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they vid was so boring :/ half of it was answering questions and the other half just researching stuff. i think they’re either running out of ideas or maybe just playing games that are easier to edit/shorter to film lol

Strong disagree. This is the kind of video I get most excited about. Ten straight minutes of them answering questions I can dig my greedy little hands into and psychoanalyze? Sign me the fuck up. 

In fact, I rarely do this, but I’m just gonna paste my timestamps in here. If it tells you anything, I wrote twice as much about this ten minute video than I have some of their thirty minute ones. 

1:04 - “the succ”
1:24 - Phil making fun of how Dan is mumble-speaking.
1:32 - Dan asking Phil, “Who’s your spirit daddy?”
2:18 - The quiz tells Dan think of his best memory, Phil asks Dan if he’s going to share that. Jumpcut away.
2:21 - (Dream/Discover/Dance) Dan picks dream. “I guess.”
2:32 - (Sweet/Salt) Phil says Dan is full of salt. “Thanks, bitch.”
2:37 - (Think/Feel/Sense) Dan overthinks the ‘think’ answer and misses the question.
2:50 - (Over/Under/Around) Dan would go around/think outside the box. He doesn’t tackle things head on, he sneaks around the side.
3:15 - (Free/Safe) He picks safe instantly. Phil agrees he’d always want to be safe.
3:27 (Hope/Trust/Love) Dan picks trust because the other two are pointless without it.
3:39 - (Frost/Dew) He goes back and forth between them then settles on frost, because dew is nice to look at but not touch.
4:00 - Dan gets an eagle owl.
5:03 - “Patranus.”
5:14 - Phil is afraid he’ll say things about himself that he doesn’t want to.
5:22 - “Stop saying patranus.”
5:38 - Phil says his happiest memory is being on a roller coaster and eating popcorn at the same time and we’re just gonna skim past how I thought he said peeing on a roller coaster at first and was here for this new kink revelation.
5:45 - Dan thinks popcorn + roller coaster sounds like a recipe for choking “and not in a fun way.”
5:46 - (Seek/Protect/Serve) Phil goes for ‘protect’ right away. (“He protecc. He attacc.”) Dan disagrees and says Phil is definitely a 'serve’ though Phil argues he’s quite protective.
5:57 - (Rough/Smooth) Phil loses it at this question and you cannot tell me his mind went anywhere besides sex to begin with. He picks smooth. Because he doesn’t like the feeling of rough objects. And for no other reason. (The Philly doth protest too much, but moving on.)
6:10 - Phil’s expression when he says, “I’ll go with ROUGH.” is so flamboyant and also so great.
6:12 - (Lead/Save/Escape) Escape. He doesn’t want to be near any danger. Dan: “Phil wants to escape the pressure of answering these questions.”
6:23 - He takes it back to the 'rough’ question.
6:33 - (Forever/Sometimes) Phil picks sometimes, because forever sounds scary. Same, dude. Same.
6:41 - Phil dramatically reads 'it’s forming, it’s forming’ and for some reason Dan says “It’s coming?” and then starts to say “The way you read that sounded like-” but doesn’t finish the sentence.
6:47 - (Mind/Heart/Spirit) He picks heart, because he goes with his heart over his mind which is sometimes a bad thing to do.
7:15 - Phil gets a Siberian Cat. Dan: “a lazy housebound creature that appreciates nothing and scratches you if it doesn’t get its own way. i think that is so true.”
7:28 - At this point Dan and Phil realized that this quiz was definitely not enough to film an entire video and move on to fill two minutes on wikipedia because life is meaningless if you don’t get that ten minute ad break. 
7:46 - Dan says Phil could be an agile jumper with his body type.
7:57 - Dan comments on Phil’s impressively large, full tail. Heh.
9:05 - Magestic, beautiful, elegant - the complete opposite of Phil, according to Dan.
9:23 - Bad #spon segue. Dan can’t handle it, just starts talking over Phil.

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Who do you headcanon would be the one to initiate the kiss lol? I see Craig being the one to do it haha. Also, I love your blog..... sorry if I am asking to many questions lol. I am just sad we likely have to wait at least a year for new content and idk how ima get my creek fill during that time. Fanon stuff won't do it for me haha

i like to imagine it being either of them,,,

If Craig initiates it, it’s because he feels the moment is right. It’s meaningful, it’s perfectly timed, it’s intentional. He’d probably do it after a date night and it would be very sweet but predictable. Tweek knows when he’s gonna do it and he’s ready to go. Now, Tweek, on the other hand, is more emotionally driven and impulsive. If Tweek’s the one to initate, it’s a heat of the moment thing. He’s overwhelmed with emotions and he just goes for it and probably screams after because WOW HE JUST DID THAT and Craig’s beet red because he didn’t anticipate it happening so he had no time to prepare but they’re both very, very lovestruck. Either way, its adorable!!!

