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gotta be careful about what you tell an alien who’s just found out he’s an alien

a doodle comic that got totally outta hand bc man reigen makes such a cool agent

MIB AU setup from this post  


This week, we rate your pets!!! We were sent SO MANY, so we apologize if your pet didn’t make it into the video! We had an absolute blast making this so maybe we’ll revisit this idea again in the future. Your pets were beautiful and so are you!


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Camera, cornfield and pugs :)

I’ve answered for camera, but not for cornfield and pugs, so yay!

Cornfield - I think the ones from the Antelope Valley “Blackbird” series are the most visually stunning, but I really love the one he took of her on the train. I think there’s an intimacy in the way he shot her, and she just looks so carefree and happy. She’s clearly very comfortable with him, even at that early point in their relationship.

Pugs - Oh SH fandom, how do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love how quick and thorough we are at finding, uploading and analysing any breadcrumb we can get. I love how it’s basically a giant party in here every time we get content (case in point, yesterday when we got CakeGate and everyone lost their damn minds, myself included). And I love how most of the fandom really makes an effort to respect SH’s boundaries and privacy. Sure, there are some lapses in this (e.g. when people screenshot Mama Reinhart’s convos, so not cool), but I also like how we know to call each other out and protect our parents whenever we need to.


bought my dog a new sweater online and accidentally made him look like the kind of bro who gets into ivy league schools because of his dad’s generous donations. like the kind of bro who knows how to do a keg stand but doesn’t really know how to study. like the kind of bro who has at least, like, three different Lakynn’s in his contact list. like the kind of bro who doesn’t really know much about current events to hold a conversation but will spend about 30 minutes talking really seriously to you about his home brewing hobbies.

i made a mistake.

Huge batch of pug pics! Give me some love for our pugs everyone! Pugs light up our nights and snore up our days (and nights!). We love them, and they love us, and that’s all that matters. Having a down day? I prescribe one dose of PUG LOVE! How do pugs say “I love you”? Snort snort snore cough reverse-sneeze wheresthefood licklick. Hahahaha


*I’m in no way encouraging drug use, just simply utilising its situation for this story. But, uh, don’t do drugs. Hug pugs! :) Also, honestly I don’t know how I feel about this at all, but it piled up to a total of 3000+ words and I didn’t have the heart to delete it, so I ended up just continuing it anyway. But… I guess it’s easy on the eyes, or on the mind, somewhat… :) Xxxxx

Calum’s eyes would be black and red against the flash of your phone as you captured him in his high; his tanned skin flawless, strong brows structured and his boyish toothy grin contagious. You submitted to his bewitching smile, dropping your phone to settle on the uncut grass, giggling at Calum’s words and every move- the green’s side effect.

Or maybe it’s your growing admiration for the boy. Who knows.

It was always like this. You had the night to spend with Calum, and only the night, where the Moon and the stars were the only witnesses to the sweet chaste kisses you shared with the occasional love making- but that was hidden behind closed doors and four walls. It was a lot different during the day.

“‘M screwed, I have to be up early tomorrow.” Calum chuckled, somewhat amused. He plopped down to occupy the space right beside you, his fingers successfully finding their way to intertwine with yours.

“You’re an idiot.”

You snorted, complying to Calum’s gentle tugs and dropping your head gently to rest on his chest as you circled your arms around his waist. At this point, your brain was scolding you to stray away from Calum, as you did during the day. It was better that way. Regardless, you kept your ear near his beating chest and your fingers lightly dipped into his shirt.

Maybe it’s the pollen, but you sure did admire the boy.

And you were sure it was the way his sweet, sweet chocolate eyes spoke to you in a foreign language only you could understand that had you falling for him. Or maybe it’s the gentle squeezes he would give you to assure you that he’d stay. Who knows.

“I think I love you, Cal.” You uttered, breaking the silence as you heaved your head off of his chest to stare right at the stricken boy beneath you. Calum’s finger untangled from yours to cup your face, his thumb stroking your cheek tenderly while he assessed the sincerity behind your eyes.

Beneath the moonlight, Calum’s crimson nose and cheeks appeared to be due to the bite of the cold night, but his lips pressed against yours says so otherwise. Somehow, Calum had manage to compel you into heaving yourself forwards so that your lips would land on his plush ones- something you enjoyed the feeling of. Admittedly, you would submit to his tantalising, plump, peachy lips for a kiss anytime, any day, if you had the freedom to do so. But for now, late night kisses had to do. “And I, you,” He whispered amidst the kiss, his fingers clutching tighter on your hips as though he was scared you’d turn into mist, “god forbid, I love you more.”

