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taz things i’ll never be over

a masterpost (feel free to add anything i left out, bc i definitely can’t get them all down at once)

  • magnus gave the director a coupon for one free back rub for candlenights
  • no dogs on the moon
  • magic brian
  • The Taco Quest
  • “i’ll be having my body back, you undead fuck”
  • jenkins’ rainbow bowtie
  • fuckin. johann.
  • rockport is inhabited by entirely tom bodett
  • “hot diggety shit. that is a baller cookie.”
  • garfield the deals warlock
  • “we have to get these pringles back to our roommate. was that his name” pringles”
  • fucking. leon. the coin guy. poor unfortunate soul.
  • “i’ve gotta fucking idea for ya” an taako drops to the ground. he’s been found dead in miami.
  • tres horny boys constantly antagonizing leon
  • “oh my god, you’re taako!”
  • the magnus-taako-merle chains in both petals to the metal and the suffering game
  • “avi be cool for 2 seconds”
  • “t to the double a ko”
  • taakitz
  • magnus’ pet fish, steven
  • “oh shit, sweet flips”
  • TEAM sweet flips
  • sloane and hurley
  • “tell him it’s for julia.”
  • kravitz it unable to talk like a normal Mcfreaking person
  • “cut the goofs”
  • lydia & edward are awful but they did it all for their brother???
19 Years Later

Pairing: Tom Holland x Reader

Warnings: major fluff

A/N: In honor of September 1st, 2017, also known as the day that Albus Potter first boards the Hogwarts Express, I wanted to write a small imagine. Just something sweet, short, and simple! This gif has nothing to do with the imagine but look how cute Tom is what the hell

tagged: @whormotional

I woke up before Tom did, as per usual, and got bored being the only one up in our apartment. I ate some breakfast, checked all my social media, and switched between the same three apps for two hours. Checking the time, I finally realized what day it was. 

September 1st, 2017. 

Oh. My. God.

My inner geek squealed, and I just felt like fangirling to my bestfriend. Problem is, my “bestfriend” is still asleep. Though, I couldn’t blame him. He was pretty jet-lagged from his trip when I picked him up from the air port yesterday. With his acting career taking off, he’s been everywhere lately. I’m glad he’s finally home though; I truly missed my boyfriend.

An idea popped into my head.

Oh he’s gunna love this.

I opened snapchat on my phone and decided to jump-scare him awake. I thought about how I would startle him awake as I walked back to our room down the hall. Just outside the partially closed door, I decided I would just jump onto the bed and land next to him. 

Grinning mischievously, I hit record. It was the front-facing camera and I whispered, “Tom’s still sleeping, but I think it’s time to get up.” I slowly opened the door, and tip-toed to the bed where Tom was snoring away -completely oblivious to what was to come. It was hard to keep from laughing, so I bit my lip and smiled. Then, I pounced. 

“TOMMY!” I screamed, jumping onto the bed, slightly landing on him in the process. He groaned in pain and mumbled something incoherent, turning his face towards me. After giggling a bit, I flipped the camera to film him instead.

“Mr. Holland! Thomas and friends! Tommy Turner!” I called to him obnoxiously. “Do you realize what day it is? The Hogwarts Express is gunna leave without us!” I whisper-yelled, shaking him with one hand.

I could see a smile forming on his lips, so I panned the camera to zoom in on his expression. I alternated between zooming in really close, to back out. “Mm, let it,” he mumbled. I gasped dramatically right as the video cut off.

“How dare you disrespect the world of magic like that,” I scolded. I posted the video to my story and decided to make another snap. Flipping the camera back to front-face, I hit record. “So, you heard it here first guys,” I said, getting Tom’s attention. “Tom hates Harry Potter, and the fact that he’s British just-” 

Tom cut me off by swatting at the camera, breathlessly laughing, “Darling, don’t post that! They’ll come after me!”

“Let them!” I playfully teased, getting off the bed, still filming. “You hear that guys?” I laughed, “he doesn’t want you to see the real him!” I flipped the camera to film Tom, who was now sitting up on the bed looking at me with a playful glare. “This is the real you Tom! It’s time to show the world! I must expose you for the fake Brit that you are.”

I zoomed in on his face, and he tried to keep the glare, but failed when I whispered, “Repello muggletum.” He ended up laughing so I ended the video, quickly posted it, and put my phone away before joining him again on the bed. I wrapped my arms around his neck and gave him a peck on the cheek, “You said croissant wrong and they made a whole meme out of it, I’m sure this’ll be fine.”

He wrapped his arms around me and grumbled into my neck, “I don’t say it wrong.”

I pulled away, still in his arms, “Well quackson boy, it’s practically a holiday today, so we have to celebrate!” I tried to get up, but Tom held me in place.

“No, let’s just sleep and cuddle all day,” he protested, hugging me tighter.

“As tempting as that is,” I said, pulling away, “how about we marathon Harry Potter and cuddle on the couch? We’ll order in too so we don’t have to go outside.”

He grinned up at me and said, “I love you Y/N.”

I smiled and kissed his nose, “I know.” 

camping w/ the parkers!

me: the queen of ignoring requests and bringing out headcanons no one requested– yet again! (other than my babe del, @sunrisehunny


