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So yeah, I haven’t post anything on here for the past months mostly because I forgot the email address but I’m back.. ish. I haven’t drawn much digitally and post it online as much anymore but for the past two day, I have been trying a new style but then it when back to my old style. But here it is 

I have fallen in love with @ask-2p-italy-luciano-vargas‘s Chibitalia. I have yet to actually improve since I’m still drawing on my old iPad with my finger which gets really stiff lately. But other than that, I have been loving 2p Chibitalia because he is so damn cute like Lord help my soul since I have been blessed by an Angel. If it wasn’t for this cute design, I would have been dead from stress of exams. Also when I saw you follow me, yeah, I kind of died right there

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Hey bronette, I have heard that you would like more people to ask about the 2p! Nordics, maybe they will ask, after you make a short biography/introduction of how you interpret them because not everbody is familiar with the 2p! nordics and would be interested of how you view them (atleast I would care)


Not a bad idea! I’ll do it!

So here are how I view the 2p Nordics:

2p Denmark:
He’s a quiet kinda brooding guy. He always has cigarettes on him and almost always has one lit and in his mouth. He tends to glare a lot too…

He doesn’t like a lot of attention and would much rather spend his time Sleeping, reading, going on a nature walk, of plain and simple watching view but doing all those things alone.

He doesn’t like PDA at all. The only time he’s willing to show affection is behind closed doors. Speaking of which, if he has an S/o, behind close doors he’s actually very touchy and affectionate with them. Not so much as smiling or talking(He’ll always have the tough brooding expression) but he’ll cuddle with them a lot, give them lots of kisses and hugs, firm smacks on the booty. Also, while he is more of a guy while likes to show you how much he cares he’ll occasionally mutter compliments to you and will thank you genuinely when you do something for you.

He has an average sex drive but is like 2p Canada and 2p Spain where he likes being super rough and is always dominant, no exceptions.

2p Sweden:
Okay so like he’s the cutest thing ever. He always has a small little smile. He loves play video games, and likes to work out. He’s actually very good friends with 2p Germany. He’s really fun to hang out with but people are always afraid of him.

He’s very kind and nice like 1p Russia and just doesn’t know his own strength. But he will fuck a bitch up if anyone’s messes with his friends. Because of how he used to be treated, he doesn’t know the difference between someone treating him normally and someone treating him like shit.

He loves to make sure everyone feels love. He personally believes that everyone is beautiful and awesome. His favorite people are people who act all mean and tough and are really emotionless but secretly care for him. Sadly hardly anyone cares for him in the way he wants them too…

He’s a switch, can be bottom or top and he’s into doing anything his partner wants just so they can be happy. But he does have a sort of high sex drive.

Now just because he’s willing to lay down everything for his s/o and friends doesn’t means he’s completely a doormat. Once you wrong him, he’ll hate you forever, you’ll lose all of his love, and he’ll be super cold with you.

2p Finland:
He hates everyone and everything.
He dislikes PDA always, even behind closed doors.
He hates it when 2p Sweden hugs him and tries to love on him.

But he does love his pupper and the sweets that come from Denmark. He likes to draw and often practices his shooting ability. He can often Lynne found cleaning his weapons, trying to pick fights with people, or reading. He gets real spicy real quick… If he actually has an s/o then they gotta be super understand and chill and patient with him.

Affection wise he’ll do the thing where he’ll slowly just mind worm his way into their arms. He’ll give quick kisses and he doesn’t have a high sex drive at all. His sex drive just kinda comes and goes.

If you even look at him the wrong way you’ll be on his kill list. But once he does get around to loving you in secret then if anyone hurts you, he’ll kill them hands down.

2p Norway:
Loves to smile and give out lots of affection. In general he’s super affectionate with everyone even strangers. He loves to wear cute sweaters and stuff. 2p Denmark is his hero! He’s like the stereotypical white girl where he likes Starbucks coffee, sweaters, and uggs.

He’s not very strong… but he does enjoy drawing and trying to help the less fortunate. He also likes to try and help endangered animals. He says that he’s got friends on the other side…

He’s a total sub man. Only on rare occasions when he’s angry or jealous he’ll be dominant and he’s got an average sex drive. He’s into pet play.

He usually needs someone to defend him. But he is Lowkey kinda crazy like 2p England (They’re actually good friends and see each other regularly.)

2p Iceland:

He’s very proper, doesn’t blush easy, but he does smile a, laugh, and is talkative. He loves to call 2p Norway his Brother and they have a very good bond together. Even though he doesn’t blush a lot, one thing that always gets him are surprise kisses.

