how do i tag the heart aspect

hey I was reading @klanced’s hunk analysis and wanted to talk more about his flaws bc I think they are v important and need more recognition!!
I feel like hunk is?? actually really selfish?? like with shay and the balmera making him want to be a paladin. he didn’t get really invested unless it was personal. which isn’t a super bad thing! but it’s a character flaw, which is important. flawed characters are the ones that get the most attention and have the best stories.
he’s definitely loyal af to his friends but also definitely stubborn when he thinks he knows what’s best (and he has good instincts so I can understand why ((@ rolo and nyma)))
he’s goofy and friendly, but also impatient and single-minded. his character arc is amazing (possibly as incredible as allura’s) and shows how all that makes him a great paladin. fanworks (and canon aspects /I’m looking at you, quiz/) should focus on his bad side as much as his good side! I know you want a supporting friend character, but hunk is the caring, brilliant, stubborn, funny, selfish heart of the show and deserves sooo much more depth