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Some pre-expansion thoughts + “celebratory pre-stormblood”meme created out of spontaneous boredom.

I’ve been playing FFXIV since launch and I’ve made a lot of great friends along the way. I’m absolutely looking forward to the new Stormblood expansion with all the fresh new adventures and friends to be had along the way.

We’re almost in June! So it’ll be here before you know it, I wanted to give all my love to my friends and followers who’ve enjoyed my content that I’ve created since I popped up around 2 years ago. I was really on the fence about creating one, but with a little push from @tsubi-uru, here I am.

And it’s one of the best things I could have done, because the core friends I met through tumblr, we can’t stop annoying each other and it’s great.

(There are so many of you, but you know who you are.)

I love you all, and thanks for giving me reblog fuel when I couldn’t make something. There are so many talented people in this community and it’s always a treat to see on my dash.

THAT BEING SAID… I wanna start something! Just like I did when HW was coming out, I would like to see people do what I just did, make your own compilation photoset post of past screenshots showing how much your character has changed!

(Especially you fantasia users.)

Come on, it’ll be fun!

you know, when Marvel did that shitty plotline about Cap being a Hydra agent (aka a Nazi) I wasn’t pleased, but I saw a ton of activity on my dash about it. People were angry. I think it was trending on Twitter.

personally, as a Jewish girl, I was a lot more hurt when the MCU had Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, two Jewish and Rroma children of Holocaust survivors, whitewashed and volunteer to join Hydra. And when that happened, I never saw a single post about it. No one cared, even though the thing with Cap was a gimmick, and the thing with the twins was outright ignorant anti-Semitism.

I understand that Steve Rogers is everyone’s favorite white guy. I understand. but if you care more about that than the Romanoffs, then I’m not sure you understand much of anything.

I see that the same writer who did Captain America is a Nazi has written Magneto is a Hydra Nazi too. and I see exactly one person on my dash posting about it.

now, maybe it’s my own fault for following the wrong blogs. maybe I expected too much of people, to care about things like this, things that affect Jews.

when I made a post about the Cap thing a few months back, I was yelled at by a Holocaust denier and whined at by a white German who was “tired of being blamed” for history, as though history is not our responsibility, as though history is not always right beside us.

so here is my post about the Magneto-Nazi-Hydra thing: the political climate has been harshly anti-Semitic lately. it’s been anti- a lot of things obviously. but my people’s cemeteries are being destroyed, my people’s places of worship and community are being threatened, I have seen more swastikas this year than I have in the past five, and Marvel just put their single most iconic Jewish character in line with their fictional Nazi order. and one fucking person on my dash is talking about that.

I expected better. I don’t know why I expected better. no one in this modern world seems to know how to treat Jews. are we people of color? are we a minority? are we white? are we all Zionists? what are we and where do we fit?

you don’t need to have all the answers. I know I don’t. it would just be nice to know that someone gives a shit, now of all times, about how my people get represented and treated in the media. there’s been so much anti-Semitism in the news lately, maybe you don’t know what to say. to say about the real news or this Marvel plotline or any of it.

so you know. if you even care at all about something that harms my community much more than everyone’s favorite white guy getting a stupid plotline, could you say something? anything? don’t just “like” a post, it’s useless. if you don’t know what to say, reblog this, reblog something else, I don’t care how you do it, just say something. anything.

please. please say something. we can’t drown out their voices on our own.

The Etiquette of Herb-Gathering

As a practicing Witch and small-scale herbalist, I often find that when I’m out and about I’m also absentmindedly on the lookout for any new, interesting or useful herb species that might help me in my practice. I even carry a small clean jam jar and a sharp penknife in my handbag at all times for if I spot a herb I just can’t resist and need to take a cutting of it for my collection back home. However, while I’m avidly seeking out roadside feverfew or happily snipping cuttings of a rare cultivar of lavender or sage, I’m always acutely aware of why I call the etiquette of herb-gathering.

These are a few simple rules by which I suggest all foraging Witches, alchemists and herbalists should abide that dictate the correct course of action for those who seek to collect herbs from places other than their own gardens. They are mostly fairly common-sense, but a few are ones that might be overlooked, but which can actually be of profound importance!

