how do i delete all these feels

this is a terrible post stop reblogging it. also I’m sorry on behalf of it.

edit: to all of those saying why don’t i just delete this post:

after posting this I realized many things, things like the background of the photo and what’s really going on.

so a couple of years back snooki and the gang went out for a couple of drinks and this asshole was taking their drinks. after confronted once he denied their accusations, but was caught doing it again and snooki decided she had enough of him. she told him to stop and the guy proceeded to punch her (as seen in the photo)

now as to why i left this post up. so after all that’s happened since this was posted I realized I did something shitty. i would very much leave this post up so i can face the consequences of it rather than deleting it and pretending it never happened. i feel bad for thinking this was acceptable in any way and realized how traumatic this must of been for her and for me to make it into some “relatable meme” was a dick thing to do.

to all who were hurt by this because of the harassment, assault and just everyone who saw this on general. I really am sorry.

5 things I did that improved my mental health in the last 1 year

1. I realized my worth. It was so hard because it meant letting go of those who didn’t. And those were the people that I loved. It hurt so bad. When the ropes that tied them to me were cut, I got cut too. I bled. It hurt. But then those wounds healed like wounds always do. And Now? I am free.

2. I started taking care of myself and that involved going back to the things I learned as a child. Brush your teeth. Take a shower. Sleep on time. Sleep enough. Drink loads of water. Walk. Let your skin shower in sunlight. I keep a habit tracker. It’s simple. It lets me be conscious of my daily needs and whether or not I am fulfilling them.

3. I learned that you don’t always have to respond. To what people say, to that person texting you after 8 months of complete silence, to negative comments, to accusations. It doesn’t make you a coward. Not in the least. What it really does is, is let you be at peace. But the hard part? I also learned that you don’t always have to respond to ‘I love you’ either.

4. I learned to not be extreme. Yes I don’t want to do anything with them. But do I need to burn their letters? Delete all pictures? Even when I’m not sure how that will make me feel in the long run? No. I learned to store it all away in a place I wouldn’t touch until I wanted to. It’s been a year. I haven’t once touched.

It works for all aspects of life. Had a bad day at work? Do you just yell and quit? No. Have 100 bad days at work where they don’t respect you but still continue to be silent and work? No any extreme isn’t good.

5. Food is important. So important. They just don’t say ‘you are what you eat’ to sound silly. Food is literally you putting something in yourself. You gotta be more mindful of what, when and how much you’re putting in. Don’t restrict yourself. But don’t not monitor yourself either.

EDIT II: This post has been going around as definite proof that the Cult Ending is fact, and the real way the game works. As such, I’ve been accused of spreading misinformation, to a degree that I’ve been getting extremely toxic and damaging messages.

I want to clarify at this point, this post was made as a vent, back when the data-mine of the Cult End was beginning, and we first got the info that it was a file in the game. The Data-Mine is pretty much finished now, at this point; nothing new to find. And it’s revealed that, while the ending is in a playable state, no coding in the game actually makes it possible to play it. There’s no outcome you can get to trigger this end.

No one is sure if this is a cut ending, future DLC, or if it’s a bug messing up the coding trigger. All we know is we found it, and I made a post too hasty in assumption. I made it when we still thought it was possible to achieve.

So please. Take this with a grain of salt. I don’t want to delete this post, as I feel like it would give the bad impression that I simply wanted to spread fire, with no care for repercussions. But I do want people to know I’ve learned now.

I’m sorry to everyone that I deceived with this. It wasn’t my intention at all, but execution doesn’t always pan out like we hope.

EDIT III: Good god, how often am I going to be updating this post.

Well, we have verification the ending isn’t as scrapped as we thought it was.

An update patch for Dream Daddy to fix bugs and add Robert’s Whittling minigame also secretly updated the coding of the Cult Ending. This info was found VIA data-mining the Level18 files as they were before and after.

The updated files include more trigger codings, and has added the achievement trigger for what we presume is “Escape the Margarita Zone,” as it is listed as “ACHIEVEMENT_SECRET.”

While it doesn’t necessarily mean the ending is definitely going to be playable in the future, it does make the ending’s chances of becoming a possible canon that much more of a reality.

Man. The reveal of what Joseph actually is both amazes and horrifies me further than what we’ve seen.

Okay, so data-mining revealed that Joseph does have a good ending, but it’s not much different from the bad. He still remains with Mary, but he takes you in as a side-man (AKA, he stays with you to continue an affair on Mary.) It’s not very good either, so I won’t be surprised to see people voice disappointment when they get it.

HOWEVER, data-mining found something even worse in the code. And that is Joseph has a third ending, a secret ending, and potentially, the TRUE ending of not only his route, but the game entirely. This ending has been dubbed “cult ending.”

This ending ended up revealing that Joseph is not at all what he seems. He’s not a man living a broken marriage, forcing himself to stay with an alcoholic and cheating wife to have some semblance of a family life with his kids. No, this family he’s created is simply a facade to hide who he is.

Joseph isn’t human. He some sort of demonic entity that has an ulterior motive. His children aren’t truly his children in the sense that you’d assume, they’re more like broken portions of himself, inhabiting child-like forms. And Mary is a woman who was forced to play a role to paint a picture, an illusion. Something she can’t escape from, because Joseph literally has her wrapped around his finger.

Joseph also is a leader of a cult (Obviously, given the fact that this ending is dubbed “cult end.”) I’m not too knowledgeable about the cult, but apparently it’s a front to rituals and the like. We know Robert was, at one point, a part of the cult, but isn’t any longer.

And finally, we know Joseph is drawing forth energy from other single dads, possibly both sexually and ritualistically, to bring the “Eternal King” back to life. He specifically needs the energy from single dads, and with some sort of dark magic, he lures them to his part of town for ease of access. He also is responsible for causing the events of them all being single. Every single dad, he influenced their destinies to fuel his own ambitions.

And once you find this out, you start noticing shit everywhere! There’s symbols of his cult in practically every part of town. Certain behaviors give an odd feeling. It’s just… it’s shocking to go back in to see this.

The cult end finishes with a man name Saul Graves coming to speak to you, and telling you to try and live your life normally. I’m not sure the entirety of the end, I guess it implies Joseph is on the run now? I don’t know, if anyone can clarify it, let me know.

Now, this was a beyond shocking twist to a lot of people. Especially since the game is so comedic, and the other routes, while they may have poignant moments, it’s nothing completely horrifying. I know I certainly was beyond stunned to discover this, but I honestly had a feeling something would happen like this. Though I wasn’t expecting it to actually be Joseph’s route to cause this; I thought it would’ve been a route where you don’t date any dads!

And I know that there’s some speculation that the “cult end” isn’t truly canon (As in, Joseph isn’t actually in a cult or is a demon, it’s just there for intrigue) and is just a dream end. But the fact you start noticing shit after experiencing the end, imagery and encounters, it just… I really can’t see this as being nothing but the truth. Even if you don’t get the ending where you find out what Joseph truly is, he’s still a demonic entity with dark motives, influencing the town and its people to his goals.

