how do i fuel for a half marathon

Ya feel me?

You know how sometimes you wish you didn’t care what you put in your mouth and other times you’re super proud about your healthy choices and how they make you feel.

How sometimes you eat out every meal and other times meal prepping and being in the kitchen is the best.

How sometimes working out on a vacation seems like you’re obsessed and other times it’s naturally part of your normal routine no matter where you are.

How sometimes a rest day is bliss and other times you’re itching to do some sort of moving around because you just love being active.

How sometimes there’s not enough coffee in the world and other times you could run a half marathon fueled solely by all the energy you have.

How sometimes it just feels like there’s so many other important things in life besides food and working out and other times you realize how much you want to be healthy and how important that is to the rest of your life.

It’s normal.
It happens.
Take it one day at a time.
Do what you gotta do.
That’s life.

I go through phases naturally and I can be on either side of this spectrum and that can last for as long as 30 minutes to 30 days.

I definitely know what side I’m on lately but it’s all perspective and I really think it’s okay that I find myself on either side from time to time.

This post is the epitome of me thinking out loud.

Sparking the Fire Jan 18

Motivational Monday

Today we are going to be looking at what motivates you!  What is motivating you to stay active?  

•        Is it an upcoming event?  
•        A person?  
•        An idea?  

Is there a specific activity that you are motivated to keep constant with?

We want you to share with us a photo/picture of something (or several things!) that motivates you.

Photo ideas: a progress picture, an outfit you want to wear comfortably, etc. (Remember only post what you are comfortable with!)  

Originally posted by alexespitia

What motivates me to stay active?

*  The farm.  I need to be strong and have enough endurance and energy to keep up and be the worker I am needed to be.  I need to be able to help load hundreds of hay bales (50 to 60 lbs each).  I need to be able to lift 25 KG bags of chicken feed.  I need to be able to run from one end of the farm yard to the other quickly if I do not have an ATV handy.  I need to be able to move quickly to close a gate or herd a cow or calf into a different direction. 

*  My boys.  I want to keep up to them.  I want to be involved in what they like to do.  I want to be able to climb snow piles if they ask.  I want to be able to run and play with them if they ask.  I want to be able to lift them up and not worry about hurting myself.  I want to be around for them.  I do not want to sit on the sidelines.

*  I like how it feels to be strong and have more energy.  I like how it feels when I am active regularly.  I love the activities I choose to do.  They are fun to me and I am proud of myself when I do them.

*  Being active helps lose weight and build muscle.  It’s what I want.  I don’t mind being heavier than the average woman if it means that I am happy with my body and I’m strong and flexible and able to do the things I need and want to do.

*  I’m going to the city in a couple months and will most likely do some shopping.  I’d like to buy some new workout clothes.  Being active makes me feel like I deserve new clothes and hopefully I will be able to purchase a smaller size by then.

*  My husband wants to take the family on a trip somewhere warm next year.  I want to rock a bikini again.

I love Zumba and it makes me sad that there aren’t any classes locally right now.  I really want to work to be an instructor one day.  I love it.  The classes are so fun and high energy and it’s exactly what I love to do and fits my personality.

Running is perfect for me because it’s a solo sport.  You are in competition with yourself only.  I work hard to be better than I was the day before.  I’m nowhere near as good at it as most.  But I run.  A little at a time.  And I’m going to run an entire 5K without walking one day.  And one day, I will do a half marathon. 

Yoga is what I need.  It forces me to slow down and really listen to my body and mind.  It makes me pay attention to my breath and my muscles.  I crave the stretching and the moments in certain poses. 

I see the picture of me in Dec 2014.  I want to be that body again.  See how strong she looks?  Leaner than she’s ever been.  That’s where my motivation is.