how do i describe what this is

With all this talk about how Super Mario Odyssey’s mechanics are great, but its world designs are cliché, I’ve gotta wonder: what’s left? Like, how do you design themed platformer worlds without falling into cliché if you’re not allowed to have:

  • a world set in a forest, in a desert, at the beach, amid the clouds or on the Moon;
  • a world themed after fire, ice, water, castles, food, flowers or ghosts;
  • a world characterised by ancient ruins, modern cities, or giant machines

… and so forth? The game goes so far as to have you fight a damn Dark Souls boss at one point, and even that’s been described as predictable tonal break.

I think we’re reaching a point where we’re going to have to stop expecting novelty for novelty’s sake in open-world platformer design, simply because nearly every reasonable world theme has already been done by someone, somewhere.

atthefemfoxat  asked:

For how long are you going to keep doing the LKD comic replies?

Technically I’m willing to do this as long as I having fun doing it and you all enjoying this too ! 
But I planning to end this by making three more comics (similar to a story about a dice I did before) to finish it all!

1) how Dice get the title “king”
2) about his parents
3) I not sure how to describe it but I hope you will enjoy it :)

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How to do I write a character with Insomnia? Like some general guidelines on what to do and not to do.

Here’s a few guidelines:

  1. Keep in mind that there are multiple kinds of insomnia.
    1. Initial insomnia (sometimes called onset insomnia) - the character has trouble falling asleep.
    2. Middle insomnia (sometimes called maintenance insomnia) - the character has trouble staying asleep, frequently waking up during the night.
    3. Late insomnia (aka terminal insomnia) - the character wakes up a lot earlier than they meant to, and is unable to fall back asleep.

  2. Long term insomnia has really negative effects on your character’s body and mind.

  3. Insomnia is frequently comorbid with, or even a symptom of, other mental disorders.

  4. Medications are not a cure-all. 
    1. Your character can build up tolerance to hypnotic medications quickly (some in as little as three days!) and while they do make you sleep, the sleep you get is not as restful. These kinds of medications can also be addictive.
    2. Over the counter sleep medications do not work for insomnia - they can make you drowsy but do not actually affect how much sleep you get.
    3. Melatonin isn’t addictive and can be slightly/moderately effective, but it’s best with people doing shift work or dealing with jet lag, not as a daily thing.

Hope that helps!


I’m just such a fuckup. And I’m sorry I’m ranting here but I literally have nobody else to talk to. Everything hurts and I’m so terrified that I’ll never get my life in order. 

I just don’t know what to do. Four years ago I was so hopeful for my future. I was graduating college and I was going to get a job. 

Then I sat there and watched my grandmother die while I was holding her hand and nothing has ever been the same since that day. I started having seizures out of nowhere. My depression/bipolar/anxiety just keeps getting worse and worse.

I don’t know if it’s possible to fix my life at this point, and it’s impossible to describe how that feels. My future is just empty. I’ve lost all my dreams. 

Anyway. If you have a kind word to spare I could sure use one.

500 Follower Giveaway!!

We have hit 500 followers! Along with this milestone, I have also been notified I’m leaving on December 11th, now. These will be my last conjures until March, most likely. I may do a couple once I return, but it’s undecided right now. But! To celebrate this milestone as well as me embarking on some awful/wonderful adventure!!!

I’m opening up two free slots for a CC and one slot for an RA!

CC Form:

Name, pronouns, and age:

Way of contact:

Preferred species and gender:

Non-preferable species:

Desirable traits:

Undesirable traits:

Preferable abilities and alignment:

Triggers (if any):

Do you know how to astral travel? Do you have wards?

Do you have any other companions? If so, please describe them and their temperaments:

How much experience do you have with spirit work?

What’s your home life like?

What are you seeking from this companionship?

Describe yourself!:

Feel free to add anything else I should know!

RA Form:

Name and age:


Preferred alignment (light/gray/dark):

Species you’d like to work with:

Species you can’t work with:

Preferable maturity level:

Traits you can’t work with:

How much experience do you have with spirit work?

Do you know how to astral travel or project?

Do you know how to ward?

Do you already have any companions? What kind(s) are they?

These free slots will be open until November 24th!

