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Flowers of Darkness

Port Mafia + Flowers 

(scans by @dazaiscans, art by Kafka Asagiri, edit by me)


Chuuya explicitly declares that he attempted to kill Dazai in the past.

boi better give me a backstory quickly

(Scanlation credit: EGScans)

EDIT: Some people have been bringing up that Chuuya was simply saying that he would’ve killed Dazai if he was incompetent, nothing more. I don’t think this is the case. Look at how it’s drawn: in the top panel, they did the thing where they hid his eyes, and in the bottom they drew the scene so strikingly and vividly that I believe it’s suggesting something deeper.

Perhaps they got into spats in the past that wound up getting really intense, and that was what he was referring to. We just have to wait and see.

as much as i would enjoy the idea of chris and melissa dating because lets face it, they would be hella cute together, melissa literally just got divorced. SHE JUST GOT DIVORCED. so please, for the love of god !!!!! do not tweet at her or at chris, asking them if they’re together or any kind of shit like that. leave them alone.

it was a 13hr flight it was very boring alright cut me some slack 

they turn the ship tf around and everybody lives. the end 


while pap is having soup trouble, sans is having dog trouble

audio by @paper-mario-wiki

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ayyy i saw ur kunikida mullet drawing, and i was curious if you'd be interested in drawing any more of our favorite blonde babe? ugh i just love the way that he looks in ur style asklsfkj thanks bye :*

and here i am contributing some various kunikidas w different hairstyles to you, anon