And then there’s something that’s honestly quite saddening to think. It’s because of the fact that, even if you don’t get the cult end, it doesn’t change what Joseph is. He’s using single dads’ energy to summon his King to the world. He SPECIFICALLY needs single dads. He has caused all of the other dads to lose their significant other to further his goals, from divorce to death. He’s the reason they’re single in the first place.

Because of this, you pairing up with a dad doesn’t give me a good feeling. Because he needs the dads to be single to draw their energy. And he doesn’t care about “true love” or “good ends.” He’ll tear you apart to forward his goals.

Joseph doesn’t care if Craig’s ending was the cutest thing anyone’s experienced. Joseph doesn’t care if you truly have a connection to Mat.

He needs you two to be single to feed off of you both. And he knows how to break you two apart without anyone ever expecting a thing.

Basically, the reveal of what Joseph is makes me look in fear at all of the other dads, look in fear of their good ends. Because even if it’s a happy end we experienced in what we saw, it implies it’s not meant to last. Down the road, we’ll either be broken up by Joseph’s influences, or he’ll influence one of our’s deaths.

And we won’t think anything odd about it. We’ll just think it didn’t work out, or that life is a cruel mistress.

This is so sinister, like I both love it for the intrigue, but hate it because I genuinely wanted cute moments, and now knowing what Joseph is, I can’t see them as cute anymore. I can’t see myself being happy with any of the Dad’s routes, because there’s that looming thought that it’ll just end in sadness again.

Fucking christ. I didn’t sign up for Dream Daddy to be this dark.

EDIT: This post really blew up, to the point that people are wondering if I’m making shit up due to lack of sources. I wasn’t intending this to get big, it was a vent/personal post, with at most some theories on implications that I thought would get lost to the various other posts people make. I made a reblog showing links that give more info, but for future people that find the post, here are various links on the info we have on the route.

Here’s some images found that pertain to this ending.

Here’s a transcript of how the route goes, from people descrambling the code. Also contains some more images.

Better quality textures of “Cultist Joseph.”

And finally, here’s how people did the data-mine.

5 things I did that improved my mental health in the last 1 year

1. I realized my worth. It was so hard because it meant letting go of those who didn’t. And those were the people that I loved. It hurt so bad. When the ropes that tied them to me were cut, I got cut too. I bled. It hurt. But then those wounds healed like they always do. And Now? I am free.

2. I started taking care of myself and that involved going back to the things I learned as a child. Brush your teeth. Take a shower. Sleep on time. Sleep enough. Drink loads of water. Walk. Let your skin shower in sunlight. I keep a habit tracker. It’s simple. It lets me be conscious of my daily needs and whether or not I am fulfilling them.

3. I learned that you don’t always have to respond. To what people say, to that person texting you after 8 months of complete silence, to negative comments, to accusations. It doesn’t make you a coward. Not in the least. What it really does is, is let you be at peace. But the hard part? I also learned that you don’t always have to respond to ‘I love you’ either.

4. I learned to not be extreme. Yes I don’t want to do anything with them. But do I need to burn their letters? Delete all pictures? Even when I’m not sure how that will make me feel in the long run? No. I learned to store it all away in a place I wouldn’t touch until I wanted to. It’s been a year. I haven’t once touched.

It works for all aspects of life. Had a bad day at work? Do you just yell and quit? No. Have 100 bad days at work where they don’t respect you but still continue to be silent and work? No any extreme isn’t good.

5. Food is important. So important. They just don’t say 'you are what you eat’ to sound silly. Food is literally you putting something in yourself. You gotta be more mindful of what, when and how much you’re putting in. Don’t restrict yourself. But don’t not monitor yourself either.

so i pretend like it doesn’t hurt
i pretend like i’m okay without you
what i haven’t told you is that i can’t delete our pictures, i can’t get your smile out of my head, i can’t think of you without losing my breath and i can’t listen to frank ocean without wondering if you’re listening to him too
do you think about me?
was it easy to let all of it go?
everyone has a choice and my choice was you
i don’t know how to let everything go the way that you did
i wanted to melt with you
i wanted to run away without ever leaving our homes with you
i wanted to come home after a long day and feel like i had everything because i had you
i waited three years to be the girl you kissed goodnight
three years to be the girl you never stopped thinking about
while you took 3 weeks to let me go
—  excuse me while i wait another three years to forget you
Thoughts on The Emoji Movie

           It came as no surprise to me, or anyone else, that The Emoji Movie was a disastrous train-wreck of a movie with no redeeming qualities whatsoever. From the moment it was announced, The Emoji Movie was a joke, little more than a punchline of what corporate Hollywood would make just to pander to a younger audience. Yet, by creating the shoddy garbage pile of a “film” (I use this term sparingly) that is The Emoji Movie, Hollywood has done something incredible—they have killed art.


           The “plot” of The Emoji Movie is one that has been presented countless times before: a misfit must leave home to change himself but learns along his adventure that his true value lies in his uniqueness. In this iteration of the “finding yourself” story the hero is Gene, a socially-outcast “meh” emoji who is terrible at what he does—he has all sorts of “non-meh” feelings that he simply can’t contain. On his first day of work, he is called upon from his emoji station to be used, but he freaks out at the last minute and causes a glitch in the sending of the emoji, leading to Alex (the phone’s user) embarrassing himself in front of the girl he likes. Because of this, the smiling emoji, Smiler, who is the “big status quo boss lady” decides to kill him. Gene, however, runs away from the antivirus software and hides in the “loser emoji” section of Textopolis (the city where all the emojis live together). There he meets Hi-5, who was once a famous and well-liked emoji who got to stay in the “favorites” section of Alex’s phone, but hasn’t been used in weeks and now seeks to regain his lost fame.

           In order to reprogram Gene’s malfunction and get Hi-5 back into the favorites section, the pair leave Textopolis and go to a piracy app that Alex, a fifteen-year-old boy, has on his phone for some reason. Gene’s parents then leave after him to try and find him and Smiler sends her antivirus robot soldiers outside Textopolis to apprehend Gene. Meanwhile, in a story beat stolen straight from Wreck-It Ralph and The Lego Movie, they meet Jailbreak, a hacker emoji who serves as the purple-haired punk love interest for the movie. Jailbreak refuses to help them at first, but when she sees Gene’s ability to express multiple faces, she agrees to work together to get to “the source code” in “the cloud.” Then, the antivirus robots appear in the piracy app, (despite the fact that they were given orders to follow Gene’s parents, who are nowhere in sight) and the hero trio escape through a tunnel to Candy Crush where Gene gets trapped and they have to play the game to help him escape. This scene has absolutely no bearing on the rest of the film and is only an overblown advertisement for a phone app, which one will likely notice as a reoccurring theme in this movie.

