how do i still not own this book

he was a king.

this was the year he was going to die.

may or may not have spent my entire sunday finding obscure indie movies to steal clips from to make this video. idk, you can’t prove anything. 

‘A Brand New Dawn’ The Complete Art - by whitebear-ofthe-watertribe

In celebration of me FINALLY finishing ‘A Brand New Dawn,’ I figured I’d post all the art I did for it in one master post for anyone who didn’t get to see it before :) This has been such an incredible journey; the process of writing the equivalent of a book, as well as learning how to do various digital art mediums, all in the last year, has really helped me to grow a lot. Part of me still wishes to do a sequel, but being in my last year of college leaves little time for frivolous things like sleeping and eating, let alone the many hours needed to do any writing justice. But maybe someday!

To my Readers, I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for your support. A huge thank you SO MUCH to everyone who sent in fanart for it! I still cry over them because WOW!! And to every single person who either commented on the fic itself or sent me personal messages, you are positively amazing! This process would’ve never seen completion without all your encouragement, so thank you for sticking with me through thick and thin and major hiatuses between cliffhanger chapters, until the very end (especially since that “end” took yet another hiatus of half a bloody year, haha). You are all incredible and very dear to my heart!

I worry some of you still have not really met Jesus — one to one — you and Jesus alone.  We may spend time in chapel — but have you seen with the eyes of your soul how he looks at you with love?  Do you really know the living Jesus — not from books but from being with him in your heart?  Have you heard the loving words he speaks to you?

Ask for the grace; he is longing to give it.  Until you can hear Jesus in the silence of your own heart, you will not be able to hear him saying, “I thirst” in the hearts of the poor.  Never give up this daily intimate contact with Jesus as the real living person — not just the idea.  How can we last even one day without hearing Jesus say, “I love you” — impossible.  Our soul needs that as much as the body needs to breathe the air.  If not, prayer is dead — meditation only thinking.  Jesus wants you each to hear him — speaking in the silence of your heart.

Be careful of all that can block that personal contact with the living Jesus.  The devil may try to use the hurts of life, and sometimes our own mistakes, to make you feel it is impossible that Jesus really loves you, is really cleaving to you.  This is a danger for all of us.  And so sad, because it is completely opposite of what Jesus is really wanting, waiting to tell you.  Not only that he loves you, but even more — he longs for you.  He misses you when you don’t come close.  He thirsts for you. He loves you always, even when you don’t feel worthy.

When not accepted by others, even by yourself sometimes — he is the one who always accepts you.  My children, you don’t have to be different for Jesus to love you.  Only believe — you are precious to him.  Bring all you are suffering to his feet — only open your heart to be loved by him as you are.  He will do the rest.

—  Mother Teresa of Calcutta
  • Do you suffer from the Enormous TBR Pile Syndrome?
  • Do you tend to buy new books and leave them unread for months?

  • Do you often read new releases instead of some older books from your shelf?

If your answer to those question is YES, TBR Days might be a thing for you! 

What is it about?

The main purpose is to give the books from the bottom of our TBR piles a go. 

How do I participate?

During the first 5 days of each month pick up a book (or a few books) you wanted to read for a while, but still haven’t done it. (It doesn’t have to be a book you own, or a physical copy.) You can post pictures, updates, reviews etc. using #tbrdays tag.

Let’s read those neglected books together!

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Hey will how do you roast your own coffee beans at home I'm looking to get into it myself

I learned a lot from Max Temkin, who advised me on my roaster (the Behmor 1600+) and where to buy beans (Sweet Maria’s). Then I did a ton of research in books, and in every forum I could find.

I’m still learning, and I’m not quite satisfied that I could roast anything and give it to anyone, feeling confident that it’s going to be good. The learning curve and the variables for roasting are much more complex than brewing beer or baking bread.

But I’m getting better. I think I’ve figured out a baseline roasting profile that I like (P1 -30 seconds with a pre-heat to about 165) and I’ve been using it on mostly Central American beans. 

It’s a lot of fun, and there’s something intensely satisfying about having a cup of coffee that you roasted yourself.

