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Here’s to honor among thieves. We almost pulled it off despite what everybody thought. Worst part of it is they’re going to blame us for the whole thing. They can’t have people knowing the truth. We’re the patsies; the cover up. Don’t forget, we’re the bad guys.”

so many things going on in this page like

- Harry (Jack) calling Eggsy “my boy”

- “you can have the pick of anything you like” THIS LINE IS SUCH LOVE STORY MATERIAL LIKE FUUUUUUUCK




- “It’s not as if I have anyone else to spend money on.” HARRY HART CONFIRMED SINGLE AS FUCK

- “And as they say, you can’t take it with you when you go.” 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 DO YOU THINK HARRY MIGHT’VE UPDATED HIS WILL TO LEAVE EVERYTHING TO EGGSY BECAUSE I SWEAR HE DIDDDDDDDD

Dating Hae like:
  • it either go two ways tbh 
  • he’d be all fixed up and really nervous to ask you to be his grill and then you’re just like ‘hoe why r u dressed so nicely and why r u sweating so much??' 
  • then he just says it like “Y/N I really like you and dknsksnsowbdibe” and you’re all chill and when he calms down you two talk and boom you’re dating 
  • OR it’d go like 
  • “hey y/n do you wanna see a magic trick?!" 
  • "sure" 
  • "poof you’re now my girlfriend" 
  • "okay DongHyuck" 
  • tbh I see it going both ways -anyways omfg it’d be so fucking fun 
  • he’d tease you a lot how cute -he knows where to stop and he’s actually really soft for you 
  • like he’d always check up on you when he’s out of the country like five minutes later ring ring oh look it’s him again asking if you washed up yet 
  • and the same with him whenever you’re gone you always check on him and ask him how he’s doing and it’s just cUtE 
  • he’s really soft for you like he wants you to be happy all the time and doesn’t want you to be sad ever -but at the same time 
  • "you’re such a bitch y/n" 
  • "I know" 
  • "fuc u" 
  • "thank you Hae" 
  • it’s such a playful relationship 
  • you two are best friends like you do everything together and make fun of each other and just have a lot of fun 
  • "y/n come here I have a secret to tell you" 
  • "What do you want this time" 
  • he leans in real close and then burps into your ear 
  • but it’s all good cause you burp louder 
  • he probably texts you at 3 am just to make fun of something you said before 
  • okay but 
  • imagine accidentally sleeping on his shoulder and him just worrying not knowing what to do but doesn’t move cos he doesn’t want to wake you 
  • and then then he falls asleep after taking pictures to tease you 
  • but the members take pictures of you two and they make fun of you 
  • denies the fact that he likes it, but when you say you won’t do it again he says to do it again lol 
  • he cAnt even beleaf he’s dating you like he’d think you’re an angel and that you own the world or smth 
  • whenever you two fight over dumb shit he’s all like "are we done fighting” and ur just like “ya” and then you’re all good 
  • you two never really fight over anything serious because when one of you guys make a mistake you two own up to it and apologize 
  • like the most serious thing that probably happened was him getting upset you didn’t tell him something first 
  • tbh he just really wants to be number one and wants to be lof by you 
  • like trust is the biggest thing to him and you two would nEVER DO ANYTHING TO HURT EACH OTHER 
  • when you visit him when he’s practicing he takes a break and you two sit and he talks about what he did at practice and even though he’s sweating you still get close to him -and then someone would yell “Lee DongHyuck get your ass over here stop making out" 
  • He’d get upset but you’d stay to watch them practice 
  • after he’s done getting clean and you two go out sometimes (more like all the time you visit) and he’s so happy to treat you and you’re like 
  • then he’d say "save your money for our wedding day" 
  • Youd shut up lmao because you’re so embarrassed like who says that y'all only 16 or smth 
  • but you like it 
  • you would scream whenever you two pass by any clothes store and want to buy everything but have no money and you leave before he tries to buy it for you -anyWAY 
  • y'all so soft and nice yet hate each other you kno??? Like it’s so nice to be around him and you think you’re not enough but to him you’re so much more than enough you can look at him and he’d be like ilysm 
  • pls don’t hurt him cos he would never hurt you



Designs for Royal!Haikyuu Charms! I hope to get them in time for SacAnime Summer 2015. ^Q^ I have an unhealthy addiction to the HQ!! babies in royal garments but this is probably the only time I’ve drawn HQ!! merch with them wearing their uniforms lmfao. 