  • you can’t actually remember who came up with the idea to go camping
  • it must’ve just slipped into casual conversation 
  • and then you and peter were staring wide eyed at each other 
  • like are you think what i’m thinking 
  • and then you’re both scrambling out the door together, peter already calling out like 
  • it took a lot of pleading from the both of you 
  • at first may was straight out like nope 
  • i mean, money was tight, it meant having to find days up to drive up, pay and everything just = stress
  • but eventually you both swayed her
    • c’mon! i have great grades and i’ve been doing all my chores- please may
    • i’ll pay for the camping site! and we can use our old camping gear! it like already planned!
  • when she was still not completely convinced
  • out comes puppy eyed peter 
  • because he knows that never fails to persuade may 
  • when she sighed, you both silently celebrated because you knew it meant she was on board 
  • she was a bit questioning, raising her eyebrows at you 
    • you realize you’ll have to sleep in different tents? i don’t want no funny business 
    • w-whAT m-may no! it’s not like that!” 
  • /nervous laughter from both of you/ 
  • because nothing is official but it’s lingering but it doesn’t mean you aren’t awkward when anyone acknowledges it 
  • you both retreat back to peter’s room, cheering and excited because yes!!!!
  • what was supposed to be studying for school 
  • turned into studying to make this the best camping trip ever
  • peter literally has so many articles on camping ideas saved in his phone
  • whereas you were making sure you had enough smore ingredients for all the days you were staying there
    • i don’t think we need that many marshmallows y/n
    • pfft, you can never have too many marshmallows parker
  • (if you’re vegetarian or vegan, peter hunts for ages in the supermarket to find an alternative for you)
  • the roadtrip up was a wild ride 
  • it’s was just a giant food fest in the car 
  • peter hogged the gummy bear packet like a lil asshole
  • & the tunes made the entire ride a fuckin jam 
  • yes you definitely had a lip sync battle 
  • though your spice girl’s “wannabe” was a valid song choice
  • it couldn’t beat peter’s rendition of britney’s “baby, one more time” 
  • i mean he was dramatic 
  • it was such a magical and beautiful performance
  • you couldn’t stop laughing the whole time 
  • and may found the whole thing very amusing 
    • what can i say? britney calls to me 
  • during the gas stops, you have to go buy more marshmallows because peter got hungry and starting eating them 
  • and then like not even 3 minutes up the road, you spot a real fruit ice-cream store 
    • oh please may! can we get one!!
  • so, again, you manage to persuade to her to pull over and buy you all ice-creams because she love spoiling you guys
  • adorable peter parker getting ice-cream all over his face because he’s having the time of his life, devouring this ice-cream 
  • somehow, you guys manage to make it to the campground before midday 
  • who knows how 
  • may wanders off after parking the car, saying she was going to find out where to pay, a faint call of “set up the tents! 
  • she ends up finding the cutest park ranger and flirts with them 
  • hint: you both suck at setting up tents
  • it takes forever for you to figure this shit out 
  • y/n try not holding the instructions upside down 
  • right extreme blushing
  • you eventually get one of the tents about half set up 
  • but then peter
  • a clusmy lil dork 
  • trips over the tangle of guy ropes (you know those things that keep the cover of the tent tight)
  • and ends up taking down the tent with him as he desperately tries not to fall 
  • failing miserably
  • you can’t even be mad at him for ruining your progress 
  • because you’re laughing so hard
  • like this is side splitting laughter
  • he’s just glaring at you as he struggles to escape the twists of ropes
    • stop laughing! and- help- me- out! 
  • but honestly 
  • it just makes you laugh harder 
  • because the mighty, amazing spider-man is contained by some guy ropes
  • you whip out that phone and peter’s eyes widen as he struggles faster
  • ultimately making it worse for him 
  • the video you get of him is him struggling, very frustrated before he spots the camera and pouts angrily 
    • y/n! stop recording and help! me! 
  • you just zoom in with your camera on peters frowning face
    • i swear, if you weren’t cute” 
    • oh shh, parke– wait, c-cute?
  • an awkward silence as peter’s cheeks glow are he realizes what he said
  • “i-i mean, i’m not gonna say y-you’re not because a-are but–” 
  • and you couldn’t leave this cutie tied up after that adorable comment 
    • alright, i’ll help you out, now hold still ” 
  • it’s awkward grins and blushing cheeks as you silently detangle him 
  • but you just turn on some jams on your speaker
  • and goofily dance & sing as you set up the tents 
  • it’s quite a workout tbh 
  • so when you’re finally done, you’re slightly puffed as you sit at your camps spots picnic table 
  • peter then get’s this boyish grin 
  • which means he’s got an idea
    • you wanna go for a swim? 
  • changing supa quickly, you leave the tents behind 
  • may’s still living it up with the hot park ranger
  • you reach the river bank 
  • and the river looks magical 
  • i mean the sun is still high in the sky & you can definitely feel the heat
  • you can’t wait till you get into the water
  • so you don’t wait
  • with a running start, you jump off the rock like ledge and cannonball into the rushing water
  • peters watching you with that look of awe he always has when you make his heart go !!!
  • it’s refreshing as fuck
  • you come up grinning, shaking out the water in your hair briefly 
  • but peter’s still standing nervously at the end of the ledge
  • he’s fiddling with the edge of his tee-shirt 
  • because thIS GODDAMN CUTIE
  • is still shy and nervous about being shirtless
  • not that he needs to be 
  • because he doesn’t radiate confidence
  • and he’s never really had someone to tell him that’s he good looking or attractive 
  • and the lack of relationships in the past means he’s forever had this budding self doubt 
  • but you’re just floating up on your back, staring at the canopy of tree leaves above and sighing at how beautiful the moment is 
    • c’mon peter! it’s sooooo nice in here
  • when he doesn’t reply, you roll onto your front to see what the problem is 
  • he’s still looking nervous, with his eyes screwed shut, gripping his tshirt tightly
  • he’s just thinking come on peter it’s just a tshirt and it’s just y/n why are you making such a deal 
  • but you know peter so 
    • peter, you know you don’t have to take it off, right?” 
  • the change is instant
  • after your assurance as he relaxes and un-tenses, drops his shoulder and gives a small relieved smile
    • just get in!
  • and you make sure to send a splash in his direction with your words
  • he gasps dramatically when you get his shirt wet
    • oh it’s on!” 
  • grinning, he takes a running start and cannonballs in, creating a wave of water
  • you get soaked in water
  • again
  • he pop’s up, beaming at you 
  • and does that weirdly hot things were he shakes out his hair like a dog 
  • but it’s adorable and hot???
  • why is that so hot
  • and oh my god the grey shirt he is wearing is clinging to his skin 
  • leaving very little to imagination 
  • if fact it’s so distracting
  • that you’re only knocked out of your thoughts when peter swipes his legs and yours buckle, plunging you under water
  • when you surface, he’s already swimming in the other direction 
  • because he knows you’ll want revenge
    • i swear to god, parker! get back here! 
  • luckily, you’re slightly speedier than him 
  • not really
  • but peter goes slow for your sake
  • so you launch yourself at him, gripping onto his shoulders 
  • but suddenly his hands have come up under your thighs so it’s a piggyback 
  • and instead of getting your revenge, you’re desperately clutching at his chest fro dear life as he spins around trying to throw you off
  • he’s not really trying throw you off 
  • he just loves how you laugh so loudly & hug yourself closer to him 
  • he stops spinning, looking over his shoulder & falling so so so much more in love 
  • because you’re still laughing, a crazy grin on your face with a flushed face but you look so happy
  • you two spend so long in the river 
  • you try not to show it but you definitely check peter out when he finally gets the confidence to take off his shirt
  • the cutie immediately sinks under the water after he pulls it off, hiding his red cheeks because he’s still embarrassed 
  • but eventually you just float on the top of the water together 
  • your hands are both outstretched, barely touching 
  • but it’s enough for now 
  • you guys only get out when peter notices you’ve starting shivering ever so slightly 
    • c’mon, you’re shivering. we should get back now anyways, so may’s not worried 
  • except at one point your towel somehow got soaked 
  • peter offers you his towel straight away 
  • despite how shy he is about being shirtless & out of the water
  • he can’t have you being cold 
    • just take it, y/n, you’re shivering
  • so reluctantly you take it & wrap it around your shoulders
  • & then immediately, open you arm to invite him into the towel 
  • he grins sheepishly before ducking under it with you 
  • you two walk back together
  • huddling together under the same towel 
  • which is good because somehow peter is still very warm
  • so you stop shivering pretty quick 
  • may still isn’t back 
  • i mean she’s really hit it off with the hot park ranger 
  • (his name’s brandon and may still hasn’t paid for the camp ground yet) 
  • but by the time you & peter get dressed and dry she’s back
  • but it took awhile bc tents are very confined 
  • and peter insisted on squeezing into skinny jeans 
  • well, until he got them half on and realized they weren’t going any further 
    • y/n… 
    • yes? 
    • i need help 
    • with what? 
    • my, er, uh, my skinny jeans are stuck 
    • oh dear god. why didn’t you just put on sweatpants like a normal person! 
    • shut up and help me please
  • a lot of your time spent with peter is helping him out of weird situations
  • it was a little awkward ofc 
  • you laughed at his batman boxers & he blushed furiously 
    • he’s cool! 
  • and with lots of tugging
  • lots of tugging
  • you finally you managed to free his legs
    • okay, skinny jeans were definitely not a good idea, peter 
    • i know that now
  • so finally, you’re both dressed n dry 
  • you definitely stole one of peter sweaters btw 
  • but boi 
  • peter’s hair is still slightly wet which means its curly 
  • you seriously can’t stop looking at it??? 
  • peter get’s supa shy about it 
    • is–d-does it look weird? i know usually don– 
    • no! it looks nice, i-i like it. 
  • he smiles extra fuckin wide at that & his heart does another little !!!
  • added to peter mental notes: curly hair more often
  • dinner is a fun time because you all just ramble about how great your time has been here already 
  • may definitely gets carried away talking about dreamy brandon
  • but then she assigns you and peter to the task of starting the fire 
  • you’re the one who eventually gets the flame to catch 
  • sticking your tongue out at peter 
  • who just grins in return 
  • his hair is completely dried now and it’s so curly you’re speechless because he’s so fucking adorable
  • and now you have a decent fire
  • you bust out the smore ingredients 
  • however, peter sucks cooking marshmallows  
  • seriously he manages to set them on fire 
  • every
  • single 
  • time
  • but luckily for him, you’re a master at the art of roasting marshmallows
  • so he just begs you to do his after burning his 4th one (in a row)
  • may looks like she wants to leave but you suspect it’s because of mcdreamy brandon invited her for tea at his campfire
    • may, you don’t have to babysit us– go & visit you’re hot park ranger, we’re not doing anything here, just gonna eat smore & set random stuff on fire” 
  • intense glaring from may 
  • she does go (it doesn’t take much persuading)
  • and you’d think sitting around the fire would eventually get boring but the conversation never dies
  • peter wastes marshmallows by throwing them at you 
  • but it turns into “how shitty at throwing is peter because he hasn’t landed a single one in my mouth” 
    • how are you– a fucking superhero –still so incompetent at aiming a marshmallow?
  • blushing & mumbling because there’s really no excuse c’mon peter
  • so he changes the subject like, “hOT CHOCOLATE??” 
  • so the conversation stills as you and peter both sip at your hot drinks, which you thankfully have marshmallows left over for 
  • it, again, took awhile to figure out & get the water boiling 
  • but eventually you did 
  • & now the stars are out 
  • it’s this beautiful still moment 
  • you can feel the heat of the mug in your hands & the blaze on your cheeks from the firelight
  • you hear the crackle of the bright fire & the rush of the river that’s hidden behind the dark forest
  • and gazing up at the stars overhead 
  • it’s the most serene & peaceful moment 
  • so you can’t help but curl your lips into a grin 
  • like the most cliche thing, you’re pretty sure you see a shooting star
    • peter! did you see the shooting star? 
  • but when you turn, peters just looking at you 
  • he couldn’t help it 
  • you’ve got red cheeks from the fire and an adorable red nose
  • huddled in his sweater that’s a lil too long on the sleeves
  • you’re hair has turned unruly & curly and he loves it 
  • and the way you hold you mug in the most childlike way
  • and your eyes
  • so full of wonder, staring up at the inky sky 
  • he can’t but gaze, his lips parted in awe at this beautiful person before him 
  • lucky for him, you can’t see his blush when you can’t him gazing 
  • thank god for the fire
  • but then he looks up at the sky and chuckles
    • hate to burst your bubble but that’s a satellite- an atlas v 401 probably 
    • sTOP, let enjoy my shooting star, nerd 
  • you sit by the fire till it’s nothing but embers 
  • shyly shuffling closer to peter because the cold is creeping in now but peter is forever warm
    • do you want to go to bed now? 
    • can we stay and talk in your tent? 
    • of course, that’s what i meant 
  • so snuggled in your sleeping bags, you guys play cards and gossip & tell ghost stories
  • you use the torch & a scary voice to try freak peter out 
  • it works
    • why did you have to tell a story about a weird thing in a forest! we’re literally right beside a forest!! i’m not gonna sleep now!!
    • it’s fine peter, i’ll protect you. even if it means sacrificing my flesh to the bogeyman of the forest 
    • ew, that just sounds gross
    • good, you’re not scared anymore” 
  • eventually you get really sleepy & the mumbling stops as you drift off
  • night 
  • night peter 
  • but then there’s a large rustling from outside the tent
  • it’s actually only may getting into her tent lmao
  • you can feel peter tense up before he spits out a bunch of words
    • okay-i-know-the-bogeyman-isn’t-real-but-can-you-hold-my-hand-please
  • sighing exaggeratedly, you’re not really all that annoyed
  • in fact you’re all giddy inside at the idea of holding peters hand
  • you fall asleep with your hands intertwined between your sleeping bags
  • and that’s how may finds you in the morning tangled & scrunched up sleeping bags & messy hair but still holding hands
  • tags under the cut

