how do dinosaurs say i love you

EXO reacts to collaborating with their idol girlfriend

*squeals* Your icon is so cute!~♥ I freaking LOVE Sheldon the tiny dinosaur!!

Xiumin: No matter how much he asked for a sexy concept, his prayers were not answered. Instead the two of you were doing a super cute, animal-themed performance for Children’s Day. During your selfcam for the show, you turn the camera to him and ask him to say something nice to the kids. He is not having any of it.

Luhan: The two of you were doing a rendition of Overdose where it would be a duet. The lyrics were slightly adjusted so it would seem as if the two of you were intoxicated with each other, desperate for the other’s love. You would sing back and forth to each other, seemingly obsessed with each other, with choreography that called for the two of you to dance very closely with each other. Not bad, he thinks. He’d been hoping for something like Nasty Nasty’s Knock, but this was good too. {Seriously, check out the song. Whoever said Trouble Maker was pushing it obviously did not see Knock coming}

Kris: “What do you mean I’m taking Hyuna’s part?”

Both your companies decided to shake things up a bit by having you perform Trouble Maker, except with your roles switched. Good luck wrestling him into that sparkly tube dress.

Suho: “Oh my gosh, guys!!! I’m gonna sing a duet with Y/N!!!”

Lay: It was going to be a dance off between him, Minseok, and Zitao versus you plus two members of your group. During breaks, he was always found next to you, smiling and enjoying your time together without work getting in the way, in fact, work called for it and he couldn’t be happier. But once the music started playing, he turned into a completely different person and you had to say, you liked this Yixing too.

Baekhyun: You’re going to be performing Internet War and he was looking forward to reliving his high school rock band days. He can’t say he’s opposed to the idea of seeing you decked out in all leather either.

Chen: During rehersals, he’d been totally professional, but now… It was the actual performance and he couldn’t stop breaking character to look at you and smile. You didn’t think that this is what the songwriter had in mind when he wrote Erase. Some break-up song this was.

Chanyeol: He didn’t even stick around to hear what song the two of you were going to be performing. He just ran off in delight, screaming your name as if you could hear him from your own company building.

D.O: He’s so happy to be performing with you that he can’t keep from doing his weird little happy wiggly fingers things for the whole song.

Tao: “Ayo, guess who’s gonna sing a duet with Y/N? That’s right, it’s T. A. O.

Kai: Yes. This is a good idea. Jongin likes this idea. Jongin likes this idea very much.

Sehun: His happiness dies down a little when he finds out that you agreed to work extra without pay in order to set up this performance and spend time with him. He suddenly feels guilty and promises to try to work it out so he can spend more time with you as long as you promise to never do this again.

The thought of Kris in a sparkly tube dress make me laugh harder than it should. He would hate me for this, I’m sure.

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Promptathon for England!

Do you miss my promptathons?  Do you think, “man, I wish Phoenix would update that darn raptor!verse, I just love exploring a weird bestial attraction to dinosaurs”?  Do you have a lonely prompt that has not been attended to that you’re desperate to read?  Or do you just feel bad for the girl and want to help support her going to Oxford and achieving her dreams?

Hold on to your hats, folks.  Because this Memorial Day I am doing a Big Beautiful Promptathon for England!

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Can I donate more than once?  PLEASE YES.

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How long will you be doing this for?  I plan on spending my glorious Memorial Day lying in bed, drinking tea, and reveling in the fact that I don’t have to work on this beautiful holiday.  So–all day!  (If you remember my past promptathons, I basically did it for 4-5 hours consecutively with tea breaks)  I plan on starting around 10:00AM central time and going all the way to midnight.  

Why are you doing this?  I am behind on my budget, due to several unforeseen circumstances involving domestic emergencies.  Long story short, my gas bill had been sending my bill to the wrong address…for five months.  Yes.  Seriously.  They removed the late fees but paying a chunk of it pretty much ruined my Oxford savings.  And now I have a month and a half to save up enough so I can eat, buy books, and visit @ddagent.  And get drunk in Dublin.  SUPPORT PHOENIX GETTING DRUNK IN DUBLIN.  

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