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Dear John (Green),
You wrote an entire essay online about how groundbreaking it is
for a teenage girl
to kiss a teenage boy in a tragic movie about being white and pretty and dying.

Meanwhile, the only times I see girls like me
getting kissed on screen is when they’re being felt up by some old man in a tragic movie about being
colored and poor and abused.

Brown teenage girls do not get love stories like the movies,
even though we are taught straight from the womb that
we are no more than curves and wild fight that still shines in our eyes after the white boy kisses us in secret,
after the white boy does not want to be seen with us in front of his friends.
Because we’ll always bring drama and bitterness,
with our loud voices
and attitude,
until we are finally broken
on the night something is slipped into our drinks,
or we’re evicted from our house,
or we lose the basketball game,
or a family member climbs on top of us,
and wraps the silver screen around our bodies like butcher’s paper
for the meat
that we have been portrayed as
since birth.

No, we do not get Shakespeare quoted to us,
instead we become the bitter narrative,
the comfort to the suburban parent,
thank goodness their little girl is the one with the “nice young man,”
and not the one getting her teeth knocked out by the “thug”,
and why does Hollywood only
find colored girls palatable when they are hardened by the world,
to the point where we see them as grown women?

You want groundbreaking story telling?
Write about a girl with brown skin
who is so filled with joy,
each one of her breaths is like tasting cinnamon,
and she lightens even the darkest moments.
Write about a hijabi girl,
who is so empowered,
that she can convince a generation of young women of every shade
that we don’t need to kiss a boy first
to feel in charge of ourselves.
Write about a Latina girl,
who is so in love with life that she tiptoes on the heads of her problems.

Portray colored girls as soft,
as naive,
as quickly,
as teenage girls in love,
because we deserve a narrative as sweet
as diverse
and as powerful
as we are.

—  Dear John Green, or, How Hollywood Told My Me I Would Never Find Love Like the Movies









Ok, I’m yelling about this on twitter for pretty much weeks now and I realised that sooner or later I’m going to do that here too, so:

- ever since I saw that villain from newest ‘One Piece movie Gold’, Gild Tesoro, on first sketches/drawings that we were shown by Oda, I was immediately like - …so..this is pretty much how a Dofladile offspring would look like…-

Because, seriously:

The glasses - the rings, flashy colors - Croc-like hair, pink-green color scheme, etc. It screams DoflaCroc fusion. Or as I like to say - Dofladile offspring. (…….)

- Then the trailer got released and it convinced me even further in all this. Examples:

Like fathers, like son. (….)

- Then, minus Crocodile-like hair and ascot, just how much this is Doflamingo:

just for example.

- Then, this face:

so Crocodile:

And so on. I mean, at this point I’m pretty much telling the obvious but whatever - to somewhat sum it up - he’s Doflamingo-like eccentric, while having expressions like Crocodile. While also having parts of the clothing-styles, or whatever kind of stlyes, of both of them. And that’s just for now, who knows what more movie can give us. (I’m so eager to see it, I can’t believe)

- And also, shipping-googles or anything shippy aside, I’m so glad Oda decided to make a villain that will be such an obvious combination of these two. I’m just so glad and I’m having so much feels and again I’m. so. glad.

Hidden Figures was such a good goddamn movie.

It’s funny though, because (slight spoilers, I guess) when the white guy takes a crowbar to the “colored bathroom” sign and says his “at NASA we all pee the same color” Yada Yada line I thought to myself “that is probably not even REMOTELY how it happened.”
And then I found out that how it REALLY happened was that Katherine Johnson just went “fuck it.” and started using the “whites only” bathroom one day.

But of course, they had to have a white guy make some grand gesture towards desegregation. And thus completely changing that narrative and removing the courage that took her to do that.

Why do movies concerning civil rights always have to have the white ally bullshit in there? I know there were white allies but it’s not about them. Just like how in this time I try to be a good white ally and a big part of that is that it’s never supposed to be about me. I understand that it’s all about pandering to the white audience and it’s likely not gonna change any time soon, but it’s such bullshit.


