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Exo reacting to their s/o rejecting their kiss. Thanks girls!

A/N: Thank you for the request! I hope you like it!-A (gif credits attached to gif we do not own them) 


Baek would immediately be annoyed that you were refusing his kiss, but when you told him you weren’t feeling well he tried his best to cheer you up by making you laugh. 

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Sehun would laugh at first when you rejected his kiss,thinking that you were kidding, but when he saw how annoyed you were and that you were having a bad day, he’d understand completely and let you cool off before he tried kissing you again.

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Chanyeol would be pouty about not being able to kiss you, but when you explain to him that you’re still not over your cold, he’d understand, but he’d still pout as he cuddled with you. He loves kissing you too much to not be pouty

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Yixing would be confused as to why you were rejecting his kiss, but when you told him you weren’t feeling well and didn’t want to risk getting sick he understood and gave you a sweet peck on the cheek instead

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He would be a little annoyed when you rejected his kiss. He could see that you were annoyed with something but couldn’t figure out what. All he wanted to do was show you affection and you were making it difficult. he wasn’t happy but he’d get over it. 

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Jongdae would be irritated that you refused to kiss him before he went on stage, so during the performance he would constantly make eye contact with you to make you regret not kissing him, and also to make sure he’d be getting lots of kisses after the show. 

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Minseok wouldn’t mind that you refused him. You don’t refuse him often and he knows that you’d have good reason. He’d try to win you over with his aegyo and if that didn’t work he’d wait until you were in a better mood.

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Jongin would be worried when you refused his kiss. You never refuse his kisses so he’d constantly worry that he did something wrong, even if you told him that he didn’t do anything. you’d have to reassure him a lot before he’d stop worrying.

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Kyungsoo would be a little hurt that you rejected his kiss, but when you told him that you weren’t feeling well he’d understand and make you food and try to help you feel better. 

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Hey a while ago i read one fic that erica made stiles and derek ask each other questions and at the end they have to look into each other eyes or something like that. Do you know it?

destratic recognized this one!  -Emmy

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36 Questions by Leslie_Knope 

(8,071 I Teen I Complete)   *sterek

“So I’m doing my senior psych thesis on friendships,” Erica says, not-so-accidentally elbowing Derek in the ribs as she turns to face Stiles. “How they develop, how intimacy is fostered, stuff like that.”

“That’s cool,” Stiles says agreeably. “What’s our part?”

“Well, I can’t really tell you the point because that would influence the results. But it’s a set of 36 questions that you have to ask each other.”

“Just the two of us?” Derek chimes in, finally, and Stiles sighs.

“Okay, dude,” he says, making a face, “could you try not to look quite so offended? Like, my ego’s pretty strong, but come on, man.”

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How do you think Emmett babysitting a toddler alone would go? Do you think it would go well or would it be a fucking disaster??

Okay let’s think about this for a moment here.

Emmett, who has never played with a human kid in his immortal life, would be so lost at first. He’d be like ‘okay, give them food, water, and leave them with the toys. Cool.’

Ten minutes later and the kid is crying.

He’d probably then turn to youtube tutorials on how to deal with crying kids. I can imagine him seeing a father playfully tossing a kid in the air and being like ‘I can do that.’

Rosalie comes home to the kid being tossed up higher than the damn house and Emmett is never left alone with a human toddler again.

-Admin Ziggy

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When do you think Harry started wearing eyeliner? Or is it a pirate right of passage to have an on point eyeliner game except he doesnt always know what he's doing?

Omg maybe when Uma and Harry were younger, she stole some makeup from whoever and decided to test it out. So, she used Harry as her guinea pig along with herself.

She did a terrible job on Harry, but Harry was like “Cool! I look like I have two black eyes!” and thus Harry started using eyeliner on himself. Even if he never really learned how to use it properly it suits him.

Angel Baby

Summary: Daniel Howell is tired of being seen as a Baby, especially because it’s been his given nickname ever since it became well-known that he skipped an entire year at university. He’s not someone who needs his hand held or a dummy in his mouth, and yet everyone who knows him seem to think so, if they even know him at all. He decides that if he wants to get rid of his child-like image, he’s going to have to change. But just how far is he willing to go to clear his name? And what does a certain boy who’s far too cool for him have to do with it?

