how do i join the gang

  • Heather Mac: Hey Veronica, do you want to join our Heathers gang?
  • Veronica: No, I don't.
  • Heather Mac: What about our Heathers club?
  • Veronica: No.
  • Heather Mac: How about our Heathers organization?
  • Veronica: No! I don't want to join your Heathers alliance, outfit, or your fellowship!!!
  • Heather Mac: Oh......What about our coalition?
  • Heather Duke: Ooh, I don't know. That one's pretty exclusive.

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In SSH how much do iwa and bokuroo hang out? i need my babs

Iwaizumi and the Bokuroo duo share a strong bond with one another - they each joined the agency at similar times and grew close through training. They often underwent missions together which are where most of their fondest memories come from

Iwaizumi later encountered Matsukawa Issei and it wasn’t long before the two became inseparable partners. The trio became a gang of four and all seemed to go well, until the night of a mission gone wrong

Iwaizumi changed since the incident, no longer sociable and spent much of his time alone. It took Kuroo and Bokuto great time and patience before they began to see glimpses of the old Iwaizumi returning

But the three are now closely-knit again!

one of the last things i’ll say about this needless hate is that i know one of the admins, she is one of the nicest people in this rpc, she spent a lot of time on this rp .  i’ve been a part of several gang rps before and have only once had a bad experience, to which the admin removed the triggering person . it is our jobs as muns of an rp, to do research beforehand . the rp navi even clearly states whats in store and how to tell if its the right rp for you . if you do not like the kind of rp - dont join, dont bash it recklessly (upsetting the kind admins) and cause this kind of needless drama .  i personally, am not a fan of pickles, you dont see me starting a war on pickles , huh , even tho i could .


i just got this idea for an AU, like if you’re a garraunce shipper (or not idk) but i just suddenly thought, “what if there was a universe where Garroth and Laurance were like the Dan and Phil of that world.” and i then proceeded to completely fangirl in my head over the different scenarios i was imagining, like how garroth could do a video on how feathers attract women and then Laurance could tell some hilarious yet somehow life-educational anecdote about the time he joined the Shadow Knight gang and it was great and OMG SOMEONE PLEASE WRITE THIS NOW OR I WILL. 

P.S. Laurance is totally Dan and Garroth is Phil. Definitely 

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Can I please request the gang's reaction to finding the reader dancing in their room alone?

((you might wanna check out this post too lmao))

you: *is dancing in your room alone when a 2P suddenly walks in*

2p!america: ……..,,,, hellz yeah pARTAYYYYYYY *starts breakdancing with you* WATCH THE MASTA

2p!china: oh, this looks fun. *slyly glides in and wraps his arms around you from behind, moves to the music* ayyyy, how do you feel about ‘dirty dancing’?  (¬‿¬)

2p!england: *le gasp* may i join poppet? *busts out some white-dad-at-a-barbecue dance moves* HUEHUE THIS IS FUNSIES~!!

2p!france: …… ur a huge fucking dork *small hint of a smile*

2p!russia: *sighs* how do you have that type of energy

2p!italy: *chuckles* what a sight.

2p!germany: FUCK YEAH *turns the music up higher* TWO PERSON PARTY *grabs a hair brush and starts singing the lyrics as into a microphone*

2p!japan: can u turn it down a bit plz

2p!canada: *has no expression change whatsoever and just continues walking into the room like nothing* by the way what’s for lunch

2p!romano: *jawdrops* …….. THIS IS MY JAMMMMMMM *steals your spotlight a.k.a the center of the room and takes over* NOW FOLLOW MY LEAD HONEY AND YOU’LL GET THE DANCE DOWN PERFFFF~~~

2p!austria: OOOOOOH, I LOVE THIS BANDDD!~ *hops onto your bed and starts shredding on the air guitar* “I BEG TO DREAM AND DIFFER FROM THE HOLLOW LIES; THIS IS THE DAWNING OF THE REST OF OUR LIVES… ON HOLIDAYYYY!”

2p!prussia: oh, am i interrupting something– *if asked to join* w-what? but i can’t dance…! Q ^ Q

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Hello, I'm thinking about writing a story about a group of guys starting a cartel/street gang in modern day LA because I've always liked those types of themes and settings. I don't have much knowledge about it though and i was wondering if you would help? I'm thinking things like how do/did most gangs get started? How do gangs run and what's it like? or just anything having to do with the subject. Thank you.