-Mod Misty

Sad Song of MBD

As far as I can tell, the StyleZeitgeist forum is, and has been, down. This means the product of what feels like hundreds of hours of labor completed cataloguing my collection in the SZ Garment Archives has disappeared into the ether.

I had started another tumblr as a place to include photos of garments from my collection. At another point, I thought maybe I should do it from my Instagram account. But for cryin’ out loud, maybe it would be more simple just to post everything, fits, archive photos and all here.

So the archive must be uploaded and described. Again. (I haven’t asked Faust what’s up because I’m afraid that this is indeed the case.)

I don’t know if I can face it. I’ve never done a formal inventory, but my reasonable guess is that I have around 3000-4000 pieces. 

Depending on how I feel, and where I am in my “real” work, I may be looking for a paid assistant this summer to take those photos, or to post the photos I have already taken and perhaps help me to make a spreadsheet for each season of each collection I own. Would there be interest?


p.s. I am assuming that anyone cares to see the images of this archive. Speak up for or against. I would *love* if I didn’t have to post anything owing to lack of interest. Really. This is not a passive way to obtain your pity.

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Iromatsu scenario with Kara telling Ichi he has a crush on the same girl as him? Not only that, but Kara says he refuses to yield until he knows the "battle's reached a true verdict" despite the consequences in the form of Ichi's temper?

Ichimatsu glared at the painful blue thing he has to call a brother. The smile on him can only be described to Ichi as annoying, how could he do this. “Why are you telling me this?! What are you going to apologize, and stop?!” This causes Karamatsu to pull off his sun glasses, “No I’m not apologizing for my feelings,” putting them aside he looks Ichimatsu in the eyes. “ I’m going to fight for their love as hard as you will.”

Ichi cringes; grabbing the front of Kara’s jacket, yanking him down to size. “This isn’t a whatever fantasy you made in your head! Do you think this is a game?! Ichi was hurt beyond words, how could his brother do this to him. “Just leave them to me! I’ll kill you!”

“Then do it.” Karamatsu’s words made Ichi let go. His eyebrows pushed down in determination. “I love them, I won’t stop loving them. I want to be happy that I at least tried for their affections, even if I lose.” His eyes softened a bit, in pity Ichi was sure. “We’re somewhat equals here, let’s both work hard for them.”

What the hell kind of plot point did Ichimatsu get into? He let go, stomping out of the room; only to stop at the door way. “…good luck, shittymatsu.” He hates working, but he’s going to win.

Love post #153

what can I say?

How do I even describe you?

Long walks in the park with my dog. Always making me look better because you were with me. A true friend that embraced my weirdness instead of pushing it away. Still there for me today. A face I saw at my best times and worst. And for that I am thankful. Loving someone isn’t always easy, unless it’s you….

Sherlock Character asks

Sherlock Holmes - My favourite movie, TV show and book

John Watson - A fictional character I’d like as a flatmate

Mycroft Holmes - My mbti type

Jim Moriarty - My favourite band.

Sebastian Moran - My Top 3 favourite albums

Molly Hooper - My Hogwarts House

Eurus Holmes- Do I want/have any tattoos?

Mary Morstan - Morning, Afternoon, Dusk, or night?

Greg Lestrade - My favourite superhero

Mike Stamford - Where I would like to live

Janine Hawkins - Do I have a celebrity crush?

Sarah Sawyer - Who is my all time favourite book, movie and TV show character?

Mrs Holmes - My favourite song lyric

Mr Holmes - What would I name my future kids?

Rosie Watson - How would I describe my ideal future?

Jim from IT - What is my current ringtone?

Richard Brook - A fictional character whose life I’d like to live

Philip Anderson - My 5 favourite celebrities

Irene Adler - Something I look forward to

Sally Donovan - Who would I like to see in concert?

Charles Augustus Magnussen - A random thing I’m interested in

Harry Watson - My current lockscreen

Culverton Smith - Optimist, realist or pessimist

Lady Smallwood - One thing I want to do someday

Meet the JSE community official prompt list!

Hey there friends! Earlier this week I made a little post brain dumping for a little activity the community can do!