I will list the rules below, but bear in mind that it’s not like this is some onerous obligation that must be fulfilled, and nor is it some sort of “Witchcraft commandment” or infallible and unchanging list of sacred laws. These are a few things that I created for my own usage, and nobody else is under any obligation to use them. If you choose to do so, I’ll be thrilled; if you find a way to improve them, please do reblog this post with your corrections! 

The Etiquette of Herb-Gathering

  1. Remember that all plants are living things, and if you harvest them too severely, they will die. This seems obvious, but you’d be shocked how many people forget! This is especially important when what you’re harvesting is the plant’s leaves - always remember that leaves are how plants make their food, so leave enough of them to enable the plant to keep growing strongly.

  2. Never forget that you may not be the only one foraging. Make sure that, when you harvest a wild growth of a herb, there may be others in the area who would also like to harvest that plant. Take only a little from a lot of patches, rather than using only two or three patches, but taking almost all of what is available at each one. This will not only ensure that other foragers can use that patch too, but will mean that when the patch regrows, you’ll know where to go back to in order to find it again instead of needing to hunt down a new patch each time.

  3. When foraging on another’s land, ask their permission first! This seems so straightforward, but sadly people forget that plants growing in other people’s gardens (yes, even their front lawn) are that person’s private property! Taking cuttings or fruits from plants on that property without the owner’s permission is legally theft, and can be punished just like shoplifting or stealing a bike from a railing. It also means that the owner will know that their plant is looking smaller because it’s been harvested, rather than them thinking it’s died or been eaten by some wild herbivore.

  4. Always cut stems at a diagonal angle. Never snip a stem so that it forms a circular, blunted end, because this can allow rainwater to build up on the surface of the cut. This rainwater can trap fungal spores, and cause the plant to get a serious fungal infection that may damage or even kill that whole patch. Instead, cut the stems at a roughly 45° angle, so that water beads up and rolls off more easily. 

  5. When collecting flowers, remember that other people like to look at wildflowers. Never take ALL the flowers from any wild plant, both because it prevents that plant from reproducing as it naturally wants to do, and because it means others who walk past the plant don’t get to see it’s beautiful blooms! If you own the plant, that’s another matter - you may WANT to snip off all flowers to prevent it from bolting, like with parsley. However, with wildflowers, always leave at least half the flowers on the plant so that it can continue to reproduce as nature intended.

  6. Never pick a plant you can’t identify with total certainty. Yet another seemingly-obvious one that is nevertheless often ignored. This is often quoted for fungi, because some fungi can be quite poisonous, but if anything it’s even worse for plants. The medicinally fabulous plant known as yarrow, Achillea millefolia, is a very useful plant and a common component of herbal medicines. However, it looks almost identical to spotted water-hemlock, a species of plant so deadly that one bite can kill you in 20 minutes. Make completely certain that all plants you collect are positively identified, and that you flag all plants with commonly-confused poisonous cousins for further identification later if you’re not 100% sure.

  7. Never harvest flowers from plants around beehives. Bees are one of the most important families in the natural world, being responsible for the pollination of tens of thousands of species of flowering plants all over the world and on every forested continent. Whilst most species of bees are solitary, and don’t form the large hives we assume are common to all bees, those that DO form vast colonies need similarly vast numbers of flowers to support themselves. When you come across a beehive, especially a boxed hive that’s clearly domesticated by humans, try to avoid harvesting any flowers from within 500 metres (about a third of a mile) around the hive(s). The hive needs all the nectar and pollen it can get, and due to the rising threat of colony collapse disorder the life of every single hive is a precious thing that must be preserved at all costs. It might be inconvenient for you, but it’s worth it.


These are just a few of the major rules that I personally suggest all foragers and herb-gatherers take to heart. Remember that you’re not the only Witch who needs their supplies! Thank you for reading :)

– Juniper

Hi everyone! I’ve seen a few floating around, but I wanted to make my own April Study challenge! Below are the questions, which can be answered in the caption of a photo post or as a text post. If you answer any, please tag me, #nkbstudies or #heynay, or @ me so I can reblog it! Have a fun month of April <3

The tag for this challenge is #aprilsc, so as not to interfere with the tags of other challenges.


