how do dinosaurs say i love you

To be Rock n Roll you Have to Make everyone a little Uncomfortable

This summer, I cut my hair short. The shortest it’s ever been. And do you want to know why I did it? Because I wanted to. That’s truly the long and..ahem…short of it.
A lot of women have shorn their locks this year, all for various reasons. Some out of convenience like me, some for deeper meanings in search of personal change. Some ladies are doing it simply out of defiance to show the world that a woman’s hair does not define her worth or beauty.
It’s amazing when you are in the public eye how passionate people can get about small changes like this. Especially on the net, the name calling, sexist comments and the mean, judgmental attacks on my gender and sexuality. All because I cut a few inches off my hair. And in the meantime most of my male friends right now are growing their mops out down to they asses! It’s just hair, it grows and gets cut. And the reason I’m addressing this issue is because there’s this misconception that your hair, what you wear, how skinny you are, your social status etc…defines your worth and your beauty. To that I’d like to say that my short hair was a test and some of you passed, and some of you failed because This could not be further from the truth. Your worth and your beauty is measured by your heart. It’s Your ability to accept yourself and others for their uniqueness, and really, being a good human is what makes you beautiful. I’ve been friends,dated and have had trists with a few handfuls of people. I’ve fallen for people who aren’t “traditionally and marketed as” beauty, and have considered them sexy and fucking amazing looking because of their bold, spunky, golden heart. I’ve also had close contact with our ‘traditional, socially accepted as beautiful people’ … and the truth is … it doesn’t matter how long your hair , your skinny waist or glowing skin… if you’re an asshole nobody wants to fuck, love or have you in their circle! The most beautiful people that I’ve kissed and that I’ve have had in my inner circle… are the rebels… the people that are defiantly being them, dressing like the want to, wearing their hair like they want to, getting tats, piercings, or none of those things. Just owning who you are is seriously the most sexy and beautiful thing you will ever do! And for me personally…this is what attracts me to someone.
I hope that everyone goes on Facebook and checks out every foul comment people are making about my hair. I hope every little girl and little dude reads this. I’m here to tell you that there’s always going to be people who will criticize you, judge you and are going to be downright cruel to you for the way you look sometimes. But when this happens you have to remember that You are ‘Rock n Roll’. You are not a pop star or a porn star where your worth is measured by your youth and your looks…. you Are Rock n Roll because you make everyone uncomfortable and are unapologetically yourself, you walk into a room with your head high and Own it, you dress yourself the way you want and you follow your dream at all costs with no backup plan!
Let everyone say what they want. But the only reason someone will troll you about your amazingness is because they are insecure and/or are dinosaurs who have no clue how to exist in 2017. Be you. Love you. Because I love you and we Stand Out together.

And P.S. do not feel sorry for me about any ridiculous comments that have been thrown my way… be sorry for the people that posted them… poor souls, I only give them love and encouragement to find who they are inside and not just own it .. but “Rock n Roll own it”

Lzzy Hale

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33 + boyf riends for the ilu prompts!!

[The way you said “I love you.“ + 33. On a post-it note]

(Wherein sometimes you can say “I love you” without saying those exact words; a study in selected post its)

(inside one of Jeremy’s notebooks)

YOU LEFT THIS AT MY PLACE YOU FORGETFUL NERD!!! how do you even read your notes holy shit??? your handwriting looks like dancing snakes

P.S. flip through bottom right corner to watch a flippy animation thingy i made of a dinosaur putting sunglasses on


(inside the pocket of Michael’s hoodie)

Who’s the forgetful nerd now :P

You also forgot like eight of your pens but all of my pens disappeared idk so these are mine now. You’ll have to kill me if you want them back.

P.S. I almost did not return this. It’s very soft. Feel free to forget more often haha.


(passed to Michael during class)

I’m dying. I’m so bored.


(passed back to Jeremy during class, now with various doodles)

this here is gwendolyn and shes a lizard that fights with a war hammer thats on fire. you have til the end of the class to create a worthy opponent. GO!!


(stuck onto Jeremy’s phone. on the back is a shaky game of hangman)

dear sober jeremy,

yes, u got hammered last night. no, u didnt do anything that will require you to jump into the nearest sewer to live with bootlegged mutant ninja turtles. yes, you tried to dance on a table, but only for three seconds because rich pushed you off and proceeded to teach us how to dougie. yes, i drove you home, and no, you werent a bother. HYDRATE!! TAKE A SHOWER AND A PAINKILLER!! EAT AN EGG!!! hope u feel less hangover-y soon

P.S. drunk you is SHIT at hangman. you started suggesting emojis


(found crushed in the passenger’s seat of Michael’s car written in barely legible scrawl)

hangman is hard but thats ok cuz youre gorgeeo beatu CUTE

-J J J J J J J J

(on Jeremy’s wall)

what a great morning to remember that youre wonderful

(on Jeremy’s bathroom mirror)

looking pretty handsome, if i do say so myself

(on Jeremy’s backpack)

this backpack is so lucky to be lugged around by a RAD DUDE LIKE YOU

(given to Michael, folded up as a crane)

Thank you.