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First, I had no idea that the back of Seth’s Kingslayer shirt says “burn it down” but like woah is that a perfect tag line for Seth vs Triple H. it has such a connotation of just reckless destruction at any cost…

and now for some screaming about seth and dean…



(aka: ‘oh god are you here to fight me?’)


(what a nervous trying-to-be-Good-but-not-sure-how-to-actually-do-that thing for him to do. aw sethhh)

And as soon as Seth is starting to feel like he maybe understands what’s going on and is trying to get ready for the situation, Dean zags on him and starts to have a friendly side convo about his Journalistic Ambitions.

(CAN WE TALK ABOUT THE ANXIOUS/*FOCUSED* WAY SETH LOOKS AT DEAN???????? and then he hears the actual words dean is saying and his reaction is just that “hmmmmmm” answer you give people when you don’t want to disagree with them but you also don’t want to lie?)

AND THIS. Seth’s UTTER WILLINGNESS TO GET DRAGGED ALONG WHEREVER DEAN’S BRAIN WANTS TO TAKE THIS CONVERSATION??? Seth is confused but still completely willing to dive into this discussion. Idk how to explain it. One of my favorite things about one of my best friends is the way i can come at her with a question out of nowhere with no explanation or backstory and instead of being like ‘where did that come from that’s not what we were talking about’ or anything like that she’ll just jump in. I think it shows how long Seth and Dean have been friends, and how used to Dean Seth really is.

For a moment they kind of fall back into their old pattern of Seth being the informed voice of reason (the wyatts wear SHEEP MASKS not camel or llama masks what are you talking about??)

Like with all Dean Ambrose things I can’t tell if this diversion from his main goal of interviewing Seth was him feeling friendly and at ease with Seth, or him making sure Seth feels off-balance

Dean referring to himself in the third person is silly but also seems like a deliberate choice to separate himself from a situation that he’s got to have a lot of feelings about. Seth is the only one Dean really interviews this episode. Because Seth is the only one Dean has real questions for. Framing it inside of this device makes it easier for him.

I think this question might also have a double meaning. Not just “do you think you can beat me” but “now that you’re a Reformed Man, will you still give me your all? will you fight me as hard as you can?”

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Crushing On You

Wanna One’s Kang Daniel X Reader 

Word count: 3301 

• you’re a solo idol [ around Jihoon/Woojin’s age ] 

• lowkey gotta ft. SAMUEL AND SOMI I LOVE THEM [ somi pls marry me ] 

• also ft. MAUVE. [ WannaWrite Ent’s created gg I formed in my requested Yuehua scenario ] 

• Kang Daniel likes you hurh hurh ;) 

hello !! [ i need to stop with the !!, ;), hurh hurh ] can i just say how much i love love love idol! au. idk it just really clicks well with me, by far one of my favourite ones to write anyways, tysm for requesting anon i hope you like it :) sorry if it isn’t completely accurate or what you imagined :( 

also i haven’t spent a lot of time on my laptop so everything is being uploaded via mobile which is why they all have the ‘to be edited’ thing

- admin L 

PS: to be edited [ 10/8/2017 ] 

edited: [ 11/8/2017 ]


“Congratulations Y/N! Your album has risen up the charts and is now number three worldwide on iTunes!” Manager unnie announced, embracing you. 

