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perhaps the best thing tumblr has collectively done in the last few months is accept the mcelroy brothers and their doings into their hearts

smh i’m trying to redecorate Wes’ loft and i realized i have like 0 rugs from cleaning out my cc a few months ago. i closed my game to go hunt for some but ended up downloading 200 items of cc.. none of them were rugs.


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I've always felt interested in and drawn to Judaism even at times when I aligned myself with agnosticism, but I don't know much about the faith. What is the best way to go about learning more in a respectful way?

Hiya anon!

That’s a fabulous question!  Following are some of my favorite resources that should be helpful:

“Interested in Reform Judaism?”      “10 Things to Know Before Conversion”

Some recommended reading       “Honoring my Christian Family”

“What to Expect at a Reform Shabbat Service”  “Branches of Judaism”

“A Brief History of the Jewish People”        How to pick a Hebrew name

Some Questions that I have answered in the past:

When can I call myself a Jew?How do I convert officially?

What does a Rabbi expect a convert to know before converting?

There isn’t a Synagogue near me, what do I do?

What is Reform Judaism?

A non-Jew attending Shabbat Services

Various advice on Conversion

How can I convert if I don’t agree with the government of Israel?

LGBTQ people in the Reform Movement

conversion for a non-binary person

One of the best books on conversion is:  “Choosing a Jewish Life” by Anita Diamant

If you send me a direct message, I would love to help you further with locating a Synagogue to begin conversations with a rabbi or cantor who can help guide you.

Good luck!

Allies Body Types

I just reblogged a post that made me think about my headcanon for Hetalia characters’s bodies, so here are some. And sorry about this, but I’m not sticking to official heights when it comes to Hetalia… They’re all too close, and characters are often drawn different heights, so I’m making up my own. Sorry? (also, I’m not including weights because I’m only vaguely aware of how it works for men, with the different muscle-fat distribution and all, I’d probably say something unrealistic)

America: 182 cm (slightly under 6′). He has the body of a jock, very fit and a lot of muscles. Flat stomach, extremely defined abs (all his muscles are very defined, actually). He barely has any fat, but he can’t be considered really thin, since he has all those muscles and he’s not thin-boned, but he doesn’t look bulky, either. Average hip size for his height, broad (but not excessively so) shoulders.

Canada: 178 cm (5′10″) (yes I know I’m horrible but I can’t help imagining him a bit shorter than America). He’s very fit, with defined muscles, but considerably slenderer than America. His ribs and hip bones are slightly visible under his skin, he has thin arms and legs. Not an ounce on fat on his body. He’s slight-boned in general, with narrow hips and shoulders for his height. He’s kind of delicate-looking.

China: 169 cm (5′6″). Extremely slender and fine-boned, but also fit, even if his muscles aren’t too defined. His body looks elegant and well-proportioned. His hips and shoulders are slightly thin for his height, but it’s not very noticeable.

England: 174 cm (5′8″). He’s skinny. His body is toned and he does have muscles, but he also has thin arms and legs, and his ribs are clearly visible. Thin hips and shoulders, too, but he doesn’t look as delicate as Canada and China do, he’s more on the scrawny side.

France: 177 cm (almost 5′10″). He has an extremely well-proportioned body. He’s muscular and toned, but not too much, he doesn’t look buff. He has broad shoulders, the same as America’s proportion-wise, but his hips are a bit narrower. He looks very elegant, but still clearly masculine.

Russia: 194 cm (6′4″). (yes that’s extremely tall) He’s big-boned, with extremely broad shoulders and wide hips. He has muscles of steel, very toned, but he also still has some fat on his body, which makes him look even more massive.

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If you’re just going to message me only when you want something , don’t even bother . I don’t even get a “ Hey , How are you ?” , you just go straight to asking me for something . It’s gets very annoying and I tend to ignore you . “ Can you teach me this , how do you convert that ” & so forth , like , no I cannot/will not because you couldn’t even be decent enough to ask me how my day was 😂🙄 . Well this sums it all up I guess , soooo 👋🏽

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So I'm thinking of becoming Hellenic and how do you go about doing that? I prayed to the goddesses, specifically Aphrodite, a long time ago when I was a little kid because i read a lot of Greek mythology, but I don't know if I can go back to that without having all the proper praying materials? So I guess what I'm asking is, how do you convert from being agnostic to being Hellenic?

oh gosh, you and I are in the same boat! I remember falling in love with greek mythology in the second grade! I’m still in the process of converting I guess you’d call it? (I’m still keeping my allegiance to my ethnic religion though.) I’ve talked to a few sapphic witch blogs now and this is what I know:

• hellenic polytheism isn’t the same thing as wicca (from what I can tell, wicca is a much more stringent ideology) 

• witchcraft is more of a tradition or practice than a religious commitment (although it can be both depending on the individual!)

