date?
  • Emma: It's still going to happen...just maybe not the way I thought.
  • Regina *pouting*: I didn't picture our first date including your mother tagging along.
  • Emma: Me neither...don't worry, I have a plan.
  • Regina: What's the plan?
  • Emma: You're going to get really sick.
  • Regina: But I feel fine...
  • Emma:'re going to get a stomachache and feel nauseous and I will escort you home to make sure you're okay.
  • Regina *smiles before quickly kissing Emma on the cheek*: Good plan.
  • Emma: Yep. We better get going.
  • ...
  • ...
  • ...
  • Regina: Wait...why am I the one who has to get sick?

I have a theory. Mon El fans only like him because the actor who plays him is fit as fuck.

If he were to have the exact same personality and the exact same attitude but played by someone like Franck Ribery (google him) would they still love him and verbally attack those who do not? Or even so, if Danny DeVito was to have played him, would you still defend everything he’s ever done? Or would you call him out on it? Or would they find it creepy and hard to watch? Rather like how we do now?

Just because Mon El is gorgeous on the outside doesn’t mean not he’s rotten on the inside. Beauty is skin deep and the bloke is ugly as shit when it boils down to personality.

Am I wrong? Are people sticking up for him purely because he’s sex on legs? And not because he’s a good person deep down? Because he isn’t.

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I don't get it. How do we know Sam was awake as well? Just because Cait was? And why is it interesting that they are both in London? Isn't it a logical stop for going to SA?

He posted a picture in MPC and tagged it #canisleepnow so that implies he hasn’t slept. I assume it would be hard for anyone to sleep if all the lights were on.

On Fandom and Perspective

Can we all just take a moment to remember that participating in fandom is:

1) a hobby. It’s something people do with their free time. This is not a job for any of us. (If it were, we’d be called show writers, runners, executive producers, actors, etc.) It’s a significant hobby, something that means a lot to us personally, and it can be more significant for some than for others, but it’s basically a hobby. None of us are professional fans.

(I’m speaking here about the people that aren’t paid to be in fandom. The ‘job’ thing and engaging with those ‘job’ people has different rules.)

2) not something that supersedes your or someone else’s humanity. Behind that computer screen is a person. I like to think that each person has a whole universe inside of them. Their universe might be different from mine. They might make different choices or have different preferences than me due to whatever life circumstances have led anyone to whatever point in time they may be at. And that’s okay. It doesn’t negate my universe. If differences arise, I’m secure enough in my own to either deal with it or just go my own merry way and be happy in my own universe.

Fandom and fandom expression is just a tiny outward expression of that universe. If the significance of your fandom overrides someone else’s humanity, then you’ve probably lost some perspective. Two people smooshing their faces together and the way you express it (or don’t, for that matter) doesn’t negate the way someone else does, nor does it give anyone permission to treat anyone else as less than human.

The world sucks, yes. It sucks really bad right now. Life sucks. And we all (at least I do) use fandom to help cope with it. I understand it might be more significant for others as their coping mechanism. I understand it’s deeply personal for some people. (It is for me. I feel good when I write. Therefore, I spend a lot of time doing it. Engaging with fiction has helped me to engage with myself.)

It makes me deeply uncomfortable to see how two people smooshing their faces together (I say that as part of the Doctor/Rose fandom) can be so divisive….when it shouldn’t be. As important as fandom is (believe me, I understand how important it is, with all of my heart), on the other hand, at the end of the day….it’s just fiction. Remember, it’s a hobby.

And, frankly, the actors who play those parts, whom many of us respect a great deal, would tell you it’s not worth it….as David likes to remind everyone, this is all a bit silly at the end of the day.

We all signed up for this trash website because we wanted a bit of fun. It’s 100% less fun when someone imposes their expression of fandom on someone else. It’s 100% less fun when it becomes more serious and more important to you than treating someone else as a fellow human being.

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Idk if you've been asked this before, but what are your thoughts of Bensavi?

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So uh wherever I have a bad day (all of them) I just look at your blog and everything is better?? Idk this feels awkward to me but thank you can we be friends

(pt. 2) Your tags literally make my day as well as the posts thank you so much.

Has one acknowledgement of the tags opened a floodgate?          

I’m still not over louis filming his video in Doncaster, including all of his friends, people he had in his life since he was a kid! And (as it looks like for now) Bebe being completely fine with it, supporting his choice, travelling to donny herself to film the video, tagging herself in his home town, bringing her own friends too. This is going to be amazing, i can feel it! And I’m so pleased by what little we’ve seen (so far). I cant wait to hear the song and see the video ☺️

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how do you know that Darren and Chris are married? What are the facts?

Seriously, why are you stalking our blogs!! You know what we post?!? …and why would I share info like that with an anon who can’t be bothered to cover their tracks properly by sending an anon to me immediately after reblogging the original post and asking the same thing of the OP.

That’s just sloppy!

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12000 Days

So @missingparentheses’s Ten Thousand Days (which is great, go read it) inspired me to do the actual math on this:

I couldn’t find which day the school year started in NC in 1984, but I can assume that Rhett and Link met each other either on August 27th or September 4th of that year. So that’s either 127 or 119 days of knowing each other that year.

From 1985 to 2016, that’s 32 entire years of wonderful friendship, and 32 x 365 = 11680 days. Plus, we get an extra day every four years so that’s an extra 8 days.

And so far this year (up to June 9th), there have been 160 days.

All that adds up to a grand total of 11975 or 11967 days, which means that (if my math is correct) the boys will have known each other for exactly 12000 days either on July 4th or July 12th, 2017.

And I don’t know what to do with this information :)

Can I just point out why spurs have been the best team in the premier league this season. Firstly we have the best defensive record in the premier league- we’ve lost only 4 games this season, Chelsea lost five. We’ve scored the most goals and our goal difference is significantly better than Chelsea’s. We have a young side that honestly look happy to play. If I wasn’t a spurs fan, I’d want to be one right now. I’ve never been prouder of my club and I’m sure we’ll do well next season.