As someone who has gone on to really talk to and connect with people on tumblr through meeting them within the community, it’s made me realise that people are SO much more than their avatars and screen names, and I really want to get to know you guys!!

So I’d like to start a meme similar to “Meet the Artist”, where I list a bunch of questions you have to answer, with some space for creativity in there if you want to illustrate it or make your list stylised and have that #aesthetic.

This will be open for as long as you guys want to do them, but at the end of the weekend, I’ll post a little collage of everyone’s submissions!!

To help me find them, please tag it #meetjsecommunity, @ me and spam my inbox because I am the WORST at finding these things. Also, if you could reblog this post to share it around so other people can find it and join in, that would be awesome!!!

So, here we have the official list! Please keep in mind, these are prompts, and you all have creative freedom to not answer these questions, or add your own!! Some of these questions have a focus on Jack, but I really want to focus on YOU guys and who YOU are so the majority are personal :)

1. Name, Age, Country? (I always like seeing country Cus it’s incredible how widespread the community is sometimes)
2. Appearance? (For all you artists you can draw some pictures of yourselves!!)
3. Hobbies?
4. What is your dream job?
5. What kind of shit would we find in your bag?
6. How would you describe your personality?
7. When did you find Jack’s channel?
8. Put in order your top 3 favourite Egos!
9. Favourite/ most nostalgic video/series of Jack’s to watch? (Multiple answers are fine, I know I’ll find it hard to answer)
10. Would you describe yourself as an active member or a quiet member of the community?
If you’re an active member, what is your favourite part of what you do? Do you write fanfiction? Fanart? Theories? Or do you just enjoy chatting with others?

Feel free to skip or add your own questions!! I’ve tried to make it so that these questions are easy to draw accompanying illustrations because I know how much you guys love to draw!!

Have fun guys! I can’t wait to get to know you all a bit better!

How Did We Get Here: Milwaukee

With my first ever experience seeing Jack in person, I really gotta say, for a first time for a tour, that was something that words will never be able to describe. I won’t spoil much but a lot of what he talked about with being the youngest in his family, I could really relate to. A lot of the (unfortunate) bad stuff, I really could relate to. And to me, that’s something I never thought I’d be able to do, not only relate to a 27-year-old man from Ireland, but someone I look up to and admire for their kindness and humble nature. No matter how much his channel (and paychecks) are growing, he’s never talked down to us or treated us as if he’s better than us. He is using is popularity and the (I know he doesn’t like calling it this but) fame he has to show us that we can’t let our heads get too big and turn into arrogant assholes and that we need to, lack of a better term, remember how we got here. And just the whole experience was something I would not only definitely see again, but go to any other tour or show he has in the future. Congratulations Jack, you made it through your first tour. Thank you for all that you do, have done, and will do in the future. We’re proud of you.

P.S. if you see this, why the hell did you choose the Midwest as your first tour place?

@therealjacksepticeye 👁💚👍

Witchcraft 101: Core concepts (energy work)

You’ve probably heard “energy work” mentioned, or at least one of the following terms: grounding, shielding, cleansing, raising, charging, visualising, casting. You’ll see these terms in spells and rituals as well as textbooks and theoretical discussions. There are other posts for theory; this post aims to give a rundown of multiple basic concepts of energy work to get you up and running. (Or at least, to help you understand other posts.) Bear in mind that much of this is personal opinion. Since everyone sees energy differently, in my “how-tos” I’ll refer to energy generally - fill in your own views. 

Also, in my methods, I mention “get comfortable” a lot - exactly what that means varies, depending on what I’m doing and wearing, but generally, stop fiddling with anything, and make sure you’re in a comfortable position, whatever the position is. You could be standing, sitting, lying down, moving, dancing - whatever, so long as you’re comfortable. 


What is visualisation?

I consider visualisation to be a core concept to energy work in general. Visualisation is, essentially, thought. It’s imagination and memory and emotions all rolled up into one. (This is heavy on personal opinion, by the way.) Visualisation is what makes your intent for a spell come to fruition; if you aren’t holding your intent (i.e. thinking about/visualising it) while casting it, you can’t expect your spell to work the way you intended it to. 

How do you visualise?