OK, I’ll admit: those motherfuckers behind ASoUE on Netflix got me. Even after reading the series years ago and declaring it my favorite book series of all time. Even pouring through each page to write my own time line of the Baudelaire misfortune. That little reveal in episode seven broke my heart. God damn it.

Families can be Embarrassing

Rating: T (just to be sure)

Imagine:  Y/N and Spencer have been together for a while but she still hasn’t met the team

Word count:  1636

Triggers:  None that I can think of

They were sitting on his sofa, each engrossed in their own book.  Well Spencer was at least.  Y/N was doing a good job pretending but was actually having a hard time concentrating. She glanced over at Spencer, with his eyes behind his glasses racing over the pages as he read.  Y/N envied him his distraction.  She was trying to decide how to start a conversation, one that she knew would be difficult for both of them.  She just didn’t know how to begin.

It all started at the movies.  Y/N had gone to see a French foreign language movie that she had heard good things about.  She had just got her popcorn and drink when she spotted him – Dr. Spencer Reid. Y/N knew who he was.  Everyone at the F.B.I. knew who he was.  Y/N worked as a translator for the Bureau but had never had a chance to meet him.  She always thought that he was very attractive and would have loved to get to know him but was a little intimidated by his genius status.  But when Y/N saw him standing in the lobby of the theater, she thought to herself “What the hell?” and decided to introduce herself. At first he was taken aback that she was talking to him, but as soon as Y/N told him who she was, he became very friendly.  They talked for a few minutes and when they went into the theater, Y/N invited him to sit with her.  And so it began.  Y/N and Spencer began spending all of their free time together – movies, coffee dates, late night dinners.  It was difficult with Spencer’s work schedule but when he had time off, he wanted to spend that time with Y/N.  And it wasn’t long before they fell in love.

It had been 5 months since they met and for the most part Y/N was deliriously happy.  Of course, she and Spencer didn’t always see eye to eye about everything and frankly trying to argue with a genius could be a pain in the ass.  But Y/N loved Spencer with her whole heart and was happier than she had ever been.  Until today.

Agent Hotchner had requested that a letter written in German by an unsub be translated and the job had fallen to Y/N. After she was finished, she went up to deliver it to him.  As Y/N left Hotch’s office (she thought of him as Hotch because Spencer talked about him so often), she spied Spencer talking to some of his colleagues in the little dining area.  Y/N knew who they were from Spencer’s descriptions:  JJ with her pretty blonde hair; Garcia with her flamboyant clothes; Prentiss with her beautiful dark hair; and Morgan with his chiseled good looks. Y/N only knew them from Spencer’s descriptions because she had never met them.  Spencer never made a move to introduce Y/N to his friends.  At first, she thought that he was unsure of their relationship and didn’t want to risk having a rejection known by everyone.  But as their relationship grew and deepened, it was a little troubling to Y/N that she had never met any of them.  But Spencer brushed off all of Y/N’s concerns.

Until today.  As Y/N was walking towards the double doors leading to the elevators, she caught Spencer’s eye and smiled.  Now would be the perfect time to meet his friends and Y/N was ready.  But when Spencer spotted her, he started to smile………..and then his smile froze on his face and he turned away and went to fill his coffee cup.  Y/N was stunned.  He’d completely ignored her!  As she caught the elevator back to her floor, Y/N was miserable.  Why had he ignored her?  Then the doubts started to creep in.  She knew that she wasn’t as pretty as JJ or Prentiss or as smart as the rest of the team but why not introduce her to his friends?  Was he embarrassed to be involved with her?  Was that why he didn’t acknowledge her?  The doubts and fears stayed with Y/N for the rest of the day.

That night when Y/N went over to Spencer’s for supper, she thought for sure that he would explain why he’d ignored her today. But he didn’t.  He greeted her like he always did, with a hug and a kiss. He had also ordered her favorite Chinese takeout for supper.  Through the whole evening, Spencer never once mentioned the incident at work.  Y/N waited for Spencer to bring up the subject but since he didn’t, she decided to bite the bullet and get it over with.  If he was ashamed of her, then their relationship was a sham and Y/N knew it needed to end.  She also knew it would break her heart to lose him, but she didn’t want to be with someone who was ashamed of her.