By morning, you found yourself rising early in the comfort of your bed. Your suspicion of Calum carrying you to your current destination was confirmed the moment you found yourself dressed in only his hoodie. His scent was no doubt the most pleasant thing you have ever smelled, and it would be a lie if you denied relishing in it during your wake.

With the pollen out of your system, you knew it was solely Calum to blame for the swelling of your heart; it was him who was responsible for the painful grin that wrestled down your loathe for Monday mornings.

And it was his sweet morning message that was to blame for your loud music and loud singing in the shower.

You felt as though Calum was beyond your muse for your masterpiece for advanced Arts. He was beyond your inspiration- no- Calum was, is, your focal point. Your epitome of life and being, itself. Within time, Calum began to become your everything, rather than being more than something, or someone. And God, did you find it foolish to relish in the rays of his light because, if anything, you should be scared that your world had a pair of legs to run with and eyes to see with.

“Hey.” Calum lightly nudged you as he sat himself down on his appointed seat. Your smile immediately blossomed naturally, mirroring Calum’s toothy grin. Proving Calum’s smile to be contagious, even more so when his eyes twinkled with mirth- be it for joy or amusement. Perhaps it was because remnants of your euphoric getaway last night remained in both of your minds. It sure wasn’t because of the Maths textbook you had in front of you.

Fortunately, for you, Art was the only subject you chose that Calum didn’t already. Maths was a little bit more endurable with him around, his eyes on you the whole time. So, maybe Monday mornings aren’t so bad after all.

“Hey,” Your voice was lowered, your head ducked with your eyes wary the moment 3 other rowdy males entered the room, “maybe later.” Calum frowned, but straightened under the presence of his team captain, Ashton, along with his two other friends: Michael and Luke. They did everything- including judging you and your life choices, because they didn’t understand your choices. They never would.

“There he is!” Luke called out, catching everyone’s attention, somehow triggering an eruption of light laughter in the room. Your brows knitted together in question, with lips pursed you stared at Calum.

“How was ‘tutor’ session with Jenna, eh?” Michael followed suit, lightly socking Calum’s bicep on his way to occupy the seat right in front of Calum’s. You immediately grew a dislike towards his suggestive tone and emphasis on ‘tutor’, hating how it stirred jealousy within the pits of your stomach, yet you can’t voice it out. “I doubt you even lasted a minute.” Luke sniggered, propping his bent arm on top of the back of the chair to support his weight.

“What are you on about?” Calum chuckled, shaking his head in amusement. Though you could sense the light panic in the way his hands immediately fumbled with each other, you’ve seen the same actions unfold many times after all. “D’you really think she’d go for me when she has books?”

“No, but you…” Ashton stretched his lengthy legs to find comfort whilst he twisted his body to face his friends, knocking your pencil case along the way, but as usual he ignored your existence since, well to him, you were irrelevant. A danger-zone, in fact. “You’d go for her.”

You uttered a light cuss directed to Ashton- which went by thin air, not reaching Ashton’s ears- as you bent down to pick up your pencil case. You didn’t want to be part of this conversation, at all. You were mad at Calum for not telling you Jenna was assigned to be his tutor in the first place. For the love of God, you were already insecure as it is; all this hiding drove you insane, drove your insecurities insane. Were you really that bad that you had to be hidden?

Frustrated, and most definitely desperate to move, you huffed and gathered your stuff to move onto the seat at the back. It was always occupied seeing as it was the closest to the bin, but at this point the bin was a better option than the four boys surrounding you.

Calum could only stare as you heaved yourself off of the seat beside him, feeling edged by the guilt that was threatening him to reach out to you. But he couldn’t, because somewhere inside his mind he knew how much unnecessary drama you’d be pooled into if by chance he opened his mouth and spilled everything. It was his way of protecting you, or so he thought.

The last thing you heard from Calum that day was an enunciated, “I don’t know.” followed by a tentative gaze directed you.

Unfortunately, you were approved to be an expendable when Jenna gladly took your seat during English when you took drastic measures to distance yourself from Calum to prove your anger. It only bubbled more. And you were beginning to hate how your mind couldn’t focus on Shelley because, instead, your attention was averted to Jenna and Calum giggling away.