(folded up in Jeremy’s wallet. never posted anywhere)

I think

 Please don’t be 

It’s okay if you want to stop being fri

I’m in love with you


(in a tin container along with a Magic The Gathering Card and a ticket stub to Weird Al. never posted anywhere. this post it has been here for a while.)

im falling in love with you.


(slipped into Michael’s locker)

Lunch? Just the two of us?


You are Umasou is the cutest shit ive ever seen in my life and I wanted to do my own take on Heart and Umasou.  I heavily recommend this movie for the cute factor, personality, emotions, and charm.  If you liked Arashi no Yoru Ni, you’ll almost definitely like this.

Normally I get excited about more accurate dinosaurs, but I have to say that I ended up loving the designs for this movie, because they used them very well.  The way the characters looked did a lot for how they acted, moved, and expressed.  Looking at stills I thought it might be awkward, but it meshed perfectly with the animation style and tone the movie had.  Its pretty impossible not to fall in love with Heart and Umasou.  This movie also has some pretty stellar animation at times, and the simple designs shine the most when Heart is swiftly running around and kickin ass.  Also in making sure you “awww” audibly at Umasou at least once. 

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🦎 Dinosaur Things for Littles Under $20  🦎

As requested by @magicsparklebear​, a list of dinosaur things for under $20. I hope you enjoy, I put a lot of hard work into this one to find good stuff at good prices <3

Clothing & Accessories

I’m a graphic designer, so if you want me to make a design for you, let me know! I can offer a variety of other things (t-shirts, hoodies, notebooks, pillows, mugs, jewelry, dresses, nightgowns, tank tops, footed PJ’s, iPhone cases, lunch boxes, tote bags, and more.) Just send me a message and we’ll see what I can do for you :)

Dinosaur Socks $9.95

Mommy’s Little Dino Shirt $13.99

Little Dino Shirt $14.99

Stuffies, Pillows, & Blankies

Stuffies by the same brand will be grouped together, so if you like the style of one, you can see other dinos like that :)

The Good Dinosaur Fleece Blankie $12.95

Microwaveable Lavendar-Scented Dinosaur Plush $19.50

Simple Blue Brachiosaurus $7.35 Pink Stegosaurus $10.05 Orange T-rex $9.99

Orange  Dreamy Eyes Triceratops Plush $10.04 Blue Stegosaurus $10.99 Blue Triceratops $10.75 Brown T-Rex $10.79 Green T-Rex $10.19

Huge 31.5″ Dinosaur Plush $17.99

5 Cute Mini Dino Plushies $16.95

Cute Pink Triceratops $8.43

Beanie Baby Tooter the Dinosaur $7.99 Swoop the Pterodactyl $9.88

Set of 4 Dino Plushies $9.95

Bean Filled Green Pterodactyl Plush $8.98 Blue Triceratops $10.99

Arlo from The Good Dinosaur $19.99

Big Pterodactyl Plush $10.09

12 Plush Dinos $19.99

Toys & Games

12 Dinosaur Squirting Bath Toys $10.97 5 Squirt Toys $9.99

12 Dinosaur Rubber Ducks $7.15

12 Bottles of Dinosaur Bubbles $8.99

12 Water-Growing Dinosaurs $5.25

72 Mini Plastic Dinosaurs $7.48 100 Pack $12.99

12 Dinosaur Skeleton Figurines $11.49

Inflatable Brachiosaurus $12.01 Pteranodon $10.90 Spinosaurus $11.79  Parasaurolophus $5.69 Triceratops $8.69 Velociraptor $13.56

12 Glow-in-the-Dark Plastic Dinosaurs $11.99

12 Jumbo Plastic Dinosaurs $12.98

5 Rubber Dinosaur Toys $5.69

6 Chewable Squeaky Toys $7.99

Dinosaur Bubble Shooter 9.99

Inflatable Sprinkler Water Sprayer $12.49

Walking, Roaring, Light-Up Dinosaur Toy $11.99

Dinosaur Toy Box & Play Mat with Dinosaur Toys $19.50

10 12x12 Foam Floor Mat Puzzle $14.95

Bucket of 40 Dinosaurs $13.99

Dinosaur Baloon Art Kit with Pump $8.93

Dinosaur Beads with Holes $3.99

4 Dinosaur Vehicles $14.95

Big 22″ T-Rex Action Figure $14.99

20 Dinosaur Magnets $11.99

Dinosaur Matching Game $9.99

Dinosaur Kick Ball $10.00

100 Piece Dinosaur Puzzle $11.98 24 Piece Puzzle $11.49

Dinosaur Play Mat with 2 Dinosaur Toys $11.71

24 Dinosaur Eggs with Mini Plastic Dinosaurs Inside $5.82

Dinosaur Painting Sponges $5.50

4 12-Piece Wood Kid Puzzles with Storage Box $11.99

LEGO Creator Mighty Dinosaur $12.79

Dinosaur Inflatable Bop Bag $13.50

24 Jurassic World Dino Temporary Tattoos $3.15

72 Dinosaur Tattoos $4.12

Bottles, Sippy Cups, Water Bottles, Pacifiers, Pacifier Clips & Holders, Rattles, & Teethers

