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KanoShin + 3, 5, 7, 11, 16, 18, 19, 20, 22, 24, 25, 28, 29

3. Most common argument? 

Ugh, that’s probably some Ayano stuff, isn’t it? Sometimes they blame her death on each other, other times they blame themselves… and then’s even a more heated argument because that’s what they actually believe

5. Who is most likely to carry the other?

I think it’s something neither of them is willing to do… but Kano is definitely better at convincing, so Shintaro it is

7. What’s the first thing that changes when they realize they have feelings for the other?

Kano’s fake friendliness becomes genuine and his jokes more affectionate uwu

11. Who tops? 

I’d say… Kano, but with spread legs (that was inappropriately specific, I’m very sorry)

16. Who wants to stay in bed just a little longer?

Definitely the NEET. Sometimes he’d like to stay in bed the whole day!

18. Who leaves little notes in the other’s one lunch? (Bonus: what does it usually say?) 

I can’t imagine Shintaro not working from home, so probably him. It’s usually some practical advices or reminders like “Do that report you have due tomorrow.”

19. Who tells their family/friends about their relationship first?

Shintaro spills the beans first. It’s when someone (most probably Takane) makes a joke about him being virigin and he proudly exclaims “Ha! Not anymore!”.

But it’s before they even did the do which leaves Kano questioning if his boyfriend with an IQ of 168 knows the damn definition of the word “virgin”.

20. What do their family/friends think of their relationship?

Everyone was surprised, but also very supportive. In the end Mekakushi Dan is a big family that just wants happiness for its each member.

And even if Mary was initially disappointed that her OTP didn’t become canon, her fujoshi instincts eventually kicked in ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

22. Who cooks more/who is better at cooking? 

Kano. Kido was a good influence :P

24. Who whispers inappropriate things in the other’s ear during inappropriate times?

Def Kano

25. Who needs more assurance? 

It’s a tough one because honestly both needs a lot of assurance, but I’ll say Shintaro. To be fair the thought that you can be not good enough for a NEET is absurd even for Kano

28. What do they do when they’re away from each other? 

Shintaro takes adventage of the singlish life and enjoys some of his old favorite activities- watching anime and doing nothing all day. (But maybe also do some music like he used to… for his significant other that is away :3c)

Meanwhile Kano has probably already took proper steps to make sure he want be forgotten. Maybe he set up an alarm with one of Shintaro’s, according to Ene, favorite sounds. like what was it? The level 4 danger alarm for some country? But who knows (He probably left also some nice surprises like cute notes around the house… He’s not always a little shit, y’know)

29. one headcanon about this OTP that breaks your heart

Shintaro always has been avoiding past, so he never actually visited Ayano’s grave. At some point on one occasion Kano convince him to go with him to visit her. When they arrive, it doesn’t take long before Shintaro burst out crying. It takes a lot of effort from Kano to comfort and assure him it’s not his fault… while internally doing the same for himself (he can’t help, but blame himself for Shintaro’s current state) and trying to stay composed.

In the end they both feel better after it somehow

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“for the adore positivity tag, if u want to u should do fame and katya…”

she also popped awf about how beautiful adore is and her makeup during the violet PBF class but unfortunately there isn’t a video for that :/

which is why i was even happier they didn’t edit out this little interaction. like … out of allll the queens out there, fame mentioned adore! ugh, i can’t
(btw i have your post about that in my drafts, just waiting for the right moment to be brought back lmao oh and thank you for sharing the story!)

Kinda pissed of...

So I don’t like prolonged casual touching a lot outside of my closest friends- even with my family, just… no. My parents are cool with this but my sister-ugh. I know she likes touch and is really tactile, but she’s always touching me when we sit near each other and comes into my room and sits/lays near me and doesn’t go away FOR AGES until I start pretty much shouting at her and she evetually storms off because I upset HER. And then yesterday, she asked to hug me today, to “give me time to prepare” and I know she was probably trying to respect boundaries and stuff but she acted so disappointed when I said all I could promise was a maybe. Like she knows I don’t like it enough to give me prior warning , but the fact she acts like if she gives me enough time I’ll be totally cool with it EVEN THOUGH she KNOWS I’d use the time to ‘prepare’ myself for at most a 10 sec hug is like… no? I don’t know why, but it just annoys me so much that she’s fully aware it’s outside my comfort zone but wants it herself so much she’s gonna keep invading my comfort zone, but give me the 'help’ of preperation time. No amount of time will make me more comfortable with it, especially with the daily intrusions into my space. The only reason she’s not done it as much as usual recently is because we’ve both been out of the house a lot this week.

I don’t even know if this makes sense, i just needed to get it out there. Writing is my own therapy, and other ppl seem to like doing it on tumblr, so here goes