how do i draw water


[Part 2/3] Continuation of the Reiner x Geek!Connie au (x)

Still can’t believe that I actually did part 2 and it’s not even finished. Part 3 is still in a VERY slow process. Haha. ha. 

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teru meeting fishmob: "what the fu-"

this images name in my drive is Im Sorry and I do think its very accurate

sobs… (radiohead playing in the distance) someone help this kid
more @eeriecrests angst because Mood


\(OwO)/ It’s been a while since I posted some art. And what better way to return with some Siren!Oikawa from @chosenofkagami‘s amazing AMAZING Haikyuu!! fic Blood In The Water. If you haven’t read it yet, what are you waiting for?!

I winded up drawing two versions of this image cause I liked them both a lot and they were really fun to draw!

> w > The top image is closer to @chosenofkagami‘s actual design. The bottom image is closer to the reference images of the lionfish.


And the arms of the ocean are carrying me
And all this devotion was rushing out of me

(Included the 2 stills because i couldn’t choose ;-;)

“I hope you’re always smiling”

Happy Birthday Kanan!! <33 02/10


100% inspired by @punziella

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The Mantine spots Butterfree flying over the shore, so they join in. "Wow! Your wings are so different mine!"

:O!!! Your wings are so nice!! And good for swimming! (Butterfree isn’t very good at swimming…)