how do i do fashion


what’s the new job!

i’ll be a runner/server for the wine bar at this french cafe!! it sounds very convoluted but im HYPE bc im in love with the manager and like 3 people who work there so…………… the starting wage is like $9.50/hour plus tips which is. so much more than i currently make lmao

I’m more of a Callie kind of guy to be honest but Marie in the new trailer got my mind going crazy. Here’s my little idea about what she’ll look like. 

Tiny milk sprites are benevolent creatures that make sure that the milk in your storage stays fresh. If properly cared for, they can grow and make excellent dairy products for you.

Native to Switzerland, they’ve learnt the art of making magic cheese from the alpine dwarf population.

I drew this as a small present and since it arrived I can upload it :D

when you really want to fashion frame with equinox but cloth physics love clipping

The influence of the Arab world on textiles is shown in words we still use for certain types of fabric.  Damask takes its name from Damascus, in Syria.  It is a reversible fabric made most often of silk or linen.  A pattern is woven into the cloth which is revealed by the way in which light falls upon the fabric.  Muslin takes its name from Mosul, a town in present-day Irag.  It is a fine, gauzy cotton.
—  The Medieval World: A History of Fashion and Costume

Redraw of this comic

Hopefully I’ll get a second part done soon, I just wanted it in this style so it could be consistent 


Black Moon Clan Collaboration featuring Michelle Phan with IAMKARENOJkissa, Desi Perkins & Chrisspy


Guild Wars 2 Fashion Week 2017 // Day 2: Kirslyn
Chronomancer // Dreamer // Ex-Vigil/Pact/Mist Warrior, Mentor

Dreams of finishing the wyld hunt she shared with her podtwin Moriyel came to an abrupt halt when Moriyel was killed at the hands of the Nightmare Court. Following the event, Kirslyn came to rely heavily on her fellow mesmer friend Laivaan, going so far as to follow him into the Vigil and the Pact, and after the defeat of Zhaitan, into the Mist War as well. In the Mists Laivaan found love, and Kirslyn found herself alone for the first time in her life. Leaving the mists, she wandered Tyria until she heard of the impending Pact assault on Mordremoth, where she then came face-to-face with Moriyel, who had in fact survived, fallen to Nightmare, and had a seething hatred for Kirslyn for leaving her for dead. The two danced a dangerous number in the jungle following Mordremoth’s Call, but in the end the vision of their wyld hunt was realized and though they didn’t exactly reconcile, they went their separate ways with mutual respect. Since then Kirslyn has dabbled in the Mists in new and creative ways, but ultimately she returned to settle in the Grove as a mentor for the newly awakened.

❖ Stately Circlet
❖ Leystone Mantle
❖ Inquest Vest
❖ Zodiac Light Gloves
❖ Ornate Guild Pants
❖ Ornate Guild Shoes
❖ Ad Infinitum

❖ Whisperblade + Wall of the Mists
❖ Spirit Links, Fractal Staff, Vision of the Mists

❖ Primaries: Hush, Orchid
❖ Accents: Violet Ice (coat 2)


Fashion wives Violet Chachki and Miss Fame during New York Fashion Week, February 2016

  • inquisitor: *trying to find dorian in a crowd* this calls for drastic measures
  • inquisitor: *using hands as megaphone* HEY SERA DO YOU THINK THIS PLAIDWEAVE GOES WITH MY CUIRASS
  • dorian, distantly: NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOoooooOOOOOooo
  • inquisitor: there he is