how do i draw shoulders help

This was my piece for the @chasingrainbowszine!! My color was yellow. :)

I know that Ford’s downfall was his hubris and all that, but I do admire his tenacity. When he had a mission, nothing could stop him from trying to achieve his goal. He’s the kind of guy who would keep flapping harder than ever, even as all the wax melted off his wings as he plummeted to his doom. That level of obsession is foolish and destructive, but his passion is still kind of admirable, isn’t it?

That said, there’s something to be said for chilling out. Let yourself be lazy. Play some video games. Don’t summon devils into our realm. Rest. And don’t try to shoulder everything on your own. Ford’s salvation had nothing to do with how clever, hard working, or determined he was. It came from allowing himself to trust his loved ones to help him.

Anyway, I really enjoyed drawing this and I’m so grateful that I got to be included in this project. :))


So, I was thinking about the importance of anatomy, even if you have a highly stylized art style.  I thought I’d make this simple thing for demonstration.

To the left is my recent redraw, and to the right is a picture from, I believe, 2011? So why did I take that picture? It’s missing hands, legs, feets and even partially her hip area. The reason I chose this is because it it’s a good example of trying to stylize something you don’t understand - in this case, the body. It shows, and it’s obvious the anatomy is twisted and incorrect. I even used the same proportions I warned about in an old tutorial of mine, to which someone told me that some might like drawing it that way. And as I said before, go ahead, but the errors will be more than obvious to an observer.

However, if you learn anatomy correctly, you can actually use this to your advantage so that you can draw the things you like — yes, even the ‘incorrect’ things — because you now know how to bend the rules instead of outright breaking them.

So you might think you yourself: all that really changed about Zemael’s style was the fact that the palette changed and her character design improved. While it’s true that those things did change indeed, a lot more happened than that. Not only has anatomy helped me learn about gesture drawing, making the pose much more natural (I mean, look at that stiff barbie pose on the old drawing) and fluent. It also helped me learn how to use the rules of anatomy and adjust them to my style without it looking impossible. They both got the same body, technically: slim body type, small waist, close set chest, straight shoulders and long neck. But then look at the bottom picture and really compare the two again.  As you can see, there’s not only a completely different flow in the picture, but the drawing to the left makes more sense compared to the one to the right. Of course, it could do with some adjustments (I didn’t spend too much time on this thing) but it certainly appears more believable. And, again, it uses the same proportions!  On the left, the chest appears stiff and misplaced, the ribcage is entirely deformed, the waist appears to have no movement and seems squished inwards, her legs appear to have no balance and her thighs are longer than they need to be, her shoulders are off balance with the hips, her neck seems to thin out at the top, and her arms have no joints. Meanwhile, the one to the right have a balanced pose, steady legs, her chest, hips and shoulders in line with each other, her waist small but not enough to look unnerving, it appears flexible, her arms in line with the shoulders, posed correctly, and her chest in line with her torso and in perspective. And this is all because I studied anatomy, and I understand it. You don’t have to be an expert at it, but it is important to understand it.

This is why anatomy is good to learn. No, you don’t have to draw realistically. But it will certainly help you IMPROVE the style you have or is aiming for.

((under readmore is some real time gifs of a jotaro from sketch to shading! it’s not quite a tutorial i guess bc he is,, in summary a guy with strong eyebrows, jawline, hair hat, cheekbones and sharp eyes that you will get better at drawing after a few times… referencing canon will help a lot)) 

((thanks! I’m not sure, it depends on the dude, I start all my drawings with a circle for the head and keep adding and removing stuff until it looks like the guy? reference if it looks weird, doing art studies of ppl will build up good image library to base off shapes on)) 

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Hcs for Hanzo, Genji, Gabe, Jack, and Jesse watching fireworks with their s/o


  • Hanzo wouldn’t say much, really. He’d be watching them, practically mesmerized by the colors, and appreciating the beauty of them in every way.
  • He’d also have you pulled fairly close, an arm around your waist with his other one being used to hold himself up on the ground.
  • He’d spare glances at you every now and then, probably in between the waves of fireworks, and just watch you enjoy yourself.
  • You’d tug on his shirt and point at the ones that really caught your attention, and he’d only hum in response and nod.
  • You wouldn’t notice his stares until close to the end of the show, and when you did, he’d admit to it wholeheartedly. He’d hold up his hands in surrender and press a small kiss to your temple.
  • “You looked so happy watching them, my blossom, I couldn’t speak up.”
  • You two would head home, and after the show, he would have most likely bought some sparklers from a firework store himself.
  • He’d light one for both of you, and he’d let his burn. But you? You’d do everything with yours; draw in the air with it, write your names, or just wave it around. And all the while, Hanzo would watch and appreciate how lucky he was to be with you.
  • Afterwards, you’d ask him why he watched you so much and didn’t enjoy himself like you did.
  • “I can’t help myself…your beauty captivates me.”