           After escaping Candy Crush, they take a tunnel to Dance Now (available now in the app store) and they have to play the game because Hi-5 pushed a button for some reason. Here they reveal that Jailbreak can’t dance, and the dramatic stakes are heightened, except they aren’t because Gene teaches her how and then they do the “Emoji Bop” together in what I assume is supposed to be a display of self-love. But oh no! The antivirus robots show up again somehow, so our trio has to escape fast, or risk being deleted. Then, because his phone is playing Dance Now music during class, Alex deletes the app, and Hi-5 fails to escape, sending him to “the trash.”

           Naturally, because of the friendship that the three characters have cultivated together after knowing each other for two hours, Jailbreak and Gene decide to use Spotify to travel to the trash and rescue their companion. Meanwhile, Gene’s “meh” parents have had a falling out because each one blames the other for their son malfunctioning. It’s ok though, because they meet in an Instagram photo and Gene’s dad reveals that he malfunctions too, so naturally they make it all up it each other Alex also decides to delete his entire phone because it sent the wrong emoji one time and made noises on its own. Gene and Jailbreak then save Hi-5 from the trash and they’re chased by a bigger, badder antivirus that follows them until they get to Dropbox, where it can’t get them for some reason.

           They then have to upload themselves to the cloud, and each character uses their own talents to get past the firewall. At this point the movie realizes it makes no sense and in a series of nonsensical rapid-fire events proceed as follows: Gene professes his love to Jailbreak, who it turns out is actually a princess emoji, Jailbreak denies him because of a throwaway line earlier in the movie about her being an empowered woman, the antivirus appears somehow and takes Gene back to Textopolis so he can die in front of the other emojis, Jailbreak and Hi-5 fly back on the Twitter bird to rescue him, Alex begins to delete his phone but chooses not to when Gene sends himself to Addie and she responds with “that was a cool emoji” (verbatim), Smiler is crushed by a giant robot, the emojis have a dance party, and everyone lives happily ever after.

           Watching the shoddy piece of work The Emoji Movie calls a story, I felt my head spinning with questions—not just regarding the plot holes and contrivances, but to the world itself. How do emojis reproduce? If emojis age in years, as is stated in the movie, how could any emoji be older than the amount of time Alex has had his phone? What if an emoji isn’t at the station when it is called upon? How does time flow in the phone as opposed to outside of it? Are all the emojis that marry the same emojis incestuous? Why do some emojis have names like “Gene” while others are simply called by their appearances, like Hi-5? Why is the Christmas tree shown in public in the first scene but then shown in the loser lounge two scenes later? How do the emojis know the history of their app? Why do actions in some apps affect Alex’s phone while actions in other apps do not? How to the antiviruses find Gene and his crew over and over again? Why didn’t Smiler send any antiviruses after Jailbreak when she first left Textopolis? Why does Alex try to delete his phone after sending one incorrect emoji and having it make noise in class twice? How does the illegal antivirus get into Dropbox? How did Smiler get the illegal antivirus? Why did Smiler feel the need to kill Gene in front of the other emoji? Why did Smiler feel a need to kill Gene in the first place? Why does the girl on the Dance Now app ignore jailbreak messing up after the second time? How do all the emojis come back from deletion? If the trash is emptied out daily why is an email from weeks ago still in there? And, most importantly, why did I choose to watch this movie. The Emoji Movie does not answer these question, because it doesn’t care.

           The Emoji Movie doesn’t care about its story, its congruity, or the specifics of its world, because none of it matters. The story beats, directly stolen from other, better, movies, are still in place, and none of the specifics beyond set up for this formulaic and unoriginal wholesale feel-good message have any relevance to the story. The pink-haired rogue stolen straight from The Lego Movie has no personality beyond what the plot demands, and the same can be said for almost any of the other characters. Gene, or, discount Wreck-It Ralph, has the defining personality trait of “feeling things” and his story arc leads to him “feeling more things” and Hi-5’s slightly more defined emotional journey leads from him wanting fame to wanting friends. All the other characters in the story are even less one-dimensional, somehow, with personality traits that are all literally written into their very names and appearances.

           But ultimately, these characters are simply set pieces. There is no investment in the world of the emojis, no feeling when the entire phone is deleted. Half the scenes in the movie are just cash cow product placement filler, and it becomes clear when one realizes halfway through the movie that none of the adventures they have seem to matter, even within the context of their own story. When the characters themselves seem to realize that their journey is pointless, it becomes impossible for an audience to care about or interact meaningfully with the film that they’re viewing, and the best that any viewer can conjure is a “meh.”


           The story of The Emoji Movie is a clear cash grab, and rivetingly unengaging in its poor execution, but more lies beneath the surface. The morals that The Emoji Movie tries to impart to its audience are well-intentioned (as any moral is), but also inherently flawed, and violently mangled in every scene where they are introduced. Indeed, the heaping dumpster fire of a film that titles itself The Emoji Movie exists on multiple levels of terribleness, not using poor storytelling techniques, but imparting poor morals through these techniques as well. It often contradicts itself, falling flat on its face and hopelessly bumbling between individualistic self-love and a quite utilitarian doctrine—almost impressive.

           The Emoji Movie has all the markings of a summer Hollywood “live your true self” movie at its beginning. The main character has a specific, boring role that he is expected to serve unquestioningly, and is made a pariah for breaking from this role. His sidekick also rebels against the system in his own right, trying to cheat his way back into a position of power. By focusing on these two, the story accentuates the flaws with the emoji system and how it emotionally damages those who are forced to suffer under it. Even the villain, Smiler, is affected in her own right—he constant need to maintain happiness seems to have driven her to a place of near insanity. In the opening monologue (a completely different problem), Gene points this out this flaw to the audience by noting how the laughing and crying emojis can never break their character and the viewers begin to see the thriving city of Textopolis as a flawed dystopia. However, after the first scene, little attention is given to these flaws, instead focusing on Smiler herself as a villain. The plight of the “loser emojis” (emojis that don’t ever get used) is also fantastically mishandled. They are only seen twice in the movie and the second time is in a post credit scene where they remain in their basement, unaffected by the event of the entire movie. After sitting through an entire movie with the message that we should be ourselves instead of acting how society tells us to, we see that by nature, some people will (or must) always be excluded from the metaphorical “emoji dance party” for being themselves. The “self” that The Emoji Movie pushes is not just a best self, but also a “most useful” self.

           This is expanded upon in Gene’s journey, where he goes from being a hyperactive “meh” emoji to (briefly) being a good “meh” emoji to finally learning to use his true power as a multi-faceted expression emoji. In the stages before he discovered his true potential, Gene was outcast by his peers—and any viewer could argue that this was rightfully so. Gene broke the emoji picking device and injured dozens of emojis in the process of his one mistake and possibly endangered the safety of the entire phone. Gene then realizes his mistake and goes off to “fix” himself, only to come back stronger and more useful than ever. As is the case in many stories, Gene is accepted only after his usefulness becomes apparent, and the villain is revealed as a bloodthirsty authoritarian rather than the level-headed leader the denizens of Textopolis cited her as being. All is forgiven for Gene and the emojis are given a world where they can serve their own purpose to society, whatever that purpose might be.

