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🎉 anniversary celebration 🎉

there’s a lot to celebrate today! harry potter turns 20 and i made the first post on this blog 6 years ago! not this url ofc and please don’t go back in my archive that far, i’ll cringe so i thought i’d do a mini celebration in honor of these awesome anniversaries for the rest of the week



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Dating Cassian Andor Would Include
  • Cassian not directly confessing to you
  • In fact, for a good while you didn’t have any inkling of an idea that he even liked you in the first place
    • He chided at you for not shooting straight enough at practice targets and scolded you about being safe whenever you did anything even remotely reckless during a training exercise
    • Wasn’t he like this with everyone else?
      • Actually, apparently not: according to K2, there was just enough recognition of difference in his actions for him to be confident that Cassian did, indeed, have feelings for you
      • This was only furthered by the fact that K2 would catch Cassian glancing at you “57% more than he did with any other person on base.“

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Like Brother, Like Sister - Part 1 (Archie x Reader Request)

Request: Can you write an imagine we’re your jugheads younger sister by a year. And your dating Archie. Ever since your dad FP was taken into custody the only family you had was jug and the south side serpents. So just like the scene we’re jughead gets a serpent jacket you do too. So your walking out of school one day with the group and some of the serpents come to you and hand you a jacket. Saying kind of what they said to jughead the day he got his. And Archie and them are kind of shocked/ worried.’ – Anon.

Characters: Archie x Reader, Serpent!Jughead x Betty, Veronica, Kevin

Warnings: Kissing.

Word Count: 1509

Originally posted by phebobuffay

I started to place my books in my locker when a pair of hands covered my eyes.

‘Guess who?’ I instantly recognised my boyfriend’s voice. I turned around and took the hands from my face into mine.

‘Hey babe.’ Archie leaned in and kissed me gently. I couldn’t help but smile at his touch. I heard a disapproving moan behind me, that would be my brother. I turned around to confront him, Archie placing an arm around me. He did it automatically now, always eager to show who I belonged to. Jughead was joined by his girlfriend Betty.

‘Jughead, it’s been 3 months. You really need to get over it bro.’

‘You’re my little sister y/n, I’m never getting over it.’ I raised an eyebrow at him.

‘Well I’m just going to start gagging every time you kiss Betty.’ Betty laughed. Jughead glared at her, she bumped her shoulder into his.

‘Lighten up Juggie.’ Betty placed a peck on his cheek. A smile quickly spread across his face, Betty could always cheer him up. Veronica and Kevin walked up to us, looking all giddy.

‘Hey, do you guys know what all the commotion is outside?’ Kevin asked excitedly. We all shook our heads.

‘C’mon gang, time to investigate.’ Veronica announced, leading us out the school.

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Bad Boy (Part 4).

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: Talk about gangs, some slight violence, mentions of cuts and blood. Trashed furnitures.

Word Count: 1011.

Rating: 18+


Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 

As always I’m tagging my lovely, lovely wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose along with @ryverpenrad @supernatural-girl97 @brokenanxiety @palaiasaurus64 Enjoy!

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Bound To Happen (Part 5), Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Prompt: The chronicles of being Lin’s assistant to maybe something more.

Words: 1,686

Author’s Note: Yes, I know the Tony Awards are in the middle of June but I needed to make this scene possible and this is how it worked. Whoops. This makes up for my lack of a Valentine’s Day fic, right? Right?

Warnings: As always, a slow burn. Things are happening in this one, though.

Askbox | Masterlist | Previous Chapter | Next Chapter

“Today’s the day.” Lin stormed past you, stride confident and determined.

“Good morning.” You offered, trailing after him.

Today’s the day.” He repeated, stopping in his tracks just as he made it center stage. He glanced around for a moment, taking in the thing he had created. He looked at you, his eyes shining with something you only momentarily saw on stage.

“Today’s the day.” You confirmed, noticing a majority of the cast had collected onto the stage as well. Tommy Kail was striding from his office with a group of producers in tow.

There was more money among his little posse than you would ever see.

Tommy’s face was wet and soon everyone else’s were as well. He held up a crumpled sheet of paper.

“Is that it?”

“Straight from the office.” Tommy told him, just as Lin snatched it away. The yellow color of the pages signified the importance.

Lin scanned over the page, thumb brushing over each word.

“Thirteen.” He sighed, “Thirteen Tony nominations.” He watched as the cast erupted in cheers, embracing and laughing and standing in disbelief because this wasn’t something that happened everyday to people like them.

The producers were sharking hands and offering congratulations, and Lin swept you into his arms before he could stop himself. The stack of papers you had organized in your hands were on the floor in a pile, but you didn’t move to collect them.

Suddenly the entire team was around you, but all you saw was Lin grinning down at you, repeating ‘Today is the day’ in a hushed voice, as if this day was just for the two of you to share.