There wasn’t much in this category, I’m sorry! D:

Teethe-a-saurus $9.50

Dinosaur Stuffy Pacifier Buddy $13.95

Dinosaur Pacifier Clip $6.00

Plush Dinosaur Rattle Ring $7.91

Kiddy Books

I Love You, Snugglesaurus! $7.99

Dinosaur Kisses $4.91

Peek-A-Boo Dinosaur $3.47

I Love My Dinosaur $4.88

Oh Say Can You Say Di-no-saur?: All About Dinosaurs (Cat in the Hat’s Learning Library) $5.46

The Dinosaur Who Lived in My Backyard $5.91

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs $7.97

How Do Dinosaurs Play with Their Friends? $6.08

Thomas and the Dinosaur $3.95

Dinosaur Train: Triceratops for Lunch $3.14

I’m a T. Rex! $4.99

Arts & Crafts

6 Dinosaur Cookie Cutters (For Playdough) $8.04

The Good Dinosaur Spiral Notebook & Pen $9.96

8 Dinosaur Figure Erasers $9.60

24 Dinosaur Pencils & 24 Dinosaur Erasers Set $10.99

48 Mini Dinosaur Stencils $5.31

Dinosaur Mold (For Baking or Playdough) $4.99

Dinosaur Stencils $8.99

Dinosaur Stencil Activity Book $10.17

185 Dinosaurs Sticker Pad $4.99

Dinosaur Craft Activity Book $8.30

40 Chunky Dinosaur-Shaped Crayons $15.99

Blue Dinosaur Pencil Case $9.99

The Good Dinosaur Pencil Case $6.49

Roll of 200 Dinosaur Stickers $7.68

Paint Your Own Dino $12.96

Dinosaur Coloring & Activity Book $3.35

4 Holographic Dinosaur Scratch Art Boards $4.99

Dinosaur Stampers $5.50

4 Jurassic World Sticker Sheets $1.49

12 Moveable Dinosaur Erasers $8.54

12 Cute Dinosaur Erasers $6.95

How to Draw 101 Dinosaurs $4.99

110 Glittery Dinosaur Stickers $6.49

Dinosaur ABC Coloring Book $3.99

Home Decor

Dinosaur Plastic Table Cover $4.88

Peel & Stick Wall Decals $11.99

Dinosaur Curtains $19.99

Dinosaur Shower Curtain $17.99

20 Dinosaur Magnets $11.99

3D Dinosaur Night Light Lamp $17.79

Dinosaur Curtains $16.99

Dinosaur Curtain Ties $10.00

Dinosaur Wall Hooks $17.99

Food & Drink Related

12 Frosted Dino-Mite Lollipops $5.90

6 Dinosaur Cookie Cutters $8.04

Dinosaur Soup Ladel $9.98

Dinosaur Pasta Scooper $12.99

Dinosaur Salt & Pepper Shakers Set $13.64

Dinosaur Sandwich Cutter $2.59

Kiddy Dinosaur Mugs $11.12

12 Packages of Dinosaur Gummies $17.50

Dinosaur Plate, Bowl, Cup, Fork, & Spoon $16.50

Dinosaur Divided Sections Plate $6.95

The Good Dinosaur Bowl Plate & Cup $7.10 Fork & Spoon $3.99

Dinosaur Lunch Box $10.39

Dinosaur Water Bottle $9.98

Other Dinosaur Stuff

Dinosaur Umbrella $13.90

The Good Dinosaur Bandaids $8.48

Dino Dan 4 Pack DVD’s $9.79

Dinosaur Toothbrush $2.99

Personalized Dinosaur-Themed Toothbrush Holder $10.95

Dinosaur Watering Can $7.99

All prices above are valid as of 09/10/2017 23:16. Product prices and availability are accurate as of the date/time indicated and are subject to change. Any price and availability information displayed on [relevant Amazon Site(s), as applicable] at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product.

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If you're taking prompts from that angst list, could I request “look, i know we agreed to be friends and everything but that’s what everyone says when they break up. i can’t take you asking me for advice on how to ask out the new person you’re interested in, okay? it’s killing me” With stucky? :) Or really any of them. Your writing is awesome, it'd be fun to read whatever you choose! :)

Everyone breaks up at the end of senior year. It’s just a thing that happens. In fact, he and Steve were smart about it — they broke up at the beginning of summer so they could be over the initial heartbreak before school, so they could enjoy the first few weeks. And sure, it was tough spending the summer knowing Steve was a few blocks away and not being able to climb up the fire escape and drink frosty root beers, but as the summer progressed they started texting again, and had even gone to get coffee together the week before Bucky was set to move to Northwestern.