As mentioned above, everyone sees energy differently, and your way may not be the same as mine. My basic visualisation method can be seen in the way I do any time of energy work: I get comfortable, close my eyes and steady my breath, and I focus on feeling and “seeing” the energy around me (I view all energy as white, incidentally). Say I’m cleansing something, my first step is to hold the object, focus on how it feels (is it cold, smooth, rough?) and “see” it glowing with a white light (energy). Then I’ll move onto cleansing it (see below). 

Your method will be different, but you could start with this or look through other posts for ideas. 


What is grounding?

Grounding, basically, is all about ridding yourself of unwanted energy/getting your energy in balance. I kind of view it as a warm-up: you’re getting yourself in the right frame of mind and the right physical state before a workout (or spell). 

How do you ground yourself?

Everyone has their own techniques, and in time, you’ll develop yours. This is my routine:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing. 
  • As you exhale, imagine unwanted energy leaving your body.
  • As you inhale, imagine the energy you want and need pulling comfortably around you. 
  • Continue for as long as you like. 

Many people like to visualise different places, or contact with nature. Try different techniques and take what you like from them, and just go with what works for you. 


What is cleansing?

Cleansing is like setting a device back to factory settings, or washing the dishes so they can be used again. You cleanse something to rid it of any unwanted energies - kind of like grounding, but for something that isn’t you. You could cleanse spaces and objects, and it’s generally a good idea to cleanse any items you’ve used before as well as the space you’re using before beginning a spell. It’s also generally a good idea to cleanse anything you use for divination, like tarot cards and pendulums (but I totally don’t cleanse them as often as I should). You can use just visualisation, or you can use tools - water, salt, incense and sage are all pretty common tools for cleansing. 

How do you cleanse?

My method for objects that you can hold:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Hold the item and focus on how it feels - its shape, size, temperature, texture, and scent. 
  • While holding the item, now focus on how it looks (with or without opening your eyes) - its colour, decorations, the way the light falls/reflects on it.
  • Still holding the item, visualise energy glowing/pulsing around the object.
  • Still holding the item, visualise the energy flowing away from the object, leaving it without any glowing energy.
  • Continue until you feel like the object is cleansed. 

My method for a space, area, or room:

  • Clear the space you plan on using (physically - move unwanted objects out of the way, pick up any rubbish etc).
  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Mark the parameters of the space you’re going to use (this can be a whole room or just part of one - just mentally or physically figure out where the “ends” of your spell space are). I generally walk around the edges of my space.
  • Focus on how the space around you feels and looks - temperature, light, textures etc. 
  • Visualise energy glowing/pulsing within the boundaries of your space.
  • Visualise energy flowing away from the space - if you have a broom, you could sweep the area while visualising the energy moving away as you sweep. You could also use incense or herb bundles while visualising energy moving away from the smoke as you move through the space.
  • Continue until you feel like the space is cleansed.


What is warding?

Basically, warding is putting up a shield to stop anything unwanted interfering with your spell, tools, ingredients, intent, belongings, etc.. It’s like an antivirus on a device, or a lock on a door. You could put up wards around your spell space, your home, yourself, anything you own, other people (with their consent) - pretty much anything.  

How do you put up wards?

My method for putting up wards:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Mark the parameters of the space or thing you’re putting up wards around (this could be running your finger around a crystal, walking around an area, stretching your arms and legs out to mark the parameters of your body, etc.)
  • Focus on how the space or thing feels and looks - temperature, light, textures etc.
  • Visualise energy glowing/pulsing within the space or thing.
  • Visualise unwanted energy flowing away from the space - like with cleansing, you could use incense or a broom to aid your visualisation.
  • Visualise “walls” growing up, over and under the space or object. It’s important that the walls connect, and there aren’t any gaps (unless you want to visualise, say, a door that you can enter and leave from). 
  • Continue until you feel like the space or thing is warded.


What is raising energy?

Raising energy is like creating or compiling energy with a specific purpose (intent). Up until now, we’ve been looking at ways of using energy to prepare yourself, your environment and your tools for spells - raising energy is a bit different. The energy that we raise has a specific intent, and generally, we want to use that intent somehow - like in a spell. 

How do you raise energy?