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18 or 19 for Ladynoir please? Thanks!

I went with 18 (holding hands) for this one! Sorry again for the wait!

Fighting together meant a lot of things. It meant that they had to trust each other without question or hesitation. It meant they knew each other’s strengths and weaknesses. It meant they understood how the other one moved and thought so they didn’t get in each other’s way. It meant they looked out for each other and knew the other would do the same.

It also meant that when Chat Noir grabbed her hand to run away from an explosion, Ladybug could pretend that her heartrate picked up because of the adrenaline and the rush of fire behind them. It meant that she didn’t react when he continued to hold her hand as they stopped to catch their breath. It meant that she didn’t mean anything at all when she gave his hand a gentle squeeze before letting go.

They were partners. It was what they did.

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Help! I’m really bad at sexting and dirty talk, any tips? ❤️

When your partner is talking about things they wanna do to you:

1. Encourage the things you like. “I love the way your tongue feels on my dick/pussy, you’re so good with it.”

2. Prompt them with little hints of what you want done to you. “Tell me how you’re gonna tease my pussy/dick.”

3. When in doubt, just provide general encouraging phrases. “Mmm and then what?” or “I can’t wait to feel it in person.”

When you’re talking about what you want to do to your partner:

1. Get into specific details. Talk about specific body parts, outline every single place you want to run your hands along, kiss, etc.

2. Include the senses; taste, touch, seeing, hearing. Things like “I miss the way you taste,” or “I can’t wait to hear you moan again when I eat/suck your pussy/dick.” or “I love seeing you arch your back when I go down on you.”

3. Outline a specific plan of what you’re gonna do: start with foreplay, and gradually progress into the actual sex in detail. Map out for your partner exactly the routine you plan on doing. “I’m gonna start by kissing you nice and slowly, running my hands up and down your chest and in your hair, grinding my hips against yours, slowly letting my hands make their way down. My mouth will follow, kissing every inch on the way down..” blah blah blah blowjobs sex, you get the idea.

When in doubt, send pics to accompany the words💖 good luck doll

“I think you just have, Eddy.”


Now, how is this not set up to be an EddEddy moment? I heard Danny who shipped EddEddy [And still does] drew Edd and Eddy holding hands and staring romantically into one anothers eyes as if they were going to kiss.

This is such a beautiful moment all around.

Eddy finally understands that he was doing the wrong thing all along. Bro’s advice was,’in order to get it right, you have to get it wrong.’ By admitting his faults and saying how he was wrong Eddy has learned.

Whether it’s meant to ship EddEddy or not, Edd and Eddy finally have an understanding. That’s what they’ve been looking for this whole series. Edd and Eddy cannot live without one another.

I LOVE how Edd reaches how and tenderly holds Eddy’s hands. Eddy is also surprised by this. He was expecting for Edd, and Ed, to be angry with him. When have you ever seen Eddy letting Edd hold his hands? That’s right, never! Eddy hates being touched. But, he may have been afraid of it for a different reason then abuse. 

Eddy has also been in a constant battle with his true sexuality. With his brother looming in the shadows of his mind Eddy feared his true person. Now that Eddy is free he’s allowed to explore himself. He may not accept it for a while, but Eddy believes that he may be gay.

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Stargazing - Jonah Marais imagine

“Wake up”, I hear a familiar voice whisper in my ear, making me jolt up in fear. I open my eyes and sees a pair of brown eyes gazing at me from above, looking down with humor.

“Jonah? What are you doing here at this hour? How did you get into my room?!” I yelped, lips parted, looking up at the tall boy in front of me.

“You should probably start locking your window,” he advised sarcastically. While I continue to stare at him in shock.

“Well, what are you waiting for ? Get up sleepy head…” he laughed, shaking my shoulders with his two large hands.

“Nooooo… Go home… You’re gonna wake my mom up, and trust me it will not end well.. If she founds out there’s a boy in my bedroom.” I hissed.