Mysterious Skin (2004) - Gregg Araki 

5 bullet on this film:

  • This is one of those great movies that you kind of want to unsee, because it’s really disturbing. The theme, that is child abuse, is very real and present in the film, and I think this is great to warn people about pedophilia. I think the director captured in a great way how abuse changes people and how it ruins their lives. This movie makes you very uncomfortable, but it’s supposed to.
  • Joseph Gordon-Levitt should have won an Oscar for this, honestly. I don’t even have words to describe how awesome he was. Brady Corbet was very good as well. They had to do those super weird scenes, and it must have been very difficult.
  • I love how it has a little bit of comedy, even though it’s the darkest shit I have ever seen. 
  • The scenes are so beautiful an delicate an uuugh, the colors that match the mood of the film, I just love this so much.
  • Let’s appreciate the director for doing a movie about something people refuse to talk about. I mean, the film is based on a book, but it mustn’t be easy to make a movie about child abuse, you know?

How awkward it would be to watch it with your parents: A LOT. REALLY. JUST DON’T.

Ok so in speech class we had to write a question on a piece of paper and crumple it up and throw it to the front of the room. Each time a person went up, they had to read and answer the question. So all these other people gave questions like, “what’s your favorite song/color/movie etc.” And I start panicking because one person goes up and picks up mine and it reads, “how many pigeons do you think it would take to move the moon?” And the teacher just, sits there, trying to process and she looks around and says,“where would a question like that even come from” and I just raise my hand and she gives me the blankest stare I have ever seen a human make in my entire life

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Relationship Status: Single
Favorite Color: Blue
Lipstick or Chapstick: Chapstick
Last song I listened to: Sunday Morning by Maroon 5 
Last movie I watched: Hidden Figures
Top 3 TV shows: Sense8, How To get Away With Murder, Luke Cage (honestly this changes constantly I cant really have a top anything lmao)
Top 3 characters: Sora, Gohan, Adam Holster Birkholtz
Top 3 ships: McHanzo ( i dont even own overwatch but I eat this shit up), Mitjo, and Bittyholtz
Books I’m currently reading:  I haven’t read for leisure in years

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Nickname: ari
Star sign: taurus
Height: 1.72 (5′6? idfk)

Time right now: 20:22

Last thing googled: 172 cm to feet lol

Favorite music artists: the pogues/ the clash/ fiona apple/ a. zitarrosa/ the dubliners
Song stuck in your head: no love, by death grips
Last movie watched: dog day afternoon
Last TV show watched: fuck i dont remember,  i think the episode of black mirror where the guy fucks the pig’s pussy 
What are you wearing now: green shorts and a gray tshirt, possibly the worst color combination ever 
When did you create your blog: i dont remember, my first tumblr was made mid 2010
What kind of stuff do you post: i used to post literary content, but now i dont even know, i guess political stuff about how the democrats fucked up and doomed the world 
I’m looking forward to.. uhhhhhhhhhh……. buhhhhhhhhhh……… gettin some loot crates, babey he’ll yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 
Do you have any other blogs: ya
Do you get asks regularly: no ; ^; 
Why did you choose your URL:  when Nabokov wrote his autobiography, now titled Speak Memory, he wanted to name it Speak Mnemosyne as a reference to the Greek titaness who represented memory, but his editor told him that “people won’t buy a book whose title they can’t pronounce”
Gender: trans girl
Hogwarts House: >:3 
Pokemon team: that pokemon that’s like a set of keys 
Favorite color: black/añil 
Average of hours of sleep: 4.5
How many blankets do you sleep with: none bc i live in the global south 
Dream job: creator of the first patreon-backed trans leftist irony podcast

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nickname: Big Boy Worthless
star sign: Pisces
height: 5′9
time right now: 12:53 PM
last thing i googled: something about ramen noodles
fav music artists: hop along, the mountain goats, lemon demon, placebo
song stuck in my head:of my brothers and the bear - hop along has been stuck in my head for the past week
last movie i watched: the strangers. it was so bad? it wasnt even that scary and it spent way too much time getting to The Point™
last tv show i watched: one of those ‘most outrageous videos’ shows
what im wearing right now: a salmon colored t-shirt and a pair of pants that have absolutely no idea how to stay on my body
when i created this blog: 2014
the kind of stuff i post: half aesthetics half shitposts
 i have other blogs: nnnnnnnnn
do i get asks regularly: sometimes
why i chose my url: the best character in borderlands
hogwarts house: slithy
pokemon team: all mew2
fav color: pretty much any form of red or orange
average amount of sleep: 3-12 hours 
 lucky number: 13
favorite character: how dare you come into my house on this day the day of my daughters wedding and ask me to choose 
number of blankets: 1-3
dream job: uhhhhh
following: 363
number of posts: 42,789


Scans from the Hardcover of the special edition Guren no Yumiya recap movie Bluray. 

