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1) The one you just wanna hug: Alois Trancy (SAVE HIM PLEASE)

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2) The one you hate (And love): Shougo Makishima (HES EVIL BUT WHO DOESNT LOVE HIM WHEN HE LOOKS LIKE THIS OMG)

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3) The one you want to protect even though he’s stronger than you: Edward Elric

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4) The one that makes you smile: Oikawa Tooru

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5) The one you adore (Senpai): Sora

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6) The Cinnamon Roll: Allidan (LOOK HOW PRECIOUS HE IS)

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7) The one who destroyed your feels: Otonashi Yuzuru

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8) The one you’d take home with you: Kyoya Ootori

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9) The one you wouldn’t mind being protected by: Allen Walker

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10) The one you wanna be best friends/bros with: Sytry (Who wouldnt want to be best friends with this sweetie?) 

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yo sgtmac7 early happy birthday! my gift to you is this happy, happy day. 

  • there is no maiming but here is someone keeping regina happy during.
  • also, emma’s new love interest(??? has thIS GOTTEN DISTURBING.) 
  • deep down, henry always knew there was a missing seat at their dinner table. 
  • 💙 all of these were 💙 hook 💙 YOU’RE WELCOME 💙
  • thanks for putting up with me all the time xoxo ur my fave  

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Hey Admin P, Im loving the blog,since this is a perv blog ;) how would L be in bed in your pov?? Do you think he'd be rough/ gentle/ kinky?? What sounds would he make? (He be a moaner/ heavy breather, etc.?) I think this will give you definite feels


Admin L and I were just discussing this a while ago, so you couldn’t have chosen a better timing!

So before I begin, a quick a disclaimer: please do not take any of this too seriously, his actual bedroom behavior is really none of our business.
Ok, here we go.

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 ▷  Independent roleplay & ask account for Bobby Drake, also known as Iceman from the X-Men franchise.
 ▷  Almost four years of roleplaying experience.
 ▷  Multi-ship, multi-verse and crossover friendly.
 ▷  Semi private and selective with follow backs.
 ▷  Mun is not of age, therefore there will be no smut. Please don’t let this discourage you. Muse is 18+.

omg who wants to read a weird Queen Guinevere x Random OC Named Claire story I wrote as a school assignment when I was like 14 

(I just uncovered the rough draft in google docs and the assignment was “write a script for an ‘Arthurian Soap Opera’ “ so its in a weird format but uh….also my only exposure to arthurian legend (aside from tOaFK when I was like 5) was the mists of avalon so lol)

This is so wild do yourself a favor and read my dramatic story

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I will! Not really sure why I'm anon tbh-I guess I figured it'd be easier for you if you didn't have to meet a new person right away too? Like, just enjoy the headcanons!!! Ok. So one day Jehan is having a really bad day- ze's so empathetic that to me, ze has days where everyone else's pain just cripples hir- so ze texts everyone and Les Amis just cram into ze's bedroom (which is saying something, hir room is SMALL) and have a cuddle pile. They all bring food so no one has to leave the bedroom.

that’s actually so considerate (the anon thing); i’m certainly comfortable with you now, though, so if you want to come off that would be lovely! (or stay on, i appreciate your messages equally either way <3)

shit that’s so cute shgfjfdfgf like they would just totally pile up and probably sit on each other’s legs, and joly is so small that he’d get lost in a heap of pillows, and combeferre would just give jehan his amazing warm hugs and woW kdljf

(also i’m going to go to bed now! i’ll answer anything else that you send in the morning <3)

Context? What Context?
  • Max:sometimes I just want to have sex
  • Max:with
  • Max:horses
  • Max:all the time
  • Max:it's not hard to be more sexual then you when you don't like sex
  • Max:oh god I clicked on someone's link for you on their relationships and it brought me to me fadsfdsf

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Ok this is gonna be hard but here we go:

➖ Taehyung | BTS 
➖ Yoongi | BTS 
➖ Jungkook | BTS 
➖ Jimin | BTS 
➖ Baekhyun | EXO 
➖ Kyungsoo | EXO 
➖ S.coups | Seventeen
➖ Taeyeon | SNSD 
➖ Seohyun | SNSD 
➖ Seulgi | Red Velvet

I apologise to my other biases for not putting you here. *ik i’m a bad person*

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Top Five Ships

Ok, so I know that I wasn’t tagged by anybody, but when I originally saw this post, I just had to do it!

  1. SNOWBAZ OMG they are two little angels and Simon is such a cinnamon roll and Baz is my angsty little vampire but he’s still so loving OMG And the best part is that it’s cannon
  2. Phan: they’re so cute together! words cannot describe how much I love them
  3. Drarry: even though Snowbaz was based on this ship, I still think of them as two, separate, amazing ships and I love Draco so much bc he’s so sweet omg
  4. Percabeth: ok, even though I haven’t read the books in months, I still am in love with this amazing ship they’re just so great because even after everything that happened to them, they still love each other
  5. Clace: this ship holds a special place in my heart, it was the first ship I ever had and I still love them and their amazing relationship

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quick appreciation post - we were talking in the zine chat and i was saying how like for me, the only thing i care about in terms of being sort of well-known (and i feel awkward saying that omg i don’t want to be pretentious) is that i can make people happy

like words can’t describe whenever someone says i helped them or they’re happy that i followed them i just get so happy and feel so fulfilled omg

and like you guys don’t even know how much i appreciate you. you are so good to me and kind and i would do anything for you, even though i may not be able to get to all ur messages (for which i am very sorry) just know that i do the absolute best i can to support you all every day by checking my tag + reading msgs + giving advice that’s more than just links + scrolling through my dash to make sure everyone’s ok