“No, we’re going on an adventure, ” he said, ripping the sheets from my body, causing me to roll the opposite way, covering my face with one of the pillows underneath my head.

“Adventure? What are you talking about?? It’s 2 in the morning,” I deadpan, voice muffled by the cloth covering my mouth, “The only adventure I’m going on is back to sleep.. “

“Oh, come on…Please?” he begged, sticking out his bottom lip while rolling onto the bed, I took one last look at him before sighing, lazily dragging myself out of my bed and towards the bathroom.

“Gosh.. The things I do for you, Marais..”


“Where are we going?” I whined, swatting away the large branches blocking my view to where Jonah was leading me. I received no answer from him as we continued to walk through a bundle of tress and bush, the sharp leaves surrounding me leaving tiny scratches along the bare skin of my arms.

“Jonah, seriously!” I groaned, “This isn’t..-“

My words were cut off when I took an unexpected fall towards the ground, my feet leaving the security of the trusting pathway and instead, falling into a small ditch. My body fell onto the soft grass as I landed with a small thud.

“Forgot to tell you about the slight drop.”

I stuck my tounge out playfully and picked myself up, brushin off as much dirt covering my clothes as I could, quickly giving the place a look over. It was too dark for me to see much, but I could tell wherever we were was completely deserted, away from any form of human life.

“So.. Lemme get this right,” I said, almost monotonously, “You brought me all the way out here, at this hour, to show me this…” I literally stopped talking at that point.

He stared at me with a sneaky smile. He didn’t answer, so I followed him to where he’s standing and I realised we were standing in a cliff and we could see a clear view of the city, all the buildings were lit up with an array of different colors. It was breathtaking.

“Pretty, isn’t it?” Jonah commented.

“It’s beautiful,” I agreed

“Not as beautiful as you,” he countered.

I turned my head and smiled at him. “You’re cheesy..”

He laughed, leaning forward and pecking my nose.

“The city’s not the reason I brought you all the way here though.”

I looked at him in confusion. He pointed up towards the sky.

“The sky is really clear at this hour. You can see the stars really well.”  

I looked up and saw that he was right. The usual clouds that covered the stars were gone, leaving it completely clear. Jonah spread the blanket on the ground and sat down on it.

“Is.. That.. Mine?” I asked

“Yep. I took it when you’re in the bathroom.” He confessed. He then reach for my hand and pulled me down into his lap. His arms sneaked around my waist, holding me against him, and his chin rested on my shoulder.

“Why now? Why have we never come out here at night?” I asked, breaking the silence we had lapsed into.

“Mostly just because the forecast said the sky would be clear, so we would be able to see the stars. I wasn’t really sure how the city looked. I just assumed it would lit up, and it’s a lot prettier than I expected. I’m glad we came out here though.”

I nodded. “I think we should come back again someday and look at this… It’s prettier at night and a lot more romantic at night…” I added, turning my head to look at him. He smiled and kissed my cheek.

I shifted around in his lap so I could kiss him properly. Without breaking the kiss, he slowly leaned back until he was lying down, taking me with him. I broke away after a moment and sat up. I looked up at his face to fnd him watching me intently. His eyes reflected the moonlight, making him seem even more unreal than I already thought he was. His gaze made me blush and look away. I looked down at my fingers, until his hand caught mine and held it in place. I looked up again to see his gaze.

“I love you,” he mumbled, his eyes flickering up to my face.

“I love you.” I leaned down to kiss him again.

When we broke apart  I got off of him to lay at his side. My head rested on his shoulder and I looked up at the starry sky. Unlike Jonah, I don’t really know a lot about astrology or constellations.

“Can you see Orion?” Jonah asked.

“N..No…I’m not even sure what that looks like,” I responded.

“Do you see the three stars in a row? The one in the middle is brighter. That’s Orion.” He pointed towards the sky. I followed his finger and I did see the three stars.

“Oh..Wait.. I see it!” I exclaimed.

I continued watching the sky when I suddenly saw something bright flash by. “It’s a shooting star,” I said excitedly. “Make a wish..”

“I don’t think I need to. Everything I want is right here.” His arm tghtened around me, and he kissed my forehead. I realized he was right. Right now, all I wanted was to be with him. “Me too,” I said with a smile.


“Hey, babe?” 

“What is it?”

“Do you think Emmie needs any help writing the Herald?” 

“I’m not sure… I know she hasn’t set up a press office yet, so I’m not certain you’d get paid for it.”

