how do i choose just a part of the lyrics

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D, O, Q, U, W, X, Y :) x

Thank you so much for the ask, @jeffreydeanneganstrash 💜 I’m in love with these questions!

D: Is there a song or a playlist to associate with [insert fic]? 

This is a hard one. Music keeps me going through my writing, so there are so many songs to choose from! When it comes to the current part of The Burden Of Caring I’m editing/writing, songs I keep going back to/am reminded of are: Pretty much anything off Arctic Monkeys’ album, “AM.“ In this case, it’s just as much about the lyrics as it is about the music itself. The instrumentals just fit the vibe. I don’t know how else to explain it, haha.

O: How do you begin a story–with the plot, or the characters?

For me, it’s definitely a mix of both. They tend to blossom together when an idea strikes.

Q: How do you feel about collaborations? 

Writing collaborations? I think they’re really cool. I’d be down to participate in one if the chance arose in the future! I’d be kinda stressed about it at the same time though, because I write really slowly, lol.

U: Share three of your favorite fic writers and why you like them so much.

Oh, God! Only three!? But I have so many! Okay, but please know that these lovely people are not my only favorites! And I have a massive “to read” list.


- I loved Heaven so much, and I really dig your writing style! The fact that I have a ton of your work on my “to read” list is exciting because I know I have great reading ahead! 


- I always feel so nostalgic when I read any of your work, seeing as your fics were some of the first I read when I snuck my way into the Negan/JDM fandom. Haha! Your writing is still some of my favorite within the whole fandom to this day. You’re always on my “to read” list as well! 


- Girl, you already know that I love your writing! You’re so wonderfully prolific and not at all afraid of variety; it’s amazing! Whenever I read your stuff, it truly engages all my senses and emotions. It’s awesome, and I admire your talent endlessly! You’re of course a staple of my “to read” list.

W: Do you like more general prompts, or more specific ones?

 It really depends on my mood. Sometimes I love the freedom of taking a general idea and just fuckin’ runnin’ with it! Other times, I enjoy the more rigid guidelines and the challenge of creating within that space :). 

X: A character you enjoy making suffer. 

I haven’t had the chance/need to write for them yet, but when/if I do, it’ll be pretty obvious that I hold some grudges against Dwight and Amber in particular. (In terms of the canon for my story, Frankie and Tanya never tried to kill Negan, hence why they’re not on this list too in terms of my writing. Hope that makes sense, lol. 😂) 

Y: A character you want to protect.

 NEGAN!!! Of course! Better think twice before bothering my 6'2”, bat-wielding, wickedly handsome little cupcake!


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GOT7 reacting at you dancing one of their songs

This request was made by the lovely k-idol-reactions, I hope you enjoy it the same that I do doing this for you! <33

JB: Jaebum will be in shock for a moment, seeing you dancing in the middle of the hall of the grocery store a little imperfect version of Magnetic. At first he didn’t believe that you were dancing that song THERE. But he will laugh while he tries to stop you. Jagi, please, stop, please I beg you.

Mark: the chorus from Girls Girls Girls is attached to your head from to far to even remember, so you start to dance while looking at him, smiling. You don’t care a little about that you are in that shop you two always go. He will laugh nerviously. Hahaha I didn’t know her…*whispers* JAGIYA PLEASE GO!

Youngjae: the little sunshine light will be smiling and laughing (but inside dying of shame) while you are trying to do some of the steps from A~ in the middle of the park. That’s my Y/N, A~!

Yugyeom: his face will be red like a tomato, trying to cover it with his free hand because the other is trying to catch yours to make you stop his suffering while he’s laughing nervously because you are dancing in the kitchen with the others looking at your perfomance of Like Ooh. Jagi, please, don’t do this to me…

Jackson: from the first step to the last, Jackson will be looking at you with a bright smile. Because you choose Just Right to dance for him and that’s all that matter to him, he doesn’t care about the other half of the people in that little bakery. How have I found the most lovely lady in the town?

Bambam: he definitely will dance along you and the lyrics from Stop Stop It, hugging you in the right part of the chorus. He will laugh with you no matter what or whom is front of you. He will be holding your hand while dancing, proud of you. Nanana nanana nana that’s it jagi!

Junior: he will try to doesn’t loose his cool, but in the inside Jinyoung is melting because of your sweet dance, trying to sing along to the Confession Song. He will smile calmly and catch you in a hug to stop you from your dance. Enough, little kitty, you have my approval to do it again at home.