           Utilitarian theory is nothing new, and it has both its merits and its flaws, but the type of utilitarianism presented in The Emoji Movie is inherently flawed, as it places Gene’s happiness above the well-being of the collective for the majority of the movie. The ending in itself is also serves as a perfect propaganda point for the utilitarian theory that it begins to uphold later on. Gene obtains happiness when he is most useful to the group collective—and thus, happiness becomes associated with utility to the group. Instead of positing that happiness can be found through the self, or that the self can and should be used to help others, The Emoji Movie combines the two, raising the idea that true bliss can only be achieved when your “self” is given to others.

           Ultimately, this idea is an idea that I disagree with. Whether or not you choose to side with me is up to you, but, speaking objectively, the romanticizing of self-sacrifice is an idea that has tangible harm on audiences who are fed it without question. Modern Japan, for instance, continued to have problems with high suicide rates due to the presentation of hara-kiri, or suicide by sword as “altruistic” in many historical texts (Suicide in 20th Century Japan, 150). This is not to say that using one’s self to assist others is harmful—good deeds are the basis of a functioning society—it is simply to note that the mixed messages that The Emoji Movie gives point towards both complete discovery and complete subjugation of the self in an unhealthy and shoddy portrayal of a moral that has always been cliched at best.

           The Emoji Movie also makes the mistake of attempting to tackle “women’s issues,” despite not even passing the Bechdel Test. Throughout the movie, Jailbreak’s primary motivator is that she wants to be free to express herself however she wants, which she will obtain by reaching the cloud. The movie attempts to attach this to womanhood by attaching this to Jailbreak wanting to escape the oppressive strictures of heteropatriarchal femininity—except, in the finale, she is framed as being in the wrong for not reciprocating Gene’s feelings for her. Not just this, but the day is saved by her using her femininity and consenting to be with Gene, despite her feelings on the matter never being brought up for discussion. Despite the single throwaway line about “men getting credit for women’s work” The Emoji Movie is not pro-woman, and could easily be interpreted as the opposite of that. It defines traditional femininity as being the most useful aspect of a woman to a society and inherently ties all its female characters to something within that stricture, pushing its heteropatriarchal utilitarianist propaganda points deep into the dirt as it tries the make the point that “sensitive guys are cool too.” This is not to say that women who embrace their traditional femininity are by any means being women incorrectly—The Emoji Movie just happens to portray its women poorly, using them always as tools for the man-driven plot and never fleshing them out as characters.

           Tony Leondis offered his own interpretation of The Emoji Movie’s story, calling it a “coming-out story” which is significant, as Leondis is both the director of the movie and a gay man. If one looks from a distance and squints, the similarities between The Emoji Movie and a coming-out story can become visible. Gene is outcast for his “malfunction” as many gay teens will be. The butchering that follows this plot point is incredibly poorly done, and leads to something to utterly offensive and heterosexual to be called a “coming-out story.” First and foremost, a “coming-out story” needs to reach the very low bar of deviating from traditional heterosexuality in its story’s romantic subplots, somehow. This seems to go without saying, but the team of The Emoji Movie conveniently forgot this, instead tripling down on the action and giving the audience three heterosexual romantic subplots, those being the ones between Alex and Addie, Gene and Jailbreak, and Gene’s Mother and Father. None of these deviate at all from a traditional heterosexual romantic story, and, if anything, Gene and Jailbreak’s story enforces obligatory heterosexuality instead of contradicting it. Not only that, but the farther one goes into the plot, the less a coming out story makes sense. When Gene’s father reveals that he has the same malfunction, is he being implied to be the emoji version of “gay?” In a better movie, this could have been used as a tool to foster an emotional connection between Gene and his father, but The Emoji Movie is not that better movie, so this plot point is essentially forget after it becomes irrelevant. In the finale, Gene actually watches his parents get “erased” and can’t break out any expression except a “meh,” which is telling of how well the emoji movie establishes connections between its characters.

           The themes explored in The Emoji Movie are explore poorly at best, and offensively at worst, often taking a back seat to the far more important message of the film—the advertisements. Ultimately, the reason that The Emoji Movie does such a terrible job with its ideas is that these ideas are only borrowed plot points, there to mask the movie for what it really is—a massive commercial for phone apps. The true message of The Emoji Movie isn’t “be yourself” or even “make yourself useful” it’s “buy our product,” and everything beyond this is simply pointless fluff.


           It’s no secret that The Emoji Movie was a corporatist cash-grab, but it was astounding to see just how deeply that had sunk into the movie itself. The entire story is product placement after product placement, a journey to Dropbox, through Candy Crush and Dance Now,  so unabashed in its capitalism that it made me question the film industry as a whole. Where do we draw the line between business and art? At what point do we leave all hope of creativity behind and choose to instead sink into shameless cash grabs and commercials like The Emoji Movie? Then I realized, with a sinking feeling in my gut, that The Emoji Movie had indeed killed art.

           On its first day, The Emoji Movie made ten million dollars in box office sales—a fifth of what it cost to produce. Despite withering reviews and constant scorn from the demographics it seemed to be targeting, The Emoji Movie will chuckle through its entire life as a movie, because it played us all. This movie is a Frankenstein’s monster created by Hollywood, a mishmash of everything that makes money crammed into one pandering mess of a film, and I’m sure it knows this. I’m sure it knows that it looks like a dumb, out of touch, unwatchable pile of garbage, but I’m also sure that it doesn’t care about this, because it’s found a way to make money without even trying.

           The Emoji Movie probably paid for itself in the sheer amount of advertisements it crammed into its ninety minute runtime, and the young, impressionable minds watching it will all be immediately entranced by the colorful scenery of lands like Spotify and Candy Crush. Sales will go up for the sponsors, and the Hollywood capitalist fat-cats who decided that a movie should be made out of emojis will laugh all the way to their enormous Beverly Hills mansions. They knew that they could take advantage of the “car crash phenomenon” that makes people stare at things they shouldn’t, so they sent The Emoji Movie out to their theatres and made a quick buck for Sony Animation.

           But beyond this, The Emoji Movie sets a precedent. It showed that idiots like me can be drawn to this shit like moths to a light. It showed that movies do not need to have good quality, or have be art, to be marketable, and that the film industry should prioritize business and profits above all else. The Emoji Movie has proved, statistically, that quality cinema should always come second to quality advertising. The time to organize against the Hollywood capitalist is now. A boycott of terrible Sony films is the least the we can do to stop them, even though such an action would be little more than a thorn in their hide. We Must accept that our idiocy and submission to this trash is at least partially responsible for the state of film as it is in America today, and we must break free of the chains that force us into our roles as submissive cash cows.

           Good cinema does good things for those that watch it. It can be used as a tool to convey important and revolutionary ideas, or to relay important information to those that are systemically spat on by traditional education. Historically great films have caused great controversy, such as the movie adaptation of To Kill a Mockingbird which caused riots in the south upon its release. When we let film fall to business we lose a part of our cultural identity—we submit art, heritage, and storytelling as just another part of a capitalist machine.