It couldn’t have been the book. Frankenstein was not funny, the topic of good and evil was not funny.

But you figured, you’d have Calum by your side when the moon rises and the stars shine- or whatever poetic grounds the night can fall into. It somewhat settled you that by the end of the day you’d still be assured that he’s still with you, not her. So, maybe your jealousy was irrational after all. Maybe it’s unreasonably disproportionate to whatever hold Jenna has on Calum, which as far as you know is: none. Yet still you found yourself feeling the slight twist in your heart in fear that you may have been wrong all along. She’s all beauty and brains, and you’re all dreams and drugs, after all.

That night you came home to a silent room, relieving your stress off of your shoulders. Your thoughts all dissipated within a matter of moments after spilling your body onto your beloved soft mattress, reaching out for Calum’s hoodie that laid atop your pillow and hugging it tightly.

Instead of coming over at half four to spend the rest of the day with you, Calum had to excuse himself to a tutoring session (with Jenna) which is likely to consume the majority of the remaining afternoon. You shrugged it off, re-assuring yourself with the same thought that flooded your head over Shelley. Calum was with you, still, and never with Jenna.

But maybe you raised the bar of your hopes far too high, which you regretted at half eight in the night when you received a ‘sorry, I’m too tired’ text from Calum, resulting with his hoodie thrown onto the floor and you stalking out of your room to try and exhaust the budding irritation within you.

Another mistake.

Jenna’s house was along the way to the promenade of your town, which you had to pass inevitably along your journey. Calum’s car was parked in front of her house and there he was, stood outside her house with a book and her hand, mirth in his eyes and his boyish smile all in display- one that you thought was special, only for you. This time his smile was proven contagious by Jenna’s mirroring smile.

Your grip on your phone tightened at the sight, hating how they both suited each other so damn well, hating how you were blown off the water just like that…hating how your expendability was once again proven.

Not wanting to dwell with your thoughts, or with anything to do with the contemporary world, you ran off into the distance with music blasting in your ears. Then, by the end of the night, your constricting throat in dire need for water was on par with the threatening sobs that choked you, and your body was equally as heavy as your heart. But, maybe you were just over-thinking.

“Hey.” Calum was first to approach you the following morning. He was quick to catch you before you left your locker, once again late for the class you disliked the most.

You pursed your lips and continued to gather all the equipment needed for Maths, your hands fumbling over every corner as you merely uttered a response. Just where did that damn protractor disappear to?

“Are you okay?” He sought your eyes tentatively for any sign of a sour mood, one that was eating you away and causing you to furrow your brows. But you avoided his eyes and only sighed exasperatedly the moment you found the damn semi-circle plastic.

“‘M good.” You shut your locker, facing Calum and tugging out the other earphone off your ear. You couldn’t bare to look at his concerned eyes, sparing yourself before you were pulled into another silent irritated hysteria. So, you busied yourself by stuffing your protractor in your bag, and winding your earphones around your phone to stuff it inside your bag as well.

“Um, you still want me to come tonight?” Calum asked warily. You scoffed lightly, transitioning it to a chuckle seamlessly.

“No, babe, you have tutor.” You sighed, tightly smiling at Calum and finally looking up to him. “I think you need to prioritise your grades for now.” Your teeth caught your bottom lip as bitter thoughts rushed to you, ushering your mind back to the sweet scenery that unfolded before sweet Jenna’s front door.

“I can manage-“

“I’ll see you on the weekends.” You curtly cut him off, chastely pressing your lips onto the edge of his lips before storming off to your shared classroom. So, you were jealous, and he wasn’t oblivious to it either.

You and Calum fell into a rut of taking separate paths and no longer meeting at the end. Unlike you, Jenna was well-favoured by Calum’s friends to the point she was loudly invited into one of their chill nights in Ashton’s home. You weren’t surprised when Calum only conformed, his eyes scanning to the back of the room warily in search for yours, but you kept your head held down, earphones plugged in (with nothing playing, mind you) meddling with your own thoughts.

The two were seemingly getting on. Calum’s sheepish smile shot up every time Jenna corrected his answers, over-looked by the teacher seeing as Jenna was his assigned tutor. You felt cut-off, distant and most of all, like a left-over all over again. But, to be fair, you really shouldn’t have made someone so out of your league to be your world. It was foolish and childish.