“Hmmm. I was just wondering if I might like to try my hand at it. I’ve been feelin’ so fucking restless lately.” 

“I never took you for a writer.”

“I can write!!! I’ve been working on some freestyle rap.”


“I’ll show you some of it later. It’s gonna a surprise!!”

“Uhh, not sure how much of a surprise it’ll be now that you’ve already told me, but okay. Wouldn’t you rather do something that got you out of the house a bit more?” 

“I guess. Maybe some science fieldwork? I dunno, just something to bring some money in.” 

“It’s good to be thinking about the future, but let’s do one thing at a time. It’s spring now and we’ve got a wedding to plan.”

“Oh shit, yeah!”

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i uhhh think i’m in love with my boyfriend and i’m happier than i’ve ever been when i’m with him or even when i’m just thinking about him but when i don’t see him for more than like two days (and i only see him on weekends) all i can think about is how much i miss him and wow god he’s just. so perfect. wow just. wow. all i wanna do is buy him flowers and get drunk and watch the stars and hold his hand :)


i’m about as hopeless and unmotivated as it gets but i get that from mental illness. i don’t get that from anti-civ/nihilism, i turn to anti-civ/nihilism in order to have something to be motivated in and in order to have a little bit of hope that i can take my life in my hands right now and make it what i want. how does saying seize the day and do everything you can to not let the world crush you equate to hopelessness?

Get to Know Me

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Nickname/s: czar, Z, or mana

Star Sign: leo

Height: 5′1

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Birthday: July 30th

Favourite Artist/s: ohhh I like Shawn James and Amy Winehouse, my top two faves

Song Stuck In My Head: Hooked on a Feeling by Blue Suede

Favourite Song Right Now: Flow by Shawn James

Last Movie I Watched: Guardians of the Galaxy 2

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When Did You Create Your Blog: Earlier this year sometime

What Do You Post? Overwatch fanfiction, reader inserts, teratophilia, monster lovin. I try not to post ships, but sometimes the art is too good to not reblog.

Last Thing I Googled: how long does it take for a broken hand to heal

Do You Have Any Other Blogs: I have my personal blog but i don’t go on it anymore.

Do You Get Asks: I get a bit. Sometimes it’s people asking me for advice or telling me they look forward to another one of my fics. I love every ask I get btw.

Following: I follow other writers and some artists. And a cat blog. Along with a few people who were my first followers.

Followers: 394. I think a few are those spam porn blogs, but usually if I see them I block them. I don’t mind porn blogs following me, but not those spam ones.

Favourite Colour: Blue, black, and purple (i’m still an edgy emo at heart alright?)

Average Hours of Sleep: I need my sleep, so between 6 or 8 hours I’ll usually get. I love my sleep alright?

Lucky Number: I don’t have one. But let’s go with 69 or 666

What Are You Wearing: Black shorts and a pull over sweater with grey socks.

How Many Blankets Do You Sleep With? One or two, depending on how cold I am.

Dream Job: To be an author or to be a teacher.

Dream Trip: I want to travel. I’ve said this before, but a road trip across the US or going to Europe.

Favourite Foods: I love food, except anything that has to do with eating stomach or intestines. Also, I have a major sweet tooth.

Nationality: American, but my dad’s family is from Mexico. So I guess I would be a Mexican-American?? I’ve never been too sure about that though.

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Your boku-no-secret-santa SS here to spam your inbox again :). It’s another week into December so I just wanted to drop by and ask how you’re doing! I didn’t get a chance to say this previously but your art is so lovely!! I’m having a great time browsing through your art tag. I love the way you draw hands! And your Tsuyu+Lily pic is perfecttt. Omg, it’s super great that you’re working on a comic!! I’m totally going to check it out because I would love to learn more about your OCs!

ahhh im so glad you like my art !! (esp the hands i spend so long on them ashdkjsad)

also  im sososososo happy u wanna know abt my ocs !!

heres a daphne for u

some dumbass: alright in this fic the party is slowly abandoning will and purposely leaving him behind-

me: you absolute piece of shit. you are blocked. you are reported. mike lucas and dustin would NEVER do that to will. the entire show is centered around how they love him and will go to the end of the world for him. what kind of bafoon do you have to be to not get this. what kind of dumbass are you. i am going to kill you for your crimes. i have the gun in my hand right now. i am going to pull the trigger.