           We have the buying power. We choose where we spend our money, and where we place our values. No longer can I sit idly in my movie seat and watch terrible movies for fun—the time for action against the greatest threat to art in the western world is now. Resist capitalism, resist the state, and resist the attack upon the most basic human freedom of expression.

Do not go gentle into that good night.

Until next time, Comrades.


Everyone tells me to be myself,
That I shouldn’t forget who I am,
But somehow, through all the years,
No one managed to tell me how hard it would be,
That sometimes I wouldn’t know who I really am,
That I could forget and get lost.

Watching others,
I get the feeling that life’s a piece of cake,
All you have to do is fork and devour it,
But looking at my life,
I wonder what I’m doing,
Where I’m going.
I don’t know.
I don’t know who I am.
Am I still the girl who never cared what anyone thought?
The girl who loved getting lost in books?
The girl who wanted to be a writer with all her heart?
The girl who was ready to fall just so she could get back up stronger?
I’m not so sure anymore.

I’m looking everywhere,
And wondering how I got here,
Because, no, this is not me,
The mess that my life has become,
It’s not me.
And I look to you
You’re farther than ever before
And I know I must do something before you’re gone entirely,
You’re already gone.
I’m the only one left, holding on


Teen Wolf AU - STEREK - Alpha!Stiles

Somewhere along the way, Derek’s pack keeps dying, one by one, and he loses the control he’s never really had. Stiles, turned true alpha in part thanks to his human pack - Scott, recently acquainted with magic, Lydia, genius and a specialist on all things supernatural and Allison, your friendly neighborhood werewolf hunter - knows that once the pack of Alphas is done with Derek’s pack, they will come after his and he won’t be able to protect them how he should.

Derek is not a fan of Stiles and his band of merry misfits, who keep appearing and helping him, saving him and the rest of his pack multiple times. The night Isaac and Cora almost die, Derek tries to tell Stiles that they can do without the help of humans and a boy turned werewolf (and then alpha) by accident.

tom: *does impressive things such as dancing and back flipping*

me: that’s amazing!

tom: *does daily basic stuff such as breathing*

me: that’s?????????? sheer talent?????? that’s just,,,,,,,, on another level you feel me????? wow?????? did y’all see that??????? how do we call that??? ,,,,, professional,,,,,, unbelievable,,,,,,, this boy is something else *claps while looking around to seek for agreement*

only fools fall for you (I’m a fool)

pairing: jikook

rating: nc16

genre: soulmate au, angst & fluff, implied smut

a/n: for day 7 of #jikook fluff week <3 combining the name tattoo au with this song & post! yall might wanna grab a fluffy bolster/stuffed toy to hug :^))) ahh I’m not even sure this came out coherent omg anyway, comments and notes are very much appreciated u ____ u please enjoy~

summary: “Those who pretend as if they don’t love you,

are the ones who would hate to see you love another person.”