So Y/N took a deep breath and said quietly “Spencer, we need to talk.”

Spencer, still engrossed in his book, murmured “uh huh” absentmindedly.

Y/N shook his leg and said again “Spencer, we need to talk.”

This time, Y/N’s words penetrated Spencer’s brain. He looked up from his book with concern in his eyes.  The “we need to talk” speech was rarely good.  He put his book down on the coffee table and scooting closer to Y/N, took her hands in his and said “What is it Y/N?  Have I done something wrong?  Are you breaking up with me?  What did I do wrong?  Please don’t leave me!  I love you so much!  I’ll try to do better!”  Spencer spoke quickly, tripping over his words in his panic.

Y/N quietly soothed him saying “Spencer, I’m not breaking up with you.  I just need to talk to you about something important.”

Spencer closed his eyes and taking his glasses off, put his shaking hand over his eyes for a moment as his white face slowly began to get some color back.  “Okay” he said “ what is it?”

Y/N took a deep breath and said “Are you ashamed of me?  Do I embarrass you?  Do you want to break up with me?”

Spencer looked at Y/N for  a split second before bursting into laughter.  He was laughing so hard that he actually had tears in his eyes.

Y/N got angry.  “Why the fuck are you laughing at me?” she yelled at him.  “I’m serious!”

Spencer immediately stopped laughing.  Y/N rarely cursed so when she did, he knew that she was pissed.

Spencer was still holding her hands and brought them up to his lips and kissed them gently as he apologized.  “I’m so sorry Y/N!  I wasn’t laughing at you.  I was laughing at the ridiculous idea that I’m embarrassed or ashamed of you.  I couldn’t be prouder that you’re my girlfriend!”

Y/N looked at Spencer and said “Then why don’t you want me to meet your friends?  Today at the BAU would have been the perfect time for me to meet them but when you saw me, you completely ignored me.”

Spencer could hear the hurt in Y/N’s voice and felt terrible as he realized how his behavior had appeared to her.  The problem was how to explain it to her. “Y/N” Spencer said softly “I’m not ashamed of you or our relationship.   The truth is” he said, taking a deep breath “that I didn’t want you to meet them because they’re the ones I’m embarrassed about!”

Y/N looked at Spencer like he was crazy. “They are the elite of the F.B.I. They are also like family to you. Why would you be embarrassed by them?”

Spencer ran his fingers through his hair, trying to figure out how to explain to Y/N why he felt the way he did.  “Yes Y/N we are close and I think of them as family. But that’s the problem.  Like any other family, they can tend to be embarrassing when one of the team starts dating someone new.”

Y/N was shocked that this was the reason Spencer hadn’t yet introduced her to his team.  “But Spencer” she asked “how bad could it be?”

“Well” Spencer said “Morgan would be like a big brother, call me ‘lover boy’ and want to know how good our sex life is.”  Y/N giggled as Spencer continued.  “Garcia’s the sister who would definitely pull you off to the side and ask you if I’m  any good in bed.”

Y/N leaned toward Spencer and whispered “Well I’d have to tell her that you’re not only a genius at work.”  Spencer blushed a little but also smirked at that remark. He continued.  “JJ would be a total mom.  She’d tell me how happy she was for me but then later would ask me quietly if we’re using protection.  And Prentiss and Rossi are the crazy cousins who would want to know if you could fix them up with your friends!”

By the end of Spencer’s recitation, Y/N was laughing.  Then she asked “What about Hotch?”  Spencer was quiet for a moment and then said “Hotch would just want to know if I’m happy.” Y/N thought that they did sound exactly like a family.  But they loved Spencer and Y/N wanted to get to know them.

Then Spencer said solemnly “I love you Y/N and I guess I just wanted to keep you to myself as long as I could.  But I do want them to meet you because you are the most important part of my life right now.”  Y/N’s eyes started to fill with tears as Spencer spoke.  Then Spencer said “Henry’s birthday party is in a few weeks. How about you come with me?  You could meet the whole family at the same time!”

Y/N leaned forward and gently pressed her lips to Spencer’s and then she said “Bring ‘em on.”