“Who are you using your extra ticket on?” Mandy asked conversationally, fingers running through your hair. Eyes were on you - the person who trailed after Lin and didn’t seem to do much else. There was no talk of boyfriends or girlfriends or any friends outside of the theater.

You smiled at the idea of having a secret identity away from these people who tried and failed to pry information from you. Maybe you fought crime - or committed them?

“Nobody. Considering selling it on E-Bay.” You shrugged, knowing that your joke could easily be a reality and make your rent payment a little smoother.

“And your dress?” She pushed further.

“I have the one from opening night.”

The women in the room gasped and you suddenly wished you hadn’t taken Lin up on that break he offered you. Mandy’s fingers tugged a little harder on your hair.

“You are not wearing that dress again, didn’t you say it was your Senior Prom dress?” Karen’s eyes were bearing into your soul, it felt like.

You didn’t answer - which was an answer enough for them.

“We are getting you a new dress and a date.”

The dress was an easy choice - something satin and pale in color that looked oddly similar to your prom dress but with a heftier price tag.

The date was another thing entirely. Within the month before the awards, you had shuffled through a handful of guys - and one girl - from Mandy and Karen’s black books. None appealed to you in the right way and eventually you were starting to lose hope.

Not just hope that you would find the right person to attend the event with - the hope that you would find the right person in general.

As the day rolled closer and the dates began to stop, you found yourself dreading the awards night more than anything else. You would be all dolled up in a room full of important people with amazing partners alone.

You decided five minutes before you were supposed to leave for the pre-party that you weren’t going. You left a hurried voicemail on Mandy’s machine, something about the snow and a headache and every single excuse you could make in the span of a minute.

Dressed in your gown and with pristine makeup that took a little longer than you were proud to admit - you drank a warm beer on your couch with Sesame Street paying in the background.

The snow was falling lightly outside and you could only imagine how warm the club the cast was currently in could be. Drinks and laughter and love were probably filling the air and you could spit at the idea.

“Remember we’re on a Broadway budget here - not too many drinks, please?” Tommy called to the group as another round was ordered. There was already a buzz and they hadn’t even walked the carpet yet.

“It’s a celebration!”

“Where’s Y/N?” Chris asked, eyes darting over the crowd the club provided.

“She’s not coming. Something about the snow and a headache and life in general.” Mandy was one drink in, stirring her cocktail with a tiny straw. “I called her six times but no answer - I don’t think there’s any getting through to her.”

“She’s not coming?” Lin asked, dumbstruck. Mandy nodded. “Is this about the date thing?”

Nobody spoke, all waiting for Lin to do exactly what he should.

“Okay. Guys, grab your coats. Ladies, order another round on me.” Lin fished in his pocket and slammed a bill on the bar, tossing back the final sip on his drink. “We’ll meet you at the theater.”

“Where are you going?” Karen called after his retreating form, the gaggle of men following his determined steps.

“I’m gonna kill her.”

You were halfway finished with your beer, rummaging through your pantry for an opened box of Girl Scout cookies you swore were still in there when you heard a thud.

You paused for a moment, waiting for another sound.

Thuds echoed through your entire apartment, and you nearly tripped over the length of your gown trying to find the source.

The sounds led you to the window of your living room - the visual of snow pelting the glass signaled someone trying to grab your attention. You worked the bottom of the window, shoving it open and having to dodge a snowball in the process.

The buzzer was broken - of course the buzzer was broken. Lin groaned as he retreated from the steps of your apartment building.

“Dude, where is your jacket?” Alex asked Chris, who was standing shivering in the snow.

“On my wife.”

“Why does your wife have your jacket?” Questioned Tommy.

“Sometimes you have to give up your jacket and develop hypothermia for the people you love.”

“Buzzer’s broken.” Lin sighed. “She’s not answering her phone either.”

“Looks like we’re breaking in.” Andy shrugged, already taking a step towards the door. A hand on his chest stopped him.

“We are not breaking in.” Lin pushed him back to the group, “I got this.” Lin pivoted back to your building, shouting your name at the top of his lungs.

“Don’t forget we have to perform today.” Chris chided him, hand on his shoulder.

Lin surrendered his yelling and instead found himself packing snow into his hands, wailing it at your illuminated window. The rest of the guys watched as his attempted throws narrowly missed and decided to help him out.

Soon, all four men were chucking hastily made snowballs at your apartment as their cab driver sat and watched, the toll slowly ticking higher and higher.

“What the hell are you doing?” You shouted down to the group of giggling men.

“Get down here!” Lin shouted back, quite a bit louder. “Come on!” The rest of the guys joined him.

You succeeded, slamming your window shut and slipping on the shoes you had perched by your front door. They crunched the snow as you descended the steps of your apartment building onto the empty street.

Lin’s coat was immediately wrapped around your shoulders.

“What are you doing here, you guys should all be on your way to the awards.” You shoved his chest gently.

The other guys stood in the back, making it rather obvious they were watching closely. They shared looks, each wondering is this going to be the night?