  • He really enjoys the giant green fireworks that fade out to yellow, sparkling in the sky as they die out.
  • He’ll sit next to you, the both of you wrapped up in a huge blanket. His head lays on your shoulder, hair tickling your cheek.
  • He has to excuse himself for a moment, but the fireworks are so loud, you couldn’t hear his reason.
  • He’ll come back just to surprise you with his own “fireworks.”
  • You’d hear a loud BANG behind you, right next to your butt.
  • Giggling, he’ll hand you a box of those little poppers you throw at the ground.
  • As you two listen to the fireworks behind you, beautiful colors silhouetting your shadows, the two of you will be having a great time making each other dance around the exploding bags of pebbles.
  • You’d stop to watch some particularly amazing fireworks, pointing them out to Genji so he doesn’t miss any really cool ones!
  • Genji suggests bringing in a ping pong paddle to play popper ping pong, but it’s just a really bad idea that could end up minorly burning someone.
  • The two of you don’t really think about the mess you’ll have to clean up later until the main show is over and the two of you are stepping on sharp rocks and paper.


  • He’d probably not take you to the firework show in town, saying it’s “ridiculous” or “irrelevant” and that “we can have our own show at home.”
  • You’d kind of not agree with him, and do your best to persuade him into going to the show, but he’d win, like always.
  • You’d be waiting at home when he returned with the fireworks. You’d be expecting some measly little packages of sparklers and smoke bombs, and maybe some sizzlers, but what you see would surprise you tenfold. Four large packages, all varying in contents – they’d come up to the height of your waist, fucking hell – and Gabe would only have a smug smirk on his face as you look at them.
  • You’d still kind of not enjoy doing fireworks at home, but when Gabe sat you down in a safe area while he prepared them, you’d cross your arms and wait for the inevitable forest fire.
  • But– there would be none. He’d scare you at first, suddenly lighting one of the more larger fireworks, and when it went off in the air, you’d let out a yelp.
  • But…watching them, you’d find them pretty neat. They’d all be dazzling colors; red, green, blue, orange, yellow. They’d go off, continuously, and Gabe would suddenly appear next to you.
  • “Do you like them, mi amor?”
  • “Yes, Gabriel. I think they’re fabulous. Thank you.”
  • “Told you that this would have been better than the show in town.”


  • He’ll be grilling up some food for the big show in the park. The two of you are out for a picnic while you watch the fireworks.
  • “You want a dog or a burger?”
  • He’d like to think he is “Grillmaster: 76” but his grilling skills aren’t exactly up to par with his fighting ability.
  • He’s got his large cooler full of soda and beer.
  • When he’s done making dinner for the two of you, you’ll both sit and try to enjoy your charred meals.
  • Just add a little more salt, maybe then you can stomach it.
  • Or just wait until after the show to eat.
  • You’ll both be sipping your drinks, watching the beautiful fireworks light up the sky.
  • He’s relatively silent when watching them, rarely commenting on how nice a few of them look.
  • It’s not particularly exciting to sit and watch fireworks with Jack, but it’s nice to just relax next to him and forget about the struggles in the world.


  • He’d be hooting and hollering over every gigantic explosion with his arm draped around your shoulders.
  • “Whew, what a beauty!”
  • He’ll whistle at the LOUDEST most OBNOXIOUS booms.
  • He’ll be drunk. He really likes to celebrate when the big fireworks are out.
  • He has definitely purchased confetti pistols for the event. Handing you one of your favorite color, he’ll challenge you to a duel.
  • The triggers on these pistols are always incredibly hard to pull and there’s always the chance you’re going to burn your hand when the gunpowder goes off. 
  • When he shouts fire, confetti flies all over you, the strong scent of gunpowder filling the air. Your own pistol broke of course, but McCree bought around five packs of those things you are given as many chances to shoot him as you needed.
  • He’ll lend you a hand, assisting you in the proper way to pull the trigger without getting any of the negative repercussions.
  • As you sit and watch the finale of the big fireworks show, he’s showering you in confetti from the confetti pistols.
  • You’re going to have to scrub really hard to get the smell of gunpowder out of your hair, but McCree sure had his fun.

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Do you have any tips for drawing longer, masculine hair? My bitch ass wants to draw a long-haired Phichit, but I can't find any good references or how people would think he'd look with it. I hope this didn't bug you and that you have a nice day! Much love!

oh boy okay, I don’t really know how to help you because I struggle with this myself;; so my tips might not be that good but I’ll try!

The most important thing to do when drawing longer hair on men is to accentuate their shoulders. Boys tend to have broader and sharper shoulders and it helps to reaaaally make it noticeable while drawing boys with long hair!

(Note: I know, I know. There are boys who are smaller and skinnier, and you might think their shoulders shouldn’t be that broad. But, no matter how small the body size is, shoulders tend to be the widest part of the body for boys, so just try to keep that in mind!)

Also it’s important to remember that, just like irl, some boys just don’t look good with longer hair, ahaha. BUT, if you insist, try to find a hairstyle that reaaally suits him!

I don’t know what hairstyle would suit my boy Phichit, but here’s a doodle dump

I hope this… helped? ? ahah idk… sorry this was very lazily done ;o; And this didn’t bug me shhhh, I hope you have a swell day too!! <3

You’re an artist and can’t find inspirations so you’re frustrated (BTS)

Rap Monster: -you would throw away your most recent drawing- “why did you do that it looked really good”

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Jin: -he would pull you away and rub your shoulders- “what do you want to draw though? How can I help you?”

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Suga: -he would sit with you when you would move your things away getting ready to give up- “sweetie how about we cuddle until you get an idea”

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J-Hope: -he would pose for you- “paint me. Will it help?”

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Jimin: -he would decide to come over to you and smiled- “what can I do to help you out baby?”

