how do i reblog my own posts

I saw a post by @bryborg with the idea of other artists doing side-by-side draws where you all draw [characrer] in your own style and put them together so there’s a line of [character] in different styles.

They did Rick from Rick n Morty and it looked FUN and I wanted to do one with Jasper! So like, if you wanna join me, copy my Jasper and draw your Jasper next to her, reblog with a full view of your own and then the line up under that and we’ll see how many Jaspers we can get on the cheeto train :0

@ or inbox me if you do it because I want to seeeee

Alright, I’ve seen a lot of “how to become a big studyblr” posts but I think it’s also important to keep in mind how to be a kind studyblr! This is not directed at anyone in the community. I just wanted to share some tips for all studyblrs regarding how to be kind and helpful towards your followers, no matter how many you have!
**Note: These are all in my opinion and from my experience here on tumblr dot com. You are your own person, so you do you!

Regarding Reblogs

  • Reblog whatever you want! I’ve seen blogs that only reblog others’ content and blogs that only post their own, and plenty of blogs that do a mixture of the two.
  • However, my personal suggestion would be to reblog a lot of lesser-known content. Your blog does not have to be filled with posts that have 2k, 3k, 4k notes. If you see someone’s hard work, reblog it! Support them! Maybe even send them a message regarding their caption or something. Support is huge in this community, and reblogging is definitely a great way to support others. You aren’t obligated to, but it’s a nice thing to do! Again, this suggestion is my personal preference.

Regarding Posts

  • Post anything! But only if you want to! You don’t have to make original posts if you don’t want to. Really.
  • If you only want to post masterposts, then only post masterposts. If you only want to post pictures of your notes, by golly, do it! Having a studyblr is all about being productive and being passionate about your studies and your hobbies.
  • “But I get 0 notes!” I’ve seen this in so many posts. Contrary to studyblr culture, you should not have to make your classwork gorgeous to get notes. I personally am not a fan of this mode of thought! In my opinion, the effort is what counts. The biggest suggestion I have is to tag other studyblrs. Usually people track their url’s tag (I track #studypride)! I reblog every post that has my url tagged, no matter how “bad” the lighting is or how “messy” the notes are. You put your hard work into it? Awesome!! Reblog right away! If you’re reading this, I encourage you to reblog all sorts of studyblr content, not just the super perfect ones (though don’t get me wrong, those are amazing as well!).
  • Feel free to mention people who inspire you! 99% of the blogs I’ve seen are a-okay with being mentioned as inspiration - in fact, it’s quite heartwarming! If your journal was inspired by someone, @ their url! It’ll mean a lot to them and maybe earn you a few notes in the process c:
  • Finally, don’t claim others’ work as your own. It’s disrespectful. ‘Nuff said.

Regarding Asks

  • You might not get many, but that’s okay. We’ve all been there.
  • For the ones that you do get, try to answer them politely! Thank them for sending you an ask! How great is it that they chose to ask YOU of all the people they follow?! Wow!!
  • If you don’t know the answer, try referring the person to someone who may know! If you can’t help them yourself, direct them to someone who can help. It’s a nice, polite thing to do ^^
  • “But what about the mean asks?” How you choose to respond to those is up to you. You can turn off anon asks, if you wish, or you can respond to them publicly. My personal preference is to simply delete them. However, handle those however you wish to.

Last Tips

  • Feel free to reach out to others. Nearly everyone in this community is more than happy to chat with you (me included!).
  • Embrace your follower count, even if it’s not as impressive as you’d like. You’ll get there. Remember: Everyone starts at zero.
  • Be proud of your work!! 

Again, I track #studypride and would be more than happy to help any of you out ^^ I hope this was a tad helpful for at least a few people! <3

i’m honestly in disbelief that five-thousand people follow me. i am so, so grateful to all of you amazing humans, and to show my thanks i’ve decided to throw a tumblr awards! it’s been a while since i’ve done one on my own, and i really wanted to do something special for you babes!

how to enter:

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katie-plays-nice’s 1,500 followers give away!

Hi everyone! I’m very excited to announce that I will be doing my very own give away! Just a little something to say thank you for all the positive feedback and support. I know it’s not much, but I think the handmade items make this give away special!

How to win:

  • Must be following me, katie-plays-nice
  • Must be over 18
  • 1 reblog is 1 entry (you may like this post for your reference)

What you win:

  • A NatGeo Kids sticker activity book (featuring guinea pigs, my favorite pet)
  • 3 bunny shaped crayons, handmade by me from recycled crayons
  • A pack of 8 bear shaped hair clips
  • A rainbow heart bracelet also made by me!

The give away will close in 3 weeks on March 9th, 2017, and the winner will be announced the following day.