1 (Sa). How do you stay motivated?

2 (Su). Do you prefer to study alone or with friends?

3 (M). What’s your favorite spot to study (outside of your usual study space)?

4 (Tu). What’s your least favorite subject to study? How do you keep yourself motivated to study it?

5 (W). What’s your preferred method for planning?

6 (Th). How do you keep your work organized?

7 (F). What is your favorite subject to study?

8 (Sa). What’s your favorite book?

9 (Su). What’s your study space like?

10 (M). What are some of your general study tips?  

11 (Tu). Do you like to snack while studying? If so, what sort of snacks do you like?

12 (W). What sort of goals do you like to make and focus on? (i.e. long term/short term, incentives, etc.)

13 (Th). What’s your aesthetic (or your ideal aesthetic)?

14 (F). Who’s the best teacher/professor you’ve ever had, and why were they the best?

15 (Sa). Who’s the worst teacher/professor you’ve ever had, and why were they the worst?

16 (Su). Do you prefer binders or notebooks and folders?

17 (M). What are some of your favorite studyblrs?

18 (Tu). How do you like to take notes? What method is your favorite?

19 (W). What’s your must-have piece of stationery?

20 (Th). Where are you hoping to be 5 years from now? 10? 15?

21 (F). What are some of your subject-specific study tips?

22 (Sa). How much noise do you like when you’re studying? Do you like to listen to music/white noise, or does it need to be silent?

23 (Su). What gets you out of bed in the morning?

24 (M). How do you like to study for tests? What methods are your favorite?

25 (Tu). Do you get nervous for exams? If so, how do you combat this?

26 (W). What’s in your pencil case?

27 (Th). What is your favorite thing to do outside of school?

28 (F). April is Stress Awareness Month! What tips do you have for balancing school and mental health?

29 (Sa). What is your favorite kind of weather for studying? What’s your favorite kind of weather in general?

30 (Su). How has the month of April been for you?

don’t be an asshole, reblog instead.

okay so, this a quick little tutorial on how to REBLOG posts instead of stealing them! it’s actually quite simple, follow along~

now first, what you wanna do is find a rlly nice post (it can be a gifset,a text post, anything). Then, you wanna tell yourself “hey, since this is a rlly nice original post i should reblog it onto my blog”

good job! you’re almost done! third thing you wanna do is: click this little button right here:

once you click that good ol’ button, then you see this window pop up like this:

wow! would you look at that! here in this window you can add your own little comment in the ‘caption’ section if you would like. you can also add ‘tags’ in the post! that way you can get more followers by using tags instead of stealing original content that isn’t made my you! :-)

after those quick steps you can hit that big reblog button in the bottom right and BAM–now its on your blog!! and gives proper credit to the poster that it rightfully deserves!

I hope this tutorial helped anyone that seems to be confused bc i’ve seen quite a few people not understanding this concept?? 

People! Make! Mistakes! on roleplay and off the computer. Why does the RP community not spend time talking about this? How would you feel if someone a publicly posted every mistake you’ve ever made? Thats what you do when you call someone out. you’re giving people the want to search for that person’s every tiny and little mistake. Callout posts on theft and danger are needed ; we need to keep this community safe, but don’t justify it with sending hate. You are not your mistakes. You are not your bad days. You are not what people make you out to be. We spend so much time nitpicking at everyone and their mother’s mistakes. Yes! Some things are harmful and stealing is not okay. It’s how you deal with the situation that makes the difference. No one is perfect and until you have the cleanest sheets in the community you have no right coming for people.

What is Tellius Week?

In case you’ve never participated in a fanweek before, the basic idea is that it’s a week to encourage fans to create new fanworks and showcase the amazing works that the fans come up with! The mods of Tellius week adore both the Tellius games and the FE fandom, so we decided to hold a week to show our appreciation for both these things!