Your jaw was still agape in shock, still unable to comprehend what had happened. After two failed chances of debut, your company - WannaWrite Entertainment - expanded their budget and finally, debuted you as a solo artist. CEO L and N might have mortgaged both their houses to fund your promotions but it didn’t seem to affect them. In fact, your CEOs seemed glad your debut was doing well. 

It might as well have been a miracle. 

You nearly made the final lineup for MAUVE when they debuted but was cut off after you suffered an ankle injury. Your unnies still showered you with their love and support, even telling their fanbase to go support your debut. 

“The company has decided to give you two days off while we sort out your new schedule. Go enjoy yourself but don’t do anything stupid.” You rolled your eyes at your manager’s words but assured her you would be fine. 

The first thing you did was to search for your MAUVE sisters in the building but found out that they were out of the country to promote in Taiwan. You weren’t super close to some of the new trainees in your company but they didn’t seem very welcoming either. Finally, you settled on calling Samuel and Somi, two of your very close dongsaengs. Surprisingly, both of them weren’t occupied in that moment despite their busy schedules. 

“Ahh! Y/N noona, we must go out and celebrate!” Samuel insisted. 

“Y/N! Is it okay if I invite Lee Daewhi? He’s also Samuel’s friend. He’s from Wanna One, he really likes your album,” Somi asked, sugar dripping from her voice and you could almost imagine the batting of her eyelids. Looks like she really wanted Daewhi along…… 

Wanna One? Isn’t that the boy group CEO L really likes? I should accept this offer. 

Giggling, you agreed to meet up with them at a mall nearby all the entertainment companies. Somi was going to treat everyone to lunch. 

It had been the longest time you had seen her and nearly cried when she started being all emotional and deep, talking about her debut and then yours. Samuel didn’t have any words and just kept embracing you while congratulating you. At first, Daewhi was rather shy, he hid behind his two friends a lot, blushing, but once all the introductions had been made, you clicked instantly. You two shared a bucket of popcorn at the movies and Daewhi even took multiple polaroids together. You found the younger boy very likeable. 

“Y/N noona, now that you are an idol, would you want to date anyone?” Samuel suddenly asked before returning to sipping on his soda. Somi nodded eagerly, smirking. Daewhi just smiled, running a hand through his hair. 

You hated to disappoint but shook your head and waved your hand dismissively. “Not really…but we have to see. You never know who comes along.”


Jisung narrowed his eyes at Daewhi when the younger boy entered the house looking more triumphant than ever. “Daewhi-ah, did you do something? What’s up?“ 

Daewhi shook his head but couldn’t keep the smile off his face. I mean, he spent nearly the entire afternoon out with another idol he really respected and looked up to no doubt that he was more senior in the industry. Not to mention the fact that Daniel hyung had a tremendous crush on her! Ever since her debut he hadn’t shut up about her! I think he even owns a signed copy of her first single, he may have bought it online. “Ohhh, nothing,” he sang, causing more suspicion to rise from his hyungs. 

Jaewhan, who was sitting on the kitchen counter, shot him a weird look. “Did you…wait- just tell us what you did,” he pushed. Before Daewhi could reply, a loud yell sounded from upstairs. “Yah! What’s happening up there? Stop fighting!” Sungwoon shouted, revealing more of his ‘aunty’ side. He looked like he was about to jump from his seat on the sofa and start taking out slippers to hit someone. Jisung grabbed his dongsaeng’s arm, pressing a finger to his lips. “Let them come and explain." 

Speak of the devil, Woojin and Guanlin came running down the staircase, phones in their hands and muttering some gibberish. They seemed terribly flustered and nearly tackled Daewhi on the ground. 

Jaewhan walked over to examine the photo. It was a photo that Samuel had taken of you, Daewhi, himself and Somi out at lunch. Jaewhan swiped right to reveal the next post which happened to be the cute selca you had taken with Samuel. 


fun day out with my best friends. Congratulations on your album Y/N noona! You’re doing so well even if it isn’t long after your debut….i’m jealous. Continue to work hard, proud of you ❤️ tagged: @leedaewhi, @somijeon, @Y/N

He too, nearly screamed. 

"Daewhi was out with Samuel without telling us!" 

"Oh my god, is that Somi?”

“I miss Samuel!" 

"Wait, did you say Y/N?" 

At the mention of your name, Daniel perked up and nearly sprung out from where he had been lying down lazily. He was fully alert now. Jihoon passed him Woojin’s phone which was still on Samuel’s Instagram page. His eyes widened significantly. Firstly, he couldn’t help but notice how gorgeous you were, you were beaming brightly and glowing happily, that made him cheer up a lot more. After that, he frowned when he noticed how comfortable you were with Samuel, kissing his cheek while winking and whatnot. Then, he realised that Daewhi was the one who had rested his head on your shoulder. Daniel gritted his teeth, jaw locked.

"Oh my god, is Daniel hyung jealous?” Jinyoung teased, poking his hyung’s cheek. “Ahh! He is!" 

Daewhi patted his shoulder. "Yah, it’s okay hyung. I can introduce you to her.”

Daniel shrugged nonchalantly but on the inside, his heart was going to beat out of his chest and he suppressed the urge to squeal like a fanboy. 

Y/N knows of Wanna One! She knows about my existence! 

“I wonder if we’ll bump into her at any showcase….since our comeback was pretty close to hers,“ Seongwoo muttered absent-mindedly. That got Daniel’s heart in a mess. 


CONFIRMED: Y/N to perform at MNET Countdown comeback showcase [ send help I still dk what it’s called ] 

The headline were in red, bolded, as if they were a flag to catch Daniel’s attention. The boys were taking a break from practising for their comeback stage and the news had just been confirmed to the world. He clutched his phone to his chest, attempting to regulate his breathing. 

Oh my god….what is she doing to me? Is this how my fans feel? Oh my god, I can’t handle this. 

Using his hand Daniel began to fan his face, which was heating up rapidly. Before any of his friends could make an odd comment, he excused himself and ran to hide in his workroom. "Ah! Daniel-ah, what happened to you? Why are you getting so worked up over a girl?” He scolded himself in a whisper. He had never become so flustered in his entire life. Perhaps it was the fact that due to all his training, he knew relationships were and huge no-no. Maybe this was the only time where he had a chance, both of you were idols and bound to meet somewhere along the line. 

Daniel typed your name into the search bar. 

Y/N reveals the boy group with her favourite visuals 

Y/N set to release Asia tour dates soon, WannaWrite Entertainment confirms

The rising queen of kpop? Y/N has become a global hit, maintaining top spots on world iTunes chart. 

He clicked on the link to the first article. 

‘In a recent interview with KBS, 18 year old rising idol Y/N may have let it slip which idols she found attractive. Other than mentioning her love for fans, she didn’t fail to make her adoration for fellow celebrities known. “I really love icons like Big Bang and SHINee, they are real inspirations to me.” She had said…’

Daniel sighed and skipped over that part, he scrolled down more. 

'When asked if she was interested in dating, Y/N simply smiled but shook her head, saying that of course there were people she found attractive but wanted to focus on her career rather than dating. However, Y/N did blush at the mention of celebrity crushes, no one can escape the love bug. She listed popular and established boy groups such as BTS and EXO to be incredibly attractive but not to sleep on smaller groups such as Hotshot or KNK. Additionally, she mentioned her incredible amount of respect for them and would like to work together someday.’

