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if you aren't prepared to ask fansites for permission and put in effort then why are you running a fanbase. you clearly do not understand how fansites work if you don't get how you are being disrespectful. a lot of fansites do not want their data on tumblr period. it doesn't matter if you're not profiting from it, or archiving you should have the decency to ask to share someone's property. you do it with so many fansites, some of which even say no reupload in their bio! it's lazy?

Aw man, oh no! You caught me! T_T I’ve been an ARMY for 4 years, since fucking pre-debut, because I am lazy! I stream every album, buy every album, dvd, army membership, balance this with university, spend hours a day on this fucking blog, pull all nighters, translate in the fucking woods, recruit mods, skip meals, skip events, sit in a chair for over 8 hours during BBMAs posting because I’m really fucking lazy! I don’t think you understand and you must be new here (to this world, to Tumblr, to this fandom, to fucking manners), but you can’t talk to someone on Anon like this. Come out and say it off Anon. And if we are lazy, I will gladly accept a full list from you with all the fansites and whether or not they allow reposting on Tumblr! It seems like you are the better person in this situation~ You obviously know way more than me seeing the way that you are talking down to a stranger on the goddamn internet. Also, while you are at it, learn Japanese and Korean too! Also not too sure if you read Korean, but a lot of them state don’t re-upload as in don’t re-upload without credit or on certain Korean forums as I have stated. You don’t seem to have read the ask in full either because I said I ask and I don’t get replies, and when I do they all allow uploads. Furthermore, this blog isn’t a fanbase? I didn’t ask for this? We post for fun, have never been declared by the Tumblr society or ARMY fandom that I am a fanbase. There is no name tag here that say “Hello my name is Fanbase.” And just to let you know, if you send another message I’m blocking. This lazy, indecent human being doesn’t have time, energy, patience to put up with your attitude anymore^^
- Kylie

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I thought you were quitting writing in july. i checked ur blog to see you still are. I wish with everything that you fucking quit soon! ur a shitty writer, u can't write smut, you suck at writing fluff and not to mention u can't write dean to save your life. ur not deansdirtylittlesecretblog or ilostmyshoe-79 aprofoundbondwithdean doesnt want u tagging her in ur fics because she doesn't read bs. your ugly, fat and i hope that you lose every single one of ur followers cause you don't deserve any!

First of all:

You are not a very nice person, and thats putting it nicely. Who do you think you are? You know what, it’s perfectly fine to not like my blog, you know. I’m not concerned about that, that’s your own personal opinion. But there is ZERO need for you to express your opinion over ANON to me. There is a time to express your opinion and there is a time to not. This is one of those times you don’t. Don’t wish for me to delete my blog, don’t wish for me to quit writing. Don’t do any of that. And if you hate me so much, WHY DO YOU CARE WHAT I DO? If you hate this blog, why the hell do you keep checking, why do you read my posts, why do you even type my name in the search bar? Why did you even come on my blog, click that little ask button, then flip the Anon on and type this hateful, and spiteful message, then click send huh? As a human being, if I can even call you that, it is your job to respect those around you. Just because there is an anon button, and I may never find out who you are, doesn’t mean you can abuse that.


Yeah, you know what. deansdirtylittlesecretsblog and ilostmyshoe-79 are both wonderful amazing blogs that I love reading! Following both of them was a very good decision on my part. Now, I may not exist to them the way they exist to me. I’m not either one of them, and I don’t intend to be. Part of being a writer is expressing a part of yourself through words, and through fics. I’m not the same person as Mimi or Kim. I don’t have the extreme amount of writing talent they have. They have probably been writing for longer than I have and like any writer would know, you improve over time.

And you know what, aprofoundbondwithdean hasn’t told me that she isn’t okay with me not tagging her in fics. She hasn’t told me to stop, or that she doesn’t like them, or is not including them in her wonderful shout out post.

If I’m such a shitty writer, if I can’t write smut, or fluff or Dean for that matter, why are you the only person to tell me that? I’m sure there have been 1000 people out there who have at least read one one shot that I have posted, and to be fair it was probably Dean because most of my fics are Dean. I have never had someone tell me that I can’t write Dean or fluff, or even smut. Hey my best friend has even masturbated to it.  But yes, I probably suck. 6,685 people will unfollow me within a two minute time frame of posting this.


I’ve said this once and I’ll say it again; who do you think you are? It is one thing to send me hate over this blog and what I write about and how much you hate me, but you never EVER shame someone for their body. You don’t call someone fat, and you don’t call someone ugly. You just don’t. Its going back to the whole being a decent human being. You’re a really shitty person if you feel like you need to make rude and unnecessary comments about the way they look. I can guarantee that you wouldn’t enjoy it if if were happening to you! 

It has taken me almost my entire life to be comfortable in my own skin, and I’m still not 100% confident in it, but I’ll be damned if I let some rude anon get the better of me.


Because even though I know you are just a speck of dirt on the side of the road and i shouldn’t care about what you say, a tiny part of me, the anxiety filled part of me is always going to think of this. Please never contact me again or I will find a way to find you, then I’m going to find your parents and tell them about what a shitty person you have been on the internet. This is not okay and you need to stop. You need to grow up.

Here is a list of helplines you can call. Hopefully you will and maybe you can sort everything out instead of taking it out on others.

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I don't even get your whole context thing cause it doesn't change anything at all. Norman said that Carol and Dary are not a romance so you trying to skew things and make up context excuses is just stupid. Like he said he didn't want it and was very clear about it. He was relieved that they survived and that he now gets to go find Beth. He hugged her as a thank you for saving them. That's it. You are just stupid or looking to start shit. Either way you are the asshole in this.

Hi there ‘friendly’,

It seems like you and your buddies have been quite busy plowing through the positivity, joyfulness and beauty that’s been flowing through the CARYL, Carol and MMB tag in the past few days.
It wasnt what you thought it would be, RIGHT?
Judging by the state of my inbox the ‘Context’ post (that you didn’t understand) didn’t exactly help matters and has obviously hit a pretty big nerve with some of your shipmates. 

I am guessing that all this negativity is merely a reaction to the fact that the ‘evidence’ you thought had doomed the CARYL ship into oblivion, wasn’t exactly what you thought it was nor what you wanted us to believe it was.
It’s like you were either counting on us to not look into it ourselves and take your word (quote) for it OR you genuinely weren’t able to connect the context of the magazine theme with the issues the actors were talking about.
Now I do want to mention that I am not saying ALL of your shipmates had a part in this 'misinterpretation’ but judging by the tone of your ask and the fact that the initial interview piece was published and then used to gloat, you can’t really blame me for suspecting an agenda here.
Why would a B*thyl blog post just that one quote from Norman addressing the CARYL reunion without anything else and then use it to undermine the Carol and Daryl relationship? 

Yeah…see…what I mean!

With that said I decided to answer your ask because you obviously didn’t understand what I was trying to say and because you trying to pawn this off as me instigating or “looking to start shit”

I didn’t post the article “section” even though it had nothing to do with my ship.
I didn’t use the same “section” to gloat and ridicule someone else’s ship.

What I did was RESPOND to the “interpretation” some of your shipmates tried to pass of as 100% fact and then proceeded to use to once again ridicule Carylers and their ship.
I responded by offering a complete look of how what Norman said fits with the magazine theme and I responded without tagging or attacking anyone else.
But most importantly I didn’t come into your tag or YOUR INBOX and yet you and a lot of others somehow ended up in mine, berating and insulting me for disagreeing with your interpretation of a ship you don’t ship.
That’s how “shit” gets started.

Now let me clear this up for you again!

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