(A/N:  This is my first fanfiction.  Please let me know what you think - what works, what didn’t.  I appreciate any and all feedback.  Thanks!)

the wind whispers your name as it whirls around my shadow but I do not get tangled up in it.

the moon still lights up both of our rooms in different cities but I dance on my own in its light.

the smell of you still resides on my favorite blanket but the scent does not make me cry anymore.

you weakened me, but you did not break me. if I have received anything from your presence here, it is how to love myself.

—  recovery
things vampire me would do to stay busy at night

● dyes hair every night so it looks good till it fades out later that day

● paints/sketches till im so good that i hate my own artwork and throw it away (but i still sign it at the bottom)

● collect books and every week i reorganize them in a different way

● learn how to nit and still be terrible at it for hundreds of years 

● buy loads of different stuff on the internet till i run out of money

● cook deserts for all the important humans i know

● walk around outside just for fun

● grow a flower garden that only blooms at night

Charlie x reader (Percy's friend) PART 2!!

At dinner i sat next to Percy and harry. Percy and I were chatting about this school year and our plans for the future. “Have you finally decided what you want to do yet (y/n)?” Percy said while passing the mashed potatoes. “It’s so hard, I think I want to study all kinds of mystical creatures and strange plants and go on adventures. Something like newt scamander the guy from our study book. I just want to be free and travel that’s my main goal. Luckily we still have one year.” Percy looked sceptical. “How do you want to make any money?” Charlie rolled his eyes and molly looked angrily at Percy. “Simple. By working my ass off. And ofcourse I want to achieve something big.” Percy and I liked to challenge each other. “Percy why do you want to work on the mystery of magic. You can barely have an opinion on your own there.” Said George. “I want to achieve something unlike you.” Said Percy sneering at George. “Boys please stop it! What happend this past semester, you are all behaving so aggressive towards each other?!” George and Percy blushed from embarrassment. “I’m sorry mum.” They both said.

“Molly, it was delicious. Thankyou for the meal.” Everyone helped cleaning up the table even though charlie and fred had to do it. “I’m really glad you liked it!”
Ginny walked to the seating area, with ron and harry and Percy. I walked after them and sat on the couch. Percy lighted the fire and all the kids gathered by the fire place. Harry turned on some music. “Harry i was wondering, how was it flying a hypogriff?” Harry began to talk about if full of passion. Fred And Charlie joined The seating area. “Charlie did you fly on a dragon once?” Harry asked. I looked charlie in the eyes. He smiled. “Once.. but for a short time because it is really dangerous! But I loved every second of it.” Fred and George gone up to their rooms, following by Ginny, harry and ron.

“Don’t make it to late children your dad and I are going to sleep! Goodnight sweethearts!” Molly and Arthur walked upstairs which left charlie, Percy and me sitting together by the fire place. “Does someone wants a drink?” Charlie said while standing up. “A fire whiskey please.” Percy said. “The same for me please.” I said. A couple of minutes later charlie returned with three glasses of fire whiskey And handed them to Percy and you. Charlie making sure that you would get that specific glas. Everyone took a sip. “Good stuff.” Percy said giggling. I laughed by seeing Percy’s face impression. “Percy never drinks on hogwarts party’s.” I explained to Charlie. Charlie laughed. “Typical Percy. Bill is the caring one, Percy the strict one, and I’m obviously the fun one.” He said with a wink. He chugged the glas. “Fun one mmm.. and why are you the fun one if I may ask?” Charlie smirked. Percy stood up and walked over to the kitchen to grab the bottle. “I’m fun for a lot of reasons.” Charlie said while moving closer to me. I could feel his breath on my skin when suddenly he pulled back. “Who wants some more fire whiskey?” Charlie grabbed both of our glasses and handed it to Percy. “Percy doesn’t talk about you much, tell me something about yourself.” Percy shrugged his shoulders at Charlie innocently. Percy putted the glasses on the table. “I love quiditch! I’m an dragonologist and love the outdoors.” Percy shrugged his drink. “Slow down cowboy.” Percy looked angry at him. “Charlie could easily play quiditch professionally if he would like to. He is really good. But instead of that he had to go to Romania.” I smiled at Percy. “You got to do what makes you happy.” I said to Percy. “Exactly! That is what i told everyone who said that I should’ve been a quiditch player.” Charlie looked at me like he finally found someone who understood him. I stared at him. Percy stood up. “I’m going to sleep, I suggest you two do not stay up to late.” I waved at Percy and quickly turned around to face Charlie again. “I thought that you were like all the other friends Percy would bring home.” You raised your brow. “Because?” Charlie smiled and blushed a little. “Because you are open minded, wise, fun and above that very beautiful.” He looked at like I was the most beautiful girl in the word, not some kind of conquest. He complimented me like I was a women, not a little girl. So I couldn’t help but blush heavily. “Thankyou.. nobody said that to me before.” Charlie moved closer to you. “Not one boy you’ve dated?” He looked surprised. “Not one.” Charlie grabbed my hand. “Luckily you’ve met me, because those boys really didn’t know how to treat a woman.” I blushed again.
“And you really know how to handle a ‘beautiful’ woman like me?” Charlie smirked. “Definitely.” He said while moving closer to kiss me. And I didn’t even think about pulling back.


