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Hey,what do you expect from DuckTales 2017?


i wanna see Brotherly Bondings for each of the triplets since we didn’t get that much from both Comics and the Ori Ducktales. well, we sorta got it.. but it felt weird and different. the boys always have the same personalities since the very first they appeared, they literally just one boy in three different bodies.. which makes everything they did less interesting. and knowing the kids will have different personalities, we will finally see their different perspective for every single thing that they do.. including bondings. 

Everything about Webby. first time i looked at Webby when the very first picture released way back on March 2016. i already know that i’m going to like Webby…She looks like she’s ready to go to adventures with the rest of the gang, which is a great Character development for the old webby we know.i want to see her in actions, how she cope with these kinda stuff.. i don’t want her to be the shadow of the group, who also whines and can’t do everything right. i’m curious to see how Webby act towards Donald, She seems to know alot about him more than the triplets.. 

Scrooge and Donald being Protective towards the kids. yes… just…yes

HDL reaction after Webby told them about Donald past as an Adventurer  the first trailer got me really confused, why the heck webby knows about Donald was an adventurer before but the boys not? is it because Donald  trying to hide this from them?? or is it because the boys haven’t live with donald yet at that time?? 

Scrooge and Donald Relationships. oh boy, these two really are something…we didn’t get alot of this on the original series, but we do get it alot in the comics. and i’m not gonna lie, their relationship is Very unique.. it could be Sweet, cute, weird and even Funny as heck.

Bondings between each of the triplets with Scrooge/Donald. again, since the triplets going to have distinct personalities.. the interactions between them each are obviously going to be different. 

Duckfeels  no need to explain further, y’all know i love duckfeels

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i have a lot more in mind, but that’s all for now… Thx for asking :D !

also.. sorry for my poorly english :p 

i seriously dont feel like living anymore but dying would take too much and hurt my family and friends and i really am too much of a pussy to do anything abt how miserable i am. i have episodes every other night and im constantly in a state of uncomfort. i have a fucked up perspective of everything due to past trauma. im mentally ill to thr point where just looking at a certain word or seeing a shadow go past me or pausing in place for a certain amount of time will send me into an episode. i have people that will help me out when i need them but i feel like a fucking shithead for asking for help and i shouldn’t i know theyre there for me to comfort me because they care but i cant bring myself to reach out in fear of inconveniencing them. i constantly put on an act of being tbe positive one and trying to find good in every situation and the guy who alwyas wants to help but thats not fucking working anymore and people can see im sad as fuck and i dont want to pretend im okay anymore. yhis sounds so fucking whiny but i havent done schoolwork in months, im tempted to kill myself constantly, i live in fear of myself because of my intrusive thoughts, everything i enjoy becomes bland after only days, im unhealthy bc all i can manage to make is junk food, im going to end up being extremely disabled if i can’t get to the doctor, im probably never going to go to college, im probably never gonna get my dream job, and ill probably always be stuck inside like i am now. i wany to die but im terrified of dying what do i do. this is agony.