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Dylan’s journal

1: Fact: People are so unaware…. well, ignorance is bliss I guess…. that would explain my depression. - Dylan
A Virtual Book
By: Dylan
Properties: This book cannot be opened by anyone except Dylan (some supernatural force blocks common people from entering).
2: The 4 stages from within: most, few, some, none
Me is place outside all the boxes. 
3: El Thoughtzos
Ah yes, this is me writing … just writing, nobody technically did anything, just I felt like throwing out my thoughts - this is a weird time, weird life, weird existence. As I sit here (partially drunk with a screwdriver) I think a lot. Think … think … that’s all my life is, just shitloads of thinking … all the time … my mind never stops … music runs 24/7 (except for sleep), just songs I hear, not necessarily good or bad, & thinking … about the asshole - in gym class, how he worries me, about driving, & my family, about friends & doings with them, about girls I know (mainly - & -) how I know I can never have them, yet I can still dream … I do shit to supposedly ‘cleanse’ myself in a spiritual, moral sort of way (deleting the wads on my computer, not getting drunk for periods of time, trying not to ridicule/make fun of people (-) at school), yet it does nothing to help my life morally. My existence is shit to me - how I feel that I am in eternal suffering, in infinite directions in infinite realities. Yet these realities are fake - artificial, induced (?) by thought, how everything connects, yet it’s all so far apart … & I sit & think … science is the way to find solutions to everything, right? I still think that, yet I see different views of shit now - like the mind - yet if the mind is viewed scientifically … hmm
I dwell in the past … thinking of good & bad memories. 
4: A lot on the past though … I’ve always had a thing for the past - how it reacts to the present & the future - or rather vice versa. I wonder how/when I got so fucked up w my mind, existence, problem - when Dylan Bennet Klebold got covered up by this entity containing Dylan’s body … as I see the people at school - some good, some bad - I see how different I am (aren’t we all you’ll say) yet I’m on such a greater scale of difference than everyone else (as far as I know, or guess). I see jocks having fun, friends, women, LIVEZ. 
Or rather shallow existences compared to mine (maybe) like ignorance = bliss. They don’t know beyond this world (how I do in my mind or in reality or in this existence) yet we each are lacking something that the other possesses - I lack the true human nature that Dylan owned & they lack the overdeveloped mind/imagination/knowledge tool. I don’t fit in here thinking of suicide gives me hope, that I’ll be in my place wherever I go after this life … that I’ll finally not be at war with myself, the world, the universe - my mind, body, everywhere, everything at PEACE in me - my soul (existence). & the routine is still monotonous, go to school, be scared & nervous, hoping that people can accept me … that I can accept them … the NIN (Nine Inch Nails) song Piggy is good for thought writing … The Lost Highway sounds like a movie about me … I’m gonna write later, bye   <<-VoDkA->>
5: Da ThoughtZ Jeah
Well well, back at it, yes (you say) whoever the fuck ‘you’ is, but yea. My life is still fucked, in case you care … maybe, … (not?) I have just lost fuckin 45$, & before that I lost my zippo & knife (I did get those back) Why the fuck is he being such an ASSHOLE??? (god I guess, whoever is the being which controls shit). He’s fucking me over big time & it pisses me off. Oooh god I HATE my life, I want to die really bad right now - let’s see what I have that’s good: A nice family, a good house, food, a couple of good friends, & possessions. What’s bad - no girls (friends or girlfriends), no other friends except a few, nobody accepting me even though I want to be accepted, me doing badly & being intimidated in any & all sports, me looking weird & acting shy - BIG problem, me getting bad grades, having no ambition of life, that’s the big shit. Anyway … I was Mr. Cutter tonight - I have 11 depressioners on my right hand now, & my favorite contrasting symbol, because it is so true & means so much. The battle between good & bad never ends … OK enough bitchin … well I’m not done yet. OK go … I don’t know  why I do wrong with people (mainly women) - it’s like they are set out to hate & ignore me, I never know what to say or do. - is soo fuckin lucky he has no idea how I suffer. 
6: Okay here’s some poetry … this is a display of one man in search of answers, never finding them, yet in hopelessness understands things …
Existence … what a strange word. He set out by determination & curiosity, knows no existence, knows nothing relevant to himself. The pretty declarations of others & everything on this world, in this world, he knows the answers to. Yet they have no purpose to him. He seeks knowledge of the unthinkable, of the undefinable, of the unknown. He explores the everything … using his mind, the most powerful tool known to him. Not a physical barrier blocking the limits of exploration, time thru thought thru dimensions … the everything is his realm. Yet, the more he thinks, hoping to find answers to his questions, the more come up. Amazingly, the petty things mean much to him at this time, how he wants to be normal, not this transceiver of the everything. Then occurring to him, the answer. How everything is connected yet separate. By experiencing the petty others actions, reactions, emotions, doings and thoughts, he gets a mental picture of what, in his mind, is a cycle. Existence is a great hall, life is one of the rooms, death is passing thru the doors, & the ever existent compulsion of everything is the curiosity to keep moving down the hall, thru the doors, exploring rooms, down this never-ending hall. Questions make answers, answers conceive questions, and at long last he is content. TTYL  <<-VoDkA->>
7: Thoughtz                                                                                                          Yo … whassup … heheheheh … know what’s weird? Everyone knows everyone. I swear - like I’m an outcast, & everyone is conspiring against me … Check it … (this isn’t good, but I need to write, so here ….                                             Within the known limits of time … within the conceived boundaries of space … the average human thinks those are the settings of existence … yet the ponderer, the outcast, the believer, helps out the human. “Think not of 2 dimensions”, says the ponderer, “but of 3, as your world is conceived of 3 dimensions, so is mine. While you explore the immediate physical boundaries of your body, you see in your 3 dimensions - L, W, & H, yet I, who is more mentally open to anything, see my 3 dimensions. My realm of thought - Time, Space, & THOUGHT. Thought is the most powerful thing that exists - anything conceivable can be produced, anything & everything is possible, even in your physical world.” After this so called “lecture” the common man feels confused, empty, & unaware. Yet those are the best emotions of a ponderer. The real difference is, a true ponderer will explore these emotions & what caused them. Another … a dream.                                                                                         Miles & miles of never ending grass, like a wheat. A farm, sunshine, a happy feeling in the presence, Absolutely nothing wrong, nothing ever is, contrary 180 (degrees) to normal life. No awareness, just pure bliss, unexplainable bliss, The only challenges are no challenge, & then … BAM!!! realization sets in, the world is the greatest punishment. Life.                                                            8: Hypnosis place - It is a sky - with one large cloud, & sort of cloud-made chair - the sun is at the head of the chair … 10 o’clock up into the sky … Below, I sometimes see mist, & the green (forest green) earth - sorta a city, yet I hear nothing. I relax on this chair - actually like a chaise - & I am talking … to what? I don’t know - it’s just there, I have the feeling that I know him, even though I consciously don’t … & we talk like we are the same person - like he’s my soul … The everlasting contrast …                                                                              Dark. Light. God. Lucifer. Heaven. Hell. GOOD. BAD. Yes, the everlasting-contrast. Since existence has known the ‘fight’ between good & evil has continued. Obviously, this fight can never end. Good things turn bad, bad things become good, the ‘people’ on the earth see it as a battle they can win. HA fuckin morons. If people looked at History, they would see what happens. I think, too much, I understand, I am GOD compared to some of those un-existable brainless zombies. Yet, the actions of them interest me, like a kid with a new toy. Another contrast, more of a paradox, actually, like the advanced go for the undevelopeds realm, while some of the morons become everything dwellers - but exceptions to every rule, & this is a BIG exception - most morons never change, they never decide to live in the ‘everything’ frame of mind!              Laterz           <<-VoDkA->>                                                                                   9: <<-VoDkA->>’s Thoughts                                                                                   The - Situation                                                                                                             It is not good for me right now (like it ever is) … but anyway … My best friend ever: the friend who shared, experimented, laughed, took chances with & appreciated me more than any friend ever did has been ordained … “passed on” … in my book. Ever since - (who I wouldn’t mind killing) has loved him … that’s the only place he’s been with her … if anyone had any idea how sad I am … I mean we were the TEAM. When him & I first were friends, well I finally found someone who was like me: who appreciated me & shared very common interests. Ever since 7th grade, I’ve felt lonely … when - came around, I finally felt happiness (sometimes) we did cigars, drinking, sabotage to houses, EVERYTHING for the first time together & now that he’s “moved on” I feel so lonely, without a friend. Oh well, maybe he’ll come around -> … I hope.               That’s all - for this topic - maybe I’ll never see this again. (-> ô=-   -=ô)                 <<-VoDkA->>                                                                                                                10: My 1st Love????                                                                                               OH my God … I am almost sure I am in love … with -. Hehehe … such a strange name, like mine … yet everything about her I love. From her good body to her almost perfect face, her charm, her wit & cunning, her NOT being popular. Her friends (who I know) - some - I just hope she likes me as much as I LOVE her. I think of her every second of every day. I want to be with her. I imagine me & her doing things together, the sound of her laugh, I picture her face, I love her. If - soulmates exist, then I think I’ve found mine. I hope she likes Techno … :-)             -, I love you                                                                                                             - Dylan

Seven Days With Bangtan | Yoongi

Pairings: (Yoongi/Reader)

Genre: Smut

Words: 1,928

Tags: Make Up Sex, Dominant 


You walk into Yoongi’s home studio, watching as the boy played the piano, The sound almost like a lullaby. You watch as he concentrates on making every note perfectly, pausing to write them down.

You bite your bottom lip as you walk towards the sofa on the other side of the room. You sit, pulling your feet up as you continue watching him.

It has been three days since he has utter a word towards you. Not even a glance has been thrown in your general direction. You think back to three days ago, the way he threw his laptop on the ground with so much force.

You had to admit that the action had scared you, but you didn’t say anything as he walked angrily out of the room. You regretted not paying more attention to what you had been doing.

You think back to three days ago, when the silent treatment he was still giving you had started. You had been working on a project for the microbiology on Monday.

The computer’s memory was so fulled that you had to delete a few things. Most of the files on that computer were yours, but on occasion Yoongi used it when he had new ideas. You didn’t think anything of it as you saved your documents.

The next day Yoongi had walked angrily into your room, He had your laptop in his hands as he looked at you with a serious expression on his face. “Did you touch my computer?” He asks as he waves it in the air.

“Yeah, I used it for a project for school. Mine was broken” You say as you out the book you were reading down on the bed beside you. “Why? What’s wrong?”

He scoffs as he shuts his eyes, “What’s wrong, you ask?” Yoongi asks as he looks around the room, the bags under his eyes showing exactly how exhausted he was.

You frown as you watch him run a hand down his face, chuckling to himself. “Well did you by any chance delete some files?” He asks as his eyes meet yours.

“Yeah, a few of mine. Why?” You ask as you stand up, walking up to him. When you went to touch his cheek, you watch as he jerks away from you . You frown as you look up at him, “What’s wrong?”

“They weren’t all yours” He yells, “You deleted my music file, all the songs for my new album were in there!” Yoongi says.