“One must still have chaos within oneself, to give birth to a dancing star.” It’s the translation for this quote that was shown in the 5:46 minute mark.

I knew that would translate into something, knowing how bighit are, and decided to do my own research on it.

It’s come from a book called ‘Thus Spoke Zarathustra.’ It’s a philosophical novel by Friedrich Nietzsche, who composed 4 parts between the years 1883 and 1885 and published between 1883 and 1891.

Ironically the book that follows it is called 'Beyond Good and Evil.’

(Letting you know now that I have not seen anyone talk about this and I am not stealing anyones research.)

Wheel of Time reread progress: Eye of the World finished!

honestly I can’t believe how fast I read that, and also how sucked in I was. basically all my free time over the last few days has been reading time.

I still love Rand so much I’m not even a little bit sorry.

my plan going forward is to alternate Wheel of Time books with other books, so there’ll be a brief break before I start The Great Hunt. but ahhhhh what a good start to this project. 

this time around, too, looking at the things that I remember marking as “derivative” I think more about homage and pastiche and the ways in which a skilled fantasy writer can mark their debt to Tolkien while still very much doing their own thing. it makes me think of that Terry Pratchett quote about how Tolkien is like the Mount Fuji of fantasy - people are always reacting to him in some way, whether it’s negative or positive. 

I don’t have a whole lot of deep thoughts at this time, except that I remember I thought Nynaeve was annoying on my first readthrough (at least at this point in the series) and I was wrong about that.

Beginner Books

So, if you’re looking for references about how to convert, you’re definitely going to come across recommended reading lists–a LOT of them. And it is definitely going to be super intimidating, and while the conversion process is going to involve a lot of reading, I think it can be best, sometimes, to start smaller. When you’ve officially sat down with a rabbi, they will probably offer you a list of their own, but here is a list geared towards people who are still hovering at that “do I even know enough to talk to a rabbi?” stage.

  1. To Life: A Celebration of Jewish Being and Thinking, by Harold Kushner
  2. Essential Judaism: A Complete Guide to Beliefs, Customs, and Rituals, by George Robinson
  3. Choosing a Jewish Life: A Handbook for People Converting to Judaism and for Their Family and Friends, by Anita Diamant

I’ve chosen these books, in this order, for a reason. To Life! is, in my opinion, the best, least intimidating guide to Judaism–and not to specific details, like “this is how to keep a kosher kitchen,” but to general questions, like “this is our general attitude towards G-d” and “this what Shabbat means to us” and even “this is how we differ from other religions on the soul/body divide.” It’s great for someone who is just looking into Judaism and needs to know not only what it is, but the framework regarding how Jews think. Also, it is fairly short (under 300 pages in my copy), and written for a non-scholarly audience.

Now, Essential Judaism is also a fantastic resource in that it, too, is written for a non-scholarly audience; if memory serves, the writer specifically wanted to address Jews who were distanced from Judaism, so it explains a lot. However, it is also very, very long, and that can be intimidating. When I first looked into Judaism, as a seventeen year old, it scared me away. That’s why I recommend Kushner’s book first.

