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Persona 5 Protagonist - Habits & Mannerisms

a soft boy


Legolas reports back to his father.

Ravenclaw Headcanon

When someone in the class asks if anyone has a spare quill, the ravenclaws are always the ones with five or six, but don’t give them out, because what if they don’t give them back?

counting stars

art from stream - thank you to @crescentmoonrider, @owlsshadows, @sonikku0691, @arodote, and anyone else who stopped by the stream!! ‘twas super fun doing ink and talking with yall in the chat. Very glad everyone likes the whales because hooo booooy am I into them right now. Majestic creatures. 

until next stream ;)

I cant draw today but heres a little traff.

Boys Like Him


A/N: Everything I write at the moment doesn’t turn out how I want, so I apologize in advance for this. 

Word count: 3,143

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I had been on tour with Shawn for about a month now and though we’d been dating for almost a year, I had never tagged along his tours before nor had I ever really gone to one of his shows, so sitting on the floor of the hotel room and doing my homework was a rather big step for us. Bringing me along and sharing this part of him was a rather big step for us. 

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~College!au Pen Pal Jungkook~ PART NINE

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Jungkook stared at the last text sent by you before looking back up at (Y/F/N). Just minutes before, he was walking towards your dorm, until he bumped into (Y/F/N). She had offered a shy smile and asked to talk since she ‘finally’ found him. And boy, was he given news.

“I don’t know why she’d say that. Her pen pal is some girl she hardly speaks to on the daily. We’re best friends and knew each other way before the assignment,” (Y/F/N) scratched the back of her head, as if confused. 

“Really?” Jungkook raised an eyebrow, not convinced. 

“Believe me! I don’t know why she wouldn’t tell you that she knew I was your pen pal.”

“How do I know you’re my pen pal? How can you prove it?” Jungkook crossed his arms.

“You call ‘her’ Sarcastic Princess,” (Y/F/N) said, knowingly. Jungkook raised his eyebrows in surprise. 

“I haven’t told anyone that.”

“Well, so that proves it. I’m your pen pal,” She grinned.

Jungkook stared at the girl before him. If this happened months before he hung out with you, he’d be thrilled; a pretty girl who was funny and liked to talk to him. But now? He wasn’t as excited as he thought he’d be. The way he spoke to you about it, so passionately, as if this was his major life goal to find out who this person was. 

Now looking at (Y/F/N), he felt…underwhelmed?

“Why’d it take so long to find me?” Jungkook finally asked the question his pen pal had always avoided to answer. 

(Y/F/N) chuckled, nervously. “I guess I was nervous, you know? I know I lied and said I didn’t know (Y/N). I guess I was jealous, too. Whenever we texted, you always seemed to hang out around her.”

“Actually, when we texted, I wasn’t around (Y/N). I mean, sure, I talked about her but I never ditched you for her, if that’s what your assuming. You had no reason to be nervous.”

“You’re right. And I’m sorry. But hey, at least you know now, right?” (Y/F/N) gave a small smile. Jungkook took a long look at (Y/F/N). Why didn’t this feel right? At all? Isn’t this what he wanted? 

If this is what he wanted, why was he so disappointed? 

Shaking off the feeling of disappointment in his chest, he offered a smile. “Right.”

ASDFGHJKL well then….(y/f/n) seems…nice….Also, posting early bc yes I finally have timeeeee!

Part 10?👀👀👀 


Kurama + Hiei chibi phone doodles ☆⌒(ゝ。∂) (I spent too much time on these lmao)

More class comics! Nobody in Oregon ever gets tired of hearing about that time we blew up a whale. Prompt was “journalism”


I need to remember never to put my style and the Gravity Falls style in a blender and then insist on blending pens and markers in this odd way.
I don’t like this.
But… what’s done is done!

I’ve been watching through Gravity Falls in Spanish recently, and BOI it’s really good in Spanish.
I wanna watch all my TV in Spanish.
I love Mabel very very much, so I wanted to dedicate a day of Inktober to her.
Even if I don’t like the result too much.

“we communicate
with hands and eyes.
it is our accidental language.
we learned it clumsily,

but i think we will keep it.”

in case you couldn’t read my handwriting

quote inspiration @alison.malee on instagram

this is like my first actual bellarke fanart!! and i didn’t use somebody else’s work as reference (it was actually a still from season 1 that i used!) !! and it doesn’t even look that bad !! i’m excited