Oh my god, just get on with it. Daniel groaned and searched more. 

 ‘Y/N also talked about her other idol friends. She was seen out with Kim Samuel, Jeon Somi and Wanna One’s Lee Daewhi recently to celebrate the success of her album. Y/N was very grateful for all their constant support and thanks her sisters in MAUVE for paving a better way for her. She hinted at a close collaboration between her and Somi then added she would like to befriend all of Wanna One. 'I think they’re all very handsome too,’ she admitted while giggling. 'I love their visuals but they also have a lot of talent that isn’t to be wasted. It’s sad they won’t last very long, I’d like to see them succeed in their short time together as a group.' 

Daniel felt something stab at his heart, it was the knife of realisation that he wouldn’t be in Wanna One a few years from now and vowed to make the best of everything. Another thing also speared his delicate heart, you knew about Wanna One, you seemed to like them too. He felt special. 

“Yah! Daniel hyung! Are you in here?” Jihoon’s calls accompanied by knocks on the door shattered that feeling. He sighed but went back to practice, his motivation was to impress you on Saturday.


The shouts and cheers of the fans were already loud while you were in the car but once you stepped outside, the roars were nearly deafening. Your bodyguard and security paved the way to the entrance. 

It was chaotic good. 

Camera flashes went off and you pushed your sunglasses higher up the bridge of your nose, forcing a smile on your face even though you almost tripped over your own feet.

Phew. I think this crowd is only a fraction of what MAUVE unnies handle. 

The second you stepped through the glass doors of the venue, you were scooped off by assistants to your dressing room. Everyone seemed to be in a hurry but this was no new scene for you. At least this time you had experience, you messed up so many times during your first showcase it was embarrassing. Your manager broke off from you but promised to meet you in your dressing room after she had settled some paperwork. There was no time for a proper reply other than a small nod. The assistant grabbed your arms and whizzed passed other groups of idols with their assistants, looking just as hurried. Along the way, you recognised other group’s name stickers pasted on different dressing rooms. It was fascinating to see the well established groups in the same area as you, honouring almost.

“Erm, hang on a second,” your assistant muttered shyly, tapping on her phone and whispering frantically into her earpiece. At that time, your phone buzzed.

3.47 pm 

Daewhi: hello noona !! by any chance are you at the venue now ? :) let’s meet

You: hi daewhi, yes but it’s crowded and everyone’s rushing now…maybe after the show or you can text me when your done with hair and makeup :) 

Daewhi: Daniel hyung read that you find us attractive and want to befriend us ;)

You: pshh omg that’s gg to be held against me forever! But yes, it’ll be nice to make friends 

Daewhi: Daniel likes you 

3.49 pm


You: uhhh…okay

Daewhi: but yeah Daniel has had a crush on you since the start, like since your debut 

You: omg….i’m blushing that’s so sweet 

Daewhi: pls dte danel

Daewhi: that was jisung hyung again sorry !! 

You: it’s okay…. You: how abt u introduce us? ;) 

Daewhi: omg okay 

Suddenly, you felt a tug on your arm and your assistant beckoning you to follow her. “Sorry! There was a mix up with the dressing rooms!" 

You slow jogged after your assistant, she rounded the corner faster than you did by abit. Many footsteps and loud chatter seemed to be coming your way so you sped up a little, hoping to catch up with her faster before the crowd came. Unfortunately, you sprung off a second too late and met with something… rather someone’s chest [ cliche! cliche! ] 


Daniel could die happy. There was nothing else he could ever want. His ( life long ) dream had been fulfilled. He couldn’t care less about the strange looks he received, he just wanted to get down on his knees and thank God for creating such a perfect timing, such a perfect first making. The sheepish smile on his face remained plastered there as the stylist began curling his hair. The incident replayed in his head over and over. You had bumped into his chest and at first he too was shocked but the instinct to protect a person was stronger so his strong arms wrapped around your torso and prevented you from falling. Daniel would never forgot the look on your face when you spotted him, he’d never forget the memory of your entire face blushing pink. 

It was so adorable! 

Once you had steadied yourself, he had run his hands over yours, repeatedly asking if you were okay. Your reply was barely above a whisper but he still caught it. Daniel recalled the way his name had rolled of your tongue, causing his knees to turn into jelly, he felt his face turn hot even while he was sitting in his makeup chair. 

Moving on….. 

You had hastily thanked him, bowing slightly before greeting the remainder of the boys, their jaws dropping and some using their hands to suppress their giggles. You wished them good luck before running off after your assistant, wishing you had carried a mask with you to hide your red face. There were shouts and cheers echoing behind you which made you think back to Daewhi… well Jisung and Sungwoon’s confession on Daniel’s behalf. 

But he’s Kang Daniel! Kang Daniel! Everyone loves him! He could have anyone as his significant other! Why me? How am I special? 

You rid your head of the thoughts that only added more confusion and focussed on the task ahead of you. 

Yes, showcase. Comeback stage. That’s all that matters right now.


By the time Wanna One was halfway through their stage, Daniel’s heart had turned into mush and his legs were replaced with jelly. He could see you dancing and singing to their song from his spot on the stage, he was glad you decided to watch some other artists while waiting for your turn. Daniel found your smile captivating, it made him grin and feel giddy like a schoolboy in love again. No matter what, he would definitely be watching your performance. 

There was no lying that Kang Daniel, the man who had saved you just now, was attractive. You loved how he balanced out his sexy, manly side with his playful and more childish antics. Secretly, you had been observing the group from afar and admired how close they were. A part of you longed for that bond, especially if it was in a girl group but for now, you were happy as a soloist. 

"Y/N! It’s almost your performance. Time to suit up,” Manager unnie hissed, grasping your arm and gently tugging you towards the backstage door. As soon as the equipment was placed on properly, stylists swarmed you, retouching your makeup and dusting your clothes. 

“Okay, they’re changing the stage set up for the next act. After that, it’s you. Go prepare yourself.” Abiding by the basic rules, you double checked your sound system and downed half a bottle of water. Just as you were midway through your mental preparation, you felt a tap on your shoulder. 

It was a cheerful looking Daewhi. 

And Daniel. 

“Noona! Did you see me? Was our stage good?” Daewhi bombarded you with questions. “Do you like our concept? Our style? Could you hear me singing?”

“Daewhi-ah, you aren’t even giving her time to reply,” Daniel pointed out, chuckling. His gaze met your own but he quickly cast it on the floor. 

“Hello, I’m Y/N. You must be Kang Daniel. I’m sorry about just now,” you apologised, giving your sweetest smile.

Daewhi stomped his foot, pouting. “Ahh, I get it. Noona likes older men, now she won’t pay attention to me,” he whined but had his lips curved into a telltale smirk.

Sly dongsaeng. 

“That’s right Daewhi. Noona likes people who can pull off the sexy concept,” you played along, purposely resting an arm on Daniel’s 60cm wide shoulders. His face was slowly but surely turning red. 

“Hmph!” Daewhi marched off but turned around and shot you a sly wink. 

“So…..” you started, uncertain of how to break it to him. “Daewhi said he’d introduce me to you. Hi." 

Ew! That was so dumb! Whatever, keep your chill. You’re an idol. 