Word Count: 9,554
Warnings: Slight angst, slight smut, slight mention of alcohol tw
A/N: Two fics in a month, wowza! A million thank yous to @queennhowell for being my beta on this one, you did an excellent job and to the movie Baby Driver for (somewhat) inspiring this fic! I hope you guys really enjoy it! (Also it’s my longest fic to date can you believe that?)(Link to AO3)

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I know that we don't know much about ashkore but could you write some headcanons about how do you think he looks like or personality wise?

ok i wouldn’t call these headcanons, i just wrote some random ideas to feed my self indulgent ass lol. don’t expect any accuracy with this because as you said, we don’t really know anything about him.

i’m so going to regret this post if he turns out to be some old half lizard dude lmao

- I know that dragons no longer exist in the world of Eldarya but I’d be pretty cool if he was one of them, (or at least half-dragon or something) and it might show in some of his features.

- Almond shaped, crimson eyes that you could actually catch fire if you stared at them long enough.

- At least one tattoo: in his back, arm, i don’t care just give him some tattoos.

- Definitely has some scars in his body.

- It’s canon that he’s actually pretty tall (188 cm I think?), so he’s almost as big as Valkyon. He doesn’t seem as brawny but then again we haven’t see him without his armor.

- Red hair (or just some red hair please)

- Smirks A LOT. It’s almost his signature facial expression and it makes him look quite mischievous at times.

- Goes from 0 to 100 real quick. He could be all his nonchalant, smug self one minute and then his attitude could take a turn completely if you piss him off.

- We’ve seen in later episodes that he’s pretty smug and he might be a bigger sassy shit than Ezarel. Ashkore seems like is the master of the backhanded compliment and just straight-up sassafras.

- I think that he might be able to manipulate people easily. He’s been using Gardienne to mess with the guard until now

- I’ve said this already but If Ashkore belonged to any Guard it would definitely be Shadow. The people in this guard are very agile and discreet and excel in secret incursions and espionage. Ashkore’s been able to get into the GQ and steal goods from the laboratory and the kitchen right under the guard’s noses. He’s smart and fast and not even Nevra can keep up with him (which pisses him off greatly lmao).

- He’s quite the badass and he probably prefers  knives or daggers or a frying pan as his weapon of choice.

- He’s just fabulous tbh

Bonus: I’m actually so in love with @velvet-black-cherry‘s idea of Ashkore that I’ll actually be disappointed the moment they’ll reveal his appereance and it turns out that he looks nothing like this.

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do you know how thankful i am that you're a fellow kidge shipper?? v v thankful

Menta, I’m thankful everyday for our small kidge (and multishipers) community here, you and others are so cool, funny talented and fun to talk. I wish this whole VLD fandom to be like that. Bless you.

💥 Catwoman, Harley Quinn and Poison ivy as TBBT 🐱🌱

How cool are the villiams of Gotham? Here is my version of the bad girls as Penny, Bernadette and Amy. You know I love the crossovers, and I was watching the comic con trailer of Gotham, for the next season, and all I could think was about drawing it, so I did and this is the result, I have the guys too, I´ll publish it tomorrow (you will love it). 

I had so much fun doing it, thinking in how the guys will react to this costumes. A girl can dream, right? 💕💕 I hope you like it and Happy wednesday!! 😘😘

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How would the guys react if their s/o has a tattoo on her chest? (Something small, like a heart or a butterfly) Sorry for my bad english hehe....

Chichinasi s/o:

Everyone: Nah, your problem.

s/o who actually has boobs:

Shu: Haha.. Lewd. I knew you were a dirty woman.

Reiji: Clearly you have no self-esteem.

Ayato: Hahahhahaha! OMD! (Oh my Dracula) That’s so cool. Now I even more want to touch your boobs.

Laito: Fufufu… What do we have here Little Bitch… Someone’s been naughty.

Kanato: Disgusting! Teddy agrees.

Subaru: *blushes* I-I DIDN’T SAY I WANNA SEE IT!

Ruki: You should be punished for having something so promiscuous, Livestock.

Kou: Wow! Pretty cool M Neko-chan…

Yuma: You should get another one as well, maybe a tomato

Azusa: Beautiful…

Carla: I won’t have my woman having something like that on her skin. Get rid of it immediately.