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V: -he would take your notebook and start doodling- “lets see if I can inspire you”

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Jungkook: -he would try to help you by throwing out ideas but you kept saying no to them all- “I’m running out of things to give you to do”

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Can I ask you an art question? How do you decide how to stylize and simplify dark souls armor? I love the way you draw everyone and how its so very obviously their armor but without every little tiny detail. As a cartoonist who loves drawing dark souls characters but hates trying to worry about detail, I wanted to know if there were any ways you decided how to draw these armored characters in a cuter, cartoony fashion?

How do you decide how to stylize and simplify dark souls armor?

I always start by looking at the armor and see what are the important part of it that makes the armor so unique.

lets take a look at the silver knight armor

as you can see i took the most important trait of the armor, the shoulders, helmet etcs. The details are simplified, instead of putting many lines, i decided to put less, which help very much to make it more simple/cuter/cartoony and easier to redraw.

you are also free to twist it a bit to make your life easier, but it’s important to keep the general shape so we can recognize it.

and of course for some characters, you can add eyes for expression instead of leaving it blank and emotionless

but, to the characters you can’t, there’s always a way to make them more expressive, yes we have the hands and body gesture, but nothing stop you to use the plume to amplifies the emotion, gives a touch of humor too.

Hope it helped to understand how i work!

Have fun drawing!

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I draw a lot of people with four arms and I'm not a great artist so I was wondering how you'd do that sort of thing and make it make sense, anatomy-wise

This is one of the most interesting requests I’ve ever gotten, so thank you for that!

Before I start, let me state the obvious;

Technically, there is no ‘anatomically correct’ when it comes to people with four arms - since it is not possible for humans to have it the way we represent it in art. But! That doesn’t mean there are ways to make it look anatomically believable. And this is what I will try to do.

1. We’ll start of with a simple picture of a bare back with stretched arms - as it is here you will place the four extra arms. (If you meant to only have one pair of extra arms, don’t worry, this tutorial would still be the same. As would it be with six extra arms as well.) The first tip I will give you is to draw the ‘normal’ arms first! Have them ready before you you draw the extras.

Now, let’s study how the ‘anatomy’ should work…

2. Notice how the ‘motion’ fo the back is. Those orange arrows show what direction the extra arms should be facing. This way, it’ll look more natural. Note that the shoulders, shoulder-blades and hip area are off limits to extra arms. If you place them here, it will look incredibly unnatural.

3. The best idea is to place the arms as close as possible in a similar ‘pattern’. This example shows the best areas for four extra arms. Now, if you only want two, I recommend you place them under the shoulder-blades. If it’s six, place the extras between the shoulder blades. If it’s eight, place the extras on the lower back. This way it will be the most believable. Realistically, of course, this wouldn’t work - but there are ways to trick your eyes.

4. Add the arms and… bam! There you have it; arms on the back. If you need help on how to draw arms, here’s a tutorial I’ve made on them.

5. Do some practices. My tip is is to draw each arm differently; make sure they’re all in motion. Of course, realistically, the arms would get tired after a while - but let’s not over-think it, shall we? It’s very important to draw each arm differently as it will say a lot about the character and give more life to them. If you simply copy/paste identical arms you’ll notice how much more stiff and artificial it will look. I’ll show Usui as an example;

Here you can see the arms have been copy/pasted. It doesn’t really look natural, does it? In this case this is a good thing; for Usui is not human and we can tell by the arms alone that it looks unnatural. So - both methods can be used. Just be careful with how you use them.

6. One thing you can never forget, however, is the silhouette. Make sure it all looks visually appealing as one shape, or else it will look like a confusing mess. One way to check this is to zoom out or to fill it all in black to see how it looks as a bundle.

7. Be aware of a mess when you draw several arms. It will look terribly confusing at first, but give it a chance. I suggest you be as messy as you possibly can and think of the silhouette first, then the anatomy. Don’t worry about how cleans it looks, because…

8. It will be OK in the end. <3 If you draw traditionally, make sure to sketch your arm with a gentle grip. If digitally, remember; there’s always another layer.

And that’s what I have to say about that! Hope it helped.

Incoherent Screeching about 403

We start with SO MUCH BRAVENLARKE I am enjoying this even if they’re bickering.

I honestly can’t decide if Clarke’s snappish reaction to Bellamy’s “I’m not going to be one of the hundred” is a sign that this is an argument they have been having for days and she’s sick of it because you will live if I want you to live, dammit or if it’s the first time she heard of it and she’s caught off guard.  Either one would make me flail like a turtle on its back, though.

So @ponyregrets pointed out that the way Bellamy knocks on the window of the rover and makes Jaha get out is a clear sign he watched a bunch of cop movies on the Ark, and we both agreed that this was because Octavia was super into Lethal Weapon and both Blake siblings probably really liked Speed and long story short, it’s now officially canon that Bellamy Blake has a crush on Sandra Bullock and Miss Congeniality is the official movie of the Blake family as it unites Bellamy’s two great loves (Sandra Bullock and feminism) with Octavia’s two great loves (makeup and punching.)