Akane: Maybe I die. Planning a nonary game. And then you go and marry Junpei. And it makes me sad. But if he’s gonna be with somebody, I’d like it to be you.
Carlos: Strange, but sweet.
Akane: Only, I didn’t really die. I was faking it. And I come back. I spy on you from my red Corvette. And I’m planning to kick your ass, but I see how happy you make him. And I have to walk away. I have to. And I do. Slowly. In a rainstorm.
Akane: But as time goes by it eats away at me. You’re out living it up with my boyfriend. And I’m alone, on the moon. Training. I thought you were my friend…I THOUGHT YOU WERE MY FRIEND!

Brendon: *hits blunt*

Sarah: how high are you right now?

Brendon: I don’t know, like, 5′7″


@shallowseamermaid OK LET ME TELL YOU SOMETHING. I secretly have a really big thing for drarry+cars. I love when they are just like

“Omfg Draco you don’t even have a license!”
“How does this thing even work? WHY DO MUGGLES DO THIS?”
But then they drive around and have fun and sometimes like in that one fic I last read and loved they just go on long quiet trips and it’s just so good.

XIUSOO ❤ (ɔˆз(ˆ⌣ˆc)


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Going On A Road Trip With Remus Lupin Would Include...

  • It really being a road trip with the Marauders and Lily
  • You are the only one who knows how to drive
  • Having a dingy-beat up old van
  • Remus sitting in the passenger seat
  • You guys obviously do this for Christmas break of 7th year
  • Not really knowing where you’re going
  • But you, Lily and Remus have decided that you are going to a muggle town
  • You guys start packing the week before
  • And the day you leave
  • Loading your van is a nightmare
  • You have to fit 3 suitcases, 3 bags, 2 tents, 6 sleeping bags, 1 portable stove, kitchen stuff, food for 2 weeks, and everyone’s homework
  • You actually wake everyone up at 3 to start packing
  •  You guys leave at like 4, so everyone is asleep
  • Except for you and Remus
  • Who is trying to stay awake
  • You laughing as he keeps on nodding off
  • Telling him he can sleep
  • But he refuses
  • But falls asleep 3 minutes later
  • While they’re asleep, you turn on the radio softly
  • Stopping at the nearest rest-station to get food for when they wake up and coffee for you
  • Starting to drive again
  • Lily being the first one to wake up
  • At like 10
  • Then all of them slowly starting to wake up
  • Remus is the last one awake at 12
  • By the time all of them are up, you’re in the nearest muggle town
  • So all of you get out
  • And have brunch at the only restaurant
  • Reminding James, Sirius and Peter to be on their best behavior
  • And reminding them that NO MAGIC
  • When you’re done eating you get back on the road again, deciding to drive for the rest of the day 
  • And camp out the next day
  • When it starts getting dark you stop at the nearest dingy motel you can find
  • And all of you share a room
  • That only has 2 beds
  • Which was a struggle sleeping comfortably
  • All of you fighting over who showers
  • But you smirking, because after they all collapsed you had a shower, so you didn’t have to take a morning shower
  • Getting back on the road at like 10
  • Turning on the radio
  • But after awhile everyone starts complaining
  • And slowly losing their mind
  • Breaking out the food to try and stop the complaining
  • It didn’t help
  • Playing the boring version of truth or dare
  • Eye spy
  • The Alphabet game
  • And everyone just getting on edge
  • After 5 hours of nonstop driving everyone gets out
  • And uses the bathroom
  • And stretches their legs
  • Filling up the gas
  • Driving again till it gets dark
  • Pulling over in the nearest grassy area
  • And taking out the tents
  • So they are really warm inside
  • Setting them up
  • The boys getting one, and you and Lily sharing the other
  • You and Remus sneaking out to stargaze
  • And almost fall asleep
  • Until it gets too cold
  • Then going into the boys tent
  • Because he made you and Lily hot chocolate
  • Bringing the hot chocolate back and sleeping well
  • All of you wake up grumbling
  • Because the sun woke you up
  • Driving angrily for the next few hours
  • Because everyone is being a prick
  • Especially Sirius
  • He won’t shut up about how he didn’t get enough sleep
  • You growling
  • After the millionth time you turn around
  • And glare at him
  • “Shut the fuck up unless you want to get us all killed. I can’t focus if all you do is whine!”
  • That effectively shutting him up
  • And everyone else
  • So it’s really quiet because everyone can feel how angry you are
  • And they don’t want to die
  • By noon you guys are in a pretty big town
  • Eating lunch at a pub
  • Watching a movie at the theaters
  • Walking around town, you and Lily with your respective boyfriends
  • You and Remus just stay in the bookstore/cafe
  • Staying at a Bed an’ Breakfast
  • Which was way nicer than the motel
  • Each of you exchanging presents in the morning
  • Staying in the town till lunch
  • Eating lunch and then hitting the road again
  • Driving in a comfortable silence
  • All of you are happy
  • And enjoying the scenery
  • Driving through the night
  • All of them falling asleep in the back really quickly
  • Remus holding your hand
  • Smiling at you
  • And talking
  • Till he gets a little more handsy
  • His hand is resting on your thigh
  • And you roll your eyes at him
  • And then he’s sticking his fingers up you
  • And you have to try not to wake up everyone else
  • Stopping at a rest stop to change
  • And clean up the seat
  • And pee
  • He cleans up to
  • And also changes
  • He stays up with you all night
  • Not driving the next two days
  • Those are your exploring the new town days
  • Then heading back to Hogwarts
  • It taking 2 days to get back
  • You end up getting back 4 days before school starts
  • So you remind everyone to do their homework
  • And so does Remus
  • You and Remus basically making sure nobody kills themselves
  • Pretty much being the Mom and Dad of the Marauders
  • And you’re totally fine with that
  • And so is he

