how do i tag a graphic with no characters in it

                          SAWTSUKI’S 2ND FOLLOW SPREE

Hello everyone! I have realized the inactivity of many of my mutuals and people I follow, so I have decided to do this for a second time, although it is not something I like to do often, but oh well, here I go one more time.

If any of you: 

  • Post different anime content (you’re a multifandom blog).
  • Tag properly, al least, the anime/manga. 
  • Post and reblog stuff of seasonal animeOld anime stuff is appreciated too. 
  • Reblog content of these animes/mangas: yuri!!! on ice, hunter x hunter, haikyuu!!, jojo’s bizarre adventure, monogatari series or fullmetal alchemist
  • Post, at least, something related to anime.

Please reblog this post and put in your tags how many of these things you do, and your main fandoms (especially this one). 

Special bonus:

  • You’re a graphic/gif maker.
  • We have similar tastes (otps/characters).
  • You’re following me.
  • You love pizza mozzarella and sing a lot “the cheese song” :^)

Keep in mind that I probably not follow everyone who reblog this, but the level of inactivity in my dash is strong so the chance of a “follow back” is very high.

Do not reblog this if you:

  • Repost art or someone’s stuff.
  • You’re not related to anime/manga.

And for my mutuals, I would appreciate it if you could reblog this and help me a bit ♥ :’)

Thanks for reblogging!

superswankspy  asked:

hi moosey this is probably a really dumb question and probably has been answered before but how do you actually do a tag dump? i wanted to make one for my upcoming tags but at the moment i am a bit lost and confused. is there a simple code i use? please help a girl out!

not a dumb question at all, friend - i hope you don’t mind me posting this in case it helps anyone else!

tag dumps are essentially what roleplayers do, often when they’re setting up a new blog.  this is so that there’s a reference post to remember all tags and they’re often done in a few posts - i.e. a post for verse tags, a post for graphic tags, a post for character tags, a post for miscellaneous tags etc.  

they’re just normal posts with the tags included ( though it helps because you can search for your tag dump post if you need a reminder! ).  the reason people do this is usually because they’re using ‘fancy’ characters in their tags and don’t want to have to keep copying and pasting them.

a couple of links that might help -

∀⅂⅂ ⋊IᴎDS OℲ S⊥∩ℲℲ…
𝒶𝓁𝓁 𝓀𝒾𝓃𝒹𝓈 𝑜𝒻 𝓈𝓉𝓊𝒻𝒻

with all of these - just try to make sure they’re still readable and searchable! ( try them and test them out if you’re not sure! ) – hope this helps!

anonymous asked:

Ok I have to ask - when and how did your frog obsession begin

i’ve always liked frogs tbh, but my tumblr obsession with them is a LONG story lol

it pretty much all started bc of meera & jojen reed being two of my fave asoiaf/got characters??? they’re crannogmen (who are disparagingly called frog eaters) from a boggy portion of westeros & meera carries a three-pronged frog spear that she hunts with (hence my url). their house sigil is a “lizard lion” (alligator).

there was a lot of frog related content (graphics/art/aesthetic posts) about the reeds that i would reblog. i used to joke about wanting to live with them in a ~bog castle~ and would reblog pics of frogs and gators and say they were also residents of the bog castle. that’s kinda how “the bog squad” tag came about.

then people just started associating me with it and tagging me in frog/lizard/bog posts and i ended up developing a really genuine interest in all of it. frogs are just frickin cool & i love them :’)

I was tagged by the lovely, talented and beautiful @boddirook

I’m tagging @jaimelainnister @vxders @bezocr @hermionegrangcr @mariahill @lyannasnow

What is your name? Emily

How old are you? 18
What kind of blog do you run? a big multifandom, graphics, things that i love and things that make me laugh. My blog is my home full of things i love and things that represent me. 
What is your biggest nerdy obsession? I want to be fluent in french, I’m so lazy right now but it is a goal of mine. I am so passionate about writing stories and building worlds and creating real characters and taking them on a journey. 
Who is your favorite character of all time? Samwise Gamgee 
What is your favorite book of all time? that’s a difficult question OMG!!! um…. perhaps the magician series by Raymond E. Feist 
What is your favorite magical creature? Elves
What made up object do you wish was real? Mermaids and Magic
Where do you wish you went to school? Hogwarts 
Name your favorite ships: Me and Lasange 
Which character do you want to marry? Noctis from Final Fantasy 
What is 3 facts nobody knows about you?  I’m the biggest procrastinator in the world, … 
Least favorite book of all times and why? Can’t remember the name lol, but there was bad plot and character development so i didn’t pick up the 2nd book in the series 
What characters are your role models? Samwise Gamgee….he was scared but acted brave and was a great friend who supported Frodo even though he was cast aside…he still carried his friend and I think he’s the real hero. 
Favorite video game? Skyrim, Elderscrolls online and mass effect series
Are you proud to be a nerd? Why? Absolutely. It’s such a beautiful art to be dedicated to things you are passionate about. Screw what everyone else things, pursue what you love and it will serve you well in life. 