If you have any questions, my ask box is open. Good luck everyone! ♥

Too much hate here for me.

I will be unfollowing any bloggers posting hate or insults towards Sam, Cait, Tony or Mackenzie. If blocking meant that I would not see any of their stuff here, I would do that. Unfortunately I’ve blocked and still see their hate when it’s reblogged. I just don’t want to see it on my SM. I don’t understand how people can blame them for anything, Sam and Cait have been very honest and people chose not to believe them, to read into things and put their own spin on everything they saw. People will believe what they want and I respect that as long as they don’t harass and lie. That I can not respect.  I am here to enjoy Outlander, Sam and Cait.  I will continue shipping them respectfully, I probably always will. I hold the highest respect for them, and the rest of the cast and crew of Outlander. That will never change. 

i like doing things, i like fandom families and i think most people do, and you’re all so wonderful so as a thank you for following me (1k omg how did that happen) i’m making my own fandom family!


  • mbf me
  • reblog this post 
  • send me an ask with your name, 3+ characters you want and a short quote 
  • check the page to see who’s been taken

this is a multifandom family.  that means i am adding any characters from any fandom i am a part of, including Harry Potter, Marvel, DC, Teen Wolf, The Raven Cycle, Once Upon A Time, Pride and Prejudice (check my nav page to see what other fandoms i’m in). I may do a fandom specific one at a later date but this one is multifandom. 

How To: Get Out of a Magical Slump

This post is brought to you by my own current magical slump that I’m going to be working at pulling myself out of. So let’s all go at this together. Please feel free to add whatever ideas you have when you reblog! :)

- find a challenge online to do something everyday. Whether it’s witchy, tarot, religious, whatever you feel like. Add a reminder on your phone to show up every day, or leave post its on places you’ll see. 

- find some songs that make you feel ethereal and add them into your current music playlist. Then they’ll show up at random and help swing your mindset to magic. 

- wear an item that makes you feel powerful, like that pentacle or tree of life that’s been sitting on your dresser for a while. 

- take a walk somewhere with a lot of nature. If it’s somewhere wild like the woods, bring a plant guide and a bag, forage a bit. Then you can dry them out and expand your magical components. 

- Never forget about kitchen witchcraft, even if you’re not a kitchen witch. We all eat, and many of us cook to some degree. Even if you just look up the magical correspondences of hummus and peanut butter. Tape the list to the jar, then you’ll be reminded every time you grab a snack.

 - Have a movie night for yourself with a selection of movies/TV shows featuring a (somewhat)more realistic version of magic. Try Practical Magic, Mists of Avalon, The Craft, The Secret Circle, etc

-  Throw a drawstring bag of your favourite crystals in the jeans you always wear

- light incense for absolutely no reason. Scented candles, diffusers, and essential oil burners work great too

- Try to meditate once a day. Set a time if you can. Even if it’s just 15, 10 or even 5 minutes. 

[ T h e m e #3 ] M A Y by @XYZTHEMES

A simple sidebar theme! It’s named May because it was released on the first day of May (how creative! not.).


  • The sidebar image is 100px by 100px
  • There are 4 customizable links in the sidebar.
  • Posts size is 400px.

Please do not claim this work as your own, use as a base code, repost or remove credit. If you need any help editing the blog, have questions or find an error in the coding, please contact me directly through inbox here. Please like/reblog if using and feel free to message me links to your blog if you use my theme, I’d love to see what you do with it!! Enjoy!

P R E V I E W  +  D O W N L O A D  L I N K

anonymous asked:

Hi! I just started a hp rp blog and I love yours but I have no idea how to get it going. I've posted stuff and I tag it but like... how do you go about getting followers and stuff like that?

say hi off-anon! make friends! reblog other people’s rps with your own responses! tag people! it’s not really about getting followers, my dude, start by building friendships ♥

when it comes to plotting in roleplays, i’ve noticed that some people find it a little hard to come to conclusions with their ideas !! whether it’s what to name their character’s chemistry or what to actually do, problems always arise !! since i haven’t posted in the community in such a while, i thought i’d help a couple of you out !! so, without a further ado, here’s my own personal list of fourty four character connection plots i’ve tried and tested over my three to four years of roleplaying, complete with an explanation and a few examples of how you could do it !! if anyone wants me to expand on them or give any more examples, just shoot me an ask !! please give us a like or a reblog if you like/used it !!