I am going to deal with the Raven arc in one fell swoop because eventually I’m just gonna be screaming about bellarke, so here goes:  I feel AWFUL for Raven.  She’s making decisions entirely on her own because she’s literally the only person who can, and fucking no one is stepping up to be her shoulder to cry on.  I was definitely on her side over Abby in the medicine debate, and it really hurt to see her sort-of-mom challenge her, even if Abby truly believed she was doing the right thing.  Raven’s arc is clearly not over and I do like where it’s going, but god, someone draw her a bubble bath and pour her an entire bottle of wine because my girl needs it.

I also really, really, REALLY loved the brief scene with Bellamy and Luna.  I was surprised by how it was initially presented with Luna thinking she doesn’t deserve their help because she didn’t help them with the flame, though, because I never saw her decision as wrong?  Like, yes, it would have helped them immensely, but the way they went about it was SO AWFUL and TERRIBLE that I felt Luna was totally justified in being like “no fuck you get off my rig.”  So to have Luna frame her decision as having hurt them was surprising, but also very in character for our lovely pacifist mermaid.

HOWEVER, what I loved about that scene was the genuine remorse and understanding on both their sides.  Luna basically admitted she would get it if he saw this as her just rewards, and Bellamy flat out refused that interpretation.  His “no one deserves to suffer” was just the right amount of heartbreaking, because he probably does resent her a little but he never, ever wanted this.  I also think he understands her pain better than most, and I have to move on now because if I don’t this will be too fucking long so check back this afternoon for 2k on Bellamy/Luna parallels.

To conclude the radiation arc: absolutely none of us are surprised that Luna’s nightblood makes her resistant to radiation, but that pales in comparison to that gutwrenching death scene.  I cried and cried and thank you show, for remembering what you’re good at.

Murphy and Emori: god I love those two grifters so fucking hard, and I am really glad they at least addressed the complete lack-of-consent bullshit that was Murphy/Ontari.  I also love that Murphy is ingratiating himself to Abby as a way of making sure he and Emori survive because that is On Brand for those two assholes and I could not be happier.

Before we finish with the bellarke flailing, back to Polis!  ROAN’S ELVEN CLOAK IS EVERYTHING TO ME as is Indra having a daughter and backstory and an arc for this season that has almost nothing to do with the Skaikru.  I am here for it, and I am here for Indra and Gaia having a complicated mother/daughter relationship that is just as deep and nuanced as Clarke and Abby’s.  I am also really pleased with Octavia’s “fuck it, she’s family” decision to go against Roan, because that is insanely reckless and probably the wrong call politically but it is from the heart and in that respect it is 100% Blake and that makes me happy.

Also making me happy: Murderous Elf Prince!  He’s so handsome and angry and yeah, I’m into it.

Okay, so….The Road Trip and the List.  First of all, I laughed at Jaha sitting in the back while people young enough to be his kids drive the van, because….god, Jaha.  Of COURSE you would think a cult can save everyone.  That’s literally your first instinct: You know what could fix this? A cult!  However, (and there will be MUCH MORE IN DEPTH FLAILING ABOUT THIS IN A SEPARATE POST) I really appreciated that his role in that scene was to a) present Bellamy with an easy option to assuage his guilt and b) lampshade the role that Bellamy fills in Clarke’s life, and then Bellamy rejected them both.  He does not think that “it was for my people” is sufficient justification for the massacre (which: agreed, it isn’t) and I think that line was more about Jaha than Bellamy.  Jaha has decided that so long as he thought he was doing the right thing, it’s okay, but Bellamy is following Beard Dad on this one, which I think is the right call.  Bellamy also cannot see how important he is to Clarke, but he can see how important she is to him.  It’s like, instinctive– Jaha says “you center her” and Bellamy is like “lol no she centers me.”  He doesn’t even take a beat to consider it, it just is.  However, while he was right to reject Jaha’s solution for guilt, he was definitely wrong to reject his place in Clarke’s life buuuuut it’s also understandable because a lot of Clarke’s feelings for him are still buried deep down inside of her and only come out when he’s sleeping.

Sidenote: so clearly, some of Second Dawn survived and guys, this means Grounders are descended from Scientologists.  I find this utterly delightful.  Thank you, show, for being bonkers.

And then, we get a brief moment of peace.  I am going to go with “Bellamy fell asleep and Clarke chose that moment to write out the list”  as my headcanon for this scene because I don’t see a scenario where Bellamy is like “you do this awful thing; Big Boy needs his nap.”  That’s not how they operate, and while I could maybe see him falling asleep due to pure exhaustion while they work on the list together, that also doesn’t feel very likely to me.  So unless I hear otherwise, that’s the interpretation I’m going with.

So Bellamy falls asleep and Clarke watches him, glad that he’s getting a moment of peace in the oncoming hell.  I suspect she kept his name off the list for several reasons, but the most important one here is she knows he doesn’t want to be on it.  She’s trying to honor his wishes, but then she looks at him and is like, “I cannot imagine a world where he doesn’t deserve to survive.”

And then she breaks down.  Because Clarke is never going to put her own name on that list, and it means she’s going to lose him.  (Of course, she’d also lose him if they BOTH died, but she has already decided that is Not An Option).  The weight of everything hits her at once, and Bellamy’s Clarke Alarm goes off and he wakes up.  (Aside: Bellamy being kind of snort-y and noisy when he wakes up is like, the cutest fucking thing in the universe A+ work Bob).  He knows right away what’s going on and he does the only thing he can think of: he offers his life in exchange for hers.