Abby Griffin Daily is looking for new members!
I, @flyinvisible, am currently the only member of this blog (while also on hiatus) and I’d love some new members to help me run this blog. 


  • Must be able to make gifs, graphics, or some type of content (or have any experience with photoshop.)
  • Must be able to follow the tagging system
  • Must be able to post original content every once in a while.
  • Must be able to reblog posts and keep the queue filled.


  • Name
  • Timezone
  • How often can you post?
  • Do you have an experience working on character dedication blogs?
  • Why do you want to join Abby Griffin Daily
  • Link to your creations

For further information check out our join section.
Please submit your application here.
If you don’t meet all the requirements but would love to contribute anyway, feel free to apply and I’ll get back to you so we can figure something out. 

I’m looking forward to meeting you and to bring this blog alive again with your help! 

Tagged again by @sushisoft !! (thnk u for distracting me)

nickname: Red/Stumpy
starsign: leo
height: 5′2 ft. 
last thing I googled: my icon lmao
song stuck in my head: stardust // MIKA !!
last movie I watched: suicide squad ?? idk i barely watch movies
last TV show I watched: the 100 
when did you create your blog: like, 2 years ago??
what kind of stuff do I post?: MIKA, pokémon, grunge, basses…
do you have any other blogs: @digmevp !!
do you get asks regularly?: no rip

why did you choose your URL?: because !! ghosts and MIKA !!!
average hours of sleep: 10-9
lucky number: 8
fave characters: aahhhh a lot to count !!!
how many blankets do you sleep with?: one
dream job: graphic designer
following: about 500 or 550 ppl lmao

i don’t tag !!!

                             SAWTSUKI’S FOLLOW SPREE

Hello everyone! I usually don’t do this sort of things but I’ve noticed some of the people I follow change their content a bit, or some of these have even disappeared from my dashboard since a long time ago, that’s why I decided to do this follow spree, for the first time, in order to find more blogs to follow.

If any of you: 

  • Post different anime content (or you’re a multifandom blog).
  • Tag properly, al least, the anime/manga. 
  • Reblog some seiyuu stuff.
  • Post and reblog stuff of seasonal anime. 
  • Reblog content of: haikyuu!!, hunter x hunter or monogatari series.
  • Post, at least, something related to anime.

Please reblog this post and put in your tags how many of these things you do, and your main fandoms (especially this one). 

Special bonus:

  • You’re a graphic/gif maker.
  • We have similar tastes (otps/characters).
  • You’re following me. 
  • You know who’s the girl of the gif.

Keep in mind that I probably not follow everyone who reblog this, but I’m gonna try.

Do not reblog this if you:

  • Repost art or someone’s stuff.

And for my mutuals, I would appreciate it if you could reblog this and help me a bit ♥ :’)

Thanks for reblogging!


I asked very vaguely a couple days ago whether you guys thought i should do a bomb this week. and I got a lot of excited responses! So here goes… on a wednesday. bring it on.

(sorry i’m posting this so late. i’m so sorry.)

Bomb 4.0: Hiatus Sucks And We Need More Gems

DAY 1: Introductions! / Weapons! / Powers!

If you’re thinking of participating in your first GemsonaBomb, I suggest you start with some kind of introduction to your gemsona(s)! This can include: drawings, backstories, just sort of general discussion, or maybe just working on their character!

We usually do this using the tag. Post your thing, and tag it #gsbomb

…and I’ll reblog it! Sometimes people send them to me in submissions and asks, and that’s fine too!

All right! I will reveal a New and Exhilarating prompt each day. Though, you can post/send in anything gemsona related at any time. (even when I’m not doing a bomb…) 

I’m hoping to see many of your fantastic gems during this week!

Art School Assignments: yay or nay?

I’m guessing that many of you, like me, opted out of art school to avoid hundreds of thousands of dollars in student loan debt. However, many people that choose to take the risks and attend art school are right here on tumblr. More often than not, they post their completed class assignments.

