how do i draw bed

I really liked the one sequence in the story trailer so I combined two elements of it. Haven’t started story mode yet, but I’ve got the game! o3o Celebration! Even though I started this before I had the game…

i’m a little late but i’m here for the valentine masquerade!!! and if anyone says i can’t wear a dress i’ll fight you!

he is a Fairy and died his cannon death! he is still his reckless self but a bit more careful! and he’ll be sure to start worrying about something!!! he’s not a 100% sure how he died but he tends not to think about it much!!! he can change his size but he likes to be about the size of a rat! (he can go down to about the size of a mouse and grow to be about the size of a human!) his dress is a buttercup and the meaning for a buttercup is Joy and Happiness!

he’ll be going by jean-pierre! (or jean for short!) he doesn’t mind being called pol though!


Aye, my contribution to the Villain Day! >:D

And yeah, even in a Dark AU, those two would be dorky lovers…cuddling in bed and shit…
I hope you guys had an awesome day 6, because I certainly did!!!

In my folder, this picture is called “butch labelled that cup for a reason”. I want you all to think about what that reason might be. There is a story behind that cup saying very clearly that it is not meant to contain tea.

Five caps says he ends up accidentally taking a sip of it anyway.

listen… i just really love fic where louis spends all his time when he’s on break at nick’s house. like when there’s that moment where louis starts calling it home and they both freak out a bit? that’s my shit right there

“He reached out to snatch a piece of meat from her outstretched hand before shuffling backward on the bed, propping himself up against the headboard with his knees drawn to his chest.

‘Thank you.’

With that, he began to eat, tearing off small bits of the food with his teeth and slowly chewing them. She watched him, his lethargic movements a striking change from those at their last meal, during which his enthusiasm had very nearly choked him to death. But she shrugged at the difference, ascribing it to his obvious fatigue, and took her place next to him to enjoy her can of string beans.”

I did a drawing for my friend ilyafay because it was her birthday ! Thank you for being such a nice and beautiful friend ! ♥ 

(Btw I’m so sorry I’m laaaaate D: But I really wanted to draw you something !)