Except this time, they’re not dying– they’re living.  He’s saying “fine, you want me to survive?  I’ll survive– but only if you do too.”  Clarke just can’t bring herself to say “yes I deserve to live” so Bellamy does it for her, and then he touches her– gently, and just the once– to show her she’s not alone, and then he makes himself leave.  I have SO MANY thoughts about why he chose that moment to walk away, but I think the main reason was that he needed to, because he’s on the edge too and breaking down in front of Clarke wouldn’t help her.  And that’s his only goal in that scene– help her, lift some of that burden, remind her that she’s not alone.  She’s his center, so he does what he can for her and then he walks away before he has to ask her for something, because to him that would be adding to her burden and that is unconscionable.

Because guys…he loves her so much.  And she loves him too.  

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I saw your Instagram story. Do you journal? If so, what do you write? Not specifics, but like, do you write stories, poems, songs, or just thoughts?

I’ve had a journal since I was 8 years old. I used to write everything I did in the day. Now I write when something cool happens, or when I have a thought that I can’t get out of my head. An idea, or dreams I want to remember. Sometimes I have no words, and I just draw or scribble to express my emotions. It takes the weight out of my shoulders since I never share my emotions much with the people around me. I also write my grades, memories, I write about my friends and how much I love them. Sometimes I glue pictures or tickets. I also write goals or objectives and things I would like to do in the future haha my journal is my world I love it. Writing has really really helped me when I was at my lowest

[Part I] Crimson Frost

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Word count: 1,700+
Pairing: Peter Parker & Reader
Warnings: Spoilers for Spider-Man: Homecoming
Summary: Series to ‘[IDEA] Crimson Frost’: Even though Peter won’t join the Avengers, he promised to keep in contact with you. A friendship blossoms, but somehow you are still a mystery to him.
A/N: I was so happy to see that so many people came to like my idea! I will turn it into a series, and I got even more ideas for ‘Crimson Frost’, so be prepared for what will come, haha. To be honest, I don’t know how to deal with the whole May-knows-Peter-is-Spider-Man-thingy, so I’ll just pretend it didn’t happen, sorry! Enjoy! 💕

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  • I want to talk about dæmons like if they were real
  • I want to receive messages asking what from my dæmon has right now
  • Is your dæmon on your shoulder? Around your neck? On your lap? Laying in your upper half? Is their tail wrapped around your leg? Around your arm? At this precise moment, are they besides your hand watching you type? Are they perched on the laptop’s lid? Wrapped around your wrist looking at your phone? On your finger? In your pocket? On the belt loops of your pants?
  • What about everyone else’s dæmons? Your mother’s, your father’s, your sibling’s, your grandparent’s, your cousin’s, your friend’s, the clerk’s, the homeless’, your professor’s, your boss’. Can you see them on their shoulder? Besides them?
  • How do they participate in day-to-day activities? Tell me. Tell me how they helped you do homework, how they don’t help you do your homework. How they helped you finish that drawing you were doing. How they encouraged you to finish what you were writing. How they helped you get through school today, through work, through college. How they helped you cook, clean, or how they didn’t help you and just sat there.
  • Give it all to me, I crave it.

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Are you accepting reactions? If so can I request a reaction to their s/o having to due alot of studying and being stressed about it?

I did GOT7 I hope you don’t mind!

Mark: He would mention how proud he is of you and he would try and take your mind off of how stressed you are.

“I’m so proud of you Jagi you know that right?” He cups your cheeks and gives you a light peck on your lips and lets you get back to work.

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JB: He would stay by your side whilst doing work of his own, He probably wouldn’t notice how stressed you are unless you told him. So when you do he stops his work and tries to help you relax by giving you your favourite tea, a massage…basically anything you needed.

“Why didn’t you tell me you were stressed?” he would ask while giving your shoulders a light massage “You have work to do as well Jae, I didn’t want to bother you” you whispered and continued to draw the graph. “You should know that my baby’s needs always come first”

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Jackson: This boy would go all out for you he would  get you your favourite food, even buy you gifts. He would probably get Jinyoung to help you since he can’t ‘remember’ how to write an essay.

“Jinyoung, please just help Y/n with her essay” he pleaded Jinyoung over the phone “Jackson!! Don’t beg Jinyoung just because you can’t write an essay!” you screamed as you tried to get the phone off him “I told you Y/n!! I can write one, It’s just I can’t remember how to do it!!” the two of you bickered until Jinyoung agreed to come and help.

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Jinyoung: He would help you with your study. From Economics to English Lit he would be able to help you in anyway possible.

“And then you just have to put the anecdote at the front to grab the readers attention” he explained smiling at you. “How did you become so smart?” you asked looking back at your laptop “I read” he stated, getting out of the chair and turning to you. You gasped “I do read!” you shouted “yeah, Fanfiction doesn’t count”

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Youngjae: He honestly wouldn’t know what to do if you’re stressed, he would come up behind and you and give you back hugs, encouraging you to keep going.

“Jagi you can do it, don’t give up” his body warmth pressed against your back “Babe I’m not running a marathon

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BamBam: He would try to make you laugh and he would succeed.

“BamBam stop I’m going to piss myself” You cried out laughing, he finished his impression of Jaebum only to find that Jaebum was listening in on the whole thing “No BamBam, please continue.” BamBam’s eyes went wide as he felt two strong hands on his shoulders. Immediately he printed down the hall, “Jaebum please don’t kill my boyfriend” you groaned while still laughing, Jaebum stopped running and pointed at you “You’re next Y/n”

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Yugyeom: He would distract you by his aegyo…which you adored.