Day 3 : Formal clothes [day 1] [day 2] [day 11] [day 24]

“ You look beautiful in that dress, Lyn.”

DAYUMMM I enjoyed drawing all these fancy clothes ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) ((and omfg that dress was both hard and awesome to draw (●´□`)♡ !!)) Some additional infos : Brandon actually hates that kind of sociaty events and would probably stay no more than a few hours after being tired of telling everybody “hello Sir/Lady XXXXX how is your night” xDD no one forces him to come tho, he would DO IT FOR ALL THE GORGEOUS LADIES MWAHAHAHAHA~ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

Also some Brandlyn stuff because these two are so adorable ~ ( •̀ᄇ• ́)ﻭ✧  thanks for all the headcanons about these two  @i-rlyns ♡ ♡ ♡

Omfg this episode of Sup/er/me/ga literally has Matt leaving their recording session to go and start dinner for him and Ryan. Plus Ryan reminding him to cut it thin and Matt says, “I’ll do it just how you like it.” this domestic shit is what I live for omg.

Oh how the tables have turned: a Luke Skywalker x Reader imagine

Requested: Yes and omfg I had a fun time writing this! Challenging but I really hope I did okay?

Summary: Y/N is the apprentice of Darth Vader and she is requested to kill someone but some shit goes down and just read bc I love how this turned out okay just read btw this is written in Y/N POV if you can’t tell okay now go


“Y/N” my Master calls for me from his chamber. It’s sometimes hard to hear him because of his mask, quite a turn off if I do say so myself. I rush over to the chamber, making sure I do not keep him waiting for too long. I do not want to repeat what happen last time I disobeyed him. I didn’t know I could turn purple but it looks like you can if you don’t breathe for a long enough time.

“Yes, Master?” I say, entering the chamber.

“I have a mission for you,” I can practically see the grin Master Vader has on his face. I jump a bit before proceeding in his direction. I haven’t been on a mission since we invaded the Resistance ship being run by Princess Leia.

“It’s quite different then the last. Be mindful of your thoughts young apprentice I will not tell you again,” Master Vader scolds before continuing. “It may be more difficult but if you can do this one task for me your training, young one, will be complete.” 

“Is that so Master? Then I shall not fail you. You have my word,” I bow in respect. 

“Your word means nothing to me until you have fulfill what I have asked of you. Now for your mission. Luke Skywalker has been spotted on the planet Alderaan. To complete your training I need you to find him but do not kill him. That is to be left for me. I have some unfinished business with young Skywalker. Find him and bring him back to me here. If you have to seriously injure him so be it. But if you kill him well then I’ll be forced to do the same to you,” Master Vader says darkly. 

“I will not let you down Lord Vader,”

“Off with you then.”


Now I love missions. They’re the best part of my training. But one I have never been on a mission alone, two I hate this piece of shit planet, and three how in the holy Death Star am I supposed to find a fucking Jedi on this huge planet? Especially one as skilled as Luke Skywalker. He could be hiding in the shadows of who knows where just waiting for the right time to come up behind me with his pretty, blue lightsaber and slice the galaxy out of me. Now on this planet I know there are some people willing to tell the apprentice of Lord Darth Vader where the sightings of Luke Skywalker have been, but I just need to figure out who they are and where to find them. 