Doesn’t this look amazing? If I remember correctly, I believe this was the first time Isayama had drawn and colored artwork for the anime, but looking at this, he really should do it more often. It’s kinda funny how Mikasa sports her black scarf even though its for the anime. Feel free to use the scans!

(more scans from the movies)

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1. Nickname - if anything ppl call me jess and it makes me happy haha

2. Gender - female

3. Height - 172 cm or 5′7″

4. Hogwarts House - slytherin

5. Favourite color - orange and olive green

6. Average hours of sleep - like seven

7. Lucky number - 729 because i have a weird thing with multiples of three and nine

8. Last thing I googled - upload gif to tumblr doesnt work hahahahaha

9. Favourite Character - sirius or ender

10. How many blankets do you sleep with - 2

11. Favourite bands/artist - bastille, foster the people, the weeknd

12. Dream trip - poland/europe in general

13. Dream job - pediatric surgeon

14. Current outfit - a tshirt and running shorts even tho my room is freezing

15. Following - soccer, movie, and aesthetic blogs

16. Posts - literally everything but mostly soccer and rogue one atm

17. Do i get asks on a daily basis - no

18. Reason for my url - why not it looks nice

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i just wanted to show you how much difference references make.
in my opinion even using references, fenris’ face is really hard to draw. i always wish i could do it from memory but … like you can see here, i always fail. so i literally doodled from my background image here.

it’s not cheating. it’s what artists do. i had to remind myself of that for a long time until i accepted it. even tracing is good practise (i do that with screenshots of movies / videos to get quick sketches of the poses). you gain a feeling for proportions and anatomy through stuff like that, it’s not forbidden to get better. i had to trace a lot of stuff until i got to the level i’m at now, so i can use pictures like this for references. because at the beginning you can’t really see angles or perspective, you have to train your eye by looking and drawing.

i’m still not good enough, and maybe i never will be. but i just wanted to tell the people who want to learn that it’s not talent - it’s hard work. and the quality depends on how much you are willing to do for it. :)

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1. How old are you? 

I am 20. 

2. Current job?

 I have no official job. I do babysit my siblings.

3. What are you talented at?

 I am pretty good at math and chemistry even though I don’t like it. I am pretty good at memorizing and I like to read.

4.  What is a big goal you are working towards (or have already achieved)?

I want to go to medical school.

5. What’s your aesthetic?

colors I guess and nature

6.  Do you collect anything?

My memories like awards and movie tickets. I also keep a journal. 

7.  A topic you always talk about? 

Recent events and things I recently learned.

8. Pet peeve?

People who don’t act responsible

9. Good advice?

Remember that there are going to be bad days as well as good days.

10. Recommend 3 songs

I am into everything but since I play the violin, I am into classical music and gospel music.

I really like Beethoven’s Turkish march. I also like the Imperial March and for Halloween Rosin eating zombies from outer space.

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How would luddy, Ivan , and the BTT react to having a female S/O who is one of the geekiest/nerdiest people you will even meet. Meaning: she loves videogames, all sorts of fantasy books, manga, anime, fantasy movies and tv series, listens to music that's not mainstream, and does a lot of fan art herself. And, of course, she what's considered a geek/nerd look. Glasses, short hair with different color streaks (I have a lot of friends that do that), and wears a lot of nerdy shirts.

Ludwig (Germany)- Ludwig has never really gotten into anything that’s considered geeky/nerdy, but if his s/o was super into certain shows or books for instance, he’d at least try and give them a chance. He probably wouldn’t be as into it as his s/o is though, and at least half the time would be quite confused as to what his s/o was talking about. 