“Not without you.” Was Lin’s immediate answer. “It wouldn’t be right. You’ve been with me longer than any of these assholes.” His thumb jerked back to the guys, “You deserve this night more than any of us do.”

“Lin, I’m not in the mood for this right now.”


“You guys should go enjoy your night and I’ll see you all tomorrow.”

“You don’t understand-” Lin stopped himself, the wild rush of adrenaline he had been feeling on the drive over coming to a sudden halt as he took you in. “You look amazing.”

For the first time that night, you smiled.

“I’ll be your date tonight.” He insisted, gloved hands holding yours as you clenched them in the cold. “This is a night of celebration and happiness and the only way I can do that is with you standing next to me.”

You considered this for a moment, before looking over Lin’s shoulder at his merry little gang.

“Hey, guys.”

They all called back equal responses. Lin held out his arm to you and you couldn’t find it in yourself to turn away. You linked your arm in his as your friends climbed back in the cab, mumbling words on how happy there were you would be joining them.

“I’m sorry you did all this for me, on your big night.” You whispered to Lin.

“None of that.” He told you, arm squeezing a bit tighter, “You’re gonna have to sit on somebody’s lap.”

You piled into the car, your half finished beer long forgotten on your kitchen counter. Lin, as he was in your everyday life, was right by your side the entire night. You watched as he accepted a Tony Award and pointed at you from the stage, rhyming your name expertly in a perfect couplet.

Your lousy dates and prom dress was in the very back of your mind, and at the forefront was Lin. Not just the Lin who was making his dreams come true that night, but the Lin from all those years ago who had a dream and decided to bring you along for the ride.

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Riverdale Episode 8 “Oh God Now I Feel Bad For Alice Cooper”
  • Okay the amount of Beronica in this episode is prime
  • Lmao, Veronica labeling Bughead and making a joke, is basically just her defense mechanism so that there is a label on them. As if you are the least bothered one, oh honey
  • And the way she pointed at herself when Alice asked for her. She looked terrified lol
  • Also Bughead were cute, idk I’ll always love beronica the most, but this show makes me ship everything
  • I know that I’m supposed to care about Archie’s dad, and I do. But Archie really pissed me off this episode. Like going after a gang really?
  • Also the serpents working on the construction job is a recipe for disaster
  • I don’t think Veronica’s dad sent those thugs because of Hermione’s romance. I think it’s because she forged Ronnie’s signature, and THEN had a romance.
  • “I stopped listening after the words ‘construction’ and site,’” SAME RONNIE
  • Um those serpents didn’t kill Jason, but something must have happened. Like maybe they are the reason Jason’s whole fake-your-own death thing went sideways?
  • DON’T YOU DARE HURT KEVIN, YOU JERKS. He has been great this whole way through, and I love him, so STAY AWAY!!!
  • Man I hope that Jaquan gets feelings and chooses Kevin. Like right in front of the sheriff and the serpents
  • Okay but the baby shower drama was just SO good
  • Alice finally putting down her sword and going, only to band with Polly after her fight with the Blossom’s
  • AND THEN WE FIND OUT ABOUT THE APPOINTMENT!!!! So it was never Alice, it was her dick of a husband.
  • Plus he did the same thing to her when she was Polly’s age, which means that all of this is WAY more personal than we all thought.
  • “Get. Out.” Honestly shivers during that scene, the way she was crying at the same time was amazing.
  • And then Polly chooses the Blossom’s like an idiot! I get that they needed to do that for drama and because she cares for the baby, but seriously?! That house is out of a freaking horror movie!
  • “Sorry mom, I tried,” that whole last scene was my favorite of the episode (yes even more than all the beronica looks) I mean the way Alice looked so betrayed, and she just fell into Betty’s arms. She has never felt more human, and I love that they’re making the audience question everything that they know about characters.
  • Probably my favorite episode so far, because even the storyline I didn’t really care about was awesome.
  • I think next week we get the beronica moment in the bathroom? (I could be wrong) and I’m so excited because Ronnie has been so strong all the way through, and I want to see her be comforted if that makes sense lol.
  • See ya next week!
It’s Always Sunny asks

Frank- What’s your biggest regret?

Denis- How do you want to be remembered?

Dee- How bird like are your features?

Charlie- What is your strangest habit?

Mac- What is the most dangerous thing you’ve ever done?

Waitress - How does it feel to be photographed?

Artemis - How often do you kink shame?

Maureen Ponderosa - Was middle school your peak?

The McPoyles’- Who do you dispose your garbage on?

Schmitty - What is your legacy?

Fatty Magoo - How would you describe yourself in 6 words?

Mac’s Mom - Do you smoke purely because you want to die?

Charlie’s Mom- Do you break the law just to feel something?

Country Mac- Are you the gay cousin?

The Nightman Cometh - describe any play you were in as a child as if it were an adult fetish production

Charlie Work - Do you  exist or do you live?

Dennis and Dee go on Welfare- What’s the worst thing you’ve ever done for money?