There are so, so many different ways to raise energy - such as music, chanting, dancing, walking, laughing, exercising, and a whole bunch of others. You can also raise energy by visualisation alone - as I describe here.

My method for raising energy:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • If they aren’t already, position your hands so that your palms are open.
  • Focus on what you want to happen - your intent.
  • Visualise energy pulsing from your fingertips. The energy moves over your fingers and towards your palm, where it collects. As you do this, keep focusing on your intent.
  • Visualise the energy, now in your palm, growing larger and larger. As you do this, keep focusing on your intent.
  • Continue until you feel you have the energy you wanted, or for as long as you like. 

If you’re raising energy from, say, dancing, you might visualise the energy coming from your feet or body instead - I adapt this depending on the activity, but I always like to have a way to “gather” energy in one area. This could be your whole spell area, or it could be an area like the palm of your hand - whatever works for you and the activity. 


What is charging?

Charging is drawing on energy from elsewhere and putting it into an object to give that object intent. Think charging your phone, or laptop. You can also take energy you’ve raised and put it into an object - the energy can come from anywhere. People often have specific correspondences for different sources, however - so think about the source of the energy if you aren’t raising it yourself. 

How do you charge something?

Like with raising energy, there are entirely too many methods to list here. Some examples include leaving objects in sunlight or moonlight and bathing it in water or fire. You can pretty much do anything, so don’t be afraid to experiment. If you’re raising energy, you can just put it straight into the object (see the method below). If you’re charging something without raising energy yourself, then you can skip this and consider it charged after as much or as little time as you think works. 

My method for charging objects:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Visualise the energy, now in your palm, growing larger and larger. (This is the energy collected by raising energy, with a specific intent.)
  • Hold the object you want to charge (with one hand if you visualised the energy going to one palm, or with both hands if you visualised the energy going to both palms) and visualise the energy flowing into the object from your palm(s). Continue focusing on your intent as you do this. 
  • Continue until you feel that all the energy you raised is now in the object, or for as long as you like. 

Once you’ve charged an object, you can leave it indefinitely and use it in a later spell (though if you’re forgetful like me, you might want to put a post-it near it reminding you what you’re using it for).


What is casting?

Casting is guiding your energy towards the outcome you want. For me, this is the most important part of any spell - this is when you put all that work into making shit happen. So it’s important to be very, very specific. Don’t just focus on needing a job. Focus on finding a job that is right for you, will help you meet your professional goals (you can be specific about the goals, too) and will meet your needs (availability, hours, pay, travel time, benefits etc.), and finding that job at a time that suits you. This is also where you can really have fun with visualising! 

How do you cast?

My method for casting:

  • Get comfortable.
  • Close your eyes and focus on your breathing.
  • Hold the object(s) you’ve charged, or your spell (if it’s a tangible thing, like spell bags, candles, food etc.).
  • Visualise the situation you want to happen. As described, be specific. If you’re looking for a job, you could visualise a “you’re hired” email, dated at some point that suits you, with the above information that suits you - the hours you want, the pay you want, etc. Morph that situation into your first day, meeting friendly and efficient coworkers and management, then six months or a year into your new job. Visualise yourself feeling productive, happy, and relaxed. Visualise yourself at a review, hearing that you’re doing well and you’ve made great progress.
  • Now visualise the energy in your spell moving “towards” that situation. (I like to “keep” the situation in one part of my spell space, usually in the air in front of me, so I can “see” the energy from the spell I’m holding moving towards it. 
  • Continue until you feel that all the energy from your spell has “made it” to the situation, or for as long as you like.  

Bringing it all together

So, this looks like quite a lot. I promise it’s easier in practice, especially once you’ve done it a few times. Also, remember that this is a post that largely focuses on visualisation - you can minimise effort by charging objects in light or water (aka leaving them on a windowsill for a few hours) instead of by using visualisation to raise power and charge them. 

In practice, a routine for a spell might look like:

  • Ground yourself.
  • Cleanse your space, and any tools or ingredients you’re going to use.
  • Put up wards.
  • Raise power (you could raise power individually for individual ingredients, or all at once for all your ingredients).
  • Charge your ingredients (either individually, or all at once). 
  • Cast your spell. 