No problem! Here are some resources I hope will help:

so that whole purple team up thing seems to be quite popular so its a thing now

im inviting all u purple souled idiots to join me so we can be a hella damn cool gang. ill even design us a jacket n everythin

i know a lot of ur goin to camp undersoul too so we can start plannin our pranks on the cyan faction cause i cannot believe were supposed to be the most tame group like honestly what the shit

so first order of business whats the gangs name and whos gonna be in it?

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How about Sailor Moon episodes titled like Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia episodes

Usagi Finds a Cat

Ami Uses a Computer

Rei Talks to Crows

Makoto Fights a Man

Minako Joins the Party

Tuxedo Mask Switches Teams

The Gang Discovers Their Princess

The Gang Learns About Their Past Incarnations

The Gang Dies

(And that’s just Season 1)

So people were asking for character reactions to the finished show from my fic Still in the Running, so instead of a sequel I decided to do short drabbles showing the gang watching the show. If anyone wants to contribute (no seriously, I would love to see what you guys can come up with) I’ll be tagging these #still in the running reactions.


“Percy is saying how cute and innocent we all look,” Frank said, gesturing to the computer. They had managed to get a Skype chat going, with all the contestants from the show. Even Drew had begrudgingly joined.

“Tell him it’s only been a couple of months,” Nico scoffed. “We’ve hardly changed that much.”

Even as he said that, his own face became visible on the screen again, and he cringed. It was painstakingly obvious he didn’t have a clue what he was doing, especially on the first photo shoot.

Oh my baby you’ve come so far,” Hazel read with a laugh. “That was Piper.”

Nico groaned. “They barely showed her shoot. It’s not fair.”

“They’re showing a lot of people I don’t even remember,” Jason commented as he pulled Nico a little closer. “I guess they don’t want to give the result away.”

For some reason they still took the time to show Nico’s and Jason’s first meeting, just after Jason’s shoot. That was a little worrying, but on the other hand, how many couples have had their first conversation recorded on camera?

mcweaksauce said: The bullying of Sombra in FIENDship is Magic must’ve been very difficult for you as well :/ or the recent episode where Diamond Tiara and Silver Spoon in ‘Bloom’s dream were harassing her over the bugs too.

Not as much, since they were bullies from the get-go

And because they were making fun of her for pest control, not harming the bugs

The Bats! song is probably the only thing I’ve felt triggered over, it’s just the visuals really hit in places I didn’t know they would hit and they were talking about basically how gross and terrible a species was and they ALL ganged up on Fluttershy

Mob mentality

is fucking horrifying

Mob mentality is what caused bullies to not only get away with trapping me under stairs to throw rocks at me, but to convince even my friends to do the very same thing because ‘everyone else was doing it’

Pinkie Pie smiling while joining in scared the everliving shit out of me. Because it was like she was just joining in for funsies since the others were doing it.

Twilight didn’t play mediator, she went with the majority

No one protected Fluttershy

No one was on her side

That hurt me

A whole lot

Hell just thinking about it now is making me feel like crying

Hello, I’d just like to make a very important PSA really and it’s immensely important, it has to do with extensive BULLYING in a roleplay group and GANGING UP on other characters so please. There is a twitter rpg that has been around for a while and seems to be immensely popular, it has over 80 members in it but a few days ago my friend came to me talking about how her character was getting bullied. So me, and two of my friends, joined the group to try and scope it out and I can honestly say that angelcityrp is full of bullies, and cliques that if you don’t agree with them entirely, then you might as well say goodbye to having a single day without drama. people in this group have openly attacked multiple posts made by one specific character, Logan. They would constantly gang up on her so one night my muse stood up for logan. & after that, he seemed to be on everyone’s shit list. Shifting on to just about twenty minutes ago, there was another very large fight which consisted of the entire group ganging up on my muse, logan, and one other muse who was my other friend. They had continued to bully, name call, and shit on my character, and logan’s. I don’t know, I one hundred percent believe this is fucking wrong. that people’s characters shouldn’t get bullied this extensively and for the characters to PRAISE how they’re great bullies. It seems immensely triggering to me. I feel like it is something that should be known. I have taken screenshots of the events under the read more if you need them. I guess this PSA is meant to tell you guys not to join angelcityrp, because it’s a massive clique and if you disagree there is a chance you’ll get triggered in some way, shape, or form. Please reblog this to get the word out, thank you.

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