“How could you do something so stupid!” Yoongi yelled, “Do you know how hard I worked for this and you just fucked it up in three seconds”

You don’t say anything as he starts to pace around the room, breathing heavily. You frown as he continues to yell, feeling anger radiating out of him. But he still had no right to tell you those things, he didn’t have to yell or call you names.

You don’t say anything as he throws his laptop across the room, you could tell that he was pissed. Talking would only make him even more angry, you hug your body as he stomped out of the room.

Now you look at him once again, watching as he worked on those deleted songs. The bags under his eyes making him look even more exhausted.

The deadline was near and he hasn’t taken a break even once. You hug your legs closer to your body, resting your chin on your knees as you try to think of how to begin a conversation.

You weren’t even sure if he would answer you back, but you still wanted to try. You stand up, walking towards the older boy as quietly as you could.

Yoongi sighs as he  hears your small steps on the wooden floor, you were a sneaky person to begin with. He wanted to apologize to you, about what  had happened three days ago.  

He just didn’t know where to start, he had found the album file in another folder on his computer. He couldn’t help but feel extremely bad that he had yelled at you for no reason. The only reason he had been giving you the silent treatment was because he didn’t know how to make it up to you.

He closes his eyes as he feels your stare on him, he could feel your presence behind him. He let out a deep breath as he feels your hands on his shoulders.

“Yoongi?” you ask as you slowly move your hands up and down his arms. “Can we talk?” Your voice was small, you didn’t want to see his angry side again.

You feel his hand on your wrist, feeling him pull you forward. You sat on his lap and with a frown you look down at him. You watch as Yoongi leans up before he presses his lips to yours.

The kiss is gentle and slow, his hand going to the your cheek as he deepens the kiss. He pulls away slowly, “I’m sorry” You hear him say.

“I’m sorry” he repeats, you frown as you look into his tired eyes. “Why should you be sorry?” You ask him.

You watch as he gives you small smile, the smile he would only give to you when he did something wrong or when you didn’t agree with him on something.

Your eyebrows furrow as you look down at him. You watch as he leans his forehead on your shoulder, letting out a deep sigh. “I was an asshole” he says, wrapping his arms around your waist a he pulls you as close as possible.

“I was wrong to yell at you” He continues, “You don’t have to keep apologizing, I should’ve paid more attention” You say as you stand up, looking at at him as you jump up on the desk.

Yoongi licks his lips with a skeptical look on his face. He wanted to explain more of the situation, but maybe somethings he should just keep to himself. He certainly didn’t need to have you mad at him, especially when it was all his doing.

He stands up , biting his lip he walks towards you. You watch as he pushes your legs apart, standing in between them. “Let me make it up to you” he whispers against your lips.

You don’t reply as you feel his hand on the inside of your thigh, a small smile on your face as you feel him get closer to your underwear.  "Is that how you’re going to make it up to me?“

Yoongi smirks as his fingers comes into contact with your clit. The rough material of your panties making it all the more pleasurable. Your heartbeat quickens when he pushes them aside.

You gasp as you feel him push a finger inside of you. Yoongi watches with hooded eyes as your mouth opens up in a gasp, smirking slightly as he saw pleasure overcome you.

You feel his nose brushing against the side of your neck as he leaned closer to you. Yoongi moves his finger in and out of you slowly, listening as you start to moan.

“I love it when you make that sound” Yoongi says as he pushes another finger inside of you. “How about you make some more”

You feel Yoongi’s other hand around your underwear, pulling before you heard a snap sound across the room. “That was one of my favo-” You gasp as you feel him curl his fingers inside on you.

“What was that?” Yoongi says with a smirk, “I didn’t quite catch that” You moan as you feel him curl his fingers once again.

He starts to move his fingers in and out of you, his other hand going the zipper of your sweatshirt. His hand slowly pulling down the zipper, putting your naked chest.

You feel him pull his fingers out of you, watching as he held them in front of your mouth. Yoongi watches with lustful eyes as his fingers near your lips. You taste yourself as he pushes his fingers into your mouth.

He watches with an intense look in his eyes at the way your lips wrap themselves around his fingers. He grunts as he feels your tongue on his fingers, “God, I’ve missed your tongue” he says as he pulls away, grabbing your face as his lips landed on yours.

The kiss was passionate, fast and needy. His hands move down to your chest, groping your breast as you felt his tongue in your mouth.

You moan against his mouth as his thumb flicked your nipple, rubbing it between his thumb and finger. Yoongi kisses down your neck, undoing the buttons of his jeans.

Yoongi pushes his pants down, letting his hard length slap against the bottom of his shirt. You push him away, kneeling in front of him.

As soon as your mouth made contact with his member, Yoongi moans out loud. His fingers tangle themselves in your hair, pushing you further down his length.

Yoongi feels a shiver run down his spine the moment he heard you gag against his member. He leans forward, his hand on the desk as he feels his legs loose their strength.

You pull away, looking up at him. His mouth was half open, his eyes were closed and you watch as he stick his tongue out, licking his lips.

His eyes snap open, finding their way to you. “Bend over” he says, gesturing to his desk. You quickly do as he says, finding yourself get wetter by the second.

Yoongi wasted no time as the pushed the head of his member to your entrance, moaning as he felt just how wet you were. His breathing quickens as he pushes his length further into you, both of your moan filling the once silent room.

As he pushes himself deeper inside of you, his hands go around your front, hands groping your breasts as he pulls back out and pushes back deeper. You moan at the full feeling he gave you every time he thrusts inside of you.

The force he was giving was enough to let you know that you would have bruises on your hips from how hard they were hitting the desk. But the pain was overtaken by the pleasure you were receiving.

Yoongi reaches forward, his hand going around the front of your throat. Pulling you back against his chest, this time he feels himself going deeper. “You feel so good around me” Yoongi moans into your ear as he moves his hips up in sharp and hard thrusts.

“I’m gonna cum” You whimper out as that familiar feeling in your stomach starts to build up. You feel one of his hand reach down, rubbing circles on your clit.

“Do it” Yoongi whispers into your ear, his hand around your throat tightening slightly, “Cum for me”

You feel your orgasm wash over you. Yoongi feels his muscles around his stomach tightening as he releases his cum into you. His hips jerking as he came down from his high.

The room was silent, the only sound that could be heard was the sound of the both of you breathing heavily. You stand up from the wooden desk, feeling your legs wobble as you turn around. You look at Yoongi as he sat back on the chair, “Well that was fun”, he says.

You laugh as you pick up his shirt, putting it on. You walk towards him, taking a sit on his lap. “Is it wrong that I like our method of making up after a fight?” He asks.

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As I’ve mentioned in my post already, being productive all the time is not possible. Especially with summer rolling around, I’ve got no tasks in my to - do list, which ultimately makes me lazy.

Oh god that’s me! How do I avoid that?