Daniel just stared at you, shellshocked and entranced by you. Not just your beauty but the way you talked, the way you carried yourself that exuded a confident yet kind and not cocky aura. He was speechless, breath taken away. He was never like this, especially in front of women! You could hear his friends snickering in the back. "Hi, I’m Wanna One’s K-Kang Daniel. Uh, I-I really think you’ll be a great artist. Not that you already aren’t! But I think you will be iconic and I have been supporting you since your debut,” Daniel blurted out, he was so flustered his mind was blank and he couldn’t seem to form a coherent sentence.

How cute. 

“Aww, that’s very sweet of you. I’d love to chat more but it’s almost my slot…so how about I give you my number. Text me when I come off stage." 

He handed you his phone with trembling hands, Daniel couldn’t believe this was actually happening. He let out a shaky breath. "Can you sign my phone case?”

Daniel! That was so stupid! She probably thinks you’re a creep now! 

You paused from punching in your number and giggled, agreeing to do so. He quickly passed you a pen and you signed his clear jelly case, adding a tiny heart at the end unlike your normal signature. Feeling bold, you saved your contact as 'Y/N 😘💍’ and passed the phone back to it’s owner. Daniel’s eyes grew large at your contact name but laughed it off. “Have fun on stage! We’ll be cheering for you!” He waved you off, beaming brightly. 

You had never felt more energised and confident walking onto that stage and assuming your position. It was refreshing. Somi was waving a banner and Samuel was beside her, screaming. You knew Daewhi and… Daniel were watching, you could feel their gaze. The appreciation and love for your fellow idol friends grew. You adored them to pieces. 

Maybe one of them in a more intimate way.

anonymous asked:

Hi! Love your blog! Can I request woojin as your best friend who secretly has a crush on you?

  • lowkey stares at you all the time
  • the type to be quite obvious w it and gets caught staring 
  • “woojin is there anything you want to say?”
  • “oh um no”
  • “you’re my bestest friend” you would smile while saying this to him
  • he would be kinda downhearted at first “i see…”
  • “oi don’t you like being my best friend? i’m awesome” you would joke
  • “sometimes being friends doesn’t quite cut it” he would mumble while biting on his nail
  • type to call you until late night with nonsensical stories “so daehwi jumped into a pool of frogs-” “woojin i don’t think a pool of frogs exist in the first place” “and then he broke his ankle” “…daehwi is walking perfectly fine”
  • tries to stay up with you as long as possible because he wants to keep hearing your voice, even if it means that he’ll sound like a weirdo 
  • the type to buy your fav drink all the time
  • “don’t waste your money on me” you would say
  • “i want to, just accept it” he would already open it for you to drink
  • “thanks”
  • when you’re down he’ll send his past pictures and memes ‘haha look how dumb i was’
  • you’ll immediately feel better and start smiling/laughing
  • holds your hand often
  • “woojin it’s ok to let go now”
  • “this is how friends hug”
  • “woojin this is not a hug”
  • when he can’t take it anymore, he’ll kiss you out of the blue “…woojin that’s definitely not how friends hug” 
  • “i’ll quit being that friend of yours” “-what?” 
  • he’ll kiss you again. this time it’s longer and you no longer struggle against him
  • “woojin… do you like me?” you would ask
  • “oh god” he would laugh into his palm. “a lot. more than you think”

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*Lloyd bursts into the room, startling all the ninja and sensei Wu, Jay clutches his chest where his heart is in panic.*

Lloyd: you know what? no. we need to change the name of this shop - “Steep Wisdom”? What does that even mean?? 

Wu: Lloyd we can’t jus-

Lloyd: NO. You know what a better name would be?

Cole: Lloyd-

Lloyd: Anxietea -

*everyone looks at each other, kind of concerned but maybe a little intrigued*

Lloyd: - because everyone can relate. I have it-

Jay: Lloyd, we get i-

Lloyd: Jay probably fucking has it.

Nya: *trying to calm him down* Come on, Lloyd, let’s get some candy.

Lloyd: THINK ABOUT IT! *he points at everyone and then directly at Wu, before leaving with Nya*

Kai: I mean, he’s not wrong. 

spidertomms  asked:

Can you do an imagine where tom gf!reader is youtuber and they do the boyfriend tag or something like that? :)

doing this as a bullet list, hope that’s okay!

  • you’d ask him one day and he’d get all excited and then he’d be like “wait, what actually is the boyfriend tag?”
  • explaining it to him and him groaning like “oh god i’m gonna sound so bad cause i forget so much”

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Met You in the Beer Aisle - Auston Matthews #7 

Originally posted by leafbabies

about/request: Could you a Auston Matthews one where you don’t get along with Mitch, you both hate it each other and it’s cause problems as he’s Auston best friend.

warnings: cursing

authors note: i’m in a good mood so all the things i’m writing today are ending on a pretty good note, oh well. hope you liked it!! 

word count: 1369

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This is not even too related to shipping but Dean and Cas’ actual canon relationship is one of the most stale and boring as hell parts of the show. What do people even get out of it? I don’t even understand what their supposedly “epic” friendship is even based on? It doesn’t make any sense. And I really hope they don’t just throw Cas into random scenes with Dean to make a particularly loud but small subset fans happy. Cas is being used as a prop and it’s an annoying waste of his character. I hope they give Cas a decent storyline that doesn’t involve Dean, or even give him someone else to make a “profound bond” with. Honestly I don’t even care who it is. He can become BFFs with Lucifer for all I care. Just no more boring Dean/Cas scenes, please. All their scenes do is make me cringe, with how awkward and forced the fanservice is. It also takes me out of the story whenever they have a Moment™ because then I’m thinking “oh God this is going to be in every tag on tumblr and twitter is going to be saying this and this and that,” instead of thinking about the actual story in front of me.

Cake - Drabble


Prompt (Request): Anon asked my Bucky with cake and here it is :3

A/N: Requests are open.


It was the last slice.

The last slice of a ridiculously delicious cake.

You were actually doing him a favor. He could be fit and not have to worry about God-knows how many more pushups he’d do to get rid of the calories.

So you simply turned the fork around mid-way to Bucky’s mouth – which was hanging open waiting for the cake – and ate the last slice.

You quickly chewed and swallowed, reminiscing in the sweetness and fluffiness of the tasteful bite.

Bucky had shock written all over his features.

“Oh my God, how could I be so stupid? How could I ever think that you’re a decent human being?” And then he left the kitchen.

He’d come around.

Once you brought another cake to him.


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Imagine Living Like A King Someday

prompt: Phil is a boarding school student, and he has pretty much everything. His dad owns the school, he’s pretty popular, has the best room, gets all the best treatment – he’s the King. Dan is a cleaner/phil’s personal maid there, and he isn’t as lucky. Some students are assholes to Dan, including Phil at first.


I’ve made one of my new year’s resolutions to put this thing back onto some kind of updating schedule. I don’t know what it’s going to be yet or whether I’m going to stick to it, but I’ll give it a shot :)

Update: im so sorry I wrote that note on the 3rd of January it’s now the 24th and im a mess but ill still try my best hAha

warnings: smoking, mentions of violence


“Just like the old days, this is,” Freddie grins, gazing up at the sky. Clouds part every now and then, giving way to idle twinkles of light against the blackness. “Us lot, out here, hiding from the cameras. It’s almost as if this year hasn’t happened, isn’t it?”

Phil gulps, the taste of tobacco souring in his mouth a little. The idea of smoking to relieve his stress suddenly doesn’t seem so smart anymore.