On the other hand, you were beginning to fall back into the same pattern you were stuck in before you were with Calum. Instead of his tight embrace during the night, the smoke that filled your lungs and passed your lips warmed you- no- numbed you. With Calum’s sweet brown eyes absent for you to feast on, you consumed dinner, which consisted of mainly sweets, in your bathtub.

You found yourself losing sight of Calum, moving further away than what you thought you could, missing his tanned skin, hawk-eyes, raven hair and strong hands almost past your breaking point. But it was for his own good, and yours. Jenna was better at leading him to where he belonged, far more deserving of him than you. And you, you were better of dreaming and only achieving what you could hold onto. Calum was far too big for your own hands, his blood too blue for your red one.

“Hey,” You slurred into the phone, far too intoxicated, “what’s up?”

“I’m outside your house- Are you high?” Calum gushed, his voice somewhat raspy and nasally.

Your eyes widened in surprise. You forgot it was Saturday and Calum had continuously promised you he’d come by yours during the weekends to spend the night. So maybe the green wasn’t as crispy as you thought, seeing as you were still able to process thoughts, thankfully.

“Um, hold on.” You hastily opened the window of your bathroom, cutting the line off to wave the gathered smoke off. Amidst your frantic thoughts, you clambered out of the bathtub, straight out of your bathroom to open the door for Calum, your shirt unchanged and the scent no doubt clinging onto you.

“Hey.” Your smile was easy to come by when you opened the door, all dampened mood suppressed by the green in your bloodstream.

Calum stood there with a backpack swung over one of his shoulders and his Maths textbook and exercise book huddled against his chest, held by an arm. Your lips pursed childishly at the sight, your eyes settling on his books. So he went to see Jenna first, huh. Or he has plans on seeing her.

“Christ, you reek of weed.” Calum’s face scrunched to what appeared to be disgust and through your high, you still managed to feel the tug in your heart, which you chose to laugh off.

“And you reek of Jenna’s influence,” You widened the door, stepping aside, “welcome to my humble abode, matey.”

Calum stepped into your house with his brows knitted in the same way yours was a few days ago. His eyes scanned the room for your parents, which you quickly caught onto. Chuckling, you shut the door after him and mocked a gracious wave towards the staircase. “We’re all alone, sweetie.”

You initiated the journey to your room, immediately plopping onto your bed which left Calum to shut your bedroom door after him. He settled his bag beneath your desk and his books beside yours atop the desk, his brown orbs sweeping the once neat room that transformed into a shabby cave within days.

“Jesus, you really need me around to keep you on track.” Calum meant for it to be a joke, but with your drugged state of mind, your filter was long gone along with your sense. “And you need Jenna to keep you in with the lads, huh?”

Calum halted, giving you an incredulous look at your statement. You sounded so absurd in his ears, almost jealous, but he knew you too well to accuse you of feeling threatened by another female for your position. Or did he?

“You mean my tutor?” Calum decided to wave it away, climbing over your body to occupy the space beside you and hauling you to his body, to which you complied to and allowed him to press his lips to yours; the connection never making its usual fizz, neither did it make you feel anything- if anything it only reinforced your distant thoughts. “Miss you, so much.” Calum whispered.

His grip felt foreign to you. It felt wrong and it only exacerbated your distant feelings for the tanned boy who once felt like home. Calum was too strong for your bruised skin- courtesy of your clumsiness amidst your high. And he was too warm for the settling chill in your stomach. So, you pulled away with your palm pressed on top of his chest.

“This is wrong.” You whispered, inching your lips away when Calum tried to press his lips onto yours again, thus he resulted in resting his forehead against yours instead.


“Calum, this is wrong.” You heaved yourself off of him to sit up, clambering to stand up and pace through your puzzled thoughts. It was supposed to feel right. You missed him and his kisses were supposed to feel right.

He’s supposed to feel like home, dammit.

“What are you talking about?” Calum sat up, his strong brows knitted together in confusion, “are you jealous? Tell me what’s wrong.”

“This.” You exasperatedly voiced out, feeling the sting of tears spread within you when it’s not meant to, “This is wrong.”

“Since when was this wrong?” Calum attempted to stand up after you, but you stopped him with your raised hand, bringing it to cool the raising temperature on your forehead.

“I don’t know, it’s wrong.”

