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*******youre!!! being!!! such!!! an!!! ass!!!!! she literally doesnt give a shit about jay!!! she doesnt even care about any of you!!!!! she just wants to run her own blog and doesnt want anything to do with you or him!!! so how about you do the same and leave her alone!!! and just drop it already!!!! your supposed to be the adult here but you sure arent acting like one!!!

Sweaty I’m still a teenager and klunked vagues and goes after people all the damn time so don’t come in here with your double standards. Also why don’t you come off anon, like I’d honestly reply more maturely if I knew who I was talking to because anything on anon should be taken with a grain of salt and 9/10 times read as a troll. So yeah, okay.

Anyway though, klunked made their blog about Jay for the past few days, so many posts about him that she might as well change her url to something about ke1th. Unless that anti-ke1th blog is hers too already.

Also this is still a pretty funny ask imo

Why do people think it's "cool" to hate Paige

Y'all are like sheep, screeching about the same shit. No one even knows how to properly debate, y'all just keep rehashing the same shit and it’s fucking boring. Once I asked someone very politely why they didn’t like her after they left a comment saying they despised Paige and homegirl just…went off on me for no reason and just attacked me for irrelevant shit lol! Why do y'all start malfunctioning when we bring facts and evidence and the most you uglies can do is make fun of Paige’s hair, her bike (???) or her name 🙄. Oh, and y'all love to bring up that “drowning” shit which y'all have selective memory for because despite all the good stuff she’s done that one mishap makes her the devil incarnate, supposedly.

Also, funny how none of you uglies ever harp on Alison for deadass poisoning Emily lol. But okay.

Going through the files on my computer because apparently it’s almost full even though this is really new and shouldn’t be anywhere near full and found a bunch of gifs and photos that I remember reblogging on here but I know I didn’t save so how the hell are they in my files and how do I stop that from happening??? I also have like random icons that I think are my followers icons?? Which doesn’t make sense but I recognize some of them and am 100% positive that I have never saved or reblogged those images 

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How. BADASS. was Juvia?…..

I knew her character was about Love but… UGH! T_T I cried…. That’s a veeery deep thought to come up with during a battle… that she can’t break the bond between Gray and Silver, not cuz of her own abilities, but because no one can do that. Not even a demon….who’s been effing BLOWN TO BITS!!! ARGH!! Juvia…. I applaud you !! \(T_T)/

tagged “myart” - but, obviously, just the coloring is my work ^_^

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After a long day at work I came home to this! :D XD
My first thought ‘OMG Taylor wrote my name & address in the envelope. And she licked it too… I wonder if she kind of likes the taste of it like I do O_o’
Ugh best early birthday present ever!
Thank you so so much Taylor. You’re rad-tasticly amazing and you’ve helped me realize how fucking amazing and gorgeous I am myself. Love you lots even more then Tater tots. & I’m Idahoan, we LOVE our taters.
I think I tagged her if I didn’t someone please do


Part 1
Part 2
Words: idk
Rating: A for awkward
Pairing: Adrienette

The rest of the night was awkward at least, after Adrien held her for a good amount of time, Marinette pulled away and began to leave without a word leaving Adrien alone with his thoughts amongst.

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It seems you forget that Katz isn't the first to be displayed gruesomely. In fact if I remember right it was a white female (a former detective who like Katz got to close to Hannibal) that was displayed. Used in fact to taunt Jack. This isn't about race, or her being female. Katz is going to be displayed like this to prove how little Hannibal cares about those he works with. To remind those who sympathize with him the true monster he is because there are far to many who do do that.

anon you need to sit the fuck DOWN because you are so completely wrong that it’s just sad

first off, you’ve forgotten that miriam (that’s her name, omg you couldn’t even be bothered with her name) was NOT displayed. yes, we got a severed arm (edit: also see the SPOILERS in the tags of this reblog of my post if you want to know how goddamn wrong you are), but none of the women of the main cast has been sliced up and put on display. srsly, read not just the quote but the commentary, which if you came here from that post (and that seems to be the post most people are coming to my blog for)??? you should have done in the first place. i know it’s long, but i think you could seriously benefit from it.

secondly, you clearly don’t understand the phenomenon of fridging (second link), in which women are used as props to further men’s character development via the pain/angst of their death (and/or rape). you mentioned that miriam’s severed arm was used to taunt jack? that is literally the textbook definition of fridging. it’s lazy as fuck writing, it’s boring, it’s cheap, and it’s sexist as hell. the writers have all but admitted that bev literally got screen time ONLY because fuller was planning to kill her off from the beginning (“we can’t kill her yet because we haven’t done anything with her).

third, not only are they fridging her, they’re doing so in a way that is COMPLETELY OUT OF CHARACTER. like yes, let’s take an extremely intelligent character and have her 1) tell hannibal that she’s been helping will investigate and that’s why she’s looking at the body again, 2) go to his house, at night, without calling anyone to 3) gather evidence that would be completely inadmissible in court??????? beverly is methodical and logical and the whole idea that she’d even do that? it’s fucking insulting.

fourth, do you know who’s actually alive in canon? abigail, for one. and who else? oh yeah, beverly.

fifth, people are not (just) upset that beverly died.

sixth, actually you know what? have some more links to meta that you should really check out.

seventh, representation matters so much more than you realize. i mean really, give me a list of shows in which an asian women is in the main cast besides elementary. go on, i’ll wait. oh while you’re on that, do you know how many asian actresses have won an oscar? none; there’s only been one nominated - 79 years ago - and she was white passing/hiding her race.

eighth, go take your unhelpful apologist bullshit elsewhere because you clearly don’t go here and i don’t ever want to see this kind of backwards ignorance near my blog again.


Day 21: Favorite Quote

So I’m playing catch up today…I’m still out of town and will be forced to use crappy Netflix caps but it’s better than nothing! 

Like most everyone else, I went back and forth over this one, as there are so many quotable moments in this show! The writing is just fantastic, which really goes without saying. But I had to go with this moment, which is one of my favorites. I love the times when Phryne drops her teasing and gets serious with Jack. It doesn’t happen a whole lot. And the look in her eyes in this scene, as she says this to him…makes me all tingly!

I’ve probably watched this scene too many times, but it appears to me that Nathan/Jack starts breathing a little harder as she speaks. Maybe I’m imagining it. But it seems like one of those subtle acting choices he would make. UGHKDSJFHKD these two do things to me! Even though his answer back is sarcastic, you can tell he’s just throwing up a shield. He doesn’t know how to respond to her seriousness and isn’t ready to answer back in kind. But someday Jack…someday…