I am writing in order to gauge how interested you would be in seeing these assignments featured on this blog.  Most of the ones I’ve seen cover character/prop design, but I’ve also encountered layout design, color scripts/concepts, storyboards, etc. (Because most of the blogs I follow are blogs of animation students, the assignments feature mostly animation art. I apologize to the illustrators and graphic designers out there, but please remember we always consider your submissions!)

Adding assignments tags would allow you to take a stab at the kind of work expected at premiere art schools. You can look at these assignments and ask yourself, “What did their professor ask them to do? What techniques did they use to achieve that? How can I use these techniques to do something similar, while maintaining my own style?” Please note that this does NOT mean we want anyone copying their designs/animations line for line, detail for detail.

Would YOU benefit from an “Art School Assignments” tag on help-me-draw?

How About Tonight?

Title: How About Tonight?

Author:  Kat

Reader Gender: N/A

Word Count: ~1500

Summary: Some snippets of Dean’s time in hell.

Warnings:  graphic violence, blood, torture, deaths, language, angst, feels

A/N:  Written for @mysaintsasinner’s 666 Follower Celebration. My prompt was: “What, I meant it as a compliment.” Thanks to @torn-and-frayed for reading it through. Apologies in advance for the feels!

Character: Dean Winchester


@deans-princess-crybaby  @bloodysideofhell  @space-cats-in-purgatory  @deansdirtylittlesecretsblog  @thing-you-do-with-that-thing  @mrswhozeewhatsis  @mamaimpala  @timewoundsallheals1210  @the-mrs-deanwinchester  @aprofoundbondwithdean   @queenofhellisafangirl  @jensen-jerk-ackles  @anastasiarosez  @ackleholic96  @mama-impala  @mamapeterson  @redlittlefox  @sinceriouslyamellpadalecki  @beautiful-disaster143  @deanwinchester-af  @adaisinwonderland  @theweirdymcweirderson  @oh-jesus-sammy  @jencharlan  @blacktithe7  @winchesterforever12  @johngirl-207  @iamflanneltrash  @blushingsamgirl  @winchesterenthusiast  @deandoesthingstome  @mrsjohnsmith  @samtomydeanwinchester  @sis-tafics  @ackleslaugh  @fangirling-instead-of-working  @eyes-of-a-disney-princess  @for-the-love-of-dean  @lipstickandwhiskey  @salvachester  @skybinx-blog  @loveitsallineed  @shipping-people-writing-things  @spectaculacular-sammy  @superbluhoo2  @winchesterswoonathon  @iwantthedean  @crzcorgi  @ilostmyshoe-79  @supernatural-jackles  @impalapossible  @jotink78  @hillface89  @kittenofdoomage  @nichelle-my-belle  @percywinchester27  @whit85-blog  @rizlow1  @bringmesomepie56  @atc74  @cici0507  @gemini75eeyore  @kristaparadowski  @mayasmedberg  @prncss-nefelibata @the-jette

“How about tonight, Dean?” Alistair asked snidely, hovering over him. “Same deal as always, you get off, no more pain, and I’ll show you how to put one on.”

Screams echoed through the rooms, penetrating Dean’s thoughts. He was splayed out, tied down with chains wrapped in barbed wire. They bit painfully into his flesh every time he moved. Dean raised his head, ignoring the tearing at his throat, to meet Alistair’s gray eyes with his own piercing green.

He breathed in, gathering all the spit and blood he could at the front of his mouth. Then, he spat everything into Alistair’s face. The thick spit mixed with blood dripped down his face in slow streams.

“Bite me,” Dean snarled, his voice raw and haggard from his own screams of pain.

Keep reading

I have this exploding urge to rant about bullshit i see regarding NH/SS on my dashboard ( curse mobile for not having blacklist )

But then i remember how judgemental, idotic and ignorant people can be ( especially in the naruto fandom ) and how flawed the naruto ending really is —

I’m studying and working with film/graphic illustraions. I’m planning to hopefully work as a filmmaker/animator in the future. I continously see the same old stories repeated, the same structure between characters, and with that said, the same representation of romantic love. The same pairings are being canon, the same stereotypical idea of love is being gloryfied.

I am SICK of this.

It’s like eating too much ice-cream and feeling ill but continously being fed to a point you end up vomiting all over the place.

You just wanna say ENOUGH. Give me something ELSE to enjoy. Too much of something is never good.

I do not ship 90% of the naruto pairings because i don’t support the represented idea of romantic love in this manga. It’s not only sexist, but also expressed in the wrong way.

The majority of the girls are only focused on being with the guys they love — and somehow people glorify this.