Shin: I like, it shows your real face, you naughty girl…

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excuse you? When I click on a source, I expect a reputable article or statement and not a fanboy twitter of rey sky walker star wars hype. Like…. it doesn’t even take you to the source? I am assuming if it’s there you’ll have to scroll for it…. like… do you realize how sources are suppose to work? Next time just source the wiki for America because vague is cool

zak: excuse you? When I click on a source, I expect a reputable article or statement and not a fanboy twitter of rey sky walker star wars hype. Like…. it doesn’t even take you to the source? I am assuming if it’s there you’ll have to scroll for it…. like… do you realize how sources are suppose to work? Next time just source the wiki for America because vague is cool

me: excuse you? When I click on a source, I expect a reputable article or statement and not a fanboy twitter of rey sky walker star wars hype. Like…. it doesn’t even take you to the source? I am assuming if it’s there you’ll have to scroll for it…. like… do you realize how sources are suppose to work? Next time just source the wiki for America because vague is cool

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Do u think T only like boys? Or girls too?

One way I answer that question, anon, is by looking at how Tarjei answers questions about girls in interviews.

Such as the NRK P3 interview Tarjei did on June 7.


Interviewer: You have been on top of my dream guest list for half a year Tarjei Sandvik Moe.
Tarjei: So nice.
I: Welcome to P3 Morgen.
T: Thank you.
I: Ok, there’s a lot of stuff to celebrate in your life lately. Two Gullruten awards, that’s cool. TV moment of the year and Publikumsprisen. The two awards the audience could influence, you and Henrik Holm won. A TV season that affected a whole world during fall last year. Here at home you’ve become 18, congratulations on your birthday.