Ivan (Russia)- Like Ludwig, he’s pretty behind on anything that perceived as geeky or nerdy, so nine times out of ten he wouldn’t really know what his s/o is talking about if they’re talking about a show/book/game, so he might be a little confused at times. If his s/o asked, he’d read or watch something with them, but he might not get into it right away. 

Francis (France)-  Francis would actually be super up to date with a lot of shows that would be in his s/o’s interests, so he’d be more than happy to watch them with her. He’d also be pretty happy that they were interested in some of the same things he was. 

Gilbert (Prussia)- Gilbert would practically be on the same wavelength as his s/o when it came to pretty much anything geeky/nerdy. Anime, manga, shows, books, you name it, if his s/o enjoys it, he probably would too. He’d be really, really glad that he was in a relationship where he can share geeky things that he likes with his s/o without the worry of them liking it or not. 

Antonio (Spain)-  Antonio isn’t super into anything really geeky or nerdy, but he’s always excited to give things a chance, so he’d be completely fine with his s/o sharing shows, games, or ect. with him. He’d be pretty excited to do those things as well, since he views it as a chance to get closer to his s/o and spend more time with them. 

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How old are you? What are you hobbies? Fav color? Fav movie? Fav food? Fav emoji? - SA

Oh god, who are you, are you lost? xd

How old am I: I’m 21.

What are my hobbies: Ofc I love to draw, I love to watch TV shows/movies, also I love to play my guitar (and ukulele… and a little keyboard). I’m bad at singing but I like to try to do it :D (I once tried to write a clexa song, I even recorded some of it so I didn’t forget xD… and then 307 happened ;c).

Fav color: Blue. Royal Blue.

Fav movie: The Clexa Movie, duh.

Fav food: Chocolate.

Fav emoji: I really often use ‘xd’ soo I guess it is.

What did I win for answering all Q?

bc it's High School Musicals tenth anniversary

So I watched the movies today right and now that I’m older I’ve realized a lot of stuff about the movies I never did before. First of all HSM should be your favorite childhood Disney movie for a few reasons:

1) Had multiple males in lead theater roles without being portrayed as “gay drama geek stereotype”

2) had two women of color as mathletes and very intelligent without being seen as “nerds that can’t get laid” this movie destroyed stereotypes nice! also; Can I just say how Taylor puts guys in their place without completely ostracizing them was awesome

3) Displayed females as being fully driven without being labeled bitches or stuck up. Sharpay went after what she wanted and even if she was a little intimidating she was never looked down upon for going after her goals

4) also showed how ridiculous masculinity can be; the idea that Troy wanting to do theater was unfit for him as a jock was stupid but in the end he was supported for doing things that weren’t seen as “manly or serious” in the beginning

5) yo also the rich kids who wanted all the parts learned to sit the fuck down and respect people that was great

idk this probably sounds stupid but this movie was pretty cool for saying do what you want despite what people think you should be doing with your life


Out of boredom I tried something I always had in mind to do. I was never really impressed with the technicolor in Gorgo and even the blu-ray doesn’t really change my opinion about that. It can be distracting at times. I decided to make it into a black and white movie just to see how it plays out. I adjusted the night scenes accordingly so it’s not just one simple desaturation of the entire picture. So after almost four hours of rendering time I can say that I actually like the movie more in black and white than in color.

It does give it a 50’s vibe but I don’t mind that so much.

Okay but think about a music video for Out Of The Woods ready it could start with a really emotional monologue about how that particular relationship never even had a chance from the moment it started and then once the song starts it would be all black and white homemade movies of all of the good times they had together and they would just be all cute like nothing was wrong in their lives but in between those films you would have the hard times they went through but they would be in color from the perspective of someone just watching them like a ghost and you wouldn’t even have to see the guy you could just see the back of him or part of his body in the shots and everything just imagine how incredible that would be

Me on a date: So how do you feel about the Disney Princesses?

Him: I like the Disney Princesses! Their movies are the best but….

Me: Yes?

Him: The first three Disney Princesses….

Me, reaching for the bread sticks: Yes?? Go on.

Him: I feel like those three don’t get the respect that they deserve and people just see them as pretty faces and nothing more even though they are much more important. And it’s not just them–this goes for the POC (Princesses of color) as well.

Me: This is going to be a beautiful relationship.