“Except we’re missing someone, aren’t we?” Violet chimes in, feigning sickly innocence. “Where’s your best friend, Phil? Too bad he couldn’t join us.”

“He’s not my best friend,” Phil mutters bitterly.

“Must be a real bummer being cooped up inside on your own when everyone else is free, mustn’t it?” Freddie comments.

“Good,” Phil bites back. “The further he is away from me, the better.”

“Someone’s touchy,” Violet comments. “I never remembered you being so scathing, Phil.”

“I do,” Freddie comments. “You were probably thrilled when his tag got extended.”

“Yeah; it’s such a travesty my father actually gave him the punishment he deserved,” Phil puts his hand on his heart in mock-sorrow and fuck, why can’t he just keep his mouth shut?

“You’re saying it’s justified to give him a three month tag extension for something out of his control?” Freddie raises his eyebrows, huffing out a surprised breath. “Wow. I guess being a self-righteous wanker really does run in the family.”

“Look, if you’re here to lecture me on my gene pool, I want nothing to do with it,” Phil rolls his eyes.

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do you like sons of sun gods??? how about sons of sun gods that would literally give you the armor he had since birth if you asked him to??? if so oh boy i got the guy for you! say hello to Karna of the FATE SERIES, the demigod son of Surya who honestly’s not the best at the whole talking thing but hey who is really. anyway if you want this bundle of sunshine illuminating in your life, like favorite and subscribe hit that like / REBLOG!  \o/

To Anyone Wondering About My Stucky Celtic Gods AU

Buchanan was a powerful god. Stronger than any to ever grace the rolling green hills of his land. His rugged appearance was marveled at by men and women alike, mainly the cold gray-blue eyes peering from under his dark lashes, and the glossy brown hair that waved gently down to his shoulders. But Buchanan was not without flaws. A certain hubris darkened the purity of his actions, told him that his capabilities were larger than their true limits, and that any battle could be won. That hubris took away his honor and title as king, lost in a ill-prepared battle along with the muscled form of his left arm. Cast aside as the crippled, imperfect former king, Buchanan wanders across the land, coming into contact with the healer god who’d helped him the entirety of his reign as king (fuck if I know who that’s supposed to be Tony? Bruce?). Through his help, the Lost King was given an arm of pure silver, it’s glistening expanse covered in etched designs.

It was after he regained the use of his arm, that he meets another god, one whose radiance and intrigue are too much to resist. Stéphanos was the most beautiful of the gods, with golden curls about his slender neck and eyes as blue as the seas below the cliffs of Moher. His youthful beauty shone with the magic of the sun, and although slim in appearance, he rivaled Buchanan in strength.

Through the help of Stephanos, he retakes his throne, returning to reign with the young god as his lifemate. Eventually, when Buchanan dies, the god who loved him more than the green, fresh earth he ruled, claimed the throne.

(Basically I have no idea what I’m doing but it’s loosely based on the story of the Celtic god Nuada, with a few alterations, including the sun god Lugh being Steve and his eternal lover, the usual.)

Feel free to expand on this and interpret it how you like. I’m gonna go ahead and tag @falcon-hill because they were interested in it. Oh and if you wanna see the art that was made while I was fumbling with the idea, I had cal-aus do it for me. He’s a good bean, trust me.
Here it is me boys:


Cherry Bomb

Dean x Reader

Warnings: explicit references

Originally posted by frozen-delight

To say it was hot as hell was an understatement, but then again what did you know about hell? Driving through some remote part of Arizona, you leaned away from the leather seat, feeling every little drop of sweat that dampened your back.

Sam and Dean had shed their trademark plaid and jackets long ago and were now sporting just their undershirts. Had it been a normal day, you probably would’ve been ogling Dean but all you could think about was bathing in a tub full of ice.

Shifting in his seat Dean yanked at the neck of his shirt, “guys I’m just about ready to rip this off.” You shook your head and huffed, “go for it. It’s too hot to be wearing anything right now.” Dean glanced back at you to smirk. “Not a bad idea.”

Rolling your eyes at him, you rolled up your shirt to expose your stomach, sighing at how nice it felt. The windows were rolled down and a hot, dry breeze flowed through the impala making you throw your head back onto the seat.

After driving for what seemed like hours, you and the Winchester boys had finally found civilization again.

Small mom and pop shops seemed to be a thing in this town and you smiled at how everything had a comfortable, welcoming aura. Being a hunter, you guys were constantly on the road, so towns like this had a sense of familiarity.

Cruising through the town your eyes scanned the colorful signs until they came to rest upon what can be described as the best thing in the world. An ice cream shop.

Screeching like a pterodactyl you smacked the boys on the back, pointing to the ice cream shop like a little kid. Dean joined in on your screeching, turning the impala back towards the source of your dinosaur noises.  

Sam watched in embarrassment as you and Dean quickly jumped out and raced towards the shop. You didn’t care if you were dripping sweat like no tomorrow and you certainly didn’t care if you looked like a wild baboon in the shop. You just wanted some damn ice cream to cool you down.

Throwing the door open, Dean pushed you inside before moving away to marvel at the flavors. You shook your head laughing before moving the opposite way. Still fanning yourself, your eyes came to rest on a small fridge with clear windows that displayed the cold treats. Scanning the fridge, memories seemed to flood back to when you were a kid when you spotted the bright red popsicle. It was called the “Cherry Bomb” and it was by far one of the best things to come out of your childhood.

Throwing the fridge open, you grabbed the popsicle and began to examine it. The wrapper was still the same as it had been all those years ago. Dean soon came up, holding a big cone in his hand, topped with 2 large scoops of ice cream. He looked like the happiest kid in the world with that ice cream. Sam had settled for something simpler, a single scoop of ice cream in a cup.

Paying for the ice creams, you stepped out of the shop and tore open the wrapper. It had already begun to melt and you wasted no time in licking all along the side. Dragging your tongue from the bottom to the top, you groaned at how cool it felt. You continued to lick the popsicle, dragging your bottom teeth along it and sucking up the parts that continued to melt.

You were in your own little world with that popsicle and hadn’t noticed Dean’s wide eyes watching you. His bottom lip was caught between his teeth and he seemed to not notice the ice cream melting onto his hand. You caught him staring and sent him a small wink before continuing. Boy oh boy, you would be the death of him.

“Y/N… I swear to god you better stop that right now.”

“Or what Dean?”

“Sweetheart you don’t want to know.”

“And what if I do?”

You continued to flirt without shame, reveling in how flustered Dean got.

“Guys come on. I’m right here you know,” Sam grimaced.

“Sorry Sammy,” you apologized before making eye contact with Dean and licking one last long stripe along the cherry red popsicle.