“Is this because of Jenna?”

Something within you ticked off in anger at the sound of her name rolling off his tongue so fluidly, “No- it’s just wrong!” You felt stupid for getting so angry, but he spoke her name in fluent tone and yours in hushed whispers.

“Are you jealous?” Calum chuckled, far from amused at the absurdity of the situation. He raked his fingers through his hair, clearly beginning to feel frustrated. “Is this why you’ve been avoiding me? Why you’ve been blocking me out?”

Your silence spoke for you, confirming Calum’s thoughts. You felt impaled by a knife that was slowly being twisted as Calum shook his head, his eyes shut in attempt to calm him down. You weren’t oblivious towards just how ridiculous your jealousy was rooted, to whom it was rooted and why- but it felt like a slap in the face now that you felt as though you were being ridiculed by Calum.

“She’s my tutor, Y/N. Nothing more.”

“But she’s not nothing less, potentially more.”

“Why are you jealous, dammit? I’m your boyfriend, for the love of god, get your head together!”

You flinched at his words, scoffing at the words that resonated within the walls of your ears. “So is that why you’ve been shamefully hiding me from your friends? From everyone?”

“We’re burnt out, Calum. Admit it.” You clamoured, not giving him the chance to speak out. At that moment, you let your legs take one step at a time towards the door, losing the ability to coordinate your body with your mind. The gods have robbed your wits in daylight. “Her… You could show Jenna off.” You bit your lower lip, biting back the tremble, “She’s not already known for her acid trips, dammit she’s perfect.”

“No, we’re better than this,” Calum began to panic as you stood up, heading for the door, to which he immediately followed suit. He trapped you between his arms, stopping you amidst your heightened anger because, damn your heightened senses, “Us, you and I, we’re better than this.”

You brought your hand up to muffle the sob that racked your body, eager to be elicited. “No, Calum we’re not even supposed to be better than this. We’re not even supposed to be together.”

“That’s bullshit and you know it, goddamnit.” Calum sighed, resting his forehead against your nape in submission to his exhaust, his breaths against your skin somewhat giving you a taste of the warmth you have been in dire need of.

“No, Cal-“

“‘No’,” Calum interrupted you, holding you tighter against him. You could see his entreaty more than hear him; you could feel it more than see it, it was there… Calum was- is- there. “Don’t give me that ‘we’re two different people’ bullshit.” He was panting, the nail beds of his fingers turned white in desperation to keep you to himself. “No, you look at me and you see what I see, because you’re looking in the goddamn mirror, dammit. All of me belongs to you. I’m not just with you, Y/N. I’m yours.”

“No Calum, I’m sick of expectations,” You exhaled shakily, prying his fingers off with the remaining strength you had, “so, so sick of it and I just want to”- a hiccup interrupted you mid-way- “‘M so sick of it, I want to get away from it all.”

Calum softened, willingly cocooning your curling posture in his arms as he held you tighter against him, not at all letting you go. His eyes were closed, his heart squeezing per every sob that past your lips, and every tear that landed on his hand. Yet, through it all, he still managed to shift you around, taking your chin by his fingers and tilting your head up in order for him to see your glossy eyes.

“I’m sorry,” Strangely, the rough lines that etched deep into his palm felt comforting against your cheek, “we’ll get away from it all, okay?” Calum’s eyes searched yours deeply, both his brows raising in wariness on whether his sincerity was conveyed. “We’ll live in the city, I’ll become a journalist and you, you’re going to be the most beautiful,” with his other arm raised, Calum tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear, “the most talented,” his hand dropped from your hair to grab onto your hand, “and my most treasured, artist.”

“We’ll run away, I promise you, but please,” You looked at Calum, submitting to his compelling eyes once and for all, “just stay with me.” Calum’s voice broke as he laid his forehead against yours with eyes shut, his fingers pleading you along with his entreaty.

“Am I really enough?”

“You’re the only one I live for,” Calum chuckled, helplessly in love despite the messed up tangles that only continued to grow in your mind, “no one else will do.”

“I love you.” You slouched against Calum’s chest, burying your face deep into the curve of his shoulder. “I’m so sorry.”

“It’s alright, just put your heart in my hands.” Calum’s voice was just as broken as yours, barely audible, but his unsaid promise reached your heart crystal clear; you’ll stay brand new, because you’ll love each other- over and over again.