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Sweeter Than Fiction - Part 3

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Sweeter Than Fiction – Chapter 3

The Announcement – June 1, 2016 (Nashville, TN)

Taylor heard the notification on her phone signifying a text message.  She picked up the phone, unlocked the screen and read the message that Tree Paine, her publicist had sent, “It’s out.”  Taylor quickly tapped out an acknowledgement, locked her phone and looked over at her best friend, Abigail.

“Well, it’s out there now,” Taylor told her, sighing softly.

“People are going to lose their shit,” Abi replied.  The ‘it’ Taylor referred to was a press release stating that she and her boyfriend, Adam – also known as Calvin Harris, had ended their 15 month relationship.

“I know, Abi.  But, what choice did we have?  People speculate about us all of the time, so might as well put it out there ourselves.”

“I can’t believe how well you’re taking this, Tay.  I figured I’d be heading over with ice cream, tequila, and lots of tissues.”  Abi replied to her long-time friend.

“Actually, tequila doesn’t sound all that bad right now.” She laughed ruefully.  “I’m sad that it’s over, Abi – I really thought he was ‘The One’”. But, to be honest, things haven’t been good for quite a while.  He checked out some time ago.  I kept trying to keep things together, but, nothing seemed to work.  Then, after The Met Gala, I knew that we couldn’t ignore it anymore.  So, we took that last vacation to the Bahamas, you know, to try to work things out. But, we both knew it was over – one of us just had to be brave enough to say so.”

“I’m just surprised that you guys made the choice to end.  I know you really loved him….” Abi began.

“I still love him, Abi – probably always will.  He was my first REAL love – but, I know that he wasn’t giving me what I needed anymore – I’ve finally come to the realization that I deserve more.  And, I’m not going to sit back and waste time in a relationship that isn’t what I need.  I’ve already cried my tears, it’s time to move on.”

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