“Do it again, do it again” you cheered as Yugyeom presented his cute dance which made you and him laugh.

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Ho would you draw shoulders from the side? I've always struggled with that.

I’ve been thinking about it too, and honestly it’s quite troublesome to think about. I never really thought about how I draw it, I just improvise until it looks believable. However, I did notice there is a trick for it…

Okay so here’s the body, right? Ignore the obvious anatomy errors, I’m lazy and tired at the moment, but the idea should be clear. Think of the shoulder as ball-jointed doll. Draw the circle in the motion of the body as the base and…

Bam! Put a teardrop around it! I love teardrops as guidelines so much. I don’t think I have to explain it, do I? I think it speaks for itself; rotate the teardrop and the shoulder should follow it. Use it as a guideline and eventually you won’t have to use it anymore, it’ll be there mentally. I do, however, reccomend you pose in front of the mirror to get more correct results on how the lines will bend with the muscles. Just stand in front of the mirror and move your shoulders around, notice what muscles follows and etc. 

If you need any more help with this, let me know.


Klaus Mikaelson X Reader

Word Count: 531

Requested: Anon

Request: Can you do a klaus Mikealson one. Just a cute bath scene. Not smut just cute fluff

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You were laying on your bed in your shared bedroom, you shared your bedroom with your boyfriend Klaus, who stormed in looking like he was ready to kill someone but as soon as his eyes landed on you, he seemed to have something else in mind, he crawled onto the bed putting his head on your stomach and you started playing with his hair. “What wrong handsome?” You asked and he made a noise that you couldn’t quite identify. “I don’t understand weird noises." 

"The witches.” He answered and you continued to play with his hair.
“They being uncooperative?” You asked.
“Very.” He mumbled.
“Maybe you should leave it alone for a while, you know I was thinking about going in for a bath you could come with me and we could relax for a little bit.” You suggested and Klaus glanced at you before looking at the clock.
“I can’t go speak to them again until tomorrow,” Klaus answered and you rolled your eyes and walked toward the bathroom.
“Stay there I’ll be back in a minute.” You said before opening the door to the bathroom and walking in, you started running the bath making sure that there were loads of bubbles and that the water was not too hot, once you were done you walked back into the bedroom and prodded Klaus until he turned to face you. “Come on.” You smiled and he groaned so you grabbed his hand and pulled him towards the bathroom once there you started to take off his jacket and top before tapping his hips “You can take those off yourself.”
“Only if you get in with me.” He said and you rolled your eyes but nodded none the less.
“Fine.” You agreed and then started undressing, Klaus got in first and you decided to get in behind him, you started with washing his hair, gently massaging the shampoo into his scalp drawing a moan from him once you had washed the soap out of his hair you put some soap on your hands and started to massage his shoulders helping him to relax and just as you thought that you were getting into the flow he turned and grabbed you somehow manoeuvring to put you on his lap and gave you the same treatment.
“What did you do today love?” Klaus asked resting his chin on your shoulder.
“Nothing exciting.” You answered. “Saw Hayley and Hope today.”
“How is she?” Klaus asked.
“Hope’s good I have a picture on my phone that I can show you.” You said getting ready to get out but he tightened his grip on you.
“After.” He said and you nodded.
“If you insist.” You smiled at him and he rolled his eyes.

Before you knew it you had been in there for an hour and finally convince Klaus that you had to get out, you got changed into some comfy clothes which was one of Klaus shirts and some bed shorts once you climbed back into bed you handed your phone with the picture of Hope smiling. Klaus smiled and kissed your head pulling you into a hug and you both cuddled falling asleep that way.

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Dazai 1: “How big are your Odasaku’s hands?”

Dazai 2: “Small! So small!”

Dazai 2: “How large is your Odasaku’s shoulders?”

Dazai 1: “Very broad!”

[These gestures are not helping, guys.]

Sherlock Valentine’s Day Challenge Day #1

“You shouldn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone.”

Sherlock x Reader

Side Note: It is still February 1st where I live! This is my very first published post fanfiction on this blog, I hope you enjoy reading it :)

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“I have decided…” John paused before he turned around to face you at your dining table, “to propose to Mary. I already bought the ring." 

Your face lit up as you slammed the refrigerator door closed and clasped your hands in front of your mouth, meanwhile facing your brother. Your smile beamed at John as you walked forward to place your hands on his shoulders.

"John that’s… That’s simply amazing! She is going to be ecstatic." 

Pulling his body towards yours, you wrapped your arms around John’s waist with a giggle and placed your chin on his shoulder. You felt his chest vibrate as he let out a laugh of his own. 

John’s smile reflected yours as you both pulled away, him leaning forwards once again to kiss you on the forehead. 

"When are you planning on asking her?" 

"I decided next week at the restaurant we visited on our first date - she couldn’t stop talking about the piece of cake she had as dessert for days.” John’s face contained a faint smile as he looked towards the floor in slight embarrassment, “I asked the owners if I could place the ring on top of a piece for her." 

"Wow, who knew big brother would grow to be such a stereotypical romantic?” You teased, “I’m just joking. Honestly, it’s going to be perfect, she’ll lo-" 

You paused instantly as your eyes travelled towards the calendar that hung on the flat’s front door. 

