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Camp Tako - The Epilogue

So, four months ago, Camp Tako came to its conclusion. Today, Cat and I wrapped up the epilogue. Borderline SFW/NSFW, 2.595 words. As the 22 chapters prior, Cat wrote Grace’s POV and I wrote Hannah’s. Previous parts can be found here. The POV changes every dash (-) you see. Let us know how you feel about this.


Camp Tako Epilogue

After six months, Grace hits 100,000 subscribers.

The number looks crazy, a number that Grace never thought would be linked with her in any way at all, and yet there it is. One hundred thousand.

She clicks away from the screen, closes down her whole computer, and picks up her phone.


“Hey baby… what’s up?”

“I just hit one hundred thousand. I don’t know what to do to celebrate.”

“Awww, yeah!You should tweet something. And Instagram it. And tumblr. And do all the things, you know how this works now. Let your people know!”

Grace grins, because every now and then, even though Hannah doesn’t have any youtube ambitions beyond occasionally appearing in Grace and Mamrie’s videos, she will suddenly switch from being Grace’s girlfriend to some kind of PR expert, and it is adorable.

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