how do colours work i can't


if it was you, everything would make sense.

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do you have any tips on colour theory and colouring in general by chance??

umm, color theory’s definitely one of my weak spots haha. no matter how much i read up on it and think i get it, i never can apply it well

when i color i just go by what colors i feel like go well together (which i hear is ill-advised in the long run, learning color theory properly is important). i work with rly simple lighting, so after a while i found color combos i like and just stuck with them. not so great if you’re looking to challenge yourself, but if you’re doing it for fun it works just fine.

general tips:

  • keep in mind the difference between perceived color and actual color, & use that when choosing colors
  • keep ctrl+u (change hue/saturation) handy, use it on whatever colors feel weird or out of place
  • generally avoid pure black or pure white
  • guaranteed way to make colors work together is to mix them together a bit, so that every color has a bit of another color blended in it. a quick way to do this is to use one color set on overlay over everything.
  • decide on a darkest dark and a lightest light early on! that is, decide on a range of color value and stick with it, it rly helps when making something fade in or stand out
  • everything depends on how things look relative to one another! think in the context of the piece, not in general

a process pic gif:

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