He loves the cute things in life, but will cut you down faster then you can blink if you disrespect him. He’s very loving, he won’t hesitate to kiss you in front of everyone to make sure everyone knows his s/o is his.

Behind closed doors he is kinda perverted and being so young he does have a very high sex drive. He’s mostly dominant, but he’ll always make sure his s/o is well and taken care of and is always keen on listening to them.

He likes to build things, play cards, spend time with animals, and mostly spends time on his phone and social media. He loves to take risks and always looks for the odd things in life!


There we go! That’s how I view the 2p Nordics! Anyone who wants to request can AFTER I REOPEN THE ASK BOX. WHICH WILL BE AFTER A LITTLE WHILE.

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Hi! Could you please do 1p! Iceland and Norway, and 2p! Norway finding out their children can see magical creatures too? Like, maybe they're playing with a fairy or something lol. ^w^

Hello Anon! 

I would love to say that I even know how to tackle the 2P!s but sadly I do not,  BUT HERE is 1P! Norway’s reaction. 

As for Iceland…

Icey would just stand there in utter shock as he realized what was happening with his Son/Daughter. His eye would twitch and he would get out of sorts because he knew that he would have to talk to his “Big Brother” about this. But aside knowing Norge would poke at him and want to be around his son/daughter more, he would actually be pretty proud and be happy even though it went against what he would normally feel, that a piece of Norge was there so. Making him love his baby a little more, but he wouldn’t be able to explain why it pleased him so. He’d love them and hug them, excited that they could do something he couldn’t. And embrace them for it in full daddy support. 

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Okay, I absolutely LOVE your blog and you really made my day with your posts and head canons!! Also, may I request something? I really wanna see the 2p characters and how they handle embarrassing big sisters, if they have any? Like giving hugs in front of friends, calling them cute nicknames, and sharing embarrassing stories?? (Having a big sister myself, I pat myself on the back for surviving her embarrassing antics)

((haha, thank you very much puddin’!~ and sure, let’s go with gif reactions bc everyone seems to love those lately))

If the 2Ps had an older sister

2P!America: (love-hate relationship)


2P!England: (he’d act sweet around other people but act like a little devil around her)

2P!France: (at times he’d shut out everyone except for her)

2P!Russia: (he’ll be moody and she’ll be the only one who can cheer him up)

2P!Italy: (they’d be a dynamic duo; the only ones each of them could truly count on)

2P!Germany: (they’d do really stupid things around each other)

2P!Japan: (he’d do anything to keep her from embarrassing him)

2P!Canada: (she’d be one of the few people he could be himself around)

2P!Romano: ( best!! friends!! forever!!! also would judge people together)

2P!Austria: (he’d think he was the best little brother ever and try to convince her that he’s cool)

2P!Prussia: (he’d often go to her for advice, but she’d usually reply with “just fight them”)

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Hey hey I noticed you're doing nordics ;))) How would 2P Iceland react to his a shy, sweet s/o who wants to be with him but her family disagrees heavily? Thanks hun I love your writing!!

Let’s just say that he would be more then pissed. He honestly just wants to be together with his love. Why is that so hard for those idiots to understand? He would do anything to protect his dear. But they just can’t see it.

He would propose running away to his love. So they could live happily ever after, with just the two of them. But if that would be denied then he would just have to use good old kidnapping.

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Can I please request the gang's reaction to finding the reader dancing in their room alone?

((you might wanna check out this post too lmao))

you: *is dancing in your room alone when a 2P suddenly walks in*

2p!america: ……..,,,, hellz yeah pARTAYYYYYYY *starts breakdancing with you* WATCH THE MASTA

2p!china: oh, this looks fun. *slyly glides in and wraps his arms around you from behind, moves to the music* ayyyy, how do you feel about ‘dirty dancing’?  (¬‿¬)

2p!england: *le gasp* may i join poppet? *busts out some white-dad-at-a-barbecue dance moves* HUEHUE THIS IS FUNSIES~!!

2p!france: …… ur a huge fucking dork *small hint of a smile*

2p!russia: *sighs* how do you have that type of energy

2p!italy: *chuckles* what a sight.