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reblogging vs. reposting

hi dearies! just a quick thing there seems to be some confusion over, with the drama, that @mamacraft​, @happilynoteverafter​, and a few others brought to my attention!

it’s perfectly okay to re-blog my work! the reblog button is safe and encouraged!

the issue is re-posting, which is when someone cuts and pastes my work, and puts it on a post of their own. very different from reblogging! namely because, when this happens, i am no longer linked to any feedback. how will i know if there is an issue with my content? how will i know if spells about, say, squirrels are suddenly problematic? how will i know to stop posting spells to do with squirrels? the simple answer is, i won’t. this is an issue because the content i post is largely tailored to helping new witches in the community, and i would hate for my work to be promoting harmful or otherwise concepts.

as @problematic-cinnamon-roll​ so deftly summarizes, “ It’s the same as reposting art, source or not, if the creator doesn’t want you to repost you just shouldn’t.”

that’s it! thanks for your patience everyone, i’m sure you’re tired as i am of hearing about this little drama.

#MoreJinPlz  Support BTS Jin

Hey ARMY!!

If you also found Jin’s parts are not enough in BTS new album WINGS, please join us! Let Big Hit Know we really care about Jin’s vocals being heard in songs and therefore we need more lines. 


1. Reblog this picture with the tag #MoreJinPlz wherever A.R.M.Y and Big Hit can see.

2. Post your own fanart of BTS Jin with the tag #MoreJinPlz.

3. It’s also nice to add your own comment in your post to tell the world how much you care about Jin’s part in all songs of BTS.

Thanks for your participation.
Let’s give Jin more and more love♥

(Sorry English is not my native language, but I did my best. )


How to sign up: Send me an ASK. If you are more comfortable with it, message me on @a-kulindadromeus-in-a-trenchcoat

When you’ll get your person to give a gift to: December 1st (SO SIGN UP BY THEN

What we’ll be exchanging: Dinosaur-themed things that can be sent over the internet (stories, poems, art, really crappy but funny photoshops, whatever you can do) 

When we’ll be exchanging the things: December 25th 

How we’ll be exchanging: Have your submit box open. Hopefully your person will have theirs open and you can put the art, story, whatever in there. 

If not, you can make your own tumblr post and @ them in it 

If not, you can make your own tumblr post, tag it “palaeotumblr secret santa”, and @ me in it and I’ll reblog it 

If not, you can directly submit it to me, because my submit will be open

So send me a message! We really would like more participants!


I have been thinking for a couple of months now how much a would love to host my own favourites so i hope you are all willing to join, so i am super happy and excited to announce …


R U L E S - 

  • Must be following me (aka @heavenleh)
  • Reblog this post (likes will not count)
  • Don’t self promote or delete the text off this post
  • I can and most likely will remove you from the page if there is any report of rudeness or insensitivity towards others feelings

P E R K S - 

  • A follow from me (if not already)
  • A new person to call your friend
  • A spot on this beautiful page 
  • Promo’s up to 3 times a week, whenever you ask
  • Constant queues

E X T R A - 

  • Banner made by the beautiful Haniah (aka @rehticent) you can request one of her magnificent creations here (aka @bannersbyrehticent)
  • the picture is not mine and can be sources here or here
  • There are no higher chances other than to talk to me :)
  • I will choose 16 - 24 people depending on the notes
  • I will choose around February and will update with a specific date
  • If this flops we will forget it ever happened

Have fun and happy reblogging!!!

Love Ava xx

Psych Season 2 GIVEAWAY

So when I was trying to complete my collection of Psych seasons, I ended up with two copies of Season 2 because I spaced the fact that I already owned the season and it was just at home (I’m living on campus at school with a lot of my things still at home) so instead of returning it, I want to give it away since it’s one of my favorite seasons. It’s brand new/unopened. 

I know it’s not a huge giveaway (I don’t have a ton of money to drop on this) but I still thought it might be fun to do something like this.


1. Reblog this post

2. Write a post about why you like Psych, what Psych means to you, or how you got into Psych and share the post with me via Tumblr messaging.

The deadline for submission will be November 30th, by midnight PT. If you submit, you should be comfortable sharing their address with me, just so I can mail you the prize if you win. (I will not save, share, or send anything else to that address, I promise). You gotta be following me to be considered :)

dank-owski  asked:

Hey there, wcif the shorts Marley was wearing in that little fluff beach post? And also, so. freaking. cute. I love your writing style so much honestly, I wish I could do such frequent updates with my own but I guess I just kinda lost motivation. Speaking of which, how do you keep your motivation for setting up screenshots for and writing 'Finding Marley'?