How it Works

After we decide the dates for Tellius week, we’ll be posting several prompts for each day. You, the fans, create content based on these prompts and we’ll reblog and share it!

When will Tellius Week be held?

At the moment, the dates are still TBD. We’re still working on getting the word out, but once we get the blog up and running and a decent amount of followers, we’ll work on setting specific dates.

What can I submit?

Any kind of fan-created work: fanfics, fanart, meta, edits, fan mixes, headcanons, funny screenshots. We want as much content as possible, so we don’t want to limit you!

How do I submit my works?

If you post your content on your own blog, tag it with #telliusweek2017 or #telliusweek. We’ll be tracking those tags, but if we miss anything, feel free to submit it or send us a message. You can also @ mention us to make sure that we see it. We’ll also have submissions open if you would prefer to submit directly to this blog. We also plan to create an AO3 collection that fic writers can submit to, so stay posted for that!

Are there any limits about what/how much I can submit?

Nope! As long as it fits with our guidelines and is about the Tellius universe, you can submit as much or as little as you’d like!

What are the prompts?

We’re currently working on the prompts, but if you have any suggestions, feel free to message us with them. The prompts are there to give you inspiration, but if you create something Tellius-related that’s not quite in line with the prompts, that’s ok too.

Who’s running this week?

Right now, we have two mods: Mod Lucia (@legault) and Mod Sanaki (@archsage-celica). Feel free to ask us any questions you have either here or over at our main blogs!

My dash is dead, and i would love to follow any blogs that are witchcraft or pagan related.

If you post your own spells.
If you share other peoples spells.
If you share pagan(using in a blanketed term for all of the differing faiths) information.
Pagan ascetics.
Witchy ascetics.
Just witchy in general.
Or pagan and witchy!

I’m not to terribly picky i like seeing how other people in different paths do things so like, and reblog away!
I’ll follow you from this blog name :)
Thank you!

More Animal Crossing Discourse ™!?

So first it was people bitching about people who /do/ hack their towns.
Now it’s people bitching about people who /don’t/?

What the hell. This is ~technically~ a kids game, y'all gotta chill with this nonsense. Who cares what people decide to do with THEIR game. If they wanna hack, so be it. If they wanna play vanilla, so be it. Who the actual fuck cares how anyone decided to play their game? It’s not affecting you in any way, shape, or form. If you hack, good for you! I do, too, & I enjoy it. If you don’t hack, good for you! I didn’t hack my game for the 1st 6 months I owned it.

It doesn’t matter what you do with your game, & if you’re going to give people shit for hacking or not hacking, you’re an asshole & I hope every tree you shake has bees on the day you forget to grab your net.

Man Face Monday - Soft Smiles and such from the Birthday Dude

Hey Gang! It’s not only Man Face Monday, it’s Stephen Amell’s birthday!!! And I know what you are thinking…if it’s Stephen’s birthday, why aren’t we celebrating his birthday suit? Well, you know we are all doing that in our minds. 

How happy am I to celebrate the creation of that face? Pretty darned happy. The other day, @biermank reached out and requested “soft, pretty smiles”, as evidenced in the Underneath episode. Who am I to resist that? I may have thrown in a couple of other looks for fun. It’s Mr. Man’s birthday and we love all of his faces!!! Here we go…

The softest of smiles. 

How handsome is this guy?! Kill us now!

Even bleeding. He’s smiling.

Credit to @felicitys for this amazing gif. 

Hooked up to an IV smiling a bit. 

Sexy broody interlude. 

Final smile. 

Originally posted by ibmblr

And there we are, my friends! I hope you enjoyed the Man Face this week. Sorry (not sorry) it was a bit long. But man, how do you choose when you have so many nice little smiles in one episode? Looking forward to this Wednesday to see what happens next. Take care and celebrate Stephen’s birthday in your own way (there will probably be drool, I know). 