Personally, I can do the first 3 in about 5-10 minutes altogether. The last three are more time-consuming, and could take 5-10 minutes each, per item. So a quick, simple spell with no ingredients could be cast in 15 minutes (I would just skip charging and put the raised energy straight to casting). Let’s take an example of a kitchen spell, making soup:

  • Ground self.
  • Cleanse space, tools, ingredients.
  • Put up wards around the kitchen.
  • Raise power while doing food prep.
  • Put ingredients in pot.
  • Charge ingredients through stirring - energy goes into the soup through the wooden spoon.
  • Leave to simmer and continue charging.
  • Cast spell by eating. 

When I do kitchen magic, I’m already doing most of this just by cooking. I just add more visualisation in, and put some thought into the ingredients, and I have a spell! 

I hope this helps! You might find my other posts helpful:


(i’m doing their first and last SOLO lines, bc then over half of the firsts are “four jews in a room bitching” and the lasts are “and godchild to the lesbians from next door!”)

F: “Bitching!”
L: “…my friend.”

F: “Bitching!”
L: (alive!) “To Jason’s bar mitzvah!” OR “Thank you.”
(dead!) “There are no answers but what would I do?”

F: “Bitching!”
L: “Vie-eme-low yea-o-leh. Heh-oh-non vi-low. Ah-yis-is-ooh ay-is-ro-ale Ha-ooh low toe vo-o-meem aboh” (got the pronunciation off genius bc i’m not jewish and don’t know any hebrew so sorry!)

F: “Whadda they do for love?”
L: “This is where we take a stand. Welcome to Falsettoland.”

F: “Slavery! SLAVERY!”
L: “And aren’t things lovely?”

F: “Woman internist”
L: “I think perhaps I’m overdressed.”

L: “I think perhaps it doesn’t matter that you are.”


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So everyone knows by now that I established a trade system with Creed very early into our relationship, mostly because I had a resource guarder who would genuinely fuck me up if I so much as touched something he considered his and decided I didn’t feel like dealing with it in a dog I could raise from puppyhood.

Creed really likes to trade. He has always had a very keen awareness of what is and isn’t fair, and the exact values of things (to him, anyway). As a result- yes, I can trade him a half-eaten squirrel carcass he found in the woods for a piece of macaroni, but I also can’t convince him that that’s a fair trade or that the dry noodle is valuable. He will trade because he is used to bringing me things and getting something for it, not because he actually wants the dry macaroni (which he will just spit out, presumably because he does not want the noodle).

Creed has also learned that I do not share my food. With dogs, with humans, nada. I am a resource guarder myself and anyone trying to take my food will be chased away with a lot of grumping from me. My food is very valuable to me and there is very little I will relinquish my food for. And thus we have the following situation:

I am eating my dinner. Creed would like me to share my dinner, but knows that begging is not tolerated and stealing is a very unwise decision. Creed, however, has his own currency system with trades, and so goes to his toybox and digs in it until he finds his The Favorite ™ toys, which he lays in a row. He will then spend some time deliberating which toy to offer me of this row, occasionally picking one up and setting it down to choose a different one, until he makes his selection and effectively drops it onto my dinner plate. He has occasionally picked up a toy, been halfway to me with it before skidding to a halt, turning on a dime, and running back to grab a different toy.

A friend was very amused to watch him perform this behavior where he demonstrated a rather complex understanding of how item value, trades, and how to turn communication methods I’ve taught him back to me. She then asked me a question that I have yet to truly figure out the answer for: are the discarded The Favorite ™ toys in this scenario too valuable and not worth it to him to trade for, or does he feel they aren’t valuable enough for me to consider giving up my dinner (spoilers: none of them are valuable enough for me)? Does he realize mid-stride that he has his values off and needs to change his selection?

stuck in trauma and it’s got me singing

mingyu + trauma

Writer things

- were street lamps invented in ww2????

- how much does an arm cost tho

- Everyone is nodded. All the heads are nodding in this conversation

- wait no it was raining wasn’t it *looks back ten pages* yeah okay why did i do that

- It’s still night right?

