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Okay i love the pens too but how do you feel about marc methot's finger from crosby's slash?????

I think Sid should’ve been called for it. He should have had a five minute major. Sidney Crosby is undoubtedly my favourite player in the world, probably my biggest hero, and I’ve seen a lot of people making the argument that people always make hits and shit on Sid that don’t get called. The thing is though, we get mad about those not getting called, so it makes complete sense for Senators fans to get angry about that not being called. Sid has been slashing a lot lately? Honestly there’s a few moves he should’ve been called on. It just makes you wonder about the reffing this season tbh.

guys, how do you go about learning new words in a language you’re not very proficient in yet so you can’t really read much yet or even understand children’s shows?
I own one of those ‘basic vocab books’ but most words in there are words I never use… How do you find useful words that you’re actually going to need?
And how do you go about memorizing those words? Normally I use flashcards but I’ve noticed this doesn’t really help me actively remember the words when I need to use them in a text or a conversation even though I always quiz myself on the meaning of the word in my target language so I don’t just practice recognizing the word.
The best thing would of course be to practice the words by using them but I can’t even figure out how to do that because there is no one I can talk Arabic to and I don’t know enough words to have a conversation anyway. 
It feels like being stuck in a vicious cycle where you need to know more words to learn more words and I’m pretty sure it’s not actually that hard. But lately I’ve been so frustrated to the point where I almost started crying in Arabic class because I feel like I’m never going to learn this language. If any of you know anything I’d really appreciate it. 

Ravenclaw Headcanon

When someone in the class asks if anyone has a spare quill, the ravenclaws are always the ones with five or six, but don’t give them out, because what if they don’t give them back?


What rivalry?

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How do you get so good at pen sketches?? How do you make your sketchbook looks so... organized? No... Ano.. neat I believe is the word? Basically how do you sketchbook? 😂

I’ve been using a pen for about 5 years, ever since I saw James Jean’s sketches in the spring of freshman year.  Yes, I was one of those kids but I never went back to pencil, it’s cleaner and doesn’t smudge.  It’s gotten to the point where even if I do use pencils, I usually don’t erase mistakes because I’m so used to the permanence of pen.  Getting good with the pen comes with practice, just like learning anything else.

And for how it gets neat, it also comes with practice and being aware how big or small your page is. This surprises people sometimes but I basically start from the top left and end on the bottom right.  I don’t plan, or sketch out roughs for how the page is going to end up looking, I like to fill it naturally and without too much thought so each page fills up differently. 

And not every page is well composed, I don’t show you the bad pages, but they’re there.  Sometimes if the drawings are particularly terrible, I fold the pages over so people can’t see them when they look through my sketchbook.  Here are some not so great pages.

Some pages don’t turn out great.  Some sketches are ugly, or they don’t turn out the way you wanted them too.  There’s no right way to do a sketchbook, just do what makes you comfortable and happy to draw.

“we communicate
with hands and eyes.
it is our accidental language.
we learned it clumsily,

but i think we will keep it.”

in case you couldn’t read my handwriting

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this is like my first actual bellarke fanart!! and i didn’t use somebody else’s work as reference (it was actually a still from season 1 that i used!) !! and it doesn’t even look that bad !! i’m excited

Learning to read was hard for Cass.  Interpreting the written word is far different from interpreting body language, and Cass’s brain is wired differently as a result of her abusive childhood.  But after Cass had to ask Steph to read a ransom note aloud in order to continue chasing down criminals (Batgirl vol. 2), she realized that knowing how to read would be useful.

[Batgirl #67]

Because of Cass’s learning disability, it takes her a long time to make significant progress.  Babs coaches her and explores different methods of learning, and eventually Cass is able to read full length novels (albeit slowly).  When Cass did learn how to read, she fell in love with books.  A well-written book is far less predictable than a person, and Cass loved how words seemed to make places and characters come alive in her head.  She would read anything from historical fiction to high fantasy, but quickly became able to tell when a story was poorly written.  The characters would seem less real, and the words wouldn’t flow as easily.  Cass began to spend a lot of free time in the library, and Babs would point out good books that she remembered from her time as a librarian.  Tim also had quite a repertoire of books from his childhood, since he needed something to entertain himself with when his parents were away.  He let Cass have free reign of his collection and gave her recommendations.  The rest of the batfamily also began to gift her books that they enjoyed when they learned about her new passion.

Cass never grew tired of how written words could somehow transform into people as though personalities were interwoven into pages.  She marveled at how she could spend hours completely immersed in a story, oblivious to the world around her (or as oblivious as she can get with her skills).  Books had opened up entire worlds for her.  She secretly hoped that someday she would be able to create worlds of her own.    

So this screenshot post came up on my dash yesterday and I just kefhkdswhak IT LOOKS LIKE THE COVER OF A CHEAP HARLEQUIN NOVEL and so I did a thing again. I couldn’t figure out how to reply with a picture in the original post, so I’ll just tag u guys: @thejohnlockhell and @spoko 


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