But it is good at covering a wide range of topics–from rituals to the basic history of Jewish philosophy–and is quite detailed. You can easily skip around to different sections based on what you’re looking for. It also has descriptions of the major branches of Judaism, so it is good to start with if you haven’t decided which denomination you are interested in.

Finally, Choosing a Jewish Life is, as it says, a handbook to converting, and a great one. Diamant is a Jew by birth and her husband is a Jew by choice, so she talks about the process of sitting in on classes with him and witnessing his conversion. She includes a lot of anecdotes from converts and covers many different aspects–what to do on holidays, how to tell people, how to know you’re ready, etc. She doesn’t go into the specifics of Judaism as much as the others, but if you’ve read a fair amount about the religion and want to know more about the process of conversion specifically, it’s a good place to start.

Not only are these three books written for beginners, but they’re all fairly well-regarded and will, hopefully, be easy to find. All three of them were available at my hometown library and my college town library, so if you’re lucky you’ll be able to read them for free. If not, they are also on thriftbooks and Amazon, and many people are selling used versions for under $10.

Now again, I’m not a rabbi, I haven’t read every single Jewish book out there, and my opinion is in no way definitive. You can read these books in a different order if you want, or only pick up one, or none! And this blog will definitely post more book lists, and more recommendations, in the future. But if you’re looking at a huge long list of books and thinking “oh crap oh crap what do I do, where do I even start,” here’s one potential answer to that question!

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a, f, o, s for the poetry meme <3

a. what other poets style do you emulate the most?

omg..i don’t know..! when i started off back when i was a teen i took to ee cummings p much immediately. loved those strange stanza breaks. ondaatje too as i got older rly influenced my poetry & still does. every time i finish an ondaatje book u Can Tell bc my poetry starts 2 sound all ondaatjesque. i was rly influenced by stefawn @teamcaptains & his ability 2 use imagery & aesthetics in his writing. & mehrin @bettersituation showed me how u could scale back ur poetry 2 make it more immediate & impactful. i don’t think i necessarily emulate but i do take cues from writers around me & see the sort of things they do successfully & try 2 incorporate that somehow into my own work.

o. god or sunlight? 

love writing abt god And sunlight… but lbr light features in my writing p predominantly, enuff that i’ve tried 2 hang back on the light metaphors in my poetry

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But aren't all the Batboys having their own mini adventures in their own books? How are they locked up and unconscious in the Batman book?

They are. So how they can also be out of commission is beyond me.

The lack of continuity between the Bat comics has really been bothering me lately. The great stories going on have pushed that bother back a little bit. But I still have to ask: Has anyone on DC’s staff discussed continuity?

Because right now it’s really really off. I mean, Dick’s just had Jason show up in Nightwing. Which makes sense with Jay having just finished up his arc with Black Mask. (so continuity check between those two comics) But Damian and the Teen Titans are in the middle of dealing with Ra’s right now, and Dami is also slated to show up in the next issue of Nightwing which would be hard with him who knows how far away from Bludhaven.  

I’m not even taking into account Batgirl or Batgirl and the Birds of Prey (mostly because I’m not reading them.) But Dick had a cameo in BOP recently and is slated to show up in Batgirl coming up. And Detective comics is in it’s own time zone too it seems. Also Super Sons. I have no idea where that takes place either. (Damian, as much as I love him, is showing up all over the place and making things confusing.)

Then throw in Bruce taking them out of the picture and I’m left shrugging. Granted, the Bane thing is only supposed to take 4 days, but that doesn’t change the fact that there’s a lot of crossing over going on, and little explanation of what’s happening at what time.

So yeah, the timeline/continuities are a jumble right now, and I don’t think they’ll clear up any time soon. Maybe for the Teen Titans/Titans/Deathstroke crossover coming up? Maybe they’ll clear up somewhere else? Who knows. I just hope it happens soon.

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LOL, are really C@ryl fans think the ship is gonna go canon in 7x10? IN 7X10? Do they blissfully ignore all the Carzekiel hints? C@rol for the next to seasons is booked, maybe in s10 and that if Daryl is still romance free, which I doubt it. And they mock you

Originally posted by hamsterfactor

How can they miss this beautiful piece of canonicity? Carzekiel is one of those ships of dreams you hope to experience as a fangirl, like B3thyl and Rich0nne. And in Norman’s own words, C@ryl is not happening, ever: X.