Only a FEW guys have shown romantic interests in girls in the manga and most of them don’t end up with the girl they liked — Minato being the only exception. I still don’t know if Obito ended up with Rin but that’s up to you to decide —

You get the point though— when it comes to romance the guys are not taken seriously — why? I never understood why people never bothered to support the guys as much as they supported the girls?

What makes people think that womens feelings matter more or are stronger? Obito basically gave up on his life when he found out about Rin, because he loved her THAT much.

But really, if kishimoto didn’t place obito in the spotlight like that i honestly DOUBT that people would care about Obito’s feelings. I think people who support Rins feelings for Kakashi much more!

Naruto himself liked Sakura — but as soon as you point that out, people get angry and tell you that SAKURA loves SASUKE! why yes, she does — but we are talking about NARUTO’S feelings here, we already know who Sakura is interested in.

I just think it’s interesting— because when people talk about Hinata being in love with Naruto, nobody brings up or pays any importance to his feelings for Sakura? I don’t care if you call it a crush or whatever, HE SAW HER IN A ROMANTIC WAY.

This is so unbelievably sexist. I really really reaaaally hope that this idea of love will stop being gloryfied. I really hope that filmmaking/series in the future will focus on boys feelings just as much. I hope guilt-tripping and pity stops being the reason boys have to end up with other girls. I hope no character becomes the prize of the other.

I hope romantic love stops being bound to a gender — i hope we could have seen this from the naruto manga. It hurts too much because i really really enjoyed this manga, i grew up with it. Naruto was my hero..and even if i knew somewhere in my heart that the chance of him ending up with the girl he was interested in naturally was small ( just like the rest of the guys in naruto tbh ) i still wanted to see him grow up.

If people can support the girls, i sure as heck can support the guys when it comes to romance — because to me personally, the only true love i witnessed was the selfless silence of the boys whoms hearts shouted nothing but love. Simple, relatable and realistic love.

Graphics Requests

I need a lot of practice lol

Here’s how this works:

You can request:

  • url graphics
  • general fandoms (I have a ton)
  • particular characters/ships
  • honestly whatever
  • screencap edits or graphics

And give me inspiration from:

  • song/quotes/poetry
  • colors
  • objects
  • seasons/episodes
  • themes
  • again, honestly whatever
  • be as vague or specific as you want

It’s first come first serve, and I can’t promise I’ll do everyone’s but I will try my best. I’ll tag you in the finished post!

I use GIMP because I’m too poor for Photoshop. Update!!! I just got Photoshop! It’s wonderful. 

You can see my graphics here and my screencap edits here, also everything I’ve done here.

Have fun :)

UPDATE: I have a million requests so I’m not taking anymore at the moment, sorry!!

merrill positivity week...

is definitely going to be a thing! I was so inspired by all of the wonderful work put out for Anders Positivity week (organized brilliantly by felixbug) that I just had to do it. Merrill is such a great character, I adore the hell out of her and she seems to get so much hate in the fandom (or is just ignored) that I thought she really need a week to highlight how awesome she is. 

It’s going to run from Monday, June 29th-Sunday, July 5th.

The tag that I’ll track will be #MerrillPositivityWeek

What will we want from you?

Artwork, edits, headcanons, fic, graphics, meta, cosplays. If you want to create something new, great! If you have old content that fits the theme feel free to reblog and tag it so we can find it and highlight it. 


  • I shouldn’t need to say this but only positive Merrill-centric works please.
  • Absolutely no rivalmance. 
  • Do not infantilize Merrill. 
  • If you reblog something posted for Merrill Positivity Week don’t add nasty comments or tags. Just… seriously. Be an adult. 
  • Don’t put Merrill negativity in the tag. 

Everything will be posted to which I’ll figure out an actual layout for over the next week. If anyone has any screenshots of Merrill they’d like to donate please shoot them my way. I only play DA:2 on Xbox 360 so I have nothing. 

I could also use a couple of people to help go through the tags and post works to the blog. If you’re interested shoot me an ask. 

This is not the official announcement but please, please PLEASE signal boost this so I can gauge how much interest is out there. 


I can’t stop you from posting those pictures, although I think it’s disturbing to even put something like this on the internet as “screenshots”, because those are pictures of drugged, tortured, half-dead girls. Even though they’re fictional character, I think it’s important to understand that those images still represent what they represent in the game.

But if you decide to post them after all, PLEASE TAG THEM PROPERLY. I don’t even have triggers for things like this and I am extremely disturbed by those photos. They’re very realistic and graphic, so think about people who do have triggers and how much emotional distress you are causing.