If you would like to be removed or added to this list for Washboard Wednesday, Man Face Monday, and occasional other day posts of pretty, please let me know. Once again, please reblog if you think your followers will enjoy. Thanks!! @scu11y22, @tinaday3w, @dettiot, @mel-loves-all, @andjustforthismoment, @aussieforgood, @florence-bubbles, @flailykermit, @lerayon, @diggo26, @olicityaddicted, @thewidowpazzy, @melsanfo, @emilybettqueen, @yourviewingparty, @lynslogic, @tanyaslogic, @angelalafan, @coal000, @triciaolicity, @choiceofluthien, @emilybuttrickards, @seaolicity, @supersillyanddorky06, @swordandarrow, @watsoncroft, @jsevick, @readerkas, @yespleasehawkeye, @geniewithwifi, @bluemorgana, @befitandchase, @caedmonfaith, @myhauntedblacksoul, @casydee, @jamyfan-blog, @awesomeziziblr, @bigdeesmallworld, @alemap74, @angelicmisskitty, @almondblossomme, @callistawolf, @miriam1779, @imusuallyobsessed, @vaelisamaza, @mochababychristy, @juliesioux, @pjcmfalcon, @josephine-in-mirkwood, @i-m-a-fan-world, @ms-mags, @red-devilkin, @ah-maa-zing, @itshandledd, @olicityandsteroline, @turn-thy-paige, @wildirish23, @nlh03, @alanna-the-lionheart, @charlinert, @amytosh, @stygian-omada-fan, @multi-fandom-crazy-fangirl, @machawicket,  @biermank, @i-am-wordaholic, @hope-for-olicity, @memcjo, @jaspertown, @itchiygo, @oliverfel4, @tolivers, @ccdimples88, @ap-n, @pleasantfanandstudent, @emmilynestill,  @kainesbitt77,  @anthfan, @lyricalarrow, @laurabelle2930, @ellefraser17, @ireland1733, @mammashof, @chachurka, @somewhatinvisible, @tdgal1, @buffaleen, @suziesammy-blog, @missyriver, @lovelycssefan, @kh2o, @codebreakinsmoak, @letsnevergrowupfan, @memcjo, @bwangangelic, @arrowolicity88, @thebookjumper, @arrowlainie05, @pineprincess, @saebrfan, @olicityinmyheart 

aesthetic blogrates

hello everyone!! as i recently hit 2k, i felt i would celebrate and thank you all by doing some aesthetic blogrates!! although the format is my own, i was inspired by many others as well :’)

here is how!

- follow me (pls)

- reblog this post!

- send me an ask giving me a song rec!


burgundy | rose | yellow | mint | sky | lavender 


floral | vanilla | rain | cookies | coffee | grass 


spring | summer | autumn | winter 


forest | mountains | city | space | sea |  home


mercury | venus | earth | mars | jupiter | saturn | uranus | neptune 

hogwarts house

gryffindor | ravenclaw | hufflepuff | slytherin


oh wonder | bastille | vampire weekend | the neighbourhood | dodie | the 1975 


sidenote: unfortunately as i am quite busy with school lately these may come out a bit late! however, i promise each and every one will be answered eventually :’)

if you get sick of seeing all of these, please just blacklist the tag ‘gisele does blogrates’!

thank you all so much for 2k, it really means the world to me and i appreciate all of you :(( ily!

I saw a post by @bryborg with the idea of other artists doing side-by-side draws where you all draw [characrer] in your own style and put them together so there’s a line of [character] in different styles.

They did Rick from Rick n Morty and it looked FUN and I wanted to do one with Jasper! So like, if you wanna join me, copy my Jasper and draw your Jasper next to her, reblog with a full view of your own and then the line up under that and we’ll see how many Jaspers we can get on the cheeto train :0

@ or inbox me if you do it because I want to seeeee

viktornikiforow’s following spree!

Hello, everybody! So I’ve just unfollowed a bunch of inactive blogs and blogs which I don’t find relevant to my interests anymore and thought that I should find new blogs which would brighten my dash. And new people, of course!

So if you could reblog this post and spread the word, I’d be grateful. It doesn’t matter how many notes it will reach. I will go through all blogs if necessary.