Now it’s almost Halloween and they’re talk each other almost like they used to.

And Bucky is over him. He swears.

“Texting your boyfriend?” Wanda asks over a lunch of cafeteria burgers and fries on October 30th.

“Not my boyfriend,” Bucky corrects as he types out ‘LOL’ to Steve.

“But it’s him, right?” Wanda asks.

Bucky glares at her over his phone.

“And that’s all the answer I needed,” Wanda says, stealing a fry from Bucky’s plate.

“You have your own!” Bucky says.

She dips the fry in ketchup. “Yeah, but yours are crispier,” she says.

Bucky rolls his eyes and then his phone starts ringing. Confused, Bucky looks down and sees the picture of Steve sitting in the branches of a tree that Bucky took the summer before their junior year. Bucky swallows hard. He probably just butt-dialed him. It’s probably just a mistake.

Bucky’s going to answer it anyway.

“Sorry,” he says to Wanda as he stands up. “I gotta take this.”

“Enjoy talking to your boyfriend. I’m going to eat your fries.”

“There better be a fresh plate here when I’m done,” Bucky says, then answers. “Hullo?”

“Hey Bucky,” Steve says, and that pain in his chest is totally normal, right? It’s just how you should react when you hear your friend’s voice for the first time in months.

“Hey, uh, Steve. Thought you were butt dialin’ me or somethin’.”

Steve laughs, low and throaty, and if Bucky weren’t maneuvering through a crowded cafeteria, he’d close his eyes and focus on taking it in. “Nope, I just… I have something going on, and I want to talk about it. Can we chat?”

“Of course,” Bucky says. “Whatever you need, Steve.” His throat’s closing up for no reason, none at all.

“Thanks, Buck,” Steve says. Bucky finally gets outside to where it’s quiet. “It’s just, I’ve always talked to you about this kind of stuff and it feels weird talking about it with anyone else, so… I’ve just been wanting to talk to you about it.”

Bucky bites down on his bottom lip. “What kinda stuff, Steve? You okay?” Bucky asks, suddenly worried.

“Yeah!” Steve says, “Yeah, I’m fine, I’m just… There’s this party tomorrow night, a Halloween party and there’s… well, there’s this guy.”

Bucky swallows.

Is this how it felt when the dinosaurs saw that meteor up in the sky, unable to do a thing before it killed them all? Because all at once it feels like the world is ending.

“A guy?” Bucky manages to say.

“Yeah, he’s… He’s a junior. I met him in an art history class. And he’s… really great, actually. I dunno, I haven’t felt like this in… Well, he asked if I’d be at this party tomorrow night and I’m just nervous in a way that I haven’t been in a long time.”

“Don’t worry, Steve,” Bucky says, “I’m sure he’ll love you.”

The ‘like I do’ is implied.

— —

Bucky forgot how fucking horrible New York is on Halloween.

“Can’t believe I’m doin’ this,” he mumbles as he dodges drunk NYU students dressed in culturally appropriative costumes on his way into apartment 602. He gets in with no difficulty and starts the processes of scanning the crowd. Steve usually stands out, but it’s Halloween and knowing Steve he’s probably in some awful, obscure costume that no one understands.

And then he hears some guy say, “Are you listening to me, Steve? Jesus, why would you hide your body in that turtleneck?” and Bucky knows that Steve recycled last year’s Andy Warhol costume.

It’s easy to spot the white wig and the creep hovering next to Steve. Bucky pushes his way through a small throb of gyrating people with all the adrenaline of draining his bank account for a plane ticket to New York just on the off-chance he can win his ex-boyfriend back.

Which just so happens to be the situation.

“Anyhow,” the creep says. “Maybe we should go back to your place and we can take that turtleneck off, huh?”

“I’m not…” Steve starts then seems to see Bucky a few steps away. “Buck?” he asks.

“Steve!” Bucky says, finally getting to him. “Who’s this?” creep asks. Bucky ignores him.

“Bucky, why’re you here?” Steve asks.

“Because it’s really fuckin’ rude to ask your ex who is obviously still hung up on you about some new guy. What the fuck, Steven? Your mother raised you better than that!”

Steve looks stunned and silly in his white wig and all-black ensemble. “I’m… I’m sorry, I didn’t…”

“Didn’t think?” Bucky asks.

Steve barks out a laugh. “Yes!” he says. “I didn’t.”

“That’s why you need me,” Bucky says. “Someone’s gotta do the thinkin’.” He pauses, suddenly self-conscious after his big speech. “I mean, if you want to. Think. Be with me. That sort of thing.”

And that’s when Steve starts grinning. “Yes,” he says, emphatic. “Yes, Jesus. Bucky, I missed you. I love you.”

It takes them about four seconds until they’re grabbing at each other, kissing, and knocking Steve’s wig off. Bucky hears the creep mutter, “What the fuck?” but he doesn’t care.

