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Okay so we have this locker room at school where there this one locker that isn’t connected to the others. I don’t even know if someone actually uses it because it always had the same stickers and lock ever since I entered the school. So when semester started some people began to move it randomly, but as time passed, it became a lot more intense.

So eventually the principal heard of this and got really angry, saying some students were lacking maturity and respect. So what were the students reaction to this? Turning it into a meme of course.

And that’s not even half of it, some people keep posting new ones as I write this.

Someone even made a video here

It’s the kind of thing that makes me feel a bit less bad for being meme trash.

And I know I found my people.

How I am imagining the next Yana Video
  • Danneel:*reading a book in bed* *looking up* Can't he leave for once?
  • Jensen:*lying next to her* You know he won't leave
  • *camera to Misha, standing next to the bed, starring at them*
  • Misha:*whispering* You are not alone.
  • *camera back to Danneel and Jensen*
  • Danneel:Well, he has a point. *she pulls back her blanket and reveals a Yana Tshirt* You are NOT alone.
  • Misha:(from the off) *whispering* Never alone.

I really hate that fans are constantly trying to argue whether a character’s good actions outweigh their bad ones or vice versa, and then sort them into categories. By doing this, fans erase something that I feel is very central to the point of the books: you can be both, and people are not clear cut objects that you can label and separate so easily. While it might be a fantasy series, one of the reasons the characters seem relatable and real is their complexity. Don’t minimize its importance.