Hundred Dollar Baby- What’s the worst thing you’ve ever cheated on to win?

Who Pooped the Bed - When was the last time you defecated in your bed either on accident or on purpose?

The World Series defense- Have you ever acquired tickets to something illegal? 

Mac Fights Gay Marriage- Are you dangerously stubborn? 

The Gang Goes to Jersey Shore - Looking back, was your childhood a disaster?

Frank Reynolds’ Little Beauties- Do you think child beauty pageants promote pedophilia?

Chardee Macdennis: Game of Games- What’s the worst thing you’re ever done on a dare?

High School reunion Pt. 1- What was the worst phase in your life?

High School reunion Pt. 2- What was the best phase in your life?

The Gang gets Analyzed- What’s the most upsetting true thing that has ever been said about you?

Reynolds vs Reynolds- The Cereal Defense: What do scientists really spend there time doing and can we trust them?

The Gang Broke Dee- When did you last cry in front of another person?

The Gang Saves the Day - How do you want to die?

The Gang Group Dates- Describe the worst date you’ve ever been on

The Gang Goes on Family Fight- Are you the kind of friend that you would want to have as a friend?

The D.E.N.N.I.S. System - If you could abolish one piece of modern technology, what would it be and why?

Flowers for Charlie - What’s the lowest test score you’ve ever gotten?

The Gang Dances Their Asses Off-  When have you felt your biggest adrenaline rush?

The Gang Gets Held Hostage - Whose death would you find most disturbing?

The Gang Gets Quarantined - How tempted are you to drink bleach?

 Frank’s Pretty Woman- What’s the most embarrassing thing you’ve masturbated to?

 Dennis and Dee Get a New Dad  - What are some of the morals you live by?

 The Gang Squashes Their Beefs - How many people do you have blocked?

Ass Kickers United: Mac and Charlie Join a Cult-  describe a cult you would create

Bad Boy (Part 3).

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Reader.

Warnings: SMUT. Excessive use of pet names, talk about gangs and hospitals, mentions of illegal fighting, Steve screaming at Bucky’s door.

Word Count: 970.

Rating: 18+


I guess this is turning into a series, then. I tag my wives @sexylibrarian1 and @thecrownedrose​ also @ryverpenrad @supernatural-girl97@brokenanxiety​ and @palaiasaurus64​ who asked to be tagged. Hope you enjoy it.

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hacker!jihoon au

-uni student by day hacker by night

-and like listen

-he didnt start hacking bc he had bad intentions

-he just does bad things when he’s bored

-im not saying jihoon goes on the deep web but im saying he goes on the deep web :))))))))))))))

-he’s fucking infamous there

-nobody fucks with him

-he’s only known as woozi and nobody knows his real name

-he’s tiny and T E R R I F Y I N G

-do you know how many times he’s hacked into big corporations and leaked information just because someone would pay him for it

-y’all dont fuck with jihoon

-he sounds like an awful person but pLS LET ME EXPLAIN

-turns into the mr krabs meme any time someone mentions anonymous or hacking in general

-he mostly just hacks for the money honestly

-he doesnt even spend any of that money on himself

-he just spoils the fuck out of his friends and pays for his uni stuff

-he is such a sweet precious baby in real life but he’s so cold hearted online what a loser i love him

-the reason he joined the team was bc of seungcheol

-seungcheol went to uni with him and they were close friends!! seungcheol knew everything about him except that jihoon was a hacker


-how else does he manage this team of actual children smh

-so tl;dr he manages to convince jihoon to join the gang and now hacking for the gang is his full time job :’)))))))))

-he doesnt go with the boys on missions but he stays back and watches them from security cameras and talks to them through mics

-probably does homework while doing so tbh

-”ok jihoon what do i do next?”

-”hm? wait i don’t know what’s happening my glasses are fogging up”




-before he even joined, the entire team knew about him and not just from seungcheol

-tbh they were all terrified of him at first bUT THEY REALIZED HOW SMOL AND FLUFFY HE WAS AND HE BECAME THE GROUP’S NEW BABY

-cringes xtra hard when he sees the boys doing something in a way he wouldnt personally do

-like, he understands there are different ways of doing things but being a hacker and doing things the same way over and over again, using the same techniques to solve everything stuck with him and it makes him feel icky and anxious when he sees the boys do something that he wouldnt

-cares about his dumb spy children so much ;-;-;

-hansol is such a terrified lil baby and jihoon has to always comfort him

-”jihoon im gonna have a panic attack”

-”no youre not, it’s ok”

-”you cant even see my face how do you know iT’S OK”

-”i can see your face in the corner of the camera and wow u look ugly”


-hansol proceeds to run off and steps on a trap

-jihoon cringes and slams his head on the table

-save him from these idiots

-honestly he’s the true mastermind

-seungcheol is like half a mastermind and the other half is an edgelord™️

-cue jihoon’s eyeroll

-”hoshi if you touch my hair one more time im gonna send a swat team to your house”

