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I just finished Winter, and omg, I love her so so much. I was actually going to draw Jacinter BUT I started sketching and it turned out to be just her. This one aaah so lovable I just can’t *cries*

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ayyy i saw ur kunikida mullet drawing, and i was curious if you'd be interested in drawing any more of our favorite blonde babe? ugh i just love the way that he looks in ur style asklsfkj thanks bye :*

and here i am contributing some various kunikidas w different hairstyles to you, anon


Day 4 of Cykesquill Week: Haircut!

I can’t make it in time for the previous days, but I can at least get Day 4 on time!!! 

I like (some) of my lines better than the colouring so you guys can get that too LMAO.

Simon’s look inspired by Prince Jinwoo of Winner (check them out they have absolutely amazing music and talent like no joke they’re perf <3)

give me stevebucky dealing with their ptsd together

  • steve whose hands shake when it starts getting colder even if he is a human furnace, who’s scared of ice and the chill not only because of the valkyrie but because of long winters spent in bed with bucky at his bedside and the threat of dying under their skin, their nails, embedded into everything
    • bucky who’s the first person to really, fully see it, who notices and turns the heat up and doesn’t look at him strange, because yeah it might only be a little chilly but bucky hates it too

  • bucky nudging steve awake at 4am with trembling jaw, saying, “nightmare” and steve just shuffling farther against the wall, because he likes being pressed in and bucky doesn’t, likes having steve at his six and clear sightlines
    • bucky telling steve, “hey, honey. it’s been three days since you’ve slept, want me to watch over you while you nap?” and steve does a sweep for bugs before he settles onto their too-small couch, and he only gets forty minutes of sleep before he’s shaking himself awake but bucky strokes his hair and tells him he’s proud for it
  • accommodating each other and understanding each others triggers: bucky hates hairdresser chairs, so steve starts learning how to do nice hairstyles and how to trim longer hair. steve hates hospitals and it’s not unavoidable, not in their line of work, but bucky never leaves him alone for a second in there, gets him out as soon as possible.
    • bucky can’t handle tightness at his wrists; steve holds onto the tips of his fingers only. steve can’t have his head under cold water, bucky starts carrying an umbrella everywhere just in case

  • jokes at 4am when they’re running on pure hysteria because they’ve swept the apartment, the entire floor, twice now and they still don’t feel right, crawling out of their skin. bucky cocks his gun and steve makes a motion at himself and suddenly they’re laughing and it’s not funny, not really, but for a moment they’re not thinking and it’s okay, it’s okay, it’s okay
    • bucky starts keeping notebooks and diaries and he never does the whole cliche “dear journal” thing but he does write down his thoughts so he can go over them later in a better state of mind. steve draws a lot more, draws with his feet in bucky’s lap and on his hands and anywhere. bucky steals a few doodles and shoves them into the pages of his notebooks that worry him most 

  • they aren’t cured, won’t ever be, probably, but it’s easier and they’re coping and they’re together and that’s more than they ever thought to want, to need, to ask for 
    • (and some day bucky’ll let himself sleep against the wall and another day steve won’t want to tear his skin off in the cold and some day, some days, most days, they’re doing alright)

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Hello, It's me again, finally i have a proper question :) . How 104th squad and vets would spend their day off? (btw how are ya?)

Mikasa: Do some Work like sewing stuff, washing, housework
Reiner: Train
Bertholdt: Sits down, thinking about his past
Annie: PLays with Animals
Eren: Tries to train but fights with Jean instead
Jean: …Fights with Eren and helps Mikasa (sometimes)
Marco: Take care of his Brothers
Connie: Writes some songs or Poetry
Historia: Teaches people how to do hairstyles
Armin: Reading and drawing pictures
Ymir: Tries to take a rest, sometimes helps Historia with the hairstyles (as a personal model)
Levi: Drinking Tea and cleaning
Hanji: Talking to people
Erwin: Visits graves the people inside the walls made to remember the soldiers who have fallen. Talks to the graves…
Nanaba: Plans how to fool the Cadets at night
Mike: Helps Nanaba and smiles to everyone he passes (he is just a sweetheart!)
Moblit: Tries not to worry. Drinks a lot…

tried human demons 

or as I like to call it


Dot “If I add eye lashes, you remind me of rock lee” Matrix

and “Cheekbones so sharp they can make a tear in the universe” Kryptos

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Ask of the day: when will people stop calling Kizana "Kokona wannabe", "Kokona imposter", etc.

kizana and kokona do look similar all right, but it is kind of annoying to call kizana ‘kokonas imposter’. they look similar and are more than likely both social butterflies, but thats about it? i might be missing something. plus, look at all of kizanas cool hair styles from the previous video! they might not look the same in the future!

‘sometimes i think it’s better for us to forget how young he is. because it is so unfair. what has he done— what eternities has he suffered—to deserve all that glorious and terrible power?’ 

Im highkey laughing so hard because i was telling my brother about the wolf Au and how Taehyung and Yoongi are parents and he just sighed and stared at me and was like

 “You know those dads that listen to rap and are hard as fuck but also know how to do every braided hairstyle known to man? That’s what i picture Yoongi as when i think of dad Yoongi.” 

And like i totally agree lol. Just think of Yoongi, the same guy that spat out Agust D and Cypher, grunting as his daughter totally side eyes him while he does a french braid with her hair. He’s totally a pro at it and even Sangmin and Sanghyuk watch with sleepy amazed eyes as he quickly and neatly braids Sunmi’s hair into the correct twist, all while thinking of new lyrics for his next mixtape. 

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The whole "Shinichi can do braids cause of girl nights" got me hyped. okay so he's forced into joining girl nights cause he's Conan right? so to because of them he's learnt how to do various hairstyles (fishnets, buns you name it) and he practices by using Ran's hair (online sites help too). He's a portable hair helper and is now (forcibly) equipped with the knowledge of shampoo, conditioners, treatments and hair dye (he even carries around spare hair ties, ribbons and pins. also hair gel)


Never thought hairdresser Cone would be a thing but it aparently is and I’m loving it? I didn’t think I needed it but I was SO wrong! 

I just realised something: Remember how Shinichi used to always sit behind Ran in school? Ok. Now imagine him getting bored in class so he started playing with her hair and doing braids- ABORT ABORT THIS IS TOO CUTE.