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Sambucky Fanfic Recs

I thought this would be a nice short list as I was only going to post ones that I really loved, but turns out, I love a lot of fics and even after editing out some, it’s still ridiculously long.

Exclusively SamBucky - I’m going to do another post for SamSteve and OT3 lists, but this is solely SamBucky and in no particular order. I tried to list any triggering warnings I could think off, but please just be careful and check the tags in case I missed anything!

I hope some of you might find a fic you haven’t read before!

Marriage Counselling For The Inept & Oblivious by ToriCeratops
Rated: E, Words: 6479
Summary:  Or: How Steve Rogers likes to play matchmaker for his infuriating best friends.
Why You Should Read: The SamBucky fake marriage fic we both need and deserve, complete with scheming matchmaker Steve.

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