-”are u still salty i didnt let u sit on my lap :((((((((“

-”i diDnT WaNNa sIT oN uR LaP”

-one time hoshi broke his arm so he wasnt allowed on missions so during the entire time he was forced to stay home, he’d go over to jihoon’s and he’d make jihoon sit on his lap while he hacked

-”woah numbers”

-”woah hoshi shut up and let me hack”

-”ur feisty ;))))”

-”im going to abandon this team, move to alaska and change my name to whore-rito do you want that”

-”i luv me some whore-rito”

-the member that’s most likely to be kidnapped

-so tiny and smol cant fight for his life

-reason #232847 of why he has bodyguards!meanie

-talks shit isnt ready to get hit

-falls asleep hunched over his desk all the time because he works to the point where he passes out :)))))

-seungcheol forces him to take breaks and if he doesnt convince him, jeonghan has to come in to pull a mom

-”honey, youre working yourself too hard, you should-”


-ok now it’s the point of the au where i talk about where youre dating jihoon if that doesnt float your boat you can skiP IT

-you two met when he joined the team

-”hey jihoon meet y/n, they’re apart of the team now.”

-jihoon fell for you so hard what a dweEB

-youre in charge of most of the missions and jihoon worries over you a lot

-”hey jihoon maybe you shouldnt fuck around with the deep web anymore-”

-”maybe you shouldnt fuck around with your life anymore on those missions but you dont see me saying anything”

-he’s sososososo subtly caring towards you and it warms your lil heart aw

-he’s not much of a violent person but he’ll do anything to protect you dbsfvjdsfbdnfs

-being a hacker taught him something about keeping those who were close to you and throwing everyone else away

-and fuck you are so important to him

-god he would throw his life away for you in a heartbeat it’s so scary but you feel the same way and sdfildfjdf

-can you imagine if this lil bean gets kidnapped because someone didnt like what you were doing



-”jihoon when’d you learn how to fight”

-”*cue jihoon’s internal screaming bc he only fought so hard for you*”

-whenever you get hurt he wont let you leave his room until he makes sure youre ok again

-”jihoon i literally just got a bruise on my leg i-”

-”stOoOoooOP rEsIStINg yOurE ON ThE VerGe oF DeAtH”

-you like watching him hack but you dont get to often since youre off on missions all the time

-but on the rare times when you dont need to go, you like hanging back with jihoon and watching him do his thing

-he always looks so concentrated and determined and his soft features turn so tensed

-he clenches his jaw and it’s a bad habit but you find it so cute and dsfkbshdkfd

-the way he sounds so stern when talking to the boys just goSH IM MELTING

-i mean

-youre melting


-hardwork with the occasional “babe can you get me some ramen”

-”jihoon if you dont fuckin help the boys istg”

-”i aM”


-jihoon’s the type to eat cereal while watching the boys suffer

The Bad Trip - Dally Winston Imagine

A/N: In case you can’t tell by the word count, I got really into this imagine and was really anticipating it and I am really proud of this writing. That said, while I want people to read it, I do not want anyone that could be triggered by reading about drugs, suicidal thoughts or feelings of hopelessness to read about this. Take care of yourselves and if you do choose to read it, I hope you love it! (Also, a quick PS, I ended this so that if people want a part 2, I can definitely write one)  

Word Count: 1565

Warnings: Suicide mention, death mention, drugs mention, hallucination mention

Pairing: Dally Winston x Reader

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Takes place after their scene in 1x13. Jughead and Betty hash out some complicated feelings over The Jacket™, and Jughead comes clean about his family legacy.

(hello my name is morkhan and bughead is my guilty pleasure het ship. please don’t make me turn in my gay card, i just started using it.)

A few minutes after the Serpents left, we were seated in my dad’s living room, she on the easy chair, I on the couch across from her. Between us, splayed out on the coffee table, was the jacket, with Betty staring at it like she half-expected it to come to life and eat me before her eyes.

Her fears weren’t entirely unfounded. “So…” she said after a moment. “Does this mean you’re a Serpent now?”

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Unexpected Visitor - Justin Bieber imagine

A/N: i think the requests were from the same person, it’s sort of the same scenario except some stuff changed idk…

Request(s): ‘Heey babe! 😚Can u do one imagine where they hang out with the squad and Justin and YN make eachother jealous bc they are broken up but they are friends anyway?💕 love u’ & ‘hey babe, can you do one imagine where Y/N and Justin are best friends but they like each other and they are trying to make each jealous and stuff, and the end can be all fluffy? thank you 💕

Warnings: fluff & angst, nothing crazy


“No, you can’t do that {Y/F/N}!” I exclaimed. We were currently playing an intense game of monopoly and I could get pretty aggressive. “Are you kidding me? That’s cheating!” I continued, beginning to get angry at the game. It wasn’t that I got angry easily, I just had a thing for always winning. And that’s what led to my break up with Justin. You see, Justin hated the fact that I was “overly competitive”, as he would say. We couldn’t play a game without him getting annoyed at the fact that I hated when I lost. It’s apart of how I grew up. I grew up in a competitive family. 