- It’s been night for like 30 years at this point

- what’s that guy’s name again? I should know this these are my babies

- I have no idea how you guys are going to get out of this alive so figure it out kids

- *googles* how to travel across Europe during the middle ages

- effects of the bubonic plague???

- shoot, comas don’t work like I want them to. I need a convenient coma

- Everyone has the ability to quirk one eyebrow why is this

- how smart are rats

- I think they’ve sighed like 30 times now

- how do i describe what its like to run a mile I’ve never done that in my life

- Im sure its just like super hard

- No one cares about the weather stop

- i just wrote twenty pages in two hours why cant i do this in school

- everyone smirks too much but what else do i say its not a smile its too sad for that

- and now everyone is just ‘smiling sadly’.

- chuckled sounds like santa clause but laugh is too much but snickered is evil but giggled is too bubbly…

- what is the purpose of a rubber duck

- no, don’t make references this is a serious piece of literature

- “now if I reverse the polarity of the neutron flow”

- okay i need tea and music and oh wow look at that someone liked my tumblr post…

Cracker Jacks and kiss cams

Summary: A story in which Bucky Barnes is very smitten, there’s a baseball game between the New York Mets and the Chicago Cubs, and Cracker Jacks are consumed.

Prompt: “I never thought you’d break my heart”
Characters: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Warnings: None. A bit of language maybe, but this is all just sappy fluff. 

A/N: This is my submission for @just-some-drabbles​ Rom-Com writing challenge, thanks for letting me join last minute and congratulations on reaching 4k! This story came about because I really love baseball, I really love the Chicago Cubs, and I really love Bucky Barnes, so all in all, it felt like a win-win.


(Bucky, opening Google search)

“how do you know if a woman is interested”
“when do you know if a woman wants to kiss you”
“how to tell a woman you love her without saying it”
“why do I suck at talking to her”
“oh my god why can’t I just ask her out” 

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Get rid of your dialogue tags, not just “said”.

I see everywhere, “don’t use ‘said’ use _____!”, “100 words to use instead of ‘said’!”, etc. This needs to stop. First of all, do you know why “said” is used so often? Because it’s easy to ignore, when you’re reading at 300 words per minute, skipping over “said” is a lot easier than “inquired” or “demanded” or any other annoying verb.

I’m not saying you should use “said”, I’m saying you shouldn’t use any of it.

One argument against “said” is that it doesn’t give details about the speakers state of mind. 

“Good morning.” A said.

“Good morning.” B said.

“Good morning.” C said.

But tell me, do you honestly think this is better?

“Good morning.” A yelled.

“Good morning.” B shuddered.

“Good morning” C muttered. 

All of these can be misunderstood, is A angry? Is A deaf? Is B cold? Is B afraid of A?

Don’t get me started on adverbs. No. Is this better?

“Good morning.” A yelled angrily.

“Good morning.” B shuddered fearfully.

“Good morning.” C muttered distractedly.

It all sounds abhorrent! All three of the above examples don’t follow the Show, Don’t Tell. Don’t tell your readers characters emotions, show them through actions and imagery. 

A had a nasty scowl on his face, his eyes glazed over with fury. “Good morning.” His roar echoed through the room, shaking with wrath.

B flinched. His eyes were wide, like a deer caught in headlights. He meekly opened his mouth, “Good morning” his voice had a nervous tremor and his eyes were glued to the floor. 

C was flipping through his phone, not aware of the tension in the room. “Good morning.” His eyes never wavered from the screen, displaying much more interesting things. 

Of course there are exceptions. There are always exceptions, but next time you find yourself using said, don’t replace it with a longer, fancier word. Describe the character, how do they look when they’re saying it? How do they sound? What are they doing? Are they saying or doing anything plot relevant? No? Make them. There’s nothing I hate more than small talk in literature, if they’re not talking about something important, make them do something important. 

One time I saw a post here on tumblr where someone said that every bisexual they’ve ever met does finger-guns and as I truly contemplated that statement, reflecting on myself, I thought “I don’t do finger guns…” then, yesterday, I was washing my hands in the bathroom, thinking about I don’t even know what and I realized that I do the noise that goes with finger guns.  I froze, looked up at myself in the mirror and realized I do use finger guns except I only do one and I felt oddly validated in my sexuality. the end.