You get 100% follow back from me if you:

  • post Yuri on ice mostly
  • ship Victuuri/Otayuri and doesn’t hate on ships
  • Make your own edits, I love seeing people’s works!
  • Have a good tagging system, being organized is key!
  • Are up to talking with me and screaming about YoI because I do it A LOT
  • Are fine with me tagging you in edits. Ye, sometimes I need attention, lol

Other fandoms I’m in?

  • BNHA
  • Bungou Stray Dogs
  • Orange
  • Naruto
  • Onepunch Man
  • Hunter x Hunter
  • KHR
  • Killing Stalking

I just don’t reblog that much of them but I still enjoy seeing it on my dash.

Hey, folks. Your Token Jewish person here to tell you that if you are feeling like comparing someone to a rat or vermin or a parasite, and that person happens to be Jewish, how about you Don’t. It doesn’t matter how much you hate that person as an individual, and you aren’t even talking about their Jewishness, just Don’t. If you actually care about Jewish people, and I don’t just mean when it’s convenient to care about em and furthers your own goals to care about em, just Don’t. It’s not that hard. Just, Do Not. Just Don’t. 


OPEN FOR COMMISSIONS! (Reblogs appreciated!)

I’ve decided to not just take chibi commissions, but also full on commissions.

I’m sorry for my inactivity in posting. I’ve been dealing with real life things, and I was in Japan for a little over 2 weeks.

I still don’t really know how this works, but I really need to be able to pay for a lot of things (education, etc.) because I’ll be moving abroad on my own…

Just some important things:
I can’t draw furries, I can’t draw mech. But I do appreciate OCs!
I can only do simple backgrounds – I’m still learning how to make detailed ones.
I CAN draw R-18. If you want that, we can talk about it.

Here’s the format:
Specific details (reference photos, possible poses, etc.):

and send to !

I can probably finish a commission within a week or less! I’m back in the country and have nothing much to do.

Of desires, dreams, and nightmares

The final battle was a nightmare which led to all the other nightmares after that. Thank kami, though, that Kurosaki Ichigo manages to wake up from it all.

A/N: I do not own Bleach and its characters.

While the other fics I wrote on FFnet post-686 were canon-compliant fix-it fics, this one is ultimately the alternate ending to the Bleach manga. If it were up to me, the final battle would’ve definitely gone exactly how I’ve written it here.

Thank you, @animeokaachan for reading my first draft. Your comments and suggestions have helped tremendously. Thanks also for listening to my depressing rant during my ‘heartbreak’ moments. Haha!

Also, I would like to thank my partner @beyondtheborderridiculous for the artwork she has come up with for this fic. I’ll reblog her piece once it’s up.

This fic is also available on AO3 and FFnet.

Rukia’s eyes shoot open from her slumber at the weight on her chest that is suffocating her. Forcing herself up into a sitting position, she takes big gulps of air to get as much oxygen back into her lungs as she possibly could before focusing on adjusting her reiatsu to calm her nerves… and the nerves of the other person who is trying to choke the hell out of her.

“Ichigo…” she breathes, mildly irritated as she squeezes her eyes to feel where his reiatsu is coming from.

Keep reading

Tumblr Arabian Horse Directory

Hey folks, I posted about this earlier, but here’s the ~official~ post on it. ‘It’ being a list of tumblr blogs/bloggers that own Arabians, have owned Arabians, plan to own Arabians, or are otherwise enthusiasts of the breed. I’ll break down the list of guidelines for this directory, below, but the biggest thing is that the curating of this list will be on my blog in a static page, and that any addition to this list will be done only be the consent of the blogs/bloggers themselves. 

The Guidelines.

01. People that can be on this list:

  • People who own Arabians
  • People who have owned Arabians
  • People who plan to own Arabians
  • People who ride Arabians
  • People who have ridden Arabians
  • People who like Arabians
  • Anyone who has a connection to Arabians
  • Everyone on this list needs to have a tumblr, however, as it is a tumblr directory.

02. Why is consent necessary?

Because lists can be weird. And creepy. And sometimes people aren’t comfortable being on such lists. Anyone can come onto my blog and look that the list. People have a right to protect their privacy and avoid being on such a list if they choose. Plus, consent is, like, super duper important? It’s a douchey thing to take away people’s agency of choice. I don’t wanna be that guy. You don’t wanna be that guy. Let’s not be that guy.