T: Thank you. I’m alive.
I: How did you celebrate?
T: I… It was a Wednesday so I woke up and went to buy beer.
I: In the morning?
T: Yes, yes I think so.
I: Was is a good feeling to finally be able to buy beer. Did they ask for an ID?
T: Yes.
I: Congratulations. Because I remember my 20th birthday. I went to the Wine Monopoly to finally buy legally, and they didn’t ask for an ID.
T: Right.
I: But did the person behind the disk notice that it was your birthday?
T: No, I had to tell them.
I: You did that.
T: I tend to brag a lot about myself so I said: “Hi, this is the first time I’m buying alcohol. Look at my ID. It’s 24.05. today. You can’t stop me now.
I: What did the shop person say?
T: “That’s huge. I remember my own time. I’m going to remember your face. But I don’t do that anymore.” It was a nice intention though.
I: What did you receive from your parents on your 18th birthday?
T: They will pay for my driver’s licence. Traffic courses and stuff like that.
I: That’s a pretty good present. Huge.
T: Yeah, it’s a lot of money. But I’m very scared of traffic. So that’s.. crash.
I: Traffic in general?
T: Traffic is scary in general.
I: Why?
T: I have weird experiences with it. The traffic is like “Fuck you Tarjei”. So… I’m serious.
I: What has the traffic done to you?
T: When I’m going home, I take the 21 bus from Frogner. Once, I sat on the 21 bus and then the 19 tram came and “bam”, and I just “woah”.  
I: Did you collide with the tram while you were on the bus?
T: Yes, I didn’t get any physical…
I: But you experienced it, wow.
T: Yes.
I: That’s impressive, but it ruined your experience. Is that the reason why you’re not getting a driver’s licence Tarjei?
T: Partly, and that I once went on in Grünerløkka and was looking down on my phone, listening to music, and the tram went by right behind me. I nearly felt it in my back.
I: I’m thinking Tarjei. You should not become a tram driver.
T: No. I have bad experiences with trams.
I: Perhaps project the aggression to the tram, or think positively about the traffic. Are you an inattentive person?
T: Yes. That’s it. I’m all over the place and I can’t really keep track of what’s happening in my surroundings. I feel like that’s a bad starting point for a driver.
I: At least you’re aware of it.
T: Yes.
I: Then you can do something about it.
I: There are a lot of bad drivers out there. But for now, you’ve put the driver’s licence on pause.
T: Yes. I’m doing the basic traffic course (trafikalt grunnkurs) next week.
I: Then you are already on your way.
T: Yes, I’ve started.
I: Because you need more challenges, more things to spend time on in your life. We’ll talk about all the other stuff you do shortly.
*Song starts playing*
I: Me and Silje are visited by the person who has conquered the whole world, Tarjei Sandvik Moe.
T: Hello.
I: What a huge success season 3 of Skam is. What’s it like when there are people outside your school waiting for you all day, from another country? What’s that like?
T: I feel responsible for taking a picture with them at least. “We have taking plane 13 hours.” Then I say “I can take 2 minutes of my time to take a picture.”
I: How many minutes do you spend on a regular Wednesday, taking pictures with people?
T: A regular Wednesday? Perhaps 15-20 minutes. It varies a lot. Suddenly they want to stop and talk. You have to have a conversation and stuff like that, so a lot of time. 20 times 365 is a lot of minutes.
I: It’s fascinating how this fandom works. Because we announced on air a few hours ago, that you were coming. And right before 8 o’clock we received an email from Brazil, from Felipe Lima. I don’t understand how this works. Somehow, the fact that you’re here has reached Brazil, and now he has sent us an email.
T: What’s Felipe saying?
I: He wants.. He loves you.
T: That’s nice.
I: He loves Skam and Tarjei’s, your work, and he wants you to say “Hi Felipe” now.
T: Hello Felipe. This is the T-man. I love that you love me.
I: Say I love Brazil.
T: I love Brazil. I’ve been there.
I: You’ve been to Brazil, it’s not a lie?
T: Of course. I was in Brazil when the world championship was held there. I watched a few football matches.
I: Apparently it’s Instagram that does these things. I don’t know. It’s a universe of its own. Where you’re one of the main characters.
T: Except I’m not in it myself.
I: Exactly. Do you get a bit stressed thinking about it all the stuff that’s going on there? Stuff you’re not able to see?
T: I think I’d be more stressed if I see it. It’s liberating to know that they have their own little playground where they can toy around with my face, and I can just stroll around in Oslo on my own, and not think about it.
I: You do notice it right? Because you receive gifts in the mail.
T: Yes.
I: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve received?
T: People send stuff to Nissen because they don’t know where I live.
I: That’s good.
T: There are a lot of messages from the office like “Tarjei, come to the office”. And I’m like thinking I’m going to get scolded and thrown out of school. Then I arrive and they’re like “Hey, someone has sent you a tie.”
I: That’s nice.