Thank you for your attention.

How to spot stolen gifs and graphics

I kept seeing people asking how you can tell if gifs/graphics are stolen so I made a list of how I usually check to see if the graphics are originally from the source.  As a regular blogger and gif maker, I can easily tell if something’s stolen but I understand that it’s not the case for most people so let me try to explain my process when I come across a gif I like from a blog I don’t recognize or feel sketchy about.

  • Check the tags.  

A good blogger and gif maker would tag their stuff accordingly (actress, show, episode, characters etc.) ESPECIALLY (x9999999999999) adding tags like #my edit, #mine, #my graphic, #my things, or something along those lines.  Check the source for those tags.  THIS IS THE EASIEST AND MOST LIKELY WAY TO FIND OUT IF IT’S STOLEN OR THE ORIGINAL.  THE REPOSTER WOULD NOT TAG STUFF AS #MY EDIT, UNLESS THEY ARE A SELFISH, CALLOW bitch PERSON.  How do you find the source?  It’s at the bottom of the post, on the left hand side on your dashboard then check the tags.

  • This method is specifically for gif sets:
  1. Does the gif set follow a theme or not?  
  2. Are all the gifs differently and randomly coloured (from sepia, to black and white, to coloured, to vibrant, to less saturated, different tint)?  
  3. Are they different sizes, ranging randomly from 540p, 268p, and 177p?  
  4. Are they all different qualities (some looking HD, others look blurry or some pixelated)?  
  5. Are the gifs set at different frame rates (are some slower or faster than others).  

Click on each individual gif to judge for yourself the above^.  If yes to MOST, if not ALL, of these, they’re probably stolen and likely come from multiple sources.


It’s a little difficult to find out if they changed URLs so keep reading if that’s the case or use the above methods.

  • Have you seen that blogger make gifs before?  

Not a good basis to go on as there are many contributors in a fandom.  However, you will notice that there are the regular gif makers if you keep up with a fandom.

  • Have you seen this gif before?  

There are a lot of times I can recognize a gif/gif-set and see the url and it’s definitely not the source.  That’s how you know I spend too much time on tumblr.  Again not a good basis to go on as the same scene can be recreated, BUT, gif makers have their own method of making gifs and they can vary by colour, sharpening, text, sizes, frame rate, etc. (Example: I tend to go with a blue tint, less saturated look, while some like vibrant more reddish look) After awhile, you can recognize the blogger who made the gifs just by looking at it.

  • Check the blog.  Look for links that says something like “My edits.” 


Example from my blog:

See how I have my own “My Edits” page?  Some might not have one so eeep more further investigation is needed. *x-files theme song comes on*

  • Not the most reliable method, but does it have a lot of notes? 

Usually, stolen gifs get less notes because the original gif had been reblogged many times before.  I say this isn’t reliable because a lot of casual bloggers (who aren’t really in the fandom) may reblog it anyways or a popular blog might reblog it not knowing it’s stolen.  Sometimes, reposted gifs become more popular than the original WHICH IS THE BIGGEST BITCH SLAP IN THE FACE FOR A GIF MAKER.

Final things:

I recommend to always reblog and/or follow bloggers who regularly make their own gifs/graphics so reblogging stolen gifs is less likely to happen (and they’re probably knowledgeable about reposts so they’re likely not going to reblog them).

If you see someone reblog a stolen gif/graphic TELL THEM SO THEY CAN TAKE THEM DOWN.  They 99% will, if they don’t, unfollow.

If you like a gif, REBLOG THE POST AND ADD YOUR COMMENT ON IT.  Do not save the gif, repost it on tumblr just so you can add your own comment or for selfish reasons *coughs* notes. (ノಠ益ಠ)ノ

Lastly, DO NOT REBLOG THE STOLEN GIF IF YOU KNOW IT’S STOLEN.   Tell the reposter to take it down and if they don’t, let others know it’s stolen.  I hate witch hunting people, but reposters need to learn their lesson BUT DO SO IN A CALM MATTER AND EXPLAIN WHY IT’S WRONG.

~Shoutout to gif/graphic makers for filling up the tags and making them more entertaining.  Without them, tumblr with be hella boring and wouldn’t be as popular as it was today tbh.  I wouldn’t have had discovered as many gay shows as I have if it wasn’t for gif sets of hot ass people or cute animations popping up on my dashboard. (◕‿◕✿)~

sorry this was long this is very important to me if you have any questions just send me an ask