He’s here. With Steve. And that’s how it should be.

great comet characters as heathers quotes
  • natasha rostova: are we going to prom, or to hell?
  • pierre bezukhov: whether or not to kill yourself is one of the most important decisions you can make.
  • sonya rostova: if you were happy every day of your life, you wouldn’t be a human. you’d be a game show host.
  • marya dmitrievna: you know what i want? cool guys like you out of my life.
  • anatole kuragin: our love is god. let’s go get a slushie.
  • hélène kuragina: i use my grand IQ to decide what lip gloss to wear in the morning and how to hit three keggers before curfew.
  • fedya dolokhov: dear diary, my teen angst bullshit now has a body count.
  • old prince bolkonsky: fuck me gently with a chainsaw! do i look like mother teresa to you?!
  • mary bolkonskaya: great, so heather gets the front page, and i get crammed in by the taco bell coupon.
  • balaga: chaos is great! chaos is what killed the dinosaurs, darling!
  • andrey bolkonsky: i say we just grow up, be adults, and die.

Two Men in Love

“If I asked you now,
Will you be my prince,
Will you lay down your armour
And be with me forever…
When you open me
All the power in me moves,
How you want to see
All the depths of me real,
When you open me,
All the power in me moves,
I feel real…

I love you, I love you…”

~by The Irrepressibles

“Soulmates”, Day 5 for TimKon weeeeeek!!

Do I need to say more?

The song is beautiful, guys. Please listen to it. (●´□`)♡

And I have another “VERSION” for this. *wink wink*
I’ll post it someday.

Like Father, Like Daughter | Jin

Originally posted by bts-jimin16

Description: It’s dinnertime and your husband, Jin, volunteers to cook. It’s another family night at the Kim household.

Word Count: 860


They say dinner time is the most important time for families to eat together. In my household, eating is more important than life itself. Dinner is made at the same time every day and is not a minute late. If it is then I won’t hear the end of the whining and threats of starving to death.

As weird as it sound, food is what brought Seokjin and I together. We met at an award show. We were both reaching for the same dish at the catering table and the rest leads up to here. Even when I was pregnant with our daughter, Nari and food become all I wanted and he was on a mission to satisfy my pregnancy cravings.

I head into the kitchen to get a start on dinner. I make it to the fridge when I’m stopped by a pair of arms attaching themselves around my waist.

Keep reading

Ok I’ll try to post more on this blog. I pretty much started my transition with it so I’ll continue keeping this thing alive. This is a pretty new picture of me (16.11.17) and I still didn’t had more surgeries than the chest surgery. That’s because I’m too afraid of the others at the moment and I can’t really do them now because of work. Some more facts about me? I’m currently 23, 185 cm/6.09 ft and still a huge nerd. I love Stranger Things and by love I mean I’m having christmas lights everywhere and painted the abc on my wall. I even have Stranger Things tattoos. I also love Jim Hopper and Steve Harrington. I mean.. did you take a look at his hair? Joe Keerys hair is perfekt. I love listening to twenty one pilots and Macklemore.  I started playing Overwatch some weeks ago. I’m still addicted to dinosaurs. I have many pets. I love them, they are my family. I’m half-orphan because my dad passed away this year. He was a great man and I hope I can make him proud with this stupid dork I am. I also do cosplay. I’m a youtuber uploading cosplay convention vlogs and videos about transsexuality and how to get stuff changed in Germany. Yeah..I guess that were some informations? Do you want to know more? Write me! I love seeing questions or messages even if they are anon. ♥

oh and like my name says I’m Matthew / Matt

Cosplay YouTube:

Trans YouTube:

The sins of the past

It’s been two years now Alex and Chara are in couple. They live happily in their own house. Chara works as a gardener in Toriel’s school with Asgore. Sometimes they work for the monsters and the humans too. Alex is a doctor. The experience with MemoryHead convinced them the world need more physicians. Everyone is happy and Chara is about to do their most hard choice. 

-Hello sweetie, how was your day ? (Alex)

-Pretty good. I did the garden of Monster Kid and Frisk. This two should take care of their garden more carefully. (Chara)

-Haha well it’s difficult when one of them is an ambassador all the day and the other is a dinosaur without any arms. (Alex)

-Yes you are right dearie. (Chara)

-So what do you want for dinner ? And don’t worry I already bought a chocolate cake for you *wink* *wink*. (Alex)

-Hehe you are an adorable vicious dork when you want. I will say pizza for once (Chara).

-Pizza ? You know I love it. (Alex)

-Of course sweetheart, I know you well…hey what’s going on with your nose ? (Chara)

Blood flows from their nose.

-Nothing, just a cold. Don’t worry about it. Let’s command some pizzas. (Alex)

After several pizzas and a chocolate cake. Chara will try to do their biggest choice.

-Hey Alex. (Chara)

-Yes Sweetie ? (Alex)

-Would you want to….marry me. (Chara)

A wedding ring appears in front of Alex.

-Oh my god Chara…Of course I *cough* want to *cough* sorry Chara I need some water *Cough*

Blood flow from their mouth and Alex faints on the ground.