1) Clean your desk / room / closet

2) Sort out your digital clutter (delete useless messages, pictures and other files)

3) Water the plants (if you have any)
4) Learn a new recipe / skill and practice it

5) Drink water and remind others to do so too

6) Interact with your parents / siblings / friends (this isn’t much but you’ll feel good trust me)

7) Write that story / paint that sketch you always wanted to

8) Learn how to play guitar /any instrument

9) Learn a new language OR improve the one you’re already learning

10) Start a journal

11) Organise your makeup stuff or any accessories that you have

12) Get rid of the articles you no longer use or need (like those old pair of shoes or pens)

13) Try out diy projects (some good ones are diy scented candles and bath bombs)

14) Do the laundry

15) Do some yoga

16) Exercise

17) Do the dishes or some other chore because that’s helpful af

18) Improve your handwriting by practising (find inspiration from Tumblr)

19) Go stationary shopping!

20) Study for your future classes

21) Learn something new on Khan academy or YouTube

22) Finish your summer homework

23) Make a ‘thank you’ card for your loved ones

24) Make new friends on Tumblr or irl

25) Take your pet for a walk / go for a walk by yourself

also, can i just let y’all know just how awful sexism still is!! like clearly it is still a real issue, but when you’re a trans guy you really get your eyes opened to just how sexist men still are even if they don’t outwardly show the sexism they possess.

i’ve had men tell me “why do you still get mad about sexism and anti-feminists, i thought you were a guy now” and putting aside the transphobia of “i thought you were a guy now” i’ve discovered that men really do feel as if sexism is just something only women are capable of getting really angry over.

i’ve also had men tell me “ohhh i see what you’re doing, you’re being all feminist so they’ll sleep with you, nice!!” like!! cis men really don’t get it, they don’t understand the concept of men being feminists for the sake of helping women. and it’s just so mind boggling when you’re a trans guy because we were raised to be women. we ARENT women, but we still feel a very strong kinship with them because we were raised to be that, we know your issues first hand. so when we tell the world “hey we’re actually men” it’s appalling how so many cis men then show you that they feel sexism is actually part of being male, and they get confused when you still hate sexism.

i know i didn’t explain this well but i thought it would be something y’all would wanna know


How do you obtain that permission? Like, it it written? Maybe there’s a standard form you have to fill out and it’s like ‘tick the following species you intend to engage in sexual relations with’? 

Or is there a deleted scene where Tom is like “em… Captain… Em, me and Lieutenant Torres would like to engage in… em… relations…” and Janeway is all “Thank you for bringing this to my attention, permission granted.” but internally she’s thinking “oooooOOOOoooooooOOOOh, wait until I tell Chakotay, he owes me five rations, I was totally rooting for you cuties well done on admitting your feelings be safe kids”

One year since Yuri!!! On Ice was conceived as an attack on my free time. Even more so two months later when I would have started this blog. I’ve abandoned this place without much to say about it, even though I really do have a lot to say. As well as a lot of people to thank.

As of right now there are 800+ asks in my inbox that I will probably never answer. They started off as serious asks but this blog went downhill in memes that will forever date it and probably acquire a cringe factor ageing like milk. But I don’t regret a second of it because this blog gave me a lot, surprisingly.

Before I started this blog, I had little to no confidence in my art. No audience and no belief in myself. Then all of a sudden, I had a massive following, people talking to me about my content every day. I was drawing every day because for once I wasn’t hating everything I made. I want to thank all of you for the support. This blog has given me more art experience than I had achieved in the last 3 years. I’ve also gained amazing friendships who I can yell about ocs with. Now I never feel like my art is worth nothing. So grateful to be with such a lovely group of people. No matter how often they make me yell or criticise my taste in food.

I won’t delete this blog. There’s far too many memories and I’m sure people will still stumble across it now and then, so don’t worry about that. But updates will be scarce to none, but I wanted everyone to know that while I do ignore this blog, I love it for all it’s worth, and I love all of you.

If you still want to reach me, I’ve been using Instagram a lot, contrary to my hatred of it. You can hmu at @micchi-draws as well as my art blog with the same url, but I post less frequently there. I do requests sometimes and post a lot of ocs.

That’ll be all, I won’t write too much because some of y’all probably forget you follow this blog. I just hoped you enjoyed your stay.

Thanks and goodnight, you cretins.



Hello guys, I know I haven’t been active in awhile. I’m absolutely ok, don’t worry. I just needed some time to get away from the stress of this blog and enjoy tumblr on a different account, where I could reblog the things I enjoyed and interact with friends. I realized that, as lovely as this blog is and how wonderful it is to help so many people, it’s just become too much for me. I pride myself in how many people have come to this blog seeking comfort and help and were able to be comforted. We made it all the way to 35k followers. That amount just blows my mind, I never thought I’d ever have that many. I am so happy, so glad, that out of all the blogs I’ve run, this one has become so successful. Thank you all for supporting me, it means the world. 

Since this blog is my main account, I cannot have mods. If I could have mods here, then I feel it would be a lot easier to run and maintain everything. But if you can imagine, having thousands of people come to you seeking advice, comfort, etc. can take quite a toll on someone mentally. It has just become more of a stress for me rather than a source of positivity and happiness. And that is no one’s fault; you all just want someone to listen to you and want some advice. But I am one person, a girl struggling with her own issues. It makes me sad to know I can’t do this anymore, and I wish I could continue with this blog but I know within me I don’t have the energy and strength to do it. I don’t have the time, and my advice feels more robotic than I want it to be, instead of purely from the heart. And I am so sorry, I am sorry to everyone I wasn’t able to get to. In a way, I feel as if I’ve failed. But I know that’s not the case, I hate feeling like I’ve failed when I haven’t. I’ve succeeded, I’ve gained a huge amount of followers, support, and I have helped so many people. It is my dream to help people. But I guess I didn’t realize how big this blog would become and how hard it is to juggle such a huge responsibility. 

I have debated on what to do with this blog for awhile. Deleting it feels, well… it feels like a waste, in a way. I have a lot of resources, a lot of edits and other things on here that I want to keep. I want this blog to stay open for anyone that wants to browse my animals tag, my videos tag, my edits, etc. It’s all there for you, as well as my resources tag, if any of you need it. I will leave this blog up. Will I come back? I don’t think I will. I don’t want to promise you guys I’ll come back, because then I’ll feel obligated to. I don’t think I’ll be back. I am sorry to everyone who is saddened by this, but I learned a huge lesson running this blog. Sometimes, it’s important to put yourself first. Your health, your mental health; it’s the most important thing. Don’t push yourself to help a bunch of people when you don’t have the mental strength for it; it’s just healthy. It’s ok to admit that you can’t handle the responsibility of helping people, be it your friends or family or others. 

Thank you guys so, so much. For everything. For following me, for supporting me, for coming to me for advice when you felt you had no one to turn to. It has been a complete honor to help so many of you. I hope every single one of you know how brilliant you are. I sound so cheesy, and I know this is long but it’s hard to say goodbye to you all. However, I am not leaving tumblr for good. I’ve simply moved to a new account to focus on what I love! Video games! 

It’s been wonderful, being part of this blog and giving advice and helping you guys. I love you all very much. Take care 

- Princess of Positivity, aka Paisley