Your brother’s smile faded. "What? What’s wrong, Y/N?" 

Silence filled the air as an even bigger smile began to encompass your features. You let out a squeal of excitement. 

"John! It’s Valentine’s Day, remember! Why don’t you propose to her today?” The look of sheer panic that crossed over your brother’s face would have been hilarious, had you not been so serious. "No, no! It’s okay! The probability of her saying yes is increased on this day due to the overwhelming amount of pressure to comply with such a romantic proposal - maybe it will even be increased due to her amount of love for you! I don’t really know. Us girl’s don’t suspect too much from our men, but as soon as you propose to her on the most romantic day of the year, she cannot say no!“ 

John almost commented on your similarity to him before he caught himself, and forced his mind back to the topic at hand. "But that’s so soon! I’m already nervous as is, we don’t need to add more pressure to the situation." 

You raised your eyebrow at John. "Do you trust me?”  

“Of course, Y/N." 

"Then do this. Now! I’ll help you." 

John gave you an unsure once over. "We were going to spend the day together. I know how important today is to you and-" 

"Nope, nope.” You said, drawing out the last word. “No pity party today! I completely forgot what day it was for a second and I only agreed for you to come over because-" 

"But, Y/N, you shouldn’t have to spend Valentine’s Day alone…” John’s voice slowly lowered to an almost whisper, and his shoulders lowered. “Not after what happened.”

You let out a groan before turning around to place your hands on the edge of the counter. “I thought we agreed to not talk about it." 

"We can’t just pretend it never happened. Mary helped me through it and I still frankly think you need to find someone new. It has been two years, Y/N.”


John’s mouth opened a few times, contemplating what to say next before he gave up due to the incredibly sensitive topic. ”Fine, but I came here today for a reason. I’m not leaving.“ 

"Oh, yes you are.” You wiped under your eye quickly and sniffling before turning around. “I will not let you pass up this opportunity. I will not let you regret." 


"It’s okay, John. I won’t be alone.” You give him a sad smile, “I still have Sherlock." 

"Y/N.” John gave both a disapproving and sympathetic stare. You always continued to declare that although you both knew he wasn’t coming back. 

“I’m going to visit Baker Street later and revisit the memories. I haven’t seen it in years and I talked to Mrs. Hudson on the land line… It’s still vacant.” You felt the tears coming on but refused to break in front of John. He didn’t need to feel this terrible on one of the happiest days of his life. 

“I’m not sure I want you to go." 

I’m not your little sister anymore, John - I can handle it alone. I want to go.“ 

He let out a sigh. "Only if you promise to be by Mrs. Hudson’s side more than half the time." 

You rolled your eyes at his choosing to ignore your certainty on the alone aspect. "Only if you promise to propose to Mary. Tonight." 

Your brother pulled you towards him for another hug before he answered. John’s eyes closed as he breathed in your hair. 

"Okay, okay. I will, I promise. You?" 

You smiled one last time before burying your head in John’s neck. 

"I promise." 

You began your slow ascend towards the second floor of the Baker Street lot, as the sounds of your footsteps squeaked and echoed throughout the empty flat. Mrs. Hudson wasn’t there but on a trip in Wales to visit her sister. You had lied to John in order to come to the place alone and set your emotions free if needed. 

Your hands glided across the walls as you took in the atmosphere you had missed so dearly. The sounds of distant memories floated in the vast space around you as you finally reached the door to the room where it all began. Slowly reaching out before you, you pushed the door open as a tear slid down your cheek. 

It looks as if it was all just yesterday. 

You took in everything around you - the vibrant smiley face laden with bullet holes, high windows flooding in the light from the fading sun as dust particles floated in thin air, papers scattered on the tables and everywhere in between… Before your eyes met the chair your husband had frequently sat in, hands and fingers stretched beneath his chin while you sat with your legs stretched horizontally across his - complete with your arms wrapped around his waist as you slept peacefully beside the man you loved. 

You wasted no time and walked to the chair, instantly imagining the warmth that was once always there and curled up to close your eyes while letting the tears fall silently. 

As you laid there, much similar in position to how you had always sat with Sherlock, you slowly drifted off to sleep with sunlight streaming upon the glittering wetness on your face. 

Hands placed a big enough blanket to tuck around your body before he kissed you on the nose - his favourite spot to show affection. 

With a whisper, his voice lulled you deeper into a calm sleep. 

"Happy Valentines Day, Y/N. You won’t be alone - I’m here to stay.”

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“That’s it. I’m calling the police.” “Let me make it up to you.” JIKOOK

a/n: hmu w some short prompts and’ ill write you smt

“that’s the thirty-nineth time,” hoseok drawls. his lunch has been abandoned in his worry of throwing up.

yoongi grunts. “and counting. that’s it. i’m calling the police on them.”

“it’s disturbingly miraculous,” namjoon remarks, heads tilted. “the rate at which these moments are occurring is practically as fast as light, and the mechanics of this-”

jimin draws himself away from jungkook, who chases after jimin’s lips even though jimin’s arms are still wrapped around his neck. “can you guys not?” jimin humphs, and hoseok fake gags when jungkook still won’t relent in getting another kiss. he would think that in a public space the two would constrain themselves from Gross Couple Things - especially in an eating area. during rush hour. hoseok can barely begin to imagine how many people have been traumatized by the new couple.

