how do i get a few days of this anytime soon

I’m in bed. I’m hoping to sleep early and well with the aid of Advil pm. I need it for tomorrow.

My cramping has minimized but it’s still there.

I haven’t been feeling very hopeful that I’ll get 100% better anytime soon. It’s been a chronic condition the last few months.

The only thing I can do is see how I do the next few days, keep up with my diet, and if I’m still having any symptoms it’s back to the doctor.

That’s been my life recently, urgent care, doctors, medicines, emergency room, depression, anxiety, etc.

I just want to feel good. Considering the surgery again. Considering canceling my trip to Japan already so I stop wavering whether to go or not.

How do I heal, where do I go to heal, how do I overcome?