Walking into a local nightclub of Alderaan I am hit with the horrible stench of sweaty bodies of all species and death sticks. I’ve been walking around this pile of crap planet for hours now and I’ve only talked to three people about where Luke Skywalker has been seen. All of which have said near this general area of this nightclub. I figured even Jedi like to have a little fun and let loose a bit so I came in here. That and because I’ve been walking all damn day and I need a place to sit down that doesn’t have sand or something dirty or poisonous. 

Sliding into a seat near the back of the club I people watch for a bit before I see someone in a dark robe make their way towards me. Automatically my senses start going off. Luke is here. And he is heading my way. Taking the seat across from me the dark figure doesn’t remove the hood of his robe. We sit in silence for a few minutes before the figure speaks.

“I’ve been hearing around that you’ve been looking for a Luke Skywalker,” I take a sip of my drink slowly. Trying to calm my nerves and play cool.

“Maybe. Who’s asking?” I say, slamming my drink onto the table. The figure doesn’t even flinch. 

“Someone who’d maybe know his whereabouts,”

“Is that so?” I ask, leaning forward.

“It is,” the figure mimics my actions. I smirk.

“Well, then maybe I have been asking around for this Skywalker. But what’s it to ya if you won’t even let me see your face?” the figure slowly slides out of the seat in front of me. I grip my lightsaber underneath the table. Luke swiftly takes the hood off from his robe, extracting his lightsaber at the same time with his right hand. I do the same jumping atop of the table. I bash my saber into his a few times before jumping down. The music in the club comes to a stop and all eyes are on Luke and I. 

We battle it out, moving throughout the club; Luke’s saber coming close to my face one too many times. I am running out of time. If I want to get him back to Lord Vader before tomorrow I need to get him down as soon as possible. But Skywalker has had more training than I. But I am doing pretty good holding my own.

“The lightside of The Force is strong within you. I can sense it,” young Skywalker says while his saber screeches with mine. 

“You’re foolish, Skywalker. The lightside of The Force is more than dead within me,” I reject, taking another swing at him. He blocks it before smirking at me.

“Let me help you Y/N! I know this isn’t you! This isn’t the bright girl I knew not so long ago,”

“There is no helping me Luke. The darkside of The Force is too powerful and strong within me. Your senses are mistaken,”

“No, I am not. You were the best in our class. The brightest most intelligent and lightest young Jedi I have ever met. Please Y/N, let me help you! I know there is light. I can see it in your eyes. I can help stop the pain and confusion. Just let me help you!” Luke pleads. Can he not see that there is no helping me? I was lost long before he ever realized. There is no other path for me except dark.

“Stop trying!” I scream, taking a jab at him. He blocks it and pushes my saber to the left, making me lose my balance. Falling to the ground, Luke kicks my lightsaber out of my hand. Placing his glowing, blue saber at my neck.

“No! I will not stop trying! I have been looking for you for five years Y/N! Ever since you joined Darth Vader to be his apprentice I have been looking for you. I’ve talked to Master Yoda, he senses the light in you. As do I. I know the darkside has not fully corrupted you!” Luke yells. 

“I am staring at you right now, and I can see the fear in your eyes. If you could not be saved I would see nothing but a Sith. You are the lightest person I have ever met. Please stop torturing yourself and come home with me. Come back to where you belong. Darth Vader can teach you nothing but hatred. I can help you and teach you light again but please,” his voice breaks. “Stop killing yourself and come home with me, my love. Please let me wrap my arms around you again and let me whisper sweet nothings in your ear until you giggle uncontrollably and tell me I’m always being too sweet to you. Please. Let me be too sweet to you again.” I feel my head begin to spin as all the memories I have been trying so hard to push out of my brain come flooding back in all at once.

Luke and I use to be lovers. Even more than lovers. Luke and I were to be married before I heard the calling of the dark side and went to it. I never felt the power of the dark side until I was in the presence of Darth Vader on my fourth mission with Luke. I was too weak to not go to it. I was too power-hungry. Once I heard the calling of Lord Vader promising me all the power in the Galaxy whilst being by his side. I ran to him. Not caring that I would be hurting Luke in the process. I was too driven by the thought of being all mighty and powerful to care. 

“Y/N please, my fiancee, look at me,” I look into Luke’s big, ocean blue colored eyes and see the love he had for me five years ago still present and as loving as ever before.

My eyes begin to become teary. “Lu-Luke,” I stutter taking a breath. “I want to come home.”

I just realised something!!

If you look at John crying at both Sherlock’s grave and after confessing to Mary in S4, they are almost identical.


