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hey everyone, so i just hit 1k followers!! i’m super excited and can’t believe how fast i’ve hit 1k, i’m beyond happy that you guys have decided to join my journey into medicine even though that won’t be happening for awhile… anyway, to celebrate, i’ll be doing blog rates for awhile!!

rules !!

  • a follow for this gal (it’s me!) would be highly appreciated but not necessary :D
  • like this post! reblogs are extremely appreciated too + i’ll add on 3 blog compliments if you do reblog!
  • send me an ask off anon with a 🌟 and your favorite organ! or if that’s too weird your favorite song works too lol
    • tell me your original content tag if it’s not easily accessible
    •  if you’re a side blog, please tell me the blog you want rated

format !! 

url: wot | basic but you make it work | radicallll dude | how’d you get that??!! | your url is my sexuality | dm me for a url trade ;)

icon: don’t understand | not my style but still snazzy | wow i love | as awesome as you are :D | GIVE | literally in the top 10 icons i’ve ever laid eyes upon

mobile theme: what the darn | cool beans | ohh that’s pretty | y e s | cries i wish mine was as nice as yours | i will never leave your blog 

desktop theme: default | awesome sauce | that is nice indeed | how much time did you spend on this don’t lie to me | i needed this in my life thank you | i’m adding this to my bookmarks bar

original content: none | not my cup of tea but still fantastic! | hmm rebloggable | your posts need to meet my queue | thank you for blessing me with this | can i just be you tbh

overall: appendix | kidney | lungs | brain | HEART 

(i’m a medblr i’m allowed to rate with organs lmao)

following: no, but i still <3 you | am now!! | yESS | it would physically pain me if i weren’t 

comments: (blog compliments will be here if you reblog!)

if this gets under 20 notes let’s just pretend it never happened heheh. please don’t let it flop! will be tagged with #lenas1kblogrates so blacklist if you’d like to not see these! thank you all again so much for 1k, i love and appreciate every single one of you :) like, reblog, and ask away!

i’ve seen posts similar to this, but they only had one type of the thing

so tag where you’re from + what you call each of these frozen treats!!

[description: frozen fruit juice in a plastic, tubular casing]

[description: frozen treat on a wooden stick, can be fruit flavoured or chocolate]

[description: ice cream on a stick coated with chocolate, sometimes covered in nougat or nuts]

Self-Updating Lore Page? Oh Yeah.

Hey, so just in case someone doesn’t know this, I’m sharing how I post and archive my lore. 

Here’s my header. See that link that says “Lore?” If you click it, it goes to an auto-generated page that displays every post labeled “Clan of the Outcast” in chronological order.

No having to manually update links lists. No interrupted reading for people who want to get all your lore at once. All you have to do is:

  1. Create a redirect page
  2. Remember to give all your posts the same tag

You can create a redirect page in the theme editor. 

In the top left drop-down menu, select redirect. Make sure “show a link to this page” is toggled, and give your link a name (mine is “Lore.”)

For the redirect, the formula is like so:


The /chrono is what arranges your tagged posts from oldest to newest!

Now, this won’t show on mobile, but you can still link to this page in posts like any other page, which will make all users able to see it! Just include it with your lore updates for easy finding. :)

You can use this for anything. I’m using it for lore, my bios, and on other blogs I’ve used it for art and RP. Anything you want chronologically available for your followers, do this!

why are people so mad that some of us like josh? i haven’t seen any of us try to paint him as a great mastermind or even as an extraordinary game player (if anything, we’ve just pointed out that he’s the only one that had a successful hoh. someone who was gunning for him was taken out of the house under his hoh - no matter how that was done. that’s just facts). all the josh fans i follow have admitted and acknowledged whenever he has said or done anything wrong (and not even some p*ul or j*dy fans are able to do that even though they’ve said and done worse things). we even admit when he’s being annoying as hell! like there are plenty of people who don’t like josh, so if you’re so bothered by our small community on trying to have fun, just block us and live your life. it’s not that serious!

(im writing this because i feel like everyone in this fandom is feeling down, and im ashamed i cant do anything. Please i encourage you to do the same. Tag blogs you love)

i really fucking love

  • @heartofpeonies (their blog is so nice, they reblog and post such heartwarming things.)
  • @quackson-klaxon (such a sweet person running an amazing account. Beautiful URL beautiful blog.)
  • @tomllholland (y'all know her already but i love their blog and im sure you do too.)
  • @tom-holla (her writings make me cry even tho its fluff?? Like?? How.)
  • @hufflepuffholland (icanteven, her writings are amazing, her support for her friends make me happy even tho im not her mutual (lmao) and such a beautiful lookin persOn?

Finally, I’ve tried to make a nice header for this “event”. I want to thank each one of you for your time and for the many mentions I got lately. I’ve reached 3.28k and I’d like to do something pretty, something easy: blogrates for everyone.


must be following this multifandom enthusiast

reblog this post (likes counts as a bookmark)

send me a 🙂 or a heart emoji (if you cannot see it clearly) for the blograte and you can tell me everything: how was your day, what’s your fave movie or song/band.

Blogrates form is under the cut.

If you don’t want to see this on your dash, enter the tag “fab makes blogrates” on your Tumblr saviour. Just like the spoilers of GOT (aha!)

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hi! so @imlouisaf i were talking and we thought that it might be nice to have a little 1d rarepair ficfest to show some love to the ships that don’t always get attention in the 1d fandom. we think it would be fun, but wanted to gauge interest before doing anything, so if you would be interested in reading/participating/supporting a ficfest like this pls interact with this post!! and feel free to send either of us a message with any questions

Hey people! So I really need some inspiration for edits, and I also wanted to do something to celebrate reaching my next hundred followers, so I’m doing some url inspired edits! I’ll try to get to as many as possible but depending on how many notes this gets I might not do edits for everyone, just the ones that inspire me the most!