T: From China.
I: What’s the weirdest thing you’ve received?
T: I’ve received a stuffed animal that is supposed to be me. They’ve made a professional stuffed animal. It’s big and it’s me. Like… It’s me.
I: Are you for real?
T: Yes.
I: You’ve received your own action figure in a way.
T: Yes.
I: Just that it’s a stuffed animal.
T: It’s a big stuffed animal.
I: That’s wild Tarjei.
T: It’s too accurate. It’s Isak but it’s got the correct snapback tag on it. It’s wild.
I: Who made it?
T: It was from China Kosegruppe.
I: Where do you put.. Is your house filled with figurines of youself?
T: I just push them down into a box and try not to think too much about it.
I: Why not?
T: Because then you become self-obsessed.
I: Okay. Before the summer you said on Skavlan that you think it’s awkward to talk to your parents about your character in Skam, about the Skam phenomena. What’s that been like after a fall where the whole world took the Isak figure into their heart?
T: I gave up a bit. I talked to them about it now.
I: It’s going well at home?
T: Yes. They tell me “Tarjei you’re doing a good job”.
I: Would’ve been weird if they said anything else.
T: They tell me if I get a 3 in maths “It’s good that you’re not failing. You’re were good in that TV show Tarjei.”
I: You’re playing in Grease this fall.
T: Grease.
I: On with the leather jacket and slick. From Skam-Isak to Grease. That’s quite a change. What will that be like?
T: It’s still high school and…
I: Those summer nights. You’ve seen the original?
T: Of course. It’s a beautiful movie.
I: What’s your relationship with the Grease universe?
T: I think that universe is weird. People are weird, but it’s a musical. Teenager musicals are especially.. There are stereotypes. It’s a lot of fun.
I: Are you going to be a cool car mechanic guy?
T: No, I’m not. I’m one of the dorky guys in the group.
I: I see. We’re going to test if you’re good at singing. You’re in high school Tarjei. You’re going through our school diary.
Song starts playing
I: We’re visited by Tarjei Sandvik Moe, also known as Isak from Skam. That adventure is over soon. Will that be weird?
T: Yes. It’ll be weird.
I: You’re moving on to playing in Grease.
T: Yes, exactly.
I: Still working, and in school, last year at high school. That will be awesome. Right now you’re going to fill out a page in our school diary. Yes. Age? You’re 18. We’ve already established that.
T: Yes.
I: Now on to the important questions. Favourite food? Don’t freak out.
T: Balkan kebab.
I: Balkan kebab. I’ll write that down.
T: Pilestredet.
I: What do you order?
T: I order a kebab roll with extra sauce.
I: Extra sauce?
T: Extra sauce.
I: Hotness level?
T: Medium.
I: Always medium.
T: It’s a safe westside order.
I: What’s your favourite subject in school? Because you’re still in school?
T: Yes, I do drama so I’ll go with theatre.
I: Yes. Theatre. What was it like with your character this Christmas. People came from China to say hi all the time. Did you get straight A’s in drama?
T: I was on a 5, so I had to struggle my way up.
I: So you’re not good enough Tarjei. That Skam stuff isn’t that good.
T: My teacher doesn’t watch Skam.
I: Of course not.
T: What counts is your effort and if you can make theatre plays.
I: If you had to choose between the general subjects?
T: Norwegian.
I: Okay. What’s your favourite TV show?
T: Fargo on HBO.
I: What do you enjoy about it?
T: It’s a fascinating universe where everything works together. The characters are really interesting and you want to keep watching like all the time without an extremely structured Hollywood dramaturgy.
I: They trick you with cliff hangers, but you still want to keep watching right?
T: Correct.
I: Sounds nice. Favourite type of music?
T: Favourite music? I’m a huge deLillos fan. deLillos is my band.
I: So nice/cozy.
T: Latest music… I think Sigrid is awesome.
I: Sigrid is awesome.
T: That voice is like “what?!”
I: Have you watched her live?
T: No I haven’t. I just turned 18, there’s like 18 years old age restrictions. I hope she comes to Oslo.
I: She’s coming to Øyafestivalen.
T: She’s going there?
I: Yes.
T: I have to get a hold of a Øya-ticket.
I: Good luck, I think it’s sold out. Not the one day tickets, just the week tickets.
T: Then I’ll have to get a one day ticket.
I: Go on. Then you’ll get to hear Sigrid. That’s good. Who’s your greatest idol?
T: My greatest idol? Daniel Braaten.
I: A football player? Why?
T: I love the way he plays football.
I: How is it?
T: He seems like a laid-back guy who just enjoys playing football and doesn’t care about what the coach’s saying. And he’s really good. And he’s originally a Skeid-boy. I love Skeid, they make a of talents. Daniel Braaten is my idol.
I: Were you a football talent once?
T: I wouldn’t say talent, but I’m a previous Lyn player.
I: That’s good. Let’s go straight to “this is the celebrity I’d want to hook up with”.
T: Uhm…
I: We ask this question to everyone.
T: I’d have to say Sigrid then since she’s so good at singing.
I: Yes. And that’s an answer that is realistic as well. Age-wise and location in Norway. Tarjei, hold tight. You will be song interviewed my Markus Neby soon.