“i liked it better when you guys hated each other’s guts,” sighs yoongi wistfully, drawing back his loveliest memories of when there was no pda in his life. the golden days.

jungkook shifts his attention to grin at everyone so cockily that it’s practically a smirk, the suggestive wiggling of his eyebrows not helping to disprove the case. “yeah, we could be doing worse things-”

a gasps comes from jimin as he removes his arms to hit jungkook on the shoulder, his expression scandalized. “don’t you talk that way!” he shouts, adding a smack upside jungkook’s head for good measure. yoongi’s smile pulses with satisfaction at this.

jungkook immediately lowers his head, looking ashamed. “sorry, babe,” he mumbles, like a young child being scolded for snatching candy. then his eyes turn big and apologetic, aimed jimin’s way (of course jimin’s way). “let me make it up to you?”

like lightning, jimin’s face breaks into a smile - a rather blindingly happy one, at that - and he nods, instantly pulling jungkook down by his collar to meet his lips. they both grin and giggle into it, like it’s the best thing that’s ever happened since sliced bread. namjoon, hoseok, and yoongi groan.

“forty,” hoseok croaks, banging his head into the table.

and hoseok doesn’t ever stop counting.

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I just read that Natsume is scared of thunderstorms, could we maybe see something about that please?

Consider this the beginning of a mini nishinatsu series :’) 120% because there was talk on the discord about this pairing and now it’s stuck in my head rip

Story tag


Tsuji may have assigned Satoru and Natsume out of turn cleaning duties to get back at them for being chatty, in the passive aggressive way of all overly-cheerful class representatives, but Satoru doesn’t really mind. Hanging out with Natsume beats going home any day—and since it’s more or less his fault they’re in trouble, he can’t exactly complain to his friend about it without sounding like a total heel.

“This is the worst,” Satoru says with feeling, hauling the heavier of two trash cans outside. “Tsuji’s got in for me, I swear.”

He can’t complain more than usual, anyway.

Dumping his half of the trash, he turns to glance at his quiet companion. Natsume is next to him but he may as well be miles away. The half-empty bin is hanging loosely from his hands and his head is tipped back, round eyes trained without blinking on the sky. Satoru follows his gaze, nonplussed.

There are thunderheads rolling in, dark and foreboding as they build up in a gray sky. He hadn’t noticed before, but now that he’s paying attention, the air definitely smells like rain.

“Oh, wow,” Satoru says, eyebrows shooting up. “It’s really gonna storm. No wonder my brother bullied me into taking his umbrella this morning.”

Plucking the trashcan out of Natsume’s hands, he dumps it for him, then stacks it inside his own empty bin. Natsume seems out of it, but Satoru is no stranger to his vacant moods—the guy zones out a lot—so he simply hefts the stacked bins under one arm, grabs Natsume’s hand in his free one, and leads the way back inside.

“If we hurry, we can make it home without getting too wet,” he says, all but dragging his unresistant friend up the stairs. “I mean, there’s no way we can beat the rain, but—you have an umbrella, right? I can walk you home with mine if you don’t.”

“No, that’s okay,” Natsume finally replies. “I have mine with me.”

He’s keeping pace with Satoru on his own now, but he doesn’t tug his hand away. Satoru takes that as implicit permission to keep holding it. The only sounds that accompany them as they run through empty hallways are the echoed stamping of rapid footfalls and the faraway rumble of approaching thunder.

In a little under ten minutes, they’re back at the front doors. Satoru is shoving his school slippers in his locker and yanking on his sneakers in their place, a little out of breath from tearing through the school—and glad no staff had caught them, because that would have given Tsuji a whole heap of disciplinary material to work with if he was still in a bad mood tomorrow.

“Alright,” he says with a triumphant grin, as a light rain begins to fall, “it’s barely started out there. Come on, Natsume, and we can—”

He trails off as his eyes move from the doorway to his classmate. Natsume is still in his uwabaki, jack and umbrella bundled under his arm. He hasn’t even stepped down into the entry area yet, lingering on the raised floor a few feet away, with what looks like absolutely no intention of taking another step.

“Go on without me,” he says with a smile. “I forgot something.”

Satoru blinks at him. “What? Just go get it real quick, I can wait.”

“I might have to look for it,” he deflects easily. “It could be awhile. You should go ahead though, before it gets too bad out there.”

His expression is empty and serene. It stirs something uneasy to life in the pit of Satoru’s stomach.

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Flinthamilton: "There's no way you're getting me in /that/"

                       With Sweet, Reluctant, Amorous Delay

James takes one look at the costume laid out on Thomas’s bed and shakes his head in instant objection. “There’s no way you’re getting me in that.” What the devil does Thomas think he is? An actor?

“It’s a masquerade ball.” Thomas says patiently from the dressing room. “The whole point is to wear a costume.”

“And what are you going as?” James asks suspiciously. The simple idea of the party seems like a trap solely to get him in a skimpy costume for Thomas’s own amusement. What is the point of this when they could simply stay at home and be naked in bed where it’s comfortable? The whole thing is unnecessary.

“I will be going as Apollo.”

“So you’re going as a god, and I’m going as…”

“One of the most legendary characters in literature.” Thomas’s voice is muffled. “Just put the tunic on.”

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