Back to the game, it was {Y/F/N} boyfriend’s turn. To be honest, I hated him because he’s tried hitting on me multiple times and {Y/F/N} is fully aware of it but, she still hasn’t broken up with him. Something just wasn’t adding up between the two of them. The doorbell rang and one of {Y/F/N} friends opened the door. 

“Oh hey Justin, glad you could make it! Come right in.” I heard her friend and whoever was at the door conversing. Please let it not be Justin. I just wanted to have a fun game night with my friends. Was it too much to ask for? The friend came back to the room, and of course Justin came straggling in. Everyone stared at Justin then, turned their attention towards me. {Y/F/N} gave me a questioning look, trying to make sense of what was happening. 

I shrugged my shoulders, confused myself. Who invited him here? The game commenced again and Justin stood around, not knowing what to do. I wasn’t going to invite him into the game because I could already sense he was going to start complaining. {Y/F/N} little sister decided to let Justin join the game.

“Thanks! How kind of you unlike anyone else here,” Justin said, seating himself next to my friend’s little sister. The nerves he had to come up in here and act like he’s the shit, when he’s really not. Everyone stared at each other once more, in collective confusion. I still didn’t say anything because lord knows how hard I was biting my tongue. Justin and I made eye contact and I gave him the dirtiest look humanly possible. He mouthed to me what was my problem and I ignored him. Just then, something sparked in my mind.

“Let’s change the game to something more fun, like truth or dare! What do you guys say?” I suggested in hopes people would agree. To my luck, they nodded their heads in agreement. “Good. I’ll go first. Justin, I dare you to leave and never come back.”

I could tell based off of Justin’s facial expression that he wasn’t having it. If he wanted to be petty then, so could I. “Well,” he began. “Nice seeing you too {Y/N}. I see that you haven’t changed one bit even after all these months.”

“Fuck you.” I growled, rolling my eyes at his remark.

“With pleasure.” he smirked. I wasn’t expecting Justin to reply much more with something like that. The tension in the air was getting too much for the others so, they came to the conclusion of taking the game elsewhere while we stared at each other, waiting for someone to say something. What a great day it’s been so far.

After that awkward experience from earlier, Justin and I decided to make up only because I said we should, not him. Him and I were some what childish so it was better to put an end to what was going on with us. The entire gang was outside so, we decided to join them. We walked out together and everyone glanced at us, once again with collective confusion.

“Well, what’d you two do?” {Y/F/N}’s boyfriend spoke up. “Have sex and forgive each other?”

“No. We just made up, that’s all there is to it.” I smiled. How much I hated him. “Enough chit chat about what Justin and I did and didn’t do. Let’s just have fun as civilized friends.”


Summary: Jughead misses Jellybean so much- it’s almost unbearable. When it finally gets too much; he finally makes that one phone call.

Helping Betty find Polly wasn’t easy for him. Watching them reunite wasn’t easy for him. And even though the Cooper family had many deep, dark secrets hidden away, some of them even crossing a line, he still envied Betty.

She finally got to see her sibling; but he didn’t.

He missed Jellybean so much; she was in middle school now, probably somewhere across the country, and he couldn’t even call her.

They’d been close- extremely so. Their parent’s impending separation was what brought them even closer; he remembered huddling together in his room, trying to drown out their parents’ noisy arguments by playing her favourite game- Mario Kart.

Jellybean and him looked alike; more so than was usual for siblings. They both had their dad’s black hair, mom’s nose, and a combination of their eyes- they’d somehow even managed to have a small tiny mole in the exact same place, on their face. She was the only one who was allowed to wear his beanie, the one knit by their mom; and he was the only one allowed to braid her hair. (She’d made him learn, just so he could do it for her.) He used to help her with her homework, it was the only way she’d do it- if Juggie did it with her.

When the Jones family used to go watch movies at the drive-in, they’d hide in the trunk- trying not to giggle and give themselves away, so they wouldn’t have to pay for tickets.

Their personalities were different. Jughead was the one with the quiet demeanor- more of an introvert who spoke only when he had something meaningful to say. She was the loud, bubbly one, whose positivity was contagious, never failing to put a smile on her big brother’s face.

Though they were four years apart; it was the undeniable truth that they were close. He tried to play his part as big brother as well as he could, but when their parents tore them apart, the blow was hard.
He remembered the day like it was yesterday- him standing in the doorway of her room, arm around Jellybean as they watched their mother pack her things one day after a particularly terrible fight- Jellybean crying, begging Mom not to leave. And then Mom telling them that she was taking Jellybean with her- not Jughead, but only Jellybean. He recalled his father standing there in their rickety house they couldn’t afford to keep, not saying a word, no indication of the heartbreak of his wife and daughter leaving for good. Of course Jellybean tried to stay- but when that failed- she tried to convince their mother to take him as well- but it was all in vain.