-Alex !! Alex !!!!

After several days in the hospital. Everyone is trying to calm Chara. This hospital is filled with Human Doctor and Monster Doctor. By combining the technology and the magic they can heal almost every illness in the world. However for Alex…

-Please Doctor, How is Alex ? (Toriel)

-I am so sorry, even with our ressources. We won’t be able to save Alex. What the things happened with MemoryHead destroyed everything in their body. (Doctor)

-No…no way…(Chara)

-Alex wants to see you before they….go away (Doctor)

Chara enters in a room full of silent and sadness. They see their love in a situation they didn’t expect.

-Hey sweetie *cough* (Alex)

-It’s all my fault…If I wasn’t so stupid…you wouldn’t be here today…I want to ask Frisk to do a reset…

-No don’t do that ! You have to take care of *cough* (Alex)

-Take care of what ? (Chara)

-Of our baby *cough*. (Alex)

-How did you…know…I didn’t tell you yet…(Chara)

-I told you I know you *wink* make me this promise : don’t reset and take care of our baby (Alex)

-I promise *sobs* *sobs* (Chara)


Alex closes their eyes for the last time

Several years later

-Mom how was my dad ? 

-Well Kalex I will tell you their story and how much they were the best. (Chara)



Thane, I love you man, but you killed my ship in a matter of minutes! XD

My poor child T^T And Kalex <3 Chara baby, Alex loves you <3 XDD 

Thank you so much for making me whimper for my children Thane xD I love this!! Thank you so much! (I’m getting back at you!!) 

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Tbh,, you are the only blog that post heathers I follow bc you do have reasonable opinions ( and not like most blogs that are all 'uvu heather mc is my baby ilu' 'how can you no ship xx??? it's sO adorable'(seems they forget the plot of this) so yeah you probably think is dumb and I'm sorry I put this in your askblog but I had to say it bc the heathers fandom makes me maaadd

My dude I feel ya and I totally get what ur saying, bUT if you wanna check these out if you haven’t already- there are a few other blogs that post good heathers related content as well as other things. They are pretty rad and they have their own opinions brahh

@power-of-innocence (Rillie doesn’t give a shit it’s amazing)
@so-chaos-killed-the-dinosaurs (fellow Peathers hater how do you do lmao, rad opinions !!)
@miranda-mundt-art (rad art in general my dude I love her)
@freezerbrain (amazing fren, aWESOME AUS)


Dating Killer Croc (Waylon Jones) May Include…

“I Love You”

  • You were the first one to say it
  • It was the first time he’s ever heard the words
  • He waited for you to say “Psych!” but you never did
  • “I…Love..You..” The words were drawn out
  • But true, nonetheless
  • He felt super uncomfortable afterwards
  • You both silently agreed to never say the words again, only show them through actions and other variations of words


  • He’s a insecure guy
      • He doesn’t act like it, but he has
      • He’s tried to shape himself into a monster
      • Something that people fear
      • He uses his appearnce to his adavantage
      • But he still wishes to be someone–something–else
  • You always reassure him that no matter how he looks or acts or is, you’ll still be here with him
  • You’d never leave with your own free will
  • You love him


  • His: He isn’t much for nicknames, but he does like calling you Lovely.
      • Because you’re lovely and like the Heaven to his Hell
      • That makes like no sense
      • ha
  • Yours: Dino, Cutie,Godzilla, Scaly-Boo, Boo, Dork, Honey Muffin.


  • Waylon loves hoodies, jackets, sweaters
  • Over the time you’ve known him (and been dating), you’ve gotten him a ton of clothes
      • Some that you’ve stolen
      • Some you actually bought
  • Your favorite thing to do is buy matching clothes
  • You bought him a sweater for Christmas that says “See Ya Later, Alligator” and you got one that said “After A While, Crocodile”
      • He wouldn’t say it
      • But he loved it
  • You also got him a dinosaur onsie
      • *cough* danisnotonfire *cough*


  • Waylon isn’t big on PDA
  • But he does love to hold your hand whenever given the chance
  • And nuzzle his face into your cheek/neck
  • He likes how you smell too
  • But not in the “I’m going to eat you way”
    • I mean, he’ll eat you…but not in that, amiright? (;
    • Well, if you’re a guy he’d just blow you tho
    • Hah
    • Someone kill me
    • I hate myself


  • You had a tough time getting Waylon to move into your apartment
  • He didn’t think he deserved to not be treated like the monster he thought he was
  • The idea of living in a home, with you, was…surreal


  • He likes to hold you close and snuggle his face into your shoulder
  • Your scent gives him peace
  • He hasn’t had a nightmare since he moved in tbh
      • He had nightmares of the sewar
      • And of himself

And I’m blank, oops

DATE: AUG. I 2016
NOTES: Sorry for the wait. I have until Thursday to be all packed and moved out so…