2p!germany: FUCK YEAH *turns the music up higher* TWO PERSON PARTY *grabs a hair brush and starts singing the lyrics as into a microphone*

2p!japan: can u turn it down a bit plz

2p!canada: *has no expression change whatsoever and just continues walking into the room like nothing* by the way what’s for lunch

2p!romano: *jawdrops* …….. THIS IS MY JAMMMMMMM *steals your spotlight a.k.a the center of the room and takes over* NOW FOLLOW MY LEAD HONEY AND YOU’LL GET THE DANCE DOWN PERFFFF~~~

2p!austria: OOOOOOH, I LOVE THIS BANDDD!~ *hops onto your bed and starts shredding on the air guitar* “I BEG TO DREAM AND DIFFER FROM THE HOLLOW LIES; THIS IS THE DAWNING OF THE REST OF OUR LIVES… ON HOLIDAYYYY!”

2p!prussia: oh, am i interrupting something– *if asked to join* w-what? but i can’t dance…! Q ^ Q

The 2Ps finding out someone has a crush on them-
  • 2p!america: !!!!!!!!!
  • 2p!china: ....I-I LIKE YOU TOO I THINK
  • 2p!england: how cute awww
  • 2p!france: stop that
  • 2p!russia: oh god why no
  • 2p!italy: okay hehe
  • 2p!germany: let's make a baby
  • 2p!japan: how do i respond to this situation
  • 2p!canada: is this a joke
  • 2p!romano: lol well, who wouldn't? ;D
  • 2p!austria: tell me something i don't know~
  • 2p!prussia: um this is awkward bye
2p playing video games

Jason J, Jones/ 2p America: “I am winning i am winning come you guys try to catch up to me” 10/10

James Williams/ 2p Canada: “How do i remote” -2/10

Louis Boneyfoy/ 2p France: ….i quit” 0/10

Oliver Kirkland/ 2p England: *is smiling while stabbing a video game charter* “This is one way to get the anger out of system”  6/10

Sergei Braninsky/ 2p Russia: “this seem like a waste of time,once i master all the moves it so simple to beat why you pay sixty dollars for this” 8/10


Siegfried Beilschmidt./ 2p Germany: “DIE YOU MOTHERFUCKER KILL EM” 7/10

Luciano Vargas/ 2p Italy: “This fucing stinks!” 0/10

Flavio Vargas/ 2p Romano: “I am bored!!!!!!!!!!!!,can we at least play something fun!” 3/10

Klaus Beilschmidt./ 2p Prussia: “This is fun” :) 8/10

Kuro Honda/ 2p Japan: “concentration to the max will hit you if you try to take the controller away” 10/10 

Ryszard Edelstein/ 2p Austria: “are you kidding me, i could cause even more mass destruction in the real world” 4/10

Santiago Fernández Carriedo/ 2p Spain: “I hate this” 1/10

Anastasia Braninsky/ 2p Belarus: “why should i play such silly games, this is boring and to many buttons!” 2/10

Maryska Braninsky/2p Ukraine: “….i have no idea what i am doing,but i am winning” 7/10

2ps as things i've said

2p!America/Allen: “you know those people in those as seen on TV ads, where everything’s in grey and they just can’t do anything right? like they’ll literally just be holding a cup or something and they can’t even do that correctly? well, yeah, that’s my life.”

2p!Canada/James: “i own so many flannels yet no one knows i’m a lesbian. how do i make it more obvious??? wear my gay pride pin???”

2p!England/Oliver: “nothing will ever make me feel better.
[…wanna bake something with me?]

2p!France/Francoise: *after getting my braces on* “the pain i feel in my teeth still won’t compare to the pain i feel in my heart.”

2p!Russia/Viktor: “i show no emotion. i can push anyone away.
*sees a video of a puppy, begins sobbing*

2p!China/Xiao: “what the heck. there are so many pretty girls here, and not ONE wants to date me?! not ONE?!?! here i am, looking perfectly dateable, and i get ignored.”

2p!Italy/Luciano: “i swear, if he hurts her, i will shove his face into the deep fryer.
[why a deep fryer?]
listen, i’m tired, i’m hungry, and i’ve already used all my best torture techniques.”

2p!Germany/Lutz: “you don’t know me until you’ve seen me at four in the morning. i have no filter and sometimes i roll around on the ground like a puppy.”

2p!Japan/Kuro: “does it count as porn if i saw it in an anime?”

2p!Prussia/Gilen: “i crave affection, but whenever someone i don’t know tries to be nice to me, i shut down faster than an imac.”

2p!Romano/Flavio: “don’t go on my tumblr. literally 90% of it is just me talking about me being gay. the other 10% is me when i thought i was bisexual, and we all know how that turned out.”

-Admin Rei