• you can be a follower of several gods and/or goddesses without being a devotee

• devotees worship one specific god or goddess and place them as a higher priority above all others (I’m not clear on whether you can pray to other gods and goddesses while being a devotee but I think so?) 

• in the end, being a devotee just makes your relationship with one god/goddess more serious (as opposed to just being a follower)

• before you become a follower or a devotee, you have to introduce yourself to the god/goddess of your choice (the process of which varies by individual I think) 

I’ll tag a few blogs to help you get started! @sapphic-witches @genderwitchcraft @witchlesbiansthings @seafoambeauty @sapphic-seafoam @roseofaphrodite @bee-girlfriends @falling-for-aphrodite and my witchy sideblog @aphroditesapphist! (I suggest you make one too, they’re really fun to work with!)

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Now that I think about it, Jared Padalecki IS almost two metres tall! I haven't even thought of that before! When I reread Carry On I convert the distances and things from the metric system to standard (what the U.S.A. and either two or three other countries in the world use for measuring) and it's oddly satisfying (sorry if this is weird)

how tall are Simon and Baz again?? isn’t Baz 6′2′‘?? 6′1′‘? idk but he’s so tall! it’s amazing

"How do I become a (better) Hindu? Where do I begin?"

I have hundreds of messages in my inbox by you all asking me how to convert and how to begin practicing Hinduism. Or, to the many of you asking how to become better Hindus. I would like to dedicate this post to you in order to thoroughly answer your questions. Before we begin, it is important for you to know exactly what Hinduism is and what being a Hindu means. Please click here to read this brief but essential summary. 

*As a disclaimer, Hinduism is by no means a practice that aims to actively entice, lure, convince or forcibly convert others by any means. As a faith, Hinduism deeply encourages others to instead continue down their own chosen spiritual path rather than coming to Hinduism for answers. Please do not take this post as offensive or abusive if it does not agree with your own religious views. Read on only if you are sincerely interested in Sanatana Dharma as a means of practice and belief.*

How do I convert? The answer here is simple. There is no conversion ceremony. There are no rites, rituals or legal changes one must make in order to become a Hindu. The only changes that are to be made are practices. In order to become a Hindu, one must continuously practice as a Hindu. Hinduism is anorthoprax faith (stressing correct behavior) rather than orthodox (stressing correct belief). In fact, one may say they are a Hindu but if they display no signs of practicing Hinduism, their faith is practically revoked. If you wish to call yourself a Hindu, prepare to behave as one at all times.

So, what are the practices one must begin in order to become a Hindu? Since Hinduism is so ancient and societal, variations will occur within certain Hindu groups depending on their Deva or Devi (God or Goddess), whether their practices are region or culture-based, and how much importance their ancestors have put into passing down religious traditions. If you are new to Hinduism, I will make it as simple as possible. As you read in the short description, Hinduism is an entirely evolutionary religion, meaning the Hinduism practiced thousands of years ago is very different than the Hinduism practiced today. As for the calls to action for Hindus in this particular yuga (“age”, we are currently in the Kali yuga), the three most basic and fundamental practices that you should begin are:

-10 Yamas and Niyamas. Yamas are guidelines to interact with the outer world and Niyamas are guidelines to interact with ourselves, in our internal world. The ten of each are below:

   1. Ahimsa, non-harming and Hri, remorse.
   2. Satya, truthfulness and Santosha, contentment.
   3. Asteya, nonstealing and Dana, generosity.
   4. Bramacharya, divine conduct and Astikya, faithfulness.
   5. Kshama, patience and Ishvarapujana, worship.
   6. Driti, steadfastness and Siddhanta Shravana, scriptural listening.
   7. Daya, compassion and Mati, cognition.
   8. Arjava, honesty and Vrata, religious observances.
   9. Mitahara, moderate apetite and Japa, recitation.
  10. Saucha, purity and Tapas, austerity.

-Yogas. It’s not what the West has sold it to be. The yogas are actually devoted controlled actions performed for God (Bhagvan) and that make every Hindu a true Hindu. The three most important and fundamental of the yogas which must be performed are:

   1. KarmayogActs of selflessness and kindness towards every living thing. Through your lifetimes, whether you are currently responsible or not, you have gathered much negative karma from your previous actions. Your job as a Hindu is to rid yourself of as much of that karma as possible; the only way to do that is to perform acts of kindness. The amount of karma destroyed will determine your soul’s moving proximity to God and eventual attainment of moksha (the soul’s ultimate rejoining with God).

   2. Bhaktiyog. Limitless personal devotion. Bhakti is acting out your love for God through prayers, offerings, songs, pilgrimages, darshan (simply looking at God), taking prasaad (holy communion), or just quiet contemplation. Bhaktiyog is any action done not for yourself, not for others, but for God alone. Bhaktiyog aims to create a real, loving personal connection between you and your chosen form of God (Deva or Devi). There are even different approaches to bhakti, called bhavas which you can read about here. Bhaktiyog is most often and easily expressed through daily puja.