Dexter’s Laboratory Quotes Sentence Starters

“Girl, I have seen better steps on a ladder. “ 
“Oooh! What does THAT button do?”
“How dare you kick me out! I’m gonna report you! I’ll have your badge! I’ll show you! You haven’t heard the last from [ insert own name ]!”
“Blast you, [ insert name ] ! Now there’s an idea… blast [ insert name ]. Yes, blast [ insert name ]!”
“I have no friends, and I am totally unpopular.”
“In your dreams, you freaky little gnome”
“Gather round, all you mortals, and behold the fury that you cannot deny! And you won’t be disappointed, either.”
“What do I have to do to be cool?”
“You fool! Mothers/Fathers/Parents do not get sick; they take care of the sickly!”
“Cooking? Cleaning? These are not the things a little boy/girl/child knows how to do!”
“Yes, [ insert name ], I can read your thoughts, and I am smarter than you.
“Excellent! My sneaky ways have put me in the lead!”
“ I’d give myself a pat on the back, but I’m driving, so I’ll have to do it later!”
“By human standards, I know a lot.”
“Say no more, [ insert name ], oh ye of little mind. I’ll save the day and take all the glory!
“Would you please assist me by…SHUTTING UP!?”
“Anybody want to buy a dinosaur?”
“I wanted to call you back and tell you that you have got cooties and I am love with….with…my football. Bye.”
“Join me! Come to the Muffin Side. Do not resist. It is your destiny.”

A Sweet Obsession

Request: Hi, I was wondering if you could do a fic where yn mentions she loves koalas and dan and you start obessing over koalas and he says how one day he is going to need to take you to Australia to see them.xx

Word Count: 211

Warnings: Nope

I’m sorry its short, I couldn’t think of anything else to write. I hope its okay!

You snuggled into Dan, pulling the sleeves of his dinosaur onesie you were borrowing over your hands. You were having a chilled-out evening, watching TV and eating pizza. You both agreed it was the best type of dates, if you could count it as one, and so had them a lot. Dan smiled down at you, kissing you softly on the head when you suddenly stared to squeal.

“Y/N? What’s up?” He fretted, and you pointed at the TV. Koalas. It was a nature programme, and the sight of them made you so happy. “Koalas?” He chuckled at you, and you nodded enthusiastically.

“Of course, I love them so much!” You grinned. “I’m surprised you didn’t know!”

“Well, I didn’t.” He shook his head, and settled back down on the sofa together. You watched them on the TV, your lips constantly pulled into a smile.

“They are so cute! I bet they are so fluffy…”

“They smell great. I need to take you to see some in Australia one day.” He told you, and your eyes widened.

“Oh, my god! Yeah! I need to meet one!” You fangirled, Dan grinning and laughing.

“Whatever you’d like, love.” He mumbled, kissing you on the cheek. You giggled, nodding.

“It’s what I’ve always wanted.”

anonymous asked:

The signs when they hear I love you?

Aries: *pulling pants back on* oh uh thanks I had a good night too…

Taurus: rawr means I love you too in dinosaur ~ :3

Gemini: lol which one :)

Cancer: we’ve only just gotten the hang of hand-holding, now this?!?

Leo: no that’s not how I pictured you saying it, do it again

Virgo: *internal pterodactyl cry*

Libra: sweetie (:

Scorpio: *under reacts because they’ve already been through this fantasy 1000 times in their head*

Sag: *shoving breadsticks into purse* I have to go home right now immediately

Cap: *muffled voice* I ugh you too

Aqua: yes ok cool but back to the conversation - jet fuel CANNOT MELT STEEL BEAMS, STEVEN

Pisces: oh wow :))))) um ok right well yeah ok wowee amiright wowzers trousers ok ok here we go here we go um hummuna hummuna ok let’s have a think here wowee ok righto


Cas being relegated to questioning the victim’s six year-old daughter because Dean and Sam don’t want him freaking out her widowed mother. 

Dean walking into Danielle’s room forty-five minutes later to find both her and Cas deep in conversation while working on some crayon drawings. He’s decked out in a sparkly tiara and drawing a gorgeously detailed unicorn while she works on what appears to be a T-Rex. They’re idly chatting about dinosaurs, and it takes a second for Dean to figure out that Castiel is talking about how lovely the diplodocus’s singing voice was. 

“But how do you know?” Dani says. 

“Because I was there,” Cas answers. 

She considers this for a moment before nodding like she knows he’s old, so it makes sense. "So… What was the dipo-diplo–“ 


"Yeah, what was their fav'rit song?" 

"Hmm.” Cas purses his lips. “It’s difficult because there were so many, and everybody had a favourite, but I would have to say… most likely: The Very Gentle Giant. That was very popular in the late Jurassic." 


"Indeed. I’d sing it for you, but human vocal chords would butcher it." 

Dean, leaning against the doorjamb, takes the lull in conversation to clear his throat. It’s a losing battle to stop himself from smiling. "You ready to go, Agent?" 

Castiel looks up and grins back. "Of course.” He gets up and very carefully removes his tiara, stooping to put in on the low table and sign his drawing. “Well, Dani, it was a pleasure to–oof!”

