how do di tag this what the hell

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Band/Music Artist: Type O Negative
⭐️ What’s your gender: Cinnamon Girl

⭐️ Describe yourself: Summer Breeze

⭐️ How do you feel: I Don’t Wanna Be Me

⭐️ If you could go anywhere: Halloween In Heaven

⭐️ If your life was a TV show: Skip It

⭐️ Relationship status: Wolf Moon

⭐️ How you wish your life was: Drunk In Paris

⭐️ Your funeral: Everything Dies

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Ok guys I miss Lexa just as much as everyone else. Stopped watching that show when she died, but the amount of negativity you guys are dragging into other wlw fandoms is freaking annoying. And what makes it worse some of you are doing it to fandoms for shows you don’t even freaking watch. Do you realize how horrible it is every time I join a new f/f fandom, then when the show gets more attention what was once a happy/hopeful tag becomes freaking depressing as hell. Please stop freaking sucking the joy out of everything, just stop.