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I really like the idea of Keith being able to sweep Lance off his feet both literally and figuratively


shout out to autistics who are accidentally rude to others without knowing why

it hurts so much to hurt others and not understand why, but be gentle with yourself and give yourself grace

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Get to know your favorite Fire Emblem blogs! Answer these five questions about Fire Emblem Heroes, then anonymously copy-and-paste to five Fire Emblem blogs you want to know more about! 1) What's your summoner's name and (if they have one) backstory? 2) Who are the eight most reliable heroes on your team? 3) Other heroes that you love and wish were more reliable? 4) Any heroes you want but haven't summoned? 5) Your ally supports? Indicate if romantic or not.

Anon I hope you appreciate my effort of memefying all my answers

1. What’s your summoner’s name and (if they have one) backstory?

Backstory is here (they’re my old screenshots taken when I was playing FE:A)

2. Who are the eight most reliable heroes on your team?

3. Other heroes that you love and wish were more reliable?

takumi and roy what do u mean? my favs are never not reliable. this is a wrong question. nEXT

4. Any heroes you want but haven’t summoned?

(pls don’t do this to me you two)

5. Your ally supports? Indicate if romantic or not.

Some of my other ally supports are Amelia/Effie, Sonya/Genny, Ike/Soren and Alfonse/F!Corrin! I don’t really care about whether they’re romantic or not :’D

Original squad challenges: 1 2 3

Kylo is probably a spoiled brat [in a sense], sure, but that doesn’t mean he wasn’t abused and manipulated by a predator who took advantage of his immense loneliness and vulnerability as a child. Kylo probably had [and still definitely does have] tantrums and made bad choices, but that doesn’t mean he deserved to be preyed on by an adult from the shadows since childhood.

Being privileged in one respect doesn’t prevent a person from suffering in others.

Kylo can be both a spoiled brat because he’s an elitist prick [I mean, he is], and simultaneously a traumatized victim of abuse and manipulation.

Stop pitting those two aspects of identity against each other like they could never exist in the same person. Trauma and hardship isn’t limited to one demographic.

i posted this to twitter but @anonprotagging made a comment about how garry’s a relatable sad adult and it really resonated with me so here we are with mio’s first ib fan art in ten million years

Next time someone tells me that Lyanna was on board with Rhaegar declaring for his father and leaving to war against Ned, I’m just gonna show them this.

“I was with her when she died,” Ned reminded the king. “She wanted to come home, to rest beside Brandon and Father.”

Are you honestly trying to tell me that the girl who extracted a promise from her brother to take her home and bury her beside the father and brother she lost willingly accepted Rhaegar fighting in the name of the guy who killed them with no qualms about him potentially killing another of her brothers? The girl who went after the three squires at Harrenhal because Howland was “[her] father’s man”, the girl who entrusted her child’s life to her brother and was comforted in her death throes by Ned’s promise would never be alright with something that put her family or her people in danger.

Can we not undermine Lyanna’s bond with her family? From what we know about her, Lyanna was fiercely protective of her own with a high sense of honor, justice and Northern nationalism. She had a strong relationship with her brothers that one rode to the capital at once in her defense, one strove to keep his word to her no matter the cost to his person, and one joined the Night’s Watch probably out of guilt. Two of her brothers loved her son as their own. She may have felt stifled by her father and hated his plans for her but that does not mean she loved him any less. She wanted to be buried beside him (and no, that’s not about Brandon. Lyanna wanted to be next to Rickard as much as she wanted to be next to Brandon.) This is a family with very strong familial bonds and a girl with deep love for her family. Please do not reduce that just to ease the implications of Rhaegar fighting in Aerys’ name. No prophecy would be worth her family’s life, their blood would never be an acceptable cost to Lyanna. That’s not who she was.

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