   3. Jnanayog. The yoga of knowledge. Perhaps the most impacting for newcomers to the dharma, reading holy scripture and commentary, listening to learned Swamis and, most importantly, embarking on self-driven skeptical study can truly help you open the door of Hinduism. It is with the scriptures that you will come to know of the leelas (divine actions) of the Devas and Devis, helping reveal their holy messages to us. 

Although there are other ‘forms’ of yoga, they are far less compulsory than these three listed above, as these were revealed to us directly by Bhagvan Lord Krishna. The 'yoga’ popularized in the West full of breathing techniques and stretching postures are actually just a small fraction of the yoga known as Rajayog, which I will elaborate on in a sister post. To easily begin performing these three divine yogas, one can join a local mandir, or Hindu temple. At the mandir, one can fulfill karmayog by joining one of the many volunteer opportunities, bhaktiyog by taking darshan, participating in pujas (ceremonial prayers) and being in the presence of divinity, and jnanayog by listening to lectures, reading the scriptures located inside and asking questions to learned pandits (priests). For newcomers, it is strongly suggested to begin attending a mandir.

-Pancha Mahayajnas. The five daily observances. These are the final few major changes you must make in order to begin living as a Hindu. These daily observances secure a healthier environment, cleaner spiritual soul and devoted service to God.

   1. Deva Yajna - any form of worship to God.
   2. Pitru Yajna - any sort of reverence to parents, family and deceased ancestors.
   3. Brahma Yajna - reverence to people or things that teach you. This includes teachers, spiritual leaders and holy scriptures.
   4. Manushya Yajna - service to humanity. Distribution of wealth, charity, volunteer service and helping others.
   5. Bhoota Yajna - service to the plant, tree and animal kingdom. Watering of plants, feeding of animals, reduction of pollution and waste.

With these simple changes, you will begin living as a Hindu or, living as a better Hindu. Hinduism implores worship of God through service to oneself, others, their environment and the all-pervading universe.

Begin these things and see your very understanding of life, God and this world drastically improve.

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hi this might be an odd question but how do i explain to my friends that just because im going to convert to judaism im not jewish /yet/?? they keep calling me jewish and im like 'well, i will be' and theyre just kinda 'no you /are/ jewish' and i cant seem to get through to them that it takes more than wanting to be jewish to be able to call yourself jewish aaa

Hi there,

As you know, conversion is a long process of learning, development, and transformation.  Once you begin your conversion, this will all become more clear.   Please relay this information to your friends! 

Need any help finding a rabbi or cantor?  With other questions or issues?  Please send me a direct message.


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Hello I want to convert however how do I do it secretly especially fasting ,prayer and maybe head coverings . Such as a turban rather than the hijab which is closely associated. My mother is okay with Islam but she is against a organized religion. It's hard going through things like this by yourself and living in a southern state in America

Assalam Alaikom beautiful ☺️

I am so happy that you want to convert to Islam. May Allah ﷻ make it easy for you & guide you and your loved ones to Islam.

I can’t imagine the struggles you’re going through with your faith, family, and community. I am not a revert and I’m no expert on these things. I think other reverts and specifically @s-a-b-r can better help you.

I advise you to not rush. You don’t have to change completely overnight. Maybe start with prayer and build up to hijab, etc. There are many things you can do to please God that are private and therefore secretive such as:

- Dhikr (remembrance of Allah ﷻ)
- Dua (supplication to Allah ﷻ)
- Reading Quran (on your phone so no one knows)
- Watching Islamic lectures on YouTube (The Merciful Servant is a cool YouTube)
- Reading about Islam
- Improving your manners/character

I don’t think you need to worry about hijab or other things just yet, however if you are at that stage, maybe begin with just dressing more modestly even without hijab. If you’re really ready for hijab, I ask Allah ﷻ to make it easy for you and protect you, and I suggest you slowly introduce the idea to your family OR hide it while out.

I think that improving your character and giving your family more and more respect and time and patience can be helpful. However, I don’t know your conditions of your family and I always advise you to be safe. Often times though, and InshAllah in your case as well, once families see how Islam improves the character and manners of someone they feel less afraid of it.

I also think you should make a ton of dua for ease, acceptance, patience, guidance, and loss of fear. At the end of the day, this is a test from God. You can pass it 😚 Again, I can’t imagine how difficult it is to convert (especially in the South), however, if Allah ﷻ is by your side and you’re seeking to please Him - nothing can truly harm you.

If you’re looking for reverts to support you through this, message me - I can introduce you to a Islam support group 😊

If you need resources on Islam, please let me know.

May Allah ﷻ make this difficult transition easy for you. You can do this!! 💜💜