They’re the exact same poses!!!

But what breaks my heart is how Sherlock reacts… In season 2, Sherlock is stood in the cemetery. He was longing to hug John and comfort him. You can see it in his face!

And when John starts crying in S4, you can see the pain in Sherlock’s face as he remembers that time when he physically couldn’t comfort John.

And then he does what he desperately wanted to do…

Like omfg!! The Johnlock. Also in TLD, Sherlock looks like he was hurting as John started yelling at him about going after love while it’s there… Sherlock loves John so much!!!!!

I mean, look at his face!! Plus John is not happy about telling Sherlock to go after someone else!!

And then…

They need each other!! They fricking need each other!!!! Like oh my gosh John, what are you doing sending the man you love after someone else? You fool!! You bloody idiot!!


I need to know, because it’s almost unheard of that a sim of mine eats a quick meal, whether or not a werewolf still eats ice cream like a werewolf.  >_>;  Like… why.  It’s…. in a cylinder!

Has anyone thought the size of the ice cream tub in TS3 is like… rather ludicrous?  xD  Some people say there’s no such thing as too much ice cream but…. that is too much ice cream.  :x








The last scene of 7x10
  • Girls: *Enter house*
  • Hanna: Animals? In an abandoned nature infested house? How can this be?
  • Jenna: Whaddup bithes I learnt how to plug in a speaker
  • Jenna: Btw I'm still pissed at you for doing that one thing when we were 15
  • Me: How does bitch know that they r giving her the real drive it could be a fake
  • Me: In fact why didn't they just do that
  • Me: This damned show...
  • Emily: Omfg this baby doll so cute I wanna raise a kid with Ali
  • Emily: *leaves phone and doesn't notice*
  • Me: How does anyone in this day and age just leave their fucking phone
  • Me: Wasn't she using it for light
  • Me: Did she not realize it was suddenly fucking dark
  • The Girls: Well we know their is a manic blind girl in here who probs wants to kill us and we should rly be leaving before shit goes down, but let's go exploring!
  • Aria: Welp let's not say Beetlejuice 3 times ya'll
  • Aria: #AriaInWonderland
  • Emily: Oops silly me just left my phone upstairs im such a dork
  • Hanna: babe ill go with you #hannily
  • Emily: Aw ty kinda hoping Ali would go with me but anyway xo
  • Hanna: Omfg there's someone up here. I didn't expect that!Whatever shall we do?
  • Emily: I know! Let's hide behind some large shelves he'll never see us!
  • Hanna: Great idea omg this is y we r friends
  • Noel: Look how cliche I am being today
  • Jenna: Come out come out where ever you are
  • Yes I'm talking to you Alison
  • If ya know what I mean
  • Jenna: *takes 5 steps up the stairs*
  • Aria: Let's call the cops we all know how much they will help us
  • Ali: Omg yeh and I'll text Emmy boo
  • Noel: Here comes a choppa to chop off ya head!
  • Ali: Omg wut bowling balls can curve through corridors now? Ya learn somethin new every day
  • Jenna: Watch me turn the lights off so ya'll see pitch darkness haha omg I'm so clever ten points to Jenna
  • Noel: I'm so misunedrstood nobody ever loved me
  • Noel: W8 CUT Marlene y am i even tryna kill these girls they ain't done shit to me
  • Emily: Woo hoo look at me go I just killed another guy!
  • Hanna: Omg well done Em
  • Aria: Omfg its a head aaah Im screaming wonder who's head it is
  • Aria: Where is Ezra when i need him
  • Jenna: Haha look at me im winning Noel just killed Hannily and them bitches are running for thier lives.
  • Jenna: Woops just accidentally kicked my boyfriend's head
  • Aria: Omg a blind girl has a gun we will all die !
  • Jenna: Haha I just shot Ali
  • Spencer: *crawling for her life as her friends run off without her and don't even notice shes done*
  • Jenna: Mwa ha ha ha ha yes yes, I smell ze blood. Bleh bleh bleh.
  • Mary: I know how to heal a gunshot wound don't call the ambulance just sing a creepy kids song 100 percent success rate
  • Spencer: Haha this is the second time I've been shot in the heart this episode speaking of which where's Toby Wan Kenobi
  • Toby: Dammit Yvonne I told you I told you bitch I didn't want a fucking sandwich and what did u do? U made me eat the fucking sandwich and I lost control of the wheel now we dead
  • Toby: Wonder who bought the house tho
  • Me: *large gulps of wine*