  • must be following this mess
  • reblog this post
  • maybe check out my creations?(optional but appreciated)
  • must be either a hp related url or another fandom I’m in (check my navi page for my other blog if you’re not sure)
  • be patient!! some may take awhile

that’s all, and if you’re still unsure if I’ll understand your url then just send me a message with a quick explanation or at least put in the tags your fandom pls, it’ll make my life much easier!!

Hello from Inbox Guardian

Today I’m here to remind you guys about spoilers because some of us seem to still be a bit foggy on the topic and I know we get regular new comers on this blog so a refresher never hurts. I’ll put this under a cut so Nick doesn’t see some of the things I’ll be hinting at as examples, though this will remain a spoiler-free post. Nick don’t read this.

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Harry Potter Networks

Hello! Do you know/have any active HP nets? Please reply to this post with what you know! You can also send me an ask. It’s high time someone made a masterpost with all of them with what they post | how they work tags they track. It’s not necessary to put these in the ask/reply. I can figure it out for myself. :D

Reblogging this post will help too!

This post is going to be the masterpost, so feel free to like it for bookmarking purposes.

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Shoutout to all us peeps out there whose mothers/parents/caretakers always told us how well-behaved, quiet, and undemanding we were as babies and twisted that into an excuse to blame us for our own neglect and/or abuse when we got older. Shoutout to all of us who got told either to our faces or through snide comments that we never used to be this way, we used to be such good and quiet children, and now we may as well be the devil. Shoutout to all of us who spent the rests of our childhoods trying to live up to that past ideal, asking for nothing even when we were genuinely breaking down, staying silent through literal physical pain, even going behind our caretakers’ backs to get what we needed because it was better to risk being caught lying than to be guaranteed a guilt trip for a simple request. 

Shoutout to all of us who, deep down inside, still just want to throw the biggest, loudest tantrum in the world, just to make the people who raised us realize how fucking lucky they were that we put up with their shit for so many years and didn’t complain for even a second. 

And finally, shoutout to those of us for whom it’s too late or too dangerous for any such revelatory, cathartic explosion. Maybe we’re forced to depend on these people too much to risk the anger. Maybe we’ve already moved out and it would be more trouble to go back and throw accusations than to just move on. Maybe we know we can fantasize about that furious tantrum all we want, but in truth we just don’t have enough fire in us to pull it off. Or maybe we know that we can kick and scream and break everything but the people who did this to us will never, ever, ever admit or even realize they were wrong, because they just did to us what their parents did to them, what their grandparents did to their parents, and on and on and on and on. 

A shoutout and a (nonalcoholic, for those of you who don’t drink) toast to all of us. I see you. We see each other. Healing is slow and difficult as fuck, but not impossible. We’ve got ourselves and we’ve got each other. And hey, if we were strong enough to put up with years of what was essentially the emotional version of Chinese water torture, we can keep on truckin’ til the next day, and the next, and the next. Slow and difficult as fuck, 

but not impossible. 

anonymous asked:

yo man, i absolutely adore your blog but i have a question about tumblr hahaha... how do you tag on anonymous asks? because when i try it just doesnt come up with the option?? on like any platforrm i use tumblr on??? idk if you can help but thankksssss

Thanks, and as to how to how to add tags to anon asks, I usually have to wait until after I post it, and then once I hit edit it gives me the options to tag the post.

I keep seeing posts about how people are allowed to not forgive people if they don’t want to. Hey, yeah, that’s fine. Don’t forgive. Do what you feel is best for you. If you don’t want to forgive them? Fine. Don’t forgive then. That’s totally allowed.


It’s also important that you don’t let that lack of forgiveness drive everything you do. By that I mean absolutely don’t let your bitterness or anger fester under every single thought you have. Don’t live every moment seething because you don’t want to forgive that person. Don’t obsess over that unforgivable person. You deserve better than to spend your entire time thinking about someone you don’t want to forgive.

So don’t forgive. But remember to live too. That’s more important.


These are the only photos I have of myself on my phone and they’re from like 2 months ago but here ya go!
@hobbitsmind tagged me to post a selfie so I’ll tag:
@julia-lila @ugh-as-iff @capture1tremember1t @withbliss @leiabun @soyalmondcoconut @deadlysyndrome @examinethemind @tessarecovering @inlovewiththethoughtofhappiness and anyone else I may have forgotten or anyone who wants to do it! 💕🤗

anonymous asked:

why do you complain about watermarks in your tags all the time? As an indie artist who follows you, it's really annoying to see how bothered you get by people protecting their own artwork.

i’m sorry, i totally understand the reasoning behind them and why it would be frustrating to see me react like that, it just makes me sad that the only experience i will probably have with this artwork (until i get rich and can buy out all of my favorite artists) will forever be tainted by a watermark.  i still post and support the work, i just figured no one reads my tags so that’s where i chose to vent.  wasn’t aware that i was doing it that much though?  feel like i did it once this entire year…  wanna dm me so we can hash this out and i can check out your work? :)



I’ve gained a good amount of new followers lately and just wanted to check in and say hi and thank you!! I’m so glad so many of you seem to like what I do here (lol)

Here is some completely shameless self-promotion disguised as general information/a blog roll thing (all of this is in my sidebar but I have no idea how often people actually use tumblr on desktop soOOooOO)

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