T: Woah.
I: What’s your thoughts on that?
T: Uhm, a bit excited.
I: That’s how it should be.
Song starts playing and the news
I: We’re visited by Tarjei Sandvik Moe. He has charmed the whole world as Isak in Skam. Markus Neby is in the studio. He’s going to interview Tarjei by using music.
Markus: Tarjei Sandvik Moe, you’re at an age where women are important, how’s it going now?
T: I’m very very fine.
M: How many are we talking? Do you have a girlfriend?
T: No I don’t.
M: How many women do you hook up with weekly?
T: At least 5.
M: Nice, nice, nice. You went on Jodel, to say that you’re single.
T: That’s very embarrassing. I’m not proud of that.
M: But it happened anyways. What are you looking for in a woman?
T: That she’s kind to me.
M: How do you want her to treat you as a good boy? What’s the nicest thing a woman can do to you?
T: Give me coffee and tell me I’m pretty.

M: Give you coffee and say that you’re pretty. How’s puberty going?
T: I think I’m soon finished with that.
M: The penis isn’t fully grown until you’re 20.
T: Exciting.
M: Nice to know. Nice to know if you have bad self-esteem. How’s your self-esteem?
T: I try to keep it down.
M: You try to keep it down. Isn’t it difficult?
T: Yes it’s really difficult. I’d wish it was lower.
M: You’re a cutiepie. You manage to be a humble humble cutiepie. What do girls think is your best trait? The ones that know you?
T: They tell me I’m good with my hair.
M: Nice nice curls. Do they call you curly Tarjei? Do they call you that?
T: No, but I’d wish that.

M: You’d wish that.
T&M: I’d wish that.
M: I’d wish that. Call him curly Tarjei.
T: Curly Tarjei.
M: Curly Tarjei.
M: What do they call you?
T: They call me Tarjei.
M: Just Tarjei.
T: Or TJ-Moe.
M: TJ-Moe. Do people call you TJ-Moe?
T: There are some people that call me that. Mostly because I tell them to do it.
M: Call me TJ-Moe. I’m called curly Tarjei. I’m called TJ-Moe.
T&M: Call me TJ-Moe. Call me curly Tarjei.
M: Good luck with that. I hope people will answer. Now we’ve gotten to know you better. This was nice.
T: It was a bit scary, but it went alright.
M: You were good curly Tarjei. Very good, curly Tarjei.
T: Thank you, curly Markus.
M: I’ve got really straight hair.
T: I know. We should try to make some curls in it.
M: Perhaps in the future. Thanks for now. Good luck with Grease. You’re already a pig (gris). Pig, pig, pig. Let’s stop there.
T: I didn’t hear the end.
M: You didn’t hear the end?
T: I didn’t hear the synth. Nothing.
M: The monitors are a bit difficult here in the studio.
I: This was beautiful nonetheless. And a very current genre.
M: I agree.
I: Calm R&B scenery.
M: I suggest this could be the pause act in Grease.
I: Great idea.
M: Tarjei’s new nickname.
I: People are gonna call you curly Tarjei from now on. Thank you for coming. Good luck with the final stage of Skam. Good luck with Grease. And not least, good luck with the russ celebration in your last year at high school.
T: Thank you.


Just support them!
A simple tag or ask saying “I love the way you draw x character” or “You have a precious style” or even just “amazing art” means A LOT!

I’ve seen hundreds of times people reblogging a post and putting 20 tags of how cool that drawing is when that post has 10.500 notes, but not typing anything in posts with amazing art but only 5 notes! WHY?!?

Why do you support more that artist that has thousands of followers and 20 asks everyday saying how amazing they art are and no that lil blog with 15 followers that draws awesome things but have like 7 notes? WHY?!?!?

Do you know how does it feel? Putting your soul in a single piece of art and it just gets 3 notes of your mutuals? DO YOU KNOW HOW DOES FEEL SPENDING 10 HOURS IN A DRAWING AND GETTING 6 NOTES? DO YOU? Because I do, and It hurts.

Please support small artists! Is easy and it isn’t very time consuming!
You know how happy a person can get about reading a simple “This is adorable”? do you? Cuz, just reading that can make the day of that person amazing!


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Once you get this you have to say five things you like about yourself, publicly. Then you have to send this to ten of your favourite followers ( non-negotiable, positivity is cool ☺)

1. I’m funny. Sense of humor can never be bought.

2. I’m a good conversationalist, as long as you do your part, too. (Yoko ng one-sided convo)

3. I think that when I put my mind into something, I can do it. :)

4. My cheeks. It’s rosy, and fluffy and it just makes me smile more.

5. I’m loving. No matter how much pain you’ve put me through, I’ll always find a reason why I liked you in the first place and still be good.

Thank you! 💕

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Hey so we have been mutuals for a while and we are cool but I gotta ask. I don't want to sound like a dick but what the fuck is oreful how do you pronounce awful like oreful what. Like. What I just don't even understand???


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You bringing back pastamonsters is almost like suddenly getting hitted by a train of 2012 nostalgia that I thought was out of commission and I'm honestly not sure what to feel about that, but I think I'm exited??? I know that I want to see how the story ends and seeing Laura again is gonna be cool. Anyway, have a nice day!

i had to do it when everyone was least expecting it

also have a nice day!