03. Can we reblog this?

  • Heck yeah, you can!
  • You can tag people in this, too.
  • You can link this post to people.
  • You can share it on other websites if you wish.
  • Go wild, my dudes.

04. What is the point of this?

We have a community of tumblr equestrians (colloquially known as Horseblr) already in place. There are a lot of neat little subsets of Horseblr, but what seems to be lacking is a little sub-community of bloggers who affiliate themselves in some way with Arabians. I’d like to make it easier to bring the community together, since I know we all come from diverse walks of life, disciplines, ages, experiences, nationalities, etc. I would love to see more connection! I’ve met more Arabian enthusiasts since beginning this blog, and I’m really glad I did!

05. What is NOT the point of this?

I’ll preface this with, obviously, I have my own opinions, and I own preferences. I’ve been fairly vocal about them in the past, and while I still feel similarly, I’m trying to be more tactful in how I approach certain subjects. With that said, this is not meant to:

  • Single anyone out based on discipline
  • Provide a place to critique people’s horses or riding
  • Attack people for a type of Arabian they own, ride, like, etc
  • Gang up on anyone for having certain opinions
  • Otherwise serve as a vehicle to attack others

Just as I am responsible for what I do with my blog, you are responsible for what you do with your blog. My only word on that is, own your actions and own your words.

Alright, then! Ready, set, go! Tag away! Reblog away! PM me! Reply to this. The world is your oyster!

Overwritings Fanfic Contest!

Hey!!! This is a kind of (late) celebration for 1000 followers!!! Thank you guys so much, this is probably one of the most positive experiences I’ve had on Tumblr so far! This is mostly just for fun but there will be some small prizes (I wish I could do more but I just don’t have the time or money for it)

How to Enter:

  • You don’t have to be following me but it would be appreciated!!
  • You can either submit your story to my inbox or @ me and post it on your own blog for me to reblog! If you chose to @ me and I don’t reblog it within a day message me about it because Tumblr might eat it!
  • Reblogs/likes don’t count for anything but reblogs help a lot!! If any of your followers might be interested in this help get the word out!


  • There will be three winners, one that I pick and two that my followers vote for!
  • First place(my pick) has the opportunity to be a mod/co-author on my blog. This can involve anything you want to do on it, from revamping themes, organization stuff, answering asks, or writing any prompts received here! 
    • If you want this prize please let me know somewhere in the entry or send me a message letting me know! That way I won’t pick anyone that isn’t interested in it!
  • Second and third place will have a permanent shout-out on my sidebar. I know it’s not the most amazing thing ever but this is for fun and it’s really the only thing I got at the moment


  • Doesn’t have to be reader-insert or anything like that, but keep in mind that that’s most of the prompts I get, so if you wanted to go for the mod/co-author prize be aware that you’ll have to be comfortable writing in a reader-insert format.
  • Try to keep NSFW to a minimum!
  • One entry per person
  • No specific theme! Aus, romance, angst, anything you want to write is all accepted!
  • 500 word minimum!
  • Must be Overwatch related!

Contest starts April 17th and ends May 29th. Voting will take place from the 29th-31st of May so there’s time for people to read over fics and get their vote in! Feel free to ask any questions! Get writing!!

Hello, Classpect Blogs! The "Finding Your Title" Event: Part 1

Hello, fellow classpect blogs!  I’m interested in learning about the different strategies used to determine god tier titles.  Ideally this could provide advice for people finding their own titles.  However, it will still be informative to understand how you view and assign the classes and aspects!  

Specifically, I’m looking for the process you use in assigning god tier titles to real people whom you communicate with, whether IRL or through the magic of the internet.  This communication can be “what classpect am I?”-type asks, private conversations through instant messaging, a personality quiz that you created (or want to create), etc.

(Classpect fans who want to write about finding their own title: see Part 2.)

What I would like to know is: How do you assign god tier titles to others?

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