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Prompt List

Hey! I’ve been having a writers block with my Peter Parker x reader fic, so I decided to do a prompt list for you guys. If you wanna request an imagine using one of these just leave the person and numbers in my question box. I’ll be adding more too, so look out for those. I honestly will do a lot of characters, so don’t mind the tags.  Ellie xx

  1.  “What are you doing?” “I’m drawing you.” “Last time I checked, I didn’t look like a scribble.” “I’m working on it, okay?”
  2.  “Oh my God. You’re in love with her/him!”
  3. “You’re sitting here accusing me, but where were you at the time?”
  4. “If only I went over when he/she called.”
  5. “You’re cuter in person.”
  6. “How the hell am I supposed to explain this?” “Aliens?” “…Aliens.”
  7. “Don’t you have to be stupid somewhere else?” “Not until four, don’t worry”
  8.  “Hate to say it but… this sucks.” “Doesn’t sound like you hated saying it” 
  9. “Why are they bleeding?” “Because they’re an idiot” “I don’t think idiocy caused people to just start spontaneously bleeding from the nose.” “I think it’s a new phenomenon”
  10. “Well, this is a nice change of scenery” “It’s a prison cell.” “I was being sarcastic.”
  11. “That has to be the lamest pickup-line in existence.” “Don’t worry, that’s just plan A” “What’s plan B?” “Taking you hostage.”
  12. “My fish!” “Forget the fish! We have to leave now!” “But… my fish!”
  13. “You are my sunshine, my only sunshine….”
  14. “Close your eyes, count to seven, when you wake, we’ll be in heaven.” “I don’t know about that… I was thinking hell.”
  15. “You’re really drunk right now.” “No I’m not, you’re just really blurry.”
  16. “I’m just the back up friend.”
  17. “I’d rather swap spit with a llama than cuddle with you.” “I think the llama would disagree.”
  18. “So this is it… this is home.”
  19. “Yeah, I have a plan.” “Is it a good one?” “I have a plan.”
  20. “Shhh… It will be okay.” “Marry me and it will be.” “Of course, my love… we’ll meet again soon, just you wait.” “Don’t do that for me, live a happy, long life.”
  21. “I trusted you!”
  22. “I don’t care about you and never will!”
  23. “You’re not going to lose me.”
  24. “I’m not letting you leave.”
  25. “I provide for you. You don’t have to work.”
  26. “Where are you going dressed like that? Your body is for my eyes only.”
  27. “Give me your phone, I’m reading your messages.”
  28. “Run away with me.”
  29. “Why are you so annoying?”
  30. “Is that a- wait no, just an airplane.”
  31. “Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his/her cake hole.”
  32. “Cover your butt.”
  33. “I think I got it. But just in case… Tell me the whole thing again, I wasn’t listening.”
  34. “Get yourself ready for some reading.”
  35. “I watched his/her wildest dreams come true, not one of them involving you.“
  36. “May nothing but death do us part.”
  37. “I was like.. damn, That ass though! And well, here we are today!”
  38. “Just picture everyone naked.”
  39. “Batman is very wise.”
  40. “You don’t understand me at all!” “I have a better idea of what’s going on than you think.”
  41. “…Okay, that’s a lie too.”
  42. “This is why i no longer trust you or your friends.”
  43. “It was nice knowing you.”
  44. “I am Batman.” “Stop embarrassing yourself and take that off.”
  45.  “Did you really just insult Captain America/Iron Man in front of me?” “Well, Captain America/Iron Man is better so…”
  46. “It’s just a test!”
  47. “We’re so drunk. We’re so cool.”
  48. “This looks more like a ‘come get laid’ sort of thing, not a party.” “What’s the difference?”
  49.  “Did you just quote *person of choice*?” “Yes, and proud of it.”
  50. “Is it even possible to cuddle violently?” “Yes, don’t tempt me.” 
Cisco’s lab part one

“ Hey bear what‘s up?” Barry had called iris to ask her about her project she was doing for her new assignment at work.

“ Hey, babe, I miss you”

Iris frowned. “ I miss you too… is everything alright?”

“Yeah, meet me at star labs asap”

Iris was about to ask more question when the phone hung up. Soon she rushed to star labs.


“hey babe!” Barry cheerfully kisses iris as he grinned. 

“What’s going on?” Iris asked. 

Barry smiled, then quickly ran all around star labs, and came back. 

“For once, we have this whole place to our self!” he said. 

“ Oh, that’s wonderful, and what are you saying, Mr. Allen?”

“I have always wanted to do somethings in here with just you, without HR, or cisco, or anyone else interrupting us, you know?”

“Yeah, I know” iris walked closer, to him and placed her arms around him. 

“ And I have always wanted to do some very naughty things to you here” barry said as his hands slid down to her waist. 

“ Oh really?” iris said breathlessly. 

“ Yeah, I wanna make you scream my name so loud iris” barry said as he kissed her neck. 

“ Oh..” iris began to blush. 

“ Iris, I want to do something very hot with you”

Iris smiled, and kissed him. “ what other things are you gonna do?”

“First, I am going to make you shake to your knees” he said, as he began to softly vibrate his length pressing it towards her hips. 

“what else?” iris said, already feeling the effects of Barry Allen. 

“ then, I am gonna take us somewhere dark. and fuck you so good” Barry said as he kissed her neck more deeply. 

“W-what else?”

“Then, I am going to make you cum for me so many times you will forget what it was like to not cum” he said lifting her legs up as he sped them to some random dark corner he found. 

“Shit barry” iris said, as she was surprised how fast he was in her. 

“ How good do you feel iris?”

“ you feel, I feel, oh god”

Barry stopped, as he slowed his pace in her, “ tell me now”.

“ fuck barry, you feel amazing”

“ good girl” he said as he went faster. 

“Barry” she moaned. barry took that as a queue to vibrate, causing a quick moan from her. 

“ Oh fuck iris”


Cisco’s ‘  intruder alert’ went OFF THE CHARTs. Since defeating savy, he made sure to add lots of security to star labs. 

“What the hell?” he said. “ there is no one in there, oh shit, invisible man!” 

Cisco called Julian and wally, to help him. Wally tagged joe along just in case. 


“ Ahhhhh!” iris moaned. her o face making him shiver. 

“fuck iris, your a bit of a screamer” barry teased. Iris somehow managed to slap his arm, as they laughed and moaned. 

“ Barry I am so close”

“Me, fuck…too”


“so you said there is a invisible man in your lab cisco?” joe asked.

“Yes, and speedster that is invisible!”

“That sounds like something off the game halo…” wally added. 

“ so what are we gonna do?” Julian asked. 

“Go in!” cisco looked at the door of his lab, and slowly walked in. 

Barry slowly kissed her breast. “ Fuck you are amazing” 

“ oh bear, I…oh shit” Iris slowly looked out the closet door as barry reentered her. 

“ Barry! BARRY!”

“ what? want me to go faster babe?”


“ oh shit”

“ Who the hell is there? and what the fuck is that smell?” Cisco said. 

Cisco’s mind went to the worst thoughts when he said underwear. 

“ ARE YOU KIDDING ME?” he yelled. causing the others to barge in. 

“ Fuck!” iris said. 

Cisco began to freak out as he left the room. “ I am so done, you guys are cleaning your mess, with bleach, what the hell man? you know what? I… damn, I am out of here, I shall make a gun that detects unreal invisible speedsters, bye yall!” 

“ who the hell is there?” 

Barry quickly dressed him and iris up, and opened the door, when he noticed his speed was not working. 

“ shit” the two said. 

“ GUYS I POWERED THE GUN THAT STOPS SPEEDSTERS!-” wally stopped running and  talking as he noticed the scene in front of him. 

“so that’s why I cant speed us out…” Barry said. 

“ Hi.. dad”

“ I think you two need  a long overdue talk” joe said…

I have some questions … would like the pagan community on tumblr to please help me out with them?

1) What is a godphone, specifically? I have searched the tag and received conflicting answers. It seems to be someone who can hear their God speak, but whether it requires visions of the Gods or how often you can speak with Them, I have no idea.

2) Is being a godphone rare? Do most people not hear their Gods?

3) Are godphones related to oracles or patrons or other such fancy words? (I personally have never received any “prophecies” from my God, although I can hear Him.)

Keep reading