The haters only mock me because they know that I can disprove their asses in like two seconds. And because I’m too fabulous for them. ;)

Can I just say how much I hate that they made Jimmy Olsen (oh, I’m sorry, “James”) Guardian on Supergirl. James Harper is the Guardian. I hate this whole forcing-everyone-to-be-a-superhero thing the CW has been doing on all of its shows. It’s like it’s not okay to not be a superhero.

Do you know why Lois Lane has always been my favorite comic book character? It’s because she is a 100% normal everyday woman who uses her strengths in a normal everyday way(being a reporter) while still holding her own in a world full of super powered people. Same with Cat Grant. Jimmy is now the CEO of a big media company. Why can’t he do the same?

Tagged by the wonderful @madworlddiary to fill out this little jawn (some Philly lingo, for ya):

número uno. how old?
Old enough.

número dos. profession?
Freelance writer.

número tres. dream job?
Professional book reader and writer. Cheese taster.

número quatro. is there anything you’re talented at?
I guess?

número cinco. are there any big goals you’re working towards?
Writing and publishing my own book(s). I have a lot in the way of notes, but there is still a good deal of research and reading involved before I can really dive in (world building, and all…)

número seis. what’s your aesthetic?
Nerd chic, or something to that effect I guess (is that even a thing?). Fashion-wise, pretty much anything you see Emma Swan wear on Once Upon a Time is something straight out of my wardrobe.

número siete. do you collect anything?
In the same vein as @madworlddiary: not dog, but cat hair, unfortunately. The hair is unfortunate, not the cat :P

número ocho. is there a topic you always bring up in conversation?
If you know me at all, it would probably be Star Wars.

número nueve. pet peeves?
There are many, but pretty much loud chewing/eating sounds are among them, and probably top any list I could think up.

número diez. any advice?
“Don’t be an asshole.” - I second that.

número once. recommend 3 songs?
In case any of us ever end up in a karaoke bar together (I doubt it, unfortunately), here are the three songs I have queued up for my performance:
-“Kiss From a Rose” by Seal (this is even better if you’ve seen the relevant episode of Community)
-“Mr. Brightside” by The Killers, because duh
-“Hey Ya” by OutKast (because double duh - also, my uncle engineered one of their albums and I am still in awe)

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The Lost Harpsichord: Entry 08 | Chapter 2

Three cycles after Uta Mei’s imprisonment…

I had never thought I would return to this place. Frankly, I don’t remember much of it. All I know is that I’ve been here… And enough to recall how to get here. I was… Curious, at first, as to why my feet carried me back. Perhaps it’s the faint memory, that lurking longing in the back of my head that intrigues and draws me back here.

The place is overgrown. It’s old, ancient, even. It holds vast amounts of books and tomes, many whom I do not understand, but it is not hard to figure that it is mainly sheets of music. There is a single instrument, a harpsichord that nature has claimed for it’s own. My curiosity revealed to me that it is still functional. Ofcourse, the overgrowth does give off some rattling noises as I push down on the ebonies and ivories, but nothing too out of place.

I really wish my memory would come back to me. This place is… Fascinating. Untouched. Free from the cruel greed of civilization. In time, I will remember. Surely, it must come back to me. Though, I do remember once thing from this place…

“… Welcome back, kupo.”

chexgirlfriend  asked:

14, 26, and 37 from the second numbers one!

14. if you can live anywhere in the world where would it be? why?

hmmmmmm very good question sorry in advance for boring answer I love where I live now and have never really traveled anywhere so I really don’t know aaaaaaa

26. how many pillows do you sleep with?

3 at most probably usually 2 always hugging 1

37. do you read a lot? whats your favorite book? 

oh my gosh I used to read so much I wish I still had the time…………. my favorite book out of the ones that I own currently is maybe the tiny one on the history of pocket knives that I keep in my bag, it’s always a v silly and entertaining quick read if i’m ever stuck with nothing to do