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what are your headcanon sexualities for the BSD cast?

This will be a disappointing answer but I don’t feel strongly about any sexuality headcanons, mostly because I can accept the characters as whatever people HC them. For example, I know a lot of people love thinking of Yosano as a lesbian, but whenever someone says she can be bi, I tell myself “Oh, that’s good too!”

I do think Akutagawa and Ranpo are asexual, though Akutagawa is aro and Ranpo is demiromantic. Kunikida rings so strongly as a hetero because of his traditionalist views, but I bet he’d be willing to explore an attraction towards men if he finds himself in such a situation. Other straights: Hawthorne and Mitchell, then Fitzgerald. For the rest, I automatically categorize them as bisexual unless otherwise stated by canon. Chuuya and Gin, in my head at least, are genderfluid.

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