This has been in my head for like a week. I like to think that Stan is ridiculously susceptible to genuine compliments, especially ones from his brother.


our stories aren’t over yet. no, they’re not.


taehyung needing jimin’s seal of approval ‘14/’16

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vanessa with two braids? being cute?

!! i like the way you think !!

Mark Me || jjk

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Excerpt: ‘ The second his teeth broke your skin, you felt your heat overwhelm you and shoving him off you climbed onto his chest, gasping desperately, “get in me now.”

Genre: smut, werewolf au

Length: 2.3k 

A/N: there’s been so much hype for this, i hope it was what you wanted and more !!

Warnings: knotting

Originally posted by btsbulges

“Stop marking me,” you glanced up at Jeongguk, before continuing to bite down on his bicep in an effort to rile him up so he would stop playing on his Xbox and give you some attention. Jeongguk was wearing a pair of grey sweatpants, hanging low on his hips and the way he was leaning back on the sofa,  meant a slither of skin was left in the open just under his navel and you desperately wanted to mark the flawless surface.

He could tell you were close to your heat, the pheromones were radiating off of your body in waves as your teeth sunk into the thick muscle of his bicep again to make him release a groan that soon morphed into a moan as he kicked his head back at the feeling of your tongue lathing over the injury, flicking at the indentions you’d left in his skin, Jeongguk knew you were on borrowed time.

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Sorry, I'm... uh... blind?

Context: Still a little new to DnD, our DM decided to have a little impromptu session with characters that we made on the spot after raiding Mr. DM’s house. We had a half elf rogue (me), a dragonborne barbarian who wants to be a doctor, and a high elf sorcerer trying to convert people into his religion about Cthulhu. In the story, me and the barbarian visits the sorcerer because the barbarian wants to learn about this special medicine that this sorcerer supposedly knows. But during a mishap of trying to summon Cthulhu, we’re all sent to the other side of the world. 

Rouge: Oi! Asshole (the sorcerer)!  Look at what you done! Thanks to your stupid spell, we’re in some weird place! Tell us where we are!

Sorcerer OOC: Do I know where we are?

Dm: Yep.

Sorcerer: I don’t know what you mean! My spell was going perfectly till you two morons appeared! Don’t just throw accusations like that! For all I know, you could have done something, you dirty thief. Why don’t YOU say where we are?

Rouge: You-! Doc (Barbarian), I’m gonna shank him! We can’t trust him! I can tell he’s hiding something! (rolled insight and got a decent roll)

Barbarian: Now young Mills (my character’s name), let’s not-

Sorcerer: See! Throwing out threats like a villain! How can we trust you? Huh? Look, you’re a thief with sticky fingers! You took my staff!

Dm: Did you actually take his staff?

Rouge OOC: Ha ha, no. 

Sorcerer OOC: Wanna bet on it?

Dm: *sighs* roll off. 

*I got a high number while the sorcerer gets a 2*

Barbarian: Er… sir. I see that your staff is, right next to you.

Rouge: See! This guy is crazy! Let’s just leave!

Sorcerer: No wait! I’m sorry for saying that… the truth is… I am.. uh, blind.

*Everyone at the table starts laughing*

Rouge OOC: Ha, ha, ha. That’s such a bullshit statement. Can I do insight on that?

Barbarian OOC; Ha ha, me too? After watching that whole stupid argument, I can’t let him slide on that. 

Sorcerer OOC: *looks away from the table* How can you doubt a blind man?

*Me and the Barbarian roll but I got a nat1 and he got a 2*

Rouge and Barbarian OOC: Shit.

Rouge: Oh my god! Why didn’t you tell me sooner! I’m so sorry for my treatment, here, I’ll hold your hand and guide you through the forest. Do you want me to carry you?

Barbarian: Yes, I am so sorry for doubting you.

Sorcerer: Hmpt! Why would I hold hands with such a dirty and gross thief-

Dm: Roll for it. See if you actually think Mills is ugly or not.

*Sorcerer rolls and gets a nat1. The entire table dies laughing*

Sorcerer: Oh my- I mean *looks me up and down* I don’t mind if that thief is you though *Actually takes my hand and feel me up irl and in game*


Sorcerer: Shhh, accept me. Don’t you find me attractive too? *rolls charisma and gets another nat1. His glamour spell disappears suddenly to reveal a shriveled up elf*

Rouge: DOC. SAVE ME!

Barbarian: Ugh-! Oh gods! Er, stay strong, young Mills. We’ll find a town soon! *runs ahead to leave the rouge and sorcerer behind*