You can find those totally adorable shorts right here! Oh my thank you, so much!! There are three main things that get me motivated/keep me motivated to write:

1. My followers! They are the sweetest. Every like, reblog, ask and reply I get makes my heart sky rocket, and their constant support makes me want to update as much as I possibly can 💖

2. My own love for the story. I am very invested in my characters and because I haven’t actually planned out the entire story, I’m excited myself to see where the story goes 🙂

3. The satisfaction I get from creating a post/photoset that I’m actually really proud of. I’ve always been quite a creative person, I’ve always liked to write, but whenever I tried to sit down and write something real, I could never do it. Finding Marley (and the sims in general) is an amazing creative outlet. Basically, writing the story makes me happy 😊 

There was a great post about how cis people can understand the idea of being trans, but then it devolved into anti-trans-man rhetoric from someone who should have known better. My not wanting to actually reblog and correct that on my main blog kind of sums up my experience as a trans man and nonbinary. Constantly erased and afraid to talk about my own experience because I know that the people who need most to understand it will ignore it because they assume I get the same kind of privilege that cis men do and I have no right to talk.

For over 30 years I thought I was a cis woman and got tired of being talked over by cis men about my own experiences. After finding out I was a trans man and IDing as one I found myself even more silenced and less willing to talk about my experience than when I thought I was a cis woman and IDed as one. At least then I felt like I could punch up and get a bit shouty about my oppression. Now I’m hyper-afraid of ever being interpreted as too violent or hypermasculine to be considered reasonable. I have to flinch back any time I have reason to worry I might be seen as shouty or even uppity. Like, some people complain that the modern trans man image is too femme and soft and antimasculine… but trying to strive for any sort of masculinity, or even jus assertiveness, just gets me blowback from some quarter.

I guess between the oppression I faced for being perceived as female, and the oppression I face for being trans, hands-down the transphobia has been worse for me and more silencing than the mis-aimed misogyny. This is something I think is largely due to cis oppressors, but I am stung when trans people I thought would be allies are the ones enabling the transphobia aimed at me. I get told to use my male voice to help female allies, but I don’t see how I can do that when I’m silenced and encouraged to be as non-assertive as possible. I can’t do anything trans-positive for you if I can’t even do anything trans-positive for myself without being accused of some sort of problematicness.


for the days leading up to my birthday (feb 3rd - feb 5th) i will be queuing 20+ posts from all similar blogs to mine - since i’ll be busy on Sunday i’ll need tons of queues and i’d love to help you all get some extra notes. 

since i already hit my birthday goal you do not have to be following me to get queues from me, although if you do follow me i’ll most likely follow back and queue from you more often. 


  1. - reblog this post
  2. - send me a message HERE saying “birthday queues”
  3. - i’ll reply with how many queues i did and if i followed you.
    *queue’s will be posted to a total of 21,000 followers*

* if you have any of your own uploads/photos you want reblogged and they fit my blogstyle, feel free to message me on IM and i’ll reblog them for you! *

(banner credit) / (my uploads) / (my tags) 

i hope everyone has a lovely weekend, my IM & ask box is always open if anyone needs anything, just message me! :) 


Heyy… So, this user @kurtadaddy reposted my art… I already messaged them earlier today and didn’t want to make a post bc I don’t like to make things public and I preferred to nicely ask the person to delete the post ( or at least credit me… which still wouldn’t be right, but hey, if you want to make your own posts then… fine…) but they haven’t answered?… and so, I go to their blog and I see they’ve reposted two other drawings from other artists HERE ON TUMBLR!!…

I don’t know if this person doesn’t know how to reblog stuff or if they just Google search their content… but it’s wrong nonetheless.

I’ve never had my art reposted but when I found out I felt.. so mad!!! I love to draw and create content and so I do, but my drawings get very little notes, and then, when I find out that the ONE drawing that I did that got a lot of recognition gets reposted, and that THAT post is getting notes… I felt rly mad.

I didn’t want to make a fuss bc I don’t like to draw a lot of attention to myself, but there are just some things that make me really angry… So please, let’s do something about this..

INTJs and INFJs: Some confusion about the Se grip

Alright, I’ve heard people talk about what it’s like to be in an Se grip for a while now, and I’ve read some seriously diverse posts on INTJ forums and other sites. It’s time to get some real answers.

INTJs and INFJs: I want to find out exactly what you experience when you’re in an Se grip. Reblog with answers!!

My own experience:

  • Obsessive tendencies that have to do with body-image and how others view me, constant comparison to what I “should” look like
    • EX: stressing out about the precise details of diet/exercise/etc. and how I look, spending a lot of time on Instagram/the Internet looking at pictures of ideal parts of the body and/or celebrities who have it
  • Wasting enormous amounts of time with tiny “projects” that don’t matter because I’m convinced that they’ll lower my stress levels
    • EX: deciding to untie every stubborn knot of every pair of shoes in my closet, choosing to color code my closet when I should be studying for a big test