Jellybean had hugged him before they’d left- and that was the last time he saw his sister.

Fuck; he missed her. And seeing Betty reunite with Polly- even though it wasn’t for long- the mass of desperation to see- no, even hear- his sister became all the more heavy.

They hadn’t been in touch till then- because his mom had changed her number, opting to keep it to herself. He suspected, though, that his Dad had it- while they were separated, Jughead knew they still had some fragment of feeling for eachother- however small it bay be. Not big enough to get them back together.

But he’d reached a breaking point- and with Jason Blossom’s murder- he wanted- no, needed- his sister’s sunshine personality; and all he wanted to do was hear her voice.

He never called up his dad- ever, it was his dad who called him- but he’d put his pride aside and decided to just ask.

His suspicions were confirmed- his mom had indeed sent her number to his father- and after a lot of convincing (Son, you don’t need the emotional strain, they’re never coming back)- Forsythe Jones the Second had finally given it to his son.

So here Jughead was, hands shaking, dialing the number onto his cellphone, hoping that someone would pick up.

He was in the Blue and Gold office, having just finished an article with Betty. She’d gone home, after a quick kiss (He still couldn’t believe they were dating now), and here he was.

After ringing for half a minute, he was afraid that no one would pick up- but on the last ring-


It was his mother; voice unchanged.

He wasn’t very attached to his mom; he hadn’t been very close to her- but Gods, he did miss her to some extent. She was his mother, after all, and they did have some fun times.

“Mom?” He replied, after pausing to take in her voice. “Mom, this is-”

“Juggie.” She said for him. “Juggie…”
“I missed you, mom.”

“I do too, Juggie. I’m sorry you couldn’t come-”

In the background, a voice excitedly screeched, “Is that Juggie?”

He laughed. He was finally talking to them- his sister was finally here.

“Mom- if I could talk to Jellybean-”

His mom understood, and immediately handed the receiver to her daughter.

“Juggie!” She said, happiness evident in her voice.

At this point, tears started streaming down Jughead’s pale, freckle- studded cheeks. All he could do was laugh, mouth unable to form words.

“I missed you, Juggie. San Fran is the worst without you.”

His coherence thankfully improved, and he said back, “I missed you too, Jel. It’s lonely here without you.”

“How’s Daddy? How’s the house? How is Betty and Archie?” She asked, firing questions at him. “How are you?”

He didn’t want to tell her that he was currently homeless; not living with his dad- who joined a gang- but he could tell her that Archie and Betty were okay. He did so, but lied that the house was doing fine, and so was he.

They talked for sometime like that; Jellybean told him all about school; he told her about the new girl in town- Veronica; and he tried to avoid any topics that loomed around Riverdale- the murder, Lodge’s imprisonment, the Southside Serpents- but Jughead found himself happier than he had been in a long time.

“Hey Jel- do me a favour and go to a room where mom isn’t there?” He asked.

When she said she did, he continued. “So, Jel, I’m going to break some big news to you- Betty is now my girlfriend.”

The squealing that happened on the other end nearly made him deaf. Nevertheless, he laughed at her reaction.

Jellybean approved of the relationship, she said, and pressed him for details. After some coercing, he obliged, and they had a long conversation that kept Jughead smiling the entire time.

All good things come to end- this phone call included- and Jughead had to say his parting word

S. He didn’t know when he’d call again- and so, tried not to make any promise.

“Juggie,” Said Jellybean. “I know you well, Juggie, and I know I’m just twelve, but I can make out that you aren’t as fine as you seem to be.”

He didn’t reply, his silence served as an answer.

“I love you, Juggie; please try to be happy for me.” She continued.

“Love you too, Jel. And I will.” He said. “I have to go now-”
“Promise you’ll call again.”

He told himself he wouldn’t, but- “I will, Jel. Soon.”

“Better be.” She laughed. “Bye, Juggie.”

“Bye.” He said, and wiped a tear as the receiver clicked shut, and all that was left was the monotonous beep.


chubby!johnny - hcs

requested by anon!!

