how do i tag this shit for people who dont wanna see it

au where jim and bones are best friends (obviously) who do /everything/ together except have sex. they go to movies in the dead of night, get blackout drunk, visit each other at work (though that’s usually jim just getting hurt), and all sorts of other shit. jim’s pansexual and bones is bi, so everyone figures that they’re into each other. they’re constantly arguing with people who think they’re a couple (God no, he’s just my best friend! I mean, yeah, he’s fuckin hot, but we’re not together). they dont understand why everyone thinks that until jim is giggling like a little girl when bones starts dancing around campus with him and suddenly he realizes, that everyone thinks they’re a couple because they basically are, it seems like sometimes, and hey bones wanna see a movie and get chinese afterwards, except like maybe a date this time? everyone already thinks we are so why not give it a shot?

and that’s how Leonard H McCoy, M.D., PhD ends up marrying James T Kirk