Dani’s little arms attempt to wrap around Castiel’s legs. 

“Thanks for teaching me ‘bout the dinosaurs!” 

“Any time,” Cas says. “And don’t forget to call me if you remember anything, alright? Or if you get scared.”


On the way out of the house, Dean grabs Cas’s hand, tugging him back while Sam gets into the car. He plays with Castiel’s palm as the recently-turned-human frowns. “Dean?”

“Yeah,” Dean replies. He threads their fingers together and squeezes, leaning in to peck him quickly on the mouth. They normally never touch like this while on interviews, so Cas blushes profusely at the contact. 

“What was that for?” he mumbles, dazed as the pads of his fingers move up to graze his own lips. His smile is so goofy, Dean can’t help grinning back.

“Nothing,” he shrugs. Now his cheeks flush. “You just, ah, you just looked real good in there, that’s all. Great job with the kid.”

“Oh, um, thank you.”

“Yeah, no problem.”

They hold hands all the way to the car.

tbh I can totally see kuramochi and miyuki fake proposing each other at different restaurants to see if they can get free food because they are broke students and miyuki always wants dessert so every time they do it they try to make it weirder than the last time and in the end we have kuramochi on his knee, pretending to say “i love you” in dinosaur and miyuki is literally choking on his tears because it is too fucking hilarious on how far they are willing to go for free food

(short translation of “The Star” interview, cr: J亲故o_O @ weibo)


Q: Everyone here in the office went crazy knowing that you’re doing a photoshoot for us.. what is this effect you have on women? 

WB: Perhaps KES’ (Heirs writer) magic? My schedule has been nonstop after the drama wrapped. Before I would do 1 to 2 interviews a day, now on average it’s 4 to 5. I treat each one with a grateful heart. And these days I can at least get some sleep, back then with the live-shooting schedule there wasn’t time to rest, now I sleep for 4 to 5 hours every day.

Q: You came in wearing all black. Brighter colors and flowery patterns are usually associated with spring?

WB: I don’t mind that, but I prefer clothes that suit me, I won’t wear just brand names. On most days I’m like this, all black. Anyway my style is greatly influenced by my stylist, we go shopping together so naturally I look to him for fashion advice. The clothes I get from sponsors are usually too small (because of my tall frame), so on my own I tend to buy things that I could also work in. Stylist hyung doesn’t like me to exercise because I won’t be able to fit into my clothes (laughs).  

WB: The president of my agency taught me that way before people start to pay attention to me, I should work hard to build a solid foundation and accumulate valuable experiences. When the opportunity arises and people do take notice of me, I can then show them who “Kim Woo Bin” is. Honestly I didn’t expect to receive so much love from so many people in such a short time, for this I’m very thankful. I won’t let myself get lazy so I always try to learn something new in my idle time.

Q: Putting the actor Kim Woo Bin aside, how would you describe Kim Hyun Joong with 3 words?

WB: Hmm what should it be? (his manger suggested “charisma” and Woob said “no no no kekeke” -_-) My key words are model, actor, dinosaur. Lots of people say I look like one, I don’t disagree. Perhaps it’s a blessing in disguise as I stand out among the flower boys? 

Q: Yep, there are very few actors in their 20s these days that we can call ‘manly’..

WB: No there’s quite a few, hmm this is a dangerous question (laughs).


He also talked about modeling and reading, which I’m too lazy to translate. >_<

Questions about me

Rules: 1. Post the rules, 2. Answer the questions given to you by the tagger, 3. Write 11 questions of your own, 4. And tag 11 people

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  1. Do you like to cook?  If I’m in the mood for it, yep. 
  2. Dragons or merfolk?

3. What movie/s do you like to watch when you’re sick?  Ooh I’d say Star Wars or How To Train Your Dragon, maybe some Pirates of the Caribbean or Marvel too. Something fun.

4. What’s one of your best childhood memories? Galloping my pony along a beach 

5. If you could time travel, where/when would you go?

I’d love to see the dinosaurs, or the Age of Sail 

6. Do you ever talk to yourself?

Oh yes

7. If you could pick a new first name, what would it be?

I don’t know really, maybe something I could make some sort of pun/reference of?

8. How does rain make you feel?

I love it, especially when I don’t have anywhere to go and I can just relax with a book or art or a film. If I have to be outside in it it’s more “oh well. This is my life now.”

9. What trait do you like the most about yourself?

Determination I suppose

10. If you could be anywhere else right now, where would it be?

I’m pretty cosy where I am for now

11. Have any phobias? 


My Questions:

  1. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?
  2. The animal you’d most like to be and why?
  3. The most interesting idea you’ve read recently? (can be in a novel, fanfic, article…)
  4. Favourite weather?
  5. Favourite human body part?
  6. What side of a chicken has the most feathers?
  7. Describe your aesthetic in 5 words or less
  8. Favourite composer?
  9. What’s your sense of humour like?
  10. Bird. Is it the word?
  11. Puns. Yay or nay?

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