  •  the gang loves johnny just the same
    • collectively: “some chub never hurt no one”
  • but they can be kinda insensitive
    • two-bit is the ass cracking all the jokes
    • affectionately poking and squishin johnnycakes around
    • “i can do it cause i’m chubby too”
    • steve joins in sometimes
    • but both are always quick to say
    • “its just a joke”
    • “we love u kiddo”
    • “and aint nothing wrong w the way u are”
  • pony can be v judgmental though
    • he’ll hold it against johnny whenever he’s pissed or something
    • and two-bit is literally always there to smack pony into his place before darry can breathe near pony with disappointment
  • but johnny gets fed up w the gang’s insensitivities sometimes
    • tbh johnny goes around the gang sometimes and asks them about how to lose weight
    • “hey dar ur in great shape what do i do" 
    • and darry’s legit has no clue like
    • “just eat ur veggies kiddo” “idk maybe join track with pony” “drink some more milk maybe?”
    • “darry’s right… some guys my age man…” (u can probably guess who that is)
  • soda is always the one to be affectionately reminding johnny not to feel insecure bc he looks great the way he does
    • “aw we love you just how u are johnny“
  • dally couldnt give a flying fuck
    • unless johnny feels vv insecure
    • then he’s ready to fight someone bc johnny must b protected
    • he doesnt speak to johnny as affectionately as soda does but he’s just casually
    • “cmon kid i think you’re just fine”
  • steve (like always) is a cocky lil shit about his muscles in the case that johnny even goes to ask him
    • *kisses biceps*
    • “these boys r au naturel, johnny, idk what to tell you”
  • after asking all the guys and getting no good answers
    • he’s just like
    • “fuck it”
    • “theyre right”
    • “i am fine”
    • but it doesnt mean that it stops making him insecure sometimes

so I see a lot of posts about Snape being a racist white boy and they honestly confuse me, because if blood status=race then wouldn’t that make Snape mixed race? I see people praising James for not being a racist dick but do u realize that if we’re gonna use that comparison then James would be a rich white boy who bullied an impoverished mixed race kid because “he exists, if you know what I mean”. and I see people hating on Snape for saying “mudblood” but do u realize that he could’ve been called that too, his dad is a muggle, this was a mixed race kid using a slur that applies to him and that is so fucking sad to me. this was a kid Rowling described as “vulnerable” who joined a gang because he thought it could get him out of a truly shitty life and didn’t know what he was getting into, but yall will hate him for that while you sing Regulus’ praises even though Regulus was literally a rich pureblood supremacist. I mean how are people not remembering this shit, did we all read different versions of “Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince” or what??

anonymous asked:

How do you think the p5 gang would celebrate pride month?

I didn’t think they had pride month in Japan? I know they have Tokyo Golden Week during Golden Week though. I think they’d like to support LGBT businesses during it -not that they wouldn’t otherwise. They might join the march but otherwise I don’t know? It all sounds really generic.

Yusuke might do facepainting or something at some events, or his art would be more pride themed. Haru could start toward for my diversity in her company. Akira might ask Sojiro if he could do some specials for the cafe. Futaba could hack into homophobes social media and put the flag over their DP. Makoto might petition for more inclusive school policies. I’m not quite sure for all, it’s all kind of vague, sorry about that anon!

Riverdale Photo CrackCap 106

Wellll…at least you aren’t wearing your stupid football jacket 

Okay, here goes, OMG!!! The Talent Show, next stop: Hollywood… 

Ummm…..Archie….could you try to play…you know…BETTER??

To ensure my win, I will now do a striptease…also, cigars, cigarettes, catnip??? 

Animal print??? Tacky….It’s like I’m in a third world country 

I’m so proud of mah baby’s ruthless, desperate need to win by objectifying herself 

For today….I am Howdy Doody. But at least I remembered the tie I didn’t wear for Jason’s funeral 

I see your boy makes up for HIS lack of talent with abs, Fred. Like father, like son, huh? 

And now for the “A” Plot, REAL and interesting Reason for the episode

So I’m totally upset about my poor, pregnant sister and am neurotic mess who everyone endlessly demands shit from (except you) ….but also, I have this massive crush on you that I can’t admit to, because it’s like we’re two misfit toys and it’s super poetic, so I really only made up the newspaper thing (though now I like it) and started the Scooby Gang so I could hang around you…. 

But Betts…..I only joined the B&G and the Scooby Gang because pleasing you is like the only thing that makes me happy in this world (even though now I kinda dig doing the other stuff, too. And oh yes, burgers)…and not only will help you with your family mess, but soon will open up about MY dark family seekrits and let you help me.

But first I think I really, really, REALLY want and need  to kiss you. And did I mention how much I love your completely nerdy rain jacket?

A thief’s heart- Jeffmads- Chapter one

//This was lowkey inspired by six of crows (y’all should read that book)

Thomas Jefferson was a monster and he was damn proud of it. He ran the most dangerous gang in this wretched town after all. He built the town up from the ground and made it something worthwhile. He was just missing a spider. Someone who could move without making a sound, someone who could slit throats before the victim even got the chance to scream. An assassin. Now when he heard the infamous Raven was murdered, he thought there was no chance of finding an assassin that talented. Until he remembered she had a son. A son of her and a merchant king who dealt with bombs on the black market, well could you ask for a more dangerous mix?  He smirked, staring at the hotel. Cheap. A good way to hide.

“Kid’s smart.”
“Kid’s dangerous and is probably expecting us.” Alex added and Thomas shrugged.
“Let’s hope we live up to our expectations.”
“What if he outsmarts us?” Eliza asked softly, everyone knowing what she meant. ‘What if he outsmarts Thomas?’ Thomas shook his head.

“Trust me, songbird, we’ll get our spider.” He promised, walking up the stairs then hesitating as they reached the door.

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